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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Editors
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He lost power after sending a letter to the President threatening to take action against Valentine McGillycuddy. He befriended Yale paleontologist Othniel Marsh, whose outrage over the treatment of this man's people led to the resignation of Secretary of the Interior Christopher Delano. His best-known venture was a response to the work of Henry Carrington, and included such episodes as the Wagon Box fight and the Fetterman massacre. That venture ended when he compelled the forts on the Powder River to be abandoned, after which he signed the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868. FTP, name this leader of the Oglala Sioux who was the only Native American to win a significant war against the United States.
Answer: Red Cloud (or Makhpyla-luta)
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In anthropology the term is used to refer to the process of making stone tools via pressure flaking and in mining it refers to the breaking of a rock face due to internal stresses. The laser form of this phenomenon is used to experimentally determine the adhesion of thin films with substrates. The more common nuclear form of this phenomenon was first named by Glenn Seaborg in his doctoral thesis on inelastic scattering of subatomic particles. The modern nuclear process slams a high energy proton beam into heavy metal targets to produce neutral subatomic particles. FTP name this process, the namesake of a new experimental facility in Tennessee, that can be used to produce an intense neutron beam.
Answer: spallation
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Its author tried to publish part of this novel as a short story called "Bibi," but it was rejected by The Atlantic Monthly. Minor characters include the artist turned clerk Raul Innerarity as well as Virginian politician Governor Claiborne. A key symbol in this work is the Revolutionary War sword that Palmyre's husband, the African prince Bras Coupe, uses during an insurrection. This novel begins at a masked ball where a member of the title family falls in love with the mysterious Aurora Nancanou and much of the action revolves around the office of the newly arrived druggist, Joseph Frowenfeld, whose introduction to Creole society is traced in the work. FTP, name this novel about the gradual dissolution of a New Orleans family, the masterpiece of George Washington Cable.
Answer: The Grandissimes
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The first chapter of this book opens with two epigraphs which purport to be "for" and "against" the title concept, and after a brief consideration of the "myth of destiny" the author moves on to a chapter about Heraclitus. The book then deals with the "descriptive sociology" and the "political program" of a major thinker before treating the "background" of that thinker's "attack" in a chapter which shares the book's title and considers the "breakdown of tribalism" and the Peloponesian War. The second volume of this work is entitled "The High Tide of Prophecy" and deals with Marx and Hegel, while the first considers "The Spell of Plato." FTP, name this work which suggests that the aforementioned philosophers were proto-fascists, which was written by Karl Popper.
Answer: The Open Society and Its Enemies
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Notable for its people's use of reliefs in funerary art, its citizens worshipped a tripartite version of Baal. Its first important ruler was rebuffed by Shapur I and decided to throw his lot in with Gallienus. His loyalty was put to the test in a war against Quietus, but after the latter was defeated at Emesa, the ruler of this city was given the honorary title "Governor of the East." Although its ruler had a son named Vaballathus, on the death of Odenathus his wife took over and brought the city to new heights, until she decided to challenge Aurelian and was routed at Antioch. FTP, name this city which lies in Syria and, for a brief time, was led by Queen Zenobia.
Answer: Palmyra
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The fifth of them is a D major work whose second Affetuoso movement centers on the flute, violin, and harpsichord soloists. The third of them has a pair of chords known as a Phrygian cadence rather than a slow movement, while the fourth of them calls for two "echo flutes," which may be a reference to the sopranino recorder. The last is a B flat major work which oddly has no parts for violin, while the first is an F major work which features an extra fourth movement. They are written in the Italian style, alternating fast, slow, and fast movements, and were composed around the year 1720. FTP, name this group of six concertos written by Johann Sebastian Bach for a German margrave.
Answer: the Brandenburg Concertos
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In 1999, researchers from the University of Vienna proved that these macromolecules demonstrate wave-particle duality. The cyclopropanation reaction involving them is called the Bingel reaction. Most reactions involving them take place at 6,6-double bonds, and the endohedral varieties containing three atoms of terbium cause them to become egg-shaped and violate the isolated pentagon rule. Most often forming nanotubes or icosahedrons, FTP, identify this family of molecules that are carbon allotropes and named after a famous architect.
Answer: fullerenes (do not accept or prompt on buckminsterfullerene)
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Jon Elster attempted to "subvert" it in a book entitled Sour Grapes. In a book on it and freedom Amartya Sen claimed that it was associated with self-scrutiny. Weber delineated four types of it, including habituation and value or belief-driven varieties. While Camus argued that humans are unable to conform to it due to lack of intelligence, Herbert Simon imagined that humans approximated a bounded form of it. In economics it is defined as successfully maximizing subjective expected utility. Robert Lucas showed that markets could be influenced by expectations generated by, FTP, what normative standard of behavior for human thinking or acting?
Answer: rationality (accept word forms like "rational")
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The third section, "The Body is Present," finds the speaker standing in front of a "stone" and urging his friend to be defiant. The second section, written to emulate the works of authors like Jorge Manrique, features the narrator beseeching the moon to come forth and asking its whiteness to hide the evidence of a tragedy. The fourth and final section, often translated as "The Soul is Absent," asserts the power of poetry in keeping memories alive. The first section, which is much more vivid, describes a white sheet and begins the repetition of the stanza "At exactly five in the afternoon," which the speaker fixes as the time of the goring. FTP, name this work by Garcia Lorca, an elegy for a dead matador.
Answer: Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter or Llanto por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
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The roof is supported by short struts, which form part of a vertical surface of concrete covered with "gunite." Various apertures puncture the South Wall to allow light in from above, which is then colored and redirected to illuminate the statues, while shadow provides private areas for meditation. It was begun after a previous building at the same site, on a hill near Belfort, was destroyed during World War II, and it expresses the culmination of the goals its creator had enumerated in Towards a New Architecture and achieved in other projects, such as the Villa Savoye. FTP, identify this pilgrimage site at Ronchamp, a modern chapel designed by Le Corbusier.
Answer: Notre Dame du Haut (prompt on "Ronchamp" before it is mentioned)
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Its second part, "The New Domain," continues to develop the protagonist's relationships with people like Shoba and Mahesh, a couple who own the "Big Burger" restaurant. Part One, "The Second Rebellion," ends with the death of Father Huismans, a Belgian priest who takes the native culture for granted. Later, Raymond and the femme fatale Yvette are introduced into the volatile mix. Other characters include the protagonist's servant Metty, who helps him mind his store, and the African Zabeth, whose son Ferdinand saves the main character from persecution in the last section, which describes the effects of independence and the return of autocracy via the "Big Man's" nationalization program. FTP, identify this 1979 V.S. Naipaul novel about Salim, who lives in a town at the title location.
Answer: A Bend in the River
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The one "of the North" forms near Lake Traverse and counts the Assiniboine as its chief tributary. The "Little" one, which is divided into the South, Middle, and Devil's forks, begins in the Ozark National Forest and flows through north-central Arkansas. Another rises in Sumner County and is a major tributary of the Cumberland River that drains the Highland Rim of Tennessee and the Pennyroyal Plateau of Kentucky. The largest of them features a 160-mile-long log jam called "The Great Raft" and is the southernmost of the Mississippi's tributaries. FTP, identify the name shared by these rivers, one of which is probably most famous for naming the annual football game between the Sooners and the Longhorns.
Answer: Red River(s)
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The final chapter discusses the depiction of the city as a living organism in Frank Lloyd Wright's writings and concludes that things seem to be changing for the better. Another section discusses Saint-Saens' assertion that being pale and gaunt is fashionable. As it progresses, its author quotes Wilhelm Reich on the connection between National Socialism's persecution of Jews and the fear of syphilis. Much of the first section focuses on the artistic depiction of tuberculosis, which the author compares to the current obsession with cancer. First published as three long essays in the New York Review of Books in 1978, its author would write a sequel in 1989 that addresses AIDS. FTP, identify this work by Susan Sontag which seeks to debunk the Romantic instinct to aestheticize being sick.
Answer: "Illness as Metaphor"
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It was preceded by the capture of a man named Arisiaghi who made an alliance with his captors. The invaders were probably betrayed when Rousel de Bailleul left his post at the neighboring town of Khilat and decided to retreat. As the fighting began, an initial volley of arrows was enough to dispense with the Kipchak and Pecheneg mercenaries who abandoned the field. By the end of the day one side had pushed too far forward and was in no position to retreat; when they succeeded in turning around they were attacked and abandoned by Andronicus Ducas, resulting in a massacre near L:ake Van. FTP identify this 1071 battle at which Alp Arslan defeated the Byzantines under Romanus IV Diogenes.
Answer: Manzikert
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The STACEE detector in New Mexico observes Cherenkov radiation from one of these objects, specifically Markarian 421. The EGRET catalog, which documents gamma ray sources, lists (*) 66 of them in total, and several other possible candidates will be observed by the GLAST mission. Their relativistic jets often omit radiation that is blue-shifted. They belong to the radio-loud group of active galactic nuclei, and are powered by energy being pulled into a supermassive black hole. FTP name these objects which can be divided into optically violent variables and BL Lac objects, which can also be quasars and thus have a similar-sounding name.
Answer: blazars (prompt on "quasars" before the asterisk)
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Later ceremonies devoted to this deity included the ritual washing of a black stone in the Almo River, while earlier ones included a festival known as the Megalesia. Proclus wrote a book on a late form of devotion to this figure which included a baptism in the blood of a sacrificed bull, known as the "taurobolium." Herodotus tells us that Anacharsis died in the process of introducing this figure to Scythia, while her original cult centered at Pessinus in Phrygia. Generally shown standing between two lions, she was associated with a male figure who was unfaithful to her, after which he went mad and castrated himself. FTP, name this goddess who was worshipped in Rome as Magna Mater and who was loved by Attis.
Answer: Cybele (accept Cybebe or Cybelis; also accept Magna Mater before it is mentioned)
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The title character of his last unfinished novel falls in love with Agnes de Saverne and struggles with the villainous Baron de la Motte. The title character of his last finished novel is left penniless after his father, Brand Firmin, loses his fortune and flees to America, after which his cousin Agnes Twysden rejects him. In addition to Denis Duval and The Adventures of Philip, he wrote such Christmas books as The Rose and the Ring and a novel about an Irish adventurer, Barry Lyndon. FTP, name this Victorian novelist of The Newcomes, The History of Henry Esmond, and Vanity Fair.
Answer: William Makepeace Thackeray
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She grew up on a commune in Caldecott County, Mississippi, but her world changed after her first encounter with an adoptive mother, who has changed her name from Raven Darkholme to something more colorful. A long time foe of Dazzler, she sometimes shares flashbacks with Carol Danvers, the former Ms. Marvel. The first manifestation of her powers occured when she and a boy named Cody Robbins kissed. Since then she has fought alongside such figures as Cable, Havok, and her sometimes lover Gambit. Portrayed in the movies by Anna Paquin, FTP, who is this character, an X-Man with a skunk-like strip in her hair?
Answer: Rogue or Anna Marie
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Techniques used to study this process involve detecting the breakdown of the LC3 protein, localization of LC3 to eponymous bodies, and direct identification of these bodies by their characteristic double-membrane form. Potentiators of this process include rapamycin, which induces formation of complexes of Atg proteins critical for induction of it. Too much of it can cause type II programmed cell death, although in cancers it can also promote cellular survival. Primarily induced in response to low nutrient levels, FTP, name this cellular process in which old organelles are surrounded by a membrane and fused to lysosomes for recycling, which takes its name from the Latin for "self-eating."
Answer: autophagy (accept type II programmed cell death before it is mentioned)
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The recent appearance of a memoir by Graham Bower, who participated in this event, has provided new details. Many of those involved had been members of the "Reform Committee" and their leaders included Raleigh Grey and John Jays Hammond. One consequence of it was the declaration of the Chimurenga campaign by the Shona. Much of the fighting took place at Doornkop where Commander Piet Cronje ultimately convinced its participants to surrender. After the uitlander support failed to materialize and his force was defeated, its namesake leader was replaced at his post by Alfred Milner and sent to Holloway jail. FTP, name this event in which more than 600 men attempted to oust President Kruger in the Transvaal.
Answer: Jameson Raid
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Nelson Goodman offered an "approach to a theory" of them in his Languages of Art. Other theories of them are discussed in a book by Tzvetan Todorov, while "presentational" and "discursive" ones are considered in Philosophy in a New Key by Susanne Langer. In a series of four books which includes The Phenomenology of Knowledge and Mythical Thought, Ernst Cassirer proposed a "philosophy" of this kind of form. In the work of C. S. Peirce, these are distinguished from indices and icons. FTP, give this term for the representation of a concept, which in the work of Herbert Blumer describes a form of interactionism.
Answer: symbols (accept variants like symbolic)
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This man came into conflict with Cicero when Cicero refused to let him use the Roman army in Cyprus to collect the debts and massive interest owed him by the city of Salamis. Later he asked Cicero to write a laudatory biography of Cato, and another of Cicero's works, an extended history of Roman oratory, is named for this man, who famously favored the "Attic" style of rhetoric. He was made pontifex in 47 and praetor in 44 despite being married to Porcia, the daughter of Cato, and having been on the losing side at Pharsalus. FTP, name this man who jointly led an army of more than 100,000 to defeat at Philippi two years after he led the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar.
Answer: Marcus Junius Brutus
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His collaboration with the poets Carmen Sylva and Richard Dehmel, among others, was published posthumously as Stella Peregrina. While his early work inspired by Van Gogh resulted in such nature studies as Larch Sapling, his later works, including Playing Forms and Fighting Forms, are non-representational. He contributed the essay "Wild Germany" to an artistic almanac released in 1912, and his large compositions include the canvases Mandrill and Fate of Animals. These paintings marked the zenith of his mature approach which depicted prismatically shattered animal forms. FTP, identify this artist, whose painting of two equines named the movement he founded with Wasily Kandinsky, The Blue Rider.
Answer: Franz Marc
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Editors
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Answer the following about molecular orbital theory FTPE.,
[10] This method in molecular orbital theory is used to approximate the ground-state wavefunction and the ground-state energy of a quantum many-body system. It assumes that the wavefunction of each body can be determined by a single Slater determinant.
Answer: Hartree-Fock method or algorithm
[10] This post-Hartree-Fock method of determining wavefunctions improves on the original method by using perturbation theory. It corrects by adding electron correlation effects to the equation.
Answer: Moller-Plesset perturbation theory
[10] The Moller-Plesset method relies on this approximation and application of perturbation theory. It subtracts the nuclear kinetic energy from the total molecular Hamiltonian, leaving only the electrons in consideration.
Answer: Born-Oppenheimer approximation
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The title figure is seen by the author as he "in hoary winter's night stood shivering in the snow." FTPE:,
[10] Name this poem about a figure who promises to "melt into a bath" so as to wash "men's defiled souls" in his blood before vanishing on Christmas day.
Answer: "The Burning Babe"
[10] This poet and Catholic martyr, who was executed in 1595, wrote "The Burning Babe."
Answer: Robert Southwell
[10] Southwell's longest poem is a "complaint" spoken by this saint, who is allegedly the author of two New Testament epistles which follow the Epistle of James.
Answer: Saint Peter
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After this man's death, Salvatore Allegra collected a number of his sketches into the operetta La maschera nuda. FTPE:,
[10] Name this composer, whose never finished his operatic trilogy Crepusculum but who did finish Zaza and an opera about Thomas Chatterton.
Answer: Ruggero Leoncavallo
[10] Leoncavallo is best known for this 1892 opera, whose characters include Canio and Nedda.
Answer: Pagliacci or Clowns
[10] Leoncavallo wrote a 1906 operetta about the "youth" of this figure, whose first operatic appearance came in a 1782 work by Giovanni Paisiello. This character originally appeared in a dramatic trilogy which ended with The Guilty Mother.
Answer: Figaro
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Answer the following about Cato the Elder, FTPE:,
[10] Cato was born in this town southeast of Rome. Cicero had a villa there, and gave its name to a set of "Disputations" on the proper philosophical reaction to grief.
Answer: Tusculum
[10] Cato was allegedly the first Roman patron of this poet, whose now-lost fifteen-book Annales [un-NAHL-ayz] told the story of Roman history down to his own time and was the most famous Latin epic before Virgil.
Answer: Quintus Ennius
[10] One of Cato's famous political orations opposed planned economic sanctions against this Greek island state south of Anatolia, which had made itself the most important naval power in the region.
Answer: Rhodes
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Answer the following about a large painting and its creator, FTPE:,
[10] Commissioned by William IV, a Duke of Bavaria, this 1529 canvas depicts two huge armies from on high, fighting below an enormous banner.
Answer: Battle of Issus or Battle of Alexander at Issus
[10] This native of Regensburg, who is often categorized as a member of the Danube school, painted the Battle of Issus.
Answer: Albrecht Altdorfer
[10] Although Altdorfer is often cited as the pioneer of landscape painting, he only painted two such pieces, including this 1520 work that shows a spire in the back, while the title structure spans a river in the foreground.
Answer: Landscape with a Footbridge or The Footbridge
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He was imprisoned at San Marcos after having been accused of slipping the king a poem attacking the count-duke of Olivares. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Spanish poet of the 17th century, whose works include the picaresque Story of the Life of Buscon and the satirical Los Suenos.
Answer: Francisco Gomez de Quevedo
[10] In his A Compass-Needle to Navigate Culteranos, Quevedo attacked this Spanish poet of the Soledades, whose obscurity led him to be known as the "Prince of Darkness." Quevedo also bought this man's house just so he could throw him out of it.
Answer: Luis de Gongora
[10] Though this dramatist also disliked Gongora's style, he lamented that "Atropos slays the polyphemic gift" in a sonnet written on Gongora's death. This man's copious works include Fuente Ovejuna.
Answer: Lope de Vega
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In 1974, Dr. Frank Jobe performed a surgery which saved the career of a baseball player named Tommy John. Answer the following about the relevant anatomy, FTPE.,
[10] The damaged collateral ligament of this bone is repaired by Tommy John surgery. It is the longer of the two bones of the forearm and at its proximal end is the olecranon. ANSWER: ulna
[10] The ulnar collateral ligament is often replaced by an allograft of this tendon also in the forearm, absent in about 14% of individuals and underneath which lies the median nerve. It is not missed if removed.
Answer: palmaris longus tendon
[10] If no palmaris longus tendon is present, usually a portion of one of the tendons of these muscles in the leg is used. It consists of three parts: the semitendinosus, semimembranous, and biceps femoris muscles.
Answer: hamstring
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After being appointed to the chair of theology at the University of Evora, he produced such works as 1597's Disputationes metaphysicae. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Spanish philosopher, known as "Doctor Eximius," who is considered the greatest scholastic thinker after Aquinas.
Answer: Francisco Suarez
[10] The modern notion of ontology as first philosophy derives from the reworking of Suarez in the Ontologia of this 18th-century thinker, the most important German philosopher between Leibniz and Kant.
Answer: Christian Wolff
[10] The Defensor Fidei of Suarez was a refutation of the views of this British monarch and philosopher, who argued for the divine right of kings in his The True Law of Free Monarchies.
Answer: James I (or James VI of Scotland)
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Answer some questions about a union that included such cities as Bremen and Hamburg, FTPE:,
[10] In England they resided at the Steelyard on the Thames, a walled community with its own warehouses and offices. They were expelled by Elizabeth in 1597.
Answer: Hanseatic League or the Hansa
[10] The Hanseatic League reached its zenith after forcing this king to sign the Treaty of Stralsund, through which they gained a near-monopoly over trade in Denmark.
Answer: Waldemar IV Atterdag
[10] Declared an Imperial Free City by Frederick II, this German city's 1241 treaty of mutual protection with Hamburg can be seen as the origin of the Hansa.
Answer: Lubeck
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Name these 20th-century legal theorists, FTPE:,
[10] This British legal positivist wrote Punishment and Responsibility, but may be better known for The Concept of Law.
Answer: Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart
[10] This Harvard professor conducted a pioneering study of crime in Cleveland with Felix Frankfurter. He is the author of The Spirit of the Common Law and Laws and Morals.
Answer: Roscoe Pound
[10] This prominent critic of Hart's legal positivism argues that law must be interpretive in such works as Law's Empire, Life's Dominion and Taking Rights Seriously.
Answer: Ronald Dworkin
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[10[ Name this 8th century saint, a monk from Mar Saba who was known as "the Golden Orator.",
[10] John of Damascus was a major figure in this religious controversy, as he wrote several "discourses" attacking Emperor Leo III's position. As a consequence, John was condemned at 754's Council of Hieria.
[10] That condemnation of John was reversed at this 787 church council, which determined that icons should be reverenced but not adored.
Answer: Saint John of Damascus or Saint John Damascene the iconoclastic controversy or iconoclasm (accept equivalents)
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Answer the following about types of set theory FTPE:,
[10] This set of eight axioms is the most common axiomatization of set theory, generally expressed in first-order predicate logic. Sometimes the axiom of replacement is removed and this theory is simply denoted Z.
Answer: Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory (prompt on "ZF"; accept names in any order)
[10] In contrast to Zermelo-Fraenkel, this triply-eponymous theory is equivalent, but only has a finite number of axioms and is generally considered more elegant.
Answer: von Neumann-Bernays-Godel set theory or NBG (accept names in any order)
[10] Another set theory is this one developed by a philosopher of language. Unlike ZF it excludes the infinity, powerset, and choice axioms but includes a strong axiom of induction.
Answer: Kripke-Platek set theory
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It begins in the year 1647 and chronicles the history of its country until the reign of John III later in the century. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1884 novel, the first in a trilogy which also included The Deluge and Pan Michael.
Answer: With Fire and Sword or Ogniem i mieczem
[10] This Nobel Prize-winning novelist wrote With Fire and Sword, as well as the perhaps better-known Quo Vadis.
Answer: Henryk Sienkiewicz
[10] This other Sienkiewicz novel centers on Zbyszko of Bogdaniec, who is outraged when the title group kidnaps his wife. The book culminates with the battle of Grunwald.
Answer: The Teutonic Knights or Krzyzacy or The Knights of the Cross
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Name these figures involved in the Glorious Revolution, FTPE:,
[10] This brother-in-law to James II was replaced as Lord Treasurer in 1687 because he wasn't a Catholic. He argued for a regency rather than the election of William and Mary, but was not heeded.
Answer: Laurence Hyde or the 1st Earl of Rochester
[10] This author of The Character of a Trimmer was dismissed by James II as Lord President of the Council, and after opposing Hyde's plan was chosen to offer the crown to William and Mary.
Answer: George Savile or the 1st Marquess of Halifax
[10] The only clergyman among the "Immortal Seven" who invited William to invade was Henry Compton, who held this position which is third in seniority in the Church of England after the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.
Answer: Bishop of London
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Answer the following about the mythology of weaving, FTPE:,
[10] This Mayan earth and moon goddess was usually described as the consort of Itzamna and as the inventor of the art of weaving.
Answer: Ixchel
[10] This young woman challenged Athena to a weaving contest and was turned into a spider.
Answer: Arachne
[10] This daughter of Enki and Nindurra is the Sumerian spider goddess of weaving.
Answer: Uttu
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Answer the following about products that appeared on Seinfeld, FTPE:,
[10] In the episode "The Checks" Elaine's new boyfriend sells this man's high-end furniture. A bookcase of this brand is later used by Kramer to bunk three Japanese tourists.
Answer: Karl Farbman
[10] After going to Price Club Kramer has too much of this Chef Boyardee delicacy at hand and decides to feed it to his horse Rusty, who becomes violently flatulent.
Answer: Beefarino
[10] After finding out that their building's maintenance folks have replaced these items with energy efficient versions, Jerry and Kramer buy some on the black market.
Answer: shower head(s)
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Name these authors who wrote about Cleopatra, FTPE:,
[10] This Elizabethan wrote a blank verse drama entitled Cleopatra which is set after the death of Antony, though he is better known for his sonnet sequence Delia.
Answer: Samuel Daniel
[10] He wrote a novel about Harmachis, who is told by the priests of Isis to overthrow Cleopatra. His other works include a "history of adventure" whose title character is Ayesha.
Answer: Henry Rider Haggard
[10] Cleopatra's visit to Rome is described in this man's epistolary novel about the last days of Julius Caesar, The Ides of March.
Answer: Thornton Wilder
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Answer the following about an island, FTPE:,
[10] Located 15 miles from the coast of France, this island's capital Saint Helier is located on St. Aubin's Bay.
Answer: Jersey
[10] Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark are collectively known by this name.
Answer: Channel Islands
[10] The Channel Islands are divided into these types of administrative territories. The name is derived from a French term for a legal officer who takes care of a village.
Answer: bailiwicks
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Answer the following about superconductors, FTPE:,
[10] This type of superconductor is generally made of metal alloys rather than pure metals, and exhibits higher critical magnetic fields than its counterparts.
Answer: type II superconductor
[10] During the transition from the normal state to a superconducting state, threads of magnetic flux are formed, surrounded by vortex currents. The currents form a regular structure known as this, named for the discoverer of the type II superconductor and 2003 Nobel prize winner.
Answer: Abrikosov lattice
[10] In homogeneous circumstances, the solutions in BCS theory are found using this type of transformation, which transforms a unitary representation of a canonical commutation relation algebra into another unitary representation.
Answer: Bogoliubov transformation
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Answer the following related to a battle of the Napoleonic war, FTPE:,
[10] This July 1809 battle saw Napoleon's final defeat of the Austrians on the plains of Marchfeld.
Answer: Wagram
[10] The Battle of Wagram resulted in this harsh treaty which ended the 5th Coalition and resulted in the cession of Salzburg and Tyrol. It is named for a palace in Vienna.
Answer: Treaty of Schonbrunn
[10] Although he had been appointed Foreign Minister of Austria just days before the Treaty of Schonbrunn was signed he didn't help negotiate it. He was the guiding force, however, for some other treaties including the 1815 Congress of Vienna.
Answer: Klemens Menzel Nepomuk Lothar von Metternich

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