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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Carleton
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One character in this work reviews knights for a tournament which is won by a competitor in rusty armor emblazoned with the motto "In hac spe vivo." That character is a daughter of the King of Pentapolis who is found by Cerimon and Philomon, after which she becomes a priestess at Ephesus. In the fourth act of this paly, Dionyza encourages Leonine to commit a murder, but the girl he wants to kill is instead seized by pirates and ends up in a brothel. It opens with a prologue spoken by Gower, and features women named Thaisa and Marina. FTP, name this Shakespearean romance about a prince of Tyre.
Answer: Pericles, Prince of Tyre
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One commander at this battle was almost killed by Henry de Bohun while riding alone in front of his lines, but saved himself by killing Bohun with a battle axe. The defending army was drawn up into three squares, and a series of pits with stakes at the bottom was dug in front of their line. After the Earl of Gloucester was killed on the second day of fighting, it turned into a rout and the losing commander was forced to flee to Dunbar Castle. FTP, name this battle fought south of Stirling Castle in the summer of 1314, in which Edward II's army was defeated by Robert Bruce.
Answer: Battle of Bannockburn
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Max Klinger completed a cycle "Of" this figure, while Egon Schiele's work depicts this figure hugging a woman. Moreau depicts him behind a young man and in a painting by Erhard Schon he is muscular and carries a spear in both hands. J.M.W. Turner depicted him carrying nothing in an amazingly blurry painting and the artist of The Forest of Arden featured him in a work alternately titled The Race Track. He is depicted alongside a "maiden" by Hans Baldung Grien, while in a Benjamin West painting this figure wears a gold crown and, as in the aforementioned Albert Pinkham Ryder work, rides a pale horse. FTP, name this figure whose Triumph was depicted by Breughel the Elder.
Answer: Death
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One variation on this equation is the Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz equation, which accounts for instances involving multiple ions and a non-equilibrium steady state. A very intuitive derivation of this equation requires the use of Boltzmann factors and the probabilities of certain redox reactions. However, it is most commonly presented in terms of entropy and Gibbs free energy. FTP, identify this equation from electrochemistry which is named after a German scientist and which calculates a system's electric potential.
Answer: Nernst equation
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The main character wakes up at 5:30 after having a dream about trees and decides to go to his mother's to get an aspirin. The narrator's sister, Margot, invites the protagonist to her house, and feels jealous of his fiancee, Flora Miguel. Important symbols in this work include Bayardo's Model T, while important settings include Clothilde Armenta's milk shop, where a group of men obtain their implements of destruction from Faustino Santos. Although Colonel Lazaro Aponte could have prevented the title event, he decides to check on his dominoes game instead. Focusing on the Vicario brothers' avenging their sister Angela by killing Santiago Nasar, this is, FTP, what Gabriel Garcia Marquez novella?
Answer: Chronicle of a Death Foretold or Cronica de un muerte anunciada
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In 1990 Kahneman, Knetch, and Thaler undermined the behavioral basis for this idea by demonstrating the "endowment effect." In the original paper on it, the author analyzed a section of Halsbury's Laws of England to show how it improved on earlier schemes. In previous solutions, parties would need to internalize their externalities through tax or subsidy, an idea associated with Pigou. Named by George Stigler, it reimagines negotiating parties as a single agent able to bargain optimally. First described in the 1960 paper "The Problem of Social Cost," FTP, identify this theorem which states that, absent transaction costs, any government allocation of property rights is efficient, named after the 1991 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.
Answer: Coase Theorem
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He spent his exile in Monaco, where he had traveled with 200 suitcases, and near the end of his life he was described as a "stomach with a head." According to her biography, opera singer Irma Minutolo secretly married him in Italy. Known as a notorious kleptomaniac - he even stole a watch from Winston Churchill - his lavish lifestyle was on display when he kept the lights on at the palace while his capital was being bombed. Before World War II his rival Nahas Pasha was elevated to Prime Minister, but after repeated clashes with groups like the Wafd Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, he had to abdicate and was succeeded by Muhammad Naguib. Eventually overthrown by the Free Officers movement in 1952, this is, FTP, what last ruling King of Egypt?
Answer: Farouk I or Faruq al-Awwal
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The Greek island of Thera or Santorini is largely composed of this rock. Ignimbrites are structures composed of chunks of this rock floating in a finer-grained matrix, and heavily compacted fragments of it are known as fiamme. When combined with lime it can form the industrial cement known as pozzolan. Along with tephra it forms the majority of a cinder cone. In contrast to scoria, it is felsic and forms from trachytes and rhyolites, and is often accompanied by the much more slowly-cooling obsidian. FTP, identify this pyroclastic igneous rock which can float in water and is often found in heavy-duty soaps.
Answer: pumice
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This work discusses the ambitious man whose slogan is "Either Caesar or nothing," while another section considers a quotation from Richard II which leads to the satirical claim that "possibility is the only salvation." Its preface describes Christian heroism as venturing to become oneself, rather than being taken in by the "idea of man in the abstract" or playing "the wonder game with world history." This work opens with an epigraph asking God to "give us weak eyes for things of little worth," and purports to be a "Christian psychological exposition for upbuilding and awakening." FTP, name this work which claims that the title concept "is despair," a book inspired by a quotation from John about Lazarus which was written by Soren Kierkegaard.
Answer: The Sickness Unto Death or Sygdommen til Doden
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This region is home to the island of Tatihou, which lies to the east of the Cotentin Peninsula. Another portion of it is the Pays de Caux, where the Cauchois dialect is spoken. During the Middle Ages it was ruled by Richard the Fearless, who was held captive as a child by Louis IV, but escaped and later introduced feudalism to it. Through the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, its first ruler was formally granted authority over it by Charles the Simple. After Rollo, its rulers included Robert Curthose and Robert the Devil. FTP, name this duchy in northwestern France which was also ruled by William the Conqueror.
Answer: Normandy
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He played one of the Sleestak during the first season of the TV show Land of the Lost. He was selected by the Cavaliers, but opted to play in Italy for a year before making his NBA debut. He was a four time all-star, and in 1982 was traded to the franchise with which he is most associated. There he would start alongside such players as James Edwards and Rick Mahorn and become a master of the pick and pop jumper. This Notre Dame graduate's physical play and constant whining even earned him an endorsement for an SNES game called "Combat Basketball." FTP, name this power forward and center for the "Bad Boys" Pistons teams, who more recently has worked as head coach of the Detroit Shock.
Answer: Bill Laimbeer
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In this man's first novel, Arthur marries Carrie despite being in love with Helen, who dies of consumption after exhausting herself with teaching adults to read. In another of his novels, Rhoda Nunn provides a contrast with the weak-willed title group, who are left impoverished after the death of their father, Dr. Madden. In addition to Workers of the Dawn and The Odd Women, he wrote travel books such as By the Ionian Sea and the autobiographical The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft. However, he is best known for a work about an author who trades artistic merit for social standing, Jasper Milvain. For 10 points, name this friend of H. G. Wells who wrote Demos and New Grub Street.
Answer: George Gissing
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Its creation was supported by Robert Treat and John Allyn, who were rewarded by being named to its Council. It was opposed by a group of magistrates in the Lower House led by James Fitch, whose attempt to take over the government following its demise was blocked by Fitz-John Winthrop. Its first president later became chief justice of New York, and sentenced Jacob Leisler to death for treason. In addition to Joseph Dudley, it was led by a man who became governor of Virginia in 1692, two years after he was sent to England to be put on trial. FTP, name this political entity which was created to enforce the Navigation Acts, a polity which in the late 1680s was ruled by Sir Edmund Andros and controlled most of the northeastern American colonies.
Answer: Dominion of New England (prompt on partial answer)
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The cheapest way to produce a high yield of it is by hydrolysis of human hair due to the 25% content of this substance in keratin, which has led some to wonder whether doing so constitutes cannibalism. One of the five amino acids that is broken down to pyruvate, it is one of three amino acids synthesized in the body from 3-phosphoglycerine through serine. A strong nucleophile, it is highly reactive at cellular pH, and thus is critical for production of the antioxidant glutathione. The only amino acid that can create a disulfide bond, FTP, name this amino acid characterized by its thiol group, symbolized by the letter C.
Answer: cysteine (prompt on "C")
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His works for piano duet include the Scenes from a Ball of his Opus 109 and the Pictures from the East. His lesser-known works for solo piano include the Songs of the Morning, the Multicolored Pages, and a set of etudes "in the form of free variations" on the Allegretto from Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. Better known are his third piano sonata, an F minor work which he called a "concerto without orchestra," and his Opus 13, the Symphonic Etudes. His Opus 9 was a follow-up to his Papillons and ends with a march in which David puts the Philistines to flight. FTP, name this composer of Carnaval and Kriesleriana who also wrote the Spring Symphony.
Answer: Robert Schumann
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Before settling this place, its founders believed themselves to have been tricked by a merchant named Philocrates. Other sites suggested before this place included the shore of the Red Sea, as well as the general vicinities of Lepreum and Opuntian, while one name suggested for this place was Sparta. It was zoned by Meton, and an unknown poet sang its praises just after it had been founded, even though he found it cold. Its 600-foot-high walls ended up causing problems for Iris, and its dictator eventually married Basileia to become the supreme tyrant of the universe. Founded by Pisthetairos and Eulepides, this is, FTP, what city whose construction prevents sacrifices from reaching the gods in The Birds?
Answer: Cloudcuckooland or Nephelokokkygia
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He sent out the talking bird Karshipta to spread his message to the people assembled in a vara by Yima, who had been warned to take shelter from a devastating winter. He had a group of messengers who included Mah and Zam, and which were known as the Yazata. His attendants include a being who guided the souls of the dead, Sraosa, and a goddess of fertility, Armaiti. Those seven attendants were known as "Bounteous Immortals," or the Amesha Spentas, and were opposed to the Daevas. FTP, name this son of Zurvan and father of Ahriman and Ormuzd, the supreme deity of Zoroastrianism.
Answer: Ahura Mazda
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This phenomenon in leptons may be observed using the Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein effect. The NA48 experiment at CERN is currently studying this phenomenon in hyperons, and the BaBar experiment at SLAC and the Belle experiment at KEK have determined it to be true for b-mesons. Its underpinnings came in an experiment by Chieng-Shiung Wu involving cobalt-60, and studies of this in kaon decay won a Nobel prize for James Cronin and Val Fitch. A possible explanation of the dominance of matter over antimatter, FTP, name this phenomenon, present under the weak force, in which symmetry between particles and antiparticles, as well as between a system and its mirror, are infringed.
Answer: CP-violation or charge-parity violation
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Louis IX of France reportedly produced one regarding various clerical reforms, but it was eventually found to be a forgery. Another limited papal power over France but was superseded by the 1516 Concordat of Bologna, and one of 1759 forbade the union of the Kingdoms of Naples and Two Sicilies. In 1830, Ferdinand VII of Spain relied on one to insure that he would be succeeded by his daughter. That use directly invoked the best known of these concordats, an agreement which was made in 1713 and which resulted in France, Prussia, Bavaria, and Saxony challenging the successor of Emperor Charles VI, Maria Theresa. FTP, give the shared name of these agreements, one of which led to the War of the Austrian Succession.
Answer: Pragmatic Sanction
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One of them describes Lord Byron returning alive from Greece to England, where he becomes rotund and gouty. Another follows a young man's encounters at "The Intelligence Office," while yet another focuses on a sculptor who turns out to be the Wandering Jew. "A Virtuoso's Collection" and "P's Correspondence" were eventually joined by pieces such as "Feathertop" and "Sketches from Memory" in the second edition of 1854. That edition retained the story of the nearly flawless Georgiana, who is the subject of experiments by her husband Aylmer, as well as that of Faith, who leads her husband to a satanic ritual. FTP, identify this collection of short stories that includes "The Birthmark" and "Young Goodman Brown," a book by Hawthorne named for a house he lived in.
Answer: Mosses from an Old Manse
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According to one story he created the Milky Way to discourage his daughter from returning to her mortal lover, a cowherd. Originally the prince of a kingdom named for "Felicity" and "Heavenly Lights," during the war between the demons and gods, he passed through 3,200 trials, each of which took 3 million years, in order to ready himself to demolish the demonic armies when the Three Pure Ones could not. Often described as "Pure and August," he would later summon twelve animals to his realm which eventually became the Zodiac. FTP, name this deity who lives in the Palace of Abstractions and oversees the universe in Taoist Chinese mythology, a regent named for an ornamental stone.
Answer: Jade Emperor or Yu Huang
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One of this man's collections of essays includes "Mrs. Grundy at the Parkers'" as well as papers on Gemistus Pletho, Cardan, and Howard Overing Sturgis. His short story collectoin The Life to Come was published posthumously, while during his life he published a book of stories of the supernatural entitled The Eternal Moment. After the publication of The Celestial Omnibus in 1911, he didn't publish anything for over a decade, though he wrote a guide to Alexandria during that period as well as the novel that would be published posthumously as Maurice. FTP, name this English author of Where Angels Fear to Tread and A Room with a View.
Answer: Edward Morgan Forster
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Because of its remote location, tourists do not often attempt to climb it, although the Goecha La pass does approach its massive southern face. Its massif is buttressed by four ridges, with names including the Zemu and the Talung. Along with the Yalung and a namesake ridge, these structures contain peaks that form an "X." Its name translates as "Treasuries of the Great Snow" and it was first mapped by Rinzin Namgyal. It was first climbed in 1955 by Charles Evans, who stopped a few feet short of the summit to honor the traditions of the region of Sikkim. FTP, name this mountain, located between Nepal and India, the third-highest in the world.
Answer: Kangchenjunga
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Carleton
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Answer the following about human memory, FTPE:,
[10] This area of the brain is crucial in the formation and maintenance of short term memory. It contains the dentate gyrus and the subiculum.
Answer: hippocampus
[10] The hippocampus has also been implicated in navigation, suggesting that it contains a cognitive map, an idea first propounded by this formulator of "purposive behaviorism."
Answer: Edward Tolman
[10] Damage to the hippocampus results in this form of amnesia, in which new memories cannot be formed.
Answer: anterograde amnesia
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Name these figures who appear in the Divine Comedy FTPE.,
[10] This creature, with the face of an honest man but the tail of a scorpion, transports Dante and Virgil into the Eighth Circle. He shares his name with a mythical Titan whose cattle were taken during the tenth labor of Hercules.
Answer: Geryon
[10] At the end of Purgatorio, this embodiment of wisdom prepares Dante for meeting Beatrice.
Answer: Matelda or Matilda
[10] In Paradiso's Sphere of Mars Dante encounters this man, his own great-great-grandfather, who was killed in the Second Crusade.
Answer: Cacciaguida
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Identify these related reactions from organic chemistry FTPE.,
[10] There are two main types of this reaction. The first involves the alkylation of an aromatic ring and an alkyl halide, while the other involves acylation of aromatic rings with an acyl chloride.
Answer: Friedel-Crafts reaction
[10] This is a Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction in which carbon monoxide and hydrochloric acid are used with aluminum chloride to produce a benzaldehyde from benzene.
Answer: Gatterman-Koch reaction
[10] The product of the Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction can be converted to the alkylated product via this reaction, which reduces ketones or aldehydes to alkanes using a zinc amalgam and hydrochloric acid
Answer: Clemmensen reduction
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Name these battles of the Mexican War FTPE.,
[10] In September 1847, Winfield Scott rolled over Santa Anna's forces at this castle and proceeded to occupy Mexico City.
Answer: Battle of Chapultepec
[10] A Mexican army under Mariano Arista was defeated at this 1846 engagement, the first major battle of the war, which shares its name with a city in California's Santa Clara County.
Answer: Battle of Palo Alto
[10] Shortly after Palo Alto, this battle saw the Mexican army almost push back Zachary Taylor's forces until they were flanked. In its aftermath, Arista was removed as commander of the Army of the North.
Answer: Battle of Resaca de la Palma
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Name these works of Diego Velazquez FTPE.,
[10] This work features a guy who looks like he's examining a hangnail, as well as Ambrosio Spinola, whom Velazquez painted from memory, as the victor.
Answer: Surrender of Breda or The Lances or Las Lanzas
[10] This portrait of Velazquez's servant was done in preparation for his portrait of Innocent X. The subject wears a green coat and has poofy black hair.
Answer: Juan de Pareja
[10] In this early work, created in Rome, Velazquez depicts Apollo entering the title setting and speaking to a muscular man holding an incandescent piece of iron in one hand and a hammer in the other.
Answer: The Forge of Vulcan or Vulcan's Forge
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They are defined as the region between two z-lines. FTPE:,
[10] Name these subunits of myofibrils, which make up the cells of muscles.
Answer: sarcomeres
[10] Along with actin and myosin, this protein, also called connectin, composes the elastic filaments of a muscle cell. It is the largest known protein.
Answer: titin
[10] The calcium concentration necessary for contraction in a muscle cell is controlled by this specialized version of an organelle.
Answer: sarcoplasmic reticulum
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FTPE, answer the following about the Schism of 1054:,
[10] The Schism was brought about by this German Pope, who actually died several months before his writ of excommunication was delivered to the Byzantine Patriarch.
Answer: Pope Leo IX
[10] The Schism took place during the reign of this Byzantine emperor, who came to power after marrying Zoe.
Answer: Constantine IX or Constantine Monomachos
[10] In 1052 this patriarch of Constantinople helped bring on the Schism by compelling the Latin churches under his control to use Greek. After he was excommunicated by Humbert of Silva-Candida, he retaliated by excommunicating the papal legates.
Answer: Michael I Cerularius (accept either name)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these characters from Dostoevsky's The Idiot, FTSNOP:,
[5] This nobleman who returns to Saint Petersburg from Switzerland at the novel's opening is the title "idiot."
Answer: Prince Lev Nicolaievitch Myshkin
[5] Myshkin asks this woman to marry him at a party. She later agrees to be his wife, but runs away on the day of the wedding and is murdered.
Answer: Natasya Filipovna
[10] This man tries to buy Natssya's love for 100,000 rubles, and eventually kills her.
Answer: Parfyon Semyonovich Rogozhin
[10] This youngest daughter of General Yepanchin is in love with Myshkin, but rejects his marriage proposal. She later runs off with a supposed Polish count, who abandons her.
Answer: Aglaya Ivanovna Yepanchin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, name these Doctors of the Church:,
[10] This Spanish mystic was the author of such poems as "The Dark Night of the Soul," and helped found the Discalced Carmelites.
Answer: St. John of the Cross or San Juan de la Cruz
[10] A college in New York is named for this man, who may have been the first Dutchman to become a Jesuit. This author of a noted German Catechism helped lead the Counter-Reformation in 16th-century Germany.
Answer: St. Peter Canisius (accept either name) or Peter Kanis
[10] While not converting Arians as Archbishop of Seville, he wrote an encyclopedic work known as the Etymologiae.
Answer: St. Isidore of Seville
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about Thomas Young, FTPE:,
[10] Young is best known for performing this experiment, which was an early demonstration of the wave nature of light.
Answer: double slit experiment (accept equivalents like dual slit)
[10] The classical theory of color vision, according to which three different types of receptors in the eye were sensitive to either red, green, or blue wavelengths, is named for Young and this other scientist.
Answer: Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz
[10] The Young-Helmholtz theory has been supplemented by this theory, first developed by Ewald Hering. It states that color perception is dependent on antagonistic responses between three pairs of colors: black/white, yellow/blue, and green/red.
Answer: opponent-process theory
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Answer the following about the geography of Antarctica FTPE.,
[10] This section of the Antarctic Peninsula lies south of the line connecting Capes Jeremy and Agassiz.
Answer: Palmer Land
[10] This harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula served as a military outpost during World War II, but is now maintained as a historic site.
Answer: Port Lockroy
[10] This ice shelf east of the Antarctic Peninsula borders the northwest portion of the Weddell Sea, and is notable for having one of its portions collapse in 2002.
Answer: Larsen Ice Shelf
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
10] In this most famous work of Chikamatsu, Ohatsu and Tokubei really, really want to be together. So they perform the morbid title deeds to make it possible.,
[10] Along with the Pillow Book, this essay collection by the monk Yoshida Kenko is one of the definitive zuihitsu works.
[10] Written while rolling out to Tohoku, this poetry collection may be Basho's best known.
Answer: The Love Suicides at Sonezaki or Sonezaki Shinju Essays in Idleness or Tsurezuregusa
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these works written by members of Les Six, FTPE.,
[10] This first of three "symphonic movements" by Arthur Honegger supposedly depicts a locomotive doing its thing.
Answer: Pacific 231
[10] This short ballet by Darius Milhaud is based on African myth. Its second section is a jazz fugue played by brass instruments, while its fourth features a cakewalk involving a bassoon.
Answer: Le Creation du Monde or The Creation of the World
[10] Blanche de la Force dies during the French Revolution, along with other members of the title group, in this 1957 opera based on a work by Gertrud von le Fort.
Answer: Dialogues of the Carmelites or Dialogues des Carmelites
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these William Faulkner works FTPE.,
[10] This 1954 work retells the story of Christ's passion as reenacted in the life of a French corporal during WWI.
Answer: A Fable
[10] Set in the non-Yoknapatawpha town of New Valois, this novel features the adventures of some barnstorming pilots.
Answer: Pylon
[10] This 1948 work features Lucas Beauchamp, a black man on trial for killing a white man, who is proven innocent through the intervention of 12-year-old Chick Mallison.
Answer: Intruder in the Dust
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, name these prime ministers of Canada:,
[10] He introduced the first Canadian income tax and nationalized some railways, but is probably best-known as Canada's prime minister during World War I.
Answer: Robert Borden
[10] This prime minister succeeded Louis St. Laurent in 1957; the Canadian Bill of Rights was introduced during his period in office.
Answer: John Diefenbaker
[10] This native of Montreal served from 1968 to 1979, when Joe Clark replaced him, and then returned to the office in 1980.
Answer: Pierre Trudeau
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these thinkers who were influenced by Spinoza, FTPE:,
[10] This 18th-century German philosopher described himself as a Spinozist, though he substituted the concept of "Kraft" for Spinoza's "substance." His works include Ideas for the Philosophy of History of Humanity.
Answer: Johann Gottfried von Herder
[10] This 19th-century Russian thinker, who wrote The Materialist Conception of History, claimed that Marxism was really a variety of Spinozism.
Answer: Georgi Plekhanov
[10] This British thinker claimed that Spinoza was the "noblest and most lovable of the philosophers" in his History of Western Philosophy; his other works include The Analysis of Mind.
Answer: Bertrand Russell
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these folks from the Kalevala, FTPE.,
[10] This self-destructive character unknowingly seduces his sister, demolishes Untamo and his crew, and after seeing his sister commit suicide, decides to do the same.
Answer: Kullervo
[10] When Vainamoinen needs to build a boat without touching its construction materials, he learns the words for the incantation from this really old giant.
Answer: Antero Vipunen
[10] This awesome blacksmith constructs the Sampo and builds the Maiden of Gold, but is ultimately very unlucky with the ladies.
Answer: Seppo Ilmarinen
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Identify these Restoration dramas FTPE.,
[10] This story of the adventures of Fopling Flutter is the best-known work of George Etherege.
Answer: The Man of Mode
[10] This play by Colley Cibber features the womanizing Sir Charles Easy, whose wig falls off while he's gallivanting. His wife finds him and gives him a scarf, thus demonstrating her faithfulness.
Answer: The Careless Husband
[10] This first play by John Vanbrugh was a response to Cibber's Love's Last Shift. It centers on Loveless, who falls in with a widow named Berinthia on a visit to London, and features the once-popular character Sir Novelty Fashion.
Answer: The Relapse
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Identify these algorithms FTPE.,
[10] This class of computational algorithms is used for simulation purposes, but is stochastic, usually accomplished by using random numbers.
Answer: Monte Carlo method
[10] This particular algorithm involves making the optimum choice at each step in the hope of eventually reaching the global optimum.
Answer: greedy algorithm
[10] Based on the Chinese remainder theorem, this algorithm allows for the computation of discrete logarithms, but only in multiplicative groups of an order which happens to be a smooth integer.
Answer: Pohlig-Hellman algorithm
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FTPE, answer the following about the short-lived Duchy of Warsaw:,
[10] This 1809 treaty assigned Krakow and Lublin to the Duchy, and compelled Austria to pay a large indemnity to France and break off trade relations with England.
Answer: Treaty of Schonbrunn
[10] The Duchy was established by this pair of treaties, which were signed in the summer of 1807 by Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I.
Answer: Treaties of Tilsit
[10] The Treaties of Tilsit also established this new kingdom in northern Germany. It was ruled by Napoleon's brother Jerome from the city of Kassel.
Answer: Kingdom of Westphalia

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