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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Finals 1
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In a novel by this man, the title character surprises Mynheer van der Pissen during his daily combat with his Moorish servant, his dog, and his monkey in the court of an orphan girl and her pet parrot. In addition to The Memoirs of Herr von Schnabelewopski, this man wrote a play about a crazy person later adapted by Cesar Cui into a like-titled opera, William Ratcliff. The title character and his wife Mumma have been transformed into dancing bears at the beginning of his epic poem Atta Troll, while "Evening Twilight," "The Avowal," and "Night in the Cabin" are all part of his North Sea cycle. His Romanzero is divided into "Histories," "Lamentations," and "Hebrew Melodies," but better known is a poem about a woman combing her hair and singing a song that drives sailors to their deaths. For 10 points name this poet of "Die Lorelei."
Answer: Heinrich Heine
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A later self-portrait by this painting's artist in which he is wearing a blue sweater features it in the background, though most of the people depicted in the original painting are not present. A man and two children can be seen climbing over a short wall that runs across this painting, and a winding path leads down to a row of four houses. A set of brown cliffs can be seen in background on the left, though on the right they are obscured by a large hill. Reddish-brown trees dot the majority of the hilly landscape behind the title figure. In the foreground sits a woman wearing a grey wimple, and next to her sit a woman in bright blue and another in black and white, all facing the title character. That character is modeled after an anonymous painting created for a chapel in Tremalo. For ten points name this painting in which the crucifixion is depicted in a certain color by Paul Gaugin.
Answer: The Yellow Christ or Le Christ Jaune
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A namesake war in this place was sparked by the rebellion of Prince Diponegoro and very early on, power was consolidated here under the Sailendra kingdom. A number of kings of this place are chronicled in the Pararaton manuscript, which begins with the ascension of Ken Arok of the Singhasari Kingdom. It runs through the so-called "Golden Age" here, under prime minister Gajah Mada and king Hayam Wuruk of the Majapahit kingdom. The kingdom of Mataram was the last independent one in this place, whose history was written by the man who gained fame for founding Singapore, Stamford Raffles. Early on, it saw the construction of the Prambanan complex by king Daksa as well as Borobodur, while the city of Batavia was later founded by the Dutch East India Company. FTP, name this Indonesian island with a center at Jakarta.
Answer: Java (prompt on Indonesia)
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Peter Smith and Tony Brueckner's namesake articles about this concept criticized the "disquotation" used to refute its possibility by the writer who compared it to a Martian seeing a painting that accidentally resembles a tree. By use of the "causal constraint" which says that a term can only refer to an object if there is an actual connection between the term and the object, a philosopher put forth the "semantic externalism" argument against the possibility of this scenario in 1981's Reason, Truth, and History. Ted Warfield's refutation of this idea relies on another thought experiment put forth by its creator, the Twin Earth argument. For 10 points, name this scenario analyzed by Hilary Putnam, which involves an evil genius creating false experiences by electrical stimulation of a disembodied cortex.
Answer: brain in a vat [accept very similar answers, e.g. "brain in a jar," but not stuff that is further afield. "Ghost in the machine" or "HEY MAN THE MATRIX MAN" are not acceptable.]
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One song by this band is an ode to its lawyer, who "won't leave me alone" even though she also represents the Beach Boys. Another song by this band recalls a ten-year-old who shaved his head in order to pretend to be a monk, as part of a ploy to attract "older women," and appears on an album with the print "Night Snow at Kambara" on the front that was originally called Songs From the Black Hole. A single off this band's upcoming album promises that people who are "tools" can be "transformed" by wearing Oakleys and wonders if the singer of this band should work with Timbaland in order to "perfect the art." Proclaming that "I eat my candy with the pork and beans," that song will appear on an album that this band hopes will be more favorably received than their last record, which included "Haunt You Every Day" and "Perfect Situation" and was entitled Make Believe. For 10 points, name this band behind such twenty-first-century singles as "Beverly Hills" and "Dope Nose," whose stronger work includes a concept album based on Madame Butterfly entitled Pinkerton and a song about someone who "don't care what they say about us anyway," "Buddy Holly."
Answer: Weezer
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One key moment in this battle came when the main army proceeded to mount the Surgham Hills while the rear was forced to wheel around; they were led by an allegedly-homosexual commander called "Fighting Mac," Hector Macdonald, who defeated a two-pronged attack and was called the "real hero" of this battle. The Kerreri Heights stood on one flank of this battle, which saw the 21st Lancers make a heroic charge across a ravine, described in the book The River War which was written by a famous member of the Lancers. The main commander here was forced to depart soon after to tend to the Fashoda Incident. The army of Ansar or Dervishes was devastated and the Khalifa, commanding those troops as the successor to the Mahdi, was captured shortly thereafter. FTP, name this 1898 battle, a victory for Horatio Kitchener in the Sudan.
Answer: Battle of Omdurman
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One historical figure with this last name was a founder of the Japan Evangelistic Band who led a Christian mission to Japan in 1903. Another man with this surname was the leader of the United States Exploring Expedition, which identified Antarctica as a separate continent and sailed throughout the Pacific beginning in 1838. He was also the commander of the San Jacinto who ordered his crew to take James Mason and John Slidell into custody, sparking the Trent Affair. Another man by this name suppressed the Gordon Riots by ordering shots fired, but was better known as the founder of the North Briton who criticized the Earl of Bute and a speech by George III. After being jailed for seditious libel, he was widely hailed as a defender of liberty. FTP,give this name shared by naval explorer Charles and radical British journalist John, which was also the middle name of a famous assassin.
Answer: Wilkes
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One character in this novel remarks that southerners have lost the "Walter Scott dignity and chivalry" possessed by earlier generations. Another character who has a pet bird named Gypsum speaks highly of the Miss Woodburn and her father, a pro-slavery retired army officer. Other characters in this novel include a one-armed socialist and the charity-inclined Margaret Vance. Names considered for the central endeavor of this novel include "The Lone Hand" and "The Syndicate," though it is eventually named for the frequency of its appearance. Conrad is killed while trying to save Mr. Lindau during a streetcar riot, which leads to him moving to Europe after selling Every Other Week to Mr. Fulkerson and Basil March. For 10 points name this novel in which the Dryfoos family's use of their recently acquired wealth goes awry, a work of William Dean Howells.
Answer: A Hazard of New Fortunes
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One consequence of this expression in the limit of large masses is the satisfaction of the weak Haag-Narnhofer-Stein prescription for all finite Kubo-Martin-Schwinger states, nullifying temperature inferences associated with the type of structure it models. The center of its namesake geometry is described by a convergent definition of the variational integral from which the Dirac equation is derived. That geometry also contains a space-time role reversal shell with nonzero thickness as regulated by the cosmic censorship hypothesis. The lower boundary of its predicted shell is known as the Cauchy Horizon, and surrounds a singularity. FTP, name this relativity equation solution given by coupling the Einstein Equation to the Maxwell Field, which governs the behavior of a charged, non-rotating black hole.
Answer: Reissner-Nordstrom Solution (accept variations such as Metric, Equation, Theory, etc)
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One episode in this novel sees two illicit lovers descend into hatred while trapped in a room in a convent and culminates in the man devouring his erstwhile paramour's shoulder in a pelopsian fit of hunger. Disaster ensues in this novel after Antonio is told his real name is Manasseh-ben-Solomon by his father, who tells the story of the native girl Immalee. The stories of the lovers John Sandal and Elinor Mortimer and of the starving Walberg family are told to Immalee's father, Don Francisco de Aliaga, by the title character, who eventually comes to claim Immalee at a masked ball. Other characters previously approached by the title character include Stanton, who was eventually confined to Bedlam, and Alonzo Moncada, who tells John the story of his titular ancestor. The title character is condemned to serve Satan by tempting the innocent for 150 years in, for 10 points, what gothic novel by Charles Robert Maturin?
Answer: Melmoth the Wanderer
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The BEMER Model based on this expression adds climactic parameters to it to account for geographically specific systems. This relation may fail for systems in advective transport due to complications associated with clastic Brinkman layers which induce a type of viscosity-driven diffusion, and for Karst systems, the Ergun and Forchheimer Expressions yield a better fit than this relation. However, the introduction of a continuity factor allows it to be applicable to Richards transport in saturated soils, and it predicts high flux per unit time for well-sorted gravels and low flux for clays. FTP, name this equation that states that the product of elevation difference and cross sectional area divided by the distance is equal to the groundwater flow rate, a law used to model aquifers in hydrogeology.
Answer: Darcy's Law
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One conflict of this name saw the commander Philomelos throw himself off a cliff after the Battle of Neon, after which Onomarchos took control of the army. But he was soon defeated and his brother Phayllus took command after the Battle of the Crocus Field. The final one of these conflicts was fought against the Locrians of Amphissa while the semi-legendary first one arose when Kirrha attempted to collect a tax; its aftermath saw the complete destruction of the plain of Krissa, as approved by the members of the Amphictyonic League. The second one saw Phocis set up as the ruling power by the Athenians after being chased out by the Spartans, while the third and fourth of these conflicts were won by Philip II of Macedon. FTP, give this series of four wars so named because they were fought over control of the oracle of Delphi.
Answer: Sacred Wars
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Samuel Rogers' Italy was the inspiration for this artist's "Ginevra," while John Milton inspired his "Il Penseroso." He began his career making wax figures of characters from Dante's Inferno and moved to sculpting busts of such patrons as Jacob Burnett and Nicholas Longworth, the latter of whom he paid tribute to with his Eve Disconsolate. The only male nude sculpted by this man was one of a conch-shell holding child, the Fisher Boy, while his female sculptures include The Last of the Tribes, a rendition of an Indian girl, and California, an allegorical take on the Gold Rush. However, his masterpiece was an adaptation of the Venus di Medici showing a nude woman holding a cross and chained to a post. FTP, identify this American neoclassical sculptor of the Greek Slave.
Answer: Hiram Powers
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He changed his mind about the effect of income on happiness, and also on which of decision or experienced utility ought to be maximized. With Lovallo he examined the foibles of entrepreneurship and with Redelmeier he examined dominance violations in the context of colonoscopies. With Snell he showed that people like plain yogurt more than they predict, while with Cass Sunstein he has examined what motivates jury damage awards. Famous for his explanation of the fourfold pattern of risk attitudes, his most famous collaboration began with a paper on the belief in the law of small numbers. Co-discoverer of the availability and representativeness heuristics, this is, FTP, what psychologist who, with Amos Tversky, developed Prospect Theory, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002?
Answer: Daniel Kahneman
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George Gettman and Fred Hainey were key participants in this event which saw a confrontation at the tavern of Enoch Roberts, where Everard Foulke was held captive. Captain Henry Jarrett joined a raid at Sun Inn and troops were raised under Brigadier General William McPherson to oppose it after a march from Milford resulted in freeing prisoners at Bethlehem. This event resulted from a measure which used the number of windows on houses and their size to assess a certain tax; housewives were instructed to pour hot water on tax collectors and its leader was captured when he was betrayed by the bark of his dog "Whiskey," named for another rebellion seven years earlier, but that leader was later pardoned. FTP, name this 1799 rebellion led by a namesake German farmer in Pennsylvania.
Answer: Fries Rebellion (or House Tax Rebellion or Home Tax Rebellion before "windows")
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In 2006, a study published by Shinya Yamanaka showed that expression of this gene, along with Sox2, Oct4, and Klf4, could induce somatic cells to become stem cells, a significant barrier to human use because of this gene's other functions . Its function is antagonized by the Mad protein, which competes for binding its important dimer, the Max protein. Also important to its function is its basic helix-loop-helix domain, which allows to to bind to consensus E-box sequences, which then lead to expression of genes such as cyclin D2 and CDK4 that are important for cellular proliferation. First characterized as part of a translocation in Burkitt's lymphoma, FTP, name this protooncogene that is amplified in many cancers.
Answer: c-myc [mick]
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A later attempt to capture this object led to the expedition of Isimud, who was struck by the person seeking it, and to the digging of an enormous hole by a turtle to trap the plotter. Those who held it gained the quality of melammu, or divine radiance, and could reverse the direction of time in order to return arrows to bows. Belet-Ili created a god for the purpose of retrieving this object from Anzu, a stormbird who had hidden it on a mountain in the desert. Eventually, Ninurta succeeded in shooting the bird and retrieved it for Enlil. Formerly possessed by Kingu, it was won by Marduk while killing Tiamat. For 10 points, name this collective object, a clay charm with legal formulae written on it which granted the bearer control of the universe in Babylonian myth.
Answer: the Tablets of Destiny [or Tablets of Destinies; or Tuppi Shimati]
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This work's composer used the words "drunken fugue" to describe the bacchanal scene that forms the closing chorus of its third section. One of the gloomier moments in this work is the cavatina "Light and Life," which appears near the start of its fourth section. The composer quotes the "Quam olim Abrahae" from his friend Mozart's Requiem in the aria "Be Now Gracious" in this work modeled after a poem of the same name by James Thomson. Hanne, Lucas, and Simon, a trio of peasant farmers, are the three solo vocal parts in this work, which also has an aria quoting a theme from the composer's Symphony No. 94, and was finished three years after his earlier work in the same style, The Creation. FTP, identify this Franz Josef Haydn oratorio divided into the sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Answer: The Seasons or Die Jahreszeiten (don't accept or prompt on "The Four Seasons")
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This functional group is the result of the Woodward Modification, which features substitution by a benzoate anion followed by hydrolysis. That reaction modifies the Prevost Reaction, which also produces these compounds from alkenes by way of adding iodine. The Upjohn method for producing them is similar to the Sharpless asymmetric method - both of these reactions usually use osmium tetroxide as a catalyst. In both of the above methods, these molecules are being formed from alkenes by way of dihydroxylation. Chloral hydrate is an example of one of these, the geminal type, which tend to quickly lose water and become carbonyl compounds, while the vicinal or 1,2-type of these includes pinacol. FTP, name these chemical compounds also known as glycols, so named because they contain two hydroxyl groups.
Answer: diols (or accept glycol before mentioned)
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One character in this novel possesses a greyhound named after Charles Lindbergh. The expression "go to Suma" is used as a euphemism for one character's illicit sexual actions, while another character's indiscretions take place in an establishment run by Madame Brent. An important scene in the first chapter of this novel involves the balancing of a water basin between the two central characters. O-hisa's use of sunscreen and western makeup belies her traditional facade, and she is compared to the characters in The Love Suicides at Amijima by the protagonist. That protagonist eventually breaks off his regular relationship with the Eurasian prostitute Louise, though he continues to consent to his wife's affair with Mr. Aso. For 10 points name this novel, in which Kaname's increasing interest in traditional values estranges him from Misako, by Junichiro Tanizaki.
Answer: Some Prefer Nettles or Tade kuu mushi\
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TB. The target of this meeting had questioned whether a certain figure was "two or three months old," and this summit's activities included separating the Church of Cyprus from the bishop of Antioch. Held at the same site where Pope Victor I and Polycrates disagreed on the date of Easter in 190, and where Dioscurus attempted to legitimize Eutychianist Monophysitism at the later "Robber Synod," it was convened at the orders of Pope Celestine I. This meeting was targeted by a rival group led by John of Antioch, which excommunicated Cyril and Memnon in an attempt to defend a doctrine, also targeted at the later Council of Chalcedon, which held that the human and divine Christ were two separate persons. For 10 points, name this 431 gathering which condemned Nestorianism.
Answer: Second Council of Ephesus
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Finals 1
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Answer the following about some valleys, FTPE.,
[10] This fertile wine-producing valley of Lebanon contains towns like Zahle and Anjar. It's located just east of Beirut between the Anti-Lebanon mountains and Mount Lebanon.
Answer: Bekaa Valley (Beqaa)
[10] This fertile valley lies mostly in Uzbekistan, while parts stretch into Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, it is irrigated by the Naryn River which drains into the Syr Darya here.
Answer: Ferghana Valley
[10] This volcanic valley lying within Katmai National Park in Alaska was named by Robert Griggs for the approximate number of fumaroles which he estimated must exist on the valley floor.
Answer: Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes
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FTPE, name these M*A*S*H characters.,
[10] In an episode named for him, a jeep wreck leaves him with a concussion in the care of a non-English speaking Korean family. This character of Alan Alda gives a monologue for the majority of the episode.
Answer: Captain Benjamin Franklin Hawkeye Pierce
[10] One of her love making sessions was broadcast over the PA system. This Loretta Swit character also had an affair with Major Burns.
Answer: Major Margaret Hot Lips Houlihan
[10] A former Dartmouth quarterback, this character, played by Wayne Rogers, serves as a surgeon alongside Hawkeye. Upon being discharged, he streaks through the mess tent. He was later featured in a spin-off series named after him.
Answer: "Trapper" John Francis Xavier McIntyre
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The son of this work's protagonist, Charles, owns the world's largest pet store and is deaf in one ear. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this novel, in which the titular con man, Herbert Badgery, claims to be 139 years old at the time of its telling.
Answer: Illywhacker
[10] Illywhacker is a novel by this author of The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith and Oscar and Lucinda.
Answer: Peter Carey
[10] Inspired by Abel Magwitch, this title character of another Carey novel goes to London to search for Henry Phipps, doing so with the help of the novelist Tobias Oates.
Answer: Jack Maggs (accept either)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In this opera, Maurizio sings "La dolcissima effigie" to express his love for the title character. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this verismo adaptation of a Eugene Scribe play, in which the titular actress dies after kissing a set of poisoned flowers that were sent by her romantic rival, the Princess de Bouillon.
Answer: Adriana Lecouvreur
[10] This composer of Adriana Lecouvreur helped Enrico Caruso break out by giving him the role of Federico in his earlier opera, L'Arlesiana.
Answer: Francesco Cilea
[10] Eugene Scribe's work was also the basis for the libretto of this Donizetti opera, which features the aria "Una furtive lagrima" and a titular potion that doesn't really inspire amorous feelings.
Answer: The Elixir of Love or L'Elisir D'Amore
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Upon seeing a doctor's rig outside a farmhouse he hurries home to re-read Tristram Shandy. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this hack writer who resides in Devon living off money left to him by a friend until his death, after which his "private papers" are published.
Answer: Henry Ryecroft (accept either)
[10] Henry Ryecroft and his private papers were created by this author of Thyrza and New Grub Street.
Answer: George Gissing
[10] Henry Ryecroft likens his love of books to that of this author of "The Two Races of Men" and "Imperfect Sympathies."
Answer: Charles Lamb
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about repressive law in early America, FTPE.,
[10] This governor of Virginia from 1614 to 1616 is best known for being the namesake of a code officially called the "Lawes Divine, Morall, and Martial," which was probably the first legal code in America and proscribed death for almost everything.
Answer: Thomas Dale
[10] The original Blue Laws, named for the color of paper they were printed on, were passed under Theophilus Eaton who served from 1639 to 1658 as the first governor of this theocratic colony.
Answer: New Haven
[10] This guy served as governor of Maryland and Virginia late in life, but is remembered for being thoroughly unpopular as the governor of the Dominion of New England beginning in 1686, in which position he ignored all sorts of laws.
Answer: Edmund Andros
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His "The Doctor's Son" is set during the 1918 flu epidemic. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of From the Terrace and a novel in which Gloria Wandrous can be reached at the titular telephone exchange number.
Answer: John O'Hara
[10] In addition to BUtterfield 8, O'Hara wrote this novel in which the alcoholic car dealer Julian English engages in a series of self-destructive actions that culminate in his suicide.
Answer: Appointment in Samarra
[10] The title of Appointment in Samarra comes from a story retold in the play Sheppey by this author of The Alien Corn and The Razor's Edge.
Answer: W. Somerset Maugham
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
They include Rada, an embodiment of African culture, and Simbi, the guardian of fresh water. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these deities of Voodoo.
Answer: loa
[10] An aspect of the guardian of the afterlife crossroads Ghede, this figure has an occluded nose and wears formal attire and sunglasses.
Answer: Baron Samedi
[10] Black pigs are sacred to this patron of the Haitian revolution, who is the patron of mothers and the more aggressive aspect of Mary in Voodoo.
Answer: Ezili Dantor
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He founded the Fatherland Front as a conservative coalition to support his rule, outlawing all other parties. FTPE:,
[10] Name this chancellor of Austria who served as its dictator beginning in 1933 until he was assassinated by the Nazis a year later as part of the July Putsch.
Answer: Engelbert Dollfuss
[10] The assassination of Dollfuss foreshadowed this event, the annexation of Austria by the Nazis which took place in 1938.
Answer: Anschluss
[10] This author of Austrian Requiem succeeded Dollfuss as Austrian chancellor but was imprisoned in the wake of the Anschluss; he'd resigned shortly before and was replaced with his minister Arthur Seyss-Inquart.
Answer: Kurt Schuschnigg
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Answer these questions about the biochemistry of photosynthesis FTPE.,
[10] Photosynthesis requires two of these multiprotein complexes located in thylakoid membranes, which directly convert photonic energy captured by chlorophylls to proton gradients. Gradient in class II is mediated by a critical manganese atom, while class I is mediated by ferredoxin.
Answer: photosystem or reaction center
[10] Electrons are transferred between photosystems I and II by this multienzyme protein complex analagous to coenzyme Q of mitochondria.
Answer: cytochrome b6f or plastoquinol-plastocyanin reductase
[10] Because the absorption spectra of chlorophyll does not cover the whole light spectrum, this class of accessory pigments augments the light absorption of chloroplasts, as well as serve a secondary anti-oxidant function. It is responsible for leaf color of decidious trees in the fall.
Answer: carotenoids
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This daughter of Vrishabhanu was the favorite lover of Krishna. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this faithful milkmaid who waited for Krishna as he travelled and married other women.
Answer: Radha
[10] Radha was one of these milkmaids, who cavorted with Krishna after he stole their clothes.
Answer: gopis
[10] The story of Krishna and the gopis is told in the Bhagavata volume of these texts, which are written in narrative couplets and collecting myths about particular gods' relationship to the "five signs" of the universe.
Answer: Puranas
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Answer the following about distillation, FTPE.,
[10] This general type of distillation is a useful alternative to fractional distillation for compounds that may undergo decomposition or have very high boiling points. It involves lowering the external pressure to less than the vapor pressure of a compound.
Answer: vacuum distillation
[10] This German term, literally translating as "ball pipe," is used to describe an apparatus for distilling high-boiling liquids and low-melting solids under vacuum.
Answer: kugelrohr distillation
[10] Along with the McCabe-Thiele Model, this equation is used in continuous fractional distillation to calculate the minimum number of equilibrium stages at total reflux for a column with a total condenser.
Answer: Fenske Equation
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A notable work of this man is found in the Parma Cathedral. For 10 points each:,
[10] Swirling rows of clouds and angels encircle an image of Mary flying up towards an illusionary heaven in the Assumption of the Virgin fresco this man painted.
Answer: Correggio or Antonio Allegri
[10] Images of these classical female sages alternate with those of biblical prophets on the twelve outside panels surrounding the center of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Michelangelo painted the Libyan, Erythraean, and Cumaean ones, among others.
Answer: Sibyls
[10] A Virgin and Child by Correggio and a Guercino painting of the Samian Sibyl, along with Titian's Venus of Urbino are among the many artworks depicted in this Johannes Zoffany painting spotlighting the titular octagonal room in a Florence museum.
Answer: The Tribuna of the Uffizi
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Pasteur was an important chemist. This man's province was the field of philology or lingistics. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 19th century Dane who investigated the origins of Nordic languages and wrote books on Spanish, French, and Italian grammar.
Answer: Rasmus Christian Rask
[10] Rask was the inspiration to this man, whose eponymous law describes a historical sound change in voiceless fricatives in the Proto-Germanic language.
Answer: Karl Verner
[10] Verner won a philology prize named after this German who studied Sanskrit grammar, taught Wilhelm von Humboldt, and published a six-volume book, Comparative Grammar.
Answer: Franz Bopp
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Name these feminist philosophers, for 10 points each.,
[10] This author of Excitable Speech proposed that traditional feminism reinforces stereotypes by linking biological gender to "performed" gender in her Gender Trouble.
Answer: Judith Butler
[10] This creator of the formula for sexual harassment that was adopted by the U.S. Supreme Court was a longtime collaborator of Andrea Dworkin and advocates allowing rape victims to sue producers of pornography.
Answer: Catherine MacKinnon
[10] This author of The Ethics of Ambiguity and Pyrrhus and Cineas set forth the idea that bias against women comes from a presentation of females as deviations from the male norm in her The Second Sex.
Answer: Simone de Beauvoir
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Answer the following about trouble for the Mormon church in the latter half of the 19th century, FTPE.,
[10] This act, passed in 1874 and named for a senator from Vermont, abolished the local offices of territorial marshal and attorney, and moved control over grand jury procedure to the federal system where it could not be manipulated by the Mormon Church.
Answer: Poland Act of 1874
[10] One of the first moves after passing the Poland Act was to indict several people believed to be responsible for this 1857 massacre, in which members of the Fancher party were slaughtered in Utah territory.
Answer: Mountain Meadows Massacre
[10] The Poland Act led to this 1878 test case, with a majority written by Chief Justice Morrison Waite. The Church allowed a man to be charged with bigamy; the Court upheld laws against polygamy against the argument that they infringed upon religious duty.
Answer: Reynolds v. United States
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This equation can be derived by using the partition function expression and inserting the contribution of translation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this thermodynamics equation used to calculate the entropy of a monatomic ideal gas made up of indistinguishable particles without interaction.
Answer: Sackur-Tetrode equation
[10] The Sackur-Tetrode equation fails at low temperatures because it operates in these statistics, which are the same as Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics at high temperatures or low concentrations.
Answer: Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics
[10] The Sackur-Tetrode equation can be used to derive this equation, sometimes co-named for Langmuir. It is used to calculate the degree of ionization in a plasma, or the fraction of atoms in a gas that have been thermally ionized, as a function of temperature, density, and ionization energy.
Answer: Saha Equation (Saha-Langmuir ionization equation, or Saha-Boltzmann)
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It was issued a month after the similar Padua Circular. FTPE:,
[10] Name this declaration of 1791 by which Frederick William II of Prussia and Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II agreed "to act quickly" against the French should all other powers in Europe do the same.
Answer: Declaration of Pillnitz
[10] The Declaration of Pillnitz was released after Leopold gained the support of the Count of Artois, who later ruled as this French monarch. This man would abdicate in the wake of the July Revolution.
Answer: Charles X of France
[10] Many perceived the Declaration of Pillnitz as an outright declaration of war, including this radical leader of the Girondists. His name provides an alternate name for that party, and he later assumed the name "de Warville."
Answer: Jacques/Jean Pierre Brissot de Warville
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Answer the following about superfluidity, FTPE.,
[10] Superfluidity begins at this point named for the shape of the specific heat versus temperature curve for liquid helium. For Helium-4, it occurs at approximately 2.2 degrees Kelvin and marks the onset of the Fountain Effect.
Answer: lambda point
[10] Elimination of viscosity and the stabilization of superfluid phase space below the lambda point are caused in part by these soft modes of liquid density.
Answer: rotons
[10] Below 0.3 Kelvin, Helium-three superfluids undergo this eponymous type of cooling caused by crystallization in thermal isolation. It occurs for substances whose heat of solidification is negative.
Answer: Pomeranchuk Cooling
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In one of its poems the speaker remarks that "Even the poor know…the fragrance of" the titular citrus fruit. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this collection of poetry that includes "Lemon Trees" and "Mediterranean" and that takes its name for an ancient tool for metal casting.
Answer: Cuttlefish Bones or Ossi di seppia
[10] Cuttlefish Bones is the first collection by this Italian author of The Storm and Other Things.
Answer: Eugenio Montale
[10] Montale also wrote a nonfiction work called Auto-da-fe, which shares its name with a novel by this author of The Torch in My Ear.
Answer: Elias Canetti
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Often referred to as mwalimu, from Swahili for "teacher," this ruler produced a number of writings including Man and Development and Education for Self-Reliance. FTPE:,
[10] Name this African president in power from 1964 to 1985, who promoted ujamaa, or the idea of life on collective family farms. After he resigned, his country was ruled by Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Benjamin Mkapa.
Answer: Julius Nyerere
[10] Julius Nyerere became president of this country when he united his territorial government with that under the auspices of Oscar Kambona.
Answer: Tanzania
[10] This 1967 declaration outlined Nyerere's version of socialism, promoting ujamaa and close ties with China, and outlining a "policy of self-reliance" and equality.
Answer: Arusha Declaration

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