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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Chicago B + Georgia Tech
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Margaret Anne Doody's recent book about its "true story" traces its roots to the works of Achilles Tatius and Chariton. Franco Moretti's "atlas" of it charts its spread in Europe in the 19th century. A Michael McKeon book traces its history in England, but the classic study of its "rise" was written by Ian Watt. Mikhail Bakhtin discussed its characteristic "heteroglossia" in his book The Dialogic Imagination. Georg Lukacs contrasted it with the epic in his book on The Theory of it. FTP, identify this literary form, defined by Randall Jarrell as "a prose narrative of a certain length," examples of which include The Fountainhead, Battlefield Earth and Jennie Gerhardt.
Answer: the novel
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The features on this object include such craters as Marsilion and Baligant. The most notable of these features was probably created during the rapid slowing of its spin: a 1300-kilometer-long equatorial ridge discovered on December 31, 2004 that makes imaging this moon difficult. Its most notable characteristic is thought to have been caused by dust from its fellow satellite, Phoebe. Consisting of two regions called the Cassini Regio and the Roncevaux Terra, and thought to be mostly composed of ice, this is, FTP, what third largest moon of Saturn which exhibits a striking difference in albedo between its two sides, and which takes its name from a mythical Titan?
Answer: Iapetus or Japetus
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Little about his personal history is revealed, though he claims to have been one of the Seattle Seven as well as one the authors of the original Port Huron statement, not the "compromised second draft." The only piece of identification he carries on his person is a discount card from Ralph's supermarket and he did work as a roadie for Metallica, whom refers to as "a bunch of assholes," on the "Speed of Sound" tour. Aside from his dislike of Metallica, he hates The Eagles, but seems to enjoy Creedence Clearwater Revival. His best friends include Donny Kerabatsos and Walter Sobchak, who are on his bowling team. FTP, name this marijuana-smoking, White-Russian drinking hero of The Big Lebowski.
Answer: The Dude or Duder or His Dudeness or El Duderino, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing (do not accept "Jeffrey Lebowski")
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His lost paintings include a fresco of giants in Padua and the Life of St. Benedict. One of his earliest extant works is a fresco depicting the mercenary Sir John Hawkwood, while his later The Profanation of the Host may have been painted in Urbino along with the now damaged Hunt in the Forest. He may have included a depiction of Alberti in his fresco cycle The Story of Noah. His most famous work is composed of three separate panels, featuring numerous lances as well as the unhorsing of the Sienese commander Bernardino della Carda. FTP, name this painter from Florence, whose nickname means bird and whose most famous work is The Battle of San Romano.
Answer: Paolo Uccello or Paolo di Dono
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At one point in this poem, the speaker describes "ladies in flounced Brussels lace" sticking "their parasols into his face." Later, the poem records a dialogue between two people who are "denied the leaves" and "denied the sky." One of them notes that "spring is coming here," and mistakes the sound of "ice breaking" for people "smashing down the door." The speaker writes that he is "one massive, soundless scream" after he notes that he "seems to be a young boy in Byelostok" and that he "seems to be Dreyfuss." He also compares himself to Anne Frank, and at the end he hopes that the "Internationale" will "thunder when the last antisemite on earth is buried." FTP, name this poem about a place that "no monument stands over" and where a "thousand thousand" are buried, a work by Yevgeny Yevtushenko.
Answer: "Babi Yar"
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In a 1944 paper, H. J. Eysenck divided theories of it into four categories: cognitive, conative, affective and instinctive. Robert Provine claims that its concomitants result solely from social interaction, while Jaak Panskepp found evidence for it in a subaudible rat noise. Alexander Bain built on Hobbes' view, saying that its characteristic degradation could involve ideas as well as people. Arthur Koestler, in The Act of Creation, argues that it results from the bisociation of a mental event and emotion, while Mary Rothbart claims that it consists of incongruity in a safe context. Freud held that it resulted from aggression and that it results from the release of tension in the subconscious. FTP, identify this human capacity, which is sometimes inspired by clowns.
Answer: humor or laughter
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The work in which it was introduced discusses the view of Achille Loria that understanding it would be useful for economics in the same way that studying mountains is useful to geology. It also discusses a monograph on salt by Victor Hehn, and suggests that a similar study of salt springs in another country might be helpful. When it originally appeared, a footnote thanked the author of Division and Reunion, Woodrow Wilson, for his support of the author's views. Its title object was compared to "the Mediterranean Sea for Greeks" in an address given to the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. FTP, name this concept whose "significance" in "American history" was explained by Frederick Jackson Turner.
Answer: the Frontier Thesis (accept The Significance of the Frontier in American History or The Frontier in American History or even the Turner Thesis early)
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Both the Frechet derivative and the Gateaux derivative are analogous versions of the derivative from differential calculus defined on these, and a non-separable polynomially reflexive subclass of them is named for Tsirelson. The space of continous functions defined on a closed interval that map to an n-dimensional Euclidean space is one of these, as are the sets of real and complex numbers. They are Hilbert spaces if they obey the parallelogram identity and the inner product that defines it as a Hilbert space is given by the polarization identity. FTP, name these spaces, one of the central objects of study in functional analysis, which are defined as being complete normed vector spaces and are named for a Polish mathematician.
Answer: Banach spaces
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Many of his earliest works were read aloud to a literary society called The Friendly Club, including the now-lost novel The Sky-Walk. The death of his patron Elihu Smith led him to publish the works for which he is most famous, one of which is an epistolary novel about the love between Edward Hartley and the title heroine, Clara Howard. Another novel revolves around a yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia and the sinister machinations of Thomas Welbeck, who swindles Arthur Mervyn. His most famous novel describes some horrific occurrences after Carwin the Biloquist meets the titular New York family. FTP, identify this American novelist, the author of Edgar Huntly, Ormond, and Wieland.
Answer: Charles Brockden Brown
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According to its five-part Constitution, authority was to be vested in the Supreme Central Directorate. It formed after its predecessor, "National Defense," refashioned itself as a cultural organization. Organized in four or five member committees, its undisputed leader was a man known as "Apis," and its activities were enthusiastically supported for a time by Crown Prince Alexander. Eventually their displeasure with Prime Minister Pasic's policies after the Balkan Wars prompted a team that included Nedjelko Cabrinovic and Danilo Ilic to be sent on a mission to Sarajevo. Officially known as "Union or Death," FTP, name this Serbian terrorist organization, whose most famous member Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
Answer: the Black Hand (accept Crna Ruka; also accept Union or Death before it is mentioned)
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It has been argued that this work's author is referred to as "my son" in First Peter 5:13. Others believe that this work originally stopped after 16:8 and that its passages on the Resurrection were added later by a different author. The theologian Wilhelm Wrede has written about the fact that in 8:30 and 1:44 of this text, Jesus asks that his ability to perform miracles and his status as the messiah be kept secret. Despite being written in Latinized Greek, it is the only Gospel in which Jesus is quoted in Aramaic. Containing no reference to the nativity, it is probably the only synoptic gospel not partly based upon the lost source Q. FTP, name this earliest gospel, traditionally found after Matthew and written by a man with a namesake church in Venice.
Answer: The Gospel According to St. Mark
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His fragment "Gabriel" includes a soliloquy spoken to Guinevere that was influenced by Idylls to the King, though he would later call Tennyson "unreal in motive." He wrote that "some spirits start upwards at once and win their aureoles" in a poem entitled "Shakspere." A poem which begins with the line "I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day" is grouped with others like "No Worst, There is None" and "Carrion Comfort" in the so-called "terrible sonnets." He describes the title locale as a "towery city and branchy between towers" in his "Duns Scotus's Oxford." Another of his poems describes the title creature as "morning's minion" and a "dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon." FTP, name this poet of "Pied Beauty" and "The Windhover."
Answer: Gerard Manley Hopkins
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One faction of this group which was led by Francis Granger supported the former editor of the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, who had been earlier defeated in a governor's race by Silas Wright, against his intra-party rival, a future Secretary of State and ally of Thurlow Weed. Its leaders in Georgia included Robert Toombs and John Berrien, as well as Alexander Stephens. Benjamin Curtis, the only man to be appointed to the Supreme Court as a member of this group, resigned after dissenting from the Dred Scott decision. It took many early members, such as William Seward, from the Anti-Masons. Including notables such as Theodore Frelinghuysen and standing for a high tariff, internal improvements, and a national bank, FTP, name this American political party which included Daniel Webster and Henry Clay.
Answer: the Whig Party
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The site of the mitochondrially inherited disease called Leber's neuropathy, fibers from it project to the pretectum and superior colliculus, and are important for saccadic movements and a certain reflex mediated by the Edinger-Westphal nucleus. However, most fibers from this nerve project to the magnocellular and parvocellular layers of the lateral geniculate nucleus, which integrate such information as spatial and temporal resolution, but more importantly luminance and color contrast. Crossing over occurs at its namesake chiasma, and it primarily consists of myelinated axons of ganglion cells with origin in the retina. FTP, name this cranial nerve that transmits visual signals from the eye.
Answer: optic nerve or cranial nerve II
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His scant output for piano includes two nocturnes entitled Separation and Regret, both of which owe a debt to his early teacher, the Irish composer John Field. A trip to Spain inspired him to write two overtures, the Capriccio brillante on the Jota aragonesa and Summer Night in Madrid. Two folk songs from his native land inspired another late work, Kamarinskaya. In another of his works, Vanya and Antonida mourn the death of Ivan Susanin, just as a group of people are celebrating the triumph of the new ruler. FTP, name this composer whose works include Ruslan and Ludmila and A Life for the Tsar.
Answer: Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
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Its era was chronicled in the Masukagami and court officials during its namesake period included the Rensho, the Minamikata, and Kitakata, collectively known as the Rokuhara Tandai. Provincial power was held by appointed officials with the title of shugo. The Jokyu incident, an early attempt to end its rule, was led by Go-Toba and was defeated at the Third Battle of Uji by the Hojo clan, who served as the true rulers following the death of Minamoto. At Hakata Bay it fended off the Mongol invasions, but eventually fell victim to the intrigues of Emperor Go-Daigo. FTP, name this shogunate established by the Gempei War whose rule was sandwiched between the Heian and Ashikaga periods.
Answer: Kamakura Shogunate
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William Stanley Jevons used a comparison of libraries to racetracks to discredit this man's views in a series of four essays on this man's "philosophy tested." Though this man never wrote a book on his views on psychology, he appended extensive notes to his father's Analysis of the Human Mind. His only major work on metaphysics was an examination of the work of Scottish philosopher Sir William Hamilton. John Hershel and William Whewell were important influences on his discussion of induction in his System of Logic, while another work, The Subjection of Women, was written in collaboration with Harriet Taylor. FTP, name this philosopher who proposed the "harm principle" and wrote On Liberty.
Answer: John Stuart Mill
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The Sparkle Model is a computational modeler that predicts the geometries of the constituents of this chemical group. Its members obey the Oddo-Harkins rule, which states that odd-numbered members are less abundant than even-numbered ones. Members of this group tend to lose three electrons, usually 5-d-1 and the 6-s-2, to obtain their most stable configuration. The decrease in ionic radius across the series is known as its namesake contraction. Comprising the 4f electron shell elements, FTP, identify this series of the Periodic Table named after its first member, element number 57.
Answer: lanthanide series or lanthanoid series
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One of this people's two major groups was led by Godegisel until he was killed in battle by the Franks, after which they united with King Respendial and the Alans and Suebi to plunder Gaul before being driven out by British troops under Constantine III. Their two main groups, the Asding and Siling, occupied Gallaecia and Baetica before being pushed further south by the Romans and Visigoths. In 429, they sailed to a territory in the west from which, 25 years later, they would attack Italy. Belisarius would eventually defeat Gelimer, the last king of, FTP, this East Germanic people which ruled North Africa for 100 years and under Gaiseric sacked Rome in 455, doubtless committing many of their namesake acts of wanton property destruction.
Answer: Vandals (prompt on "Asding" before the word "Asding")
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At one point in this work, a man kills a musician after the latter slaps his mother. Later, Lone Dragon Mountain is assaulted and two of the main characters are dismembered during fighting against imperial forces, even though their earlier attack on the Liao Tartars had been successful. The central villain in this novel starts out as a street urchin, but he befriends government officials and becomes prime minister of the Song court. That villain, Gao Qiu, leads five military expeditions against a group of 108 men whose activities center in and around Mount Liang and who are led by Song Jiang. FTP, identify this classic Chinese novel about bandits living in a swamp.
Answer: Outlaws of the Marsh or The Water Margin or All Men are Brothers or Shuihu Zhuan
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The Convention of Kloster-Zeven was signed following this man's defeat against d'Estrees at Hastenbeck, while another one of his defeats, at the Battle of Lauffeld, was a rematch with a man who had defeated him two years earlier. He made his military debut at the Battle of Dettingen, where his father led his country's forces into battle, while his most famous victory was preceded by the defeat of Henry Hawley at the Second Battle of Falkirk and took place in a year which had previously seen him fail to relieve Tournay after it was besieged by Marshal Saxe. FTP, name this son of George II who in 1746 crushed the Young Pretender's rebellion at Culloden Moor, the namesake of a "gap" in the Appalachian Mountains.
Answer: Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (accept either underlined answer)
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Minor characters include Marie Tomlinson, a secretary, and Mr. Macmillan, who meets the protagonist on a ship traveling home. After being given the opportunity to study law in England via scholarship from the Umuofia Progressive Union, the main character decides to study English instead and eventually lands a job under William Green at the Civil Service. However complications arise when the main character's mother, Hannah, threatens to commit suicide if he marries his osu girlfriend Clara. Clara reveals herself to be pregnant, and after her abortion she breaks up with the protagonist who is depressed and begins to accept bribes. FTP, this describes the plot of what novel centering on Obi Okonkwo, Chinua Achebe's sequel to Things Fall Apart?
Answer: No Longer at Ease
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Lefkimmi is a minor port on this island, and the smaller island of Ptychia is found in its Gouvia Bay. France briefly held this location under the Treaty of Campo Formio, before being expelled by the Russians and the British, who later suggested it as an exile site for Napoleon. It features such architectural jewels as the Liston and summer palace of Mon Repos. An early failure of the League of Nations was its inability to stop Italy from attempting to seize this Ionian island, but it is more famous for being an ally of Athens and a cause of the Peloponnesian War. FTP, name this island off the coast of Albania, now held by Greece.
Answer: Corcyra or Corfu or Kerkira
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Chicago B + Georgia Tech
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His early novels, Mockery of the Fates and The Struggle for Thebes, were historical romances influenced by Sir Walter Scott. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this author, whose other works include The Search and Children of Gebelawi.
Answer: Naguib Mahfouz
[10] Naguib Mahfouz's best-known works are Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, and Sugar Street, the three parts of this trilogy, which follows three generations of the al-Jawad family.
Answer: Cairo Trilogy
[10] Kirsha the cafe owner and Abbas the barber are among the characters in this Mahfouz novel that centers on a street in Cairo.
Answer: Midaq Alley
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Answer the following about structural anthropology, FTPE:,
[10] In this 1949 book, Claude Levi-Strauss used his structural method to argue for the "alliance theory" of how families are brought together.
Answer: The Elementary Structures of Kinship or Les Structures elementaires de la parente
[10] Levi-Strauss' alliance theory was in part inspired by this man's theories of reciprocal exchange, described in The Gift.
Answer: Marcel Mauss
[10] During the late 1990s, this man engaged in a debate with Gananath Obeyesekere over how Captain Cook died. He expanded on Mauss' ideas on exchange in Stone Age Economics and also wrote The Original Affluent Society.
Answer: Marshall Sahlins
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[5, 5] Chiral molecules can be categorized by the direction in which they rotate a plane of polarized light. Give the two terms for molecules that spin light either clockwise or counterclockwise.,
[10] The R/S system of nomenclature for chirality depends on the priority placed on the chiral center's substituents. Give the term for these rules, named after the three scientists who developed them.
[10] An optically inactive solution is given this name, which can refer to an equal ratio of enantiomers present in the solution.
Answer: dextrorotatory and levorotatory (prompt on "d" and "l") Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority rules
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Its founders included Aaron Grosh, who wrote a Manual for the organization, and Francis McDowell, who served as its treasurer for two decades. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 19th-century organization, whose other founders included John Trimble and William Ireland.
Answer: The National Grange or Order of Patrons of Husbandry or Grangers
[10] This employee of the Department of Agriculture began the Grange movement after touring the rural South during the Andrew Johnson administration, and served as its first secretary.
Answer: Oliver Hudson Kelley
[10] The Grange was vindicated by the Supreme Court's ruling in this 1876 decision, which held that regulation of grain elevator rates by a state was constitutional.
Answer: Munn v. Illinois
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John Baur coined the name for this group in a 1954 article about "a Neglected Aspect of the Realist Movement in 19th-century American Painting." FTPE:,
[10] Name this group of artists whose landscape works were smaller and more nuanced than those of their better known rivals. Artists in this group include Fitz Hugh Lane and Sanford Gifford.
Answer: Luminists or Luminism
[10] One noted Luminist was this painter, best known for his New England seascapes like Sunrise on the Marshes and Thunderstorm over Narragansett Bay.
Answer: Martin Johnson Heade
[10] Some of the works of this painter, a friend of Martin Johnson Heade, are considered Luminist. But he is better known for such Hudson River School works as Heart of the Andes and Twilight in the Wilderness.
Answer: Frederic Edwin Church
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Answer the following questions about RLC circuits FTPE.,
[10] For first order circuits, the response can be determined as final voltage or current plus the intial minus the final voltage or current times e raised to the negative t over this quantity, which is equal to either resistance times capacitance or inductance over resistance and is symbolized tau.
Answer: time constant
[10] This frequency, equal to the inverse square root of the product of the inductance and capacitance corresponds to the frequency at which the reactance of the circuit becomes zero.
Answer: resonant frequency (accept obvious equivalents)
[10] This quantity is defined as the ratio of the resonance frequency to the bandwidth of the resonance for a series RLC circuit.
Answer: Quality factor
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It was divided into the Bahri and Burji periods. FTPE:,
[10] Name this dynasty, whose name is derived from the Arab for slave, which ruled Syria and Egypt for more than 250 years before it was defeated by Selim the Grim.
Answer: Mamluks or Mamelukes
[10] This sultan, whose reign marked the height of Mamluk power, led his forces to victory over Hulagu Khan at Ayn Jalut.
Answer: Baybars (accept al-Malik al-Zahir al-Din Baibars al-Bunduqdari)
[10] In 1811 this soldier and statesman exterminated the remaining Mamluk leaders. This helped to establish his family's political dominance in Egypt.
Answer: Muhammad Ali
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One of the interpolated tales in this novel, "The History of Leonora, or the Unfortunate Jilt," is told while the title character and his friend Abraham Adams are traveling to the latter's parsonage. FTPE:,
[10] Name this work in which the title character pursues the elusive Fanny Goodwill.
Answer: Joseph Andrews
[10] What author of Shamela wrote Joseph Andrews?
Answer: Henry Fielding
[10] Fielding's last work was a "journal of a voyage" to this European city, where he died in 1754.
Answer: Lisbon (accept The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon)
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In response to a criticism formulated by Gaunilo of Marmoutier, its creator explained why it could not be applied to islands. FTPE:,
[10] Name this argument which was propounded originally in the Proslogion.
Answer: the Ontological Argument (for the existence of God)
[10] The Ontological Argument was revived by this French thinker, who claimed that God's existence follows from the essence of a perfect being as it follows from the essence of a triangle that its angles add up to 180 degrees. His view was criticized by Caterus, among others.
Answer: Rene Descartes
[10] In the 20th century, this American philosopher revived the Ontological Argument, offering a formalized modal proof of it in The Logic of Perfection.
Answer: Charles Hartshorne
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It is the largest of all orders, including over a million separate species. FTPE:,
[10] This order of insects is characterized by membranous wings, and includes wasps, ants and bees.
Answer: Hymenoptera
[10] Of the members of the subclass paleoptera, only the mayflies and this order of insects survives. It is characterized by the inability to fold its wings over the abdomen, and includes dragonflies.
Answer: Odonata
[10] This subclass, which includes silverfish and bristletails, is notable for a lack of wings.
Answer: Apterygota
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FTPE, name these albums recorded by Bob Dylan.,
[10] This 1997 album concludes with the rambling 16-minute track "Highlands," in which Dylan claims to be a reader of Erica Jong. Its other songs include "Not Dark Yet" and "Love Sick."
Answer: Time Out of Mind
[10] It drew negative reviews, such as Greil Marcus' "What is this shit?" This 24-song double album was ranked in 1991 as the third-worst rock album ever, though it does feature a cover of Paul Simon's "The Boxer."
Answer: Self-Portrait
[10] This 1967 album was the first original album Dylan released after Blonde on Blonde, and features "All Along the Watchtower" as well as the title track about a man who "travelled with a gun in every hand."
Answer: John Wesley Harding
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His accession to the throne was settled upon through the Treaty of Wallingford, though that agreement was in doubt until the death of his rival Eustace of Boulogne. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 12th-century British monarch.
Answer: Henry II
[10] Henry was preceded as king by this father of the short-lived Eustace of Boulogne. He was the only member of his house to rule England.
Answer: Stephen of Blois
[10] Henry tried to have his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine annulled so he could marry his mistress Alys, the daughter of this other monarch, even though she was engaged to his son Richard. This monarch had himself been wed to Eleanor until their marriage was annulled in 1152.
Answer: Louis VII
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Composed between 1908 and 1938, they were written with advice from the violinist Zoltan Szekely, and call for such innovative techniques as snap pizzicato and sulla tastiera. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this group of six works for a chamber ensemble, written by the composer of The Wooden Prince and Cantata profana.
Answer: Bela Bartok's string quartets (accept equivalents)
[10] Bartok composed his third string quartet in 1927 after being inspired by the Lyric Suite, a piece by this composer of the opera Wozzeck and the Seven Early Songs.
Answer: Alban Berg
[10] The slow movement of the fourth quartet is composed in a style reminiscent of "The Night's Music," a section from this 1926 piano suite by Bartok. Its other sections include "The Chase" and "With Drums and Pipes."
Answer: Out of Doors or Szabadban
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Answer the following about literary critic James Wood, FTPE.,
[10] One of Wood's nastier hatchet-jobs was a review of this author's 2003 novel Cosmopolis. His other novels include Ratner's Star and Great Jones Street.
Answer: Don DeLillo
[10] James Wood coined the phrase "hysterical realism" in a review of this author's White Teeth. Her more recent works include On Beauty.
Answer: Zadie Smith
[10] Wood is married to this novelist of The Last Life and The Hunters, whose most recent novel deals with people living in Manhattan at the time of September 11.
Answer: Claire Messud
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Ten days after it took place, a division of American soldiers was slaughtered at the so-called Paoli Massacre. FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle fought near Chadds Ford on September 11, 1777.
Answer: Battle of Brandywine Creek
[10] The British forces at Brandywine were commanded by this general who had previously captured New York. He may be better known as the British commander at Bunker Hill.
Answer: William Howe
[10] One of the American officers at Brandywine was this brigadier general, whose men were massacred at Paoli. He would later be victorious at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.
Answer: "Mad" Anthony Wayne
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His wife and father-in-law were burned to death after he destroyed some people's crops by attaching torches to the tails of hundreds of foxes. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Biblical figure, who hid out in a cave after that unfortunate incident at Timnah.
Answer: Samson
[10] This other Biblical judge did not believe the angel sent to him until a fleece was filled with dew and then kept dry. He later brought peace to Israel by slaughtering the Midianites.
Answer: Gideon
[10] This judge stabbed Eglon, the king of Moab, in the gut, driving the blade so deep that it was hidden in the king's fat, and walked out of the fortress unhindered because the servants assumed the king was relieving himself and failed to check on him.
Answer: Ehud
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Identify the following about an African nation, FTPE.,
[10] This country contains the Tibesti Mountains, but is better known for its namesake lake, which forms part of its border with Cameroon.
Answer: Chad
[10] Chad has a long-standing dispute with Libya over this reputedly uranium-rich area on their border.
Answer: Aozou Strip
[10] This river, which originates from the Central African Republic, flows through Chad's capital of N'Djamena and is the primary source of Lake Chad.
Answer: Chari River
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Characters in this work include Olga Katrina, a former Russian grand duchess now working as a waitress, and Grandpa Vanderhof, who likes to hunt snakes. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play in which Tony Kirby falls in love with Alice, the daughter of the eccentric Sycamores.
Answer: You Can't Take it With You
[10] You Can't Take it With You was written by George Kaufman and this playwright, who also collaborated with Kaufman on The Man Who Came to Dinner and George Washington Slept Here.
Answer: Moss Hart
[10] Another frequent Kaufman collaborator was this writer, whose novels include Show Boat and Cimarron.
Answer: Edna Ferber
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Name these advisors to French kings FTPE.,
[10] This Protestant was a chief advisor to Henry IV. Apart from encouraging agriculture and building roads, he is famous for fighting corruption in tax collection, leading to a massive increase in government revenue.
Answer: Maximilien de Bethune, duc de Sully
[10] This cardinal was the chief minister of Louis XV. He brought France out of debt after the Treaty of Utrecht and cracked down on the Jansenists.
Answer: Andre-Hercule Cardinal de Fleury
[10] After destroying Nicolas Fouquet's reputation this controller general of finance gained enough influence to reform the tax regime, establish a powerful navy, and even name Louis XIV's illegitimate children.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Colbert
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FTPE answer the following about maps often seen in the study of dynamical systems.,
[10] This strange attractor was discovered in 1963 when its namesake, a meteorologist at MIT, derived its governing equations from simplified equations for convection rolls arising in the atmosphere. Its shape resembles a butterfly.
Answer: Lorenz Attractor
[10] This map is a simplified version of the Poincare section of the Lorenz attractor. It is a two-dimensional analog of the logistic equation.
Answer: Henon map
[10] The existence of the Lorenz attractor for the parameters given by Lorenz was an unsolved problem listed on this man's list, an update of Hilbert's for the 21st century. The Lorenz problem is the only one to have been definitely solved.
Answer: Steven Smale
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Answer the following about the end of days in Norse mythology FTPE.,
[10] This series of three successive frosts will precede Ragnorak.
Answer: Fibulwinter

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