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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Finals 2
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This event was prompted when Judge Richard Atkins issued a warrant for arrest on the trumped-up charge that a man had allowed sailors to go ashore without government permission; the defense demanded that Atkins be replaced as a biased judge in the matter. It occurred four years after an uprising at Castle Hill, which was a revolt of Irishmen and saw a battle at Vinegar Hill. George Johnston met up with John Macarthur, the wealthy merchant for whom the warrant had been issued, and together they raised an army to storm the Government House. It was not ended until the arrival of Lachlan Macquarie as governor in 1809, resulting in surrender of the New South Wales Corps. FTP, name this rebellion against William Bligh in Australia, named for the current use as currency of a certain alcoholic beverage.
Answer: Rum Rebellion
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He lamented that "we are forgetting how to give presents" in a book of miscellany which also contains the sections "Wolf as grandmother" and "For Anatole France." His study contrasing the philosophies of Stravinsky and Schoenberg earned him the position of "advisor" during the writing of Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus. In another work, he reversed an aphorism of Hegel when he stated "the totality is false." He identified individuals who are superstitious, conformist, and eager to take orders as the subjects of his psychological study of fascism, The Authoritarian Personality. For 10 points, name this author of Negative Dialectics who collaborated with Max Horkheimer on Dialectic of Enlightenment and was a leading member of the Frankfurt School.
Answer: Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno [accept Wiesengrund]
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This island is home to the Gilman River and the Conger Mountains, which are an extension of the Garfield Range, and it also contains the Challenger Mountains in the north. Its central portion features Bache Peninsula and it is separated from the landmass to its east by the Kennedy Channel and the Kane Basin. One notably large lake on this island is the northerly Lake Hazen and its highest point is Barbeau peak. One of its centers, on Cape Sheridan on the Lincoln Sea, is a town known as Alert, while it has an airport at the town of Eureka and a more southerly settlement at Grise Fiord. The Jones Sound separates it from Devon Island to the south, and to its west is Axel Heiberg Island. FTP, name this tenth largest island in the world, the northernmost of the islands in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
Answer: Ellesmere Island
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One person who performed this feat completed it against Lou Brissie and was nicknamed "Fat Pat," and another incidence of this happening was against Don McMahon, Seth Morehead, and Lew Burdette. A person whose career highlight was doing it never played another full season afterwards but did tie a separate record held by Jim Bottomley in the process of doing this. Another person, who did this at Shibe Park, lost out on the next day's headlines to the retirement of John McGraw. It was last performed in the National League on behalf of the Dodgers, and in the American League for the Blue Jays, by Shawn Green and Carlos Delgado respectively. Mark Whiten and Mike Cameron are some others who have done it, in addition to Bob Horner, Rocky Colavito, Mike Schmidt, Willie Mays, and Lou Gehrig. For 10 points, identify this feat in which a player ties the record for a single-contest performance of a certain optimal hitting outcome.
Answer: hit four home runs in one game [accept clear equivalents]
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This chemical phenomenon was first modeled by Longuet-Higgens, who devised a loop method to represent it. One formulation of it says that if a given type of polyatomic system has two or more branches that intersect at one point, then at least one has no extemum at that point. The dynamic version of this phenomenon is enhanced by decreasing the Debye temperature and happens where the time frame is short. It is comparatively weak in tetrahedral complexes since the ligands are out of alignment with the appropriate orbitals, whereas it is strong in octahedral crystal fields; it's best attested in Copper(II) complexes with 3 electrons in the E-sub-g level. It happens when the lowest energy level of a non-linear molecular system spontaneously attempts to remove degeneracy and form a system of lower symmetry. FTP, name this doubly-eponymous effect, a distortion in chemical geometry to lower energy.
Answer: Jahn-Teller Effect/Distortion
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One person who took this name is known for conquering king Bituitus of the Arverni, and because of his victories against Gallic tribes, he was known as Allobrogicus. Another person by this name commanded alongside Decius Mus at the Battle of Sentinum, the key battle of the Third Samnite War. Another man of this name painted the temple of Salus at Rome and his same-named grandson was an annalist who wrote a history extending from Aeneas to the Second Punic War; both of these men were known as "Pictor." The most famous man by this name was condemned by Lucius Papirius Cursor and was forced to rescue his deputy Minucius after he was named dictator in the wake of the Battle of Lake Trasimene in 217 B.C. FTP, give this name held by a Roman commander known as Cunctator for his strategy of constantly delaying the attacks of Hannibal.
Answer: (Quintus) Fabius (Maximus)
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These compounds can be created from alpha amino-ketones and from compounds containing a methylene group alpha-bonded to a carbonyl group in the Knorr synthesis. In a similar fashion, they can be created from 1,4 diketones in the Paal-Knorr synthesis, and three-four substituted ones are formed in the Piloty-Robinson synthesis. Also created by the Hantzch synthesis, their chemistry was investigated by Hans Fischer, and they are components of biological macromolecules including chlorophyll and heme. It is very similar in structure to thiophene and furan, except that its non-carbon atom is not sulfur or oxygen, but rather nitrogen. FTP, name this heterocyclic aromatic compound, a five-membered ring with two double bonds containing four carbons and one nitrogen atom.
Answer: pyrrole
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One member of this race was a prophet who was killed by a Libyan snake while a member of the Argonauts, Mopsus. Another of their number was buried alive because he was formerly a female lover of Poseidon whom that god turned into an invulnerable transexual. In addition to Caeneus, they included Coronus, who was killed by Heracles in a war with the Dorians, and Leonteus, who led them at Troy. Another of them pushed Eioneus into a pit of fire and got busy with a cloud to produce a different group; that is the man bound to wheel by Zeus, Ixion. They also won a fight that began when their rivals tried to abduct Hippodamia at her wedding to Pirithous. For 10 points, name this people of Thessaly who defeated some boorish half-horses, the Centaurs.
Answer: Lapiths
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One character at the center of this painting is an entirely red dwarf who hunches against a column with a dark parrot on his arm, while two soldiers are conspicuously milling about in German dress. A black and white dog sits in the front center on a raised platform; the platform is accessible by gradually ascending the stairs in the lower corners. The background is dominated by an arcade of three massive arches, beyond which city buildings rise, including a white tower at center. Commissioned for the refectory of the Dominican monastery of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, it now sits in the Academy in Venice. It was renamed in the wake of heresy charges and completed a decade after its artist's other masterpiece, The Marriage at Cana. FTP, name this painting which depicts the Last Supper, but was named by its artist Veronese to reflect the festive banquet taking place at the title place.
Answer: The Feast in the House of Levi or Convito in casa di Levi or La Cena in casa di Levi
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Research by the Argonne National Laboratory has revealed that diagonal matrix elements in two-body n-p pairing scenarios explain this phenomenon's near-ground level density differences for odd-numbered groups with a count difference of 2. A system's total binding energy may be calculated from the sum of the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Energy and this quantity. Characterized by a sharp slope discontinuity at N = Z for even-even and odd-odd nuclei group surfaces, it arises due to an induced Frenkel defect, and may be safely released by gradual elimination of the resulting interstitials during adiabatic heating, a process known as annealing. FTP, name this type of potential energy that may have caused Britain's worst nuclear accident, which is named for the discoverer of parity conservation and the subject of a thought experiment involving his namesake "friend."
Answer: Wigner Energy
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One part of this work says "with your tongue remove the tape" and compares the breath of the subject to "bright beads on yellow globes." Another part follows a dancer who resents being ogled by a "dictie" and cries after being silently rejected. The "cornfield concubines" "sing like virgins" at the end of "Georgia Dusk," one part of this work, while the last section discusses a man who is fired from his teaching job for drinking moonshine and becomes a blacksmith after discussing, with Halsey and Lyman, the fear of being lynched. Including "Avey, "Blood-Burning Moon," "Karintha," and "Kabnis," this book was by far the most important contribution that the author of Balo and "The Flavor of Man" made to the Harlem Renaissance. For 10 points, name this collection of stories, drama, and poems by a grandson of Pinckney Pinchback, Jean Toomer.
Answer: Cane
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Before this opera's first act ends with the "Night Chorus," one of the antagonists expounds on the nature of freedom in "Those Birds Flying Above Us." The composer's efforts to emulate Bach's passion settings can be seen in such interspersed choruses as the one retelling the story of Hagar at the start of the second act. A song mentioning a child named Didi, sung by a Swiss grandmother, and the Captain's opening song, "It was just after 1:15," provide different narrative viewpoints in this minimalist opera, which features such characters as Rambo, Molqi, and the title character's wife Marilyn, and explores the tenuous history of Israel-Palestine relations. FTP, identify this opera about the murder of a Jewish passenger on the hijacked Achille Lauro, composed by John Adams.
Answer: The Death of Klinghoffer
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This document was released partly as a reply to a meeting at the estate of Great Elm two years earlier in Sharon, Connecticut, where journalist M. Stanton Evans drafted a similar work. It was contributed to by Dick Flacks and it ends by declaring that "if we appear to seek the unattainable, as it has been said, then let it be known that we do so to avoid the unimaginable." Some of its sections are entitled "Values" and "The Society Beyond," and it begins by declaring "we are people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort?looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit." Its body promotes the notion of "participatory democracy" after which its author, Tom Hayden, outlines the ideal program of the "New Left." FTP, name this manifesto of the Students for a Democratic Society, released at a convention in the namesake Michigan city.
Answer: Port Huron Statement
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In one story by this author, James takes his son Andrew to the title locale in Edinburgh to see the coast of America, while in another story Dick has sex with a girl in a barn after he is told that her father was decapitated. That story appears in this author's first collection along with "Walker Brothers Cowboy" and the title story, in which a group of disabled students are included in a piano recital. The character Del Jordan creates a memoir of the town of Jubilee in her only novel, while "Oranges and Apples" and "Blowtrain" are among the stories collected in Friend of My Youth. This author responded to O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find" in "Save the Reaper," one of the stories collected in The Love of a Good Woman. Also known for a collection featuring the character Juliet Henderson, Runaway, this is, for 10 points, what Canadian author of Dance of the Happy Shades?
Answer: Alice Munro
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Christina Hoff Summers has criticized this work for failing to make the data available. The author cites Matina Horner's work on the Thematic Aperception Test to criticize McClleland's categories of "hope success" and "fear success". Based on developmental theories in "The Reproduction of Mothering", the author borrows from Nancy Chodorow the idea that roles are imprinted early in life. The author writes that the work is grounded in listening, and the discussion of the Heinz dilemma centers around Julia's need to resolve a network of relationships rather than considering individual rights. Thus, the work criticized the three stages of development by positing an "ethics of care" that women were predisposed to. FTP, identify this work which provided a feminist counterpoint to Kohlberg's moral stages, written by Carol Gilligan.
Answer: In a Different Voice
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One character in this work has a mysterious recurring dream in which he hears the phrase "and now she is a holy child forever." That character reads a newspaper which says that lotus seeds were made to bloom even though they were over a thousand years old, and he also dreams of ostrich and snake eggs. The novel ends on a happy note with a family sharing three trout for dinner and the main character suggests that they should all go look at the maple trees. Earlier, we learned Fusako was being abused and the wife of the main character had a secret abortion, while his son Shuichi cheated on his wife with a war widow Kinuko. FTP, name this novel about the elderly businessman Shingo who longs to see his family in peace, a work by Kawabata named for the call of a natural landform which only Shingo can hear.
Answer: The Sound of the Mountain
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Some historians like David Fischer have argued that this group never truly existed, although its key members were often distinctly enumerated - they included Benjamin Goodhue, Nathaniel Tracy, and Jonathan Jackson. Another member was the author of the "Laco letters," Stephen Higginson, who was also associated with a related group called the "Blue Lights." This group also included Fisher Ames and the influential jurist Theophilus Parsons, and its name was coined by John Hancock in 1781, referring to a group that had met three years earlier in Ipswich to draft a new constitution for Massachusetts. Including prominent members like Timothy Pickering and George Cabot, they campaigned for repeal of the Embargo Act and against the French policies of John Adams. FTP, name this radical faction of the Federalist Party which dominated the Hartford Convention.
Answer: Essex Junto
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The mechanism of action of these substances is mediated by binding and activation of their eponymous G-protein receptors, of which three classses have been identified: mu, delta, and kappa. Capable of constriction of the pupils and suppression of the cough reflex, endogenous forms of these substances are produced from cleavage of peptides such as POMC, and include the dynophins, enkephalins, and endorphins. Antagonized by naloxone, the mu receptors in the dorsal horn of spinal cord mediates its major effects, which is to hyperpolarize and inactivate postsynaptic neurons that transmit pain. FTP, name this class of substances, examples of which include methadone, codeine, heroin, and its prototype, morphine.
Answer: opiates or opioids (grudingly accept narcotics)
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Laying the foundation for one of these structures involves using 101 threads which are woven together and suspended above the ground by 301 nails in the "tana" ceremony. A minimum of two Nasasalars use non-wooden implements to transport objects to these structures, whose three concentric circles represent both the ideals of good deeds, good words, and good thoughts, and the division into places for men, women, and children. Each one has an accompanying pit in which clothing is destroyed by sulfuric acid, and at its center is the astodan, in which bones are collected. Commonly found in the environs of Bombay, they avoid polluting either fire or earth, by allowing vultures to remove flesh. For 10 points, name these structures used to expose the dead in Zoroastrianism.
Answer: towers of silence [or dakhmas]
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One character in this work muses on the concept of "Thalavethiparothiam," or "strength obtained by decapitation," while shaving the protagonist. Recurring images in this novel include a horse branded with the number seven and posters for the film "The Hands of Orlac," running at the cinema owned by Senor Bustamante. After watching his brother fight a bull, the protagonist drunkenly recalls waiting for Lee Maitland on a train platform, though she never arrived. The conflict of the novel centers around his struggle to forgive his estranged wife Yvonne for her affair with Hugh, but she is eventually trampled to death by a horse while searching for him. The story of the protagonist is told by Jacques Laurelle as he prepares to leave Quauhnahuac. Taking place on the Day of the Dead, this is, for 10 points, what novel about the demise of Geoffrey Firmin by Malcolm Lowry?
Answer: Under the Volcano
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TB. This man's aliases included James Brunswill and Adam Smith, during which time his wife was known as Lady Smith. His wrote a noted "Letter from Vidin" while in Bulgaria and, late in life, delineated a plan for a "Danubian Federation" and wrote the book Memories of my Exile. He was succeeded in office by his longtime general Arthur Gorgey, who served as dictator until surrendering to Rudiger at Vilagos, after this man had organized the Honved army and served as regent-president. The USS Mississippi was dispatched to rescue him from internment in Turkey by Millard Fillmore after this man had previously been hailed as a celebrity in England, causing a scandal for foreign secretary Lord Palmerston. FTP, name this key participant in the 1848 revolution honored as a national hero in Hungary.
Answer: Lajos Kossuth
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Finals 2
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Name these legendary founders, for 10 points each.,
[10] This man had threee brothers and four sisters, all of whom set out from Paccari-Tampu to Cuzco. He married Mama Ocllo to father the prince Sinchi Roca, thus founding the Incas.
Answer: Manco Capac
[10] The Nihongi and Kojiki contain the story of this descendant of Amaterasu, who founded the Yamato dynasty and thus was the first emperor of Japan.
Answer: Jimmu Tenno [or Kamu Yamato Ihare Biko]
[10] Born to Hwanung and a bear who had been transformed into a woman, this man, whose name means "sandalwood," founded the Choson kingdom and lived for almost two thousand years at Pyongyang.
Answer: Tangun
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He attracted Andre Le Notre and Louis le Vau to work on his lavish chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man appointed by Cardinal Mazarin as the last Superintendent of Finances in 1661, since that position was abolished in the wake of this man's arrest and imprisonment.
Answer: Nicolas Fouquet
[10] This man orchestrated the downfall of Fouquet and became the first Controller-General of Finances; he diminished the taille and pursued a policy of protectionism which has become synonymous with his name.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Colbert
[10] This later controller-general from 1774-1776 under Louis XVI dismantled Colbert's policies, issuing the Six Edicts which dissolved guilds and the corvee system. He harshly quashed the Flour Wars and was succeeded by Necker, who reversed most of his policies.
Answer: Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot
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Given clues about the classic album cover, identify the artist and album for 5 points per answer.,
[10] Conceived by Andy Warhol, this cover features a close-up of the front of a tight pair of jeans, including a working zipper. It includes the songs such as "Wild Horses" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking."
Answer: Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones
[10] With the featured performer flashing a "Westside" signal with his right hand and holding a pendant in his left, this album features "California Love" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted"
Answer: All Eyez On Me by Tupac Shakur [either or both names]
[10] Home to "Longview" and "Welcome to Paradise", this album's detailed cover illustration includes a monkey questioning throwing feces, a Bad Year blimp and a dog-piloted airplane dropping bombs upon a crowd of various figures.
Answer: Dookie by Green Day
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This collection includes "What is an American?" and "Distresses of a Frontier Man." It was written at the author's Hudson River plantation Pine Hill. FTPE:,
[10] Name this set of 12 letters, published in 1782, which uses a fictional narrator James to describe local American customs and life on the frontier.
Answer: Letters from an American Farmer
[10] This French-born man, who served as Consul to New York for a time and became a naturalized citizen of Vermont, is best known for writing Letters from an American Farmer.
Answer: Michel Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur (or John Hector St. John)
[10] Crevecoeur participated in the French and Indian War as a surveyor under this French general, who battled Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham during the Battle of Quebec.
Answer: Marquis de Montcalm (or Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, Marquis de Saint Veran)
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Opposed by conservative politicians like Su Dongpo, he came to prominence under Emperor Shenzong. FTPE:,
[10] Name this great Chinese prime minister who promulgated the New Laws, initiating government loans to relieve peasants, established regional militias, and rewrote the civil examinations.
Answer: Wang Anshi or An-shih
[10] Wang Anshi was prime minister during this dynasty. Soon after his reforms, this dynasty was forced to move its capital south to Hangzhou from Kaifeng with the invasion of the Jin.
Answer: Song Dynasty
[10] Wang supported this system of collective neighborhood organization, under which 100 households were placed in 10 groups under a neighborhood leader; it used the mutual reporting system in attempt to make people responsible for each other.
Answer: baojia system (or pinyin)
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This member of the Society of Brahma was a follower of Ramakrishna, a 19th-century Hindu reformer who emphasized positive work for humanity as the highest spiritual calling. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this leader of the Vedanta movement who first made many Americans aware of Hinduism in the 1890s.
Answer: Vivekananda [or Narendranath Datta]
[10] Vivekananda stole the show at this 1893 event, a part of the Chicago World's Fair which brought together nearly two hundred clerics to give presentations on twelve different major belief systems.
Answer: World's Parliament of Religions
[10] Vivekananda's understanding of Hindu scripture was focused on these texts, which are interpretations of the Vedas by teachers of the first half of the first millenium BCE.
Answer: the Upanishads
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Answer the following about an astronomical phenomenon, FTPE.,
[10] Type 1c supernovae and magnetars have been hypothesized as the cause for these high-radiation events discovered by the Vela satellite system, though many astronomers believe their most common and strongest version are caused by infall events of large masses onto black holes, known as collapsars.
Answer: gamma ray bursts (GRBs)
[10] This model put forth by Tarvani describes the spectral distribution of gamma ray bursts when optical interference is low and particle acceleration is high. It predicts a low energy continuum and has a spectral index alpha limit of negative 2/3 known as the "line of death." It implies a source in impulse-driven magneto-hydrodynamic winds.
Answer: synchrotron shock model (PROMPT on "shock model")
[10] Historically, this model has exhibited the best chi-squared fit for time-resolved spectra representation of bright gamma ray bursts. It consists of two power laws conjoined by a smooth exponential roll-over.
Answer: band Model or Law
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This Baron was instructed to write a biography of Frederick William. FTPE:,
[10] Name this jurist who wrote Two Books on the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence , arguing that humans had a basic right to liberty and equality. He also theorized the circumstances in which a war was just.
Answer: Samuel von Pufendorf
[10] von Pufendorf was one of the early advocates for this doctrine which broadly holds that either moral and legal codes fundamentally overlap, or that legal codes are derived from the fundamental way humans live.
Answer: natural law theory
[10] This man disagreed with Pufendorf on the nature of properties, and was an early advocate for international law, writing On the Laws of War and Peace.
Answer: Hugo Grotius
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Answer these questions about dielectrics, FTPE.,
[10] This is the maximum potential difference that can be applied prior to the onset of conductance in a dielectric. It may be calculated by either the AC method or the impulse method.
Answer: breakdown voltage (PROMPT on "dielectric strength")
[10] This type of diode has an unusually low breakdown voltage. They are then reverse-biased to maintain constant voltages in circuits.
Answer: Zener diodes
[10] Observation of breakdown voltages in these insulators characterized by strong inter-particle repulsion is rare, but may occur during the Landau-Zener Effect. They are predicted by the Bose-Hubbard model, and occur when the repulsive Coulomb potential is large enough to create an energy gap. Examples include cobalt oxide.
Answer: Mott insulators
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Captain Beaugard cuckolds the dimwitted Sir Davy Dunce in his crappy play The Soldier's Fortune. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of the poem Windsor Castle and a play about the sexual misadventures of Monimia, The Orphan.
Answer: Thomas Otway
[10] Otway is better known for this play in which Jaffier stabs Pierre then himself after they get embroiled in a conspiracy against the titular Italian city.
Answer: Venice Preserved, Or, A Plot Discovered
[10] Otway's play Titus and Berenice is an adaptation of Berenice, a play by this author of Andromache and Phedre.
Answer: Jean Baptiste Racine
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Answer the following about a British prime minister who dealt with the strike of the Ulster Workers Council, FTPE.,
[10] This Labour leader succeeded Alec Douglas-Home and served in two intervals from 1964 to 1974, being interrupted from 70-74 by the term of Edward Heath.
Answer: Harold Wilson
[10] Harold Wilson's rise was spurred by this 1963 scandal, which involved a British War Secretary getting it on with Christine Keeler, who was getting it on with a Russian spy.
Answer: Profumo Affair
[10] This member of the Shadow Cabinet during Wilson's term was driven out of power after he made his famous "Rivers of Blood" speech decrying runaway immigration and anti-discrimination laws in Britain.
Answer: (John) Enoch Powell
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Paul Litvak saw a terrible production of one of her plays in a coffee house in 1996. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this African-American author of Liliane and the feminist "choreopoem" for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf.
Answer: Ntozake Shange or Paulette Williams
[10] Among Ntozake Shange's other plays is an adaptation of this Berthold Brecht play in which Kattrin is shot on a roof, Eilif is killed for stealing cattle, and Swiss Cheese is executed after parting with a cash box.
Answer: Mother Courage and Her Children or Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder
[10] "Love and Other Highways" and "Whispers with the Unicorn" are among the sections of this best-known collection of poetry by Shange.
Answer: Nappy Edges
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This student of Wilfrid Sellars founded the journal Nous during his long tenure as chairman of the philosophy department at Wayne State. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Guatemalan-born author of Thinking and Doing and The Structure of Morality.
Answer: Hector Neri Castaneda
[10] One of Castaneda's colleagues at Wayne State, this man has published three books on the concept of "warrant" in Christian faith and is a fan of the appeal to consequences fallacy, which he uses to argue against evolution.
Answer: Alvin Plantinga
[10] Plantinga attempts to recast arguments against this position as arguments for the existence of God. Notably attacked by Wittgenstein, it is the belief that the entire world, including the minds of others, exists only in one's own mind.
Answer: solipsism
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Answer the following about the German Expressionists' revival of the triptych, FTPE.,
[10] The side panels of this Otto Dix triptych show crippled soldiers wasting away in prostitute-filled alleys, while a crowd in the center panel parties obliviously in a jazz club. It shares its name with a Fritz Lang film highlighting the inequality between laborers and the wealthy in the titular dystopia.
Answer: Metropolis
[10] This Christ and the Children painter played second fiddle to Ernst Kirchner as a brief member of Die Brucke, and painted a triptych of St. Mary of Egypt and a bunch of watercolors of bright landscapes and flowers.
Answer: Emil Nolde
[10] Argonauts was the ninth and last triptych this man completed before his 1950 death. Carnival, The Acrobats, and Departure were other triptychs painted by this New Objectivity artist of The Night.
Answer: Max Beckmann
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Answer these questions about "glorious" poems, for 10 points each.,
[10] This poet writes that "the days of our youth are the days of our glory" in his "All for Love;" he also wrote The Corsair and The Lament of Tasso.
Answer: George Gordon, Lord Byron (accept either)
[10] Thomas Gray states, "The paths of glory lead but to the grave" in this poem about a place where "some mute inglorious Milton…may rest."
Answer: "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
[10] The speaker claims, "If they want to learn how to live life right/they ought to study me on Saturday night" in this poet's "Weekend Glory."
Answer: Maya Angelou
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Identify these novels by Jorge Amado, FTPE:,
[10] This work, whose characters include the crafty "Legless" and the leader "Bullet," centers on a gang of orphans who band together to rob the rich and privileged of Bahia.
Answer: Captains of the Sand(s) or Capitaes de Areia
[10] This novel traces the life of Antonio Balduino, a former circus-boxer who joins the local workers in their struggle against oppression. It is named for the medicine man who inspired Antonio in his youth.
Answer: Jubiaba
[10] In this work, partially set at the Vesuvius Bar, a beautiful and talented cook is courted by Nacib Saad. Other portions of the novel focus on the Cacao trade and the fortunes of the Bastos family
Answer: Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon or Gabriela, Cravo e Canela
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Gustav Mahler adapted several poems from this collection, including "Urlicht," "St. Anthony's Sermon to the Fishes," and "Who Thought Up This Song?" FTPE:,
[10] Name this collection of German folk poetry assembled by Clemens Brentano and Achim von Arnim, and dedicated to Goethe.
Answer: The Youth's Magic Horn [or Des Knaben Wunderhorn]
[10] Mahler included "Urlicht" and "St. Anthony's Sermon to the Fishes" in this symphony, inspired by the death of his friend Hans von Bulow. The fifth movement features the text of a Friedrich Klopstock poem and portrays the soul's journey toward Heaven.
Answer: Resurrection Symphony [or Symphony No. 2 in C Minor; or Second Symphony]
[10] The Wunderhorn poem "Wann mein Schatz" inspired the first of the four songs in this Mahler collection, whose second piece, "Ging heut Morgen ubers Feld," became the first theme of the Titan Symphony.
Answer: Songs of a Wayfarer [or Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen]
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Identify the following associated with the rifting and breakup of continents, FTPE:,
[10] Newly rifted continental margins undergo this process caused by the cooling of hot lithosphere as it moves away from a center of spreading. The lithosphere is thinned by spreading and then depressed under a heavy sediment load in this process.
Answer: tectonic subsidence
[10] This type of faulting occurs when spreading rates in a rift zone diverge along a curved surface, leading to an offset in rift valleys or grabens. It is characterized by relative motion opposite of that implied by the apparent offset, and it is the primary cause of discontinuity in mid-ocean ridges.
Answer: transform faulting or faults (PROMPT on "strike-slip" fault)
[10] This is the name for the failed third arm of a triple junction of grabens during the initial rifting phase. They form sediment traps in the center of cratons, and may remain active, causing earthquakes in continental centers.
Answer: aulacogens

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