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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Rutgers
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This concept forms part of the title of a series of works, along with the word "technics", on the historical repression of technical skill within philosophy, written by Bernard Stiegler. "The end" of this concept was the title of a work by Julian Barbour, while the inherent contradiction of the "A Series" argument is cited as proof of "the unreality" of this concept in a work by the idealist J.M.E. McTaggart. The experience of this by the consciousness was defined as a qualitative multiplicity known as "duration", which first appears in a work named for this concept "and free will" by Henri Bergson. For 10 points, what is this concept which completes the title of a work on "dasein", the most famous of Martin Heidegger, and which is often associated with space?
Answer: time [accept Technics and Time]
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An ostinato with the winds and horns mirroring notes from a harp mimics the tolling of convent bells in this work's second movement, an Allegretto. Subsequently, a rustic Allegro Assai passage introduces the next movement, an Allegretto serenade. A theme from the composer's unsuccessful overture Intrata di Rob Roy Mac Gregor provided the basis for this piece's idee fixe, and after the aforementioned "March of the Pilgrims" and the "Serenade of an Abruzzi Mountaineer to his Mistress," this work's fourth and last movement revisits its previous movements before descending into the "Orgy of Brigands." Never performed by its intended soloist, Niccolo Paganini, this is, FTP, what viola showpiece by Hector Berlioz, adapted from a Lord Byron poem?
Answer: Harold in Italy or Harold en Italie
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One character in this work is criticized by the protagonist for making a young child hold a loaded gun, which eventually led to the child's death. That character had also labeled the protagonist a "defeatist," an accusation that precipitated one of two incidents in which the protagonist remembers his father exhibiting compassion. The protagonist's brother Leo has converted to Catholicism, something the protagonist wouldn't do for his lover. He recalls his dead sister being sent by her mother, now the head of a committee to reconcile racial difference, to protect her from the "Yankee Jews." The protagonist is extremely critical of Prelate Sommerwild and Mr. Kinkel after the Catholic Herbert Zupfner marries his former mistress, Marie Derkum. Ending with the protagonist singing "Poor Pope John," this is, for 10 points, what novel about former entertainer Hans Schneier by Heinrich Boll?
Answer: The Clown or Ansichten eines Clowns
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In the days leading up to this battle, the victors made a short march up to Benedict without incident, and a number of ships at Pig Point were deliberately set on fire to prevent them from being taken. The defending forces organized in three prongs with the colonels Sterett and Beall under General Tobias Stansbury, but alas, the Commodore Joshua Barney was eventually wounded and captured. Stansbury had been dispatched by William Winder, who was defeated by a force under the command of Robert Ross here. Its aftermath is sometimes called its namesake "races," from the helter-skelter flight of the American militia, which had failed to stop the march up the Patuxent River or hold the Anacostia River. FTP, name this British victory in the War of 1812, which allowed them to march on Washington and burn the White House.
Answer: Battle of Bladensburg
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Its metabolism is controlled by the 11-beta HSD system, which uses NADPH and NAD+ to convert it to and from its precursor. Though it can weaken the immune system by rendering interleukin-2 unresponsive to interleukin-1 in T-cell formation, it also inhibits loss of sodium in the small intestine and stimulates hepatic detoxification by mobilizing arachidonic acid to induce cytochrome P-450. An abundance of this hormone results in Cushing's disease, while a lack of it can result in Addison's disease. Synthesized from cholesterol in the zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex, FTP, identify this corticosteroid hormone often referred to as the "stress hormone".
Answer: cortisol
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One character on this show was surprised to find out that her choice of Pictionary was too juvenile for party entertainment, and in a later episode, another character earned over two hundred dollars from running a lemonade stand and blew all the profits on a donkey. In later seasons, Alex and Nicky were born to a couple who lived in the attic, and the male half of that couple tried to open a nightspot, but tragedy struck when napkins were misprinted with "The Smush Club." In addition to the lead singer of The Rippers, character on this show included Rebecca, who co-anchored a morning talk show with the protagonist. The series began with Pam Cochran's death in a drunk driving accident, which led a San Francisco household to have Joey and Jesse move in to help Danny Tanner take care of his daughters D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle. For 10 points, name this series starring Bob Saget and the Olsen twins, a former staple of ABC's TGIF lineup.
Answer: Full House
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In Flaubert's Parrot, Geoffrey Braithwaite claims that Flaubert was greatly amused by a deformed one of these at a fair. One of these lists its kinsmen that have been consumed by men in The Blue Bird, and the "long-legged Sleepyman" loves them in a Carl Sandburg poem. In a Sylvia Plath poem one of them is described "in fog," and villagers claim that the town named for this animal saved Frondoso and killed the Commander during the last act of a play by Lope de Vega. Don Quixote kills seven of them whom he thinks are Alifanfaron's army. A vision of a man dressed as one begins Dance, Dance, Dance, while a Hokkaido postcard including one with a star on its back led the narrator to the Rat in an earlier novel. For 10 points, name this animal, for which a man went on a wild chase in a Murakami novel and the fleece of which was sought after by the Argonauts.
Answer: sheep
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One character in this work marries a woman described as "reliable as roast mutton." Minor characters include Jack and Grace Stepney, who judge the protagonist unfavorably, and the snobbish Mr. and Mrs. Wetherall. The protagonist of this novel is forced to secure a job under Mme. Regina with the help of Carrie Fisher after her check from Mrs. Peniston is delayed. As a result, a social-climbing Jewish banker rescinds his offer to marry the protagonist, who had earlier toyed with the affections of Percy Gryce. The protagonist unwisely trusts her bridge winnings to the manipulative Gus Trenor, but her real troubles stem from the jealous Bertha Dorset, who is responsible for her social demise. The protagonist eventually commits suicide much to the dismay of Lawrence Selden in, for 10 points, what novel about Lily Bart by Edith Wharton?
Answer: The House of Mirth
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For pulses outside of a certain bandwidth range, a deviation from this phenomenon, known as self-steepening, occurs. The z-scan technique uses self-focusing of a beam of light to measure this effect's magnitude, while lensing effects arising from the AC type of this effect can be used in passive mode locking for a laser. Nitrobenzene is a common substance used in cells utilizing this effect for light modulation, though such cells require a higher voltage than those that leverage the linear Pockels effect. FTP, name this effect in which an electric field causes a quadratic change in a material's index of refraction, which is named for a Scottish physicist.
Answer: Kerr effect
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According to one work in this collection, "The house would stink long after" the titular occasion, "acrid as a sulfur mine." In addition to "Churning Day," the collection features a poem about a "hitherto snubbed rodent" and another concerning a food shortage on a ship, "For the Commander of the Eliza." The poet speaks of his childhood affinity for wells in the final poem, which ends with the declaration, "I rhyme/To see myself, to set the darkness echoing." The image of a coffin as "A four foot box, a foot for every year" dominates a poem about the death of the poet's younger brother, "Mid-Term Break. "The squat pen rests; as snug as a gun" in the hand of the opening poem's speaker, and the title poem of the collection concerns a boy fascinated by frogspawn near the flax-dam. Containing the poem "Digging," this is, for 10 points, what early poetry collection by Seamus Heaney?
Answer: Death of a Naturalist
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One member of this clan was supposedly joined in battle by the female samurai Tomoe Gozen, who may have drowned herself after the Battle of Awazu. Another member had an ally in the giant warrior monk Musashibo Benkei who fought with him at the Battle of Uji Bridge. They were defeated by their main rivals in the Heiji Rebellion, after which many of them were mercifully sent into exile including Noriyori, the younger brother of the main members. But, within a couple decades, they returned and won the Battle of Dannoura during the Gempei War; thus they emerged victorious over the Taira clan and their leader Yoritomo set up the first bakufu. FTP, name this clan which established the Kamakura shogunate.
Answer: Minamoto (accept Seiwa Genji but don't accept or prompt on Kamakura)
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A variant of this algorithm used for selection can be made to run in worst-case time by a median-of-three killer sequence, though this algorithm can be used to find the smallest or largest few elements of an array effectively. In 1999, McIlroy created an adversary for this algorithm that guarantees that it will run in worst-case time, though a selection algorithm that finds an array's median will ensure a running time close to n log n. It works in three phases: choosing a pivot element, recursing on lesser elements, and recursing on elements greater than or equal to the pivot element. For 10 points, name this divide-and-conquer algorithm, noted for being faster than other n log n sorting algorithms in practice.
Answer: Quicksort
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This river receives constant flow from Eagle Creek and passes through Duncan Valley, while its major tributary passes through the Granite Reef Diversion Dam. It forms the southern boundary of the Needle's Eye Wilderness region, and it flows just north of Mount Graham as it passes through such towns as Glendale and Hayden, and bigger towns like Florence and Safford. It originates near the Mogollon Mountains and its upper portion contains the San Carlos Reservoir, though its most crucial tributary is the Salt River. More notably, it flows past the Coolidge Dam and empties into the Colorado River near Yuma. FTP, name this river in Arizona, along which one might find a native lizard known as its namesake "monster."
Answer: Gila River
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One man with this last name gives his name to some organic reactions including a dithiane addition named for him and Seebach, an oxidation of alcohols with dimethyl sulfide named for him and Kim, and an olefin synthesis named for him and Winter. Another scientist with this last name, along with Pauling and Koltun, gives his name to a color scheme used to model and visualize molecules. In addition to naming a reduction with Bakshi and Shibata, that first man coined the term "retrosynthetic analysis" in his book The Logic of Chemical Synthesis. The other man worked on the theory behind alpha-helices and beta-sheets in devising namesake rules that govern the secondary structure of proteins, along with Pauling. FTP, give this surname shared by American chemists Robert and Elias.
Answer: Corey (Robert Brainard Corey and Elias James Corey)
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This figure states, "Who cares to praise his enemy?" in Ovid's Metamorphoses and Homer refers to him as the "Gerenian horseman." This man states, "I seek no other vengeance than to ignore Heracles' mighty deeds" as Heracles killed his father Neleus as well as his brothers and sisters. Like many others, he was an Argonaut and participated in the Calydonian Boar hunt, but was better known for his role in the Trojan War, during which he led the Pylian troops and carried a solid gold shield. His son Antilochus is later killed by Memnon, and this man attempts to reconcile Agamemnon and Achilles. In the Odyssey, Telemachus is advised by Athena to visit this man after visiting Menelaus and Helen of Troy, who tells him of the fate of various Achaean leaders. For 10 points, name this king of a place often called "sandy," Pylos, who during the Trojan War, was too old to fight.
Answer: Nestor
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The Foundation of one of this group's creators distanced itself from the "New" group of this name created in 1989 by Michael McGee, claiming the latter's members did not follow the examples of John Huggins and Bunchy Carter. Its socialism is reflected in the second point of its Ten-Point program, which demanded full employment, while the sixth demanded exemption from military service and the eighth mass amnesty.Elaine Brown was its last leader, following David Hilliard, but by 1977 it had been decimated by the efforts of COINTELPRO.A 1969 trial in New Haven focused on the alleged killing of Alex Rackley by one of its founders, while the other was convicted of killing John Frey the year before. FTP, name this group founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, a party which espoused a program of black nationalism.
Answer: The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense
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While working on the design for this structure the artist produced a never-realized sketch for a New York hotel featuring several 200 meter high parabolic towers. Some of the walls of this structure were notably painted by Alexis Clapes. A series of ventilators punctuate the tiled facade at the top of this structure, on top of which sits a bench similar to one in another of the architect's structures nearby. Later nicknamed "the quarry," its balconies were partially designed by Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert. Visitors can enter the meticulously preserved apartment at the top of this structure, which features hand-molded ceilings that match the undulating main facade. Standing on a corner near the Casa Batllo, this is, for 10 points, what multi-family housing structure created by Antonio Gaudi?
Answer: Casa Mila
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This topic was the primary subject of the 1102 Council of London, and it was at the center of the trial of Sarah White Norman, who was forced to make a public apology in Plymouth colony. Groups which have supported it included the League of 1948, in Denmark, and the Mattachine Society founded by Harry Hay in 1951. The name "Urning" was created by Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs in his periodical to describe it; against his wishes, Paragraph 175 in the German Criminal Code was passed. The subject of a scathing treatise by Peter Damian, one man attempted to amend Paragraph 175 against it and was executed, Ernst Rohm.English monarchs associated with it include Edward II and James I, and Roman emperors include Trajan and Nero. Queen Victoria did not criminalize the female type because she didn't believe it existed.FTP, name this practice of being attracted to members of one's own gender.
Answer: homosexuality (accept equivalents including gay and lesbian)
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Scenes of a castle siege and knights on a white horse decorate the woven red tapestry folded over in front of the title character's lap. Three white candles, only of one which is lit, a lantern, and a miniature statue of Christ on the cross appear to the right of the title character, who was also depicted in a 1915 painting sitting at a loom, wearing a long red dress, and being "Half-Sick of Shadows." This painting, done in 1888, shows the title character wearing a black girdle, a white dress, long red hair, and an expression of despair on her face as she sits, surrounded by a swamp in her chained boat. FTP, identify this John William Waterhouse painting of a woman who lived alone on an island near Camelot and was also the title character of an Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem.
Answer: The Lady of Shalott
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He accused Nixon of resolving to do away with liberal democratic safeguards in the essay, "Watergate: When Law and Morality Stand in the Way." This thinker who received a poem from Samuel Beckett on his 80th birthday returned the favor, conceding a place for the emancipatory possibilities of bourgeois art in The Aesthetic Dimension. He argued that capitalist societies dominate minorities through co-option in the essay "Repressive Tolerance" and contended that industrial society has made the Enlightenment concept of freedom obsolete in An Essay on Liberation. In a better known 1955 work he synthesized Freud and Marx to describe how society thwarted pleasure seeking. FTP, identify this Frankfurt school thinker who authored One-Dimensional Man and Eros and Civilization.
Answer: Herbert Marcuse
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TB. One figure by this name was known as Gille and claimed to be a son of Magnus Barefoot, but was killed by a rival Sigurd Slembe during a civil war. A Kievan "Grand Prince", Mstislav I, was known by this name, because of his birth to Vladimir Monomach and Gyda, the daughter of a king of this name. Liashchenko proposed that the White-Russian epic folk hero Solovei Budomirovich is based on a historical king by this name, who had married the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Elizabeth, only after achieving fame through his Byzantine adventures. After sharing the throne with his nephew Magnus the Noble, that man won the battle of Fulford Gate, before being defeated by another figure of this name at a battle which saw the death of Tostig. FTP, give this name, shared by a king known as Haardraade and a certain Godwinsson, the loser of the Battle of Hastings.
Answer: Harold [or Harald; accept Harald Gille, Harald the Bold, Harald Haardraade or Harald III, and Harold Godwinsson or Harold II, where appropriate]
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Rutgers
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Answer some questions about Malta, FTPE.,
[10] Located on Grand Harbor, Fort Saint Elmo and the former site of the Sacra Infermeria are found in this city, the capital of Malta.
Answer: Valletta
[10] One of the original twelve medieval Maltese parishes, this most populous city on Malta is noted for its windmills, one of which contains an art gallery.
Answer: Birkirkara [or B'kara]
[10] Known as the xlokk in Malta, the climate of the island is heavily affected by this initially dry Mediterranean wind with an Italian name, which originates from the Sahara and blows across North Africa into Italy and Greece.
Answer: sirocco (or scirocco - don't accept any other term for the wind, since it says Italian name)
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His great-great-grandson saved the periodical The Nation from bankruptcy by purchasing it in 1977. FTPE:,
[10] Name this former governor of New York who later negotiated damages with Great Britain regarding the Alabama claims, and served eight years as Secretary of State under Ulysses S. Grant.
Answer: Hamilton Fish
[10] Hamilton Fish also prevented war with Spain by negotiating a treaty regarding this incident, in which Spanish forces executed the crew of the namesake former Confederate blockade runner, which had been supplying Cuban rebels during the Ten Years War.
Answer: Virginius affair/incident
[10] Fish was defeated in his initial run for governor of New York, in part because he opposed this so-called war, in which farm owners upstate protested the system of land ownership after the death of Stephen Van Rensselaer.
Answer: Anti-Rent War
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Name these complexity classes for 10 points each.,
[10] Linear programming and determining if a number is prime or not are examples of problems found to reside in this class of computationally tractable problems.
Answer: P
[10] P may be equivalent to this space complexity class, if there exists a sparse language that is P-complete. Deciding if a path exists between two nodes in an undirected graph is complete for this class.
Answer: L
[10] This subset of L is the set of problems that can be solved in polylogarithmic time on a parallel computer.
Answer: NC
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Answer the following about Johann Sebastian Bach's musical suites, FTPE.,
[10] This popular nickname for the second movement air of Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major was inspired by an August Wilhemlj transcription allowing it to be played entirely on the violin's lowest string.
Answer: "Air on the G String"
[10] Johann Forkel gave this group of six harpsichord suites, BMW 806-811, their common nickname by saying they were composed for an unnamed nobleman of the titular nationality. Unlike with Bach's subsequent French Suites, each suite begins with a prelude.
Answer: English Suites
[10] The only well known example of this dance, whose name derives from the French word for "to joke," features a bouncy part for solo flute. It is typically paired with the minuet that proceeds it as the last movement of Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B Minor.
Answer: badinerie
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John Graham commanded a mixed army of British soldiers and Boers in 1811 against these people, setting up Graham's Town on their former home. FTPE:,
[10] Including the Thembu and Ngqika, name these South African peoples who fought a series of nine wars with colonists between the Fish and Kei rivers, including the War of the Axe and Mlanjeni's War, before being governed by British Kaffraria.
Answer: Xhosa (or amaXhosa or isiXhosa)
[10] The Xhosa Wars encouraged this mass migration of Afrikaners which began around 1835, and resulted in some fisticuffs at Natal.
Answer: Great Trek
[10] This Nguni-speaking group formed an aggressive state under Mzilikazi, like the Zulu, but defeats by the Afrikaners following the Great Trek forced them north to Zimbabwe, where they conquered the Shona. They were later led by Lobengula.
Answer: Matabele [or amaNdebele or Ndebele or siNdebele]
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Answer these related questions about a phylum FTPE.,
[10] Members of this phylum exhibit radial symmetry and have two germ layers. Their digestive system has one opening unlike many coelomates.
Answer: cnidaria
[10] Though most members of class hydrozoa exhibit two body shapes, the Hydra only exhibits this one. In this body shape, a dorsal mouth is surrounded by tentacles.
Answer: polyp
[10] Cnidarians have these organelles located in the epidermis, especially on the tentacles. These structures contain stinging thread capsules called nematocysts.
Answer: cnidocytes
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Among her early Hollywood roles were one episode of That `70s Show as Kat Peterson, a popular girl who makes out with Hyde when her friends aren't around. For 10 points each.,
[10] Name this actress who played the bride in 2005's The Wedding Date, as well as Ashley Johnston, who is pregnant in Junebug.
Answer: Amy Lou Adams
[10] Adams is slated to play Sister James, a witness to goings on between Father Flynn and a student in his school, in a movie adaptation of this John Patrick Shanley play, which won a 2005 Pulitzer.
Answer: Doubt
[10] Adams received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in 2007 for appearing in this film as Giselle; at the 2008 Oscars, Adams performed one of its three nominations for Best Original Song, "Happy Working Song."
Answer: Enchanted
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Signed three years after the Treaty of Passau, it absorbed that treaty and included a provision for the evacuation of families. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1555 peace between Charles V and the Schmalkaldic League, which allowed German princes to choose for themselves between Lutheranism and Catholicism.
Answer: Peace of Augsburg
[10] This four-word Latin phrase famously employed by the Peace of Augsburg means that princes could determine religion for their domains.
Answer: "cuius regio, eius religio"
[10] The earlier Diets at Augsburg were an extension of this meeting. Called by Philip of Hesse, this 1529 colloquy attempted to resolve fifteen articles of Lutheran theology between the supporters of Luther and Zwingli.
Answer: Marburg Colloquy
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Answer the following about an important American chemist, FTPE.,
[10] This pioneer of the molecular orbital method is the namesake of a standard method of population analysis which counts electrons associated with a particular atom of a molecular system using density and overlap matrices.
Answer: Robert Sanderson Mulliken
[10] Mulliken is also that namesake of a scale measuring this quantity; other scales measuring it include the Gordy, Allen, Sanderson, and Allred-Rochow scales.
Answer: electronegativity
[10] The Mulliken scale of electronegativity is based upon an average of ionization energy and this quantity, defined as the energy change which occurs when an atom or molecule gains an electron to form a negative ion.
Answer: electron affinity
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about the rings of Saturn, FTPE.,
[10] The F-ring of Saturn is kept narrow by Prometheus and Pandora, two of these types of moons which orbit in or near the rings of Jovian planets and stabilize them through gravitational influence.
Answer: shepherd moons
[10] This scientist first explained the origin of Saturn's rings as a moon whose orbit had decayed, and in the process he gave his name to the minimal distance that a satellite can orbit from the center of a planet without being pulled apart by the planet's tidal forces.
Answer: Edouard Albert Roche
[10] In addition to the Encke division, the A ring of Saturn contains this smaller, approximately 42 km wide gap almost at the outer edge of the A ring. The small moon Daphnis orbits within this gap, exciting waves at its edge.
Answer: Keeler Gap
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A criteria for determining when one can compute this quantity for a subset E of a set X was developed by Caratheodory. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this quantity well known types of which include Haar, counting, and Lebesgue.
Answer: measure
[10] The set of Lebesgue measurable sets in Rd (R dee) form this type of mathematical structure that is closed under countable unions, countable intersections, and complements.
Answer: sigma algebra [Do not accept or prompt on algebra]
[10] In Vitali's construction of a non-measurable set, this axiom that is equivalent to the well-ordering principle or transfinite induction is used. It is independent of the other axioms of set theory.
Answer: Zermelo's axiom of choice
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It features a notable chorus of Janissaries. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Mozart opera in which Selim Pasha kidnaps the beautiful maiden Konstanze.
Answer: The Abduction from the Seraglio [or Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail]
[10] At the beginning of Act Two, we meet this wench, Konstanze's maid, who tells Osmin off by saying that English girls can't be ordered around, even in Turkey. She is named for the color of her hair.
Answer: Blonde or Blondchen (accept anything in the vein of "Blonde Girl")
[10] The Abduction from the Seraglio is based on Christoph Friedrich Bretzner's Belmont und Constanze, which had earlier been adapted by this composer of Erwin und Elmire and Der Topfer.
Answer: Johann Andre
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It was originally rejected by Brahmins because it neglected caste differences and did not emphasize knowledge. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Hindu concept of devotion to a god or an avatar, of which the Bragavad Gita adoring Vishnu as Krishna was its first expression.
Answer: Bhakti yoga [make sure not to read the "yoga" part, and just ignore it if a team gives it in their answer]
[10] Bhakti is one of the approaches used in this darshan, or system of Hindu philosophy, which is named for a sutra by Patanjali. Other kinds of it include jnana and raja, or "royal."
Answer: yoga
[10] This cursed king was taught for seven days by Sukadeva about the process of bhakti and the adoration of Krishna. He died from a bite from the disguised serpent Takshak.
Answer: Parikshit
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It occurs on "Winter Afternoons," and "When it goes, `tis like the Distance/ On the Look of Death." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this visual phenomenon described in an 1890 poem in which it "oppresses, like the Heft/Of Cathedral Tunes."
Answer: a certain slant of light
[10] "There's a Certain Slant of Light" was written by this poet of "I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died."
Answer: Emily Dickinson
[10] This later John Ashberry poem refers to "a peculiar slant/ Of memory that intrudes" into the studio as the title work is created.
Answer: "Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror"
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Eric Kwartler once saw this man wandering aimlessly around the UT-Austin campus. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of Hapgood and a work notably featuring Lenin, Tristan Tzara, and James Joyce, Travesties.
Answer: Tom Stoppard
[10] In this Stoppard work, Syd Barrett appears to Esme as the god Pan, and Jan is obsessed with the Czech band People of the Universe.
Answer: Rock `n' Roll
[10] Stoppard's play Dalliance is an adaptation of The Reckoning, a play by this author of The Merry-Go-Round, Lieutenant Gustl, and Dream Novel.
Answer: Arthur Schnitzler
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In the "mean field" variety, particles are considered to be arranged as a complete graph. FTPE:,
[10] Name this statistical mechanical model of a material, in which atoms in a lattice are assumed to interact with their neighbors in a namesake couple.
Answer: Ising model
[10] In an Ising model with no external field, a second-order phase transition is admitted at this point, above which a material loses its ferromagnetism.
Answer: Curie temperature
[10] The Ising model is the two-state case of this more general model of a ferromagnet.
Answer: Potts model or Ashkin-Teller model
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In it, the violinist and wet noodle Trukhashevskyfails to come the aid of his lover. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which Vasyla Pozdnishef stabs his wife after being driven mad by the titular piece of music.
Answer: The Kreutzer Sonata [or Kreytserova sonata]
[10] The Kreutzer Sonata was written by this author who created characters like Pierre Bezuhov and Count Alexey Kirilich Vronsky.
Answer: Leo Tolstoy [or Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy]
[10] Seduction surfaces in this Leo Tolstoy play in which the peasant Nikata impregnates Akulina, the stepdaughter of his wife, and then kills the baby before confessing his crimes.
Answer: The Power of Darkness [or Vlast tmy]
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He uses the examples of chocolate laxatives and caffeine-free diet soda to show the repressiveness of liberal capitalist societies. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this academic who once ran for president of Slovenia and examines the use of modern art for torture in The Parallax View.
Answer: Slavoj Zizek
[10] Zizek is a follower of this French author of Ecrits or The Language of the Self.
Answer: Jacques Lacan
[10] To demonstrate the continued use of ideology in the progress of civilization, Zizek adapted this man's example of how different cultures prepare vegetables in The Raw and the Cooked into an examination of female pubic hair.
Answer: Claude Levi-Strauss
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Select an answer to these related social science questions FTPE:,
[10] This Robert Axelrod work examines the condition under which rationally self interested individuals are willing to engage in pro social behavior.
Answer: The Evolution of Cooperation
[10] This neoevolutionist anthropologist posited the ideas of "multilinear evolution" in his 1955 book the Theory of Culture Change.
Answer: Julian Steward
[10] This Nobel prize-winning economist posited a theory of cultural evolution and spontaneous order, as well as wrote The Constitution of Liberty, and became a hero to conservatives .
Answer: Friedrich von Hayek
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Jeremiah Gridley argued for the legality of these instruments, which were introduced to enforce the Acts of Trade, and his argument was upheld by Chief Justice Thomas Hutchinson. FTPE:,
[10] Name these general search warrants, which gave customs officers legal authority to inspect ships and homes at will, and were thus quite controversial in colonial America.
Answer: writs of assistance (also accept "writs of aid")
[10] The 1761 slew of lawsuits and countersuits revolving around the writs of assistance are named for this Boston Surveyor of Customs, who was later burnt in effigy.
Answer: Charles Paxton
[10] This patriot, a hero of John Adams and the brother of Mercy Warren, resigned from his post as Advocate-General of the Vice Admiralty Court to make his famous five-hour speech against the writs of assistance.
Answer: James Otis
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Name these figures from Egyptian myth, for 10 points each.,
[10] This ibis-headed god is credited with creating the 365 day calendar. He also aided Isis in resurrecting Osiris.
Answer: Thoth
[10] Souls that were heavier than the feather of Ma'at were given to this figure to devour. She was depicted as a hybrid of crocodile, lion, and hippo.
Answer: Ammit
[10] This aspect of Isis helps guard the canopic jars and wears various scorpion paraphernalia as the guardian against venemous insects.
Answer: Serket
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With the death of the Stalinist Kurt Gottwald, this man came to power with Antonin Zapotocky and Viliam Široky. F10PE:,
[10] Name this Czechoslovak party boss who was removed in a vote of no confidence in January 1968, following extreme social and intellectual unrest, especially among the Slovaks.
Answer: Antonin Novotny
[10] Novotny was succeeded as party boss by this man, who became the first Slovak to lead Czechoslovakia. His short reign also saw the eruption of the "Prague Spring".
Answer: Alexander Dubcek
[10] This man began the economic reforms, similar to the New Economic Mechanism, which shaped the Prague Spring, as an adviser under Novotny. He also served as deputy prime minister under Dubek during the Spring.
Answer: Ota Sik

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