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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Brown A
Average difficulty: 4Average quality: 6Category: Science
According to the Sakharov conditions, the creation of these particles requires both a departure from thermal equilibrium and the violation of both C and CP symmetry. Gerard t'Hooft proposed a sphaleron interaction that could result in their creation, and their namesake oscillations can be seen in the large-scale spectrum of the CMB. A major unsolved problem of modern cosmology is the asymmetry of this class of particles with their anti-particles, and these particles account for about 4% of the total energy density of the universe, the rest lying in dark matter and dark energy. For 10 points, identify these fermionic hadrons which consist of three quarks bound together by the strong force, and which include the proton and neutron.
Answer: baryons
Average difficulty: 3Average quality: 5Category: Literature
One character in this work is told to "go to the gate or go to hell" by his boss after requesting to be sent back to pots. After hearing a song that claims, "All the world's my neighbor," that character laments the absence of Minnie, a skilled singer. An argument over the price of Radium salts versus Schultz's salts in act one leads to a discussion of plans to buy a farm. In scene two of act three, one character puts on another's dress suit and pleads with his dead mother to love him, asking whether she had loved his brother more. At the beginning of the act his brother calls him "swartgat" after donning the suit, and in the final scene he savagely attacks his brother with an umbrella purchased as part of an attempt to woo Ethel Lange, Zacharias' white pen pal. Morrie's lighter skin leads to a conflict with his brother in, for 10 points, what play by Athol Fugard?
Answer: The Blood Knot
Average difficulty: 4Average quality: 5Category: Literature
This character forgives Frieda, a waitress who, after having an illegitimate child with her boss, sees a handkerchief with a dark-blue border every day, stuffs the handkerchief in her child's mouth, and buries it in the ground. Mistaken for Claudine by a man mumbling about his friend Guessard's bloody wedding in Paris, this relative of a 16th century French queen accuses Sitnik of using his slingshot to break windows after flooding Latunsky's apartment. This occurs after she and her maid Natasha are given a magic ointment by Azazello, having flown naked to Apartment 50, where she then serves as hostess of Satan's ball. Ultimately reunited with the author of a novel about Pontius Pilate, this is, for 10 points, what lover of the "Master" in a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov?
Answer: Margarita
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Contemporary accounts of this conflict were written by Philip Vincent and Lieutenant Lion Gardiner, who famously protested its unnecessary violence. Jonathan Brewster relayed a key message of a preemptive strike. It was partly prompted by an incident at the "House of Hope." There was a failed peace conference at Fort Saybrook which was later besieged, and there were nine casualties during a raid on Wethersfield. A raid on Block Island was led by John Endicott. This conflict, formally ended by the Treaty of Hartford, had been sparked by the murder of John Oldham. The Mystic River Massacre saw John Mason kill a number of men under Sassacus, who was later scalped, which resulted in the Narragansetts abandoning their alliance. For 10 points, name this 1636-1638 conflict that pitted the namesake tribe against the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies.
Answer: Pequot War
Average difficulty: 5Average quality: 6Category:
Six years after assuming a governorship, this ruler became known as the "Restorer of the Laws." He imprisoned Jose Maria Paz for seven years after Paz founded the Liga Unitaria and revolted.He created a secret police force called La Mazorca, or "the ear of corn," as his personal band of assassins. His expedition against Bolivia resulted in expulsion of the dictator Santa Cruz, while he supported Manuel Oribe against Fructuoso Rivera in Uruguay. His conflicts with Europe included a brief war with Louis Philippe of France over treatment of an envoy. He was overthrown by Justo Jose de Urquiza and his ally General Quiroga was denounced in the novel Facundo by Domingo Sarmiento, who in 1868 would assume this man's most famous office. For 10 points, identify this caudillo who, from 1829 until 1852, held power in Argentina.
Answer: Juan Manuel de Rosas
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Article X of this agreement provides for a Joint Liaison Committee through which disputes in its application can be resolved. Almost immediately after its passage, the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre occurred, and this agreement was extended by the Wye River Memorandum about 5 years later.Its seventeen articles are followed by four "annexes" which establish protocols, such as for a Human Resources Program. Its signing was witnessed by Andrei Kozyrev and Warren Christopher, and it generally fell into disfavor after one group that refused to sign it came to power, and especially after the Second Intifada.It created the Palestinian Authority and was signed by Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat. For 10 points, name this set of agreements whose negotiation was presided over by Bill Clinton in 1993, a series of accords signed in a Scandinavian city which is not Helsinki.
Answer: Oslo Accords
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Literature
Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds features a Pooka and a penniless fairy engaged in this activity, and in Leslie Marmon Silko's "Toe'osh," the narrator tells of how coyote lost his "proud, original" fur coat when doing it. In William Faulkner's "Was," Buck's freedom is attained after Buddy is successful at this activity, while Neil Simon's The Odd Couple opens with several characters participating in this activity. Tennessee Williams considered giving A Streetcar Named Desire a title concerning a night about this activity, in which Pablo, Steve, Mitch, and Stanley participate in the only titled scene of the play, while in another story, one character tells Tom Simson that when engaged in this activity, one doesn't "get tired, the luck gives in first." FTP, name this game, which John Oakhurst presumably played a lot in the title gambling town of a Bret Harte short story.
Answer: playing poker [accept obvious equivalents]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This ruler made a vow of monogamy to his wife, which he only broke by obtaining two concubines after her death. He abstained from meat for a year during a famine in honor of his citizens, and during his time as regent, he foiled an assassination attempt by Yuwen Yun.His advisor Gao Jiong suggested that he withdraw against the state of Emperor Xuan after Xuan's death, and helped lead his later campaign against the Chen.He sent his son Yang Liang to command forces against the Gogoryeo kingdom when it attacked Ying Province. He also suffered an attack by Tardu Khan on his capital.He commissioned the Renshu palace near the end of his reign, and his son, the future Emperor Yang, would continue the Grand Canal project that he began. For 10 points, name this first emperor of the Sui Dynasty.
Answer: Emperor Wen of Sui or Wen-di or Yang Jian
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Science
The paper that introduced this concept extended the work of Morse and Frazer in measuring osmotic pressure.The activity of a species is equal to this value divided by a reference value, and one way of defining it takes the exponent of the chemical potential divided by Boltzman's constant times temperature.It is related to the mole fraction of a given species in solution by the Lewis-Randall rule.The phase with the lowest value of this quantity is the most favored, and this quantity is used to correct for non-ideality by correcting for intramolecular forces. Also defined as pressure multiplied by its namesake coefficient, for 10 points, name this quantity that describes the escaping tendency of a gas, symbolized f.
Answer: Fugacity
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Pop Culture
A flower girl from the slums of Midgard was proficient with this type of weapon, until she was stabbed to death. One fictional example is the Kali-Yuga, which is wielded by Kilik in the Soul Calibur universe. Tim Drake once asked Lady Shiva to train him specifically in the use of this weapon because it is non-lethal. Napoleon Dynamite told Pedro that the gangs at school tried to recruit him because of his proficiency with it. In Marvel Comics, along with a deck of playing cards, this is the preferred weapon of Remy LeBeau.For ten points, name this long, straight, blunt-force weapon, most famously wielded by Aerith Gainsborough, Sun Wukong, Gambit and Donatello the Ninja Turtle.
Answer: Bo Staff (Accept either, accept reasonable equivalents like "stick")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This technique was partially introduced to replace the use of PAM matrices and the FASTP program, and Progeniq has developed an FPGA version of this algorithm. The position-specific iterative version creates a list of strings closely related to the input, constructs a profile based on the list, searches the database, and repeats. The default value for the seed length in the first step of this algorithm is 11, and in the third stage uses the Smith-Waterman Algorithm to compute the MSP score. Inputs are commonly given in the FASTA format, and this algorithm is commonly used in evolutionary studies to construct phylogenetic trees. Also used to find relatives of genes and developed by Meyers and Altschul, for 10 points, name this bioinformatics algorithm used to compare protein or nucleotide sequences.
Answer: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
The artist of these pieces stated that he was inspired by memories of his childhood and particularly a friend who sang a playful song near the water of a brook. Meyer Schapiro persuaded that artist to continue working, and one of these works may borrow from the artist's own "Self-Portrait with Imaginary Brother." First exhibited at the Sidney Janis gallery, these pieces were followed by a group on urban landscapes, which included "Montauk Street" and "Easter Monday," and they were reportedly inspired by Mesopotamian fertility idols. One of them depicts a bicycle while another is described as a landscape; its artist briefly halted their production but resumed upon spotting a cigarette advertisement in a magazine. FTP, name these six paintings of abstract expressionism, a numbered series by Willem de Kooning.
Answer: Woman series
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
One representation of these objects is called the Fary embedding, and these objects also satisfy the MacLane and Schnyder criteria. Hopcroft and Tarjan formulated an efficient algorithm for checking for these objects, while another way of testing for them uses the Fraysseix-Rosenstiehl left-right algorithm. The Steinitz theorem couples them to a polyhedral representation, while the Whitney criterion states that their set must be closed under the matroid duality. According to Barnett's conjecture, every bipartite cubic one of these is Hamiltonian, and one of these must not contain either K-sub-5 or K-sub-3,3 as a minor, a result known as Kuratowski's theorem. For 10 points, identify these mathematical objects, which consist of vertices and edges that can be drawn on a flat surface.
Answer: planar graphs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Among this goddess' children was the father of Ceyx; that man, Hesperus, was birthed after she kidnapped the husband of Procris. She also had a fling with Cleitus, the son of Mantius. With Astraeus, this figure gave birth to the four Anemoi, and in one story, Aphrodite killed Orion after this goddess took Orion to Delos. In her most famous story, she bore Memnon and Emathion after another god stole her cup-bearer; in exchange for Ganymede, she asked Zeus to give her lover eternal life, but forgot to ask for eternal youth, resulting in his turning into a grasshopper. For 10 points, name this lover of Tithonus, the Greek goddess of the dawn.
Answer: Eos [accept Aurora until "Aphrodite" is read and do not accept or prompt on it after]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Degeneration of this organ occurs as a result of Leigh's disease, and it is thought that Meniere's disease results when a section of it swells. Enervated by the spiral ganglion, its namesake duct connects to the canal of Henson. Reissner's membrane, which separates the scala media from the scala vestibule, forms an endolymph-filled compartment in this organ along with the basilar membrane. The helicotrema connects the scala vestibule and the scala tympani, while vibrations are sent to it via the stapes. Containing the organ of Corti, FTP, identify this organ of the inner ear that takes its name from its snail-like shape.
Answer: cochlea
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This group was lambasted in the "Doctrinal Armory" of Euthymius Zigabenus, and its ideas were brought to Russia by Adrian after being founded either by a certain Jeremiah or its namesake. Believing that Jesus was originally one of two sons of God named Michael, they rejected Monday and Friday fasting. The council of Bolino Polje was inspired by accusations that the Patarene movement in Bosnia was an extension of this group, which believed that the world was created by a malevolent devil and that marriage, alcohol, and meat promoted the evil of material mixing. For 10 points, name this group led by Basil the Physician, a late medieval dualistic heresy that was a descendant of Paulician and Manichean beliefs and dissented against the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria.
Answer: Bogomils [or Bogomilism or other word forms]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This man composed songs such as "Rime," "Your Small Black Eyes," and "The Bread of Ronda Has a Taste of Truth" for voice and piano. The few works from his middle period include the Stravinsky-inspired Concerto for Harpsichord and a puppet opera about "Master Peter." Ernesto Halffter completed this man's scenic cantata Atlantis after his death. Other orchestral works by him include the "Ritual Fire Dance" from one of his ballets, a series of Homages to people such as Claude Debussy and Paul Dukas, and a work whose first section depicts the Generalife. Sergei Diaghilev asked him to re-write The Magistrate and the Miller's Wife, leading to a stage work for which Pablo Picasso designed the costumes and sets. FTP, name this composer of El amor brujo and El sombrero de tres picos.
Answer: Manuel de Falla
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
With Duncan McArthur, this politician negotiated the transfer of the Ohio Valley to the American government by way of the Treaty of Fort Meigs.He outlined his support for the annexation of Texas in the Hannegan Letter, and was succeeded in one of his most famous posts by Thomas Fitzgerald.He wrote a pamphlet attacking European search and seizure of slaves during his time as minister of France. He ran for president with William Orlando Butler and later succeeded William Marcy as secretary of state for James Buchanan in 1860. He organized the Black Hawk War and the Seminole Wars as Secretary of War from 1831 to 1836 for Jackson.FTP, name this longtime Michigan senator and staunch supporter of Popular Sovereignty.
Answer: Lewis Cass
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Among the memories recalled by the protagonist of this work include one in which her father put on her mother's bonnet while picnicking at the Hill of Howth. The protagonist of this work notes that she never knew the name of the priest whose picture hangs on the wall, whose photograph her father passed to friends saying, "He is in Melbourne now." She has a letter for her brother Harry, a church decorator, and, while she will not miss working at the Stores, she recalls her mother's voice saying, "Derevaun Seraun," preventing her from marrying and escaping the past. The title character does not accompany Frank to Buenos Aires at the end of, FTP, which Dubliners short story by James Joyce?
Answer: "Eveline"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This work's "Udite, o rustici" is a notable patter song emphasizing the slippery nature of one of the major characters. The libretto for this work borrows heavily from the Scribe-written book for an Auber work on the same theme. The character addressed by "Signor sargente" torments one of the protagonists in the trio "Cantiamo, cantiam" after an aria in which that protagonist begs the other to believe him, which she eventually does, much to Belcore's chagrin. The plot is set in motion with the arrival of a character who describes in "Le feste nuziali" and "La donna e un animale" the use of his invention. Though Dulcamara has some good numbers, this opera's best-known piece is "Una furtiva lagrima" for Nemorino. FTP, name this work whose title concoction is nothing but a draught of Bordeaux wine; an opera by Gaetano Donizetti.
Answer: L'elisir d'amore, opera (accept The Elixir of Love)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
TB. This man described a "theatre state," a situation when power serving pomp and not the other way around, in his Negara. Using the villages of Sefrou and Pare as focal points for his analysis, he argued that anthpology must grapple with how modernity transforms symbolic systems in After the Fact. His work in the 1960s lead to the papers Peddlers and Princes and Agricultural Involution, which dealt with the development of Indonesia, a topic revisited in Islam Observed. His most famous work begins with the analysis of the meaning of a wink, and goes on to describe man as suspended in "webs of significance". A promoter of "thick description", FTP, name this American anthropologist, whose essay "Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight" can be found in his Interpretation of Cultures.
Answer: Clifford Geertz
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
TB. He held a notable debate with Zbingnew Brzenski about the future of China-US relations entitled "Clash of the Titans", and he addresses the same topic in "China's Unpeaceful Rise". His criticism of the Iraq war can be in his Op-Ed piece "Keeping Saddam in a Box", and his support of both conventional and nuclear deterrence has lead to him calling for the US to encourage Germany and Ukraine to develop nuclear arsenals. He advocates against the dangers of "unbalanaced multipolarity" in The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, which preceded a working paper that claimed the titular group has hampered Middle Eastern peace by forcing the United States to support detrimental policies towards the Palestinians. FTP, name University of Chicago IR theorist, a proponent of offensive realism who authored the controversial The Israel Lobby with Stephen Walt.
Answer: John Mearsheimer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
TB. One character in this novel walks into his office one morning to find a taxicab where his desk usually sits. One night, the protagonist walks down an alley in New York City and thinks he sees the face of his dead friend Dick Humbird. He later travels to Maryland where he falls in love with a girl who nearly kills herself by riding her horse off a cliff. His ex-girlfriend later marries J. Dawson Ryder, and he rescues that girl's brother from a hotel in Atlantic City. He proposes marriage to his widowed third cousin Clara Page, but is turned down yet again. At the end of the novel, he is offered a ride by the father of his friend Jessy Ferrenby who was killed in World War I. While attending college, he is inspired to write poetry by Tom D'Invilliers, but due to his poor grades he fails to become editor of the Princeton newspaper. FTP, Eleanor Savage and Rosalind Connage are among the love interests of Amory Blaine in what first novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald?
Answer: This Side of Paradise
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
TB. His early work includes a translation of Husserl's Cartesian Meditations, and also published The Theory of Intuition in Husserl's Phenomenology. Jacques Derrida wrote about this man in "Violence and Metaphysics", and he first introduced his central philosophy in Totality and Infinity. His final work, Entre Nous, followed a series of commentaries on the Talmud. His ethics centers on the idea of epiphany during face-to-face encounters, or "ethics as first philosophy". Most famous for introducing the concept of the Other as primordial gentleness, For 10 points, name this Jewish philosopher whose works include Time And the Other and Humanism of the Other.
Answer: Emmanuel Levinas
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Brown A
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Like Leo Wolpert, the defendant in this case broke into a pool hall in order to steal some beer and change. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this landmark 1963 Sixth Amendment case that gives degenerates like Wolpert and Charles Meigs the right to an attorney even if they can't afford one.
Answer: Gideon v. Wainwright [either answer, either order]
[10] Gideon v. Wainwright overturned this 1942 case which ruled that the state of Maryland didn't have to furnish council for an indigent thief.
Answer: Betts v. Brady [accept either answer, or either order]
[10] This 1960 Sixth Amendment case ruled that defendants have the right to a competency evaluation before trial, since they must have the ability to lucidly consult with an attorney. It centered around a schizophrenic who was an accessory to a rape.
Answer: Dusky v. United States
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Gerhard Ringel and JW Youngs proved this generalization of the four-color theorem in 1968. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this conjecture that says that the number of ways to color a surface of genus g is equal to the floor of 7 plus the square root of 1 plus 48 g, all divided by 2
Answer: Heawood Conjecture
[10] The one exception to the Heawood conjecture is this non-orientable surface named for a German mathematician. Cutting it gives two Mobius strips.
Answer: Klein Bottle
[10] This other graph theory problem asks how many colors are needed to tile a plane such that no two points a distance of 1 away from each other are of the same color.
Answer: Hadwiger-Nelson Problem
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
He signed a treaty with Alaksandu, ruler of Wilusa, and moved the capital of his empire south to Tarhuntassa from Hattusas. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Hittite king and military commander, who fought Ramses II at the Battle of Kadesh.
Answer: Muwatallish or Muwatalli II
[10] Muwatallis was believed to also have made a treaty with this predecessor and father of Ramses II; this Pharaoh took his name from the Egyptian god of the desert and chaos.
Answer: Seti I
[10] The Battle of Kadesh saw Ramses' army attempt to attack from the south by crossing this river, after which they supposedly encountered two Bedouin spies; Egyptian reports contend that the Hittites were later forced to retreat across this river.
Answer: Orontes River (or Arnath or Nahr al-Asi)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
He signed the Treaty of Compiegne with Cardinal Richelieu and renewed the alliance the next year at Wismar. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this man who served as High Chancellor of his country from 1612 to 1654, commanding troops throughout Germany during the Thirty Years War.
Answer: Axel Oxenstierna
[10] Oxenstierna served for Sweden under Gustavus Adolphus and this Queen who succeeded him and converted to Catholicism.
Answer: Queen Christina (Maria Christina Alexandra, Countess Dolna)
[10] In 1633, Oxenstierna established this league which united the Swabian, Franconian, and Upper and Lower Rhenish Circles to provide support for a military under Swedish command. It met at the Council of Frankfurt, where Saxony and Brandenburg refused to join, and it dissolved soon after.
Answer: League of Heilbronn
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about Freidel-Crafts acylation and its modifications, for 10 points each:,
[10] Friedel-Crafts acylation must be carried out with more than one equivalent of this compound, a Lewis acid which forms an ion when it reacts with the acyl chloride or acid anhydride to be added to the ring.
Answer: AlCl3 or aluminum chloride
[10] This familiar version of the reaction uses a copper iodide catalyst and carbon monoxide at high pressure to create benzaldehyde from benzene. It is used because formyl chloride is unstable.
Answer: Gatterman-Koch reaction
[10] Adding a protic acid along with a Lewis acid gives you this version of the reaction, which couples two arenes to each other.Iron (III) Chloride and dichloromethane is one popular set of reagents.
Answer: Scholl reaction
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following concerning literary islands, for ten points each:,
[10] In this author's Robinson, January Marlow is stranded on an island based on that described in the similarly-titled Defoe novel and is forced to wait for the arrival of a pomegranate boat. Other novels by her include The Girls of Slender Means and The Ballad of Peckham Rye.
Answer: Muriel Spark
[10] Tsalal is a fictional island in this 1838 novel, which was followed by Jules Verne's The Sphnix of the Ice Fields. Its title character ends up there after being saved by the Jane Guy, having survived a mutiny on Captain Barnard's ship, the Grampus.
Answer: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
[10] In Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island, Captain Cyrus Harding lands on an island and names it after this man. Poetic descriptions of him include one in which he "Walks at Midnight" because "when the sick world cries, how can he sleep" and another in which he "on the deck ...lies...Fallen cold and dead."
Answer: Abraham Lincoln
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In it, Bernard Litko reveals a childhood homosexual experience while in the toy department of a Marshall Field's. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this play, which centers on how Bernard's interactions with the inexperienced Danny Shapiro affect Danny's relationship with Deborah.
Answer: Sexual Perversity in Chicago
[10] In this play, the title object is sold by junkshop owner Don Dubrow, who then plans a robbery with his friend Teach to regain it.
Answer: American Buffalo
[10] Sexual Perversity in Chicago and American Buffalo are by this author of Glengarry Glen Ross and internet defender of Israel.
Answer: David Mamet
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It is the principle of operation behind the solar sail, and it is proportional to the fourth power of temperature and inversely proportional to the speed of light. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this effect in which photons exert a force upon a physical object.
Answer: Radiation Pressure
[10] Radiation pressure is the basis for this effect; it describes the perturbation of the orbits of small asteroids due to unequally distributed thermal photons.
Answer: Yarkovsky Effect
[10] The radiation pressure is also proportional to this doubly eponymous constant, which is approximately equal to 5.67 times 10 to the -8 in MKS units.
Answer: Stefan-Boltzmann Constant
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
The most visible and famous example of them is Gamma Velorum. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these doubly-eponymous class of stars whose members are losing their mass at a very fast rate due to stellar winds of up to 2000 km/hr.
Answer: Wolf-Rayet Stars
[10] As in most heavy stars, the dominant source of energy in Wolf-Rayet stars is this main alternative to the proton-proton chain for fusing hydrogen into helium.
Answer: Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen Cycle or Bethe-Weizsacker Cycle
[10] Even larger than Wolf-Rayet stars are Luminous Blue Variables, which approach this theoretical upper limit for stellar luminosity. It's named for a British physicist who did work on gravitational lensing.
Answer: Eddington Limit
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
One type of them is commonly sold by Affymetrix, and the two-color variety uses Cy3 and Cy5 florescent dyes to visualize hybridization. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these small silicon wafers that are tiled with thousands oligonucleotides, sometimes from an organisms entire genome. They can be used to analyze gene expression or find nucleotide polymorphisms.
Answer: DNA microarray or DNA/Gene chip
[10] Before running a sample on a microarray, they usually have to be nonspecifically amplified by a variation of this procedure. It was invented by Kary Mullis, and consists of Annealing, Denaturing, and Elongation.
Answer: Polymerase Chain Reaction
[10] This other method of analyzing gene expression first creates a long, concatenated RNA molecule from pieces of an mRNA population, then clones and sequences it. Matsumura developed a "super" version.
Answer: Serial Analysis of Gene Expression [SAGE]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these rulers of Numidia, for 10 points each.,
[10] This first king of Numidia commanded the cavalry against Rome in Spain but is best known for fighting alongside Scipio and the Romans at Zama, after which he set up the Numidian capital at Cirta.
Answer: Masinissa [Massinissa]
[10] This ruler of the Masaesyles tribe in western Numidia took Masinissa's place as ally to Hasdrubal and married his daughter Sophonisba. He was defeated by Scipio at Bagbrades and his kingdom taken over by Masinissa.
Answer: Syphax
[10] This grandson of Masinissa battled Adherbal to take power and was put to death in 104 B.C. after a namesake war against Roman armies commanded by Sulla.
Answer: Jugurtha
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Giorgio Agamben used this concept to define his "state of exception", and noted that its roots lie in the beginning of sovereignty. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this concept, first posited in The Will to Believe, which is the sum of the ways that a modern state uses to subjugate its populations.
Answer: Biopower
[10] Biopower was first defined in this thinker's A History of Sexuality. His The Order of Things has a notable discussion of Las Meninas, while he analyzed Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon in Discipline and Punish.
Answer: Michel Foucault
[10] Another treatment of biopower can be found in this 2000 Marxist tome by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri. It essentially states that modern nation-state sovreignty has given way to large multinational bodies; a sequel, entitled Multitude, was published in 2004.
Answer: Empire
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following about blood vessels FTPE.,
[10] This hormone is primarily used in water reabsorption in the kidneys, but also plays a role in inducing vasoconstriction.
Answer: vasopressin or antidiuretic hormone or ADH
[10] In addition to the tunica intima and the tunica adventitia, this third layer that comprises blood vessels contains the smooth muscle that controls the caliber of the vessel. This is the thickest layer of veins and arteries.
Answer: tunica media
[10] This artery of the upper thorax exists in left and right versions. The left originates at the aorta, while the right branches from the brachiocephalic artery along with the common carotid artery.
Answer: subclavian artery
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have recently conjectured that it consists of a mineral called post-perovskite. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this 200-kilometer-thick layer of the earth, originally named by Keith Bullen, which begins roughly 2700 kilometers beneath the Earth's surface and is part of the core-mantle boundary.
Answer: D'' or D-double-prime layer
[10] The core-mantle boundary is sometimes also known by this name, after the scientist who discovered the velocity gradients in seismic waves traversing it.
Answer: Gutenberg discontinuity
[10] These waves disappear completely at the core-mantle boundary, and since liquids cannot sustain shear, they provide evidence for a liquid outer core.
Answer: S or secondary waves
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
The Da Nang and Ben Tre sects have broken off from this religion, whose name literally means "high place." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this syncretic sect that believes earth is the 68th of 72 planets and that 72 is the closest to hell.
Answer: Cao Dai [or Caodaism; or Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do; or Great Religion of the Third Period of Revelation and Salvation]
[10] Along with Nguyen Binh Kim and Sun Yat-sen, this man is the third of Cao Dai's three saints. He might be better known as the author of The Noble Rival.
Answer: Victor Hugo
[10] Cao Dai's Holy See is located in this Vietnamese city about 90 kilometers northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. It houses the Cao Dai's executive, legislative, and judicial branches
Answer: Tay Ninh
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Name these Mesoamerican underworld deities and locations, for 10 points each.,
[10] This monkey-faced god and namesake of the Aztec underworld was worshipped by ritual cannibalism around his temple. Quetzalcoatl stole some bones from him
Answer: Mictlantecuhtil
[10] Those killed by contagion, disease, water, and lightning were instead brought to the realm of this Aztec god.
Answer: Tlaloc
[10] Uku Pacha, ruled by Supay, was the underworld of this civilization.
Answer: Incans
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Along with Wagner and Ellender, this man sponsored the National Housing Act of 1949.For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Senate Majority Leader known as "Mr. Republican," who more famously sponsored a labor relations act with Fred Hartley Jr.
Answer: Robert A. Taft [prompt on "Taft"]
[10] This "Barefoot Boy from Wall Street" beat out Robert Taft for the 1940 Republican presidential nomination, and then lost the election to FDR by a vote of 449 to 82. He still did better than Alf Landon in the previous election.
Answer: Wendell Lewis Wilkie
[10] Robert and lots of other Tafts could trace their descent back to Alphonso Taft, who served as Attorney General and Secretary of War under this US President.
Answer: Ulysses S. Grant
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One of the four title characters leans against a tall vase next to another, whose white garment stands out against the shadowy background. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this painting, in which the youngest title character sits on a grey rug playing with her doll.
Answer: The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit
[10] The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit is a painting by this artist of El Jaleo and Madame X.
Answer: John Singer Sargent
[10] This Sargent painting features two girls playing outside with some Chinese lamps and flowers.
Answer: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
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His Fountain of Neptune currently stands in the Piazza Maggiore in his namesake city, and he also created a notable monument to Cosimo De Medici. FTPE,
[10] Name this 16th century Italian sculptor who also created a colossal statue of Appennino at Pratalino and a flying Mercury.
Answer: Giambologna or Giovanni de Bologna
[10] Giambologna sculpted a notable version of this event; his depiction has a standing man carrying a naked woman away while another man leans in front of the two other figures. Poussin, David, and Schonfeld also notably painted this event depicting a Roman assault against the namesake tribe.
Answer: Rape/Abduction of the Sabine Women (Accept equivalents)
[10] This other famous Giambologna sculpture depicts a man killing a centaur. Along with his Rape of the Sabine Women, it is found in the Loggia dei Lanzi.
Answer: Hercules and Nessus or Hercules and the Centaur (Accept equivalents)
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It ends by defining the "unacknowledged legislators of the world," and earlier it compares the individual to an Aeolian harp. For ten points each:,
[10] This is what essay, which states its title entity is "indeed something divine," "the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds," and "turns all things into loveliness"?
Answer: A Defence of Poetry
[10] A Defence of Poetry was written by this poet, whose other poems include those with the lines, "I met murder on the way/He had a mask like Castlereagh" and "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone/Stand in the desert."
Answer: Percy Bysshe Shelley
[10] A Defence of Poetry was a response to "The Four Ages of Poetry," which was written by this schlocky author of Crochet Castle, Headlong Hall, and Nightmare Abbey.
Answer: Thomas Love Peacock
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One phase of this battle heated up when a squad of TIE fighters appeared at .06 and attempted to destroy the Nebulon-B class Medical Frigate. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this fictional skirmish that took place above a certain forest moon. A team lead by Han Solo was sent to the surface to disable a shield generator during one part of it.
Answer: Battle of Endor
[10] During the strike at the core, Lando Calrissian ordered this future general and leader of Rogue Squadron to take out the power regulator on the north tower.
Answer: Wedge Antillies
[10] In expanded universe canon, this bounty hunter had uploaded his consciousness into control of the Second Death Star right before it was destroyed.
Answer: IG-88A
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Two lovers are ultimately executed for refusing to step on the "fumie," a representation of Jesus. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this novel concerning the spiritual journey undergone by Sebastien Rodrigues while searching for his former mentor, Christovao Ferreira.
Answer: Silence or Chimmoku
[10] This author of Volcano and The Sea and the Poison wrote Silence.
Answer: Shusaku Endo
[10] Endo named the Tokyo gangster who kidnaps the hapless missionary Gas Bonaparte in this novel after himself, while the stock-trader Tomoe Higaki's name references The Tale of Heike.
Answer: Wonderful Fool or Osaka san
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Answer some questions about psychological effects you may experience while staring at a screen, For 10 points each:,
[10] Max Wertheimer observed this while riding a train; the original effect that demonstrated this phenomenon had subjects view a screen that displayed either a vertical line on the left or right.
Answer: Phi Phenomenon
[10] The namesake of this effect interspersed a shot of a Russian film star with various other objects, like a bowl of soup or a coffin. Even if the shot of the film star was the same, the expression appeared different depending on the object he was viewing.
Answer: Kuleshov Effect
[10] This effect occurs when a person hears one sound and lip-reads another. What is `heard' is some phoneme intermediate between the two.
Answer: McGurk effect
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The cities of Beryozovo and Surgut lie on the shores of this river, which empties into the Kara Sea. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this fourth largest Russian river to the west of the Yenisey River, located in Western Siberia.
Answer: Ob River (or Obi River)
[10] This chief tributary of the Ob River forms a namesake system with it. It originates in the Altay mountains, flows past the city of Omsk, and has a tributary of its own in the Tobol river.
Answer: Irtysh river
[10] This city, Russia's third largest, lies on the Ob river. The administrative center of its namesake Oblast, it contains a large-domed, namesake Opera and Ballet Theatre, the largest in Russia.
Answer: Novosibirsk
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It was based on a Gottfried Keller short story, and its interlude, "The Walk to Paradise Garden", is often performed separately. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1907 opera centered around the love between Sali and Vretchen in a small farming town.
Answer: A Village Romeo and Juliet
[10] This composer, whose other works include the Florida Suite, In a Summer Garden, and the opera Margot the Red, wrote A Village Romeo and Juliet
Answer: Frederick Delius
[10] This other Delius opera is loosely based on George Washington Cable's The Grandissimes. The title character is a voodoo priest who falls in love with the maid Palmyra, and is then executed for killing Perez.
Answer: Koanga

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