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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Harvard
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Her mother is described as "pretty like pretty self," and she describes herself as having "streaming hair" when she sees herself in a mirror. She denies that she lives in England and demands to be taken to the "real" England, a park where she purchases a knife that she uses to stab her stepbrother, Richard. With the help of her Martinique-born servant, Christophine, this title character of a collection of criticism by Gilbert and Gubar creates a voodoo concoction to try to make her husband love her, but it backfires, leading to her forced incarceration. Her guardian, Grace Poole, however, likes whiskey, so this woman can sometimes escape, as she does when she destroys a bridal veil belonging to the governess at Thornfield Hall. Eventually jumping off a burning roof, this is, for 10 points, what protagonist of Wide Sargasso Sea and wife of Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre?
Answer: Antoinette Cosway or Bertha Mason or the Madwoman in the Attic [prompt on Mason and Mr. Rochester's Wife]
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Discussing their guns, one speaker in this work claims to own "a sniper with a hell of a scope", while another notes that the sound he makes "all depends on the size of the gat". Another speaker states that "he just laughs" to give a hint "not to step in his path". Another speaker begins his remarks with "I'm tired of the motherfucking jackin" and goes on to note that "I kick so much butt I kick ass". Another speaker claims that he speaks with authority, because a certain ethnic group on the street is a majority, and another implies that the titular group may be homosexuals because they grab his balls. "I want justice" can be heard yelled at the end of this song, when a conviction for being a white bread, chickenshit motherfucker is read in Judge Dre's court. For ten point, name this foundational work of gangster rap, a 1988 NWA single that's disrespectful to law enforcement.
Answer: Fuck Tha Police [accept self-censored equivalents; e.g., F the Police]
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Along with French chemist Joseph Le Bel, this scientist gives him name to an asymmetric carbon model which allows for prediction of optical activity; he thus proposed that carbon had a tetrahedral structure. His namesake equation relates the change in the equilibrium constant to the change in temperature given the standard enthalpy change for a process, while his namesake isochore or isotherm logically relates equilibrium constants at different temperatures. His most important work was on his theory of dilute solutions, which he realized could be treated like gases. A lower-case i [EYE] is used to represent his namesake factor which describes the dissolution of solute for osmotic pressure calculations. FTP, name this Dutch chemist who modified the ideal gas equation.
Answer: Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff
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In Jerzy Kosinski's Steps, one of these completely consumes itself. Radclyffe Hall's The Unlit Lamp was originally titled after one of these. In "The Man Who Loved Islands," D.H. Lawrence compares the story's setting to one, and in a story by Italo Calvino one captured by Zefferino tries to kill Signorina de Magistris. A political tract by Norman Mailer is named for "The Idol" and one, while a trained one is attacking Katje Borgesius when Tyrone Slothrop first encounters her in Gravity's Rainbow. One is described as being characterized by "relentless accuracy" and has its "claw cut by the avalanche/'with a sound like the crack of a rifle" in a poem which compares it to Mount Rainier by Marianne Moore. The proprietor of Los Muertos Ranch, Magnus Derrick, is strangled by the railroad represented by, for 10 points, what title creature of a novel by Frank Norris?
Answer: Octopus or Octopi
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One anecdote told in this novel features a woman who abandons her lover Horatio in favor of another man's unsurpassed equipage. An injury to the protagonist's leg precipitates a brawl at an inn that ends with one character being drenched in hog's blood. That character is later forced to battle some hunting dogs upon mistaken for a hare, and hilarity ensues after an accidental bedroom encounter with the bizarrely amorphous Mrs. Slipslop. The resolution of this novel centers on the protagonist's strawberry-shaped birthmark, which is spoken of by his foster parents Gaffer and Gammer and his true father, Mr. Wilson.. Ending with the title character's marriage to Fanny Goodwill, this is, for 10 points, what novel about the adventures of Parson Abraham Adams and the brother of Pamela Booby, the first novel by Henry Fielding.
Answer: The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams
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This organization launched an unsuccessful amphibious landing during Operation Menace, which saw the ships Resolution, Barham, and Ark Royal attempted to land personnel at Rufisque. Their most popular anthem was composed by Anna Marly and their leaders included General Dentz and General Koenig, who had a famous affair with his chauffeur driver Susan Travers. During Operation Ironclad, they captured Diego Suarez and were commanded by General Annet, under whom they took Madagascar. They were called to arms by the "Appeal of June 18th," which was issued from London, where their leader was stationed as a diplomat. They employed the Lorraine cross as their symbol. FTP, name this military group opposed to the government of Laval and Petain, led by Charles de Gaulle.
Answer: Free French Forces [or Forces Francaises Libres; prompt on FFL]
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This king was nearly captured in the uprising at St. Giles Field. He signed the Treaty of Canterbury with the last Holy Roman Emperor from the House of Luxemburg, Emperor Sigismund, who promised him military aid. The older brother of the Duke of Bedford, this king ordered built a flagship named the Grace Dieu. An attempt by Henry Scrope and Richard of Conisbourgh, the Earl of Cambridge, to replace this king with Edmund Mortimer was known as the Southampton Plot. He's famous for winning a battle which saw the death of opposing commander Charles d'Albret, and after that, he forced the signing of the Treaty of Troyes, by which he married Catherine of Valois and was supposed to become king of France after Charles VI. FTP, name this English king who won the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.
Answer: Henry V
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In a response to his critics, this man accused Isaac Newton of failing to properly eliminate the "rectangle of the moments" and discusses the similarities between believing in God and believing in fluxions. Another of his works explores the difference between pleasure and heat to support the "master argument." He points out that we do not see the same moon that we can travel to, but rather see a small disk which is quite unlike the actual moon, in his attempt to explain how distance is perceived in the Essay Toward a New Theory of Vision. That essay seems to contradict his axiom, "esse est percipi." For 10 points, name this author of A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge and Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonus who believed that "to be is to be perceived," the leading idealist empiricist.
Answer: George Berkeley
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Famous ones include Ma Zhongying, who vanished to join the Soviet air force in 1934, and Zhang Chengzhi, who probably coined the phrase "red guard." One of their heroes, Du Wenxiu, led an uprising known as the Panthay Rebellion which lasted from 1855 to 1873 in Yunnan Province, and was a direct response to the oppression of this group. Many trace their origins to the forces invited to put down the An Lushan Rebellion, but the first community of them was founded by missionaries in the mid-7th century. They now enjoy self-rule from Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia. Distinguished from the Uighurs and Kyrgyz because of their native language, the most famous example of one is Zheng He, the Ming admiral, who went on a noted hajj to Mecca. FTP, identify this ethnic group in a certain communist country.
Answer: Hui or huizu or "Chinese Muslims" (or any equivalent mentioning Chinese and Muslim)
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This man was an owner of the Saginaw Bay Company along with James Fraser and Daniel Fitzhugh and at one point moved into the Webster House built by the company. He studied law under Alexander Dallas years before he wrote the pamphlet The American Churches, the Bulwarks of American Slavery. The "Garland forgery" hurt his political campaign when he ran with Thomas Morris as his vice president, after having earlier run with Thomas Earle. He founded a newspaper called the Philanthropist in Cincinnati after he'd spent some time in Alabama outlawing the importation of slaves and formed the Kentucky Anti-Slavery Society. The party he is associated with nominated John Parker Hale in 1848 and then merged itself with the Free Soil Party. FTP, name this two-time presidential candidate for the Liberty Party.
Answer: James Gillespie Birney
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In one work in this collection the author claims that "I am the living mind you fail to describe" and that "the letters of my mind are written under the lids of the newborn child." The final poem contains prose passages from Jean-Marc Itard's account of the Wild Boy of Aveyron, while section two is composed entirely of the ten-part "The Phenomenology of Anger." She describes "a blue energy piercing/the massed atoms of a bedrock disbelief" in "When We Dead Awaken," and the companion poems "Burning Oneself In" and "Burning Oneself Out" precede a poem addressed to women incarcerated as political prisoners in the Soviet Union, "For a Sister." In the title poem, the speaker has read the book of myths and prepares by donning a "grave and awkward mask" and "body-armor of black rubber." For 10 points name this feminist poetry collection by Adrienne Rich.
Answer: Diving into the Wreck
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This effect, along with the Doppler effect, is utilized in telescopes such as NARVAL to map the magnetic fields of stars. In a Fabry-Perot interferometer, this effect can be used to measure the electron charge-mass ratio. In the weak field case, spin-orbit coupling occurs in conjunction with this, causing the angular momentum and spin to precess around the total angular momentum. In this case, the resulting energy is the product of the Bohr magneton, the Lande g-factor, the external field, and the z-component of the angular momentum. In the strong field, this is also known as the Paschen-Back effect, and its analogue for electric fields is the Stark effect. FTP, name this splitting of spectral lines in a magnetic field.
Answer: Zeeman effect
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This body of water, which is home to a namesake bull shark, is fed on the far south by the Camastro and Tule Rivers which descend from the Yolaina mountain range. Its southern extension also contains the Solentiname Archipelago, which was the birthplace of a primitivist art movement and has a hotel on its island of Mancaron. Its chief port is Granada and this body's central portion is dominated by Ometepe Island, home to twin volcanoes. To its west lies the Isthmus of Rivas. Sometimes called the "sweet sea," it is connected by the San Juan River to the open sea, but more famously the Tipitapa River flows into it on the north and connects it to another major lake. FTP, name this largest lake in Central America, which shares its name with the nation that also features Lake Managua.
Answer: Lake Nicaragua (or Lake Cocibolca)
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A vacuum cleaner that must be worn as a backpack is painful, particularly afflicting Marge, who has arthritis. George, a Czechoslovakian immigrant, is fired because he cannot understand that he has been accused of stealing. The second section of the book concerns a nursing home in Portland where the author is entrusted to feed a ward of elderly Alzheimer's patients. The author makes friends with Melissa while sorting clothing, and the author's departure leads Melissa to also quit her job at Wal-Mart. Inspired after a lunch with Lewis Lapham, the author travels to Florida, Maine and Minnesota and is oppressed by bosses B.J., Howard, and Ted. After finding it difficult to pay rent, the author concludes that unskilled jobs are mentally and physically challenging, and that the rise of rents is making it difficult for the working poor to survive. FTP, identify this sociological work written by Barbara Ehrenreich.
Answer: Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America
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In one story, the maiden Apala prays to this god, and he cures Apala's father's baldness and makes Apala grow pubic hair. This god's wife thrusts against her man better than any other woman, which may explain why her loins were violated by Vrsakapi, this god's favorite monkey. That wife is a daughter of Puloman. When another god hides in the waters, this god joins Varuna's expedition to find him, and delivers a speech coaxing Agni to come out. When Hanuman attempted to catch the sun, this god struck him in the chin, leaving a permanent scar. Married to Sachi, he rides Airavata, a five-headed white elephant, and hurls the Vajra. For 10 points, name this Hindu thunder deity, the chief god of the Vedic pantheon.
Answer: Indra
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This man's writings include the unfinished novel M. Dudron's Adventure. This artist's fruit paintings include Transformed Dream, while a bunch of brightly-colored toys dominate his Evil Genius of a King. Nude men wading through pools is the subject of his set of prints entitled Mysterious Bathers, while paintings in a more classical style include the Horses by the Sea paintings. Experiments with lithography culminated in The Grand Metaphysician, while Still-Life with Silverware and Self-Portrait in Black Costume exemplify his "neo-baroque" period. He produced over twenty versions of his painting of three mannequins on a wooden pedestal, Disquieting Muses, but better-known are his "arcade paintings" including one featuring a girl rolling a large hoop in the shadowy title locale. For 10 points name this surrealist artist of Mystery and Melancholy of a Street.
Answer: Giorgio de Chirico
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Henri Merckel performed on the first complete recording of this piece, playing the Allegretto non Molto third movement Intermezzo that is often omitted. The only slow movement of this D minor piece is its fourth movement Andante, with the second movement instead being an Allegro Molto scherzando based on the form of a seguidilla. More successful than the composer's other major attempts at nationalistic music, the Russian Concerto and Norwegian Rhapsody, this piece begins with a first movement habanera that may have anticipated the release of Bizet's Carmen a month later, and was written with Pablo Sarasate as its intended soloist. FTP, identify this five movement piece that is a violin concerto and not actually a symphony, the master work of Eduard Lalo.
Answer: Symphonie Espagnole or Spanish Symphony
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In Lakota tradition, the god Cetan takes the form of this creature, and the human Waupee is transformed into one of these creatures. For the Aztecs, this creature was the messenger of the gods. The Arpads, the first royal dynasty of Hungary, claimed descent from one of these creatures named Turul. Egyptian deities with the head of this animal include an early necropolis god associated with the sed festival, Sokar. In Norse mythology, a cloak made from the sheddings of this animal is owned by Freya, and another of them is named Vedrfolnir and sits between the eyes of a related species above Yggdrasil. For 10 points, name this type of flying creature whose head looks just like the head of Horus.
Answer: falcon [accept hawk]
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The only known counterexample to this principle was recently provided in the Champagne supernova. Values for it were once calculated by Wilhelm Anderson and Edmund Stoner, in the two years before its namesake put forth the modern formula, which has a term of mu-squared in its denominator. That namesake later worked with Brazilian scientist Mario Schonberg on a similar notion dealing with helium-filled cores. This idea results from viewing relevant stars as gases of non-interacting fermions and, when it is exceeded, electron degeneracy pressure can no longer overcome gravitational pressure. The result is that main sequence stars of more than 8 solar masses become either neutron stars or black holes. FTP, name this upper limit for the mass of a white dwarf named for an Indian guy.
Answer: Chandrasekhar limit
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Progressive loss of this type of cell is known as ataxia-telangiectasia, and a type of hypoplasia results when it fail to develop in utero. Basket and stellate cells provide GABAergic input to this type of cell. Its climbing fiber, which carries complex spikes, originates in the inferior olivary nucleus and runs orthogonally to as many as 200,000 parallel fibers, which carry simple spikes. This cell's synaptic region is characterized by its huge number of dendrites originating in its namesake layer of the cerebellum. FTP, identify this type of neuron that shares its name with a type of fiber found in the heart.
Answer: Purkinje cell
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TB. One instance of this activity began with an amphibious landing at Pillau. If Stephan the Great of Moldavia had chased the retreating army at the Battle of the Cosmin Forest, he would have committed this act after crossing the Prut River. One instance of this activity resulted in the death of Duke Henry the Pious at the hands of an army led by Baidar, Kadan, and Orda Khan. Another instance was codenamed "Case White" and began with a fabricated attack on a radio station and an assault on Westerplatt. One ultimately unsuccessful effort to do this ended with the Treaty of Riga, while another culminated in the siege of Marienburg and involved an organization led by Urlich von Jungingen. The threat of the Soviet Union doing this was used as an excuse to declare martial law by Jaruzelski. FTP, name this common military action, performed by Germany on September 1, 19
Answer: invading Poland [or attacking Poland]
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Harvard
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After being forced to marry Frank Hayston she goes nuts and dies. FTPE:,
[10] Name this title character of The Bride of Lammermoor and of the opera by Donizetti based thereupon.
Answer: Lucy Ashton (also accept Lucia; prompt on "Ashton")
[10] The Bride of Lammermoor is a novel by this author of Waverley and Rob Roy.
Answer: Sir Walter Scott
[10] Lucy actually loves this rightful master of Ravenswood, which has passed into the hands of Lucy's Father, Sir William.
Answer: Edgar
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Answer the following about a nosy postal inspector, FTPE.,
[10] This founder of the Society for the Suppression of Vice is best known for supporting a namesake 1873 law banning the sending of obscene materials through the US mail service.
Answer: Anthony Comstock
[10] Comstock explained the need for his law in this 1880 tract, where he described the various obscenities he had seen while on his job as a postal inspector.
Answer: Frauds Exposed! or, How The People Are Deceived and Robbed, And Youth Corrupted
[10] "No Gods and No Masters" was the delightful motto of this founder of the American Birth Control League, who flagrantly violated the Comstock Law on many occasions.
Answer: Margaret Sanger
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Name these breakway Christian leaders, for 10 points each.,
[10] This seventh-century Assyrian theologist, the leader of the monastery of Abraham of Kashkar, refined Nestorianism into the current Assyrian creed by stating that Christ has two "qnomes" but one "parsopa."
Answer: Babai the Great
[10] This author of the Thalia or Banquet lent his name to a widespread Christian movement which said that Jesus was a being created by God, and was condemned at the Council of Nicaea.
Answer: Arius
[10] This confederate of the lawyer Celestius wrote the tract On Free Will but was condemned by Pope Zosimus at the Council of Carthage for his belief in the ability of men to save themselves.
Answer: Pelagius
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He climbed onto Haleakala in order to lasso the sun. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this god, who also dragged up the islands of New Zealand from the bottom of the sea.
Answer: Maui
[10] Maui caught the sun in order to slow it down as a favor for this mother of Maui, who also escaped from her husband when she climbed up to the moon.
Answer: Hina [or Taranga]
[10] Maui's attempt to gain immortality by travelling through the body of Hine Nuitepo was foiled when Hine woke up after hearing this sound.
Answer: a songbird laughing [accept birdsong or a bird singing or equivalents to any answer]
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The second section of this work asserts, "there will never be a Newton for a blade of grass." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work, whose first section centers on aesthetics and discusses four types the titular concept: the beautiful, agreeable, good, and sublime.
Answer: Critique of Judgement [or Kritik der Urteilskraft]
[10] This philosopher wrote Critique of Judgment along with The Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and Dreams of a Spirit-Seer.
Answer: Immanuel Kant
[10] Kant answered the title question of this 1784 work with "man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity."
Answer: Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment? [or Beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklarung]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following about jawless fishes FTPE.,
[10] This superclass of jawless fishes contains the lampreys and the hagfish.
Answer: Agnatha
[10] While hagfish are in the subphylum Vertebrata, they technically do not have vertebrae, and are sometimes classified in this clade, which includes all animals with a skull.
Answer: Craniata
[10] Thought to be among the first members of Agnatha, this extinct fish from the Cambrian period had a primitive notochord and was discovered in Yunnan, China. It is recognized for the thirteen circular structures along its ventral side, whose purposes are unknown.
Answer: Haikouichthys
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He was often referred to as Panditji and pioneered new frontiers in fashion with his eponymous jacket. For ten points each -,
[10] Identify this man who delivered a speech about a "tryst with destiny" when he became the first prime minister of India.
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
[10] Nehru joined with Gamal Nasser, Kwame Nkrumah, Sukarno, and Tito to found this movement in the 1950s, whose name he coined in reference to its stance on international politics.
Answer: Non-aligned Movement
[10] Twenty-nine nations of the nascent Non-aligned Movement met in 1955 at the Asian-African Conference held in this Indonesian city.
Answer: Bandung
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This emperor published a law code known as the Ecloga which slightly modified the Justinian Code. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Byzantine ruler in power from 717 to 741 AD, who initiated the Iconoclasm controversy.
Answer: Leo III [or Leo the Isaurian; or Leo the Syrian; or even Konon]
[10] This historian and monk composed the classic account of the reign of Leo III in his Chronicle, which was a continuation of a work by George Synkellos. He tells lots of nasty stories about Leo and his son.
Answer: Theophanes the Confessor
[10] This Byzantine ruler convoked the Second Council of Nicaea headed by Tarasius in 787 AD, to bring an end to Iconoclasm, but it was back up and running a few years later.
Answer: Empress Irene
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There's more to Balkan Communism than the Yugo. Identify the following, FTPE.,
[10] From 1954 to 1989, this Balkan nation was ruled by Todor Zhivkov, a KGB loyalist who unsuccessfully attempted to have it annexed to the Soviet Union.
Answer: Bulgaria
[10] In 1971, Yugoslavia was shaken by this "mass national movement," in which the namesake ethnic group agitated for increased autonomy, but was crushed at the village of Karadjordjevo. It did result in the promulgation of a new constitution in 1974.
Answer: "Croatian Spring" (or "masovni pokret" or MASPOK)
[10] Enver Hoxha, Ramiz Alia, Ed Cohn, and other leaders of Communist Albania stayed in power thanks to this secret police force that oppressed those whose ideology was deemed revisionist; it was at least nominally abolished in 1991.
Answer: Sigurimi (or "Drejtoria e Sigurimit te Shtetit")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name some islands that are the largest in their archipelagoes, FTPE.,
[10] The Cagayan River and the Zambales Mountains, which include Mount Pinatubo, are some natural features on this largest island in the Philippines.
Answer: Luzon
[10] Despite its name, Gran Canaria is actually not the largest island in the Canary Islands. This island, whose Teide Volcano is Spain's highest point, is the largest in the Canaries; it's also home to a site known as the Lost Pyramids of Guimar.
Answer: Tenerife
[10] Uninhabited Aldabra, a coral island, is almost exactly the same size as this granite island which is the largest in the Seychelles and contains the capital Victoria.
Answer: Mahe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about free energy in chemistry, FTPE.,
[10] This statement says that the structure of a transition state during a reaction pathway will resemble the species nearest to that transition state in free energy.
Answer: Hammond-(Leffler) Postulate
[10] The partial derivative of the Helmholtz free energy with respect to the number of moles of species will give you this measure. It's the amount by which the energy of a system will change if an additional particle is introduced.
Answer: chemical potential
[10] This diagram plots free energy change in units of F on the y-axis against the oxidation number on the x-axis. It displays the stability of oxidation states, and is essentially a two-dimensional version of the Latimer diagram.
Answer: Frost diagram
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Identify the following about rulers of Moslem Egypt, FTPE.,
[10] While he didn't found the Mamluk Sultanate, this victorious general at the Battle of Ayn Jalut served as its second major ruler from 1260 to 1277.
Answer: Baybars [or al-Malik al-Zahir Rukn al-Din Baibars al-Bunduqdari; prompt on Abu al-Fituh]
[10] This mentally unstable man ruled the Fatimid Caliphate from 996 to 1021. He was known as "the mad Caliph", and during one bout of insanity he ordered the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Answer: Tariqu al-Hakim bi Amir Allah
[10] After the French crushed the Mamelukes and left, this man took power in Egypt and founded a namesake dynasty in 1805 ruling until 1849. He famously massacred some Mamelukes himself at the Cairo Citadel.
Answer: Muhammad Ali of Egypt (Muhammad Ali Pasha al-Mas'ud ibn Agha or "Mehmet Ali")
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FTPE, answer these questions about information theory:,
[10] This function uses the frequency of each symbol in a string to determine an average minimum number of bits per symbol to be used to encode the string.
Answer: Shannon entropy
[10] This type of coding gives the most efficient binary code for a given message and uses a variable length code table generated according to the frequency of symbol occurrence.
Answer: Huffman coding
[10] This theorem states that a communication channel can be improved with an encoding system to transmit digital data with arbitrarily small probability of error, regardless of how lossy the channel is.
Answer: Noisy channel coding theorem [or Shannon's theorem; or Fundamental theorem of information theory]
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Answer these questions about some similarly-titled works, FTPE:,
[10] The speaker of this Robert Browning poem knows that a girl with "eager eyes and yellow hair" waits for him at the title locale, on which a great city where "men breathed joy and woe/long ago" once stood.
Answer: "Love Among the Ruins"
[10] Suzanne is torn between her feelings for Neil and her loyalty to her husband Arthur in this man's play Love among the Ruins. He also created characters like Rose and Frank Maurrant and Mr. Zero, .
Answer: Elmer Rice
[10] A Romance of the Near Future is the subtitle of the novel Love among the Ruins by this author of Decline and Fall and A Handful of Dust.
Answer: Evelyn Waugh
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Answer the following questions about airplanes, FTPE:,
[10] A large portion of the "Cape Hatteras" segment of this long poem addresses itself to the airplane. Other segments include "Powhatan's Daughter" and "Cutty Sark."
Answer: The Bridge
[10] At the beginning of this Edward Albee play, Nancy comments upon the noisiness of airplanes, and Charlie predicts that they will crash into the nearby sand dunes.
Answer: Seascape
[10] A dog falls from an airplane and drenches Helen Ledwidge and Anthony Beavis in blood just after they've made love in this novel.
Answer: Eyeless in Gaza
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Answer the following questions on literary works related to Spring, FTPE:,
[10] "Spring in New Hampshire" is the subject of the title poem of a collection by this Harlem Renaissance author, who also created characters like Lincoln Agrippa Daily and Bita Plant.
Answer: Claude McKay
[10] Spring Snow is the first volume of this man's Sea of Fertility. His short stories include "After the Banquet" and "Patriotism."
Answer: Yukio Mishima
[10] Melchior Gabor impregnates Wendla Bergmann and Moritz Stiefel commits suicide in this man's Spring Awakening. He also wrote Pandora's Box.
Answer: Frank Wedekind
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Identify the following about the travels of a Major League Baseball player.,
[10] In 2004, this man was traded to the Boston Red Sox as part of the Doug Mientkiewicz deal. He replaced Nomar Garciaparra.
Answer: Orlando Cabrera
[10] Orlando Cabrera had been traded to Boston from this National League team. He holds the record for most home runs in a single season by a shortstop from this team, with seventeen in 2003.
Answer: Montreal Expos [accept either city or team name]
[10] This offseason, Orlando Cabrera was traded from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for this starting pitcher.
Answer: Jon Garland
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Answer some questions concerning a certain New England composer, FTPE.,
[10] The composer of a setting of The Chambered Nautilus, Three Shakespeare Songs, and the Piano Concerto in C Sharp Minor, she may be best remembered for her Gaelic Symphony.
Answer: Amy Marcy Cheney Beach
[10] As a teenager, Amy Beach wowed audiences with her performance of this man's Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor. He also composed the Revolutionary Etude, the Minute Waltz, and the Military Polonaise.
Answer: Frederick Chopin
[10] Beach's Violin Sonata in A Minor often draws comparisons to this Belgian's Violin Sonata in A Major. Other works by this man include the symphonic poem Psyche, and, of course, his Symphony in D Minor.
Answer: Cesar Franck
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Identify these things which relate to a common physical phenomenon, FTPE.,
[10] This occurs when a torque is applied to a rotating object and explains why a spinning wheel remains upright when only supported by one axle.
Answer: Precession
[10] During precession, any small perturbation to an object's position will result in small oscillations around the path of precession in an effect known as this.
Answer: Nutation
[10] The precession period of Earth is approximately 26,000 years. The precession cycle, along with the cycles of eccentricity and the axial tilt are collectively known as these cycles, which are a major cause of Ice Ages.
Answer: Milankovitch cycles
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FTPE, Answer the following about a film.,
[10] This film focuses on the psychology of Professor Isak Borg as he takes a long trip to receive an honorary degree from Lund University.
Answer: Wild Strawberries
[10] Name this Swedish director, who died in 2007 and whose films include Wild Strawberries and Fanny and Alexander.
Answer: Ingmar Bergman
[10] This film, which draws its name from biblical reference to the Apocalypse, centers on a knight returning from the Crusades, who plays a game of chess with Death.
Answer: Seventh Seal
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FTPE, answer the following about a composer.,
[10] Antonida is engaged to the soldier Sobinin in this opera, in which Susanin sacrifices himself to mislead a group of Polish soldiers to protect Michael Romanov.
Answer: A Life for the Tsar
[10] This man composed A Life for the Tsar and his Spanish inspired works include Jota Aragonesa and A Night in Madrid.
Answer: Mikhail Glinka
[10] Glinka briefly studied under this Irish composer who created the first nocturnes.
Answer: John Field
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It was originally defined as a term applied to women who suffer from lack of sexual intercourse. FTPE:,
[10] Name this term coined by Hippocrates that was used by Charcot in demonstrations. Charcot argued that susceptibility to hypnotism was a sign of a latent form of it.
Answer: hysteria
[10] This student of Charcot wrote Major Symptoms of Hysteria and studied traumatic memory and pioneered the use of suggestion and dissociation in hypnotism.
Answer: Pierre Janet
[10] This Freud work subtitled "An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria" concerned Ida Bauer, a woman whose hysteria is triggered as the result of sexual advances from a certain Herr K.
Answer: Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria
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For 10 points each, answer these questions about a topic in abstract algebra:,
[10] This is a set endowed with an associative binary operation that has identity and inverses.
Answer: Group
[10] The elements of this set commute with all elements of a group.
Answer: Center
[10] This type of group equals its own commutator subgroup. The smallest example is the alternating group A sub 5.
Answer: Perfect group

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