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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Brown
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This author's librettos include one for Philip Glass's 1000 Airplanes on the Roof. His last play, a Pulitzer finalist, centers on a character named Lone who trains a friend in opera amidst a California strike in 1867; it was titled The Dance and the Railroad. In another work, he wrote about Mark and Terri, who portray different races at an S-and-M parlor in Los Angeles. He earned an Obie Award in 1981 for a work about the encounter between Dale, an A.B.C., his cousin Grace, and Steve, the title character of his F.O.B. FTP, name this first Asian-American writer to win a Tony Award, who is best known for the play M. Butterfly.
Answer: David Henry Hwang
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The second man to hold this position, Edward Coles, spent most of his term fighting a proposed convention which would have legalized slavery. This position was held at the end of the 19th century by John Tanner, who defeated an incumbent who might have been the Democratic presidential candidate in 1896 had he not been born in Germany. In the 1930s, Henry Horner became the first Jew to hold this position, which has more recently been occupied by Daniel Walker and Jim Edgar. Also held by John Reynolds, John Peter Altgeld, and Adlai Stevenson, FTP, name this governmental position whose most recent holders include the criminal George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich.
Answer: Governor of Illinois
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This quantity appears as a density term proportional to the scale factor raised to the power minus 3 times the quantity 1 plus w-sub-Q in the Friedmann equation. If this quantity can vary with time, it will result in density perturbations, although these are suppressed in most cosmological models. George Efstathiou at Cambridge has found evidence for it in the clustering of 250,000 galaxies, and some form of it is believed to make up about 2/3 of the critical density in lambda-CDM models. This phenomenon results in a negative pressure in the acceleration equation, and candidates for it include quintessence and vacuum energy. FTP, identify this energy term enfolded within the cosmological constant, which is believed to drive the expansion of the universe.
Answer: dark energy
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His apprenticeship featured plein-air works such as Morning, while History shows an older man and a young boy sitting under the shade of an oak tree. The Day After depicts a woman sleeping next to abandoned liquor bottles, while his Madonna offers herself to the viewer as she stands next to an embryo. His self portraits include one "between a clock and a bed" and one "in hell." It was in Berlin that he began a 22 painting cycle that he would title The Frieze of Life, as well as complete his most celebrated pictures including Puberty and Vampire. His most famous work depicts an orange and red sky in the background as a bald man on a bridge holds his head and emits the titular shout. FTP, name this Norwegian artist of The Scream.
Answer: Edvard Munch
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In on of this author's short stories, a young woman is swindled by a man who asks for money to open a Ford dealership. Another of his works centers on a conversation with a long-dead Spanish painter whom the narrator sees in a café. In addition to "Notes on Goya," this man wrote a novel about the time spent in Travnik by the French consul Daville, and he created the characters of Chamil and Karadjoz in his novel about an Istanbul prison, The Damned Yard. He is more famous for a novel that depicts 400 years of Ottoman rule, a work centered around a titular structure in the town of Vishegrad. FTP, name this Serbian author of The Woman From Sarajevo, The Bosnian Chronicle, and The Bridge on the Drina.
Answer: Ivo Andric
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One part of this work cites Veblen's "The Breadline and the Movies" in a discussion of the "conspiracy theory" of popular culture. The transformation of Scientific American is noted in a section on "The Reservoir of Indignation" while another section considers the question of "Adjustment or Autonomy?" This work discusses the importance of population growth in shaping the middle class, and portends a world lacking in people driven by an "internal gyroscope." FTP, name this "study of the changing American character" which differentiates between inner-directed and outer-directed personalities, a book written by Nathan Glazer, Reuel Denny, and David Resiman.
Answer: The Lonely Crowd
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He ascended to the throne by defeating a usurper who pretended to be this man's murdered uncle. In one of his notable administrative acts, he reorganized his empire into 20 sections. Near the end of his life, he ordered a large limestone rock to be inscribed with his genealogy in three languages; that inscription was translated into English in 1849. He also led an expedition against the tribes of the Danube River in 516 BC, put down a rebellion of Ionians in 499 BC, and attempted to subjugate Greece with his son-in-law Mardonius, but his forces were defeated at Mt. Athos and Marathon. FTP, name this Persian emperor who was succeeded by his son Xerxes I.
Answer: Darius I (accept Darius the Great; prompt on partial answer)
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Sufferers of this disease often develop clubbing in the extremities, and male patients are often infertile because of blockage or failed development of the vas deferens. Hypothesized to have a high prevalence due to conferring a heterozygote advantage against cholera and salmonella, the most common mutation causing this disease is the deletion of phenylalanine-508 in its namesake ABC transporter, which is coded on chromosome 7. Diagnosed by the sweat test, FTP, name this chloride channelopathy that causes a massive buildup of mucus in many epithelial tissues, most notably the lungs.
Answer: Cystic Fibrosis or CF
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He instructs someone to "give those pious soldiers / Another lollipop" and informs her that "those road check girls / Will make your brown breath blue" in the song "Peaches and Cream," while he promised to feed someone "fruit that don't exist" in a song about a girl who "looks so Israeli," "Nicotine and Gravy." Those tracks, along with "Mixed Bizness" and "Sexx Laws," appear on his 1999 album Midnite Vultures, which was followed by a 2002 album inspired by a break-up. In addition to Sea Change, his albums include the recent The Information and an album which included "E-Pro" and "Qué Onda Guero." FTP, name this artist who also released Odelay and first hit it big with a song explaining that he was a "Loser."
Answer: Beck Hansen (accept either)
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According to one tradition, it is the last of 14 stages known as gunasthanas, and those who have it get to live in Isatpragbhara. In that tradition, it can be acquired through "right conduct," "right belief," and "right knowledge," which are known as the Ratnatraya collectively. According to another tradition, it consists of ananda which can be achieved through japa, while another religion holds that there are four margas which lead to it, including the path of knowledge, or Jnana, and love, or Bhakti. In Jainism, it results when the atman has shed his karma. FTP, give this term which in Indian religions refers to the soul's release from the cycle of becoming known as samsara.
Answer: moksha or mukti
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This city's Moises Lucarelli stadium is home to its soccer team. Its business district is focused on a "Triangle" section, and in honor of this city's high proportion of residents of Italian descent, what was once the tallest building in the city is called Edifício Itália. Founded by Jose de Anchieta and Manoel da Nobrega in 1554 to convert the Tupi-Guarani natives to Catholicism, its country's independence was proclaimed on a site marked by the monument of Ipiranga. It is located on the river Tiete, in the hills of Serra do Mar, and the Tropic of Capricorn passes through it. FTP, name this Brazilian city, the largest in the southern hemisphere.
Answer: Sao Paulo
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At one point in this work, one character vomits up the meat prepared from a dog he killed because he hasn't eaten meat in years. Weigand creates a surprisingly light coffin for one of the title characters, who are warned against singing Moritz Jaeger's marching song by the policeman Kutsche, and whose procession is opposed by Pastor Kittelhaus. The overseer Dreissiger has the young Becker arrested, but the title characters free him and begin a riot, in which they are joined by Luise and Gottlieb despite the advice of Old Hilse. Based on riots that took place in the author's birthplace of Silesia, FTP, name this play about the revolt of the titular workers, written by Gerhart Hauptmann.
Answer: The Weavers or Die Weber
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This man's son Henry was the first United States commissioner of patents. Though this man did not sign the Constitution, he promoted its ratification in his Letters of a Landholder. He reluctantly agreed to be appointed commisioner to France in 1799, three years after he took a position which had been declined by William Cushing. He proposed the use of the phrase "United States" as a member of the five-man committee which drafted the Constitution; that committee was chaired by the man who preceded him in his most prominent position, John Rutledge. He also joined with Roger Sherman to create the Connecticut Compromise. FTP, name this politician who was the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Answer: Oliver Ellsworth
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First proved by Brouwer in 1912, this theorem can be shown to be a consequence of the more general Poincare-Hopf theorem. A consequence of it is that any continuous function that maps a sphere into itself has either a fixed point or a point that maps onto its own antipodal point. One corollary of this theorem is that an any moment in time, there is at least one point on Earth where there is no wind, which therefore means that there must always be a cyclone on earth. FTP, name this theory of algebraic topology which states that given a vector field on the sphere there must be at least one point of the sphere for which the vector is zero, and which is usually visualized by thinking of a tennis ball.
Answer: hairy ball theorem (prompt on "ball")
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In one section of this work, one part of the orchestra plays a march in 4/4 while the rest of the orchestra plays a quick waltz in triple time. Earlier in this work, the flute and oboe are used to represent the Goddess Liberty, which a child sees after wandering away from Fourth of July celebrations; that section borrows themes from its composer's earlier "Country Band March." This work's first section is accompanied by a poem written by its composer, and it borrows melodies from folk songs like "Old Black Joe." That section of this work is dedicated to a Saint-Gaudens statue of Colonel Shaw. "The Housatonic at Stockbridge" and "Putnam's Camp" are the last two sections of, FTP, what work by Charles Ives whose sections represent the title locales?
Answer: Three Places in New England
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One of his children was the nymph-goddess Chione, while another of his children, Butes, violated a bacchant named Coronis, who responded by driving him insane. Later, he fell in love with Danaus' mare and fathered 12 horses who could ride over fields of grain without destroying vegetation. Two of his other offspring played an important role in the quest for the Golden Fleece by saving King Phineas from the harpies. Those two heroes were Zetes and Calais, and they were born to Oreithyia, who was originally abducted from the river Ilissus by this god. FTP, name this son of Aestraus and Eos who was often contrasted with Zephyrus, a deity who represented the North Wind.
Answer: Boreas
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He argued that being able to perform a task is logically independent of theorizing about the principles of that task in his essay "Knowing How and Knowing That." He criticized the tendency to confuse grammatical and logical similarities in his essay "Systematically Misleading Expressions," which advanced a view he later refined in a book which argued that most philosophical problems arise from holding two or more seemingly incompatible opinions. In addition to writing 1954's Dilemmas, he argued against the "`Fido'-Fido" theory of meaning, while his best known work opposes "Cartesian dualism" and the dogma of the "ghost in the machine." FTP, name this British philosopher who wrote The Concept of Mind.
Answer: Gilbert Ryle
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A modification accounting for Brownian motion was made to this equation by Lars Onsager in 1925, earning him an assistantship with one of its namesakes. The Bronstead-Bjerrum formula is derived from its underlying assumptions, and the Pitzer equation is used instead of it for solutions of concentration greater than 0.1 molar. It makes the assumption that the chemical potential of an ion is dependent on the ions surrounding it, and it is used when solutions do not follow ideal behavior. FTP, name this equation developed by two chemists which is used to find an ion's activity.
Answer: Debye-Hückel equation
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The task of executing certain prisoners captured during the best-known of these clashes led to the invention of primitive death chambers known as noyades. They broke out shortly after the battle of Neerwinden, ended with the failure of a British-backed invasion at Quiberon Bay, and saw the execution of Stofflet and Charette by troops under Lazare Hoche. Defeats suffered by its instigators included the battles of Cholet and Le Mans, and among the actions which prompted them was the passage of the "Civil Consitution of the Clergy" and the conscription order of February 1793. Led primarily by royalist nobles, FTP, identify this counter-revolutionary uprising against the First Republic, which takes its name from a region of western France.
Answer: the Wars (or Uprisings or Revolts or whatever) of the Vendée
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He wrote a variation on Henry James' Turn of the Screw in which a composer named "D" kills the titular character, Aghwee the Sky Monster, and attacked a famous countryman in the novella The Day He Himself Shall Wipe My Tears Away. A writer leaves his son in the care of Ma-Chan to spend a year at the University of California in his A Quiet Life, while a terrorist incident in his homeland was the basis for his novel about the Church of the New Man, Somersault. He has also written a novel featuring sodomy with a cucumber and one about a mentally ill boy and a black man named Bird, A Personal Matter. FTP, identify this Japanese author of Nip the Bud, Shoot the Kids and The Silent Cry.
Answer: Kenzaburo Oe
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Sir John Lauder, Lord Fountainhall, was offered the post of Lord Advocate but declined it because it came with the condition that he not prosecute the people responsible for this event. Major Duncason signed the order for this event, asking to "fall upon the rebels" and "put all to the sword under 70." The orders were given to Robert Campbell, who at that point had already been received hospitably by the rebels for more than two weeks, and this event had been anticipated by the issuance of the "letters of fire and sword," while the Earl of Breadalbane was never implicated. Taking place after Alexander MacDonald was unable to swear an oath of allegiance to William of Orange due to the absence of a magistrate, FTP, name this massacre that occurred on February 13, 1692 in a certain Scottish valley.
Answer: Massacre of Glencoe
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One character in this work lies alive on the ground while his brother Nicholas announces to his mother Margaret that he has killed him. Taking place in the market town of Cool Clary, this work sees the aforementioned scene take place because Nicholas hopes to win the hand of Alizon, who had left a convent after the marriages of her five sisters. Humphrey is promised her hand, but he rejects her at the end of this work, which is irrelevant since she has married Hebble Tyson's clerk, Richard. This takes place while a discharged soldier, who has been trying to get hanged, falls in love with a woman who has been accused of turning a man into a dog. Skipps turns up, however, preventing Jennet Jourdemayne from being charged with witchery as she flees with Thomas Mendip in, FTP, which comedy by Christopher Fry?
Answer: The Lady's Not for Burning
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Andreas Schluter's Kikin Mansion was this city's first public museum, and it is also home to a summer palace designed by Domenico Trezzini. Its St. Michael's castle, designed by Vincenzo Brenna, failed to prevent the assassination of a ruler in 1801, while the use of mercury to gild the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral caused the deaths of thousands of workers. That building was designed by Auguste Montferrand, who also designed the Alexandrine Column in the Palace Square, and this city is also home to the Admiralty Building, the Cathedral of the Savior on the Blood, and its first construction: the fortress of Sts. Peter and Paul. FTP, identify this Russian city, home to the Hermitage and the Winter Palace.
Answer: St. Petersburg (do not accept "Leningrad")
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Brown
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Name these works by Ivan Turgenev, FTPE:,
[10] In this early Turgenev novel, Natasha Lasunskaya falls in love with the title character, who studied with Lezhnev at Moscow University.
Answer: Rudin
[10] This work centers on Dimitry Sanin, who pursues Gemma Roseli. Ernest Hemingway published a parodic novel with the same title in 1926.
Answer: The Torrents of Spring or Spring Torrents or Veshinye Vody
[10] Short stories in this Turgenev collection, which is said to have helped lead to the liberation of the serfs in Russia, include "Khor and Kalinych" and "Hamlet of the Shchigrovsky District."
Answer: The Sportsman's Sketches or A Sportsman's Sketches or Sketches from a Hunter's Album or The Hunting Sketches or Zapiski Okhotnika
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Answer the following about a result in macroeconomics, FTPE:,
[10] In 1954 this author of the United Nations study The Future of the World Economy tested whether the United States, being wealthy in capital, nevertheless purchased capital-intensive commodities and primarily produced labor-intensive goods.
Answer: Wassily Leontief
[10] Leontief conducted his study using this technique, which employs transaction flow tables.
Answer: input-output analysis
[10] Unlike a model in which the vector of inputs is identical to the vector of outputs, in this kind of input-output model there is an extra input, sometimes taken to be labor, which is not one of the outputs.
Answer: open model
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Answer the following about a type of plant respiration, FTPE:,
[10] This type of respiration uses PEP carboxylase to fix CO2 to oxaloacetate. It is sometimes called the Hatch-Slack pathway.
Answer: C4
[10] Most C4 plants exhibit this peculiar type of anatomy, in which chloroplast-rich bundle-sheath cells are surrounded by mesophyll cells. Its name is derived from the German word for "wreath."
Answer: Kranz anatomy
[10] The final step of the C4 cycle is the decarboxylation of this compound into pyruvate. In CAM plants, this compound is stored until night, when it is processed.
Answer: malate
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It issued a 27-point manifesto which repudiated capitalism, Marxism, and clericalism, and proclaimed the necessity of a national-syndicalist state. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this political party which later merged with the Carlists and was opposed to the Popular Front.
Answer: Falange Espanola Tradicionalista y De Las Juntas De Ofensiva Nacional-sindicalista
[10] The Falange was founded in 1933 by this man, who was executed in prison in 1936 by the Republicans.
Answer: Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (do not accept Miguel Primo de Rivera, his father, who was the dictator at the time)
[10] This man succeeded Francisco Largo Caballero as the premier of the Republican government. He remained the head of the government in exile until 1945.
Answer: Juan Negrin Lopez
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Name these artists famous for their illustrations, FTPE.,
[10] This New York-born artist depicted the struggles of the 1960s in works like The Problem We All Live With, but remains better known for his whimsical Saturday Evening Post covers.
Answer: Norman Rockwell
[10] Although he painted such large-scale works as The Slav Epic, this man is better remembered for his Art Nouveau posters and advertisements, many of which depicted Sarah Bernhardt.
Answer: Alphonse Mucha
[10] His symbolist paintings include The Lair of the Sea Serpent and The Lost Mind, but this American remains best known for his illustrations of Fitzgerald's translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
Answer: Elihu Vedder
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Name these functions and polynomials, FTPE:,
[10] This function is defined as the integral from 0 to infinity of u to the (z minus 1) power times e to the (minus u) power times du. For integers it reduces to the factorial.
Answer: gamma function
[10] These polynomials arise as a consequence of demanding a complete, orthogonal set of functions over the interval [-1,1]. Spherical harmonics are products of these polynomials with trigonometric functions.
Answer: Legendre polynomials
[10] Special cases of these more general polynomials include the Legendre polynomials, for alpha equal to one half, and the Chebyshev polynomials, for alpha equal to 1 or zero. Their generating function is 1/(1-2xt+t^2)^(alpha)
Answer: Ultraspherical polynomials (accept Gegenbauer polynomials since they are proportional to each other)
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This man's rise was aided by the fact that Louis I of Hungary had no sons, which led Louis to sign the Pact of Koszyce [koh-shee-chey]. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man, who by that pact gained the hand of Louis' daughter Jadwiga, united Poland and Lithuania, and founded a namesake dynasty.
Answer: Wladyslaw II Jagiello or Jogaila or Iogaila
[10] This man was the last Jagiellonian king to rule Poland. He oversaw the height of the Polish Reformation and expanded his kingdom into Livonia and Russia.
Answer: Sigismund II
[10] Among Sigismund II's most important diplomatic accomplishments was this 1569 pact that that united Poland and Lithuania into a single state.
Answer: Union of Lublin
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Name these poems by Yeats, FTPE.,
[10] It notes that the "best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity," and features a "vast image out of Spiritus Mundi" which troubles the speaker.
Answer: "The Second Coming"
[10] In this work the speaker describes the difficulty of writing poetry in a discussion with two women, but after the word "love" is mentioned they grow quiet and watch the "last embers of daylight die."
Answer: "Adam's Curse"
[10] It begins by noting that the poet sought a theme in vain for "six weeks or so," and concludes that he must "lie down where all the ladders start / In the foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart."
Answer: "The Circus Animals' Desertion"
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He opposed a committed "philosophy of the act" to four kinds of idleness in his first major essay, "Dilettantism in Science." FTPE:,
[10] Name this Russian thinker, whose other works include the autobiographical My Past and Thoughts and From the Other Shore.
Answer: Alexander Ivanovich Herzen
[10] Herzen's The Russian People and Socialism was written as an open letter to this French thinker, who introduced the word "Renaissance" to describe a period starting in the 15th century in his History of France.
Answer: Jules Michelet
[10] On the advice of this man, Herzen threw the support of his newspaper, The Bell, behind the unsuccessful Polish revolt of 1863. This prominent Russian anarchist was the addressee of Herzen's To an Old Comrade.
Answer: Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin
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Answer the following about arsenic FTPE:,
[10] This test is used to detect the presence of arsenic by treating samples with sulfuric acid and zinc.
Answer: Marsh test
[10] Arsenic was the primary constituent in this drug, also known as compound 606. It was developed by Paul Ehrlich in order to treat syphilis.
Answer: arsphenamine or Salvarsan
[10] When arsenic forms a compound with this element, it is used as a semiconductor with a higher saturated electron velocity and higher electron mobility than silicon.
Answer: gallium
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Answer the following about capes of South Africa, FTPE.,
[10] This cape is the southernmost point of the African continent, and the dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Its name is Portugese for Cape of Needles.
Answer: Cape Agulhas
[10] This more famous cape is the site of Cape Town and Table Mountain; sailors usually refer to it as "The Cape."
Answer: Cape of Good Hope (accept Kaap die Goeie Hoop or Kaap de Goede Hoop)
[10] This island south of Cape Town contained a jail where many political prisoners served during the apartheid era, including Nelson Mandela.
Answer: Robben Island
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His works include a collection of six sonatinas called Pleasures of Youth. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Austrian composer, who is best remembered for a waltz he wrote in 1819 which inspired a set of piano variations by Beethoven.
Answer: Anton Diabelli
[10] This composer of an E major Trumpet Concerto and eight piano concertos succeeded Haydn as Kapellmeister to the Esterhazys in 1804. He also was one of the 50 composers who wrote a variation on Diabelli's waltz.
Answer: Johann Nepomuk Hummel
[10] This prolific Austrian pianist and composer wrote the coda to the book of variations on Diabelli's waltz. His pedagogical works include The School of Velocity, and he taught a number of future composers, including Franz Liszt.
Answer: Carl Czerny
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Answer the following about an elegy and its creator, FTPE:,
[10] This 1924 work explores the death of a young girl and its effects on the community where she once ran about. It begins "There was such speed in her little body / And such lightness in her footfall."
Answer: "Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter"
[10] "Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter" was written by this Tennessee-born founder of the Kenyon Review whose poetry collections include Chills and Fever and Poems About God.
Answer: John Crowe Ransom
[10] This 1941 collection of essays ends with a chapter entitled "Wanted: An Ontological Critic." It gave its name to a school of literary analysis characterized by "close reading" and avoidance of the "intentional fallacy."
Answer: The New Criticism
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While its first chairman was Peter Norbeck, this group was named for its fourth chief counsel, who would later become a commissioner of the SEC. FTPE:,
[10] Name this commission which was established to explore the causes of the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
Answer: Pecora Commission
[10] The Pecora Commission's findings led to the passage of this law in 1933. It separated investment and commercial banking activities and created the FDIC.
Answer: Glass-Steagall Act
[10] The Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999 by this piece of legislation, which eliminated prior restrictions between commercial and investment banks and allowed banks to provide services like insurance underwriting.
Answer: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
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Answer the following about the Norse god Freyr, FTPE:,
[10] Freyr was given this dwarf-made ship by Loki after the latter stole Sif's hair. Its most notable characteristic was its ability to fold up and be stored in one's pocket.
Answer: Skidbladnir
[10] At Ragnarok Freyr was to be killed by this leader of the fire giants who ruled over Muspelheim.
Answer: Surtr or Surt
[10] In order to win the hand of Gerd, Freyr had to give her father this magic sword, which would later be used by Surt to slash the roots of Yggdrasil.
Answer: Laevatienn
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Name these Christian saints related to the city of Alexandria, FTPE.,
[10] This early Christian martyr, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, was sentenced to be killed by a spiked wheel. When the wheel broke, she was beheaded instead.
Answer: St. Catherine of Alexandria
[10] This 4th-century Bishop of Alexandria wrote Three Discourses Against the Arians and a biography of Saint Anthony, and is the earliest figure to be named a Doctor of the Church.
Answer: St. Athanasius
[10] This saint succeeded his uncle Theophilus as Bishop of Alexandria. He was a major opponent of Nestorius, and is known as the "Seal of the Fathers" and the "Doctor of the Incarnation."
Answer: St. Cyril
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Answer the following about ballistic quantum transport, FTPE.,
[10] One example of a system where such transport takes place are these conducting elements, sometimes made from carbon nanotubes. They are generally 10 nanometers or less in width and display the Aharonov-Bohm effect.
Answer: quantum wires
[10] This formula, derived by assuming that a system is coupled to large reservoirs where inelastic processes take place allows for the calculation of conductance of quantum wires. It is named for a man whose namesake principle links information loss to entropy increase.
Answer: Landauer formula
[10] Ballistic quantum transport also takes place in two-dimensional electron gases, a fact that was used to measure this effect in the inversion layer of a MOSFET in 1980.
Answer: quantum Hall effect (do not accept or prompt on "Hall effect")
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After giving Fishbein, Halpern, and Grossbart a weekend pass to go to St. Louis, the protagonist receives only an egg roll for his efforts, which understandably enrages him. FTPE:,
[10] Name this short story in which Sergeant Marx take his revenge on Grossbart by swapping him with Harvey Alton so that the latter goes to Fort Monmouth, while Grossbart is sent to the Pacific.
Answer: "Defender of the Faith"
[10] "Defender of the Faith" appears in which short story collection, the first book by Philip Roth?
Answer: Goodbye, Columbus
[10] 35 years after winning his first National Book Award for Goodbye, Columbus, Roth won his second for this novel about a deranged puppeteer who enjoys masturbating on the grave of his dead lover Drenka.
Answer: Sabbath's Theater
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Answer the following about modern Indian history, FTPE:,
[10] This is the name used to refer to the first Indian nuclear device. Its test occurred on May 18, 1974, and while the device's official name was the "peaceful nuclear explosive," it is more commonly referred to by this moniker that refers to a religious figure.
Answer: Smiling Buddha
[10] This prime minister of India authorized the manufacture of the Smiling Buddha device in 1972, but she's more famous for getting shot by one of her bodyguards.
Answer: Indira Gandhi (prompt on "Gandhi")
[10] This former minister of finance, from the right wing of the Congress Party, served as Indira Gandhi's deputy prime minister early on in her career.
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Give these terms from chemistry which have something in common, FTPE.,
[10] This reaction uses lithium dialkyl cuprates to couple two alkyl halides to create a larger alkane compound.
Answer: Corey-House-Posner-Whitesides reaction
[10] This special case of the Wittig reaction generates an alkyne from an aldehyde by first creating a dibromoalkene, followed by elimination using butyllithium.
Answer: Corey-Fuchs reaction
[10] Developed by Nobel Prize recipient Elias Corey, this technique is used in solving problems in organic syntheses, and involves transforming target molecules into simpler precursor structures.
Answer: retrosynthetic analysis (accept equivalents)

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