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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Dartmouth A and B
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The potential energy function associated with this model can be approximated by solving Schrodinger's equation for particle in a square well with rounded corners. This model postulates that it is necessary to incorporate spin-orbit interactions which split energy levels into sublevels that are farther separated than atomic energy levels. LS coupling is assumed to hold for light nuclei while heavy nuclei exhibit jj coupling. This model is successful in predicting nuclear angular momenta and can account for other phenomena, such as the existence of magic numbers, and the tendency of nuclear abundances to favor even values of atomic number and mass number. Developed by Maria Goeppert-Mayer and J.H.D. Jensen, for 10 points, name this model of the nucleus which, unlike the liquid drop model, assumes that nucleons are subject to a general force field and can only occupy certain quantum states.
Answer: nuclear shell model
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The protagonist of this novel describes one woman he encounters as a "struggling wild animal" who "suddenly turns docile" upon his touch. In chapter 72 of this novel, the author declares, "This isn't a novel!" because "A novel must have a complete story." The protagonist encounters a troupe of falsetto singers working in a quarry who "take their frustration out on the rocks" because they have no women. Images that affect the protagonist include "ponds with floating duckweed" and "arched stone bridges," which he sees on a journey to a place he heard about on a train. The women the protagonist encounters are all referred to as "she," and the perspective of the protagonist oscillates between "I" and "You." Thinking he has cancer, the protagonist sets out to find the possibly mythical titular locale, starting in Beijing. For 10 points name this novel by Gao Xinjian.
Answer: Soul Mountain
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Some of those arrested and executed for their participation in this event include John Thomas Brunt, Richard Tidd, and William Davidson. The king's grandson, Frederick FitzClarence, commanded troops to respond to it, and one police officer Richard Smithers was killed by its leader, who had been arrested four years earlier for involvement at Spa Fields. The plan was spoiled by George Edwards, an agent-provocateur working for the government, while one member, James Ings, proclaimed that he would display the decapitated head of Lord Sidmouth, indicating his anger with the Six Acts characteristic of the Spenceans who perpetrated this event. Led by Arthur Thistlewood, FTP, name this plot to assassinate the British cabinet in 1820, whose name comes from the meeting place where its members convened.
Answer: Cato Street Conspiracy
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This ruler refused to allow his bishops to attend a council at Mouzon, and during the first decade his reign, he swore nominal fealty to his less powerful cousin Lothair. He appointed Arnulf as archbishop, who refused to attend the Council of Senlis and supported his uncle Charles of Lorraine in a bid to usurp the throne from this man. This ruler then quickly replaced Arnulf with Gerbert of Aurillac, who later became Sylvester II. This ruler's wife was the daughter of William Towhead, Queen Adelaide, and during the last part of his reign he ruled alongside his son Robert II, while he himself was a great-grandson of Robert the Strong. With living descendants on the throne of Luxembourg and Spain, FTP, name this founder and namesake of a line of French kings beginning in 987.
Answer: Hugh Capet (prompt partial answer)
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Joseph Gusfield wrote a study of this organization, which was supposedly inspired by a speech of Dr. Dio Lewis. The idea for it was initially suggested at the Chautauqua conference and it adopted the slogan "For God and Home and Native Land," the last part of which was later changed to "Every Land." The Anchorage Mission was founded by this group, which started out in Cleveland and expanded to branches in Washington Court House, Hillsboro, and Fredonia. It expanded its membership by means of the White Ribbon Recruits and its founders include the author of Glimpses of Fifty Years, Frances Willard, who served as its president after Annie Wittenmyer. FTP, name this organization founded in 1873 to promote the cause of prohibition by some women.
Answer: Woman's Christian Temperance Union or WCTU
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Einstein formulated a statistical correction to this law that incorporates a coefficient to account for the probability of a solid oscillator having a certain frequency. Peter Debye later improved on Einstein's result by modeling the internal energy of a solid as residing in oscillations of the whole solid and not in individual atoms. Deviations from this law occur at low temperature because the spacing between energy levels is large compared to the product of the Boltzmann constant and the absolute temperature, so it is forbidden to possess energies above the zero-point energy. One can derive this result from classical physics by assuming that each atom in a solid has three translational and three vibrational degrees of freedom and then applying the equipartition theorem. For 10 points, identify this law which states that the specific heat capacity of every solid is three times the ideal gas constant.
Answer: Dulong-Petit Law
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Electron paramagnetic spectroscopy showed that the simplest compound of this group forms an electron-deficient tetrahedral aggregate in solution. Researchers at the University of Waterloo reported that solutions of this class of compounds can be accurately titrated using a stock solution of N-benzylbenzamide indicator, which turns deep blue at the endpoint. Reactions involving these compounds, such as ketone alkylation, must be carried out in a polar aprotic solvent because they are very strong bases. In addition, TMEDA is often added to solution to increase the reactivity of these compounds by lowering the coordination number at the metal atoms. For 10 points, name this class of organometallic compounds defined by bonds between atoms of a hydrocarbon chain and a certain metal element which is number 3 on the periodic table.
Answer: Alkyllithium compounds [Do NOT accept "Grignard reagents" at any point in the question]
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One character in this novel is afraid that rats will eat his face when he dies, while another is anxious over whether she will be buried in an old calico dress. Three of this novel's characters mistake a brothel for a hotel, leading to one becoming a prostitute for the night. Another character is likened to a "hound?when he got the itch" as she slides her naked rear end across the grass in an attempt to seduce a man who had earlier bought his wife for seven dollars and some quilts. The youngest character travels to Fuller with Bessie, a woman with no nose, to buy a new Ford in which they eventually kill an African-American man and the grandmother of the central family, while the hare-lipped Ellie May goes with Luv after Pearl runs off. A fire set by Jeeter leads to his and Ada's death at the end of, for 10 points, what novel about the sharecropping Lester family by Erskine Caldwell?
Answer: Tobacco Road
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Mycoplasma genitalia produces only one of these and Streptococcus coelicolour makes 63, but in E. coli there are eight different kinds. Type 32 is involved in responses to heat shock and unfolded cytoplasmic proteins while type 54 is linked to metabolism of nitrogen sources other than ammonia. The most famous of these proteins is type 70, which is involved in transcription of housekeeping genes and is required for normal growth. Type 70 binds sequences at 10 and 35 bases upstream of the start of transcription site to help form a closed complex. FTP, name this bacterial factor that assists promoter recognition during initiation of transcription by destabilizing nonspecific binding of RNA polymerase to DNA.
Answer: sigma (A) factor
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It is thought that Euler and Lagrange both explored rudimentary forms of this procedure. The techniques leading to the development of this procedure were explored in detail by Oliver Heaviside over a century after its namesake first conceived it. This procedure can be performed unilaterally and bilaterally but it can be reversed using a formula named for Bromwich. One way of arriving at its results is computing a generalized product through a convolution integral. This procedure gives rise to an operator that is linear and returns unique results. The transfer function obtained by this procedure can be identified as the impulse response of the system. One prominent application of this technique is solving differential equations with constant coefficients by turning differential equations into algebraic polynomial equations. For ten points, identify this transform named for a French mathematician whose unilateral is formally defined as the integral from zero to infinity of e to the negative s t times f of t with respect to t.
Answer: Laplace Transform
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One president of this country was scandalized when he allowed the warship Esmerelda to fly its flag. That leader was succeeded by a man known as the "Old Battler," Eloy Alfaro, who led the liberal revolution here in opposition to Gabriel Garcia Moreno; both of those leaders were assassinated and journalist Juan Montalvo bragged that his pen killed the latter. The populist Jose Velasco Ibarra served as its president five times in the 20th century. Its independence came with the defeat of the general Melchor Aymerich by Sucre in 1822 at the Battle of Pichincha, after which it briefly became the southern district of Gran Colombia. More recently, its leaders have resolved border disputes with neighboring president Alberto Fujimori. FTP, name this South American country home to Cotopaxi, Guayaquil, and Quito.
Answer: Ecuador
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One of the best-preserved places of worship for this religion is located beneath the Church of San Clemente. Two important figures in this religion, Cautes and Cautopates, were believed to represent the equinoxes and are usually seen holding upward and downward facing torches. Its temples were lined with couches and featured a central image known as the tautochrony. Accompanied by a dog, serpent and scorpio, this religion's central figure is often depicted wearing colorful pants and a slave's cap. Ranks such as "corax" were applied to initiaties in this group, who worshipped the figure who slayed a sacred bull in order to release the forces necessary for life. For 10 points, name this religion, an offshoot of Zoroastrianism that was popular among soldiers in the Roman Empire.
Answer: Mithraism
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One character in this book believes he is being punished by God for having affairs with Eskimo women, and another reveals his sheltered white lifestyle by declaring that there were "no Negroes" and "no immigrants" in the United States during his childhood. A different character attempts to beseech the Vice-President for help after her black lover is assaulted by racists and buries their biracial child in the flower garden, A character who makes bombs for the Zapatistas in Mexico and has a brief affair with Evelyn Nesbit is known only as Younger Brother, while Coalhouse Walker is a piano player who links the white and black narratives. Historical events in this novel include the sinking of the Lusitania, Freud's 1909 lectures at Clark University, and the murder of architect Stanford White. For 10 points, name this novel by E.L. Doctorow about the early twentieth century, whose title refers to a then-popular style of music.
Answer: Ragtime
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Piano works by this composer include "In the Mists," as well as a concertino for piano, horn, clarinet, and chamber strings, a series of short pieces like "Reminiscence" and "Malostransky Palace," and a sonata nicknamed 1.X.1905. A "Pilky" and a "Pozehnany" are two of the six Lachian Dances composed by this man, who drew his song cycle, The Diary of One Who Disappeared, from a poem by Josef Kalda. The famous "Sokol Fanfare" opens the nationalistic Sinfonietta of this man, whose two string quartets are nicknamed Intimate Letters and the Kreutzer Sonata. Remembered primarily as an operatic composer for works like Katia Kabanova, and an opera adapted from a play by Karel Capek, this is, FTP, which Czech composer of The Makropoulos Case, who also composed the music for Jenufa?
Answer: Leos Janacek
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This god's son was so disgusted with the food offered at a feast that he killed Uke Mochi, sparking a feud with a sibling that lived at Ise-Jingu. Another one of this man's children slayed Yamata-no-Orochi, an eight-headed serpent. This god lived at Ama-no-ukihashi, the floating bridge of the heaven, from where raised Onogoro from the ocean using Amenonuhoko, his magical spear. Much like Orpheus, this god travelled to the underworld to rescue his wife who had died in childbirth, but ultimately failed to bring her back. Giving birth to Tsukuyomi from his right eye and Amaterasu from his left eyes, for 10 points, name this Shinto god and consort of Izanami.
Answer: Izanagi
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Subjects of this man's early works include a barren streetcorner marked by a leafless tree and a run-down industrial plant with ruts leading up to it. The Gennevilliers Road and Gas Tanks at Clichy were painted after this artist ended his training with Jean-Baptiste Bin. Later in life he would introduce the idea of musical tempo into his work, as exhibited in his Presto, while his brief pure color period can be seen in the bright orange hillside that provides the setting for his Women at the Well. Among his best-known paintings are those of a pine tree and the harbor at that location, St. Tropez. Later works include the wildly psychedelic portrait of his friend Felix Feneon, which represented a departure from his roots in Divisionism. The author of From Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism, this is, for 10 points, what artist who together with Georges Seurat developed pointillism.
Answer: Paul Signac
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This town's mayor is Michael Haupl, who has been reelected thrice since his initial appointment in 1994. Currently under construction in this city is St. Stephen's Cathedral, whose 445 foot tower dominates the city's skyline. Some famous professors at this city's namesake university include Theodor Adorno, Hans Fischer and Konrad Lonrenz. Oskar Kokoschka and Kolomon Moser were members of an art movement named for this city. A treaty that saw the cession of Tyrol and Salzburg to Bavaria and parts of Poland to the Duchy of Warsaw was by signed by Napoleon in one of this city's imperial palaces. For ten points, name this city that was besieged by Suleiman in 1529 and by the Ottomans in 1683, the capital city of Austria.
Answer: Vienna or Wien
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This man acquired the name by which he is best known from an Athenian teacher's pun on his given name, Malchus. He wrote a treatise on Vegetarianism, On the Impropriety of Killing Living Beings for Food, as well as several works which attacked the Christian faith, including Philosophy from Oracles. This man is important to the history of mathematics for his Life of Pythagoras, but was best known in medieval times for an introduction to the Categories of Aristotle that was commented upon by many figures including Boetheius, the Isagoge. For 10 points, name this man who collected and edited the works of his Roman teacher, Plotinus, thus founding Neo-Platonism.
Answer: Porphyry
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Gerald Vizenor called this man "a simulation" and "an absence" and said that he posed "at the borders of the camera" in an essay published several decades after this man's death. Professor Steven Shackley may have debunked this man's principal claim to fame through an analysis of arrowheads. One anthropologist used salvage ethnography to study this man's testimony, while that anthropologist's wife, Theodora, wrote a famous account of him "In Two Worlds." Since this man never disclosed his real name to Alfred Kroeber or other European-Americans, he was given a name meaning "man" in his native language. Appearing mysteriously in Oroville, California in 1911, for ten points, name this subject of several anthropological and linguistic studies, the supposed last member of the Yahi Indians.
Answer: Ishi, the last Yahi
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One character in this novel repeatedly poses as a bespectacled Jewish peddler to meet with the woman he loves. The arrival of the title character is precipitated by a dog biting then being kicked by a servant in one of two scenes involving upturned carriages. Another character in this novel marries Lieutenant Obadiah Lismahago, who tells stories of fighting Indians. The protagonist is released from jail after convincing the other inmates to stop visiting the jail's taproom, and his identity is eventually revealed by examining a snuff box. The Jewish peddler turns out to be George Dennison, whom Jerry Melford attempts to duel over his affection for Lydia. Upon hearing the name Matthew Lloyd, the protagonist learns that he is actually Squire Bramble's son, but marries the maid Winifred anyway. For 10 points name this novel about a servant and Methodist preacher, the final novel of Tobias Smollett.
Answer: The Expedition of Humphry Clinker
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TB. This nation is home to birdwatching locales like the Oorts Mountains and the Vedi Hills, while its ranges include the Geghama Mountains and the Pambak. Some of its towns include Kamo and Razdan, while its largest city features attractions like the statue of Hayk and the Matenadaran archive of ancient manuscripts. Its third-largest city can be known as Kirovakan or Vanadzor, while its second-biggest city was once called Alexandropol and Leninakan, but is now referred to as Gyumri and is the largest city in Shirak province. An island monastery built by a king of the Bagratid Dynasty in the ninth century sits in the middle of its largest lake, Lake Sevan, an alpine reservoir at very high altitude. FTP, name this republic south of Georgia and west of Azerbaijan, with its capital at Yerevan.
Answer: Republic of Armenia
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Dartmouth A and B
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There are other ancients epics beside the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid. For ten points each:,
[10] This epic by Apollonius of Rhodes describes the journey of the Jason and his namesake crew to get the Golden Fleece. Another epic of the same name was written by Valerius Flaccus.
Answer: Argonautica
[10] This epic by Lucan describing the civil war between Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar, begins with the crossing of the Rubicon and is named after a 48 BC battle between these two men.
Answer: Pharsalia or Bellum Civile or The Civil War
[10] This Roman epic of Ennius covers 1000 years of history from the fall of Troy down to 184 BC.
Answer: Annales or The Annals
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Its story was later continued in the novel The Emperor's Tomb. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is interwoven with the fate of the Trotta family.
Answer: Radetsky March
[10] Radetsky March is a novel by this Jew whose other works include String of Pearls and Hotel Savoy.
Answer: Joseph Roth
[10] Joseph Roth also wrote a novel about the Singer family named for this biblical figure, also the subject of a play by Archibald MacLeish.
Answer: Job
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Name some telescopes and observatories, FTPE.,
[10] Launched in 1990, its Ultra Deep Field based on a series of its observations in Fornax is the deepest visible light image of the Universe.
Answer: Hubble Space Telescope
[10] This X-ray observatory, launched in 1999 aboard Columbia as the third of the Great Observatories, first observed x-rays from the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
Answer: Chandra X-Ray Observatory
[10] Operated by Cornell University, this 305-meter radio telescope in Puerto Rico recently detected prebiotic molecules in the emission spectrum from a distant starburst galaxy.
Answer: Arecibo Observatory
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Answer some questions about dark matter, for 10 points each.,
[10] An early candidate for dark matter was this class of objects, thought to consist of brown dwarfs, small black holes, or Jupiter-sized planets; they were ruled out by gravitational lensing surveys.
Answer: MACHOs (Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects)
[10] An aptly named successor to the MACHO theory is this general term for heavy non-baryonic matter.
Answer: WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles)
[10] The leading WIMP candidate is this type of particle, formed from the supersymmetric partners of the Z-boson, Higgs boson, and photon.
Answer: neutralino
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Answer the following about a military action in April of 1942, FTPE.,
[10] Sixteen B-25 bombers used in this strike, outfitted for long range and takeoff from an aircraft carrier, were all lost after depositing their cargo on Japanese military targets. This eponymous raid was the first American air attack on the Japanese homeland.
Answer: Doolittle Raid
[10] The twin-engine medium bombers used in the Doolittle Raid were named after this American aviation pioneer court-martialed for his criticism of military hierarchy who did not share his view of the importance of air power.
Answer: William Lendrum "Billy" Mitchell
[10] The raid was launched from this aircraft carrier which later played a crucial role in the victory at Midway and was sunk at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands.
Answer: U.S.S. Hornet
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It was first written by Robert Letcher, who advertised it as a trifling matter of no importance, but opposition arose quickly from representatives Thomas Foster and Charles Haynes. FTPE:,
[10] Name this bill with attempted to secure funding for a sixty-five mile dirt trail from the Ohio River country to Lexington, and was famously vetoed by Andrew Jackson.
Answer: Maysville Road Bill
[10] The veto of Maysville Road was used by men like James K. Polk to ridicule this system of internal improvements proposed by Henry Clay, which centered around a national bank and protective tariffs.
Answer: American System
[10] This member of the Kitchen Cabinet, once referred to as the "Whig of the west," staunchly supported the Maysville Road veto. He edited the United States Telegraph from 1825 to 1836, which served as an official mouthpiece for the Jackson administration.
Answer: Duff Green
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Name these Old Kingdom pharaohs, FTPE.,
[10] This first pharaoh of the Third Dynasty succeeded the mysterious Khasekhemwy. With the help of his vizier, Imhotep, he built the step pyramid at Saqqara.
Answer: Djoser or Zoser
[10] This founder of the Fourth Dynasty ruled for 29 years with his queen Heterpheres and completed the pyramid of his predecessor, Huni. He also built the Red Pyramid and the famous Bent Pyramid at the necropolis of Dahshur.
Answer: Sneferu or Snefru
[10] This son of Khufu succeeded his half-brother Djedefre and, much like Khufu and Menkaure, he built his own great pyramid at Giza. According to Manetho and Herodotus, he ruled for 66 years and may have also built the Sphinx.
Answer: Khafre or Khafra
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Name these European leaders of the 1930s, FTPE.,
[10] In 1933, this President of Germany offered Hitler the Chancellorship, then later signed the Reichstag Fire Decree and the Enabling Act into law, effectively nullifying his own political power.
Answer: Paul von Hindenburg
[10] This three-time Prime Minister of France initially came to power after the large electoral victory of the Popular Front in 1936. He was the first Socialist and the first Jew to hold that position.
Answer: (Andre) Leon Blum
[10] This three-time British Prime Minister initially rose to power as a secretary to Bonar Law, and formed a coalition with opposition leader Ramsay MacDonald in 1931. He advocated disarmament but also oversaw the addition of multiple squadrons to the Royal Air Force.
Answer: Stanley Baldwin
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For ten points each, answer these questions relating to the Band Theory of Solids.,
[10] For ten points, name the term that denotes deliberately adding impurities which generate either donor or acceptor levels to a semiconductor in order to increase its conductivity.
Answer: doping
[10] The band theory of solids predicts that doping of a semiconductor will allow electrons to populate this type of band, which lies above the forbidden and valence bands.
Answer: conduction band
[10] Combining p- and n-type materials with a narrow depletion region separating them yields this type of diode where the bottom of the n conductance band overlaps with the top of the valence p band. Electrons can therefore cross the forbidden band in both directions in this type of diode.
Answer: Tunnel Diode or Esaki diode
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Answer the following about analyzing protein structure in molecular biology, FTPE.,
[10] This technique pioneered by Max Perutz and John Kendrew uses beams of electromagnetic radiation to create diffraction spots on a film, which are analyzed computationally to determine protein structure.
Answer: X-Ray Crystallography
[10] This spectroscopic method examines protein dynamics in solution for proteins of molecular weight 20 kDa or less, so it is often used to examine domains and not whole proteins. Developed largely by Purcell and Bloch, in organic chemistry it is performed using carbon-13 and hydrogen isotopes.
Answer: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (or NMR)
[10] This technique is often used in solid-state NMR spectroscopy; air bearings and micro-turbines are used to very rapidly rotate a sample at 54.74 degrees with respect to the magnetic field, which averages the orientation dependence to zero, and this allows for the production of sharp distinct signals.
Answer: Magic Angle Spinning (or MAS)
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Name these authors of memoirs FTPE,
[10] One memorable chapter in this man's A Movable Feast, "A Matter of Measurements," deals with F. Scott Fitzgerald's anxiety over his inconsiderable endowment.
Answer: Ernest Hemingway
[10] In World Within World, this man recounts friendships with such luminaries as T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, W.H. Auden, and Christopher Isherwood as well as his stint in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.
Answer: Sir Stephen Spender
[10] The Oak and the Calf recalls the time spent in Russia by this creator of characters like the bearded Jew Lev Rubin and Kostoglotov, who, after being exiled to Ush-Terek, is sent to the titular treatment facility.
Answer: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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It was bred by Phaea, a female robber known for her bad manners and ill temperament. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this beast, which was killed by Theseus at its namesake city on the isthmus of Corinth and had two notable offspring, one of which was the Calydonian Boar.
Answer: the Crommyonian Sow
[10] This brother of the Calydonian Boar lived on Mount Lampeia, where Heracles captured it, causing Eurystheus to hide in a bronze jug upon its presentation in Mycenae.
Answer: the Erymanthian Boar
[10] In the Mariandynian land, this seer of the Argonauts died after being wounded by an unrelated boar.
Answer: Idmon
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Answer some questions about a biological process FTPE.,
[10] This process is more formally referred to as the Embden-Meyerhof pathway and it is responsible for producing two pyruvate molecules in addition to high energy compounds. It occurs in the cytosol of the cell.
Answer: glycolysis
[10] In the sixth step of glycolysis, this enzyme converts glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate to 1,3-bisphosphate in a two-step process.
Answer: GAPDH or glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
[10] In the final step of glycolysis, this compound is converted to pyruvate by a transferase, yielding one molecule of ATP.
Answer: PEP or phosphoenolpyruvate
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Name these overseas departments and collectivities of France, FTPE.,
[10] These two islands with a population of about 6,000 lie just off the coast of Newfoundland. They are the only territories of the former New France still under French possession.
Answer: Saint Pierre and Miquelon
[10] Almost 200,000 people live on this collectivity, which is nominally a part of the Comoros, but maintained its ties to France and remains politically separate. In 1977, its capital moved from Dzaoudzi to Mamoudzou.
Answer: Mayotte
[10] This member of the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean contains Snow Peak and has the greatest population of any French overseas department. With its capital at Saint-Denis, it lies about 200 miles to the west of Mauritius.
Answer: La Reunion
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Answer the following from finance, FTPE:,
[10] John Meriwether's poor application of this concept led to the downfall of Long-Term Capital Management. It also often arises in cases of mergers and internationally traded securities, when actual prices can be different from tender or benchmark levels.
Answer: Arbitrage
[10] The 1990 Nobel for economics went to the developers of this theory, now widely used to determine the necessary rate of return for an individual security, given an inherent "riskiness" or volatility.
Answer: CAPM (pronounced "CAP-em") or Capital Asset Pricing Model
[10] Another important financial concept is this analysis which evaluates the riskiness of future revenues by accounting for the appropriate cost of capital.
Answer: DCF or Discounted Cash Flow analysis
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ANSWE: Marie Louise-Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun,
[10] This court painter to Marie Antoinette and producer of Self Portrait in a Straw Hat and Self Portrait with Daughter Julie may just be the most famous female French neoclassicist with a hyphenated last name.
[10] This Flemish artist painted a grandiose 24 part cycle commemorating the life of Marie di Medici. He also painted dramatic triptychs showing the Raising of the Cross and the Descent from the Cross, as well as a bunch of fat women.
Answer: Peter Paul Rubens
[10] A court painter to Louis XIV, he is primarily remembered for an iconic 1701 portrait of the "Sun King" standing under an extravagant red curtain and wearing red slippers and blue royal robes patterned with a fleur de lis motif.
Answer: Hyacinthe Rigaud
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Name these Final Fantasy Villains, who are not Sephiroth, For ten points each.,
[10] This character first appeared in Final Fantasy V as one of Exdeath's generals. Named after a two-third divine character from a certain epic, he returns in Final Fantasy VIII as a randomly-appearing summon, replacing Odin.
Answer: Gilgamesh
[10] This clown prince, the main villain of Final Fantasy VI, eschews portrayal as a sympathetic villain, opting for insanity and pure evil as he tries to take over all the world's magicite.
Answer: Kefka Palazzo
[10] This behemoth from Final Fantasy X attempts to destroy the people of Spira and their technology. His name derives from the belief that the transgressions of Spira's ancestors created him.
Answer: Sin
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According to Salvatore Vigano's synopsis of this ballet, it presents "two animated statues who are made susceptible to all the passions of human existence." FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1801 ballet in which the title character helps the statues learn music, drama, and dance.
Answer: The Creatures of Prometheus [or Die Geschopfe des Prometheus]
[10] After composing The Creatures of Prometheus, Beethoven used one of its themes in the fourth movement of this symphony, whose second movement depicts a funeral march.
Answer: Eroica Symphony [or Symphony No. 3 in E flat Major; or Third Symphony]
[10] The funeral march in the Eroica Symphony owes a debt to the Marche Lugubre by this composer of the French Revolution. He also composed the operas The Fishers and The Triumph of the Republic, as well as the oratorio The Nativity.
Answer: Francois Gossec
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In it, Reuben argues with Ada over the nature of sex and love. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play about the Light and Fife families the title of which comes from a portion of The Education of Henry Adams.
Answer: Dynamo (do not accept "The Virgin and the Dynamo")
[10] This play centers around the Cabot family and Abbie Putnam, who seduces then falls in love with her stepson Eben to the chagrin of his father Ephraim.
Answer: Desire Under the Elms
[10] Dynamo and Desire Under the Elms are plays by this American playwright of The Emperor Jones and A Moon for the Misbegotten.
Answer: Eugene O'Neill
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In it, Athanael has a sex dream about the title character. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this opera, an adaptation of an Anatole France novel, in which the title character sings the "mirror aria" before Athanael bursts in and tries to convert her.
Answer: Thais
[10] Thais is an opera by this composer of Werther and Manon.
Answer: Jules Massenet
[10] In this crazy other Massenet opera, the titular daughter of the Byzantine Emperor has to stay veiled until she comes of age at which time she hopes Roland de Blois will win her at a tournament.
Answer: Esclarmonde
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For 10 points each, name these utilitarian philosophers.,
[10] The mummified body of this author of the Fragment on Government is on display at University College London, where it is occasionally recorded as "present but not voting" at the college council.
Answer: Jeremy Bentham
[10] This early Scottish supporter of Bentham helped found the influential Westminster Review, wrote the first major history of British India, and became a leading figure in Ricardian economics with the publication of Elements of Political Economy, though his son outshone his fame.
Answer: James Mill [prompt on Mill]
[10] John Rawls called this man's The Methods of Ethics the "first truly academic work in moral theory, modern in both method and spirit." He also wrote the historical survey The Development of European Polity.
Answer: Henry Sidgwick
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John Keats felt like a "stout Cortez, when with Eagle eyes/he stared into the Pacific" when he first read this guy's Homer. FTPE,,
[10] Name this 16th and 17th Century English dramatist whose works include An Humourous Day's Mirth, The Blind Beggar of Alexandria, and The Gentleman Usher.
Answer: George Chapman
[10] Chapman collaborated with Ben Jonson and John Marston on this response to a play by Thomas Dekker and John Webster. It landed Chapman and Johnson in jail because of its anti-Scottish humor.
Answer: Eastward Ho!
[10] The unscrupulous title character of this George Chapman play gets in trouble for his dalliance with Tamyra and eventually is shot by duc's d'Alencon and du Guise while propped up on his sword/
Answer: Bussy d'Ambois
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Answer the following about some twentieth-century martyrs depicted over the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey, FTPE.,
[10] This co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and author of Why We Can't Wait was assassinated by James Earl Ray in Memphis on April 4th, 1968.
Answer: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (prompt on "Martin Luther King" or "King")
[10] This Polish-German Lutheran priest and theologian co-founded the Confessing Church and participated in the failed July 20 plot to kill Hitler. He was hanged by the Nazis just three weeks before the fall of Berlin.
Answer: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
[10] This Grand Duchess of Russia and granddaughter of Queen Victoria sold all of her possessions after the death of her husband in 1905 and became abbess of the Convent of Saints Martha and Mary. She and her followers were burned to death in 1918 on Lenin's orders.
Answer: Mother Elizabeth or Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna of Russia
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For 10 points each, name these Mesopotamian deities.,
[10] This deity is one of the three chief gods of Mesopotamian mythology, along with Enlil and Anu. After conquering Apsu, the fresh water deity, he lived inside his conquered foe.
Answer: Enki or Ea
[10] This mother and fertility goddess was the spouse of Enki, and the Sumerian kings called themselves her children.
Answer: Ninhursag [or Ki or Ninki or Ninmah or Nintu or Mama or Aruru]
[10] This goddess was known as "the weaver" and was the daughter of Enki by Ninkur. She is often depicted as a spider, and she was seduced by her father, giving birth to various plants as a result.
Answer: Uttu

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