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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Illinois
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The protagonist of this work criticizes fops and their Fashionable Novels in "The Dandiacal Body," and he eschews a belief system in which man is but an "omnivorous Biped that wears Breeches." The protagonist asks, "What is this paltry little Dog-cage of an Earth?" in a chapter called "The Everlasting No," while in "The Everlasting Yea," the author commands the reader to "close thy Byron; open thy Goethe." The story of the protagonist is delivered in six paper bags to the narrator by Hofrath Heuschrecke, chronicling his life after being delivered in a basket to Andreas and Gretchen Futterall. Jonathan Swift's comparison of man to a Micro-Coat inspired the title and recurring clothing motif of this novel, which centers on the adventures of a professor at the University of Weissnichtwo. For ten points name this work about Diogenes Teufelsdrockh by Thomas Carlyle.
Answer: Sartor Resartus
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One piece of legislation by this name, named for a representative from Missouri, created the state agricultural experiment station system. That bill, passed in 1887, created a series of research facilities by way of the Morrill Act connected to land grant colleges. A more famous bill of this name was co-sponsored by Morris Sheppard and Warren Austin and was upheld in the Supreme Court case of United Public Workers v. Mitchell, over a sharp dissent by Hugo Black on First Amendment grounds. Sponsored by a namesake New Mexico senator, it was subtitled "An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities" and passed a year after the Fair Labor Standards Act. FTP, name this 1939 New Deal act preventing bribery and political corruption.
Answer: Hatch Act(s)
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Critics have debated whether the use of the word "posture" in this poem is a metaphor for the insincere beliefs about the immortality of the soul that the author felt Christians held, or is a literal reference to the custom of placing the dead in a sitting position. Asking whether "Pale Marian" played in the shade of an elm at the title location, it ends by proclaiming that the "shadows and delusions" of the title place will cause "reason's self" to "bend the knee." Its theme is that the "fancy" of a certain group of people is more pure than European logic. For 10 points, name this poem about "the fancies of a ruder race" which was written around the same time as "Port Royal" and "The Wild Honey Suckle," after a 1787 visit to a certain kind of cemetery by Philip Freneau.
Answer: "The Indian Burying Ground" or "Lines Occasioned by a Visit to an Old Indian Burying Ground"
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In this work, an explosion in a restaurant is mostly ignored by patrons; an official on TV attributes to "beginner's luck" his inability to stop the thirteen-year campaign of which that explosion is part. In an earlier scene, a little girl remarks "Father Christmas can't come if you haven't got a chimney" shortly before her apartment is stormed by police and her father is arrested; his arrest was caused by a "bug" at the opening of this film. The protagonist's heater malfunctions at one point, but the rogue repairman Tuttle repairs it. Set in a dystopic future with a bloated bureaucracy, this film features Jonathan Pryce as Sam Lowry, a government employee searching for a woman who appears in his dreams. For 10 points, identify this Terry Gilliam film known for its theme song, a "Watercolor of" the title country.
Answer: Brazil
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One chemical of this type is the TA sequence that mediates psoralen-induced cross-linking. One mechanism by which these chemicals operate begins with displacement of part of a cationic sheath, after which these molecules are attracted by temporary hydrophobic regions into their namesake position. Leonard Lerman is credited with discovery of these compounds. One class of these that tends to cause non-conservative changes is the proflavines, though most of them act by causing insertions or deletions, including the drugs daunorubicin and (S)-thalidomide. FTP, name these chemicals that are highly mutagenic because they perturb the structure of DNA by becoming stuck between base pairs in their namesake type of reaction, the most famous example of which is ethidium bromide.
Answer: intercalating agents (or intercalation agents or intercalators; accept other reasonable word forms)
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A man gives updates on his hometown in this work, which include the death of a man of shock from seeing a casket of wine broken, and another changing identities and sailing a wooden fence into the ocean. Near the end of this play, the protagonist suggests that certain objects can be sold as devices for measuring out laxatives in Egypt. A soothsayer in this work changes his prophecies in order to gain the best access to roasted meat, and at a point when men of all cities are required to cooperate in this play, the Lamachians only get in the others' way and the Megarians prove too feeble to accomplish anything. The plot in set into motion by a man who marries Opora after riding an enormous dung beetle to heaven, Trygaeus, and finds out that, as soon as an underling can retrieve a pestle, a mortar is going to be used to grind the cities of Greece. For 10 points, name this Aristophanes play in which the title figure is liberated from a pit of stones, despite the scorn of certain soldiers.
Answer: Peace [or Eirene]
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This was the birthplace of the traveling philosopher Altheides. The last and perhaps most famous person to hold the title of queen of this place was Catherine Cornaro, as the wife of James the Bastard. Another key figure in the history of this place took the name Dighenis. Its independence was ensured by the Zurich and London Agreement and its first vice president became Dr. Fazil Kucuk. The EOKA movement was led here by George Grivas and promoted the notion of enosis, and a 1974 coup here by Sampson overthrew the rule of Makarios III. After the capture of Famagusta in 1571, it was transferred to Ottoman rule from its former status as a Crusader state. FTP, name this Mediterranean island disputed between Greece and Turkey.
Answer: Cyprus
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One movement by this name was founded four years after the original by Pierre Gemayel, whose son Bashir commanded its military wing. The original movement used a blue shirt embroidered with a red yoke and arrows as a symbol and quickly merged with JONS after its founding. Its official anthem "Cara al Sol" was partly written by Rafael Mazas, while its 25-point manifesto endorsed national syndicalism and service to the Fatherland and was written by its founder Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera. By the terms of the Unification Decree, it officially merged with the Carlists in 1937. FTP, name this right wing political party which supported the rise of Francisco Franco in Spain.
Answer: Falange (or Falange Espanola, or Phalange, or "Phalanx", also accept Kateeb Party of Lebanon until "blue shirt")
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At this man's trial, one witness alleged that he once said "Rome has fallen;" his former associate Charles Nolin also testified against him in front of judge Hugh Richardson. This man once convened a council called "the Exovedate," from the Latin for "out of the flock," and proceeded to breathe the "Holy Spirit" into his followers. Earlier, he had quickly defeated John Christian Schultz and John Sloughton Dennis and seized Fort Garry. A so-called "peace mission" under Garnet Wolseley forced him into exile after he was villified for insisting upon the execution of Thomas Scott. He dubbed himself the "Prophet of the New World" and returned from exile with his general Gabriel Dumont in order to lead the North-West Rebellion in 1885. FTP, name this man who had earlier led the Red River Rebellion, and was hailed as a hero of the Metis people in Manitoba.
Answer: Louis `David' Riel
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In one stanza of this poem, the speaker describes his journey through "galleries of sound" and a forest "Whose trees are pillars of magic." The speaker makes frequent allusions to a woman whose loins are like crystal and water and whose waist he travels through as through a river. He later refers to that woman as "serpent goddess" and "lady of midnight," comparing her belly to the brightly lit center of a city. After an epigraph from Gerard de Nerval's "Chimeras," this poem begins with the speaker invoking "a willow of crystal, a poplar of water, a pillar of fountain by the wind drawn over," which takes the "calm course of a star," which is restated in the last stanza as something the "magic of reflections" resurrects. An artifact celebrating the fifth age of the world is the title object of, for 10 points, what long poem that has one line for every day of the Aztec Calendar by Octavio Paz.
Answer: Sunstone (accept Piedra del sol)
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The Powell Valley example of this type of structure provided much of the evidence for the Rich model of bedding-step faulting. The Hudleston Classification Scheme assigns their corresponding forms an alphanumeric value based on their flatness and angularity. These features often contain Saddle reef deposits or structural traps that harbor mineral deposits or oil below their culmination points or hinge zones. Isoclinal recumbent versions are often a result of long duration pressures typical in mountain belts, while briefer events such as salt-doming result in diapiric ones. On a geologic map, they are indicated by opposing arrows that point away from their axial traces. The Purcell is one grouping of them in British Columbia, and the Hercynian Orogeny uplifted a chalk one that once connected Weald to Artois. FTP, name these geological structures, convex-upward folds with their oldest strata downwards, which are often flanked by similarly named convex-downward structures.
Answer: anticlines (DO NOT ACCEPT "antiforms")
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This adjective describes a complete algebraic variety that is also an algebraic group, and the differential of this type is analytic on a compact Riemann surface. A field extension has this property if its associated Galois group is this. The Kronecker Decomposition Theorem states that any finite group of this type may be written as a direct product of prime-ordered cyclic groups. All subgroups of this type of group are normal, and all cyclic groups are of this type. FTP, identify this adjective derived from the name of a Norwegian mathematician, which is most famously used to describe a group in which every element commutes.
Answer: Abelian
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Before this event, a solitary meal is eaten in order to avoid a zimmun. The Va'eschanan parsha is read on this day, which marks the end of the "Three Weeks." Delayed by a day if it falls on the Black Sabbath, it sees the reading of qinot, and the Talmud says that the Messiah will be born on this day. Among the events that occurred on this day are the issuance of the Alhambra Decree and a decree concerning forty years of wandering; it also marks the destruction of the First and Second Temples. For 10 points, identify this sad day on the Jewish calendar, which is named for its position in a Hebrew month.
Answer: Tisha B'Av [or Ninth of Av]
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Data obtained from this equation can be correlated with the Reidel Equation; another alternative to it is the Wagner Equation which works over a wide range of temperatures. This statement can be derived from the Gibbs-Duhem relation assuming phases are in equilibrium contact and chemical potential is equal. It only applies when a gas is one phase of the transition, and its formulation can be derived given one point on the coexistance line. Using two approximations, it assumes the change in Gibbs free energy is zero and its common form is derived from the First Law of Thermodynamics. Modified by the Antoine Equation, it states that the derivative of pressure with respect to temperature is equivalent to the heat absorbed over the temperature and volume. FTP, identify this equation used to model phase transitions.
Answer: Clausius-Clapeyron equation
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In some sources, this goddess is used to fill in for Nerthus and is a patroness of harvests, and she is also equivalent to the Lapp goddess Ravdna. The mother of an archer-god, she is able to take the form of a swan. Once married to Orvandil, she is portrayed in one legend as a "man hating woman" by a god who tells her how she cuckolded her husband after being presented a cup of mead and suggested the seeking of a woman without fault. A wager which resulted from an assault upon this deity led to Eitri's awl being used in an attempt to sew shut the lips of another figure. Through her first husband, she bore the god of winter and skiing, and became the stepmother of Magni and Modi, before Loki cut off her hair. For 10 points, identify this deity whose golden hair was remade by dwarves who also forged Mjolnir and Gungnir, the wife of Thor.
Answer: Sif
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This person is the namesake of an algorithm to minimize Boolean functions, along with Edward McCluskey. He proposed that any empirical test of a theory is a test of many inter-connected hypotheses, which is known as his namesake thesis, with Duhem. He argued that ontology can be determined by analyzing a language's ability to quantify in his Ontological Relativity. A more famous work discusses the indeterminacy of translation and argues for linguistic analysis as a solution to philosophical problems, while perhaps his most famous work rejects the analytic-synthetic distinction held by the logical positivists. For 10 points, identify this author of Word and Object and "Two Dogmas of Empiricism."
Answer: Willard Van Orman Quine
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The otherwise empty right side of this painting is highlighted by a projection of wheat crops in the lower right corner, three trees above them, and a distant image of sheep grazing in an enclosed pen amidst the background of a cloudy sky over the fields of the Auberies estate. An unfinished patch was left in the female subject's lap, and like her floppy sun hat and tiny pink slippers, contrasts with her enormously oversized pastel blue dress. That space was probably meant to be filled with the image of a pheasant killed by the man to her left, who wears a tri-cornered hat and stands leaning against the bench she sits on, a hunting rifle tucked underneath his arm. FTP, identify this portrait honoring the marriage of an 18th Century Suffolk couple, painted by Thomas Gainsborough.
Answer: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews or Robert Andrews and his Wife
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After an early rehearsing of this piece, Ignaz Schuppanzigh allegedly told the composer to limit himself to songwriting. A staccato-filled D major passage forms the trio of its third movement scherzo, marked "Allegro Molto," and a frenzied Prestissimo buildup closes out this piece's final movement, a Presto tarantella in 6/8 time. Once orchestrated by Gustav Mahler, this piece uses a flurry of triplets in its opening Allegro movement, then switches from its primary key of D minor to G minor for its famous Andante con Moto second movement, a theme and variations based on an earlier song by its composer, cataloged as D531. The fourteenth such chamber work of its composer, preceded by the Rosamunde Quartet, this is, FTP, what Franz Schubert string quartet, whose music depicts a girl's encounter with the Grim Reaper?
Answer: Death and the Maiden or Der Tod und das Madchen or D810 or (Accept Schubert's String Quartet No. 14 until "the fourteenth")
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Darwin was the first to theorize about them, defining them as a motor concept. Fishbein and Ajzen developed a theory to explain their effect on action, while Sherif's social judgment theory posited a "lattitude of acceptance" to explain how they change. In 1934 LaPiere demonstrated their lack of predictive power in a study of hotel manager's willingness to serve Chinese guests. Bem's self perception theory posits that they are formed by observing one's own behavior, while cognitive dissonance theory posits that they change when we perform behavior inconsistent with them. Greenwald and Banaji developed a test to detect their implicit variety, while Carl Hovland was the first to examine how pursuasion changes them. FTP, identify this social psychological construct which represents a person's like or dislike of an item.
Answer: attitude
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The extreme southwest of this nation is covered by Iona National Park; tourists to this nation might also enjoy a local erotic dance called the masemba or they could visit its Bibala Beach, the Mussulo Peninsula, the Kinaxixi market, or the Slavery Museum. Indented by Great Fish Bay, some rivers which originate in this country include the Cunene, which flows south and forms part of its southern border, while the Kasai River forms its northeastern border. Its cities include the important oil city of Soyo in the north, Lobito which sits on its namesake bay, and Benguela which is the namesake of a plateau. It's also the source of the Okavango River, which flows south and winds up in Botswana, and this country maintains control of the exclave Cabinda. FTP, name this country to the west of Zambia and north of Namibia, a one-time colony of Portugal.
Answer: (Republic of) Angola
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TB. The last book of this work tells of Medosades, who was sent on behalf of king Seuthes, in order to protest the pillaging of villages. At the very beginning of this 7-book work, we are told that Tissaphernes conspired to oust a central figure who turned to his mother Parysatis for aid and set about raising an army, first recruiting the warrior Clearchus. The climax sees a group emerge on top of a great sand dune at Madur and declare "thalassa, thalassa," signifying their arrival at the sea after that mercenary force known as the Ten Thousand had been left stranded following defeat at the Battle of Cunaxa. FTP, name this historical work which tells of the clash between Artaxerxes II and Cyrus the Younger, the most famous work by the Greek historian Xenophon.
Answer: Anabasis Kyrou (prompt "The Persian Expedition" or some equivalent)
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Illinois
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Name some diagnostic tests one might perform in an organic chemistry lab, FTPE.,
[10] This test uses a namesake reagent, zinc chloride in hydrochloric acid solution, to distinguish between primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols. It works by observing the different speeds at which the halide reacts with those different alcohols.
Answer: Lucas Test/reagent
[10] This test relies on a namesake reagent, silver oxide in aqueous ammonia, to distinguish between aldehydes and ketones. A positive test for an aldehyde shows a shiny mirror of metallic silver inside of the test tube.
Answer: Tollens Test/reagent
[10] Used in place of Fehling's test, this test detects aldehydes and reducing sugars by heating in a namesake blue solution containing complexed copper(II) ion, giving a brick red precipitate in a positive test.
Answer: Benedict Test
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Answer the following about works seemingly intended to stretch our conception of, like, the definition of, like, art, man, FTPE.,
[10] The 1917 Fountain is readymade in this form. The object was signed R. Mutt and repeatedly photographed by Alfred Stieglitz.
Answer: a urinal
[10] This Damien Hirst-created diamond-encrusted platinum skull was hailed as last year's greatest avant garde piece and sold for almost $100 million at an exhibition called Beyond Belief.
Answer: For the Love of God
[10] This word appears on an item held by Zabo in Richard Hamilton's Just What Is It that Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing? It possibly refers to Appealing collaborator John McHale's coinage of a now-common name for a whole genre of questionable art.
Answer: Pop (accept Tootsie Pop)
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Sturtevant completed the first chromosome map using his mentor's studies of this organism, in which gender is determined by X-to-other chromosome ratio, though a Y-like chromosome is present. FTPE:,
[10] The first chromosome map of this insect was completed by Sturtevant. Its gender is determined by X-to-other chromosome ratios, though a Y-like chromosome is present.
Answer: Drosophila melanogaster (accept D. melanogaster or fruit fly)
[10] One interesting feature of Drosophila is the fact that its embryos, formed via abnormally large sperm, initially take the form of these large cellular structures with many nuclei. The embryonic one in Drosophila can have almost 9000 nuclei.
Answer: syncytia (or syncytial embryos; accept syncytiums)
[10] Another interesting genetic feature of Drosophila is its mature development of these abnormally large genetic structures in its salivary tissue. Resulting from repeated DNA replication without cytokinesis, these consist of several attached homologous chromatids.
Answer: polytene chromosomes (prompt on "chromosomes")
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Stars in this grouping generally burn hydrogen via the P-P chain, unless they possess sufficiently high mass, then they burn heavier elements via the CNO cycle. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this large, diagonal region of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram that contains most of the known dwarf stars.
Answer: main sequence
[10] These pre-main sequence variable stars are believed to be powered by gravitational contraction. Observationally, they are noted for high amounts of lithium and the presence of a circumstellar disc.
Answer: T Tauri stars
[10] Smaller protostars often follow this pathway to the main sequence. If a protostar is sufficiently large, it may enter the alternative Henyey track before reaching the main sequence.
Answer: Hayashi track
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Answer some related European history questions, FTPE.,
[10] A coalition of Cherusci, Marsi, Sicambri, and some other tribes under Arminius defeated Publius Quinctilius Varus at this battle in 9 A.D.
Answer: Battle of the Teutoberg Forest (or Teutoberger Wald)
[10] The NKVD killed thousands of Polish officers and citizens in this massacre at a site near Smolensk, where they were discovered in 1943 by the Germans.
Answer: Katyn Wood/Forest Massacre
[10] The first three entities by this name were Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalder; they formed a namesake alliance also known as the Everlasting League in 1291 after the death of Rudolf I of Habsburg. This league was victorious at the Battle of Morgarten in 1315.
Answer: Forest Cantons (League of the Three Forest Cantons)
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Identify these arithmetic functions useful in the study of number theory FTPE.,
[10] This function, usually represented phi, is equal to the number of coprime integers less than or equal to its argument. It is most famously used in a generalization of Fermat's Little Theorem.
Answer: the Euler totient function
[10] The prime number theorem states that this function is asymptotic to the logarithm integral.
Answer: the prime counting function (prompt on pi)
[10] This function is non-zero when an integer is square-free. Summing this over all positive integers less than a certain value gives the Mertens function.
Answer: the Mobius function
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Marceline, the wife of the protagonist of this novel, suffers from tuberculosis as the title character watches; he'd earlier suffered from the same disease. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Andre Gide novel in which the title character has intense physical attraction for the Arab boys Bachir and Moktir.
Answer: The Immoralist (accept L'immoraliste)
[10] This man is the title character of The Immoralist. He's also very attracted to the Norman carriage driver Charles.
Answer: Michel
[10] This dude encourages Michel in his attraction to the Arab boys and he challenges Michel to prove that he's not a man of principle, after which Marceline dies of a miscarriage.
Answer: Menalque
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Answer the following about prayer in popular music for ten points each.,
[10] A seminary school alumnus vigorously refutes the claim that you can petition the Lord with prayer at the beginning of this Doors song. Its menagerie includes a cobra on the speaker's left and a leopard on his right (outta sight!)
Answer: "The Soft Parade"
[10] In this Simon and Garfunkel song, the people created, bowed to, and prayed to a neon god. It goes on to claim that the prophets' words are written on subway walls and tenement halls.
Answer: "The Sound of Silence"
[10] The speaker addresses someone who leaves a business card with someone else's name and who sinks in another day in this band's "A Water Prayer."
Answer: Deep Blue Something
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Name these cities in Australia, FTPE.,
[10] This city in Western Australia sits at the mouth of the Swan River and served as the principal submarine base for the Allies in the Southern Hemisphere. A terminus of the Trans-Australian Railway, this port is just a handful of miles southwest of Perth.
Answer: Fremantle
[10] This second largest city in the Northern Territory sits north of Finke and traverses the Todd River on the north slope of the MacDonnell Range; to its southeast is the Simpson Desert.
Answer: Alice Springs
[10] Found on the southern slopes of the Taylor Range, this capital of Queensland, originally named Edenglassie, lies on Moreton Bay and became a major port after the wharves in Cleveland burned. It's the third largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne.
Answer: Brisbane
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After being seduced by the sorceress Matilda he rapes and murders Antonia, who turns out to be his sister. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Spanish cleric who also kills Elvira, Antonia's mother and therefore his as well.
Answer: Father Ambrosio (prompt on "The Monk")
[10] Father Ambrosio is the title character of The Monk, a novel by this author of the plays The Castle Spectre and The Twins, Or, Is It He or His Brother?
Answer: Matthew Gregory Lewis
[10] Father Ambrosio sentences this woman to torture and death for adultery. She's driven mad by Mother St. Clare and dies, despite the efforts of her brother Lorenzo.
Answer: Agnes de Medina
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The protagonist buys and renames a farm of his own after working for Bailiff Jon for years. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which that protagonist marries Rosa, who's pregnant with the bailiff's grandson.
Answer: Independent People (accept Sjalfstatt folk)
[10] In addition to writing Iceland's Bell and The Atom Station, this author wrote Independent People.
Answer: Halldor Laxness
[10] This woman is Bjartur's second wife. He mostly marries her to settle the problem of his child's care after he gets back to find Rosa dead from childbirth.
Answer: Finna
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It gives as the reason for its command "Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky / And the affrighted steed ran on alone." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this poem by Stephen Crane, which also commands a babe to be silent because his father tumbled in the yellow trenches. It appears in a collection with "A Man Said to the Universe."
Answer: "Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War is Kind"
[10] In addition to War Is Kind, and Other Lines Stephen Crane wrote this poetry collection, which begins by affirming sin and ends by affirming God. It contains a friend of the narrator that eats his heart, because it is delicious.
Answer: The Black Riders and Other Lines
[10] The correspondent, the oiler, the cook, and the injured captain attempt to reach shore in the titular conveyance after a shipwreck in this Stephen Crane short story.
Answer: "The Open Boat"
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Name these philosophers of law, for 10 points each.,
[10] This man's "The Path of the Law," adapted from an 1897 speech at Boston University, lays out the idea of legal realism and says that the law is a "bad man." He is likely the foremost philosopher of law to serve on the Supreme Court.
Answer: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
[10] This former clerk for Learned Hand is currently in both the philosophy department and law school at NYU, and has written suck books as Life's Dominion, Law's Empire, and Taking Rights Seriously.
Answer: Ronald Dworkin
[10] This author of Sex and Reason currently sits on the Seventh Circuit, but is most known for his book Economic Analysis of Law which is the flagship of the "law and economics" school.
Answer: Richard Posner
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Sturtevant completed the first chromosome map using his mentor's studies of this organism, in which gender is determined by X-to-other chromosome ratio, though a Y-like chromosome is present. FTPE:,
[10] The first chromosome map of this insect was completed by Sturtevant. Its gender is determined by X-to-other chromosome ratios, though a Y-like chromosome is present.
Answer: Drosophila melanogaster (accept D. melanogaster or fruit fly)
[10] One interesting feature of Drosophila is the fact that its embryos, formed via abnormally large sperm, initially take the form of these large cellular structures with many nuclei. The embryonic one in Drosophila can have almost 9000 nuclei.
Answer: syncytia (or syncytial embryos; accept syncytiums)
[10] Another interesting genetic feature of Drosophila is its mature development of these abnormally large genetic structures in its salivary tissue. Resulting from repeated DNA replication without cytokinesis, these consist of several attached homologous chromatids.
Answer: polytene chromosomes (prompt on "chromosomes")
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Name these early medieval African trading centers, FTPE.,
[10] Probably founded in the third century CE by a Soninke chieftain of the Ougadou clan, this city became the capital of the empire of Ghana in the 7th century.
Answer: Kumbi Saleh
[10] This market town in modern-day Mauritania flourished during the Ghana empire as its second largest city, a crucial caravan hub between Sijilmassa and Kumbi Saleh. It was a popular place for traders buying gold and salt from the Ghana kings.
Answer: Audaghost (or Aoudaghost)
[10] Founded by the Tuareg Imashagan in the 11th century, this celebrated city of riches absorbed by the Mali Empire was visited by Leo Africanus. It became a center of Islamic learning home to Sankore University under Askia Mohammed.
Answer: Timbuktu
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Identify some of Napoleon's Marshals, FTPE.,
[10] Napoleon's youngest Marshal, this "Iron Marshal" participated in the battles of Marengo, Austerlitz, Eylau and Wagram but achieved greatest renown for a miraculous victory at Auerstadt. Napoleon was critical of his handling of the retreat from Moscow and demoted him to rear commands in the decisive campaigns of 1813 and 1815.
Answer: Louis-Nicolas Davout
[10] This marshal, who took the titles duke of Rivoli and prince of Essling, defeated Suvarov at the Second Battle of Zurich in 1799, booting Russia out of the Second Coalition. He led the invasion of Portugal during the Peninsular War and was dubbed the "darling child of victory" for his military skill.
Answer: Andre Massena
[10] Called "the bravest of the brave," this "red faced" marshal covered himself with glory on the disastrous retreat from Moscow, but mishandled the Battle of Waterloo, along with many other engagements.
Answer: Michel Ney
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Known pejoratively as Lo Spagnoletto, this devotee of tenebrism had a penchant for depicting violent martyrdoms, as in Apollo Flaying Marsias, The Martyrdom of St. Phillip, St. Sebastian Tended by the Holy Women, and The Martrydom of St. Andrew, whom he painted several times. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Spanish-born artist who did most of his work, including his pioneering prints, in Italy.
Answer: Jose de Ribera (or Jusepe de Ribera or Josef de Ribera or Giuseppe de Ribera)
[10] Ribera was purportedly the head of the Cabal of this Italian city, which served to drive his rivals out of business. It had earlier served as the home of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Salvatore Rosa, and Carravagio.
Answer: Naples (or Napoli)
[10] Ribera's Naples Cabal may have suborned the poisoning of this Bolognese fresco painter, in Naples to work on his never-finished Life of St. Januarius in the Cappella del Tesoro. He often competed with fellow Caracci disciple Guido Reni, who had earlier been chased from Naples by the Cabal.
Answer: Domenichino (or Domenico Zampieri)
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His book On Frequent Communion presented his views on ritual, while he attacked an order of priests in his Moral Theology of the Jesuits. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this man who first allied with, then opposed, Pierre Nicole while leading a dissenting movement in Catholicism.
Answer: Antoine Arnauld
[10] Antoine Arnauld was the leading author of this French movement, named after the Dutch author of the Augustinus and condemned by such Papal bulls as Cum occasione.
Answer: Jansenism
[10] This epistolary work of Blaise Pascal emphasized the anti-Jesuit portions of Jansenism and defended Arnauld.
Answer: The Provinicial Letters [or Les Provinciales]
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A stamp collection and the Jacobean play The Courier's Tragedy inspire the protagonist to search for a rogue postal organization. FTP:,
[10] Identify this novel that details Oedipa Maas's attempt to reconstruct the secret history of the mysterious Trystero.
Answer: The Crying of Lot 49
[10] Oedipa's former lover, this man dies before the novel begins, leaving behind his defense plant, Yoyodyne, and the housing development Fangoso Lagoons, which contains a lake he named after himself.
Answer: Pierce Inverarity (accept either)
[10] Oedipa is frequently followed or annoyed by the members of this rock band. An obvious parody of The Beatles, they sing in fake British accents and sometimes have difficulty seeing through their hair.
Answer: The Paranoids
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In 1862, Edouard Lartet and another ethnologist began to excavate the Eyzies-de-Tayac caves, a key site for upper paleozoic artifacts. FTPE:,
[10] The other ethnologist was this coauthor of the Reliquiae Aquitanicae who accompanied a more famous anthropologist to some Toltec ruins in Mexico.
Answer: Henry Christy
[10] This friend of Henry Christy and anthropologist published Researches into the Early History of Mankind and the Development of Civilization as well as Primitive Culture.
Answer: Sir Edward Burnett Tylor
[10] This work, Tylor's first, is a travelogue that chronicles his journey with Henry Christy to those Toltec ruins.
Answer: Anahuac, or, Mexico and the Mexicans Ancient and Modern
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This artist's first symphony is built around a set of variations of the hymn "How Firm a Foundation" and is consequently known as Symphony on a Hymn Tune. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American composer, who spent thirty years writing his Stabat Mater, during which time he completed such works as the ballet Filling Station.
Answer: Virgil Thomson
[10] Thomson's nationalistic bent can perhaps best be seen on the score of this 1936 film, which makes use of the "Doxology" both in the beginning and after the "Drought" and "Devastation" scenes.
Answer: The Plow That Broke the Plains
[10] Thomson also composed this opera with libretto by Gertrude Stein that centers on Ignatius of Loyola and Theresa of Avila, as well as their colleagues.
Answer: Four Saints in Three Acts
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It was written by Interior Minister Lorrin Thurston. FTPE:,
[10] Give the popular name for the 1887 Constitution for the Kingdom of Hawaii, which stripped the monarchy of authority, so named because King Kalakaua was forced to sign it at gunpoint.
Answer: Bayonet Constitution
[10] This sister of Kalakaua succeeded him as monarch and chafed at the Bayonet Constitution but was soon deposed by a company under John L. Stevens and a republic declared under Sanford Dole.
Answer: Queen Liliuokalani (or Lydia Dominis)
[10] The Blount Report commissioned by President Cleveland in 1893 concluded that US actions in Hawaii were illegal and demanded reinstatement of Liliuokalani, but this other report was produced the following year in the wake of the Turpie Resolution and declared that the taking of Hawaii was justified.
Answer: Morgan Report
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Answer these questions about the career of Senator Joe McCarthy, FTPE.,
[10] This notable hack co-wrote McCarthy and His Enemies with brother-in-law William F. Buckley, but is best known for ghostwriting Barry Goldwater's The Conscience of a Conservative.
Answer: Brent Bozell
[10] After McCarthy mentioned that Fred Fisher, an associate at his law firm, had been a member of this organization while attending Harvard, Joseph Welch asked the Senator "Have you no sense of decency?"
Answer: National Lawyers Guild
[10] This member of McCarthy's staff claimed that his notoriety made it difficult for him to date women while living in Washington.
Answer: Roy Cohn
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Identify the following concerning pigs in mythology for 10 points each.,
[10] This Manx fairy pig with red ears is able to change its shape at will. One myth claims that you will always have a silver piece in your pocket if you catch it.
Answer: Arkan Sonney
[10] This buffalo-headed demon was killed by Durga. Its modern form, Bhainsasura, can be appeased by the sacrifice of a pig.
Answer: Mahisha (accept Mahisasura)
[10] Beverages are ceremonially offered to Khyim nang-lha, a human with a pig's head who holds a trident, in the religion of this region, which is also home to the Yellow Hat school of Vajrayana Buddhism and to an indigenous religion caled Bon.
Answer: Tibet

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