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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Michigan + Virginia
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Its decline began with the rebellion of Abraha, the general in charge of Himyar, which fell under Sassanid influence. The port of Adulis connected its inland center on the Tigray Plateau with the outside world. Their namesake capital city is the end of Queen Makeda's voyage in the Kebra Nagast. Early versions of that work may date to the time of Frumentius, the first Bishop of their capital city, who converted Emperor Ezana to Christianity. They defeated their western rivals at Meroe in the 4th century AD, and extended their power across the Red Sea to Yemen 200 year later, but the rise of Islam eventually isolated the Ge'ez speaking residents. FTP, name this entity whose founder, Menelik I, created the first Christian empire in Ethiopia.
Answer: Aksum or Axumite Empire
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This writer asked "What bleeds when metal breaks?" and "Can feathers eat me?" in "The Long Alley." He wrote "At Woodlawn I heard the dead cry" at the opening of his "The Lost Son," while he lamented that "My friends become more Christian, year by year" at the end of his "The Sententious Man." The title character of one of his poems "cast herself down into such a pure depth" when she was sad, and possessed "neckcurls" which were "limp and damp as tendrils." Another of his poems is a villanelle which concludes "I learn by going where I have to go." FTP, name this American poet of "My Papa's Waltz," "Elegy for Jane," and "The Waking."
Answer: Theodore Roethke
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The Berry phase is almost never present in it, with the exception of the "JT valley" caused by the Jahn-Teller effect, and it fails for graphenes, due to rigid oscillations of Dirac cones and a stiffening of the Raman G peak. Its first step consists of solving the time-independent Schrodinger Equation to obtain namesake potential energy surfaces, which can be used to determine nuclear eigenvalues, while Eckart conditions are used in its second step. The Franck-Condon principle assumes that the vibrational and electronic wavefunctions are separate in, FTP, this physical approximation used to model molecular dynamics, which assumes nuclei do not move in relation to electrons and is named for two physicists.
Answer: Born-Oppenheimer approximation
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Melvin Delgarno wrote about this thinker's "Natural Jurisprudence," while Theodore Gracyk wrote about the failure of his aesthetics. In one work, this philosopher argued that a man who has a limb cut off remains the same person. He asserted that the three central mental acts were sensation, conception, and perception, and tried to defend the Lockian distinction between primary and secondary qualities against Berkeley's objections to the doctrine. He criticized Hume's understanding of causation in his last major work, 1788's Essays on the Active Powers of Man. FTP, name this Scottish thinker who also wrote Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man and An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense.
Answer: Thomas Reid
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In one work by this artist a large white cat sits in the lap of a man clad in a blue sweater in front of some bay windows, while another work by this man shows Nick Wilder in front of an apartment complex. His experiments with Polaroid photo collages yielded works like You make the picture, Zion Canyon, Utah, and his other portraits include one "surrounded by artistic devices." The Metropolitan Museum contains his Mount Fuji and Flowers, and he also created the work Skaters/Venice in honor of the Los Angeles bicentennial. FTP, name this painter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy, a contributor to British pop art in the 1960s who paints front lawns, men taking showers, and lots of swimming pools as seen in works like A Bigger Splash.
Answer: David Hockney
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His book What I Know of Farming described his work in swamp reclamation on his Chappaqua estate. Earlier in his career, he founded an unprofitable journal called the New Yorker before moving on to edit a Whig campaign journal called The Jeffersonian. He failed to get Seward's Senate seat in 1861, and two years later was unable to win his state's other Senate seat thanks to the opposition of Thurlow Weed, though over the next decade he became a leader of the Liberal Republicans. Sales of his collection The American Conflict took a nosedive after he signed a bond for the release of Jefferson Davis. FTP, name this founder of the New York Tribune who unsuccessfully ran for President in 1872.
Answer: Horace Greeley
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The facial and abducens paralysis known as Millard-Gubler syndrome is caused by obstruction of blood vessels in and surrounding this structure. Acetylcholine released here induces REM sleep, and this structure sends signals to the thalamus to cause paralysis during dream states. Consisting of the upper pneumotaxic and lower apneustic centers, it plays an important role in regulating breathing, and it serves as a relay between the cerebrum and the cerebellum, the function that gives it its name. The location of the lesion in locked-in syndrome, FTP, name this structure in the brain stem located between the medulla oblongata and the midbrain, which takes its name from the Latin for "bridge."
Answer: pons Varolii
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It has been extended by Cox and Ross' constant elasticity of variance method, while one of its original assumptions was relaxed in work by Jonathan Ingerson. Because it assumes a flat surface of volatility, a related problem is the "smile" shape of real data. Building on the work of Louis Bachelier, it uses a model of geometric Brownian motion to characterize change, and it assumes that it is possible to borrow or lend money at a constant risk-free interest rate. Positing that an asset's value is a function of the expected benefit from acquisition and the present value of paying the exercise price, this is, FTP, what model of option pricing named for two economists?
Answer: Black-Scholes option pricing model
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Minor characters in this work include the servant Christophil and a character who tries to frame a nobleman for murder, the deceitful Viluppo. One character has his servant kill Serberine because he believes that he informed the protagonist of his crime. Pedringano believes that a messenger is bringing him a pardon for murder, which prevents him from exposing Lorenzo. The protagonist's wife Isabella serves as a foil to Bel-Imperia, who loved Andrea before Balthazar killed him. FTP, name this revenge play centering on Hieronimo's attempt to avenge the death of his son Horatio, the most famous work of Thomas Kyd.
Answer: The Spanish Tragedy
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One waterway by this name is fed by the Skunk River in Morrison County before it flows into the Mississippi in Benton County, Minnesota. Another begins as the outflow of its namesake lake in Michigan before it empties into Loon Lake. The most famous river by this name was mapped by Stephen Long in the 1820s, more than a century after it was discovered by Sieur de Bourgmont, who noted the combination of its Northern and Southern affluents. It flows in an arc past Kearney and Cozad and is joined by the Loup River before passing Omaha. FTP, give this name most commonly associated with a tributary of the Missouri which takes its name from the French for "flat water."
Answer: Platte river
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His name graces a Noh play by Miyamasu in which the spirit of Michizane has become this entity to take revenge on his enemies in the palace. The Inari faith grew from cults dedicated to the worship of this deity, whose presence is said to coincide with the appearance of snakes or children. Often associated with Aji-Shiki-Taka-Hiko-Ne, Hayaji, and Susanowa, he apparently eats the navels of children, and is depicted as a fiery red demon with a whip and a ring of drums, the latter of which he uses to create the meteorological effect with which he is most associated. FTP, name this Shinto kami of storms and thunder, whose name was appropriated by a character in Mortal Kombat.
Answer: Raiden sama (or Raijin or Kaminari-sama or Narukami)
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His inappropriate sense of humor was evidenced in a letter he sent to the pianist Harriet Cohen which was adorned with a swastika. The etchings of Thomas Rowlandson inspired his overture Portsmouth Point, while the end of his career saw such works as Capriccio burlesco and a Duettino for flute and oboe. One of his early works is based on the text "Drop, Drop Slow Tears" by Phineas Fletcher. That work, A Litany, was written when he was a choirboy at Chirstchurch, though this composer's most famous work contains a parody of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance to represent the court of a Babylonian king. FTP, name this British composer of the operas The Bear and Troilus and Cressida , best known for his 1931 cantata Belshazzar's Feast.
Answer: William Walton
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This author's The Broken Nest deals with a runaway boy who is adopted by a kindly tax collector and named as his heir, but runs away again just as he is about to marry the tax collector's daughter. His dramas include such works as The Waterfall and The Sacrifice. His most important novel focuses on Nikhil's attempts to deal with the religious violence in his homeland and is called The Home and the World. His own translations of Lalan Shah would inspire the poems collected in The Golden Boat, while his 1912 collection of 103 poems, translated as Song Offerings, featured an ecstatic preface by William Butler Yeats that would bring him fame. FTP, identify this Bengali poet who wrote Gitanjali.
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
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During this event, Abraham Whipple led a group of 50 civilians which included Joseph Bucklin, who fired the only shot. The party's chief complaint was seizure of personal property by Lieutenant Dudingston, who had been in pursuit of the packet boat Hannah when he beached his craft. Taking place three years after a similar event involving the Liberty, it was organized by John Brown. In its aftermath, the Virginia House of Burgesses established the first permanent committee of correspondence between the colonies. FTP, name this event of 1772 in which a ship was destroyed by Rhode Islanders in protest of British trade policies.
Answer: Gaspee Affair (accept the burning of the Gaspee or other clear-knowledge equivalents)
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Its namesake discovered pentaerythritol in 1882 when a solution of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde reacted with barium hydroxide. It is also used to test for the presence of alkynes with the triple bond in the 1 position, forming a yellow precipitate if positive. Benedict's solution and Fehling's test are often used to reach the same conclusion as this chemical, but Brady's reagent is usually used first to determine the presence of a carbonyl group. Usually an aqueous solution of ammoniacal silver nitrate, FTP, identify this reagent that tests whether a given substance is an aldehyde or a ketone.
Answer: Tollens' reagent (accept ammoniacal silver nitrate before it is mentioned)
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One person by this name is mentioned in the Koran as building a tower for a Pharoah to "reach the God of Moses." A better known person by this name was elevated to his position after the conspiracy of Bigthan and Teresh to assassinate the king was uncovered, and boasted to his wife Zeresh about being invited to a banquet held by the king. That figure's downfall began when a man refused to kneel to him in the street, while the eunuch Harbona suggested his ironic means of execution, a gallows built 50 cubits high on which he had intended to bring about the demise of a religious group. FTP, name this advisor to the Persian King Ahasuerus, whose plot to kill Mordecai and the Jews is thwarted in the Book of Esther.
Answer: Haman
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One of this man's novels opens with the disruption by Sir Ralph of the marriage at Rubygill of Robert Fitz-Ooth and Matilda Fitzwater. Chapters on "Pantopragmatics" and "Aristophanes in London" appear in this man's last novel, which features Algernon Falconer and the Reverend Doctor Opimian. This man never finished a novel which features John Figginbotham, Calidore, though he did complete Melincourt and Gryll Grange. His best-known poem, "The War-Song of Dinas Vawr," appears in the novel The Misfortunes of Elphin. FTP, name this author of Maid Marian, Crotchet Castle, and Headlong Hall, a friend of Percy Bysshe Shelley who was the foremost English satirical novelist of the early 19th century.
Answer: Thomas Love Peacock
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Talib Kweli references it in "Talkin' to You," foretelling a chump's death in the street, while Beanie Sigel mentions a worker by this name who leaps "when I say jump" in the track "Mac Man." Its first sequel, subtitled "Three Deep," includes underwater and airborne screens, while more recent sequels include ones subtitled "Helmet Chaos" and "Ancient Shadow." The truck driver Shlomo and the electrician Slippery Pete are enlisted to transport a unit of it containing G.L.C.'s high score of over 860,000 points, though it, like this game's protagonist itself, is ironically smashed by an oncoming truck. FTP, name this classic Konami arcade game purchased by George Costanza in an episode of Seinfeld, in which a player has to avoid gators in a river and traffic on a street to guide an amphibian to its lily-pad home.
Answer: Frogger (prompt on Highway Crossing Frog)
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He was noted for his obesity and buffoonery, in one instance appearing in a mock adoption ceremony in the imperial women's quarters wearing only a diaper. Under minister Li Lin-fu this man of Sogdian heritage rose to high rank, commanding three frontier provinces. After Li's death precipitated a power struggle, this man declared the Yen Dynasty. His ascension would be checked by Uighur forces, but not before his conquest of Ch'ang-an forced the Emperor to execute the concubine Yang Guifei and drove the Emperor into exile. FTP, name this general whose 756 rebellion failed but nevertheless fatally weakened the Tang Dynasty.
Answer: An Lushan
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In 2001, Polish physicists suggested that this man's namesake field has a very small coherence length when the number of particles gets too large. The Gross-Pitaevskii functional is used to model this man's namesake rotating, two-dimensional type of gas, and his name denotes a mean-field approximation from spherical to deformed particles along with Hartree. Though initially rejected by Philosophical Magazine, his paper on deriving a certain black body radiation law using a phase-space approach, entitled "Planck's Law and the Hypothesis of Light Quanta," was translated into German by Einstein in 1924. FTP, name this Indian physicist, the namesake of a class of particles with integer spin and namesake of a state of supercooled matter with Einstein.
Answer: Satyendra Nath Bose
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Recollections in this work include school-time incidents at such as "Red Head's" misspelling of the word "fourth" and the oration of Wendell Phillips' speech "Toussaint L'Ouverture" by a classmate nicknamed "Shiny." That protagonist goes to Atlanta for college, but leaves for Jacksonville, where he experiences a "cake-walk," and ends up in New York, where he meets a millionaire, with whom he travels to Europe and resolves to make ragtime music classical. When he returns to the South, the title character witnesses the lynching of a black man and realizes that he will never share that fate, as he has successfully adopted the speech and looks of the white man. FTP, identify this novel about an unnamed mulatto who passes for white, a work by James Weldon Johnson.
Answer: The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
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Their absence in certain veins of the Hooggenoeg Formation is seen as proof for the existence of the combined continent Vaalbra about 3500 millenia ago. These types of rocks have been shown to provide a "thermal engine" for transferring heat into the continental crust, as evidenced in the southern Lachlan Fold Belt. Minimally present in anorthosite, their "ultra" variety, including dunite, is found in the western side of the Thompson Nickel Belt. Including minerals such as biotite mica, plagioclase feldspar, pyroxene and olivine, FTP, name this class of black or dark green igneous rocks, which also includes gabbro and basalt, and contains a high amount of heavy elements such as calcium, in contrast with the lighter, higher-silica-content felsic rocks.
Answer: mafic rocks/minerals whatever (prompt on igneous before "igneous")
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He negotiated for one of his sons to marry the Byzantine princess Theophano, and he divided Mecklenburg between two margravates. At the behest of Pope John XII, he invaded Italy and deposed Adalbert, after which he was crowned in St. Peter's. He had earlier thwarted Berengar, the king of Burgundy, by venturing into Italy a year before his coronation and marrying Adelaide, though he was drawn back to his homeland to put down a revolt by the Duke of Lotharingia, Conrad. His chronicler, Thetimar, claimed this man would rather "die than tolerate [the] evil" of the Magyars, whom he defeated in 955 at Lechfeld. FTP, name this son of Matilda and Henry the Fowler, the first Saxon ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.
Answer: Otto I (or Otto the Great)
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Michigan + Virginia
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Answer the following about a process in bacterial genetics, FTPE.,
[10] This is the process by which two bacteria can fuse with each other, leading to transfer of DNA from one cell to the other.
Answer: conjugation
[10] In E. coli, conjugation is driven by the presence of this plasmid in one of the cells, which can replicate autonomously and promote the synthesis of pili.
Answer: F plasmid or fertility factor or sex factor
[10] Some F plasmids contain insertion-sequence elements that promote crossing over with the bacterial genome. Name these intermediate structures of crossing over, in which half of one strand invades the other and vice versa.
Answer: Holliday structure or junction
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It centers on the 17th-century Portuguese missionary Sebastian Rodrigues, who renounces his religion after being tortured by Inoue and becomes a tool to hunt down other Christians in Japan. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel, whose title refers to the absence of messages from God.
Answer: Silence (or Chimmoku)
[10] This Japanese author of Wonderful Fool and When I Whistle wrote Silence.
Answer: Endo Shusaku
[10] This Endo novel, set during World War II, focuses on the moral decay of the medical interns Suguro and Toda, who perform vivisections of downed American pilots.
Answer: The Sea and (the) Poison (or Umi to dokuyaku)
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Its second act contains the aria "Adieu, notre petite table," in which the title character says goodbye to a table, while it later features scenes of gambling at the Hotel Transylvania. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1884 opera, which also contains the aria "En ferment les yeux."
Answer: Manon
[10] Manon was composed by this prolific Frenchman, whose other operas include Werther and Le Cid.
Answer: Jules Massenet
[10] This Massenet opera is set in Egypt, and features the title character disrobing at the end of the first act to portray Venus's love. The monk Athanael converts the title character to his version of Christianity, after which she becomes a nun.
Answer: Thais
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Justice Harlan Stone's majority opinion ruled that a federal prohibition on the interstate shipping of "filled milk" was not unconstitutional. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1938 Supreme Court case, which is more famous for its "footnote four."
Answer: United States v. Carolene Products Co.
[10] Stone used "strict scrutiny," as outlined in footnote four of U.S. v. Carolene, as the basis of his dissent in this 1940 case, in which the Court upheld a school district's expulsion of two Jehovah's Witnesses for refusing to salute the flag.
Answer: Minersville School District v. Gobitis
[10] Even though footnote four influenced the Court's "rigid scrutiny" applied to laws pertaining to a "single racial group," the Court upheld the Army's right to evacuate Japanese-Americans from the West Coast in this 1944 case.
Answer: Korematsu v. United States
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Name these mythological figures who are not so tall, FTPE:,
[10] This extraordinarily ugly Egyptian dwarf god sported a long tongue, bowed legs, and unsightly beard. His ugly mug was thought to ward off evil, and thus idols of him were kept near doors.
Answer: Bes
[10] Often depicted as a dwarf, this Greek deity pursued the nymph Lotis and was renowned for his massive penis.
Answer: Priapus
[10] This dwarf, the fifth incarnation of Vishnu, tricked the demon king Bali into relinquishing his entire empire, though he did grant him immortality in exchange.
Answer: Vamana or Upendra
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One of the title characters is beaten by an unpleasant dwarf while participating in a hunt for a white stag. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Arthurian romance, whose first title character is crowned at Nantes on Christmas Day.
Answer: Erec and Enide
[10] This medieval French poet wrote Erec and Enide, as well as The Knight of the Cart and Cliges.
Answer: Chretien de Troyes
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Name these things related to the Student's T-test, FTPE.,
[10] One assumption of the T-test is that the data conforms to this ubiquitous distribution.
[10] This test, used to determine the normality of T-test data, calculates the value W from the square of the sum of samples multiplied by constants divided by the sum of the samples' distances from the mean squared. If W is not large enough, the data is assumed not to be normally distributed.
Answer: Yvain normal distribution (accept Gaussian; prompt on "bell curve")
[10] The Shapiro-Wilk test uses a matrix of these values to determine its constants. This value is zero if two variables are uncorrelated, as it measures the simultaneous deviations of two variables from their respective means.
Answer: Shapiro-Wilk test (accept names in reversed order)
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alludes to a minor book on ethics by Aristotle.,
[10] Name this work subtitled "Reflections from a Damaged Life," a collection of aphorisms whose title
Answer: Minima Moralia
[10] Minima Moralia was written by this member of the Frankfurt School, who collaborated with Max Horkheimer on Dialectic of Enlightenment.
Answer: Theodor Adorno
[10] Adorno wrote about this philosopher in his first book, which described this man's "construction of the aesthetic." More recently, this author of Philosophical Fragments has been the subject of biographies by Joakim Garff and Alastair Hannay.
Answer: Soren Kierkegaard
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His Death of Meleager earned the respect of Louis XIV. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this portraitist named "First Painter to his Majesty," whose series The Battles of Alexander the Great includes 1673's Alexander and Porus.
Answer: Charles Le Brun
[10] Perhaps the best-known work of Charles Le Brun is this part of the Palace of Versailles which he completed alongside the Ambassador's staircase and the Halls of War and Peace.
Answer: Great Hall of Mirrors
[10] Le Brun ended up working with this Frenchman in Rome in 1642. This neo-classicist's own works include The Death of Germanicus, Holy Family on the Steps, and Et in Arcadia Ego.
Answer: Nicolas Poussin
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Answer the following about attachment theory FTPE:,
[10] Attachment theory was inspired by this American psychologist, who is best known for employing surrogate mothers comprised of terrycloth-covered wires in his studies of rhesus monkeys.
Answer: Harry Harlow
[10] This device was equipped with a water bottle and food box and used to contain rhesus macacques in Harlow's experiments. It was designed to create in them a condition similar to clinical depression in humans.
Answer: pit of terror (accept pit of despair or well of terror or vertical chamber)
[10] While at the University of Wisconsin, Harry Harlow worked with this author of Toward a Psychology of Being and The Farther Reaches of Human Nature.
Answer: Abraham Maslow
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He studied in the law office of Thomas Jefferson, and married Jefferson's granddaughter Virginia Randolph. FTPE:,
[10] Name this diplomat, who allegedly falsified documents for use in the illegal slave trade while serving as American consul at Havana in the 1830s.
Answer: Nicholas Trist
[10] Trist may be best remembered today for signing this 1848 treaty, which ended the Mexican-American War.
Answer: Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
[10] Trist sometimes headed the State Department during Polk's administration when this Secretary of State was absent from Washington. In the 1850s this man was minister to Great Britain, and helped write the Ostend Manifesto.
Answer: James Buchanan
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It was originally entitled Chaos, but Christoph Kaufmann suggested its better-known name. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play which appeared in 1776, and which inspired a literary movement whose leading figures included Jakob Lenz.
Answer: Sturm und Drang or Storm and Stress
[10] The original play Storm and Stress was written by this German dramatist, whose other plays include Simsone Grisaldo and Die Zwillinge.
Answer: Friedrich Maximilian Klinger
[10] The title character is condemned to death by his one-time friend Adalbert von Weissingen, who is himself poisoned by his wife Adelheid, in this classic "sturm und drang" play by Goethe based on the life of a German knight.
Answer: Gotz von Berlichingen
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For a single electron, it is equal to minus the g-factor times the Bohr magneton divided by h-bar. FTPE:,
[10] Name this physical quantity, equal to a particle's magnetic dipole moment divided by its angular momentum.
Answer: gyromagnetic ratio or magnetogyric ratio
[10] The torque exerted by a magnetic field on a particle is equal to the cross product of the particle's angular momentum, scaled by the particle's gyromagnetic ratio, and the external magnetic field. The torque causes a precession of the particle known as this.
Answer: Larmor precession
[10] This equation, named for two physicists, states that the magnetization of the free layer of a ferromagnet is equal to sum of the conservative torque, a namesake torque, the Slonczewski form of the spin torque, and the torque caused by random forces.
Answer: Landau-Lifshitz equation
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Name these figures from the Wars of the Roses, FTPE:,
[10] This daughter of the King of Naples outlawed Yorkist leaders and was defeated at Towton, only to return years later to try to return her husband, Henry VI, to the throne at Tewksbury.
Answer: Margaret of Anjou
[10] Known as "the kingmaker," he originally fought for the Yorkists and named Richard, Duke of York protector of the realm, but he would later join forces with Margaret. He was killed on the day she returned from France at Barnet
Answer: Richard Neville, the 16th Earl of Warwick (accept either)
[10] This French king supported Margaret of Anjou, and later gave Warwick and Edward VI's brother George asylum when Edward banished them for fomenting revolt in northern England.
Answer: Louis XI or Louis the Spider
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Answer the following about the author of A World I Never Made and the unforgettable Gas-House McGinty, FTPE:,
[10] The man in question is this member of the Worker's Party, a one-time Trotskyist whose literary output includes My Days of Anger and a portrait of Father Coughlin in Tommy Gallagher's Crusade.
Answer: James Farrell
[10] James Farrell is no doubt best known for his trilogy about this man, an Irishman from the South Side of Chicago.
Answer: Studs Lonigan (accept either name)
[10] This 1935 work is the final novel in the Studs Lonigan trilogy; it follows the protagonist through the Depression all the way to his death at age 29.
Answer: Judgement Day
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Name these Christian figures who allegedly received the stigmata, FTPE:,
[10] This associate of Saint Clare supposedly got the stigmata from an angel in 1224, though he is better known for founding the Order of Friars Minor 15 years earlier.
Answer: St. Francis of Assisi
[10] Pope Sixtus IV, who was a Franciscan, decreed that this 14th-century Dominican saint and Doctor of the Church could not be represented in art receiving the stigmata.
Answer: St. Catherine of Siena
[10] More recently, this German mystic was said to have become a stigmatic in 1926 after her prayers allegedly cured her of her appendicitis. Then again, she was also said to have eaten nothing but the Eucharist for the last four decades of her life.
Answer: Therese Neumann
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Name these people whom you might see hocking lame products on TV, FTPE:,
[10] Ezequiel Berdichevsky once spotted this dude in suburban Maryland driving around in a Polka-dotted VW bug and looking strung out. Oddly, he was not wearing a suit adorned with question marks, nor was he shouting about how you can get free money from the government, as he does on TV.
Answer: Matthew Lesko
[10] Falsely rumored to have died in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, this "fitness celebrity" uses his freakishly toned physique to sell the "Fitness Made Simple" series of workout videos.
Answer: John Basedow
[10] Fred McGriff robotically endorses this man's baseball instructional videos, as he claims that his teaching techniques produced back-to-back-to-back AAU National Championship teams.
Answer: Tom Emanski
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She ends up marrying Aaron Winthrop after rejecting her true father Godfrey in favor of her adoptive father. FTPE:,
[10] Name this orphaned girl who is raised by a weaver in a 19th-century novella.
Answer: Eppie (or Hephzibah)
[10] This miserly weaver, the title character of a George Eliot novella, raises Eppie.
Answer: Silas Marner (accept either name)
[10] This earlier collection of short fiction by Eliot includes "Mr. Gilfil's Love-Story" and "Janet's Repentance."
Answer: Scenes of Clerical Life
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Answer the following about the War of the Triple Alliance, FTPE:,
[10] This dictator of Paraguay declared war on Brazil after the Brazilians intervened for the Colorado party in Uruguay. At the time, he had the largest army in South America.
Answer: Francisco Solano Lopez
[10] This battle, won by the Paraguayans, prevented the advance of allied forces for over a year. The Paraguayan failure to counterattack kept the battle from being more than a temporary success.
Answer: Curupayty
[10] This Brazilian would replace Bartolome Mitre as the leader of the Alliance forces. He would preside over the battle of Humaita and the victories in the campaign of Lomas Valentinas.
Answer: Marquis de Caxias
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They can be reduced to diols using lithium aluminum hydride. FTPE:,
[10] Name the class of organic compounds, which is also known as cyclic esters.
Answer: lactones
[10] In one variation on this reaction, a lactone is coupled with an aldehyde and triethylborane in toluene to form a beta-hydroxy-ester.
Answer: Reformatskii reaction
[10] The most stable lactones contain a 6-membered ring structure, or delta-lactone, and a 5-membered ring structure, usually signified by this letter of the Greek alphabet.
Answer: gamma

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