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2009 ACF Nationals Tossups by Illinois and Maryland
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Robert Bly wrote a poem about visiting this person's grave with Robert Francis, a subject also treated by the poet Leo Connellan. Sandra Gilbet wrote poems both about this person's "bread" and about her "Black Cake Walk." Peter Meinke wrote a poem about this person "In Hell." A poem addressed "To" this figure notes "You who desired so much--in vain to ask-- / Yet fed you hunger like an endless task" and "Achieved that stillness ultimately best" and was written by Hart Crane. Billy Collins wrote a poem entitled "Taking off [This Person]'s Clothes," which ends by noting that "reason is a plank," "hope has feathers," and "life is a loaded gun." For 10 points, identify this poet, whose own works include "I taste a liquor never brewed," "Because I could not stop for death," and "I heard a fly buzz when I died."
Answer: Emily Dickinson
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One process for creating this compound involves using gold-palladium nanoparticles on a high surface-area carbon. Another method for synthesizing this compound involves the deprotonation of hydroxy groups on anthracene to ketones and is named for Riedl and Pfleiderer. Generation of this compound in the thyroid requires the presence of calcium ions if NADPH is used, but not if NADH is used. Along with a divalent iron salt, this compound is used in the Ruff degradation, and the Baeyer-Villeger reaction occurs in a solution of this compound and a Lewis acid. Alcohols can be synthesized from alkenes by using this compound in the second step of hydroboration. For 10 points, name this compound broken down in cells by the enzyme catalase, a potent oxidizing agent with formula H$_{2}$O$_{2}$.
Answer: hydrogen peroxide [accept H2O2 before mentioned]
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This nation is home to the Arkenu impact craters which were thought to have formed via double impact during the Jurassic Period. In an effort to tap into large underground water reserves, this country began in the mid-1990s the construction of the world's largest irrigation system, known as the Great Manmade River project. The arch of Septimius Severus is located in its Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, while the Jabal Akhdar or ``Green Mountain'' rises to the east of this nation's second-largest city, Benghazi. It disputes the Aouzou Strip with its southern neighbor, and its northwestern Jafara region is thought to be the homeland of the Berber people. Bordered by Chad and Niger to the south and Egypt to the east, for 10 points, identify this north African country, the home of Tripoli.
Answer: Libya
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Recently, this filmmaker has leant his name to a franchise that saw a 2005 installment about Jon Bon Jovi's pursuit of the Berziers Cross, which was earlier defended from Valek by Jack Crow, played by James Woods. The failure of his Vampires was punctuated only by a special effects award for a massive sand-dyeing effort. He claimed he attempted to adapt Waiting for Godot ``in space'' for his Dark Star, and he created the memorable Napoleon Wilson, who withstands a siege with the aid of a character played by Austin Stoker. Another of his films features the central antagonist declaring that ``you are really pissing me off to no end'' before the hero catches a knife and throws it back at him, leading to Kim Cattrall's rescue by Jack Burton from the clutches of James Hong's Lo Pan. That film, Big Trouble in Little China, featured the star of an earlier outing for this director that saw Isaac Hayes shot by the President after his rescue by Snake Plissken, played by Kurt Russell. For 10 points, identify this director who filmed Jamie Lee Curtis's pursuit by murderer Michael Meyers in Halloween and helmed Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape from New York.
Answer: John Carpenter
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During the state-level hearings that led to this case, one witness testified that a certain Vivian had "a look about her." The respondent in this case was changed following the death of Dr. Priddy, and the appeal rested on the Fourteenth Amendment implications of a passage about "whatever God has given to everyone" in the Munn v. Illinois decision. This case was the first blow against the doctrine of substantive due process, and Justice Pierce Butler was the sole dissenter in this case but declined to write an opinion. This case focused on a woman who was raped by a relative and whose mother was alleged to have had a history of prostitution and immorality. It directly addressed a law promoted by Harry Laughlin, a 1924 Virginia statute mandating sterilization of the mentally retarded, and was partially overturned in the 1942 case of Skinner v. Oklahoma. For 10 points, name this 1927 case in which Oliver Wendell Holmes, in a rare majority opinion, declared that ``Three generations of imbeciles are enough.''
Answer: Buck v. Bell [or Bell v. Buck]
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According to the myths of Central Africa, the Chiruwi, a half-man/half-spirit who must be captured before he divulges his medical knowledge, possesses this trait. In Japanese myth, it is the primary trait associated with the Nurikabe. A golden arrow given by Apollo to his priest, Abaris, temporarily enabled this ability. After the Milesians drove the Tuatha de Danann away from Ireland, the latter were said to have taken the form of the Aes Sidhe who often use this ability. According to Welsh legend, Merlin is said to live on Bardey Island in a glass house which could do this, while the Mabinogion tells the story of Luned's ring which endowed its wearer with this power. Also associated with the Ring of Gyges, before he sets out to kill Medusa, Perseus acquires this power by putting on a helmet given to him by Hades. For 10 points, identify this power that allows someone or something to not be seen.
Answer: the power of invisibility or becoming invisible or the ability to make something invisible [accept reasonable equivalents and be generous]
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Young and Kim have reported observations of Klein tunneling in heterojunctions of this, made possible by a unique band structure that simulates a relativistic wave equation with a greatly increased fine structure constant. Based on the presence of Dirac fermions, the anomalous quantum hall effect was predicted to occur in this before being observed by groups at Columbia and Manchester. Landau and Peierls argued that it could not exist, as divergent thermal fluctuations would cause it to melt at any temperature. Many groups struggled to produce it by epitaxial growth or intercalation of its quotidian parent compound, but the breakthrough in fabrication depended on 3M Scotch Tape. For 10 points, identify this material first isolated by Geim and Novoselov in 2004 and often touted as the next silicon, a two-dimensional single layer of hexagonally-arrayed carbon atoms.
Answer: Graphene
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Tsurayuki is forced to write a poem to appease the title god in this man's work Aridoshi. This man wrote the Kadensho, the Kyakuraige, and the Kintoosho, which comprise his technical treatises on writing. A woman pines to death on the title object in this author's work The Clothbeating Rock, while Kumagai admires the flute playing of the title character, whom he later beheads, in this man's play Atsumori. An old gardener plays the title instrument for the love of a princess in this man's play The Damask Drum. In another play, set at Suma beach, this man wrote about the love of Matsukaze and Murasame for Ariwara no Yukihira, an exiled prince. For 10 points, identify this dramatist who preceded Chikamatsu Monzaemon by two centuries, was the son of Kanami, and whose Wind in the Pines is among the foremost of Noh dramas.
Answer: Zeami Motokiyo [accept Aridoshi before "this man" is read]
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This work originally contained a soprano line setting Stefan George's translation of Baudelaire's poem De Profundis Clamavi in its final movement marked Largo Desolato. It ends with a melancholy movement where Tristan and Isolde is briefly quoted in the cello. The lengths of various sections and metronome markings are largely dictated by manipulations of the numbers 23 and 10, and the sequence A, B-flat, B, F is derived from the names of the subjects. It takes its title from a work composed by Alexander von Zemlinsky, and along with the Kammerkonzert, it marks the composer's transition to use of the twelve-tone system. Depicting the composer's adulterous affair with Franz Werfel's sister Hanna Fuchs-Robettin, for 10 points, name this 1927 work in six movements for string quartet, by Alban Berg.
Answer: Lyric Suite [or Lyrische Suite]
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This man's tenure as head of state saw a substantial cultural clash over films like Love in the Leather Pants and Holidays at Mt. Boinker, which were a variety of pornography named after a certain region. Herbert Hupka left this man's party during his tenure and attacked an incident in which this leader visited a war memorial and dropped to one knee. Late in life, he proposed a line dividing the economies of the world between North and South in a namesake report. Systematic bribing likely prevented his ousting in a no-confidence vote by Rainier Barzel. That corruption may have been organized by Markus Wolf, who also oversaw an intelligence operative who served as one of this man's personal secretaries, Gunter Guillame, resulting in a scandal when the latter's Stasi ties were exposed. For 10 points, identify this advocate of Ostpolitik, the Chancellor of West Germany from 1968 to 1974.
Answer: Willy Brandt [or Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm]
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One section of this work analyzes a defense provided before the High Court of Vendome by Gracchus Babeuf, while another examines pornography and the rise of ``Aesopian Language.'' It opens by comparing certain forces to the shadow of nuclear war, and includes a section quoting Barthes' Writing Degree Zero and referring to Brecht's ``distancing effect,'' while examining the phrase ``HAPPY CONSCIOUSNESS'' rendered in all caps. It advocates a process in which ``the Pleasure Principle absorbs the Reality Principle,'' called ``repressive desublimation,'' in the section ``The Chance of the Alternatives.'' This work claims that a ``dazzling array of lifestyles'' masquerades as free choice, causing false needs, and in turn the titular construct. This work issues a rallying cry for a ``Great Refusal'' to the technological and cultural developments this work argues have enslaved modern society. For 10 points, identify this work, published a decade after Eros and Civilization, which posits that consumerism has led to the creation of a limited figure, written by Herbert Marcuse.
Answer: One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society
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Its creation was inspired by its namesake's trip to Japan with John La Farge, although most art historians believe that its creator was influenced by the works of Claus Sluter and the contemporary exhibition of an Antonin Mercie sculpture. Its central figure's hand is brought up to the face, though the hand barely touches the cheek. The rest of the seated body is obscured by a coarse cloth that forms a shroud over the figure's head. Built to honor a woman who went by the nickname ``Clover'' and who was born with the last name Hooper, this work is faced by a bench which is cast in bronze and is seated on a stone in Washington D.C.'s Rock Creek Cemetery. Finished in 1891, for 10 points, identify this monument created by Augustus St. Gaudens which bears the last name of the man who commissioned it, the author of Mont St. Michel and Chartres.
Answer: Adams Memorial
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This class of molecules shares its name with a protein that associates with BiP and calnexin in the endoplasmic reticulum after being produced in the secretory pathway of the vesicular stomatitis virus. One protein in this class induces membrane ruffles upon injection into fibroblasts, and another mimics the effects of the chemokine LPA. In another one, replacement of the glycine at position 12 keeps it in the active state, leading to uncontrolled cell growth. Effectors associated with this class include adenylyl cyclase and phospholipase C, and the trimeric form breaks into a beta-gamma dimer and an alpha subunit, which activates a second messenger to begin a signal transduction cascade. For 10 points, name this class of proteins, monomeric forms of which include Rac and Ras, which, when active, hydrolyze guanosine triphosphate.
Answer: G proteins [accept early GTPase switch proteins]
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During his university years, his activities included sending, through the office window of his history professor, Dr. Talc, a paper airplane made from a yellow sheet out of a Big Chief writing tablet on which was written, in red crayon, "Your total ignorance of that which you profess to teach merits the death penalty.'' He is nearly arrested in his first scene, but is defended by the old fascist Claude Robichaux. He develops a rivalry with beleaguered Patrolman Mancuso, and is fond of calling things ``hideous abortions.'' He also is asked by Lana Lee to leave her bar for nearly getting into a fight with a young gay man attempting to purchase his mother's hat, but is reinvolved with Lana's pornography ring because he believes Darlene to be, like him, a devotee of Boethius. Known for his earring, green felt hat, hot-dog cart, and ridiculous obesity, he started the world's briefest proletarian uprising at Levy Pants Company. For 10 points, identify this erstwhile lover of Myrna Minkoff, the protagonist of John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.
Answer: Ignatius J. Reilly [or Ignatius J. Reilly]
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When a group of his fellow students took refuge from a failed revolution in Austria, this man declared that he would only wear black. The British government admitted to opening this man's mail after the execution of the Bandiera brothers. This man used the slogan "Thought and Action" and met opposition when he planned to use Charles Albert to lead an army against Radetzky in 1848. In 1865, he refused an appointment to the Turin Parliament because he would not take an oath of allegiance to the monarchy. Sentenced to death in absentia due to his part in an army coup and invasion in Savoy, this man was elected Triumvir of Rome after the assasination of Pellegrino Rossi. He said that "neither Pope nor king," but rather "God and the people" would lead to victory the movement he founded. For 10 points, name this leader of Young Italy, a democratic figure of the Risorgimento.
Answer: Giussepe Mazzini
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This thinker analyzed the difference between dyads and triads in "Quantitative Aspects of the Group." This social scientist labeled ignoring the interdependency of power relations as the "fallacy of separateness" andclaimed that play symbolized the highest possible aesthetic interactions of people in his essay "The Sociology of Sociability." One of this social scientist's works argues that big cities tend to have adverse effects on the intellectual capacities and sanity of individuals. He identified social types fixed by the reactions of others such as "the mediator," "the poor," and "the stranger," and wrote a book analyzing the way in which the ability to buy and sell goods affects social standing. For 10 points, name this German sociologist of The Metropolis and Mental Life and The Philosophy of Money.
Answer: Georg Simmel
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In Marcus Stone's depiction of this figure, the neck of a lute can be seen on the side of the canvas, while in Arthur Hughes', this personage sits on the trunk of a tree.A prominent symbolist depicted this figure with red hair and eyes closed in a painting subtitled The Predestined Child, while in another work by that same artist this figure wears a blue cape. Like the aforementioned Odilon Redon, Eugene Delacroix also offered a series of depictions, including one where this character kneels with bare arms while desperately grasping at a cloak. Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting of this figure depicts a moment after the ``first madness,'' while another artist used a sketch of Elizabeth Siddal lying on her back, to create the most famous depiction of this doomed fictional character.For 10 points, what Shakespearian character did John Everett Millais famously depict wearing a white dress and covered in flowers as she floated to her death?
Answer: Ophelia
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The p-adics are useful examples of these in number theory, and a theorem of Weierstrass and Hilbert shows that any attempt to generalize this concept to triplets of numbers is equivalent to the complex numbers. These are called Pythagorean if they contain the square root of one plus the square of any element, and perfect if all finite extensions are separable. The main theorem of Galois theory relates certain subsets of Galois extensions of these to the subgroups of the Galois group. The characteristic of one of these is the number of times you must add one to itself to get zero and must always be a prime, and a finite one of these must have order equal to a power of some prime. For 10 points, name this algebraic structure, examples of which include the reals and rationals but not the integers, defined as a set with two binary operators in which addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division are all well-defined and the distributive law is satisfied.
Answer: field
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The chief creator of this document went on to expound futher proposals in Power and Influence and A Defence of Free Learning. The flurry of policy statements regarding parts of this document led that creator to dub its reception "the White Paper chase." Commissioned by Arthur Greenwood, its opening abstract stated that "proposals for the future...should not be restricted by consideration of sectional interests" and that "now, when the war is abolishing landmarks of every kind," the country had reached "a time for revolutions, not for patching." Harold Wilson assisted in the compilation of this document, which was intended as a survey of social security programs but ended up recommending such organs as the National Health Service. For 10 points, name this 1942 document which laid out the plan for the British welfare state.
Answer: The Beveridge Report [or Social and Allied Services]
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One passage in this book discusses a figure who wrote the four-volume work The Pronunciation of Latin in the Unversities of Southern Italy toward the End of the Twelfth Century, while another person mentioned in this book spent thirty years translating all known Egyptian texts into Greek and Sanskrit. Part of this novel recalls the long-dead Plinius, who lived during the Age of the Feuilleton. A character based on Jakob Burkhardt, the Benedictine Father Jacobus, challenges the protagonist of this novel to several theological debates. The protagonist of this novel is required to write three sketches, including one of his previous life as an eastern philosopher. Friedrich Nietzsche is represented in this novel by the eccentric Thomas van der Trave. The protagonist of this novel dies while taking care of the child of his friend and rival Plinio Designori, and he previously had attended school at Waldzell and Eschholz. For 10 points, identify this novel set in Castalia about the Magister Ludi Joesph Knecht, a work by Hermann Hesse.
Answer: The Glass Bead Game [accept Magister Ludi before it is read; or Das Glasperlenspiel]
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One version of this practice can be used to determine whether an action is good or evil and is called the Istikhaarah. A part of this practice involves standing up and is known as I'tidal, while another involves returning to the original position during the Tashahhud. The Khawf variety is employed during times of fear or on the battlefield and along with the ishraq, is categorized with the Nafl type. The Jumu'ah version is performed in large groups and replaces the afternoon dhuhr on its namesake day. The process of ghusl or wudu must be performed before engaging in this activity and it is performed in repeated cycles known as raka'ah. Typically performed on a musalla while facing a qibla, for 10 points, identify this pillar of Islam that involves a five times per day ritual prayer.
Answer: salat or salah or namaz [prompt on prayer]
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One of his first executive offices was as Chief Minister of the Internal Self-Government Administration, in which role he negotiated with Richard Turnbull. During his rule, over nine million people were transported by trucks into a new system of villages. This man led a one-party state through his Chama Cha Mapinduzi, or Party of the Revolution, and instituted the "parastatal" boards to control trade in each major good. In 1978, this founder of the Organization of African Unity sent his country's army to depose Idi Amin. His Arusha Declaration introduced a policy of agricultural collectivization known as ``familyhood,'' or "ujaama." For 10 points, name this man who, from independence to 1985, was the president first of Tanganyika and then Tanzania.
Answer: Julius Kambarage Nyerere
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In one poem in this collection, a father does not understand why his son wishes to be on the shore of Kilve rather than at Liswyn farm. Another poem in this collection begins "Her eyes are wild, her head is bare / The sun has burnt her coal-black hair." The moon follows the speaker to the cottage of his lover in one of this book's poems, while a further poem describes a girl "who seemed a thing that could not feel." In addition to a subsection containing "A Slumber did my Spirit Seal" and "Strange Fits of Passion I have Known," the Lucy poems, this collection includes verses addressed directly to Dorothy and one in which a Wedding Guest is told "water, water, everywhere / nor any drop to drink." For 10 points, identify this collection containing "Lines Written Above Tintern Abbey" and "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," a volume of poems by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Answer: Lyrical Ballads
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This person is the second namesake of a condition that, when combined with the Schrodinger equation in a periodic potential, results in Bloch's theorem. That condition states that the wavefunction must be unchanged by translation by a lattice translation vector. This thinker determined that the ratio between mean and roughness velocities in a boundary layer flow is equal to about 0.41. In addition to the aforementioned constant and boundary condition also named for Born, this scientist discovered a quasi-periodic shedding pattern caused by locally turbulent separated flow past blunt bodies. This physicist's aforementioned namesake streets of vortices are shed by fast flows past cylinders. For 10 points, name this physicist whose namesake line marks the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, a Hungarian-American.
Answer: Theodore von Karman
2009 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Illinois and Maryland
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These cells have extensive dendritic trees, and receive much of their input from climbing fibers and parallel fibers. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these large neurons that send signals to the deep cerebellar nuclei, named after a Czech physiologist.
Answer: Purkinje cells [or Purkinje neurons; do not accept ``Purkinje fibers,'' as those are in the heart]
[10] Axons of the Purkinje cells release this most common inhibitory neurotransmitter in the body. Stellate cells also release this neurotransmitter to modulate the effects of the parallel and climbing fibers on the Purkinje cells.
Answer: gamma-aminobutyric acid [or GABA]
[10] This model of motor learning states that climbing fibers fire to reinforce parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses, though its two namesakes disagreed over whether the signal from the climbing fibers gave positive or negative reinforcement.
Answer: Marr-Albus-Ito model/theory
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Herbert Yardley's Black Chamber project and the guidance of William Stephenson were instrumental in shaping this organization. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this US intelligence organization that recruited Fritz Kolbe and provided advisers for anti-Japanese partisans in Asia in its role as the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency.
Answer: Office of Strategic Services
[10] This Major General, who had earlier been defeated by Herb Lehman in his bid to become Governor of New York, feuded with J. Edgar Hoover in his time as director of the OSS. This mentor of Roscoe Hillenkoetter is widely considered the father of the CIA.
Answer: William Joseph Donovan
[10] After Edward Stettinius vigorously protested the OSS's purchase of Soviet cipher information, Donovan personally copied the intelligence before giving it back, likely facilitating the success of this decades-long cryptanalysis operation that helped uncover the Rosenbergs and most other Soviet espionage discoveries.
Answer: Venona Project
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Written one spring while its composer was on vacation in Italy, it begins with a sprightly tune for horns, violins, cello, and clarinet. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this 1903 Concert Overture that celebrates the town of Alassio, which depicts a shepherd and his flock and is named for a certain direction.
Answer: In the South
[10] In the South is the work of this composer whose other works include the Cockaigne Overture and Enigma Variations.
Answer: Edward Elgar
[10] Elgar composed six of these pieces for wind quintet in 1878. No. 2 was called ``Madame Tussaud's,'' No. 4 was called ``Somniferous,'' and No.6 ``Hell and Tommy.''
Answer: Promenades
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The title character of this novel strangles a woman named Elvira to death so that he can continue ravishing Antonia, who is too innocent to understand what's happening. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this novel about Father Ambrosio, who has sex with the vicious, devil-consorting witch Matilda. The novel ends when Lucifer flies the title character up to the clouds and then dashes him against sharp rocks.
Answer: The Monk
[10] The Monk is a novel by this Gothic novelist of The Castle Specter and The Effusions of Sensibility.
Answer: Matthew Gregory Lewis
[10] Matthew Gregory Lewis wrote a play subtitled "or, the clock has struck" that shares its title with this Chekhov work, which focuses on Voynitsky's environmentally minded friend Khrushchov. Chekov's play of this title was later reworked into the play Uncle Vanya.
Answer: The Wood Demon
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following about the writings of a minor Biblical prophet, for 10 points each.,
[10] This book is usually considered a continuation of the Book of Ezra and discusses the rebuilding and dedication of the wall of Jerusalem as well as the ascension of the titular governor of Judah despite opposition from his enemies Sanballat and Tobiah.
Answer: Book of Nehemiah
[10] Nehemiah, along with Proverbs, Daniel, and others, belongs to this third and final division of the Old Testament. Its name comes from the Hebrew word for ``Writings''.
Answer: Ketuvim or Hagiographa
[10] This awesomely named governor of Judah is mentioned by Nehemiah as returning the first band of Jews back from the Babylonian Captivity, and he also laid the foundation for the Second Temple of Jerusalem.
Answer: Zerubbabel or Zorobabel
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some 20th century geologists who have created eponymous models, for 10 points each.,
[10] This author of The Evolution of the Igneous Rocks is well known for including olivines, pyroxenes, and amphiboles in the discontinuous branch of his diagram.
Answer: Norman Levi Bowen
[10] This fellow Canadian created an eponymous nine-stage cycle describing the periodic opening and closing of ocean basins by merging nascent theories of hot spot formation, seafloor spreading, and plate tectonics.
Answer: John Tuzo Wilson
[10] This co-author of Tracers in the Sea with T.H. Peng teaches at Columbia and has his name linked with a certain "Conveyor Belt" which is used to describe thermohaline circulation, a global scheme of ocean circulation which impacts climate patterns.
Answer: Wallace Smith Broecker
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Lingering anger over the Simla Agreement helped prompt Operation Meghdoot on the Siachen Glacier during this conflict, which also saw a major air campaign codenamed Safed Sagar. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this 1999 conflict marked by mounting propaganda campaigns and high-altitude warfare, in which Pakistan's Ashraf Rashid led forces in support of local militants battling Indian forces in the namesake district of Kashmir.
Answer: Kargil War
[10] This then-Prime Minister of Pakistan attempted to blame Chief of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf for unilaterally starting the Kargil War, triggering the conflict between the two that would eventually lead Musharraf to overthrow this leader of the Pakistan Muslim League, who is currently trying to return the favor.
Answer: (Mian Muhammad) Nawaz Sharif
[10] Musharraf was able to build momentum for his coup thanks to popular outcry over the management of this post-Kargil incident in which the namesake Pakistani naval aircraft was shot down by India over the Rann of Kutch in the Thar Desert.
Answer: Atlantique Incident
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It examines the formation of a hyperdemocracy and a ``new barbarism,'' and claims that the rise of a particular group has led to the subversion of ``vital reason'' with the ``reason of unreason.'' For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this 1930 work which attempts to link social development to contemporary European crises, and which blames much of those crises on the titular group's aspirations towards satisfaction, rather than true change.
Answer: The Revolt of the Masses or La Rebelion de las Massas
[10] This thinker, who examined his country's internal development from the age of exploration to its current limitations in Invertebrate Spain, wrote The Revolt of the Masses.
Answer: Jose Ortega y Gasset
[10] Ortega y Gasset compiled a series of lectures he gave in Madrid in 1929, including ``Life as Performance'' and ``Concerning Radical Reality,'' into a tract whose title wonders ``What is'' this titular concept.
Answer: Knowledge
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about Latin American authors and their works, for 10 points each.,
[10] This poem by Ruben Dario cites Tolstoy, Whitman, Bacchus, Plato, and Hugo in its exhortation to the titular leader.
Answer: "To Roosevelt" [or "A Roosevelt"]
[10] Jorge Luis Borges considered this short story to be his best. In it, Johannes Dahlmann injures himself while trying to read One Thousand and One Arabian Nights and, while in the hospital, imagines an honorable death in a knife fight.
Answer: "The South" [or "El Sur"]
[10] In this novel by Carlos Fuentes, Pollo Phoibee falls into the Siene and travels through the rise and fall of civilizations.
Answer: Terra Nostra
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
For 10 points each, answer some questions about the economics of taxation.,
[10] This curve shows that increased taxation does not necessarily increase government revenue; it was used to justify the Kemp-Roth Tax Cut of 1981.
Answer: Laffer Curve
[10] This journalist and author of The Way the World Works coined the term ``Laffer Curve'' as well as ``Supply-side Economics.'' He argued in support of reducing barriers to trade and returning to the gold standard.
Answer: Jude Wanniski
[10] This law, first postulated in 1993 by its namesake San Francisco economist, states that, ``No matter what the tax rates have been, in postwar America tax revenues have remained at about 19.5% of GDP.''
Answer: Hauser's Law
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify these children of Poseidon, for 10 points each.,
[10] This father of Geryon sprang from the blood shed by the decapitation of his mother Medusa.
Answer: Chrysaor
[10] This Cyclops, who was told by Telemus that he would lose his sight to Odysseus, fell in love with Galatea but was rejected by her in favor of Acis.
Answer: Polyphemus
[10] This son of Amymone, an early navigator whose name meant ``seafarer,'' married one of the Danaids and founded a namesake town near Argos.
Answer: Nauplius
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its protagonist loves Moreau and owns a jewel encrusted tortoise. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this masterpiece of over the top aestheticism whose protagonist des Esseintes creates a garden of poisonous flowers and seduces the acrobat, Miss Urania.
Answer: A Rebours or Against the Grain
[10] This man who wrote a work about satanism, La Bas, or Down There, is best-remembered for A Rebours or Against the Grain.
Answer: Joris-Karl Huysmans'
[10] In this short 1882 work, Huysmans chronicles the hum-drum life of Jean Folantin, a lower middle-class government employee who tries to pursue the occasional meager pleasures without disrupting the natural order of things.
Answer: A Vau-l'Eau or With the Flow
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It may occur during a washing procedure to remove impurities in a precipitate to be used in gravimetry. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this process in which colloidal particles undergo a stable dispersion in water, which results in an unwanted loss in the amount of precipitate.
Answer: peptization
[10] The inverse process of peptization is this process in which the solute in a solution comes out in large particles or clusters. This process denotes the ``clumping'' that allows solutes to settle out of a suspension or colloid, such as at river deltas.
Answer: flocculation [or agglomeration; or coagulation; there are actually minor differences between them but it's not worth punishing knowledge over]
[10] Flocculation corresponds to the secondary energy minimum associated with this quadruply-eponymous theory of colloid stability, in which the interaction energy is given by the sum of the van der Waals attractive force and a screened electrostatic repulsion force.
Answer: DLVO theory [or Derjaguin, Landau, Verwey, Overbeek theory]
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For 10 points each, identify these vanished or renamed peoples of Europe.,
[10] Believed to be a mixture of Slavs and Germans, they established a flourishing and prosperous pagan civilization in the southern shores of the Baltic Sea during the early Middle Ages before being forcibly converted to Catholicism by Germans based in the Diocese of Bremen. Today, remants of them survive as Lusatian Sorbs in Germany and Pomeranian Kashubs in Poland.
Answer: Wends
[10] Ancestors of the modern Ossetians, this people drove the Sarmatians of the Pontic steppe in the first century A.D. Some of them were later settled by the Romans in Northwest Gaul, where they helped introduce armored cavalry to Western Europe, and may have created the Excalibur myth.
Answer: Alans
[10] Philip II of Macedonia defeated a kingdom populated by this people in his first battle as king. Producers of a series of Roman emperors in the late third and early fourth centuries AD, they were eventually absorbed by invading Slavs, though some carried on as Morlachs, a designation chosen by 22 people in a 1991 Croatian census.
Answer: Illyrians
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Identify these disputed territories, for 10 points each.,
[10] Conquered and occupied in 1962 by the Chinese from India, its name literally means ``White Brook Pass.'' This region is a high-altitude salt desert containing no permanent human settlements.
Answer: Aksai Chin
[10] Claimed by China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, this archipelago is believed to contain large reserves of oil and natural gas.
Answer: Spratley Islands
[10] Nine thousand Russian troops stranded after the fall of the Soviet Union keep this narrow strip of land outside of Moldovan control.
Answer: Transnistria
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Identify the following concerning some exotic states of matter, for 10 points each.,
[10] The quantum mechanical analogue of an ideal gas, this state of matter describes a system of non-interacting half-integer spin particles. Examples include the electrons in a metal and neutrons within a neutron star.
Answer: Fermi gas
[10] Similar to Fermi gases, Fermi liquids were given a phenomenological theory by this physicist who lends his name with Ginzburg to a theory of superconductivity and a form of damping in plasmas.
Answer: Lev Davidovich Landau
[10] This form of matter is described by a one-dimensional breakdown of the Fermi liquid model. Unique features of these entities include the independent propagation of both charge and spin density waves.
Answer: Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
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The Convent of this building is home to Lippi's Bestowal of the Carmelite Rule while the building itself houses Benedetto da Rovezzano's statue of Pier Soderini. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this church with Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque portions, one wing of which is the Brancacci Chapel that houses Original Sin, The Tribute Money, and other frescos of Masaccio and Masolino.
Answer: Santa Maria del Carmine of Florence
[10] Vasari's Lives claims this architect created the original Convent of Florence's Santa Maria del Carmine. Florentine buildings more certainly attributed to him include the Pazzi Chapel and the Basilica di San Lorenzo.
Answer: Filippo Brunelleschi
[10] Silvani designed this Baroque-Rococo chapel of Florence's Santa Maria del Carmine that sits across from the Brancacci Chapel and has dome frescos by Giordano.
Answer: The Corsini Chapel [or Capella dei Corsini]
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This play ends when its protagonist asks the gangster Duke Mantee to shoot him for the life insurance money. For 10 points:,
[10] Identify this play about the drifter Alan Squier, which begins with a notable discourse about socialism and freedom and also contains the characters Jason and Gabby Maple.
Answer: The Petrified Forest
[10] The Petrified Forest is a play by this author of There Shall be No Night and Idiot's Delight.
Answer: Robert Sherwood
[10] In the fine tradition of American authors named Sherwood, Sherwood Anderson wrote this collection of short stories containing "Hands," "Paper Pills," and "Queer," which all center on the titular town.
Answer: Winesburg, Ohio
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The two groups in this experiment named themselves the Rattlers and the Eagles. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this experiment which studied the origins of prejudice among two groups of eleven-year-old boys who began insulting and attacking members of the opposite group after directly competing against them in games like tug of war.
Answer: Robber's Cave Experiment
[10] The Robber's Cave Experiment was carried out by this Turkish-American psychologist, who described it in the monograph Intergroup conflict and cooperation.
Answer: Muzafer Sherif
[10] In the Robber's Cave experiment, Sherif reduced intergroup prejudice by cooperative tasks he gave this name. They included voting whether to see Treasure Island or Kidnapped and pushing a broken-down truck back to camp.
Answer: superordinate goals
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For 10 points each, name these Roman historians whose works remain, at least in part, extant.,
[10] After Tacitus, the most famous of Roman historians is probably this chief secretary of the Emperor Hadrian who wrote Lives of the Twelve Caesars.
Answer: Gaius Suetonius Tranquilus Laetius
[10] This Bithynian-born Senator was an astonishingly prolific historian; he also governed Asia Minor and served briefly as Proconsul over Africa. Of his 78-volume History of the Romans, most of the first 36 books survive, but deal with legendary and Republican eras.
Answer: Lucius Cassius Dio Coxaeanus or (since he wrote in Greek) Dion Kasios
[10] The last reliable historian of the Western Empire was this Greek scholar, a student of Libanius at the University in Antioch. His Res Gestae Liberi, or "Books of Things [which were] Done," is the only really good source for the fourth century, particularly the House of Constantine.
Answer: Ammianus Marcellinus Graeci
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This work depicts its title woman in a green silken gown and closing her eyes as she places a golden crown on her head, from which her red hair tumbles in pleats nearly to the floor. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this depiction of an actress playing a certain role.
Answer: Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth
[10] Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth is one of many portraits of women by this American artist of The Daughters of Edward D. Boit and Madame X.
Answer: John Singer Sargent
[10] This early work by Sargent shows a flamenco dancer performing. She is clad in black and white and is depicted in front of several musicians at left and encouraging girls at right.
Answer: El Jaleo
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For 10 points each, name these things from quantum computer science.,
[10] This is a two bit operator that is essential in quantum computing schemes. If the first bit is zero, the second bit is unchanged, but if the first bit is one, the second bit is toggled.
Answer: Controlled NOT gate [or C-NOT gate]
[10] This operator takes a zero state into an equally weighted combination of all possible states, and can also be used to interchange the control and target bits in a C-NOT operator.
Answer: Hadamard transformation [or Walsh-Hadamard transformation; or Walsh-Fourier; or Hadamard-Rademacher-Walsh]
[10] This algorithm discovered in 1994 can find, in polynomial time, the period of a function on the integers that is periodic under addition. The application of this to breaking RSA encryption is a major motivation for building a quantum computer.
Answer: Shor's algorithm

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