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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Chicago A
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One of this man's stories involves a murder committed via stewed currants. Another work by this author features a caricature entitled "The Fable of the Wall-Flower and the Sour Grapes" drawn by the deaf Jenny Mullion. Characters in this man's works include the inventor of inflatable underwear and the leader of the Brotherhood of British Freemen, and one of this man's novels features a millionaire once called "Jelly-Belly" who repeatedly tells himself "God is love, there is no death," Jo Stoyte. In addition to writing After Many a Summer Dies a Swan, this man wrote about Walter Bidlake and Phillip Quarles in Point Counter Point. FTP, name this author who also created John the Savage and Bernard Marx in Brave New World.
Answer: Aldous Huxley
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In one of his poems this author speaks of "English poets who grew up on Greek," claiming, "I'd have them sing in chorus, cheek to cheek," and he asked, "What's madness but nobility of soul/At odds with circumstance" in another poem. In the first chapter of Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut claims he took this man's poetry to read on a plane, including a villanelle that asks, "We think by feeling. What is there to know?" Longer poems include The Lost Son, and he talks about the whiskey on the breath of the title character in "My Papa's Waltz." In a better-known poem he describes the "neckcurls, limp and damp as tendrils" of a girl who was "my student, thrown by a horse." For 10 points name this author of "The Waking" and "Elegy for Jane."
Answer: Theodore Roethke
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This opera's duet, "Deh pensa che domani" highlights the only contralto role, a peasant laborer named Pippo, in a scene that involves a cross being hidden in a chestnut tree. Another aria, "A questo seno," is sang by Lucia, the wife of Fabrizio Vingradito, and appears near the dramatic scene showing the female protagonist's trial. The most performed excerpts from this opera are the prayer song. "Deh tu reggi in tal momento," and the overture, which begins with a series of snare drum rolls and contains lots of trills and a high pitched descending chromatic theme that imitate the sound of a chirping bird. The protagonist, Ninetta, is almost executed over the disappearance of a silver spoon in, FTP, which Gioachino Rossini opera in which an act of larceny is instead perpetrated by the titular bird?
Answer: The Thieving Magpie or La Gazza Ladra
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These historical peoples fought a war whose second phase was prompted by the cult of the Talking Cross, and which ended after a skirmish at Dzula. One of their key centers was plunged into a "dark age" of warfare after the death of king Stormy Sky, who had a son reportedly named Six Sky. Another of their city-states was led by Chan Bahlum II and Pacal the Great before it fell to another one of their city-states, Kalakmul. They were led by such men as Cecilio Chi during the Caste War, fought over territory that later became the state of Quintana Roo. Several of their cities are characterized by Puuc architecture, as exemplified in structures like the Pyramid of the Magician. FTP, name these Mesoamerican peoples who built the cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.
Answer: the Maya (Mayans)
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This historical event is addressed in William Calverly's "A Dyalogue bitwene the playntife and the Defendaunt," and the most definitive study of it was written by Ruth and Madeleine Dobbs. Although the leaders of this rebellion tried to suppress a second uprising at Beverley led by Francis Bigod, they were still held responsible, and many, including Robert Aske, were executed.The Doncaster and Pontefract articles cite enclosure of pasture land as one of the rebels' grievances, but more direct causes of it include the issuance of the Ten Articles, the Statute of Uses, and the closure of Louth Abbey and other places during the dissolution of the monasteries.FTP, name this uprising in 1536 against the reformation of the Church of England by Henry VIII, which was given its name to evoke a religious quest.
Answer: Pilgrimage of Grace
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In one battle by this name, one side was advised by Henry Walton Grinnell, while the other was advised by Philo McGiffen, the first American to command a steel battleship during war; that battle saw the losing fleet destroyed later at Weihaiwei.Another battle at this site saw General Zasulitch send a telegram refusing to withdraw; his troops were then captured by Kuroki in this battle, which was the first major land engagement of the Russo-Japanese War. The Friendship Bridge is the only remaining bridge over this river and connects the cities of Dandong and Sinujiu.A 1950 order from Truman urged MacArthur to push to this river and resulted in invasion by the People's Volunteer Army.FTP, name this river which forms the border between China and North Korea.
Answer: Yalu River
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During the late stages of their evolution, they provide the primary environment for the s-process. They show absorption features from titanium oxide and technetium, implying convective mixing in a dredge-up phase associated with their thermal pulses. They are initially supported by hydrogen shell burning before evolving onto the horizontal branch following the helium flash. The final thermal pulse of one of these objects can blow off a planetary nebula and leave a remnant white dwarf, a fate that is thought to await the Sun. FTP, name this post-main-sequence phase of evolution which sees low and medium-mass stars puff up to large sizes and cool off, producing the namesake color.
Answer: red giants [accept Asymptotic Giant Branch stars until "hydrogen shell burning"]
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In this painting, the tiny bird and flower pattern lining the bottom of the left figure's outfit blends seamlessly with numerous rows of three red blotches. MacKinley Helm spent time interviewing the artist during the production of this work, in which the tiny egg-shaped object held in the left hand of the rightmost figure is actually a miniature portrait of the artist's lover. Set on a green woven bench against the backdrop of a cloudy gray and black sky, it was painted during the artist's divorce proceedings, and shows a pair of surgical scissors severing the artery that connects the exposed hearts of the titular figures, a woman in an white European dress and a woman in a purple and green Indian peasant dress. FTP, identify this portrait representing both of the contrasting backgrounds of its artist, Miss Kahlo.
Answer: The Two Fridas or Las Dos Fridas
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One example of these operations carries a subset of a topological space to the set of its accumulation points, and is named for Cantor and Bendixson. One of these operations defined on Banach spaces is named for Frechet. Christoffel symbols can express the Levi-Civita connection, an example of the covariant type. Closed forms are those which vanish for the exterior type of this operator. The complex type must return the same value regardless of the direction of evaluation, giving the Cauchy-Riemann equations. For a vector-valued function, all of the first-order ones are collected in the Jacobian matrix. FTP, name this operation which satisfies the chain rule and whose inverse is, according to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, the integral.
Answer: derivative
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A Mulk Raj Anand collection of letters "to `Bapu' from Bombay" is titled for this character and Gandhi. His address "to the Audience" forms the final section of W. H. Auden's "The Sea and The Mirror," and he names the ship of which Captain Steerforth is captain in Waugh's The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold. He represents the crass utilitarianism associated with North America in an essay by Jose Rodo, but he is portrayed more positively as a militant black man who demands to be called "X" in a play by a co-founder of negritude. His natural theology includes a supreme deity described by his witch mother as "the Quiet" and the cruel title god of a Robert Browning poem. FTP, name this worshipper of Setebos and son of Sycorax who claims in Aime Cesaire's A Tempest that his attempted rape of Miranda was due to his education by Prospero.
Answer: Caliban
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This year was the first time Farrell Dobbs ran for president for the Socialist Workers Party, the second time that Claude Watson was nominated for the Prohibition Party, and the last time Norman Thomas earned the Socialist Party nomination. One major candidate earned his nomination over bids by Harold Stassen and Arthur Vandenberg. Another candidate had given the "Century of the Common Man" speech as vice president and chose Glen Taylor as his running mate. Its eventual victor announced the "Point Four" program as a plan for foreign aid. The loser took Earl Warren as his running mate, while the winning vice presidential candidate was Senate minority leader Alben Barkley. FTP name this election year which saw Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond make his bid for president, and which infamously saw the newspaper headline "Dewey defeats Truman."
Answer: Election of 1948
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One figure by this name wrote the oldest known Hebrew text on geometry, but a more famous figure by this name was the son of Hachaliah. He incurred dishonor by disparaging his predecessors, including Daniel, and after his death, his homeland was annexed to the satrapy of Coele-Syria. He was antagonized by the false prophetess Noadiah while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, a task he undertook when he was made the tirshatha of Judea by his employer, Artaxerxes I. For 10 points, name this Biblical figure, an opponent of interfaith marriage whose namesake book was compiled by the same figure who put edited Ezra and Chronicles.
Answer: Nehemiah
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Coyote gave his blanket to one of these known as Iya, and Papas masturbated on a goddess while she was disguised as one known as Agdos. In Hurrian myth, a gigantic one was placed on the shoulder of the dreaming god Upelluri, and in Irish myth, Oisin touched the ground and turned into an old man when he tried to pick up one of these. In Greco-Roman myth, some of these were defeated using a dove, per Phineas's advice, and the god Terminus was identified with these. The one known as Gjoll holds the chain binding Fenrir, and the ones known as the Sympleglades almost killed the Argonauts with their clashing. For 10 points, name these objects, also used to substitute for Zeus when Cronos tried to devour him, one of which features in the torment of Sisyphus.
Answer: rocks [or stones or boulders, etc]
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Wheeler and Lamb calculated the effects of screening on the Bethe-Heitler cross-sections for this process and pair-production, and Landau, Pomeranchuk and Migdal showed that it is reduced at high energies and high densities due to multiple Coulomb scattering. It produces a flat spectrum up to a cutoff frequency, and the formula for its power includes the Gaunt factor. Alternate terms for the inverse of this process include collisional damping and free-free absorption. In plasma confinement devices at low electron temperatures, this process dominates synchrotron radiation as an energy sink. FTP, name this emission by accelerated charged particles of "braking radiation."
Answer: bremsstrahlung [accept pair-production before mention in the question; accept free-free emission before "free-free" is read]
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Lesions to this dysgranular body, which corresponds to Brodmann's area 44, can result in masticatory seizures. Its pars triangularis, which is involved in plurimodal association, sits anterior to its pars opercularis, which is situated near the primary motor cortex. Damage to this area results in a "telegraphic" type of communication. Though Marc Dax may have identified this locus earlier, it is named after the man who studied the brains of Lelong and Leborgne. FTP, name this part of the brain which is connected by the arcuate fasciculus to Wernicke's area, an area involved with the motor functions of speech.
Answer: Broca's area
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The narrator of this novel contracted an STD from the girl from the toy factory, whom he met after stabbing a fellow student. Its author wrote a short story sequel to it about the "trial" of it. One character in this work, who often speaks longingly of the south, has a morning ritual in which he assumes an undignified posture to medicate his hemorrhoids. That character, Minami, is beaten with a hoe early in this novel after trying to escape. The narrator's brother runs off and probably dies after Minami kills the dog he named Leo, whose digging had unearthed diseased corpses that infected the boys after the villagers abandoned them. FTP, name this novel in which a group of juvenile offenders are confined to a remote, plague-stricken village, a work by Kenzaburo Oe.
Answer: Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids (or Memushiri kouchi)
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The properties of these compounds that can exhibit anchimeric assistance have been extensively studied by George Olah. The production of alcohols after diazotization of the starting material in the Demyanov reaction proceeds through the creation of these compounds. They can undergo Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement to produce more stable ones. Examples include the Wheland intermediate, produced during electrophilic aromatic substitution by the addition of the electrophile. Their relative stabilities can be justified by invoking hyperconjugation to explain why tertiary ones are more stable than secondary and primary ones. FTP name these reactive intermediates generated in S-N-one mechanisms, compounds where a carbon atom possesses a positive charge.
Answer: carbocations
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David Burke & Donatella serves examples of these items made with La Quercia pork shoulder and black truffles, while Ferran Adria's at El Bulli (boo-yee) contains corn and guacamole. A savory variety common in Naples is called "farciti", and one part of these items, known as the scorzi, is usually made with Marsala wine. Unusually large ones are common in Piana degli Albanesi, and they are often garnished with chopped succade, or citrus rind. In one film, a character played by Eli Wallach is killed by Talia Shire's character, Connie, with a poisoned one of these items, and in an earlier film in the same series, Rocco is told to retrieve them by Clemenza. For ten points, name this Italian dessert, a fried pastry tube containing a sweet, usually ricotta-based, filling.
Answer: cannoli (accept cannolo from the pedantic)
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The composer of this symphony initially marked its finale "Allegro Guerriero," or "fast and warlike," before changing it to "Allegro Vivacissimo." The pizzicato chord transitions that end both the first and second movements reflect the composer's desire that all four movements be played continuously without pause. Pizzicato also fills the background in the opening of its slow third movement, an A major Adagio. Dedicated to Queen Victoria, this piece has its memorable second movement scherzo, "Vivace non Troppo," introduced by a bouncy clarinet melody that uses a "snap" rhythm associated with the titular culture. Spawned from the same journey that led to the overture, "Fingal's Cave," this is, FTP, what symphony that was inspired by Felix Mendelssohn's visit to some ruins in Edinburgh?
Answer: Scottish Symphony [or Scotch Symphony; or Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 3; "Mendelssohn" not required after he is named]
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In recent work with Alvarez and Weber, he argues that increasing short term interest rates to reduce inflation can be rationalized using quantity theoretical models of monetary equilibrium, while in another paper, he modeled inflations effect on prices using a "menu cost" incurred when sellers change prices. He also showed that in the absence of unanticipated shocks, the neutrality of money holds in his namesake island model. That model shows that long-run inflation fails to maintain the Phillips curve, agreeing with the Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition. He argued for microfoundations for macroeconomic models in his namesake critique, and extended a modeling technique introduced by Muth, for which he won the 1995 Nobel. For 10 points, name this man who split his prize money with his ex-wife after winning for his work on rational expectations.
Answer: Robert Lucas
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TB. This nation is home to submerged caverns known as the "Fire Caves," an important site of early human development discovered in 1986 by two scuba divers investigating a local legend of a house beneath the sea. This occurred on its island of Nanumaga, while the village of Asau lies on this nation's largest island Vaitupu. It was rediscovered in 1819 by Captain Arent de Peyster on board his ship the Rebecca; Peyster dubbed this nation the Ellice Islands in honor of that ship's owner. In 1974, it elected to separate from the Gilbert Islands which later became Kiribati. Consisting of five atolls and four reef islands, its only urban center is at Vaiaku and it sits north of the Fiji Islands. For 10 points, name this really small nation of Polynesia with its capital at Funafuti.
Answer: Tuvalu
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TB. One member of this group, Moses Hess, wrote the book The European Triarchy, which advocated a "philosophy of action" and endorsed the views of another member, August Cieszkowski. Another member of this group was the writer of The Ego and His Own, Max Stirner. Another member was the subject of Nietzsche's first Untimely Meditation, and his book The Life of Jesus asserted that Christ was mythological. In addition to David Strauss, still another member of this group wrote a work entitled Death and Immortality, and his work The Essence of Christianity inspired a set of "theses" by a more famous member. For 10 points, identify this group of philosophers that included Ludwig Feuerbach and the young Karl Marx, and which took its name from the writer of The Phenomenology of Spirit.
Answer: the Young Hegelians [or Left Hegelians; or Junghegelianer; or Linkshegelianer]
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TB. The population of cells in this tissue is regulated by the CLAVATA and WUSCHEL genes. Cells in this entity are activated by a lipochitin oligosaccharide to enter the cell cycle. This tissue contains cells with bodies that can develop into ones containing prolamellar bodies, known as etioplasts, or into entities containing porphyrins with a central magnesium. Layers within one type of these include L1, L2, and L3, which make up the tunica and corpus, and the dominance of that type is regulated by auxin. The intercalary type is found in monocots, and the lateral type forms vascular cambium. FTP name this collection of dividing and differentiating cells in plants, which comes in floral and apical varieties.
Answer: meristem [accept apical meristem before "intercalary"]
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TB. One lesser known member of this family was the Prince of Squillace and married Dona Sancha of Aragon, while another member was created the first Duke of Gandia. A more well-known one organized an event known as the Banquet of Chestnuts, as recounted in the diary of Johann Burchard, and another one married Charlotte d'Albret. One of them was the third "general of the Jesuits" and founded the Jesuit imperial college; in addition to Pier Luigi and Francis, this family included a guy who took the title Calixtus III and his nephew who ruled as Alexander VI as well as a ruler famously admired by Macchiavelli. FTP, name this Renaissance family which included Rodrigo, Cesare, and Lucrezia.
Answer: Borgia
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Chicago A
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Name these doubly-eponymous fashion houses for ten points each:,
[10] Referenced in the Black-Eyed Peas song "My Humps", this line was recently criticized by the Spanish government for print ads that alluded to gang rape. Their diffusion line is known simply as D&G. (pronounced "dee and gee")
Answer: Dolce and Gabbana
[10] The Olsen twins, Sharon Stone, and Teri Hatcher have all been spokeswomen for this brand, which was founded by two Parsons students in 1988. Known for their high-end bridal line, they recently began dressing the principal dancers of the Alvin Ailey company.
Answer: Badgley Mischka
[10] Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez gave this fashion line their mothers' maiden names. Their most recent exploits include creating a budget collection for Target's Go International line and designing the green dress that Amy Adams wore to the 2008 Academy Awards.
Answer: Proenza Schouler
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Name these characters associated with murderous mythical geniuses, for 10 points each.,
[10] This man had to leave Athens after killing his nephew and apprentice Talos or Perdix. He went to Crete, where he designed the Labyrinth.
Answer: Daedalus
[10] The divine physician Dian Cecht killed his own son Miach for giving this leader of the Tuatha De Danann an arm made of flesh and blood, improving on the silver arm Dian Cecht had fashioned for this god after the first battle of Mag Tuired.
Answer: Nuada [or Nuadu or Nuadha or Nudd or Ludd Airgetlam/of the Silver Hand/of the Silver Arm]
[10] This clever Greek foiled Odysseus's attempt to avoid the Trojan War by placing the infant Telemachus in front of Odysseus's plow, so Odysseus connived to have him killed years later. A Saracen knight of the same or similar name joined the Round Table and was a rival of Sir Tristan for the love of Isolde.
Answer: Palamedes [or Palomides or any vowels with the right consonants]
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He presided over a 1937 commission in Mexico City that found Leon Trotsky not guilty of the charges that had been brought against him in Moscow. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this American philosopher who wrote about education in The Child and the Curriculum and founded the University of Chicago's Laboratory School.
Answer: John Dewey
[10] John Dewey's work The Public and Its Problems was a response to this writer's books The Phantom Public and Public Opinion. He wielded enormous influence on American foreign policy through such works as 1947's The Cold War and his column for the New York Herald Tribune.
Answer: Walter Lippmann
[10] This 1925 book was Dewey's most important work on metaphysics and includes a chapter on "existence as precarious and as stable." Later in life he regretted not changing the first word in the title to "culture."
Answer: Experience and Nature
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Name some composers of British vocal music, FTPE:,
[10] This guy really liked George Crabbe, who provided the lyrics for his "Five Flower Songs" cycle and his opera Peter Grimes, but he liked the tenor Peter Pears, who appeared in Peter Grimes as well as this man's Billy Budd and The Turn of the Screw, even more.
Answer: Benjamin Britten
[10] This composer first gained notoriety as a modernist for his jazz-influenced setting of Edith Sitwell's Facade poems. He also wrote the one-act opera The Bear and the ballets The Quest and The Wise Virgins.
Answer: William Walton
[10] This composer wrote large-scale choral works such as Hymnus Paradisi and Missa Sabrienensis, as well as hymns like "Like as the Hart".He also composed a setting of Walter de la Mare's King David.
Answer: Herbert Howells
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about cases concerning freedom of the press, FTPE.,
[10] This man filed a libel suit against the New York Times for an unflattering and somewhat inaccurate portrayal of the Montgomery, Alabama, police force. The Supreme Court ruled that actual malice needs to be shown to restrict freedom of the press.
Answer: L.B. Sullivan
[10] In 1734, John Peter Zenger was arrested for "seditious libel" when he published critical remarks about this man, the governor of New York at the time. Zenger would be acquitted since his claims that this man had stolen tax money and tried to rig elections were actually true.
Answer: William Cosby
[10] In this 1931 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that a state law restricting publication of "malicious, scandalous, and defamatory" articles was a prior restraint in violation of the First Amendment. The case involved a man who published material in The Saturday Press in Minneapolis.
Answer: Near v. Minnesota, ex rel. Olson
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During the reign of Aspelta, this kingdom moved its capital south to Meroe from Napata. FTPE:,
[10] Name this kingdom based in Nubia which conquered Egypt and set up the 25th Dynasty under king Piankhy.
Answer: Kush
[10] This son of Piankhy was a great Kushite king of the 25th Dynasty, ruling from 690 to 664 after succeeding his brother Shebitku. He rebuilt the temple at Kawa, where he is depicted in Sphinx form, and started the cemetery at Nuri where his giant pyramid was built.
Answer: Taharqa
[10] Taharqa carried on a lengthy war with the king of Assyria, Esarhaddon, and finally retired to Thebes after being defeated by this son of Esarhaddon, who ruled from 668 to 627 BC as the last great Assyrian king.
Answer: Ashurbanipal (Assurbanipal or Sardanapal/Sardanapolous)
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Answer stuff about Muckraking classics of the Progressive Era, FTPE.,
[10] Bandit's Roost is one of the delightful locales surveyed in this work subtitled "Studies Among the Tenements of New York," the most famous work by Jacob Riis.
Answer: How the Other Half Lives
[10] In this first collection of McClure's magazine articles published by Lincoln Steffens in 1904, he looks at the sources of urban political corruption, writing that the "big business man" is a "self-righteous fraud" who should keep away from politics.
Answer: The Shame of the Cities
[10] This British-born socialist moved to America and wrote a biography of Karl Marx, but is best known for writing about poor kids working in sweatshops and coal mines in his 1906 work The Bitter Cry of the Children.
Answer: John Spargo
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Bad things happen when tsars named Feodor die.FTPE:,
[10] The death without issue of Feodor I, the son of Ivan the Terrible, set off this unstable period featuring a bunch of revolts and false Dmitris.It ended with the accession of Michael Romanov in 1613.
Answer: Time of Troubles
[10] Tsar Feodor II, who, along with his mother was strangled at the behest of the first False Dmitri, was the son of this man.He preceded Feodor II as tsar, and was the brother-in-law and regent of Feodor I.
Answer: Boris Gudonov (or Godunov)
[10] After the death of Feodor III, the Miloslavsky family incited this group of guardsmen to riot against the Naryshkins and other political leaders. One of their leaders was Ivan Khovansky.
Answer: streltsy
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Identify these influential sculptures from classical antiquity, FTPE.,
[10] The lost bronze original of this sculpture, which shows a bearded Greek mythological hero leaning and resting on his club, is attributed to Lysippus. An engraving by Heinrich Goltzius shows its bulging muscles from a rear viewpoint as two spectators look up at it.
Answer: Farnese Hercules
[10] Pope Pius IV had a fig leaf sculpted to cover the genitals of this nude sculpture of a Greek sun god with a cape draped over his outstretched arm. Joshua Reynolds copied its pose for his portrait of Augustus Keppel.
Answer: Apollo Belvedere
[10] Michelangelo and Giuliano da Sangallo were present in Rome for the 1506 unearthing of this sculpture group, which shows a certain prophet and his sons being attacked by snakes.
Answer: Laocoon
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Name these Chekov works, FTPE.,
[10] In this story, Kovrin hallucinates several meetings with the legendary title character, who appears initially as a whirlwind. In the end, Kovrin hemmorhages from his throat and dies while the title character whispers to him that he is a genius.
Answer: "The Black Monk" [or Chernyi monakh]
[10] This play features the famous writer Trigorin and the aspiring writer Treplyev, as well as the aspiring actress Nina, who doesn't understand what the title animal symbolizes when Treplyev lays it at her feet.
Answer: The Seagull or Chaika
[10] In this story, Gurov strikes up a conversation in Yalta with fellow vacationer Anna Sergeyevna after petting the title animal. Then they have an affair.
Answer: "The Lady With the Dog" [or Dama s Sobachkoy or "The Lady With a Lapdog" or similar variants]
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This phylum can be divided into classes based on the presence of a reproductive structure known as the clitellum. FTPE:,
[10] Name this phylum of coelomate animals consisting of segmented worms.
Answer: annelids or Annelida
[10] Most annelids belong to this class of marine organisms. Members of this class lack a clitellum and instead possess paired appendages known as parapodia.
Answer: polychaetes or Polychaeta
[10] Some polychaetes reproduce by this process, in which part or all of the worm develops sensory and reproductive structures and loses digestive organs. The namesake structure then swims off to do its kinky business.
Answer: epitoky
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Name some things about data structures, for 10 points each:,
[10] This type of data structure consists of a set of linked nodes. One example of its binary type is named AVL, after its inventors' initials.
Answer: tree
[10] Invented by Rudolph Bayer, this type of tree is a balanced binary tree in which each node stores a color attribute.
Answer: red-black tree
[10] Like a red-black tree, this type of tree has restricted height, but instead of storing color information to ensure balance, this type of tree finds a non-weight-balanced node to re-balance. Unlike the similar AVL tree, it checks the balance value only as needed, not on each insertion or deletion.
Answer: scapegoat tree
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The Roothaan equations are generated from this formalism by introducing a basis set, typically based on the LCAO assumption. FTPE:,
[10] Name this self-consistent field method for approximating the ground state wavefunction of a multi-electron system as a single Slater determinant, named for two men.
Answer: Hartree-Fock method
[10] The Hartree-Fock method generates these constructs as eigenfunctions of the Fock operator. They can also be generated by the LCAO approximation, and can be bonding or antibonding.
Answer: molecular orbitals
[10] The Hartree-Fock method makes use of this simple principle, which states that the expectation value of the Hamiltonian for any trial function is greater than or equal to the ground state energy.
Answer: variational principle or method
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This quantity can be described by the second-order Piola-Kirchoff tensors, which relate force to area in the reference configuration. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this quantity which can be split into a deviatoric part and an isotropic part associated with the pressure, and which has normal and shear components.
Answer: stress
[10] This graphical construct representing the stress state plots normal stress on the horizontal axis and shear stress on the vertical axis. 3D stress states are described by three of the namesake figures, which are mutually tangent.
Answer: Mohr's circles
[10] These stresses express the effects of turbulent velocity correlation on the mean flow. Their eponym also developed a transport theorem used to formulate conservation laws in continuum mechanics.
Answer: Reynolds stresses
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Answer the following on stuff happening at the bottom of the ocean, FTPE.,
[10] Pressure variations at the bottom of the ocean are the primary source for this man's eponymous wobble in the Earth's rotation, which produces a small wandering of the poles.
Answer: Seth Carlo Chandler, Jr
[10] These gravity-driven, dense, muddy currents can be produced by slumping. They can carve out submarine canyons and form submarine fans. The Burgess Shale's soft-bodied preservation of Cambrian fauna is interpreted to have originated with them.
Answer: turbidity current
[10] Turbidity currents are often found in association with these structures, the deepest portions of the ocean floor. These structures form at convergent plate boundaries where oceanic plates subduct.
Answer: oceanic trench
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Answer the following on English poems with distinctive prosody, FTPE.,
[10] Wilfred Owen's use of pararhyme can be seen in the pairings grained/ground and spoiled/spilled in this poem, in which a dead soldier sees his killer in Hell.
Answer: "Strange Meeting"
[10] This poet's fondness for sprung rhythm, which counts stresses rather than syllables, can be seen in "The Windhover."
Answer: Gerard Manley Hopkins
[10] This poem in iambic tetrameter uses exclusively feminine rhyme. Its title character spends some time in the stocks after he and his squire Ralpho attack a group of bear-baiters.
Answer: "Hudibras"
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Characters in this work include Madame Koto, who runs the local bar and gets fatter as she gets richer, and the photographer Jeremiah. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel about the spirit-child Azaro, written by Ben Okri.
Answer: The Famished Road
[10] In addition to The Famished Road, works of literature set in this country include Arrow of God and Buchi Emecheta's The Bride-Price.
Answer: Nigeria
[10] This Nigerian author wrote Sozaboy: A Novel in Rotten English, and the poetry collection Songs in a Time of War.
Answer: Ken Saro-Wiwa
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Pan Yan Skshetuski loves Helena Kurtsevich, who is in turn being pursued by the evil Bogun. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which Pan Yan eventually spares Bogun's life, the first in a trilogy with The Deluge and Fire in the Steppe.
Answer: With Fire and Sword or Ogniem i mieczem
[10] With Fire and Sword is set partially during this rebellion in which Zaporozhian Cossacks and Crimean Tatars rose up against the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth and killed lots of Jews.
Answer: Khmelnytsky rebellion or Chmielnicki rebellion
[10] With Fire and Sword is a novel by this Polish author of Children of the Soil and Quo Vadis?
Answer: Henryk Sienkiewicz
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Name some things about Irish geography, FTPE.,
[10] The cliff-bound monastery at Skellig Michael and the Lakes of Killarney are some of the tourist attractions in this county in southwestern Ireland; its Dingle Peninsula is the most westerly place in Ireland.
Answer: County Kerry
[10] Along with Counties Clare, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford, County Kerry makes up this Irish province, which shares its name with a city in Alsace that produces a namesake variety of cheese.
Answer: Munster
[10] Situated on the Dingle Peninsula, this is the county town of Kerry. It was the site of a siege by the Black and Tans in November 1920, leading to famine. Spencer and Glover wrote a ballad about Mary, the "rose" of this town.
Answer: Tralee
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Name some things about literature related to Missouri, FTPE:,
[10] The titular lawyer, whose real name is David, demonstrates that Roxy's mulatto son murdered Judge Driscoll in this work by Mark Twain.
Answer: Pudd'n-Head Wilson
[10] In this satirical novel by Evan Connell, the titular Kansas City housewife and her husband Walter often suffer through social engagements with the pompous Van Metres.
Answer: Mrs. Bridge
[10] Anthony Patch marries Missouri belle Gloria Gilbert in this Jazz Age novel. After Anthony hosts a drunken party at the grey house, he is disinherited by his grandfather and sinks into an alcoholic decline.
Answer: The Beautiful and Damned
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This group's first president was Vilem Mathesius. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this group whose linguistic accomplishments included the definition of the phoneme advanced in Principles of Phonology by one of its members, Prince Trubetzkoy.
Answer: Prague School or Circle
[10] This co-founder of the Prague School wrote the text Child Language, Aphasia and Phonological Universals. He also introduced the concept of linguistic typology.
Answer: Roman Jakobson
[10] Jakobson's identification of 6 communicative functions influenced this branch of semitotics, which considers deixis and implicature as part of its goal of studying both the communicative and informative intents of utterances.
Answer: pragmatics
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Benjamin plots against his father Marcus for the fortune accumulated during the Civil War in this play, which features Regina's attempt to elope to Chicago with John Bagtry, and Oscar's love for the prostitute Laurette. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this play, which tells about the rise of the Hubbard family.
Answer: Another Part of the Forest
[10] Another Part of the Forest and The Little Foxes were written by this author of Toys in the Attic.
Answer: Lillian Hellman
[10] Hellman's The Lark is a translation of L'Alouette, this French dramatist's version of the story of Joan of Arc. His other plays include The Traveler Without Luggage and Antigone.
Answer: Jean Anouilh

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