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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Minnesota
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Australian economist P. J. Lloyd has argued that the basis of this idea can be found in the work The Isolated State, while John Stuart Mill explained his theory of comparative advantage using a system of equations that imply it . When applied to utility, it implies that all own price elasticities are negative one and all cross price elasticities are zero. Employing this model over small farms shows that nonessential factors may yield a positive product. One problem with this model is that applying statistical data to it sometimes suggests that the demand for labor is greater than 1. First proposed by Knut Wicksell, it implies constant returns to scale, and its namesakes also estimated that the share of labor and capital stays constant over time. For 10 points, identify this model which includes parameters for output elasticity as a function of technology, a doubly eponymous production function.
Answer: Cobb-Douglas Production Function
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A large one of these is the principal deity of the Ccoa people of Peru. A satire about these creatures by Senchan Torpeist led to their king, Írusan, kidnapping him, only to be killed by St. Ciaran. The Berachot says that the ground-up afterbirth of one can make demons visible, and a large one killed 180 warriors on the Isle of Anglesey and belonged to Palug. Another was represented by jars of ointment in hieroglyphs and was the mother of the "lord of the massacre," Maahes, while the footsteps of one were used in constructing Gleipnir. For 10 points, name this creature which pulled Freya's chariot and were the form taken by the Egyptian goddess Bast.
Answer: cats
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This ion plays an important role in the structure of coccolithophores, and it is stored in oxalate crystals in plastids. Its presence in living tissue can be detected due to its ability to bind with BAPTA. The uptake of this element is regulated by its namesake receptor in the parathyroid's chief cells, and it is used as a regulator in secreting renin by the kidneys' juxtaglomerular cells. Widely used as a second messenger in signal transduction, it can also bind to proteins such as troponin-C and calmodulin. Stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum and important in muscle contraction, FTP, identify this ion found most commonly in teeth and bones.
Answer: calcium ions or Ca2+ (prompt on "calcium")
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In one scene in this novel a one-legged character compares a dead bird to Cock Robin just before it is roasted on a spit. A friend of the protagonist, Eugene, eventually marries the drifter's daughter Lizzie, and the central villain is kicked out of the house and into a garbage cart by the Golden Dustman. An affidavit from Rogue Riderhood clears suspicion of murder from Gaffer Hexam in this work, and that murder's investigator is a lawyer named Lightwood. The taxidermist Venus joins up with a greedy street peddler named Wegg to blackmail another character in this novel. Bella Wilfer initially rejects the protagonist, but is finally tricked into abandoning her money-lust by the Boffins, who inherit the protagonist's fortune but pretend not to realize he is still alive. For 10 points, name this work about John Harmon, who adopts the identities of Handford and Rokesmith, the last complete novel by Charles Dickens.
Answer: Our Mutual Friend
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A post-copulatory execution in this work reminds the title character of a similar experience with his pet kitten, and he is appalled by another character's request to dissect the corpse of Francesco. Early on he strangles his only rival, Jehoshaphat, and information provided by him leads to the beheading of Giovanni for sleeping with Angelica. He participates in a military campaign against Il Toro and the Montanzas with the help of Boccarossa, who switches sides after the title character poisons Lodovico and his master's best friend, Don Ricardo. He had earlier been entrusted with love letters to Don Ricardo from a woman of whose death by flogging he is eventually accused. After Teodora's death, Bernardo, a fictionalization of da Vinci, paints a portrait of her for the unnamed Prince who is the title character's master. For 10 points name this novel about the 26 inch tall Piccolino by Par Lagerkvist.
Answer: The Dwarf or Dvargen
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This book cites Hesiod as an author who agrees that travelling to other countries may shake one's belief in generalizations, and proposes the rule that "C.P. plus E.S. equals U.P.," which only applies to stationary and repetitive systems. It is divided into four sections, two explaining the "naturalistic" and "anti-naturalistic" versions of the title concept, which is blamed on the early understanding of eclipses lending validity to the "dream of prophecy." Also taking aim at sociological "holism," it is dedicated to victims of "the fascist and communist belief in Inexorable Laws of?Destiny" and elaborates on the need for a critical spirit previously advocated in The Open Society and Its Enemies. For 10 points, name this book which says there are no fixed laws of social development, written by Karl Popper.
Answer: The Poverty of Historicism
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He painted a version of Monet's Luncheon On the Grass with a deliberate misspelling in its French title which featured a brown fish and an egg-plant laid on a white cloth. One work by this artist depicts an airplane with human arms flying over an open field as a wounded soldier is being carried away, while another work depicts a human like figure who has a tilted cylindrical head with green hair and spins on a top in a barren landscape. In addition to Murdering Airplane and Ubu Imperator, he made several works featuring the birdman Loplop which appear in his collage novels such as La Femme 100 tetes and Une Semaine de bonte, but he is better known for Pieta or Revolution by Night, and a 1926 self-portrait with Andre Breton and Paul Eluard witnessing the Virgin chastising Jesus. For 10 points, identify this German surrealist who made famous such techniques as grattage and frottage.
Answer: Max Ernst
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This ruler's army was victorious at the Battle of Chains, so named because the soldiers of the opposing Persian army supposedly chained themselves together. However, perhaps the most impressive military success of his reign was the Battle of Akraba, where Musailimah the Liar was defeated by his army commanded by Khalid ibn al-Walid. That battle was a part of the Ridda Wars conducted by this ruler to quash apostasy. He notably bought the freedom of slaves like Bilal and Ammar and his epithet of "most Truthful" stemmed from his sincere belief in the Night Journey. Prior to dying at the siege of Damascus, he compiled a version of the Quran and named his successor to be Umar. FTP, name this father-in-law and close companion of Muhammad, the first of the rightly-guided caliphs.
Answer: Abu Bakr as-Sadiq
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One tributary of this river flows from the east to join it at the village of Modlin, that being the Narew River. Another tributary flows through the artificial Lake Solina on its way north, that being the San River. An even better known tributary, the Bug River, flows northwest to meet it after initially passing through Chervonograd. A couple of its branches including the Nogat flow into a namesake lagoon, also known as Frisches Haff. This river rises in the West Beskid range of the Carpathians before passing through cities like Torun. Its lagoon is separated by a small spit from the Gulf of Gdansk, the endpoint of this river, which is connected by a canal to the Oder River system to the west. FTP, name this river which flows through Krakow and Warsaw, and is the longest river in Poland.
Answer: Vistula River (or Wisla)
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The antibody Ab38C2 was found to efficiently catalyze both steps of this reaction via an enamine intermediate. That antibody is also highly enantioselective, and is thus useful in synthesis of optically active versions of the Wieland-Miescher compound. One variant of this reaction uses a 1,3-dichloro-2-butenyl derivative and is named for Wichterle, while another variant using sulfones sees the second step replaced by a Dieckmann condensation and is named for Hauser. A generalized version of this reaction sees a ketone and an enone in the presence of triflic acid and methylene chloride form bridged versions of the product. Occurring favorably with methyl vinyl ketones, this reaction is defined as a Michael addition followed by an intromolecular aldol condensation. FTP, name this reaction which results in formation of a ring in polycyclic compounds, an annulation named for a British chemist.
Answer: Robinson Annulation
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The attacking army in this battle dispatched generals James Grant and Leopold von Heister, who fought a skirmish at Baker's Tavern; they then swept around the watch of Colonel Samuel Miles. Maryland troops under Mordecai Gist were ordered by William Alexander, Lord Stirling, to make a stand at the Old Stone House, resulting in capture but buying time for the rest of the army, after the breaching of Jamaica Pass. This clash was quickly followed by a battle at Kip's Bay and later the Battle of White Plains, which only saw further retreat by the colonial army. John Sullivan was replaced by the elderly Israel Putnam who was defeated by Howe, but John Glover and the fortune of some foggy weather helped Washington and the colonials cross the East River. FTP, name this 1776 battle which quickly led to the execution of Nathan Hale and the burning of New York City.
Answer: Battle of Long Island (or Battle of Brooklyn or Brooklyn Heights)
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The title character of this work claims that the origin of all wisdom is the statement "two plus two equals four" and later pontificates on the etymology of the word "pronoun." A character in this work named Benjamin Franklin hears an explanation of why there are at least six personalities taking part in a dialogue between John and Thomas, while other characters include a "Young Fellow called John," the Schoolmistress, and the Divinity-Student. A part of this collection dubs the Boston state-house the "hub of the Solar System," and section 11 contains a poem by its author about a conveyance "built in such a logical way," the "Wonderful One-Hoss Shay." Spawning later works about the "poet" and "professor" at the titular locale, this is, for 10 points, what essay collection featuring dialogue between some boarders and a Beacon Hill landlord by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Answer: The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
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Along with Massimo Ramella, the discoverers of this entity theorized that similar entities could be found using a minimum projected beam size of 12 h Mpc. In plots of angle against velocity, this entity appears across the 10,000 kilometer per second region from nine to sixteen hours. A similar entity to this one was discovered by J. Richard Gott III and Marco Juric of Princeton in 2003, and is named after the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Centered on the Coma cluster and appearing to terminate at the Hercules supercluster, this structure was discovered in 1989 by Geller and Huchra during the CfA redshift study. FTP, name this large superstructure just beyond the Great Attractor, a filament of galaxies over 500 million light years long but only 15 million light years thick.
Answer: CfA2 Great Wall
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Introduction of this technology has been delayed to anywhere from 2011 to 2017, depending on reclamation of unused networks. Established as a standard under RFC 1752 and originally known as Next Generation, it allows for stateless autoconfiguration of hosts using ICMP, and can be used in combination with DHCP when required. The scheme designed under this standard continues the use of prefix notiaton, using /128 to identify individual hosts, and allows for use of a double colon to replace a set of four contiguous zeroes. The need for deployment was delayed following the introduction and extensive use of both CIDR ("cider") and PAT. Exclusive communication using this protocol was allowed for the first time in February 2008, as six of the root DNS servers received quad-A records. Designed by the IETF, this is, FTP, what 128-bit network-layer protocol set to replace the current addressing scheme for the Internet?
Answer: Internet Protocol version 6 or IPv6 [prompt on partial answer]
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This man used portions of the Book of Genesis in his work Sarah Was Ninety Years Old. One of his works is based on St. Andrew of Crete's Canon of Repentance, and he composed Fur Lennart for the funeral of his country's former president.One of his works was dedicated to Gidon Kremer and consists of the movements "Ludus" and "Silentum," while a series of overlapping fifths formed the basis of his St. John Passion. He used only the pitches of the A minor scale in his Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten, and his Fratres for violin and piano was featured on the soundtrack for There Will Be Blood. For 10 points, identify this developer of "tintinnabulation" and composer of Tabula Rasa, a proponent of sacred minimalism from Estonia.
Answer: Arvo Part
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Minerals that contain cationic iron have a characteristic response to this effect which can be used to measure the presence of said ions in amphiboles and pyroxenes, a technique used in the MIMOS modules aboard several Mars rovers. Quadrupole splitting and isomer shift that occurs in this effect can be used to study hyperfine interactions, and when viewing its spectrum a phonon wing can be seen near the zero-energy shift line. Pound and Rebka used it in their general relativity experiments, and it is used along with the Doppler-effect in a namesake spectroscopy known for precise measurements. Occuring because of distribution of energy across an atomic lattice, FTP, identify this effect which explains the recoil-free emission and absorption of gamma rays.
Answer: Mossbauer Effect (accept Mossbauer Spectroscopy on early buzz)
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A less significant version of this body was reinstituted at the demands of a force led by Charles Fleetwood, and it was later attacked by John Lambert. John Lilburne's The Legal Fundamental Liberties was a document directed towards William Lenthall who presided over its better known version. Its achievements include the repeal of the Act of Uniformity, and it also passed the Blasphemy Act which targeted Ranters, while its demise arose from the contentious "bill for a new representative." It resulted from the removal of members unsupportive of the decision to execute Charles II, by way of Pride's Purge, and it was forcibly dissolved by Cromwell in 1653. FTP, identify this legislative group which convened between the Long Parliament and the Barebones Parliament.
Answer: Rump Parliament or the Rump or Rumpers or Purged parliament
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At the beginning of this work, a crippled poet comments on how the radio cannot drive him out of business, while another character is fired from the Ministry of Religious Endowments after writing letters in English. Another character requests the matchmaking services of the protagonist's mother, and Kirsha, the owner of a cafe, enjoys hashish and has numerous gay affairs. This novel's protagonist envies Jewish girls who work at factories, but she eventually agrees to a proposal delivered from a barber to her mother by a quack dentist. That barber promises to earn money by working for the British army, but Salim Alwan also proposes to marry the protagonist of this work, who is later lured into prostitution by Ibrahim Faraj. For 10 points, identify this novel wherein Abbas is murdered after he tries to bring Hamida out of prostitution, a work set in a backstreet by Naguib Mahfouz.
Answer: Midaq Alley or Zuqaq al Midaq
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Thirteen strings of pearls are said to dangle from his headdress, and his birthday on the ninth day of the first lunar month is celebrated as a holiday. He helped bring order to the universe as the apprentice of the highest of the Three Pure Ones, after which he spent 3200 aeons on the Mountain of Universal Light to achieve Golden Immortality, followed by a billion aeons contemplating his Holy Navel. His subordinates include the Ruler of the Eastern Peak, who owns the register of lives and reincarnations, and he notably assigned an antagonist to work in his stables and as the guardian of his peach garden. He also summoned twelve animals to his Palace of Abstractions; they later became the Zodiac. However, he was never able to completely pacify Monkey. For 10 points, identify this highest deity of Taoism, who takes his name from a precious stone.
Answer: the Jade Emperor [accept Yu Huang, Yu Di, or Tien Kung]
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The majority in this case repeatedly cites the Fifth Circuit decision Burnside v. Byars for the relevant standard; it also uses the earlier opinions of Justice McReynolds in Bartels v. Iowa and Meyer v. Nebraska on reasonableness, which is cited as erroneous in Justice Black's dissent. Decided a year after United States v. O'Brien, Justice Harlan added a short dissent in this case, which involved an unnamed petitioner Christopher Eckhardt. Justices Stewart and White issued short concurrences to the majority opinion by Abe Fortas, which held that the central behavior was "akin to pure speech" and that "undifferentiated fear" could not be used to prohibit a symbolic act which does not "materially and substantially interfere with requirements of discipline." FTP, name this 1969 case about the wearing of black armbands to protest the Vietnam War at a school in Des Moines.
Answer: Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District
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TB. Article Three of this agreement provided for creation of a Joint Commission of Delimitation with two members from each participant country charged with inspecting the drawing of boundaries. Agreed to after the capture of the Gulf of Pechili, it was reportedly drafted largely by John Watson Foster, but the meeting had to be adjourned for a three-week armistice when one side's diplomat was shot in the left cheek. By this agreement, one side surrendered the Pescadores Islands, but a more controversial cession under it led to the so-called Triple Intervention. Also known as the Treaty of Maguan, its major provisions resulted in creation of the brief Republic of Formosa and mandated the independence of Korea. FTP, name this 1895 agreement which ended the First Sino-Japanese War.
Answer: Treaty of Shimonoseki (or Maguan before mentioned)
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Minnesota
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Identify the following pertaining to interactions between molecules, for 10 points each.,
[10] These intermolecular forces arise due to dipole interactions and include London Dispersion forces.
Answer: Van Der Waals forces
[10] This is an approximation of the interaction between two neutral molecules. It includes a term raised to the 12th power and a term raised to the 6th power, which accounts for Van der Waals forces and other repulsive forces.
Answer: Lennard-Jones potential (prompt on: "6-12 potential" or "12-6 potential")
[10] Named for a chemist from Dartmouth, this model more accurately represents interactions between fluids, taking into account long range dipole-dipole interactions. The same scientist has a model of gelation named for himself and Flory under which infinite polymers are built by addition of branches.
Answer: Stockmayer fluid/model/equation
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A lot of ballets have nymphs in them. FTPE:,
[10] The shepherd Aminta falls in love with the titular nymph and attendant of Diana and fights the attempts of Orion to carry her off in this ballet composed by Leo Delibes.
Answer: Sylvia
[10] This Vaslav Nijinsky production follows an oversexed satyr's encounter with seven bathing nymphs. It is set to a Claude Debussy prelude of the same name, which was based on a Stephen Mallarme poem.
Answer: The Afternoon of a Faun or L'Apres-Midi d'un Faune (don't accept "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun")
[10] A 1958 ballet, choreographed by Frederick Ashton for Margot Fonteyn, and an 1843 Cesare Pugni ballet of the same name tell the story of the titular German water nymph and her love for a mortal man.
Answer: Ondine or Undine
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Commanders in this conflict included Wamditanka, later known as Jerome Big Eagle, and its major battles included Fort Ridgely, Birch Coulee, and Wood Lake. FTPE:,
[10] Name this uprising that took place in Minnesota during 1862. At its end, 38 braves, including the innocent Chaska, were hanged on a massive gallows in Mankato on the orders of Abraham Lincoln.
Answer: Dakota War of 1862 [accept Dakota Conflict/Uprising; accept Sioux Conflict/Uprising]
[10] Union General John Pope was sent in to fight the Dakota War after his disastrous defeat in this Civil War battle, a victory for Lee, Longstreet, and Jackson fought on Brawner's Farm and Stony Ridge.
Answer: Second Battle of Bull Run [or Second Manassas]
[10] This Dakota leader was eventually killed by a farmer named Nathan Lampson. Despite initial reluctance to fight, this son of Cetan Wakuwa Mani led the Dakota resistance in the conflict.
Answer: Taoyateduta or Little Crow [accept His Red Nation]
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The Phrygians aren't just the namesakes of the Smurfs' caps. Identify some figures from their mythology, for 10 points each.,
[10] This goddess of bees was worshipped at Pessinos and is probably more famous for being the deification of the Mother Earth and equivalent of the Greek Rhea, worshipped by the Romans as Magna Mater.
Answer: Cybele [or Kubebe; orKubileya]
[10] This favorite and consort of Cybele, the son of Nana, was seduced by his father Agdistis. When Cybele rescued him before he could marry the son of Midas, he castrated himself in a fit of passion and was turned into a pine tree.
Answer: Attis
[10] This nomadic horseman and sky god of the Phrygians and Thracians gave humans wine and beer, causing the Greeks to associate him with Dionysus.
Answer: Sabazios
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A blue statue can be seen in the left of this painting and the figure in the center is plucking a fruit. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this painting, which depicts the progression of life from birth to death when viewed from right to left. To its extreme left lies an old woman while to the right one can see a new-born.
Answer: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? [or D'ou venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Ou allons-nous?]
[10] This artist painted Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? in addition to painting several Tahitian landscapes and The Yellow Christ.
Answer: Paul Gauguin
[10] This later Gauguin works features two nudes - one is seated in a lotus position and the other is a readhead. The eerie figure in the back left is an artist's friend who has cloven hoofs.
Answer: Contes Barbares or Barbarian Tales or Savage Tales
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He killed Mes Gegra, the king of Leinster, and calcified his brain; later, he aided Freach in a cattle raid into Normandy. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this son of Ameirgin and Findchoem who outboasted his uncle Cet mac Magach in the story of Mac Datho's Pig.
Answer: Conall Cernach
[10] While Conall served with the Ulstermen of Conchobar mac Nessa, Cet was allied with the men of Connacht, led by Ailill and this friendly-thighed queen, the lover of Fergus mac Roich.
Answer: Medb [or Maeve]
[10] Conall and Loegaire Buadach are this man's challengers in the story of Bricriu's Feast; he also notably singlehandedly defended Ulster against Medb's forces during the Cattle Raid of Cooley, wielding the Gae Bulg.
Answer: Cuchulainn [accept Setanta or any variant pronunciations of "Cuchulainn"]
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It is a differential equation involving energy as a function of permeability, index of refraction, and some other things, and it is integrated over the frequencies where the speed of the particle is greater than the speed of light. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this formula, named for the two discoverers of Cherenkov radiation, which gives the amount of that radiation emitted by a charged particle when it travels faster than the speed of light.
Answer: Frank-Tamm formula
[10] A special case of the Cherenkov effect, this effect occurs when an electron beam passes over a periodic surface such as a diffraction grating. The beam need not move at speeds faster than the speed of light.
Answer: Smith-Purcell Effect
[10] Cerenkov radiation is utilized in this ultra-precise neutrino detector, built in 1996, and located in the Mozumi Mine in Japan.
Answer: Super-Kamiokande
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Identify the following composers of madrigals, for 10 points each.,
[10] This representative of the Roman School wrote over 140 madrigals, including the rather popular Vestiva i colli, though he's better-known for such works as the Pope Marcellus Mass.
Answer: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina [accept either]
[10] This pupil of Ingegnieri composed the madrigal "Lament of Arianna," as well as the collection Madrigals of War and Love, which contained "Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda." Operas by this man include The Coronation of Poppea.
Answer: Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi
[10] This dude wrote four books of madrigals featuring texts by Federico Garcia Lorca; Garcia Lorca's texts also formed the basis for his Ancient Voices of Children, but not his "electric string quartet" Black Angels.
Answer: George Crumb
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Sandwiched in between the Purcell and Monashee Mountains, this range has the Kootenai River as its eastern boundary. FTPE:,
[10] Name this mountain range which spans southern British Columbia, Idaho, and Washington, and is named for the earl of a certain Scottish town.
Answer: Selkirk Mountains
[10] The Selkirk Mountains originate at Mica Peak near this city in Idaho. Given a French name which also titles its namesake lake, this is the largest city in the Idaho panhandle.
Answer: Coeur d'Alene
[10] The western boundary of the Selkirks is this major river, which makes the "Big Bend" and flows south into the state of Washington, passing through the Grand Coulee Dam and receiving the Snake River.
Answer: Columbia River
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One of the titular duo is exiled from Milan for his involvement in a riot. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work in which Don Abbondio initially refuses to marry Lorenzo and Lucia on the orders of Don Rodgrigo, who ultimately dies of the plague.
Answer: I Promessi Sposi or The Betrothed
[10] This Italian author wrote The Betrothed. He also wrote about the Condottiero Francesco Bussone in The Count of Carmagnola, and his other works include The Proclamation of Rimini.
Answer: Alessandro Francesco Tommaso Manzoni
[10] This Capuchin friar aids Lucia and Lorenzo as they hide from Rodrigo. Later in the novel, Lorenzo finds him treating Rodrigo in a hospice, where Lucia is also taking refuge.
Answer: Fra Cristoforo
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This soldier-emperor quelled revolts by Urbanus, Domitianus, Firmus, and Felicissimus who led an uprising of mint workers on mons Caelius. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Roman emperor who ruled from 270 to 275 A.D. and defeated the Alamanni at the Battle of Fano, after which he constructed some namesake walls around Rome.
Answer: Aurelian (Lucius Domitius Aurelianius)
[10] Aurelian is also known for his victory at Emesa over Queen Zenobia and her son Vaballathus, who were ruling from this city which had broken away from Rome and formed its own empire.
Answer: Palmyra
[10] Aurelian also defeated Gallic tribes under Esuvius Tetricus at this battle in 274. A more famous battle by this name in 451 A.D. saw the Roman general Flavius Aetius team up with the Visigoth general Theodoric to turn back the army of Attila the Hun.
Answer: Battle of Chalons (or Battle of Catalaunian Fields or also accept Campus Mauriacus)
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He was born under the name Dharmakara and ultimately became the ruler of Sukhavati. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this "self-born" figure, a "Buddha of infinite light" who has the consort Pandara and became the object of a sect starting in seventh-century China which repeated his name in order to gain salvation.
Answer: Amitabha [or Amida; or Omito]
[10] Amitabha rules over this Western paradise, which gives its name to the sect of Buddhism that venerates Amitabha, and has such subgroups as the Shin and the Ji.
Answer: the Pure Land [or the Pure Realm; or Qingtu; or Jodo]
[10] In order to gain rebirth in the Pure Land, disciples must repeat Amitabha's name under this state of mind, which translates to "sincere devotion."
Answer: nembutsu
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Name these physics-related things developed by Leonhard Euler, FTPE.,
[10] Euler's namesake buckling and his elementary theory of bending were precursors to this measure of stiffness that reduces to Hooke's law for linear materials.
Answer: Young's modulus
[10] This dimensionless number from fluid dynamics has the same denominator as the Euler number: one-half times the fluid density times the characteristic velocity squared. Instead of using the difference between upstream and downstream pressures like the Euler number, this number subtracts the vapor pressure from the local pressure.
Answer: cavitation number
[10] The Euler equations in fluid dynamics correspond to the Navier-Stokes equations when both the heat conduction and this quantity are set to zero.
Answer: viscosity
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He applied the term "storm and stress" to describe adolescence and was a pioneer of developmental psychology. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this first president of the APA and Clark University, best known for Aspects of Childlife and Education.
Answer: G. Stanley Hall
[10] Hall spent a lot of time studying at the Leipzig lab of this author of Principles of Physiological Psychology.
Answer: Wilhelm Wundt
[10] Among Hall's many students was this son of a Talmud scholar and author of The Psychology of Conviction, who may be best known for his popularizing of optical illusions, including the duck-rabbit.
Answer: Joseph Jastrow
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In one appearance, he notes that prison "ain't so bad", as "you can make sangria in the turlet. Of course, it's shank or be shanked." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Zero-G Juggs and National Pornographic enthusiast, the janitor of the Planet Express Corporation on Futurama.
Answer: Scruffy Scruffington[accept either]
[10] When the Planet Express boiler begins to explode in "Parasites Lost," Scruffy says that he will "die the way [he] lived," before uttering this fruit-spread-based catchphrase.
Answer: "Oh, marmalade."
[10] Scruffy's vocal mannerisms were adapted from Billy Bob Thornton's character Karl Childers, who killed his mother and her lover with the titular weapon of this 1996 movie.
Answer: Sling Blade
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This work opens with Cripple, Blindman, Goyi, and Aafaa along the roadside. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this fairly absurd play about those mendicants interacting with Dr. Bero, Si Bero, and the Old Man.
Answer: Madmen and Specialists
[10] This author of Season of Anomy and The Lion and the Jewel wrote Madmen and Specialists.
Answer: Akinwande Oluwole (Wole) Soyinka
[10] Essays on the role of Greek tragedy in western thought and lots of musings on Yoruban culture are contained in this collection of Soyinka's prison notes.
Answer: The Man Died
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His academic work led him to write the short story "The Robot and the Baby", the protagonist of which is Eliza Rambo, "a single mother addicted to alcohol and crack" who receives a household robot. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Stanford computer scientist and 1971 Turing Award winner who, perhaps more notably, invented the Lisp programming language and coined the term "artificial intelligence".
Answer: John McCarthy
[10] McCarthy developed this non-monotonic logic in a 1980 paper. It is a rule of conjecture that can be used for "jumping to certain conclusions," defined as "the objects that can be shown to have a certain property P by reasoning from certain facts A are all the objects that satisfy P."
Answer: circumscription
[10] Lisp was based on this system of formal computation, essentially equivalent to a Turing machine, which was developed by Alonzo Church and Stephen Kleene.
Answer: lambda calculus
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The protagonist of this work assumes the title role when he is unexpectedly elected after revealing to his companion that he is a detective. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this work in which Gabriel Syme learns that Gogol, St. Eustache, de Worms, and Dr. Bull all work for Scotland Yard, after trying desperately to prevent the assassination of French and Russian leaders.
Answer: The Man Who Was Thursday
[10] This British author wrote The Man Who Was Thursday in addition to writing about Adam Wayne in The Napoleon of Notting Hill.
Answer: Gilbert Keith Chesterton
[10] This long Chesterton epic poem is based on the life of Alfred the Great. It begins with Alfred seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary and culminates in the Battle of Etheldune.
Answer: The Ballad of the White Horse
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Identify the following about sugars, for 10 points each.,
[10] These are defined as monosaccharides that differ in configuration at only one chiral center. For example, glucose and mannose are these because they differ in configuration at the second carbon.
Answer: epimers
[10] The opposite of a Killiani-Fischer synthesis, this reaction involves an oxidation of the calcium salt of an aldonic acid with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by ferric ion. It results in an aldose with one less carbon than the reactant.
Answer: Ruff degradation
[10] Of course, sugars and most organic compounds can be represented graphically using these graphs, which represent chirality centers as the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.
Answer: Fischer projections
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Answer some things about troubled times in 20th century Colombia, FTPE.,
[10] The Treaties of Neerlandia and Wisconsin brought an end to this civil war which ravaged Colombia at the very beginning of the 20th century, a clash between Conservatives and Liberals which took place largely in Panama over the titular time period.
Answer: War of the Thousand Days
[10] The Sitges and San Carlos agreements brought an end to this undeclared civil war between Conservatives and Liberals, generally known by a Spanish name, which lasted from about 1948 to 1958 and saw the coup of general Rojas Pinilla.
Answer: "La Violencia" (or "The Violence")
[10] This Colombian city was the base of a massive drug cartel organized by Pablo Escobar which declared war on the government in the late 80s and assassinated leaders like Luis Galan.
Answer: Medellin
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Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves bring about this woman's demise when her husband draws a paper slip with a black spot on it. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this woman, the husband of Bill Hutchinson, who gets stoned by members of a New England town.
Answer: Tessie Hutchinson
[10] Tessie Hutchinson dies at the end of this Shirley Jackson short story the events in which supposedly took place one day after its 1948 publication in The New Yorker.
Answer: "The Lottery"
[10] In this Jackson novel, Merricat Black's sister Constance is suspected of killing much of her family by sprinkling arsenic-laced sugar on blackberries. Turns out Merricat did it to live alone with her sister.
Answer: We Have Always Lived in the Castle
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Identify the following about topoisomerases, FTPE.,
[10] This is the effect topoisomerase is used to counteract. It involves the contorting of circular DNA, which results in twists and wreathes which allows DNA to be packed more tightly within a cell.
Answer: supercoiling
[10] This type II topoisomerase catalyzes the negative supercoiling of DNA in prokaryotic bacteria. Similar in function to topoisomerase IV, it is the target of coumarins and quinolones.
Answer: DNA gyrase
[10] This is the name given to the sum of the number of twists and wreathes in a given DNA supercoil. This property must always remain constant.
Answer: linking number
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As a result of this battle, the fortress of Mons surrendered and George Hamilton, Lord Orkney became field marshal. FTPE:,
[10] Name this bloody 1709 battle fought one year after the Battle of Oudenarde, which saw Eugene of Savoy and the Duke of Marlborough wound the Marshal Villars.
Answer: Battle of Malplaquet
[10] The Battle of Malplaquet was part of this conflict along with the battles of Ramillies and Blenheim.
Answer: War of the Spanish Succession
[10] Villars was technically acting as the subordinate of this experienced French Marshal, who allowed him to take superior command at Malplaquet. After Villars was wounded, this man skillfully arranged the retreat of French forces.
Answer: Louis Francois, duc de Boufflers (or comte de Cagny)

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