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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Illinois A + Kentucky
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This election had its share of oddities, such as the Vice-Presidential electoral votes which went to two men who were apparently not even running, with William Wilkins receiving 30 votes from Pennsylvania and economist Henry Lee receiving 11 from South Carolina. South Carolina had given these votes to Lee just as they would give their presidential votes to non-candidate John Floyd due to his opposition to tariffs, but most of the rest of the south went Democratic save for the Florida and Arkansas territories which like Kentucky went for the Republican candidate. In the end these could not prevent the re-election of the incumbent any more than could the electoral votes of Vermont, which went to the third-party candidate selected in the very first nominating caucus held by the Anti-Masonic party. FTP, name this election in which William Wirt and Henry Clay were roundly defeated by Andrew Jackson.
Answer: Election of 1832
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In mathematics, this name is given to a theorem derived by using the Cauchy integral theorem to discard low- and high-order terms of the closed path integral of the series expansion of a meromorphic function. That theorem relates to this, its namesake object, equal to the first negative-power term of the Laurent series of a function about an isolated pole, or to one over two pi i times the integral of a function about a closed contour enclosing a single isolated pole. In chemistry, this term is contrasted with moiety and refers to the portion of a monomer present in a polymer chain, especially an amino acid in a protein chain. In number theory, this is another term for the principal part of a congruence. FTP, give this term from chemistry and from mathematics, in which it is synonymous with remainder, as in everyday usage.
Answer: residue
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This work refers to Thomas Otway in the seventh section's discussion of a lost child hoping to make her mother hear her cries. Published on the day on which a friend of its author married Mary Hutchinson, this poem is addressed to a "Lady" who is told "we receive but what we give" and upon whom are wished joy and, ultimately, sleep. Its seventh line alludes to an Aeolian lute, the subject of another poem by the same author. It begins by saying that the wind will disturb the now-calm night according to the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spence. This poem's third and shortest section contains its famous lament, "My genial spirits fail." FTP, name this poem about the decay of creative powers, an ode by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Answer: "Dejection: An Ode"
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Solmundae Halmang offered to create one of these in exchange for some underwear. Elsewhere in Korean mythology, Chumong is held to have conjured one of these with an arrow. Good deeds may be exchanged for a white horse near one of these that touches the Hauzu'l-Kausar and Jehennam, the Sirat al-Mustaqim of Islam. One of these guarded by the husband of Uzume can be reached from Mount Takachihi. Horatius Cocles held one of these against Etruscans as it was demolished. Perhaps the best-known example of these objects from mythology is also known as Asbru and is guarded by Heimdall. FTP, name these objects, the Norse "rainbow" variety of which is known as Bifrost.
Answer: bridges
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Compared with alternatives, this object has a tendency to overstate increases because consumers normally opt not to buy products with significant price increases; if such purchases are made without reductions in satisfaction, then this economic device also overstates reductions in standard of living. In computing it, a product's price is given a certain weight depending on its importance compared to other purchases during a base period. If the value of this index is one, then a set of goods bought in the previous period would cost the same in the current period. FTP, identify this price index defined by a German economist and contrasted with the Paasche index.
Answer: the Laspeyres price index
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Various legends descibe how the body of the losing commander slain at this battle was either displayed for two days at Leicester or merely pitched off a bridge into the River Soar, where it was later found and buried at the Greyfriars Monastery. Though the winning commander managed to gather forces numbering about five thousand during a march to Ambion Hill, he still faced an opponent more than three times as large. This battle saw the death of the Duke of Norfolk as well as the losing commander. Helped in no small part by the treachery of the brothers Sir William and Thomas Lord Stanley, FTP, name this battle of 1485 in which Richard III was slain and Henry Tudor was crowned, ending the Wars of the Roses.
Answer: Bosworth Field
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In the reduction named for this chemist, Bakshi, and Shibata, borane is used to reduce ketones enantioselectively via a chiral oxazaborolidine catalyst, known as the CBS catalyst. This person's namesake method of preparing olefins is also named for Winter. Terminal alkynes are made by via Wittig-like reaction on diboromoalkenes in the reaction named for him and Fuchs. Known for retrosynthetic analysis and as the original synthesizer of gingolide B and the prostaglandins, he is the namesake of rules determining the secondary structures of proteins with Pauling. FTP, name this American winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
Answer: Elias James Corey
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The largest thermal lake in the world, Lake Heviz, is located in this country just west of Lake Balaton, one of the largest lakes in central Europe. The highest point is Kekes, a mountain located in the Carpathians that run through the north along the Slovakian border. Major rivers include the Tisza, Drava, and the Danube which flows through the capital. FTP, what is this nation bordered by Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia with capital at Budapest?
Answer: Republic of Hungary (or Magyar Koztarsasag)
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Among the minor figures of this work are a Russian who chooses to be burned alive after giving his cyanide pill to fellow prisoners to prevent their execution, an old professor and opium addict who is able to help two of the principal characters, and the German wife of a revolutionary whose experiement in open marriage ends badly. The main characters include an assassin who dies in a failed suicide bombing of Chiang Kai-Shek, the aformementioned revolutionary who later dies in custody, and a French arms smuggler and gambler who only barely escapes China alive. It is sometimes given the title Storm Over Shanghai, which reflects its basis in the Shanghai Revolution of 1927. FTP, the lives of Katov, Old Gisors, his son Kyo and wife May, and the Baron de Clappique all feature in, FTP, what novel of Andre Malraux?
Answer: Man's Fate (accept La Condition Humaine; accept Storm over Shanghai before it is read)
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Answer: 10. This artist received two Guggenheim genius grants for a project dealing with "Rites, Manners, and Customs" and taught at the Parsons School of Design. A pupil of Model, a notable earlier work of hers depicts a child with a toy grenade. She received most of her formal artistic training with her husband, who became a noted fashion photographer, and she served as his stylist. After she left her husband Alan in 1960, she received further training from Richard Avedon. Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey is typical of her work and shows Catherine and Colleen Wade, a pair of conjoined twins. FTP, name the American photographer best known for her images of freaks and outsiders. Diane Arbus (or Diane Nemerov)
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An explanation for one of the types of this non-classical effect hypothesizes that a high field forces an electron gas to condense into a quantum fluid by coupling with flux quanta, so that the superfluidity of the quantum fluid causes the disappearance of Ohmic properties at certain points. That explanation is due to Laughlin. The other version of this effect was discovered in certain electron systems at low temperatures and subject to strong magnetic fields when it was noted that the namesake resistance changes in discrete steps; this won von Klitzing the 1985 Nobel Prize for Physics. Coming in fractional and integer varieties, this is, FTP, what physical effect in which certain values of current flow perpendicular to an applied magnetic field?
Answer: the quantum Hall effect (do not accept or prompt on "Hall effect")
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Among the unusual scenes from this opera is in the third act, during which a depiction of frivolities on a frozen lake calls for singers to perform on roller-skates, although more serious are the performance of the "Triumphal Hymn" and the bitter "O Priests of Baal." Its Ad Nos ad Salutarem Dei music was later the subject of a series of organ variations by Liszt. Eugene Scribe made alterations in the life of the historical figure on which it is based, changing him from a tailor's apprentice to an innkeeper, while conveniently omitting his sixteen wives and relocating all of his love towards the female lead Berthe. The title character dies in a violent explosion rather than from the brutal torture that befell the historical leader of the Anabaptists on whose life this work is based. FTP, name this work dramatizing the life of John of Leyden, a grand opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer.
Answer: The Prophet (or Le Prophete)
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This work's 27th chapter, "The End of Apartment No. 50," finds "a whole floor" of an organization not sleeping and hints that the House on the Embankment is the home of Sempleyarov. The novel within this novel centers on Yeshua, but claims that Arthanius arranged a certain murder. Only authors and lovers can see Woland and his cohorts for what they are, which leads to one of the main characters being found schizophrenic; it is thus that the male title character meets Ivan Bezdomny in an insane asylum. FTP, identify this novel setting a contest between Jesus and Satan in Stalinist Russia, the most famous work of Mikhail Bulgakov.
Answer: The Master and Margarita (or Master i Margarita)
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It established a court system, its namesake chamber, one of the most famous instances of which was located at Castres. The renunciation of this agreement led to the Potsdam Proclamation of Frederick Wilhelm, which caused a mass emigration. Among its provisions was the non-transfer of control of certain places de surete, the maintenance of which was to be paid for by the government. Partially annulled by the Peace of Ales, it restored Catholicism in many places, but was vehemently opposed by Clement the Eighth and other popes until its repudiation at Fountainbleu. FTP, identify this declaration by Henry IV that sought to protect Huguenots.
Answer: the Edict of Nantes (or Edit de Nantes)
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This process named for its postulator can be foiled by epistatic selection since synergistic fitness effects can cause an increase in the frequency of the best available genotype. An instance of the Hill-Robertson effect, it was first introduced in 1932's "Some Genetic Aspects of Sex." It is often observed in RNA virus lineages since many of these lack mechanisms for horizontal gene flow; as a major such mechanism is crossing over during sexual reproduction, the idea of this process is a common explanation for the existence of sex. FTP, name this process whereby pure asexual reproduction leads to irreversible accumulation of harmful mutations, a so-called "ratchet" named for a German-American geneticist.
Answer: Muller's ratchet (accept just Muller's after "ratchet")
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Answer: 16. Sometimes understood as the means by which one transcends samadhi to achieve prajna, this is initially reached by first steps known as kensho. The fact that it is a directed objective distinguishes the sect for which it is central from the systems of dhyana. This objective was placed above even sutra-learning by Hui-neng. The stance of shikantaza is openness to it and one means to achieve it is known as zazen, The fact that it cannot be reached by reason is emphasized by the contents of The Gateless Gate, namely, koans. FTP, name this "awakening" the achievement of which is the objective of Zen. satori (or wu; prompt on "awakening")
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This work contrasts two places by analogy to the differences between a bouquet and a newspaper called "The Advertiser." Opening with the prospect of a snow-covered graveyard in the middle of a city, this book has a subplot centering on "a little document" that one of the title characters keeps in a writing-desk; the other title character is, in fact, unsure if that annulment consent has been signed in the end, as he departs Boston by ship. One of the main characters is the wife of Prince Adolf of Silberstadt-Schreckenstein; the other eventually weds his cousin, Gerturde, a daughter of the Puritanical Mr. Wentworth. FTP, name this book about Eugenia Munster and Felix Young, a novel by Henry James about some visitors to America.
Answer: The Europeans
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He advocated complete allegiance to the crown in his Passive Obedience, and suggested that slave-holding was good for Africans because it enabled them to become Christians in his A Proposal for the Better Supply of Churches. He was also a scientist, and expounded his theories in such works as A Defense of Free Thinking in Mathematics and The Analyst, though he is better known today as a philosopher. He attacked the Earl of Shaftesbury in his Alcyphron or the Ten Minute Philosopher, while he explained medicinal values of tarwater in his Siris. However, he is better known for works like Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge. FTP, name this Irish clergyman and philosopher perhaps best known for his Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonus.
Answer: George Berkeley
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Scandal engulfed this leader's administration when Bert Lance was accused of financial improprieties, but Lance, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, was later acquitted. Shortly after election, this man abolished the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and created the Commission on Mental Health, but also courted controversy with Order 11967, which forgave violations to the SSA. He negotiated the treaties that gave control of the Panama Canal to Panama but, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he removed SALT II from Senate consideration. FTP, name this one-term President who was unable to resolve the Iran hostage crisis.
Answer: James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr.
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One of these due to Babinet notes that a target removes twice its cross section from a beam in the physical limit. Dicke's one notes that the density of the universe is very close to the critical density. Ones in fluid mechanics include Stokes', which relates to the boundary conditions on creeping flow about an infinite cylinder, and one regarding the drag on an object in an inviscid fluid due to D'Alambert's. Bell's inequality resolves one of the most subtle of these quandaries, the quantum relativistic Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen or EPR one. FTP, name these seemingly self-contradictory statements used to poke holes in theoretical science.
Answer: paradoxes
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Among the children of this figure is his daughter Jochabed, who would later marry her own nephew Amram, while others include Gerhon, Kohath, and Merari. His descendants would not enjoy material prosperity in the land of Israel due to his role in avenging the seduction of his sister Dinah by Shechem, whose followers he slaughtered while they were recovering from circumcision, although unlike Simeon his progeny would receive cities from all the tribes including the cities of refuge as well as tithes, presumably to maintain them in their care for the priests and maintenance of the tabernacle. FTP, name this third son of Jacob and Leah and ancestor of Moses, whose progeny assumed sacerdotal responsiblities in the Israelite religion.
Answer: Levi
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The definitive modern work on this people was written in 1967 by E.T. Salmon, who describes their Oscan dialect, their practice of the Sacred Spring, and their role in engineering a defeat on P. Cornelius Rufinus at the Cranite Mountains. They were slaughtered in great numbers after their surrender at the Colline Gate and Praeneste, which led to their decline, and many of them were killed at Bovianum and Beneventum despite the efforts of C. Papius Mutilus and later Pontius Telesinus, the latter a descendant of the man who performed their most famous exploit against the Romans in 321 BC. FTP, name this Italian people, perhaps best known for defeating the Romans and compelling them to go under the yoke at the battle of the Caudine Forks.
Answer: the Samnites
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Using paraphernalia created in the coal company office, this work's central event is related to "corn be[coming] heavy soon." It is suggested that the failure to perform a key action will cause people to move back to caves by Old Man Warner, who addresses qualms of the Adams'. Set in a village anchored by Mr. Martin, Mr. Graves, and Mr. Summers, this work ends with the cry "It isn't fair, it isn't right," issued by a simple wife. First published in 1948 in The New Yorker, it was perhaps inspired by the author's time in Bennington, Vermont, the residents of which objected to this story's publication. It ends as the drawer of a black spot, Tessie Hutchinson, is stoned to death. FTP, name the Shirley Jackson story about a random draw that takes place every June 27.
Answer: "The Lottery"
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Illinois A + Kentucky
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Having cis and trans faces, this organelle of stacked cisternae is located near and works closely with the rough endoplasmic reticulum. FTPE:,
[10] Name this cell organelle.
Answer: the Golgi body (or Golgi apparatus or Golgi complex)
[10] Also known as mucopolysaccharides, these repeating chains of disaccharides are produced by the Golgi apparatus, which attaches them to proteins from the ER to form proteoglycans.
Answer: glycosaminoglycans
[10] The Golgi apparatus adds this phosphorilated hexose to tag lysosomal enzymes. It is degraded to a like-modified fructose for metabolism.
Answer: mannose-6-phosphate (prompt on "manose" or "mannose p" or "mannose phosphate" or "man p")
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Among this Anglo-French poet's namesake lais are a story about Tristan and Iseult and one about a werewolf. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 12th-century author, the earliest known female poet from her country.ANSWER: Marie de France (prompt on "Marie")[10] This term for medieval collections of French fables originated in the name of Marie de France's collection of fables.
Answer: Ysopet
[10] Several of the works of Marie de France are dedicated to a Count William who may have been this prominent figure, an Earl of Pembroke and regent of England.ANSWER: William the Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke
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Name these unfinished operas FTPE:,
[10] This Puccini work was completed by Alfano, who did the scenes after "Nessun domra" in which Calaf reveals his name to the titular princess.
Answer: Turandot
[10] This unfinished Italian-language Mozart opera is mainly known for the bass Chichibio's aria "Ogni momento dicon le donne" and for a piano transcription by Bizet.
Answer: L'Oca del Cairo (The Goose of Cairo), K. 422 (accept any underlined part)
[10] Based on a Gogol short story, this unfinished Mussorgsky opera finds Solopy Cherevik, Khavronya Nikiforovna, and Paraska traveling to the title location to sell a horse.
Answer: Sorochintsi Fair (Sorochinskaya yarmarka) (accept either underlined part)
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The son of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, he is considered by some to be the father of Scylla and the Sirens, while other legends state that he was also the father of the Hesperides and Echidna. FTPE:,
[10] Name this sea-god who fathered the Gorgons with his wife Ceto.
[10] Most legends state that Ceto and Phorcys were the parents of this dragon who helped the Hesperides guard their apples.
Answer: 4. Answer the following about Edward II FTPE.[10] In 1308 Edward married this twelve-year-old French princess, the daughter of Phillip IV. Isabella Of France[10] Edward is thought by modern historians to have been bisexual. One of his male favorites was the son of Gascon baron and the other was one of the reasons for his downfall. Name either of them.ANSWER: Piers Gaveston or Hugh le Despenser the Younger[10] Edward is thought to have been killed via a red-hot poker to the anus at this castle in 1329.
[10] Known individually as Enyo, Pemphredo, and Deino, these other daughters of Ceto and Phorcys were supposed to be graceful and pretty aside from having hair which made them look old and in spite of the fact that they only possessed one tooth and eye between them.
Answer: Berkeley Castle Phorcys
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Identify each of the following relating to entropy FTPE.,
[10] This equation gives the entropy of a monatomic ideal gas. While a true derivation involves some quantum considerations, this equation was originally inferred through experiment.
Answer: the Sackur-Tetrode equation
[10] This relation states that, for any cyclical process, the improper principal integral over the cycle of the amount of heat transferred to the system divided by its temperature is always less than or equal to zero.
Answer: the Clausius inequality (accept Clausius' theorem)
[10] This theorem proved by Evans and Searles resolves an issue raised by Loschmidt with the second law, namely, that it should not be possible to predict irreversible processes from time-symmetric dynamics.
Answer: the fluctuation-dissipation theorem
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Answer the following about the Koran, FTPE.,
[10] The Koran is divided into thirty of these, one of which is recited during each day of Ramadan.
Answer: juz (accept ajza)
[10] This term denotes the prayer found in the first juz and comprising the first surah.
Answer: the fatiha
[10] In the title of each surah can be found this, a formula prayer such as "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate."
Answer: basmalah
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Name these poems of John Dryden FTPE.,
[10] Self-described as "A Poem on the Happy Restoration… of Charles the Second," this poem is mostly in rhymed couplets and alludes to the efforts of Booth and Monck.
Answer: "Astraea Redux: A Poem on the Happy Restoration and Return of His Sacred Majesty Charles the Second"
[10] Known for being set to music by Jeremiah Clarke, this late ode notes "None but the brave deserves the fair."ANSWER: "Alexander's Feast; Or the Power of Music, An Ode in Honour of St. Cecilia's Day"
Answer: Annus Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders, 1666
[10] With a title referring to 1666, this long poem has such sub-sections as "The Attempt at Berghen," "His Majesty Repairs the Fleet," and "Apostrophe to the Royal Society."
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Near the end of the Eighty Years' War a Spanish fleet carrying troops to Flanders was overtaken by a Dutch fleet of only eighteen ships, which forced the Spanish to withdraw to the neutral waters of England; a month later, the rest of the Dutch broke neutrality and destroyed the Spanish. FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle of October 21, 1639, which broke the naval power of Spain and made the reputation of the winning admiral.
Answer: Battle of the Downs
[10] Name the victor of the Battle of the Downs, who also won a victory at Dunge Ness but lost at Dover to Robert Blake during the first Anglo-Dutch War.
Answer: Maarten Tromp
[10] Maarten Tromp would perish in the defeat of the Dutch at the battle of Scheveningen, where he would be killed by a sharpshooter from the ship commanded by this man. Name this Admiral, whose Quaker son and namesake received a large grant of land in America.
Answer: Sir William Penn
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Computer science commonly makes use of a two-valued system of mathematics in which there are two binary operations referred to as AND and OR, and one unary operation usually designated NOT. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this mathematical system named for a 19th-century English mathematician.
Answer: Boolean algebra (prompt on "Boolean")
[10] Boolean expressions can be represented as a truth table. The rows of the truth table that give 1 are given this special name. Every Boolean expression can be represented as a sum of these.
Answer: minterms
[10] Sometimes known as a Veitch diagram, this so-called map is useful in simplifying Boolean expressions. It is a Gray encoding of a truth table as a block of squares.
Answer: Karnaugh-Veitch map
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We first meet this character as a hay-trusser on the road to Weydon-Priors, shortly before he meets a furmity seller who will change his life. FTPE:,
[10] Name this "Man of Character," the titular personage of a 19th-century novel.
Answer: Michael Henchard (accept either underlined part)
[10] Michael Henchard is the protagonist of this novel by Thomas Hardy, in which he attains the title position after selling his wife to a sailor.
Answer: The Mayor of Casterbridge: A Story of a Man of Character
[10] After becoming Mayor of Casterbridge, Michael abuses and attempts to destroy this subordinate, his business manager, who eventually marries Henchard's former mistress.
Answer: Donald Farfrae (accept either underlined part)
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In 1303 armed forces of Philip IV stormed into the pope's residence and took him prisoner with the help of a powerful Italian noble, who reputedly slapped the pope in the face. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this event, named for the town in which the pope was imprisoned for three days.
Answer: the Outrage of Anagni
[10] Name the pope so outraged who provoked the interference for his bull Unam Sanctam claiming absolute supremacy over every earthly power.
Answer: Boniface VIII
[10] Boniface was deposed and according to one legend slapped by a Sciarra, a member of this family. One of its members would end the great schism when crowned Martin V.
Answer: Colonna
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This book, which is subtitled "An Attack," is comprised of three essays. FTPE:,
[10] Name this work of Friedrich Nietzsche, which begins by asserting "we knowers are unknown to ourselves."
Answer: On the Genealogy of Morals (or The Genealogy of Morals or Toward the Genealogy of Morals or Zur Genealogie der Moral: Eine Streitscrift)
[10] The Genealogy of Morals traces the origin of slave morality to the point where this concept "becomes creative and gives birth to values." This French-language term is the "physiological" reaction to a hostile external world, according to Nietzsche.
Answer: ressentiment (or resentment)
[10] It is probably intended to refer to a lion, though this oft-misunderstood term from The Genealogy of Morals embodies the tendency of nobility to return to the predatory natural state. It is later discussed as one of "The `Improvers' of Mankind" in Twlight of the Idols.
Answer: the blond beast (or blonde Bestie; prompt on "beast" or "Bestie")
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It asserts that in the presence of tax cuts businesses and individuals will use their tax savings to create new businesses and expand old businesses, which in turn will increase productivity, employment, and general well-being. FTPE:,
[10] Give the name for this concept popularised by Jude Wanniski.
Answer: supply-side economics (grudgingly accept "trickle-down economics" or "voodoo economics")
[10] Supply-side economics was at the heart of this man's theories, which he helped render graphically on a restaurant napkin as his famous "curve."
Answer: Arthur Laffer
[10] Laffer drew his curve while he and this man were explaining the concept to Wanniski. Better known for his work on exchange rates which led to the use of the Euro, he won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1999.
Answer: Robert Mundell
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Answer the following about the Schmalkaldic League FTPE.,
[10] Name either of the primary leaders of the League.
Answer: Philip of Hesse (accept Philip the Magnanimous; prompt on "Phillip") or John Frederick I of Saxony (or Johan Frederick I; prompt on "John" or "John Frederick" or "Johan" or "Johan Frederick")
[10] After making peace with Francis I of France, this Holy Roman Emperor led a military campaign against the League.
Answer: Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire (or Charles I of Spain or Charles I of Austria; prompt on "Charles" or "Charles I")
[10] With the aid of Maurice, a cousin of John Frederick I, Charles V ultimately defeated the League at this 1547 battle. This victory is the subject of a work by Titian.
Answer: the Battle of Muhlberg
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Name these works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, FTPE.,
[10] In this story a former lime-burner goes off to seek the Unpardonable Sin, which he claims to have found and may have something to do with the long-missing daughter of a villager, or alternatively may involve suicide.
Answer: "Ethan Brand"
[10] In this story a simple man named Earnest awaits the coming of a great man who will resemble the natural rock feature of the title.
Answer: "The Great Stone Face"
[10] Both "Ethan Brand" and "The Great Stone Face" are contained in this volume, which is named for a story in which two children create a sister on a winter day only to have her disappear when their father brings it inside.
Answer: The Snow Image and other Twice Told Tales
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One type of these uses a hydrogen peroxide-sodium borohydride reaction in aqueous medium to output up to 2000 Watts from a compact regenerative unit. FTPE:,
[10] Name these battery-like systems useful for creating energy.
Answer: fuel cells
[10] This novel type of high-temperature fuel cell uses a molten electrolyte consisting of a potassium lithium salt of the namesake type to react hydrogen with carbon monoxide.
Answer: molten carbonate fuel cell
[10] Because fuel cells are not heat engines, their efficiency is not constrained by this efficiency, the maximum efficiency of a heat engine, equal to one minus the temperature ratio.
Answer: the Carnot efficiency
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You'd think the fifth-largest island in the world would matter more than it does. FTPE:,
[10] Name this island which boasts a population of just over 10,000 people.
Answer: Baffin Island
[10] The largest community on Baffin Island is this capital of the Nunavut.
Answer: Iqaluit
[10] The Nunavut coat of arms features this sea animal that can be found in most coastal areas surrounding Baffin Island.
Answer: narwhal (or Monodon monoceros)

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