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2009 ACF Nationals Tossups by Dartmouth and Truman State
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This artist painted a work in which Mary offers her breast to a distracted baby Jesus, the Madonna del Latte. He depicted a tense and trembling Mary Magdalene kneeling before Christ in a golden dress in his Noli Me Tangere and included a golden lion's head at the bottom of his Madonna of St. Jerome. His frescoed ceilings and walls with scenes of the hunt were meant to recreate a bower sacred to Diana for the Abbess' salon in the Camera di San Paolo, and he painted twelve apostles sitting around the base of a dome and staring at a foreshortened Christ for the San Giovanni Evangelista. His greatest works were to be given as gifts to Charles V and were commissioned by Frederico Gonzaga; they depicted such scenes as the Abduction of Ganymede, Leda and the Swan, and Danae receiving the "golden rain." For 10 points, identify this painter of the Assumption of the Virgin for the Cathedral of Parma, as well as the Loves of Jupiter.
Answer: Antonio Allegri da Correggio
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This company is the only major American corporation with a "Manager of Non-Traditional Marketing" and is currently led by two former Rally's executives. Like its leading competitor, this chain was founded in Denver in the mid-1990s. In 2006, the opening of one of these restaurants in the White City Shopping Center of Shrewsbury, Massachussetts, led to a court case in which Panera Bread sued over an exclusivity agreement. The resultant ruling held that a burrito is not a sandwich. Currently owned by Jack in the Box, this company rolled out the "Ancho Chile burrito" in 2007 to go with other menu items such as the mango salad and Fajita Ranchera burrito. For 10 points, name this vendor which offers poblano pesto and "fiery habanero" salsa on its products as it competes with Chipotle.
Answer: Qdoba Mexican Grill
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The Bloom lab at UC Davis showed that inhibiting this process also inhibited nitrate assimilation in plant shoots. 5-FCL removes 5-formyl-THF, which inhibits this process by binding to SHMT. SHMT cooperates with GDC to mediate glycine-serine interconversion in this process. In one step of this process, two glycine molecules are converted to one serine molecule, and in a later step in the peroxisome, serine is reduced to glycerate. The final step of this process occurs in the chloroplast and sees glycerate phosphorylated to 3-phosphoglycerate, which subsequently enters the Calvin cycle. For 10 points, name this side reaction that releases carbon dioxide when oxygen binds to RuBP instead of carbon dioxide.
Answer: photorespiration
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In the sixth section of this poem, the speaker claims ``I am he who knows what it is to be evil,'' and he goes on to compare himself to the wolf, the snake, and the hog. Along with the author's poem ``Mannahatta,'' quotes from this poem were featured in a 1911 city documentary by Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand. The speaker describes the ``similitudes of the past and those of the future'' as well as the ``men and women generations before me'' who had embarked on the same journey. Divided into nine sections, this poem begins ``Flood-tide below me! I see you face to face!'', and the speaker goes on to exhort the ``countless crowds of passengers'' to move " from shore to shore.'' For 10 points, name this poem from Leaves of Grass describing a boat trip from Manhattan over the East River.
Answer: ``Crossing Brooklyn Ferry''
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During World War II, this state was the site of the POW camp of Cowra, which saw one of the largest prison escapes in the war. Samuel Marsden was forced to flee this state when three hundred Irishmen marched to Parramatta in the Castle Hill Rebellion of 1804. The Tenterfield Oration, calling for states to unify for purposes of defense, was given in this state, which was also the landing spot for Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet. The arrest of John MacArthur sparked an incident in this state that ended with Lachlan Macquarie becoming governor after George Johnston deposed William Bligh in the Rum Rebellion. For 10 points, name this most populous Australian state, whose capital is Sydney.
Answer: New South Wales
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After getting wind of a conspiracy to overthrow Mt. Olympus, it was this figure that traveled to Tartarus and brought back the Hundred Armed giant, Briareos, to save Zeus. After a fight between Lycurgus and Dionysus, this figure sheltered the latter god and was given a Golden Vase. According to Alcman, this personage represented metallurgy, which may refer to her role rescuing Hephaestus after he was thrown into the sea. This sister of Eurynome and daughter of Nereus was resting in a cave on the coast of Magnesia when the King of Phthia cornered her, leading to a wedding that featured Eris throwing down the golden apple of contention. Better known is her decision to dip her son in the river Styx. For 10 points, identify this sea goddess who married Peleus and gave birth to Achilles.
Answer: Thetis
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Raymond Birge first jointly referenced the namesakes of this idea in a 1926 Physical Review article on the band structure of carbon monoxide. A schematic representation of the absorption and fluorescence spectra using this principle leads to an approximate mirror symmetry when applied along with Kasha's rule. A close analogy of it occurs due to the interaction of phonons and the quantum mechanical formulation of this principle can be interpreted such that the intensity of a vibronic transition is proportional to the square of the overlap integral between the two vibrational wavefunctions involved. For 10 points, name this dually eponymous principle sometimes interpreted to mean that electronic transitions occur instantaneously relative to nuclear motion.
Answer: Franck-Condon principle
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During one event of this kind, a television news director who was trying to stay uninvolved was killed in the Silver Dollar Cafe. Another person involved in the periphery of one of these events was "Football" Williams, who collaborated with Twain Miller and Kiki Watson for an act that was filmed from a helicopter by Bob Tur. The Right of Assembly and Movement Committee opposed the overzealously enforcement of certain curfew laws that led to another one of these, while a further one of these events occurred in the wake of the Sleepy Lagoon murders and led to the U.S. Navy declaring a certain downtown area off limits to all servicemen. In addition to the ones that caused the death of Ruben Salazar and the beating of Reginald Denny, one of these was ended by Chief William Parker's invocation of the National Guard following anger over the arrest of Marquette Frye. For 10 points, identify this popular activity in a certain city, examples of which include the Watts one, the "Sunset Strip curfew" one, and the one in 1992 that followed the acquittal of several white police officers charged with brutalizing Rodney King.
Answer: riots in Los Angeles [accept obvious equivalents; prompt on riots or riots in California or stuff like that]
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In one of this author's stories, a physician married an "ill-tempered woman" who does nothing but sleep in order to punish himself for falling in love with Alexandra, a dying maiden. In addition to "The District Doctor," this man wrote a novel in which the protagonist's plan to marry Liza is thwarted when he finds his purportedly dead wife, Varvara Pavlova, waiting for him in the foyer. In another of his novels, the titular friend of Lezhnev impresses the household of Darya Mikhailovna and falls in love with Natasha. Vassily Vassilevitch goes to Alexander Mikhalyich's dinner party in this man's story "Hamlet of the Shchigrovsky District," and this man wrote about Elena's fascination with the Bulgarian Insarov in On the Eve. Another work by this author of The Home of the Gentry and Rudin discusses the dissection of a frog and a man's death from cutting himself with an infected knife during surgery. For 10 points, name this Russian author of The Sportsman's Sketches who created Kirsanov and Bazarov and Fathers and Sons.
Answer: Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev
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Thirteen years after the development of this concept, its originators put forth its cumulative version that corrected a violation of first order stochastic dominance. Chapter 16 of Peter Bernstein's Against the Gods discusses the formation and development of this theory, which is often represented by a graph that rapidly increases in the fourth quadrant but flattens out in the first quadrant. One example of this concept, which can be avoided by hedonic framing, is the disposition effect, which occurs when investors tend to sell assets that have appreciated but hold those that have depreciated. This theory contradicts the belief that people process the net effect of gains and losses, and argues instead that gains and losses are valued differently. For 10 points, name this theory from behavioral economics about the assessment of risk, developed by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.
Answer: prospect theory
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In 2001, the province of Gorontalo in the northern part of this island split off from a predominantly Christian province with capital at Manado. Those two provinces are part of a land formation named Minahassa, which sits north of the Gulf of Tomini. Other cities on this island include Palu and Kendari. To the east of this island is found a group including Halmahera and Suru. This island lies to the south of the Wallace Line. A city formerly known as Ujung Pandang is the regional capital of this island and shares its name with a strait that separates this island from a larger island to the west. That western neighbor contains the provinces of Sarawak and Kalimantan. Separated by the Mekassar Strait from Borneo, for 10 points, name this irregularly-shaped and third-largest island of Indonesia.
Answer: Sulawesi [or Celebes]
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A recurring image in this figure's work involves the comparison of life to a garden with prayer as the water that makes it grow. This figure's writings include the Meditations on the Canticle, as well as the didactic Way of Perfection, an instruction on how to pray effectively. This figure described the four stages of the soul's ascent in a spiritual autobiography. That work was followed by ruminations on the contemplative spiritual life published in the volume Interior Castle. Encouraged to found the first of many monasteries by a letter from Peter of Alcantara, in The Foundations, this friend and collaborator of St. John of the Cross, describes the launching of her order and her ecstatic conversion. For 10 points, identify this Christian mystic and saint, the founder of the Discalced or Barefoot Carmelites.
Answer: St. Teresa of Avila or of Jesus [or Teresa Sanchez de Cepeda y Ahumada]
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The main female character of this novel carried on a romance with the easy-going miner Gustaf before marrying her husband. Prior to selling his land, one man helps another character leave prison, where she was sent after the rumor-mongering of her sister and the Lapp tramp Os-Anders. In this novel, the daughter of the lazy Brede Olson was forced to live with Fru Heyerdahl after she defended her from accusations of infanticide. Babro's claim that she stumbled in a brook while pregnant, which led to her daughter drowning, does not convince the owner of Maaneland, though he ends up marrying her anyways. Another infanticide resulted after the birth of a daughter with a harelip, though the mother later gives birth to Leopoldine in prison. Sivert is the good son of this novel's protagonist, and is unlike Eleseus, who leaves the farm Sellanraa for America. Oline, Inger, and the corrupting influence of the city are all problems that Isak faces in, for 10 points, what novel by Knut Hamsun?
Answer: Growth of the Soil [or Markens Grode]
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One statement of this theorem relates a quotient ring of a ring R over the intersection of its ideals to the product ring formed by multiplying the quotient rings of R over individual ideals. This theorem may be used for constructing Godel numbering for sequences, allowing the proof of Godel's incompleteness theorem, and it is central to solving problems of secret sharing by finding minimal combinations of shares to recover the whole. A more widely known application is representation of the private key in RSA. For 10 points, name this theorem which states that for two relatively prime integers r and s, there is an integer N such that N is congruent to a mod r and N is congruent to b mod s, where a and b are integers, named for the country in which it was formulated by Sun Zi.
Answer: Chinese remainder theorem
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In one conflict of this name, William of Cassingham conducted a guerilla campaign against the invading army, while Hubert de Burgh defended Dover Castle during a three-month siege. That conflict also saw the defeat of Eustace the Monk's naval forces at the Battle of Sandwich, and it was concluded by the Treaty of Lambeth after Robert Fitzwalter was captured at Lincoln. The more famous conflict of this name saw the victorious commander issue the Dictum of Kenilworth to the followers of the Sixth Earl of Leicester. Though the rebelling side scored an early victory against the Royalists at Lewes, that group ultimately lost this conflict when its leader was killed by Edward Longshanks at the battle of Evesham. Arising when Henry III abrogated the Provisions of Oxford, for 10 points, name this uprising led by Simon de Montfort and the namesake group of noblemen.
Answer: Barons' War
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In this author's first novel, the woman "Pinky" bites the cheeks of men she is attracted to, and a postal clerk tries to end his anonymity by climbing a tree and declaring that he is a hermit. In another work by this author, a woman whose clothesline is sagging with name-brand undergarments muses on how V.S. Naipaul is "stuck in the past." That character also offers her daughter's employment at the BBC as evidence that England has become more tolerant. Major characters in that work by this author include a "shadow class" cook who frequently changes jobs in New York, Guju, and a math tutor who leaves the teenage student he has seduced and joins a group of rebels in Nepal, Gyan. This author of Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard is the child of another novelist, who wrote Where Shall We Go This Summer?, Fire on the Mountain, and Clear Light of Day. For 10 points, name this Anglo-Indian writer of The Inheritance of Loss, the daughter of Anita.
Answer: Kiran Desai [prompt on Desai]
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In marine diatoms, the catalytic metal in this enzyme may be substituted with either cadmium or cobalt. In humans, this enzyme is inhibited by drugs such as acetazolamide in order to treat glaucoma, hypertension, and osteoporosis. A mutation in which alanine replaces the histidine at position 64 decreases catalysis by this enzyme, lending support to the hypothesis that that histidine deprotonates an aqua ligand to start the reaction it catalyzes. The resulting hydroxide ligand then attacks a linear triatomic substrate to generate a biologically important buffer ion. It was the first discovered enzyme to have an active site including zinc. For 10 points, name this enzyme that catalyzes the hydration of carbon dioxide to form bicarbonate.
Answer: carbonic anhydrase
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He left one of his earliest groups after they performed in the revue Strutting Along. Through his work with Wilbur Sweatman, he met a collaborator with whom he would work for the next decade, producing an album that featured his first major recorded solo, Dirty Blues. After achieving popularity with Fletcher Henderson's band, he toured Europe making many studio recordings with musicians like Django Reinhardt and Benny Carter and performing solos on songs like Crazy Rhythm. His only collaboration with Duke Ellington appeared in 1962 with Impulse Records, and soon after he started to show signs of serious alcoholism. Another highly influential solo of his, recorded in 1939 after years of playing it at Kelly's Stables, was Picasso. For 10 points, identify this performer famous for Body and Soul, who, at the height of his popularity, led a group with Roy Eldridge and earned the title ``Father of the Tenor Sax.''
Answer: Coleman Hawkins
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Admiral Schley and Admiral Samson were part of this entity's group of ships known as the Great White Fleet. An 1871 contract signed by railroad magnate, Henry Meiggs, was seminal to the creation of this entity by Andrew Preston and Minor Keith. While working at Sullivan and Cromwell, John Foster Dulles represented this entity, which was later controlled by the likes of Eli Black and Carl Lindler. In 1928, this entity allegedly ordered the massacre of strikers, who demanded eight-hour days and six-day weeks, at Cienada. In order to protect the interest of this entity, which was popularly known as "el pulpo" or "the octopus," the CIA authorized Operation PBSUCCESS in 1954 to help overthrow Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala. For 10 points, name this company, now known as Chiquita, which dominated Central America in the early twentieth century.
Answer: United Fruit Company [or United Brands Company; accept Chiquita before it is mentioned; prompt on ``El Pulpo'' or the ``Octopus'' before they are read]
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The title concept of one of this thinker's works is defined as ``what the individual does with his own solitariness,'' while another work by this philosopher proposed a bimetric theory of space and gravity as an alternative to Einstein's general relativity. In addition to writing Religion in the Making and The Principles of Relativity with Application to Natural Science, this thinker argued that physical objects should be understood as fields occupying both spatial and temporal extensions, a position opposed to the so-called ``Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness.'' In his second-most famous work, based on a 1927-28 Gifford Lecture, this philosopher offered a philosophy of Organic Realism as a replacement for what he terms scientific materialism. That work also introduces the ``process of becoming'' as a metaphysical category. The author of Process and Reality, for 10 points, name this English philosopher who also explored set theory in a famous collaboration with Bertrand Russell.
Answer: Alfred North Whitehead
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Minor characters in this book include the amiable Jack Coverley and the jealous Watkins sisters. Mrs. Selwyn takes the title character to Bristol Hot Wells after she received an insulting letter which she mistakenly believed was sent by her love. The title character had earlier offered a Scottish poet money hoping to prevent him from killing himself and later discovers him to be her half-brother, Macartney. That figure's depression was heightened by his belief that he was in love with his sister, Polly, though it is later revealed that she is actually the daughter of an impoverished nurse. Despite the actions of characters like Clement Willoughby, the Branghtons, and Madame Duval, all ends well for the guileless title figure when Sir John Belmont recognizes his late wife's features in her and takes her in as his real daughter, facilitating her marriage to her true love, Lord Orville. For 10 points, identify this epistolary novel centered around the ward of Reverend Villars, a work of Fanny Burney.
Answer: Evelina: Or, The History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World
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Its composer termed the ``Bourreaux de Solitude'' sections ``Commentaries'' to avoid the thematic connotations of the term ``variations.'' Its score contains the phrase ``Oubli Signal lapide'' referring to an earlier work by the same composer whose structural elements were copied in this work. To contrast with ``sound-blocs'' of its ``L'Artisanat furieux'' sections, its composer employed a serial technique with pitch and duration and it was the first of his works in which he introduced the idea of indeterminacy. Incorporating an alto flute, vibes, guitar, percussion, viola and a xylorimba, as well as an alto singer, it takes its name from a collection of poems by Rene Char. For 10 points, identify this major work of Pierre Boulez which depicts a workman's tool that is, presumably, accountable to none.
Answer: Le Marteau sans Maitre [or The Hammer without a Master; or The Unmastered Hammer]
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mKate, tdTomato, and kindling protein are among the proteins that perform a similar function to this protein. Its T203Y mutant was based on the crystal structure of this protein's S65T mutant. An arginine at position 96 and a glutamate at position 222 are thought to catalyze a reaction in the Ser65-Tyr66-Gly67 sequence of its beta barrel. It was first purified by Osamu Shimomura, who along with Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work with it. For 10 points, name this protein isolated from Aequorea victoria, a jellyfish, which produces a colorful glow when exposed to blue light and which is often used as a reporter gene.
Answer: GFP [or Green Fluorescent Protein]
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During his time as a papal legate in Scandinavia, this man established Trondheim as the metropolitan see of Norway. Cardinal Boso wrote his biography and Matthew Paris doubted the authenticity of a papal bull supposedly issued by this man, Laudabiliter. This successor to Anastasius IV placed an interdict on Rome until that city got rid of the problematic Arnold of Brescia, and he was forced to call the Diet of Beascaon after signing the Treaty of Benevento with William I of Sicily. Even though this man renewed the Treaty of Constance, he developed a hostile relationship with Frederick Barbarossa, whom he had earlier crowned as Holy Roman Emperor in 1155. Succeeded by Alexander III and born Nicholas Breakspear, for 10 points, name this only English Pope.
Answer: Hadrian IV [or Adrian IV]
2009 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Dartmouth and Truman State
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It was decided in 1950 and was argued by WJ Durham and Thurgood Marshall, For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this case where the Supreme Court held that the University of Texas Law School had to provide a substantially equal education to the black plaintiff and, thus, had to admit him.
Answer: Sweatt v. Painter [or Painter v. Sweatt]
[10] The litigants in this case claimed that segregated train cars violated the 14th amendment, though an 8-1 majority declared that that was not the case. This Supreme Court case of 1896 officially established the doctrine of ``separate but equal.''
Answer: Plessy v. Ferguson [or Ferguson v. Plessy]
[10] This Supreme Court case was brought to challenge a San Francisco statute that would not allow folks to operate a laundromat in a wooden building without a permit. The Justices decided that a law that is race neutral on its face, but is administered in a prejudicial manner violated the Equal Protection Clause.
Answer: Yick Wo v. Hopkins [or Hopkins v. Yick Wo]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Francis Aston used this technique to discover several isotopes, and one instrument used to perform it is named after Nier and Johnson. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this technique that uses the ratio of a certain property to charge, which can give the chemical composition and in some cases structure of a molecule, such as a protein.
Answer: mass spectrometry [accept mass spectroscopy]
[10] Koichi Tanaka won the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of this technique often used with time-of-flight mass spectrometry. This ``soft'' ionization method involves bombarding particles with laser pulses.
Answer: MALDI [or matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization]
[10] John Fenn shared that 2002 prize with Tanaka for his development of this other ionization technique, which is preferred for analysis of oligonucleotides via mass spectrometry and involves the formation of a Taylor cone.
Answer: electrospray ionization [or ESI]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The title of one section is ``Cosmic Erotics,'' named after a gallery of obscene art, while another is titled after a mafia-esque corporation, ``Radial Matrix.'' For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this novel whose characters include Senator Lloyd Percival, secret owner of a large pornography museum, Moll Robbins, a reporter for the titular periodical, and Lightborne, the owner of Cosmic Erotics.
Answer: Running Dog
[10] The performance artist David Janiak is the title character of this work, whose name evokes an iconic image of 9/11 and happens to be grammatically similar to Running Dog. Keith Neudecker survives the attacks and is your typical postmodern protagonist in this work.
Answer: Falling Man
[10] Both Running Dog and Falling Man were written by this author who created Jack Gladney, Professor of Hitler Studies, in White Noise.
Answer: Don DeLillo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This video game is set in the long-term residence of those Gothamites found to be criminally insane. For 10 points each:,
[10] Killer Croc and Zsasz are two of the villains that the Caped Crusader has to face in the titular locale of what Eidos-Rocksteady product, set to release in fall 2009?
Answer: Batman: Arkham Asylum
[10] The main villain of Batman: Arkham Asylum is The Joker, voiced by this figure, reprising his job from Batman: The Animated Series and its spinoffs. He parodied his most famous role by dueling Jay and Silent Bob as "Cock-Knocker," and he directed and starred in Comic Book: The Movie.
Answer: Mark Hamill
[10] A major inspiration for the game was the Arkham Asylum comic book written by this Scotsman. He also penned Flex Mentallo, Seven Soldiers of Victory, All Star Superman, and Final Crisis.
Answer: Grant Morrison
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This thinker argued that God's choice of leader for the Jewish people could not be rationalized, since David was an immoral figure. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this French Huguenot philosopher, a skeptic who argued that certain theological tenets contradict the dictates reason.
Answer: Pierre Bayle
[10] Diderot and D'Alembert were heavily influenced by this central work of Bayle's, a compilation of articles on obscure figures from ancient and modern philosophy.
Answer: Dictionnaire Historique et Critique [accept Historical and Critical Dictionary; prompt on Dictionnaire or Dictionary]
[10] Bayle's skepticism owed much to this work of philosophy, published in 1641, in which Descartes imagines that sensory data was supplied to him by an evil demon. It was a follow-up work to his Discourse on Method.
Answer: Meditations on First Philosophy
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Two companies have renamed this The House Party and The Gazelles. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this ballet that features a pas de trois in its fifth section, ``Rag Mazurka.'' It consists mostly of males and females alternating on stage trying to outdo the other, and occasionally dancing together themselves.
Answer: Les Biches [prompt on The Hinds]
[10] Les Biches is a work of this composer, who also wrote the opera Dialogues of the Carmelites. He was a member of ``Les Six.''
Answer: Francois Poulenc
[10] Another ballet by a ``Les Six'' composer is this one based on African folk mythology by Darius Milhaud that opens by representing chaos and closes with a man and woman kissing.
Answer: Le Creation du Monde [accept: The Creation of the World]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In this work, the title figure, Captain Plume, attempts to court the wealthy heiress Sylvia Balance while on duty in Shrewsbury. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this comedy that also features a dispute between Mr. Worthy and Captain Brazen for the hand of Melinda. This play by the author of The Beaux Strategem was later adapted by Bertolt Brecht into 1955's Trumpets and Drums.
Answer: The Recruiting Officer
[10] The Recruiting Officer is a play by this Irish dramatist of the late Restoration era, whose most famous work centers on the young gentlemen Archer and Aimwell, The Beaux' Stratagem.
Answer: George Farquhar
[10] The Recruiting Officer was famously staged in Australia by the convicts of the First Fleet in 1789, an event recounted in this author's novel The Playmaker. Two of his other novels, Confederates and Gossip from the Forest, were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.
Answer: Thomas Keneally
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The Ralph Engelstad Arena in this city hosts home games for the Fighting Sioux hockey team, and its eastern twin city is in Minnesota. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this third-largest city in North Dakota.
Answer: Grand Forks, North Dakota
[10] Grand Forks has been in the news lately because of flooding from this river, which also devastated the city in 1997.
Answer: Red River
[10] The Red River Valley is a remnant of this immense glacial lake in the northern US and Canada, which also covered Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. It came into existence at the end of the last Ice Age, but dried up about 8000 years ago.
Answer: Lake Aggasiz
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about astronomical bodies, for 10 points each.,
[10] Messier object 45 is this open star cluster located in the constellation Taurus. Hot blue stars that have formed in the last 100 million years dominate the cluster.
Answer: Pleiades
[10] Ptolemy called this other open cluster ``the nebulous mass in the breast of Cancer.'' Also known as Praesepe, it has similar age and proper motion to the Hyades.
Answer: the Beehive Cluster [or M44 or NGC2632]
[10] This mission of the European Space Agency launched in 1989 was the first space experiment devoted to astrometry. One if its findings derived the proximity of the Pleiades cluster at 120 parsecs, which differs from more recent work placing the cluster distance at around 130 parsecs.
Answer: Hipparcos or [High Precision Parallax Collecting Satellite]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the Zhou dynasty, for 10 points each.,
[10] This 1046 BC battle saw the Shang army of Di Xin defeated by a coalition led by Wu. Wu's victory led to the foundation of the Zhou dynasty.
Answer: Battle of Muye
[10] You can read about the Spring and Autumn period of the Zhou dynasty in this man's The Spring and Autumn Annals. This historian also authored Shiji and Records of the Grand Historian.
Answer: Sima Qian
[10] The decline of the Zhou occurred during this aptly named era, which saw the partition of the Jin state. Lasting from 476 to 221 BC, it shares its name with a period in Japanese history known as the Sengoku period.
Answer: Warring States Period
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work features an aria that has a chorus of women singing ``None shall know his nameldotsand we will all have to die,'' for ten points each.,
[10] Identify this Puccini opera based on a tale by Carlo Gozzi, whose arias include ``Ola, Peng!'' and the aforementioned ``Nessun Dorma.''
Answer: Turandot
[10] In 1905, this man composed a Suite based on the same story Puccini adopted in Turandot. This Italian also composed six sonatinas and the Fantasia Contrappuntistica for piano.
Answer: Ferrucio Busoni
[10] This 1943 work, an Orchestral Suite by Paul Hindemith, which was written to pay homage to another German composer, actually based its musical interpretation of the Turandot story on Schiller's adaptation.
Answer: Symphonic Metamorphosis [or Symphonic Metamorphoses] of Carl Maria von Weber
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The protagonist replaces Captain Godfrey Sholto as the favorite of the title character, with whom he spends time at the estate of Medley. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this novel in which Hyacinth Robinson is initially eager to sacrifice for a socialist revolution, but commits suicide after he is brought to love aristocratic life by the titular character.
Answer: The Princess Casamassima
[10] The Princess Casamassima is a novel by this author who created such figures as the wife-hunting Christopher Newman in The American and the generous, ailing Milly Theale in The Wings of the Dove.
Answer: Henry James
[10] In this 1898 James novella, an unnamed and unfulfilled telegraphist spies on the lives of the dashing Captain Everard and the luminous Lady Bradeen. Eventually, she gets in over her head and decides it is ok to marry the grocer, Mr. Mudge, after all.
Answer: In the Cage
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about quantum physics, for 10 points each.,
[10] Entropy can be defined as the negative trace of this multiplied by the log of it. It is a positive-semidefinite matrix that describes the statistical state of a quantum system.
Answer: density matrix
[10] The density matrix is also of this type, defined as any matrix with complex entries that is equal to its own conjugate transpose.
Answer: Hermitian matrix [or self-adjoint matrix]
[10] This equation describes non-unitary evolution of the density matrix that is trace preserving and completely positive for any initial condition. If there is only one Kraus operator, it reduces to the quantum Liouville equation.
Answer: Lindblad equation
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It is called Gudi Padwa by the people who celebrate it in Maharastra. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this festival that is called Ugadi in Andra Pradesh and Cheti Chand by the Sindhis, where people eat a mixture of sweet, salty, and bitter foods.
Answer: Hindu New Year (prompt on "New Year" or "Indian New Year")
[10] This is the Jewish New Year, which begins the Days of Awe and is celebrated on the 1st}$ and 2$^{nd of Tishrei. During this holiday, the shofar is blown.
Answer: Rosh Hashanah
[10] This is the Coptic celebration of the New Year. It occurs on September 11 and is known as the Feast of the Martyrs.
Answer: Nayrouz
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Answer the following about the Year of the Five Emperors, for 10 points each.,
[10] The cause of the year of the Five Emperors was the assassination of this emperor on New Year's Eve of 192. This son of Marcus Aurelius thought he was Hercules and loved gladiatorial combat.
Answer: Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus
[10] The first of the Five Emperors was this former governor of Dacia and Britain. After he did not pay the Praetorian Guard as promised, he was killed and the principate was auctioned off to the highest bidder after only 86 days in office.
Answer: Publius Helvius Pertinax
[10] After the reigns of Pertinax and Didius Julianus, the Year of Five Emperors saw three different men proclaimed emperor. This mess was finally sorted out when Septimius Severus defeated Clodius Albinus in this 197 battle in southeastern France.
Answer: Battle of Lugdunum
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This book criticizes the fetishization of numeric data as ``Abstracted Empiricism,'' as well as the grand theories of Talcott Parsons. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1959 book that examines the way a certain discipline is practiced in American universities, whose title concept is defined as the ability to see the effect of social forces on individuals.
Answer: The Sociological Imagination
[10] This author of The Sociological Imagination also wrote a book arguing that postwar American society was dominated by the interlocking "higher circles" of military, corporate, and political elites.
Answer: Charles Wright Mills
[10] Mills examined America's labor leaders in this 1948 book, which concluded that radicalism based on labor was the only force capable of producing progressive social change in its chapter "The Program of the Left."
Answer: The New Men of Power:America's Labor Leaders
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This 1966 work contains the story of a young couple who bicker while making their way to a client who is paying them to have sex in front of her. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this collection of nine stories and one play. It is named for a titular story set on the Izu peninsula that documents the return of Tomoko Ikuta and her husband to the beach where two of their children had drowned, along with their aunt Yasue.
Answer: Death in Midsummer and other stories
[10] Death in Midsummer was written by this author better known for The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea and Confessions of a Mask.
Answer: Yukio Mishima
[10] This Mishima novel revolves around the aging Shunsuke's manipulation of Yuichi, whose beauty makes him irresistible to all the women he meets, but who actually loves men.
Answer: Forbidden Colors
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Their members included Malyuta Skuratov and Fyodor Basmanov, who was rumored to have been their founder's homosexual lover. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this group, ostensibly created to govern the region apart from the zhemshchina, also responsible for the murder of the Metropolitan Philip.They served as enforcers and a death squad for Ivan the Terrible, and massacred thousands of people in the Novgorod incident.
Answer: Oprichniks [or Oprichniki]
[10] These Russian guardsmen were also founded by Ivan the Terrible and took their name from the firearms and arquebuses that they wielded. More often than not they involved themselves heavily in Russian politics, and were eventually disbanded after they rebelled against Peter the Great.
Answer: Streltsy [or Marksman Troops]
[10] Prior to Ivan's military reforms, the Russian military was governed chiefly by these men, who served as the retainers of the numerous knyazi. They were responsible for tax collection, guarding, and generally serving as the retinue of the Russian princes.
Answer: druzhina
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It currently resides in the Prado, and it treated a rare mythological subject. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this painting, which may have been based on a similarly titled work by Rubens, in which the central figure stares wildly at the viewer, as blood flows down the arm of the decapitated body he is consuming.
Answer: Saturn Devouring One of His Sons [or Saturn Devouring his Children;or Saturn devouring his son]
[10] Goya originally painted Saturn devouring his son and the rest of the Black Paintings on the walls of this abode, which was named by the previous occupant who had lost his hearing.
Answer: Quinta del sordo [or House of the Deaf Man; Villa of the Deaf Man]
[10] In this Black Painting which features an enormous rock on the right side of the painting, the titular demon, whose face is partially covered, carries off a terrified man.
Answer: Asmodeus or Fantastic Vision or Asmodea
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Its continuous form is equivalent to the Laplace transform when the Laplace transform variable s is equal to i$omega$ (i omega). For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this transform that converts a signal from the time domain to the frequency domain. It comes in continuous, discrete, and discrete-time varieties.
Answer: Fourier transform
[10] These two scientists developed an algorithm in 1965 that breaks down discrete Fourier transforms into smaller sizes with the help of twiddle factors. It reduces computation time from O(n2) to O(n log n).
Answer: James W. Cooley and John W. Tukey [accept in either order]
[10] This theorem generally states that the energy of a signal is the same in both the time and frequency domains. Thus, no energy is lost or gained when using the Fourier transform.
Answer: Parseval's theorem
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This figure describes himself as ``a Northman, brave and daring.'' For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this arrogant ``lanky lad of Lapland'', who loses a singing contest to a rival bard and subsequently gets sunk into a deep bog.
Answer: Joukahainen
[10] Elias Lonnrot compiled this national epic of Finland, which contains the story Joukahainen and Vainamoinen.
Answer: Kalevala
[10] While Joukahainen is sinking into the bog, he promises this woman's hand in marriage to Vainomoinen. However, this sister of Joukahainen was so distressed with the idea of marrying the old bard that she drowned herself.
Answer: Aino
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This man's namesake pact with Samuel Hoare of Britain attempted to settle the war between Italy and Ethiopia, but was denounced for legitimizing Italy's territorial aggression. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this French prime minister, who was ultimately executed by firing squad in 1945.
Answer: Pierre Laval
[10] This other figure in the Vichy regime, an elderly World War I hero, was the head of state during the occupation. His death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by Charles de Gaulle.
Answer: Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph Petain
[10] This general at first led the French charge against the coming German invasion, but, when the situation became hopeless, he surrendered and later became defense minister in Petain's cabinet.
Answer: Maxime Weygand
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It states that species must continually evolve to keep up with other species who are also evolving. For 10 points each:,
[10] Leigh van Valen named what hypothesis about evolution after a Lewis Carroll character?
Answer: red queen hypothesis
[10] Amotz Zahavi suggested this principle in 1975, which states that stronger males may bear extra weights or hindrances to show females that they have an otherwise superior genotype.
Answer: handicap principle
[10] This principle states that species can only modify pre-existing structures to adapt to their environment. Stephen Jay Gould discussed the namesake animal's false thumb in an essay on it.
Answer: panda principle [prompt on principle of imperfection]
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This poem ended its author's period of ``Great Silence'' following the death of Mallarme. For 10 points each:,
[10] Appearing in its author's collection Album of Ancient Verse, identify this 1917 poem of 512 lines written in alexandrine couplets. In it, a young woman reflects on life, death, and love.
Answer: ``La Jeune Parque'' [accept ``The Youngest of the Fates'']
[10] ``La Jeune Parque'' was written by this French poet and essayist, who also penned ``The Graveyard by the Sea.'' His daily musings are collected in his Cahiers.
Answer: Paul Valery
[10] Along with Verlaine and Mallarme, Valery is generally considered part of this French literary movement, which emphasized indirect methods of poetic expression.
Answer: Symbolism

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