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2009 ACF Nationals Tossups by Minnesota A
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one section the author compares a belief in corporeality with idolatry, while another discusses God's multiple intelligences. Its last chapter focuses on wisdom and the perfectibility of man, and it notes that the fourth and final kind of perfection can only be achieved through faith. Interspersed throughout the text are references to the mystical Merkabha section of the book of Ezekiel. Its introductory sections include ``Directions for the study of this work'' and ``On Method,'' the latter of which addresses the inconsistencies commonly found in the Mishnah. Written in the form of a letter to the author's student, it attempted to allay Joseph ben Judah's religious confusion. For 10 points, identify this 1190 treatise written in Arabic, an attempt to reconcile Aristotle with Judaism, by Maimonides.
Answer: Guide for the Perplexed or Moreh Nevuchim
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Gerald Guinness accused this of being an "unlikable poem" which uses the word "batten" when it should use "cause" and engages in phrases such as "colonel of carrion" for "reasons rather of sound than sense." This poem describes ``brutish necessity'' wiping its hands ``upon the napkin of a dirty cause.'' A worm in this poem urges no waste of compassion on ``separate dead.'' Its speaker claims that ``statistics justify and scholars seize'' policies that lead to a child being hacked in bed. Addressing similar themes as the author's "Ruins of a Great House," the speaker of this poem contrasts ``a white dust of ibises'' with men who ``Dance to the tightened carcass of a drum.''This poem's central conflict is compared to ``The gorilla wrestling with the superman,'' and the speaker wonders how to choose between the title place and ``the English tongue I love.'' The speaker wonders how he can ``face such slaughter and be cool'' before questioning ``How can I turn from" the title place "and live?'' For 10 points, name this poem about a continent by Derek Walcott.
Answer: ``A Far Cry from Africa''
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This phenomenon can broaden the P Cygni line profile of objects in its ``line-driven'' version. This phenomenon's involvement causes a warped magnetic field known as the Parker spiral. This phenomenon can cause a namesake ``bubble'' in systems like Eta Carina.In some binary systems, this phenomenon can interact with itself to form a pinwheel nebula. A very strong form of this phenomenon characterizes Wolf-Rayet stars, and occurs when stars exceed the Eddington limit. In the solar system, this phenomenon interacts with a planet's magnetosphere to produce the ``bow shock,'' and the boundary where it slows to sub-sonic speeds is known as the termination shock. For 10 points, name this phenomenon, a plasma stream ejected from stars.
Answer: stellar wind [accept solar wind]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Mount Garibaldi is an extinct volcano in this polity located near the mouth of the Squamish River. The discovery of silver ore in the galena ledge of its Blueball mine was just one of the historical rows affecting the city of Nelson in this province, and the Ogopogo monster is thought to live in its Okanogan Lake. Stanley Park skirts the biggest city in this province, which is located near the delta of the Fraser River by the Strait of Georgia. The Hecate Strait separates it from the Queen Charlotte Islands, and to the west of its largest city lays an island which is separated from the Olympic peninsula by the Strait of Juan de Fuca. For 10 points, identify this Canadian province, home to Vancouver.
Answer: British Columbia [prompt on Canada before "province" is read]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One ruler from this dynasty lost a battle to Stephen the Great of a neighboring country at Suceava. In addition to John Albert, it included a ruler who won at the Battle of Nish before succumbing at the Battle of Varna. The founder of this dynasty signed a secret treaty with Winrich Kniprode, which enraged Kestutis, and signed the Treaty of Melno; that founder also converted to Christianity in order to marry the daughter of Louis of Hungary. This branch of the Gediminids included Casimir I, Sigismund I, Sigusmund II, and Ladislaus III. For 10 points, name this dynasty which began with the marriage of Queen Jadwiga to the namesake ruler of Lithuania, uniting that land with Poland.
Answer: Jagiellonian Dynasty [or Jagiellon Dynasty]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one work of this title, an old man is called ``Old turtle!'' after referring to pickpockets as ``three-handed'' people, and that old man babbles about chess to Glasses. Other characters in that work include a mother who doesn't want her red dates and sesame seeds to go to waste, one who really wants to taste yogurt, Hothead, and a director who offers Carpenter some ``Big Front Door'' cigarettes. In another work of this name, a scene from Romeo and Juliet is performed by Gerald Lyman and Elma Duckworth, and Cherie agrees to go to Montana with Bo Decker. The waitress Grace and the other characters are snowed in at that work's title location, a diner near Kansas City. For 10 points, give the shared title of these plays, works of Gao Xingjian and William Inge.
Answer: Bus Stop
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The setup for this experiment was improved by using platinum wire wound on a pyrex glass support to reduce the amount of metal, and that version was performed by Goucher and Davis. An apparatus named for its performers requires a precise temperature-pressure environment to avoid changing the mean-free path of electrons. The sudden drops in voltages at multiples of 4.9 volts allowed its performers to come to its conclusion. Its setup used a tube containing an anode, a cathode, and a counter electrode whose potential relative to the other electrodes was negative, and the inelastic collisions between the accelerated electrons and the electrons in the mercury vapor was observed in this experiment. For 10 points, identify this experiment which demonstrated the idea of energy quantization and was performed by two German physicists.
Answer: Franck-Hertz experiment
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one work, this artist depicted a huge nude with a flayed left arm contorted in pain, while in another of his works, a hooded woman buries her face in her hands. In addition to War and The Sob, he painted a work that sees a group of figures with distorted faces hold up a bleeding, bound black man and another work in which a red-cloaked figure sits on a pile of debris as its head emerges from a disembodied gray head. Those works by this man are Cain in the United States and Echo of a Scream. He also painted a work in which several bodies burn as large groups of people trudge across the wall of the Parque de Lama and a series depicting the overthrow of Diaz. For 10 points, identify this artist of The March of Humanity and From Porfiriato to the Revolution, who led a renaissance in Mexican mural-painting with Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco.
Answer: David Alfaro Siqueiros
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The U.S.'s abrogation of the treaty signed prior to this conflict was held constitutional because of Congress's ``plenary power'' in the case Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock. One party in this conflict had earlier been defeated at the battles of Beecher Island and was known as the ``Dog Soldiers.'' One combatant in this war, Billy Dixon, is one of six civilians to earn the Medal of Honor, and sniped a man at 1500 yards in ``the shot of the century'' during a battle in this conflict instigated by Quanah Parker and Coyote Dung, the second battle of Adobe Wells. This war was spurred by the abrogation of the Medicine Lodge Treaty, and ended when Red Warbonnet was routed by Ranald Mackenzie at Palo Duro Canyon. For 10 points, name this 1874 war to remove the Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Comanche, and Kiowa from the southern plains, named for the border waterway between Texas and Oklahoma.
Answer: The Red River War
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A band of this name is the only one ever given permission to change the lyrics of a Bob Marley song. That song, their cover of ``No Woman, No Cry'', appeared on their first album Room For Abuse, while their other songs include ``Kicking Pigeons'' and ``Ego.'' One enormously fat character of this name claims to ``look and smell as lovely as a rose'' before being crushed, along with Aunt Spiker, by a giant peach in a Roald Dahl work. In a TV episode titled for one of these objects, controversy erupts over the label on a pair of size 31 jeans and Bob and Cedric beat up a man for not wearing an AIDS ribbon. In that Seinfeld episode, Elaine attempts to determine whether Billy is ``worthy'' of one of these objects. For 10 points, identify this word that also refers to a certain Bikini Bottom native with square pants.
Answer: sponge [accept [spunge], Aunt Sponge, contraceptive sponge, or even SpongeBob]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An approximation of it named for Russell uses the TDS value to determine one of its parameters via the Langelier approximation, while one constant that appears in it has units of moles per kilogram to the one half power, according the Bates-Guggenheim convention. Along with Guggenheim, Scatchard and Bronsted improved upon this model by developing the SIT theory, and that model has a better fit than a modification of it named for Davies. This relationship assumes the existence of only long-range interactions, and it was extended to account for Brownian motion by Lars Onsager. It assumes that the solvent is structure-less and that the solution is dilute, and the theory behind it implies that the electrostatic potential falls off exponentially when r is greater than the atomic radius due to screening by counter ions. For 10 points, identify this equation which is used to calculate the activity coefficients, and is named for a German and a Dutch scientist.
Answer: Debye-Huckel equation/theory
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The second volume of them features a discussion of the ``latinity'' of Central and South America, as well as a consideration of St. Benedict's influence on feudalism. Another analyzes the story of an animal who tears off his own testicles in order to save his life. That piece, ``The Fable of the Beaver,'' is contained in the same section as its discussion of ``Agitation and Propaganda,'' where their author focuses on the rise of dictatorships through the party system. Including other pieces like ``An Introduction to the Study of Grammar'' and ``Americanism and Fordism,'' they are broadly divided into three major sections including ``The Philosophy of Praxis.'' Their composition over the course of six years was precipitated by the passage of a series of ``Exceptional Laws.'' Notable for a piece that uses Marx to explicate Machiavelli and another that discusses the development of ``cultural hegemony,'' for 10 points, identify this collection of short essays, named for the disciplinary setting in which they were written, the masterpiece of Antonio Gramsci.
Answer: Prison Notebooks
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of the central figures of this event had earlier gotten pregnant after a fling with a black American named Jim, after which she attempted to give herself an abortion with a darning needle. Another figure involved in this event allegedly held another hostage with an axe, and this event went public after Lucky Gordon's rival Johnny Edgecombe blew off a doorhandle with a revolver. One participant in this event evaded arrest by ramming his Jaguar into a convoy of press vehicles, and had previously earned a living as an osteopath and a portrait painter. In addition to Stephen Ward, this event involved Eugene Ivanov, a Soviet naval attache who allegedly probed the central figure for information on American missiles in West Germany. For 10 points, name this event centering on Christine Keeler that caused the downfall for a namesake Secretary of State for War, a scandal that rocked Harold Macmillan's government.
Answer: the Profumo Affair
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An opera named for this work's composer claims that this work was inspired by angels and written in one night shortly after the death of its composer's wife Lukrezia. That opera by Hans Pfitzner sees this work recovered by its composer's pupil Silla and his son Ighino. Its composer structured the longer movements homophonically and deployed a slow contrapuntal technique. This work, which was first played at Cardinal Vitellozzi's home, included a dedication letter detailing its composer's ``novo modorum genere'', or ``new stylistic approach." Its last section is scored for a countertenor and a treble rather than a tenor, and that section, the Agnus Dei, is in two parts rather than three. Its Kyrie and Sanctus were written to show that imitation didn't have to obscure the content of the words and was presented to the Council of Trent. For 10 points, identify this work sometimes credited with saving polyphonic music, a mass dedicated to and named for a particular pope, which was composed by Giovanni Palestrina.
Answer: Pope Marcellus Mass [accept The Requiem Mass for Pope Marcellus or Missa Papae Marcelli]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work's description of mutability, ``a shadow of a cloud on the stream,'' is contrasted with the steadfastness of the stone, which also becomes a heart in a subsequent stanza. In another section, the narrator recalls the sweetness and sensitive nature of a poet, and even agrees to sing the praises of a man he once thought of as a ``vainglorious lout.'' It alludes to Gertrude's suffering with the lines ``That is heavens part,'' while at the beginning the speaker recalls exchanging ``polite meaningless words'' with such figures as Countess Markiewicz and a man briefly married to its author's muse, Maud Gonne. Ending with the assertion that ``A terrible beauty is born,'' its previous lines refer to the executions of such leaders as James Connolly and Patrick Pearse. Named for the holiday and the year on which a certain event took place, for 10 points, identify this poem commemorating a failed Irish uprising, a work by William Butler Yeats.
Answer: ``Easter 1916''
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One leader of this polity died after being defeated by Jose Castelo Branco's forces at Tacuarembo, though that leader had earlier won a decisive victory in the Battle of Las Piedras. This polity saw a group of thirty-three men led by Antonio Lavalleja declare it to be part of the southern United Provinces, and it was previously annexed by its northern neighbor into the Cisplatine Province. Colonia del Sacramento was the first major city founded in this country, which was led by Jose de Artigas. This country gained independence through an 1828 treaty brokered by Britain, after which it saw a war between factions led by Fructuoso Rivera and Manuel Oribe. For 10 points, identify this South American country which saw intermittent conflicts between the Blancos and Colorados and was originally named the Banda Oriental.
Answer: Oriental Republic of Uruguay [accept Banda Oriental until it is read]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One type of organism found in this phylum forms a vesicle called a Woronin body around a HEX-1 core protein in response to cell damage, while George Beadle and Edward Tatum's experiments with another organism in this phylum allowed them to advance the ``one gene, one enzyme'' hypothesis. In addition to N. crassa, this phylum also contains the aflatoxin producing organism Aspergillus flavus. Sequences called ARS elements allow for high frequency transformation in the most famous organism belonging to this phylum, and that organism has mating types designated a and alpha, and is useful in making bread and wine. For 10 points, identify this largest fungal phylum whose name comes from a structure used to store spores of the fungi, which includes Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Answer: ascomycota [or ascomycetes; accept deuteromycetes or deuteromycota until ``George Beadle;'' prompt on sac fungi]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Aided by such men as Halitherses, this figure once took in a stranger from Pylos named Theoclymenus, who told him about a ``bird of omen'' he'd seen. Some stories claim that this figure married and fathered Perseptolis with a woman who'd once bathed him, Polycaste, while others claim that he married his possible half-sister Cassiphone or the princess Nausicaa. He learned of a prophecy of Proteus from Menelaus, whom he visited after leaving the court of Nestor, and he undertook those travels on the advice of Athena, who was disguised as Mentor. Palamedes once placed him in front of a plow to foil his father's attempts at avoiding a certain conflict by pretending to be mad. He would ultimately be reunited with his father in Eumaeus' hut. He would later help that father by clearing the palace halls of weapons in order to ambush a bunch of suitors. For 10 points, identify this prince of Ithaca, the son of Penelope and Odysseus.
Answer: Telemachus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one work by this man, a retired army officer claims that ``everything passes, everything is forgotten,'' to which an innkeeper counters that not everything is forgotten. In addition to that work about the lost love between Nikolai and Nadezhda, he wrote a novel which sees Rodka poisoned by his wife, the Bride, who eventually becomes Kuzma's housekeeper and is seduced by Tikhon. This author of ``The Dark Avenues'' and the autobiographical The Life of Arseniev, also wrote ``The Elaghin Affair'' and the novel The Village. In another of his works, a soda-water crate is used as a makeshift coffin, and after becoming bored of looking at churches, the title millionaire dies of a heart attack on Capri. For 10 points, identify this first Russian winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the author of ``The Gentleman from San Francisco''.
Answer: Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This thinker called Americans ``stripped European[s]'' in a work criticizing William Dean Howells for ``paint[ing] no heroes,'' and criticized the World Trade Center as ``only another Dinosaur'' in another work. This thinker discussed ``historic manifestations of love'' in Values for Survival, and argued that American philosophy was a new stage of human development in The Golden Day. He wrote a series of books including The Pentagon of Power that developed the idea of the ``megamachine,'' and divided the last thousand years of civilization into eotechnic, paleotechnic, and neotechnic eras in the first part of his ``Renewal of Life'' series. His studies of urban life include The Culture of Cities and The City in History. For 10 points, name this American thinker who described the historical development of technology in Technics and Civilization.
Answer: Lewis Mumford
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of this man's designs was inspired by a pair of leather breeches and was first created using an array of wooden dowels stuck in the ground. Another of his creations contains a dining hall partly illuminated by a ``moon garden'' and was designed on a wave plan to minimize noise from Memorial Drive and maximize views of the Charles River. In addition to the Savoy vase and MIT's Baker House, he designed a cantilevered birch chair angled to provide comfort to tuberculosis patients that is still produced by his furniture company Artek. That chair was created for a sanatorium he designed for the town of Paimio, while his other works include a municipal library in the former Viipuri. For 10 points, identify this architect and creator of Helsinki's Finlandia Hall.
Answer: Alvar Aalto [or Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An ancient archaeological site in this modern-day country is a complex network of two-rut tracks named after the London rail station Clapham Junction. Another archaeological site in this country's Xaghra plateau was destroyed after being excavated by Otto Bayer, and survives only in drawings by Charles de Brochtroff, while its Ggantija Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Margaritus of Brindisi was the first Count of this place. The storming of Fort St. Elmo was one of the key actions in the ``great siege'' of this place by a group that settled here at the behest of Charles V, and this archipelago contains Comino and Gozo. For 10 points, name this place where the Knights Hospitaller battled the Turks after failures at Rhodes and Cyprus, with a modern-day capital at Valletta.
Answer: Republic of Malta
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Substitutions of an alanine at position 143 or a histidine at position 175 allow this protein to bind to hsp70. Its L2 loop binds to an ankyrin repeat of a protein homologous to ASPP1. Wip-1 reduces the activity of this protein by dephosphorylating MAP kinase. The C-terminal RING finger motif of one protein promotes ubiquitination of this protein, while the N-terminal domain of that MDM-2 protein binds to it. Inheritance of only one copy of the gene coding for it leads to Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Human cancers typically involve mutations in either the retinoblastoma pathway or the pathway involving this protein. For 10 points, name this tumor suppressor, the ``guardian angel of the genome.''
Answer: p53
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In this work, Bob Yamm becomes a national star, thus outshining fellow midget O.K. Ockatur. An eight-year old scientific prodigy named Isaac develops a special type of Wheaties that aids nearly all of the characters in this work, including a journeyman with a diaper fetish whose grandfather was named Spit, John Baal. Alluded to by a Mossad agent in another of its author's works as "the unreadable allegory for the Jews," the only player to eschew the special Wheaties in this work is Roland Agni. This work's plot ultimately descends into a communist witch hunt following the hyper-sexual Angela Trust's replacement of Ulysses Fairsmith with the once-banned Gil Gamesh. For 10 points, name this book, narrated by Word Smith, about the now-excised-from-history Patriot League and the Port Ruppert Mundys, written by Philip Roth.
Answer: The Great American Novel
2009 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Minnesota A
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This essay illustrates the title phenomenon with the example of a cattle-herder and a farmer who are neighbors. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this essay which criticizes Pigouvian taxes for causing the title phenomenon.
Answer: ``The Problem of Social Cost''
[10] ``The Problem of Social Cost'' was written by this economist, whose namesake theorem states that in the absence of transaction costs, any allocation reached through bargaining will be efficient.
Answer: Ronald Coase
[10] Thaler and Kahneman showed that the reference position of an individual may make him loss averse, or have a significantly different ``willingness to pay'' than ``willingness to accept,'' an effect known by this name. It shows that Coase's theorem can be violated.
Answer: endowment effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following authors who have two things in common, for 10 points each.,
[10] This author has written such works as The Antelope Wife and A Plague of Doves since divorcing Michael Dorris, with whom she collaborated on works like Love Medicine and The Beet Queen.
Answer: Karen Louise Erdrich
[10] This author of Gardens in the Dunes and Almanac of the Dead also wrote a novel in which the shaman Betonie helps Tayo recover from shellshock and other bad memories of World War II, Ceremony.
Answer: Leslie Marmon Silko
[10] This woman and William Hanson collaborated on the opera Sun Dance, while this author wrote of her boringly tragic life in such works as The School Days of an Indian Girl and An Indian Teacher Among Indians.
Answer: Zitkala Sa [or Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, you oppressive honky]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This figure avenged the death of his cousin Calogrenant by defeating the fountain guardian Esclados, after which he married Esclados's wife Laudine. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this knight who rescued a lion from a serpent, inspiring Chretien de Troyes to write a romance which refers to him as the ``Knight of the Lion''.
Answer: Sir Yvain, Knight of the Lion [accept Ywain, Owain, Ewain, or Uwain]
[10] This man, Yvain's uncle and the monarch of Orkney, was killed by King Pellinore at the Battle of Tarabel, igniting a blood feud between their families.
Answer: King Loth [accept a variety of Welsh equivalents]
[10] King Lot had various sons with this woman including Agravain, Gareth, and Gaheris, the latter slaying her when he finds her in bed with Sir Lamorak.
Answer: Morgause
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
They are up to two nanometers wide. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify these cylindrical structures, similar to the plasmodesmata found in plant cells, which are composed of 6 connexons, and which allow for the transfer of ions and small molecules between adjacent cells.
Answer: gap junctions
[10] Gap junctions are permeable to this compound, which, along with DAG, is formed by the cleavage of PIP2 by phospholipase C. Its binding results in the release of calcium ions into the cytoplasm.
Answer: inositol triphosphate [or IP3; or inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate]
[10] Adherens junctions are structures where filaments of this protein are linked to the matrix via cadherins. It comes in G and F forms and is an important protein of the cytoskeleton.
Answer: actin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The namesake faction of these wars opposed the Cristinos. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this series of three Spanish civil wars whose namesake Infante opposed the Pragmatic Sanction of 1830.
Answer: the Carlist Wars
[10] Infante Carlos opposed the crowning of this niece of his, who became the queen after the regency of her mother, Maria Christina.
Answer: Isabela II
[10] This Basque-born commander of Carlist forces won such battles as Venta de Echavarri and Alsasua before tension with Don Carlos led to his downfall.
Answer: Tomas de Zumalacarregui
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This former professor at Howard University published such non-fiction works as 1938's Return from Guyana, for 10 points each.,
[10] Identify this poet and politician who served in the French National Assembly and wrote such poetry collections as Pigments and Graffiti.
Answer: Leon Damas
[10] Leon Damas founded Negritude alongside this Senegalese president and author of the works Ehtiopiques and Chants of the Soul.
Answer: Leopold Sedar Senghor
[10] In this Senghor poem, the exalted title character is addressed as ``naked,'' and ``Clothed with'' the title color, ``which is life.''
Answer: ``Black Woman'' [or ``Femme Noir'']
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man is the namesake of the first movement of Michael Daugherty's Metropolis Symphony. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this bald supervillain, portrayed in Smallville by Michael Rosenbaum and in Superman Returns by Kevin Spacey.
Answer: Alexander Joseph ``Lex'' Luthor
[10] In 52, a body found in an alley and originally thought to be Luthor's is tested and discovered to be that of Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor, Jr., by this hammer-wielding character, the third Steel.
Answer: John Henry Irons [prompt on Steel for the hard of hearing or impatient]
[10] Lex Luthor once got cancer from wearing a ring made of the Kryptonite heart he stole from this character, originally a man whose brain was transplanted into a robotic body by Emmet Vale.
Answer: Metallo [or John Corben]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one of this man's paintings, a husky sleeps near the lower left corner, while a bunch of armed warriors stand around laughing as one of them writes an insulting letter to Mehmed IV. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Russian painter of Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan and Religious Precession in the Kursk District who created the Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks.
Answer: Ilya Efimovich Repin
[10] This painting by Ilya Repin depicts a discarded basket in the foreground as a bunch of downtrodden peasants drag a barge towards the title riverbank.
Answer: The Volga Boatmen [or Barge Haulers on the Volga or Burlaks on the Volga or, again, other reasonable translation equivalents]
[10] Ilya Repin's sympathetic depictions of peasants recall the works of this French painter whose works include Woman Breaking Bread and The Gleaners.
Answer: Jean Francois Millet
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The Airy model of this phenomenon was one of two introduced to explain the deflection of a plumb bob toward the Himalayas, and suggests that each section of differing-density rock maintains its own equilibrium. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this principle of buoyant equilibrium in the Earth's crust.
Answer: isostasy [or isostatic principle, etc.]
[10] Named for a mathematician who served as Archdeacon of Calcutta, this model competed with the Airy model and suggested that mountains are high in elevation because they are low in density. It proved useful for explaining why mid-ocean ridges rise above the seafloor.
Answer: Pratt model
[10] A third, more general isostatic model is the newer one named after this Dutchman, who also lends his two last names to a gravimeter and a geodesy formula.
Answer: Felix Andries Vening Meinesz
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Sir Thomas Raffles ordered the excavation of this structure, which has a six story stepped pyramid on which lay three circular stories. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Buddhist temple complex with several bas-relief sculptures, which may contain the remains of a King named Indra.
Answer: Borobodur complex
[10] Construction of the Borobodur complex is thought to have occurred during this dynasty, whose name means ``king of the mountain.'' It saw its end after Patapan from the Sanjaya dynasty took over in the 800s.
Answer: Sailendra dynasty
[10] The Borobodur complex is located on this island, which was also the location for a base of the Dutch East India Company called Batavia, better known today as Jakarta.
Answer: Java
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following related things, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Polish composer's 1904 song for voice and piano, The Swan, preceded his opera King Roger.
Answer: Karol Szymanowski
[10] A swan being roasted sings the aria ``Olim lacus colueram'' in this cantata, which also contains the pieces ``Veni, veni, venias'' and ``O Fortuna."
Answer: Carmina Burana
[10] This man wrote the libretto for and choreographed The Pharaoh's Daughter. He also choreographed Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.
Answer: Marius Ivanovich Petipa
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The reactant is protonated to give a nitronate intermediate, and is further attacked by a water molecule, after which it sees the formation of nitrous oxide gas. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this reaction which converts nitro groups into carbonyls.
Answer: Nef reaction
[10] The nitration and sulfonation of benzene and furan fall under this broad class of reactions. These reactions usually proceed via a resonance-stabilized carbocation intermediate, and see a hydrogen on a ring replaced with a functional group.
Answer: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution [or EAS]
[10] This electophilic aromatic substitution reaction uses a Lewis acid catalyst, often aluminum trichloride, to form a ketone that can then be reduced to the product of a very similar alkylation reaction also named for the same two chemists.
Answer: Friedel-Crafts acylation [just need Friedel-Crafts, but don't accept "Friedel-Crafts alkylation" from people who weren't paying attention]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's characters include Colonel Manly and the Van Rough family. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of play The Contrast and the novel The Algerine Captive, often considered the first American dramatist.
Answer: Royall Tyler
[10] Tyler was a contemporary of this author who wrote about Captain John Farrago's peregrinations with the bungling Irish servant Teague in his masterpiece, Modern Chivalry.
Answer: Hugh Henry Brackenridge
[10] Royall Tyler was also a contemporary of this group of Federalist poets responsible for the publication of The Anarchiad. They included such members as John Trumbull and Joel Barlow and were named for a certain Northeastern city.
Answer: Hartford Wits [or Connecticut Wits; or The Yale Poets]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
These objects were strewn across the floor at a fete in Rome at which courtesans auctioned off their clothes to engage in sex with prostitutes. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this food item that names a banquet orgy held by Cesare Borgia.
Answer: chestnuts
[10] Cesare Borgia was the son of this decadent pope who clashed with Savonarola.
Answer: Pope Alexander VI [prompt on Alexander; accept Rodrigo Borgia; or Roderick de Borja; or Roderick Llancol prompt on Borgia; prompt on Borja; prompt on Llancol]
[10] This pope succeeded Alexander VI for a mere twenty-six days before he was allegedly poisoned by Pandolfo Petrucci.This man was then succeeded by Julius II.
Answer: Pius III [prompt on Pius; accept Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The Alatau and Alai mountains surround this region, and the confluence of Naryn and Karadarya rivers in this region results in the Syr Darya. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this densely populated region home to the Andijan and Namangan provinces in eastern Uzbekistan. It was ruled by the Kokand Khans in the 1800s.
Answer: Fergana Valley
[10] The Amu Darya and Syr Darya empty into this lake, which extends into Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which has lost a whole bunch of water due to Soviet mismanagement.
Answer: Aral Sea
[10] Formerly known as Leninabad, this second largest city of Tajikistan is situated on the Syr Darya. To its east like the Karakuram lake, and its namesake province is also home to Penjikent, which once was a Sogdian stronghold.
Answer: Khujand [or Xojand; or Khojand]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One phrase used an example in this work is ``the least rapidly convergent series.'' For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this paper that rejects Mill's idea that a proper name has no meaning beyond the object that it points out, with a lengthy section on nondenoting expressions.
Answer: On Sense and Reference [or Über Sinn und Bedeutung; accept close English equivalents]
[10] On Sense and Reference is a work by this logician and philosopher, also the creator of a logical system found in his Begriffsschrift and the tome Foundations of Arithmetic.
Answer: Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege
[10] Most English speakers have encountered Frege through this British philosopher's The Interpretation of Frege's Philosophy. His own works include the paper "Realism" and the collection Truth and Other Enigmas.
Answer: Sir Michael Dummett
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
They include ``Curtain of a Voting Booth,'' ``Tapestry of Wrought Iron,'' and ``Phonic Tiles.'' For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this set of pieces premiered under their composer and Darius Milhaud during the entr'actes of a Max Jacob play. The audience was urged to talk during its performance and ignore the music.
Answer: Furniture Music (accept Furnishing Music or Musique D'Ameublement)
[10] Furniture Music was written by this bizarre French composer of Ogives, Gnossiennes, and Parade.
Answer: Erik Satie
[10] This Satie work, a set of three piano compositions published in 1888, was named for an Ancient Greek festival where naked youths would dance and mime battle poses in honor of fallen warriors.
Answer: Gymnopedies
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It states that for two simply connected manifolds M sub a and M sub b whose dimensions are larger than or equal to five, a namesake structure W is diffeomorphic to M sub a cross I and M sub a is diffeomorphic to M sub b. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this theorem, which can be proved using the method of ``surgery'' and was done so by Stephen Smale.
Answer: h-cobordism theorem
[10] The h-cobordism theorem thus proves the generalized form of this conjecture, which states that every closed and simply connected manifold is homeomorphic to the three-sphere. Grigory Perelman's proof of it was confirmed in 2006.
Answer: Poincare conjecture
[10] Much like Hilbert, Smale also has a list of important problems. One of those problems asks whether a polynomial map must be one to one if its derivative is always non-singular, and is named for this German mathematician, whose namesake operator gives a matrix with all the partial derivatives of a function
Answer: Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He is the title character of a novel that is interspersed with a plot consisting of a double love triangle involving characters like Julia, Princess Hedwiga, Prince Irenaus, and the composer Johannes Kreisler. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this character who loves Miesmies and befriends the poodle Ponto after being rescued from drowning by Master Abraham and learning to read, the title character of a German novel.
Answer: Kater Murr [accept The Life and Opinions of Kater Murr together with a fragmentary Biography of Kappelmeister Johannes Kreisler on Random Sheets of Waste Paper; also accept ``Tomcat'' in place of ``Kater'']
[10] This German author of The Life and Opinions of Kater Murr also wrote about the monk Medardus meeting his doppelganger in The Devil's Elixir and about agroup that advocated unlimited freedom in its literary work, The Serapion Brothers.
Answer: E.T.A. Hoffmann [accept Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann or Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann]
[10] This 1816 Hoffmann short story led off his collection of Nachtstucke. It revolves around Nathanael, who is haunted by childhood memories of the title figure, and the creepy scientist Spalanzani, who is designing a lifelike automaton, Olimpia.
Answer: "The Sandman"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Jeff Fort changed his name to Abdullah-Malik when he transformed a gang in this city into the Moorish Science-inspired El Rukn Tribe. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this city home to the Black P. Stones gang, which also saw the 1958 Our Lady of the Angels School fire.
Answer: Chicago, Illinois
[10] This politician who first gained notoriety as part of Richard Daley's "Third Slate" became the first African American Mayor of Chicago in 1983.
Answer: Harold Washington
[10] Chicago elected this woman as its first female mayor in 1979. She effectively banned handgun purchases in Chicago during her single term.
Answer: Jane Margaret Byrne
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He chastised the sun as "a busy old fool" and "unruly" in a 1633 work. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral who penned such poems as The Flea and A Valediction Forbidding Mourning.
Answer: John Donne
[10] This Donne work, whose title celebrates the movement of the soul outside of the body, begins "Where like a pillow on a bed / A pregnant bank swelled up to rest."
Answer: "The Ecstasy"
[10] Composed in the aftermath of Donne's serious illness in 1623, this series of meditations upon the human condition includes the line, "Perchance he for whom the bell tolls may be so ill as that he knows not it tolls for him."
Answer: Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions
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It is multiplied by the Bohr magneton and the J quantum number to give the energy of interaction of an electron with a magnetic field. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this quantity, named for a Frenchman, which captures the fact that spin is 2 times more effective in imparting a magnetic moment than orbital angular momentum.
Answer: Lande g factor [prompt on ``g factor'']
[10] The aforementioned formula for calculating the energy of interaction is useful in this effect, which sees the splitting of spectral lines in the presence of a B field.
Answer: Zeeman effect
[10] Zeeman's later work focused on a quantity introduced by this man to account for aether drag. His namesake integrals of sines and cosines of quadratic functions are useful in the study of optics.
Answer: Augustin-Jean Fresnel
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The Book of Luke claims that this figure foretold the births of John the Baptist and Jesus, while the Talmud claims that he slew the hosts of Sennacherib and provided the voice of the burning bush. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this archangel who revealed the Quran to Muhammad and serves as the chief messenger of God.
Answer: Gabriel [accept Gibreel, Djibril, or other equivalents]
[10] According to the Quran this pair of angels test the faith of the dead after arrival at the tomb. Name either one for the points.
Answer: Munkar or Nakir
[10] This Islamic archangel, sometimes associated with Raphael, blows the trumpet signaling the Last Judgement and is known as ``the Burning One''.
Answer: Israfel [or Israfil]

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