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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Chicago A
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Ruling kingdoms here included the Kediri and Singhasari. It was briefly occupied by the Mongols from 1292 to 1293, but the earliest known rulers at this site were known as the Sailendra. Islam was first introduced by the Wali Sanga, and its rulers of that faith included the Demak dynasty, which was founded by a citizen of the once-Hindu state of Majapahit. The most powerful state founded at this location was called Mataram and was eventually divided into Surakarta and Jogjakarta. FTP, name this island where Jan Coen established Batavia as the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company, which is now a part of Indonesia.
Answer: Java (prompt on Indonesia)
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Among this element's ores are garnierite and pentlandite, and it can be isolated by reacting its oxides with syngas (sin-GASS) to produce its tetracarbonyl. In a type I supernova, the peak and early decrease of the light curve are set by the total mass and decay of a doubly-magic isotope of this element. Leaching aluminum from an alloy with this element activates a high-surface area catalyst used in hydrogenation reactions. The 62 isotope of this ferromagnetic element has the highest binding energy per nucleon, and a fused target made of this element produced electron diffraction in the Davisson-Germer experiment. FTP, name this element produced in the Mond process, the primary constituent of Raney catalysts, which has atomic number 28 and symbol Ni.
Answer: nickel
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This man's works have inspired Derek Walcott's The Isle is Full of Noises and Tom Paulin's The Riot Act. He discussed the pain of having one's hair forcibly shorn in a play about the daughter of Salmoneus, Tyro Keiromene. The work Ichneutai, or The Tracking Satyrs, is a rare example of a satyr play by this tragedian. Anthony Hecht mentioned a girl who had read him in a good translation in his "Dover Bitch," but he's better known for a work in which Eurydice kills herself after the deaths of her son and niece and another in which a Theban queen marries her own son. FTP, name this Greek dramatist who wrote Antigone and Oedipus Rex.
Answer: Sophocles
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According to their legends, they sprang from blood spilled when the hero Suhirina shot the monster Periboriwa. They act to keep hunting areas free of competition, prompted by protein scarcity, according to an argument advanced in Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches by Marvin Harris. Feasts involving wife-swapping villages often feature chest-pounding duels, and many men sport tonsures to display scars from a ritual in which they alternate hitting each other over the head with 8- to 10-foot-long wooden clubs. The traditional view holds that a scarcity of women prompts such aggressive behavior in, FTP, these natives of the Amazon, who are described as "the Fierce People" in a 1968 study by Napoleon Chagnon.
Answer: Yanomamo or Yanomami or Yanomani or Ianomami
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This man was praised for his stoic response when his sons Nadav and Avihu were struck down by fire. His possessions included a staff which was left in the sanctuary with those of the princes, whereupon it blossomed and produced sweet and bitter almonds, as well as a breastplate which featured the Urim and Thummim. He cured the plague after the rebellion of the Korah, and the kohenim are the direct male descendents of this man, as was John the Baptist. Though he criticized his brother, a stammerer, for marrying a Cushite woman, this Levite was saved by his brother from the Lord's wrath after he erected a golden calf for the Israelites. FTP, name this brother of Moses.
Answer: Aaron
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After winning the battle of Novi Sad, also known as Petrovaradin, this man ordered Belgrade to be fortified. That victory led to the exchange of Oltenia and the fortress of Temesvar through the treaty of Passarowitz. Fourteen years earlier, this man had fought against his own cousin, Louis-Joseph, Duke of Vendome, at the battle of Cassano. A decisive victory he won on the Tisa River against Mustafa II led to the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699. FTP, name this victor at the battle of Zenta, who served at Oudenarde, Malplaquet, and Blenheim during the War of the Spanish Succession, one of the greatest generals to serve the Austrian Hapsburgs.
Answer: Prince Eugene of Savoy (or Eugenio di Savoia or Eugen von Savoyen)
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Rokitansky syndrome results from the failure of this organ to develop, and the hormone modulator raloxifene, unlike tamoxifen, acts as an antagonist in this organ. Atrogin-1, an atrophy-related ubiquitin ligase, is highly expressed in this organ during involution. During adenomyosis, the junctional zone of this organ becomes thicker, and this organ comes in simplex, duplex, bipartite and bicornite varieties that correspond to different degrees of fusion of the Mullerian ducts among different species. Its lining is sometimes known as the decidua, but is usually called the endometrium. FTP, name this female reproductive organ in which gestation occurs.
Answer: uterus or womb
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This artist's The Siesta features his mortally ill wife Beatrice, while Maud Franklin was depicted in a fur coat and later as Effie Deans in a series of portraits. He studied under Charles-Gabriel Gleyre while living in Paris, and his "French set" marked a revival in the field of etching. Among his patrons was Charles Freer, whose museum houses the Peacock Room which this man designed to display his The Princess from the Land of Porcelain. He summed up his views on aesthetics in the mock-ecclesiastical "Ten O'Clock Lecture," and Frederick Leyland suggested the name of his series entitled "Nocturnes." FTP, name this artist who painted Joanna Hiffernan as The White Girl and his mother in Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1.
Answer: James M. Whistler
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He warned that "Stern Ruin's ploughshare drives elate," and that being "crushed beneath the furrow's weight" will also be the reader's "doom," at the end of a poem addressed to "a mountain daisy." He adjured the title river to "flow gently" and "disturb not [the] dream" of his beloved Mary in "Afton Water." The title character of one of his works begs pardon for lifting "a lawless leg" upon Meg. In addition to "Holy Willie's Prayer," he wrote a mock epic whose hero costs Maggie her tail after he calls encouragement to Nannie, whom he calls Cutty-sark; that "bletherin', blusterin', drunken blellum" is the title character of "Tam o' Shanter." He wrote about turning up with his plow a "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin', tim'rous beastie" in "To a Mouse." FTP, name this poet of "Scots, Wha Hae" and "Auld Lang Syne."
Answer: Robert Burns
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The southern end of the Rio-Antirio Bridge, the town of Nafplion, lies on its eastern coast, while Cape Matapan marks its southwestern point. A namesake periphery only covers part of it, and it was known as Morea in the middle ages. Its highest point is Mount Taygetus, and rivers here include the Alfios and the Eurotas. Cape Melea marks its southeast extremity and lies across a small channel from the island of Cythera. Towns located in it include Pirgos, Kalamata, and Patras, while many towns here take their names from ancient cities found nearby, such as Argos, Corinth and Sparta. Separated from the mainland by the Corinth canal, FTP, name this peninsula in the south of Greece.
Answer: Peloponnese or Peloponnesus
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Manuel Jose Arce (*) led a coalition known as the Federal Republic of Central America that was formed to combat his expansionist policies. Men such as Felix La Garza began to move against him early on and his power was decried in the Act of Clasa Mata. He was sentenced to death after returning from exile in Italy, at the Congress of Tamaulipas. During the height of his power he commanded an army meant to defend the three key guarantees approved at the Treaty of Cordoba with Viceroy Juan O'Donoju. Those guarantees had been drafted with the help of Vicente Guerrero at Iguala and confirmed his nation's independence. FTP, name this Mexican revolutionary who declared himself emperor in 1822.
Answer: Augustin de Iturbide (accept Federal Republic of Central America or United States of Central America before the star)
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One of these creatures gave birth to a grain of wheat and a bee, a grain of barley and a bee, a wolf, an eagle, and Palug's Cat. Lleuelys advised Llud on using a vat of mead and a sheet of silk to capture two dragons in this form, and Math battled Pryderi for some of these animals. One immortal took this form after being banished for flirting with the moon goddess Chang-O, and later became a guardian of the monk Xuanzong. Vishnu assumed this form to kill the demon Hiranyaksha, and Brokk and Eitri created one from gold for Frey. Henwen, Zhu Bajie ["joo ba-jyeh"], Varaha and Gullinbursti are all examples of, FTP, these animals, one of which was killed by Meleager during a hunt in Calydon.
Answer: pigs or swine or hogs or sows or boars etc. (technically boars are ruled out by the first clue and sows are ruled out by the second, but I think it's best to be lenient here)
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He served as Under-Secretary of State in the government of de Marsay and later became minister of Public Works, in which position he became an enemy of Charles de Salleneuve. Despite financial embarrassment in the Nucingen affair, he managed to arrange marriages for his sisters Agathe and Laure-Rose. His youthful foibles were detailed by Bianchon in Etude de Femme, while in his first appearance, he is seen living in a boarding-house with an impoverished vermicelli merchant. Unlike the tragic figure Lucien de Rubempre, he rejects the assistance of the master criminal Vautrin. FTP, name this cynical character in Balzac's La Comedie humaine who makes his first appearance in Pere Goriot.
Answer: Eugene de Rastignac
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This term was originally given to followers of Andrew Beaumont in Pennsylvania. A presidential letter written to Matthew Birchard concerned a leader of this group who headed the Knights of the Golden Circle and was defended by George Pugh for violating General Order number 38. Another prominent member of this group conspired with William Bowles, Joshua Bullitt, and others to seize Johnson's Island and Camp Chase and was condemned to death. That man took his case to the Supreme Court in a decision that undermined the authority of military tribunals. FTP, identify this moniker given to such men as vice-presidential candidate George Pendleton, Lambdin Milligan, and Clement Vallandigham, a group of Northern Democrats who opposed the Civil War.
Answer: Copperheads
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This functional group can prove toxic by inhibiting the function of cytochrome c oxidase and binding irreversibly to the heme cofactor. In the Schmidt reaction, this group reacts with an alkene to form a compound that can rearrange to form an imine ("IM-een"). Both the Staudinger ligation and the Curtius rearrangement take advantage of this group's propensity to extrude diatomic nitrogen. FTP, name this functional group consisting of three nitrogen atoms connected by double bonds and represented as N-3-minus.
Answer: azide
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This figure is paired with J. L. Austin in a book about the "scandal of the speaking body" by Shoshana Felman. He is said to be "free from the lie that his despotism would be the freedom of others" in an essay from Moments musicaux by Theodor Adorno. He is paired with Socrates in a chapter on "The Two Ironies" in The Modern Theme by Ortega y Gasset. One essay contrasts the saint, who "tends towards quality," with this man, who "realizes in action an ethic of quantity." Another work declares this man's love to be "totally faithless" in a section on "The Immediate Erotic Stages." FTP, name this man who appears as the first illustration of "The Absurd Man" in Camus's "The Myth of Sisyphus" and in Kierkegaard's Either/Or as the ultimate seducer, who is also the subject of a Mozart opera and a Byron epic poem.
Answer: Don Juan or Don Giovanni
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Act II features one of the characters remembering his time in Morocco where he had to fend off a child prostitute, while Act IV begins with Dr. Baugh arriving to deliver some morphine and a woman coming to realize that her husband has terminal cancer. One of the central characters repeatedly asks for "solid quiet" and drinks until he hears a "click" in his head so that he can forget the death of his best friend, and possible lover, Skipper. Ultimately, the greedy and oddly fertile Mae and Gooper lose out as Big Daddy names the other Pollitt son as his heir. FTP, name this 1955 play that revolves around the doomed marriage of Brick and his wife Maggie, a work by Tennessee Williams.
Answer: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
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One work of this name is the third of a set of four tone poems that also includes "The Hermit Playing the Violin" and "At Play in the Waves," and is part of the Opus 128 of Max Reger. Another work of this name opens with a rolling figure in 5/8 time and features a melody also used by its composer in his Symphonic Dances. That tone poem, its composer's Opus 29, was inspired by a painting with this name in which the cypress trees and rocky outcroppings of the title locale dwarf a figure thought to represent Charon. FTP, give this name shared by a tone poem by Rachmaninoff and a series of paintings by Arnold Bocklin which depict a coffin-laden boat being rowed toward the titular locale.
Answer: The Isle of the Dead or Toteninsel
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Geoffrey of Monmouth used this phrase to refer to an event which led to Ambrosius Aurelianus becoming king of England, following the deaths of Vortigern and hundreds of British chieftains at the hands of Angle, Saxon and Jute mercenaries. The 1981 Kitchen Accord is sometimes referred to as this by Quebecois nationalists, and this term can also refer to Saddam Hussein's July 1979 ouster of Baath party leaders. It also refers to Harold MacMillan's dismissal of seven members of his cabinet on July 13, 1962, as well as the second-to-last track on AC/DC's 1981 album For Those About to Rock. Victims of the most famous event by this name included Erich Klausener, Edgar Jung, Gregor Strasser, Kurt von Schleicher, and Ernst Rohm. FTP, give this phrase which more famously refers to Hitler's 1934 purge of the SA.
Answer: Night of the Long Knives
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This man's namesake reflections and regular reflections are possible between the von Neumann angle and the detachment angle, and with Zehnder his name denotes a type of interferometer. The critical point of a de Laval nozzle coincides with a value of 1 for this man's namesake quantity; that quantity's upstream value appears in the jump conditions of the Rankine-Hugoniot relations. His namesake cone is surrounded by the zone of silence, and incompressible flow occurs for low values of his namesake number. In The Science of Mechanics he responded to Newton's arguments for an absolute reference frame and stated that inertia should be defined relative to the distant stars, a statement that Einstein called his principle. FTP, identify this man whose namesake dimensionless number is the ratio of speed to the local speed of sound.
Answer: Ernst Mach
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One of these by Charles Ives features a section inspired by Hawthorne's "The Celestial Railroad." One of these by Honegger features songs from the city of Basel, while the finale of Tchaikovsky's includes the folk melody "In the fields there stands a birch tree." One of these features such descriptive markings as "very perfumed" and "with a lofty and joyous emotion" and is also referred to as the "Poem of Ecstasy." A soprano soloist sings of heavenly delights in a tune taken from Des Knaben Wunderhorn in the one by Mahler. Two sets of timpani at opposite ends of the orchestra feature in the finale of Nielsen's, given the moniker "Inextinguishable." FTP, identify the number shared by these symphonies, others of which include Bruckner's Romantic, Mendelssohn's Italian, and the symphony following Beethoven's Eroica.
Answer: Symphony No. 4 or Fourth Symphony (prompt on "Symphony" before the words "number shared by")
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Lesser kings to rule from this city include Shar-Kali-Sharri and Manishtushu, who succeeded his younger brother Rimush. Its language was Semitic, though it adopted the writing system of the people it conquered, and it was probably destroyed after the Gutians invaded its namesake empire. At its height, this location stretched from the Taurus Mountains to the lands of the Elamites in the east. It is recorded that its first ruler washed his hands in the waters of the Persian Gulf to signify his conquest of all of Sumer. Located to the northwest of Kish, its precise location has never been determined. FTP, name this ancient Mesopotamian city, whose most famous king was Sargon the Great.
Answer: Akkad or Agade
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The title character of this work has a weakness for breakfast, at one point asking the servant Dates to bring him three bowls of milk. Charles Millthorpe helps him find his new home after he fails to be recognized by his villainous cousin. He draws inspiration from a fragment entitled "Chronometricals and Horologicals" by Plotinus Plinlimmon, who he later meets at the Church of the Apostles. He had found his way there after leaving his mother and his fiancee for New York City and pretending that his half-sister, Isabel Banford, is his wife. FTP, identify this work in which a title character with the last name Glendinning loves Lucy Tartan and struggles to write a novel, a Melville work about some "Ambiguities."
Answer: Pierre: or, The Ambiguities
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Chicago A
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Answer the following about distortions in coordination complexes FTPE.,
[10] This type of molecular geometry, frequently seen in complexes containing six ligands, may distort via the Ray-Dutt twist or Bailar twist in isomerization reactions. Complexes adopting this type of geometry were studied by Alfred Werner.
Answer: octahedral or octahedron or O-h
[10] Tetragonal distortions of octahedral complexes are an example of this effect by which a complex distorts to remove orbital degeneracy in its ground electronic configuration.
Answer: Jahn-Teller effect
[10] Trigonal bipyramidal complexes interconvert by distorting through a square pyramidal intermediate in this eponymous pseudorotation. It shares its name with a geometric phase that appears in the Aharonov-Bohm effect.
Answer: Berry pseudorotation or mechanism
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Show that you love tiny kittens as much as Mike Sorice does by answering these questions about cats in literature, FTPE.,
[10] This author of an elegy which begins "The curfew tolls the knell of parting day" also wrote an "Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes."
Answer: Thomas Gray
[10] The adventures of Rumpelstitzchen and Hurlyburlybuss were chronicled in this author's "The Cats of Greta Hall." This Poet Laureate's other works include the poems A Tale of Paraguay and The Curse of Kehana.
Answer: Robert Southey
[10] The feline protagonist of this work of E.T.A. Hoffmann work first learns about literature in the attic of Master Abraham. After a failed love-affair with Miesmies, he winds up in Kreisler's care.
Answer: Lebens-Ansichten des Katers Murr nebst fragmentarischer Biographie des Kapellmeisters Johannes Kreisler in zufalligen Makulaturblattern herausgegeben von E.T.A. Hoffmann or Life-Opinions of Tom-Cat Murr, together with the Fragmentary Biography of Conductor Johannes Kreisler in Accidental Galley-Proofs, Edited by E.T.A. Hoffmann
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The titular foreigner falls in love with Fiorilla, who is already married to Don Geronio and has taken Don Narciso as a lover.FTPE:,
[10]Identify this opera in which Fiorilla sings "There is no greater folly than to love just one man." It also features the poet Prosdocimo, who is trying to write this opera's libretto while it is being performed to the audience.
Answer: The Turk in Italy or Il Turco in Italia
[10] The score for The Turk in Italy was written by this man, who also composed The Barber of Seville.
Answer: Gioacchino Rossini
[10] In this other Rossini opera, Prince Ramiro disguises himself as his valet Dandini and is rejected as a potential husband by the title character's sisters Clorinda and Tisbe.
Answer: Cinderella or La Cenerentola
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His sketchy role in an attempt to corner the flour market did not prevent him from being nominated to the Supreme Court. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Marylander who presided over the libel conviction of James Callendar, which would haunt him four years later when he was accused of "manifest injustice, partiality, and intemperance."
Answer: Samuel Chase
[10] Chase's 1804 impeachment trial also called into question his actions in the trial of this man, who had led a namesake rebellion in Pennsylvania against the 1797 House Tax.
Answer: John Fries
[10] Chase's impeachment trial in the Senate was prosecuted by this leader of the Tertium Quids, who dueled with Henry Clay. This man's cousin presented the Virginia plan for the Constitution.
Answer: John Randolph (prompt on "Randolph")
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He argued that epistemology should be "naturalized" in his Dewey Lectures, collected as Ontological Relativity. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American philosopher, who also wrote Pursuit of Truth and From Stimulus to Science.
Answer: Willard Van Orman Quine
[10] This collection of essays by Quine opens with the important "On What There Is," which is followed by the notorious "Two Dogmas of Empiricism."
Answer: From a Logical Point of View
[10] In Word and Object Quine discusses the "gavagai," which is equivalent to this animal or possibly to "undetached parts" of this animal. At a tea party in Alice in Wonderland, some characters try to fix a watch belonging to one of these creatures.
Answer: rabbit
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Answer the following about professors in German literature, FTPE.,
[10] This schoolmaster whose nickname means "garbage" is the title character of a novel sometimes translated as Small Town Tyrant, which was adapted by Josef Von Sternberg as The Blue Angel.
Answer: Professor Unrat or Raat or Rat or Rath
[10] This family's literary members included Heinrich, the author of Professor Unrat, and his younger brother Thomas, who wrote Buddenbrooks.
Answer: Mann
[10] Cornelius, a history professor specializing in Philip II and the Counter-Reformation, is unable to comfort his beloved child Ellie after she dances with Max Hergesell in this story by Thomas Mann.
Answer: "Disorder and Early Sorrow" or "Unordnung und fruhes Leid"
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Answer the following about particle interaction, FTPE.,
[10] The mean free path is given by the inverse of this quantity times the number density of targets. It represents the likelihood of interaction by giving an effective target area, and is often measured in barn.
Answer: cross-section
[10] These three Lorentz-invariant quantities, named for a professor emeritus at Berkeley, consist of the square of the center-of-mass energy and the squares of the momentum transfer in the direct and exchange channels.
Answer: Mandelstam variables
[10] This is the name given to virtual photon exchange between an electron and a positron at the quantum level. In classical physics it is equivalent to Coulomb attraction.
Answer: Bhabha scattering
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Name these Peruvian cities, FTPE.,
[10] Located just to the west of Lima, this city is Peru's largest port.
Answer: Callao
[10] Lying at the confluence of the Huatanay and Tullmayo rivers, it was purportedly founded by Manco Capac. Among its tourist attractions is the church of La Merced.
Answer: Cuzco or Cusco
[10] Located in the south of Peru, this city, often considered Peru's second-most-important, is nicknamed "The White City" and is noted for the Plaza de Armas in its historic city center.
Answer: Arequipa
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Name these Polish-American political figures, none of whom is Bruce Arthur, FTPE.,
[10] This senator's 1972 presidential bid was derailed when he appeared to cry while defending his wife from character attacks. He served as Carter's Secretary of State after Cyrus Vance resigned.
Answer: Edmund Sixtus Muskie
[10] He represented Lyndon Johnson in a 1960 lawsuit filed to prevent Johnson from running for both Senator and Vice President. In 1974, he argued the case United States v. Nixon before the Supreme Court.
Answer: Leon(idas) Jaworski
[10] This author of The Grand Chessboard and first director of the Trilateral Commission served as National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter.
Answer: Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski
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Answer the following about works of art featuring naked ladies, FTPE.,
[10] The title figure of this Manet painting wears only a choker, a gold cuff, and a pair of blue sandals. A black cat arches its back at the foot of her bed, while an African servant displays a large bouquet.
Answer: Olympia
[10] The title figure in this work may be the Duchess of Alba, who was romantically involved with the work's creator, Francisco Goya. He also painted a work in which the same model wears a male bullfighter's costume.
Answer: Nude Maja or La Maja Desnuda (obviously you ought not to accept Clothed Maja or La Maja Vestida)
[10] This painter created exotic depictions of the Middle East such as The Great Bath and Harem Pool, all of which feature lots of nudity.
Answer: Jean-Leon Gerome
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The "case" for it was presented in a "public administration polemic" by Charles Goodsell. FTPE:,
[10] Name this type of organization characterized by hierarchical division of labor and the consistent application of impersonal rules.
Answer: bureaucracy
[10] This sociologist who wrote "Politics as a Vocation" described the ideal type of bureaucracy, and used the term "iron cage" to refer to the inescapable bureaucratization of modern life.
Answer: Maximilian Carl Emil Weber
[10] This man produced a detailed study of the rise of European bureaucracies entitled The Cameralists. He also founded the first independent sociology department, at the University of Chicago.
Answer: Albion Woodbury Small
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Discovered by von Euler, they promote inflammation and sensitivity to pain and can suppress NK cells. FTPE:,
[10] Name this class of hormones that are synthesized from 20-carbon fatty acids like arachidonic acid and were first isolated from semen.
Answer: prostaglandins
[10] This enzyme converts arachidonic acid into prostaglandin-H2. The second isotype of this enzyme is inducible in response to inflammation and is upregulated in many cancers and is targeted by the drugs Vioxx and Celebrex.
Answer: COX (or cyclooxygenase)
[10] The classic inhibitors of cyclooxygenases are members of this class of drugs, which includes aspirin and ibuprofen, and block both isotypes.
Answer: NSAIDs (or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or NSAIAs (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents)
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Name these malevolent creatures from world myth, FTPE.,
[10] These evil spirits, who usually appear in bird or dog form, are enemies in Hindu myth. Their most famous member is Rama's enemy Ravana.
Answer: raksha or rakshasa
[10] The stench of burning sardines and the tossing of soybeans are said to drive away these Japanese ogres. They are often shown carrying spiked iron clubs.
Answer: oni
[10] In Muslim mythology, this Old Testament demon to whom the scapegoat was driven forth, is the counterpart of the devil. His name was later changed to Iblis.
Answer: Azazel
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It was named for a 1731 incident that occurred on the brig Rebecca. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this short conflict named for a British sailor who claimed he had a certain body part cut off by Spanish coast guards.
Answer: War of Jenkins' Ear
[10] This British admiral, who commanded George Washington's brother Lawrence, won popularity with his capture of Portobello during the War of Jenkins' Ear.
Answer: Edward Vernon
[10] This man's army won at the Battle of Bloody Marsh, which was fought while he was travelling from Fort Frederica to meet them. Before the war, he was a prominent advocate of prison reform in England.
Answer: James Oglethorpe
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Answer the following about Persephone in American literature FTPE.,
[10] Unable to earn enough money to marry Ruth Morse, the namesake hero of this Jack London novel, a failed writer, is motivated to drown himself after reading Swinburne's Garden of Proserpine.
Answer: Martin Eden
[10] An alternate name for Persephone provides the title for this poet's Kora in Hell. This man also wrote the imagist classic "The Red Wheelbarrow."
Answer: William Carlos Williams
[10] In "Persephone the Wanderer" this poet says that "she has been a prisoner since she has been a daughter." She also wrote Firstborn, The Triumph of Achilles, and the recent Averno.
Answer: Louise Gluck
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Answer the following about prayers of various religions, FTPE:,
[10] This Jewish prayer begins with a verse from Deuteronomy which can be translated as "Hear, O Israel".
Answer: Sh'ma Yisroel or Shema Yisrael or Shema
[10] This pillar of Islam consists of reciting obligatory prayers, or fard, five times a day.
Answer: salat
[10] Recited on Thursdays, this set of "mysteries" includes the baptism of Jesus and the institution of the Eucharist. It was introduced as part of the recitation of the rosary by John Paul II.
Answer: Luminous mysteries
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She made her company debut in The Wayward Daughter and attained the rank of prima ballerina after her 1906 appearance as the lead in Giselle. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Russian-born dancer whose most famous piece was The Dying Swan.
Answer: Anna Pavlova
[10] This choreographer created The Dying Swan for Pavlova. He also choreographed Les Sylphides and The Firebird, the latter during his brief collaboration with Diaghilev.
Answer: Mikhail Fokine
[10] Inspired by Fokine's work on Les Sylphides, Bronislava Nijinska choreographed this ballet with music by Poulenc, in which the "girl in blue" and "the Hostess" flirt with a bunch of athletes.
Answer: Les Biches (accept The Does or The House Party)
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Name these people associated with the Manchu reign of China, FTPE.,
[10] The Manchus took Beijing from this rebel who had seized the city from the last Ming emperor and proclaimed himself the first emperor of the Shun dynasty.
Answer: Li Tzu-ch'eng or Li Zicheng (Zuh-chung)
[10] This last Manchu emperor was also the last emperor of China.
Answer: Henry Pu Yi or Aisin Giorio
[10] This man, the 14th son of Nurhaci, was regent during the Qing conquest of China, and posthumously declared emperor.
Answer: Dorgon (accept Hosoi Mergen Cin Wang)
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Answer the following about special types of integrals, FTPE.,
[10] The monotone convergence theorem requires this improvement over the Riemann integral. For measurable functions it is defined using simple functions.
Answer: Lebesgue integral
[10] Romberg integration uses multiple refinements of this 2-point Newton-Cotes method, in which one connects function values at the ends of the intervals of interest to generate the namesake quadrilaterals.
Answer: trapezoid(al) rule or trapezium rule
[10] This man's namesake integral, sometimes called a Fourier-Mellin integral, is carried out over a vertical contour in the complex plane to the right of all singularities of the integrand. It gives the inverse Laplace transform.
Answer: Bromwich integral
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Name these men associated with the First Crusade, FTPE.,
[10] This man, briefly proclaimed King of England between the Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror's arrival, commanded a Byzantine fleet sent to aid the Crusaders at the siege of Antioch.
Answer: Edgar Atheling or Edgar the Outlaw
[10] He was the only leader of the crusade consulted by Pope Urban II before the crusade was announced. He tried to be acknowledged as the secular leader of the crusade, but had to settle for becoming the first Count of Tripoli.
Answer: Raymond IV of Toulouse or Raymond of Saint-Gilles
[10] This eldest son of Robert Guiscard became Prince of Antioch, and was therefore not present at the conquest of Jerusalem.
Answer: Bohemond of Taranto

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