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2006 ACF Fall Tossups by Yale A and Florida Metro
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This artist penned the influential text An Analysis of Beauty, which includes his argument for the perfect ogee-curve. One of his self-portraits includes his dog Trump, and his other works include Good Samaritan and The Fool of Bethesda. In his time, he was a sought-after portrait painter, producing notable portraits of Capt. Thomas Coram and David Garrick. He created sets which included characters such as Moll Hackabout and Dr. Misaubin, and some of his most famous pieces are Beer Street and Gin Lane. FTP, name this British artist best known for the series A Harlot's Progress and A Rake's Progress?
Answer: William Hogarth
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It occurred as a result of demands made by agent Thomas Forsyth, who was backed up by superintendent William Clark. After Governor John Reynolds demanded that the militia be called out, General Edmund Gaines promised to send forces from St. Louis to the Saukenuk area. After a long retreat through the Rock River Valley, the final engagement of this war was fought at the Bad Axe River in Wisconsin. FTP, name this conflict between the United States and the Sauk and Fox Indians which was fought in Illinois in 1832 and named for a rival to Chief Keokuk.
Answer: the Black Hawk War
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In a recent season of this show, a man named Dennis decided his heart wasn't really in "the game" and decided to open a boxing gym, while Bunny Colvin lost a job offer from a university and his major's pension after his social experiment became public knowledge. In that season, Brother Mouzone teamed up with the man who had previously shot him to track down and murder the man who had orchestrated Mouzone's shooting. The second season of this show featured the shadowy "Greek," the idiotic Ziggy, and a bunch of prostitutes who suffocated in a freight container, while the first season introduced Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale. FTP, name this show which recently began its fourth season on HBO, a crime drama set in Baltimore.
Answer: The Wire
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There are three so-called "satellites" associated with it, which include the Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigiensis and the Inquisitio Eliensis, and an early draft of it is known as the Exon version. Incomplete thanks to the Harrowing of the North, it is divided into the "Great" portion which excludes the area north of the river Tees, and the "Little" portion dealing with Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk. It lists ownership changes over twenty years among other information, and it was the result of a project announced at Christmas in 1085. The survey which gathered the information for it took place the following year. FTP, name this book which containsa detailed census of English land and people, comissioned by William the Conqueror.
Answer: Domesday Book
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He found that the coordinates of a point on any algebraic curve can be expressed in terms of automorphic functions. Making use of Lobachevsky's non-Euclidean geometry, he issued pioneering studies of the geometric properties of functions defined by differential equations. His work on solving the orbiting three body problem led to the development of chaos theory, and he was heavily involved in the development of special relativity, introducing the notation used for Minkowski space. He is best remembered, though, for a statement about a three-dimensional surface that contains no holes, the solution to which is a Millenium Problem. FTP name this man whose conjecture says that every simply connected, closed three-manifold is homeomorphic to the three-sphere.
Answer: Jules-Henri Poincare
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The first English author to discuss it specifically may have been John Hales, in his A Discourse on the Commonweal of this Realm of England, though in the 19th century H. D. Macleod named it for a contemporary of Hales. Later in the 19th century Robert Giffen argued that its namesake didn't understand the importance of bimetallism, while William Stanley Jevons claimed, on its basis, that Herbert Spencer's arguments about private coinage were flawed. Its namesake enunciated this principle in the 16th century in response to the "Great Debasements" introduced by the predecessors to Queen Elizabeth. FTP, name this principle which states that bad money drives good money out of circulation.
Answer: Gresham's Law
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Its first colonial governor was Louis Gustave Binger, who waged a campaign against Almany Samory, a Maninka chieftain who was finally defeated in 1898. Its first independent president was succeeded by Henri Bedie upon his death in 1993, ending the thirty-three year rule of the founder of the RDA. Leadership has been more volatile in recent years, with the 1999 Christmas Eve coup displacing Henri Bedie in favor of Robert Guei, who engaged in intermittent warfare with Laurent Gbagbo afterwards. Before being governed by the lengthy rule Felix Houphouet-Boigny, this nation was an overseas territory of France, which still has four thousand peacekeeping troops stationed here as of 2006. FTP, name this West African country with a French name, whose capital was moved to Yamoussoukro from Abidjan.
Answer: Cote d'Ivoire [or Ivory Coast]
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Act Three of this work opens with Damis and Dorine arguing about Damis's plan to eavesdrop at a conversation between Damis's stepmother and the title character. Dorine is the servant of Mariane, who is Damis's sister and who is in love with Valere, though for a while it looks as though the title character will marry her. The title character makes a move on Elmire, the wife of the deluded Orgon, but everything works out at the end when an officer of the king comes to arrest him. FTP, name this play about a religious hypocrite which was written by Moliere.
Answer: Tartuffe
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One sonnet addressed to this individual describes him as a "lone star whose light did shine / On some frail bark in winter's midnight roar." That sonnet, which refers to him as a "Poet of Nature," was written by Percy Bysshe Shelley, while this man's own sonnets include one which begins "From low to high doth dissolution climb" and another which instructs the reader to "scorn not the sonnet." More famously, in other sonnets he declared himself "surprised by joy" and lamented that the "world is too much with us." FTP, name this English Romantic who also wrote The Prelude and "Tintern Abbey."
Answer: William Wordsworth
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An alternate statement of this rule is that a function and its Fourier transform cannot both be compactly supported. Local hidden variable theories tried to explain it in the context of the EPR Paradox, but Bell's Theorem disproved that explanation. Its derivation makes use of the Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality, and it is most accurately understood in terms of wave-particle duality, whereby the product of the widths of two different wavefunction collapses must be greater than Planck's constant over 4 pi. Describing the non-commutability of the operators for pairs of observables, FTP name this principle whose most famous example relates the inability to determine the exact momentum and position of a particle simultaneously.
Answer: Heisenberg uncertainty principle
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Her sisters included the mother of the shepherd deity Aristaios and the ancestor of the Lapiths. The episode for which she is best known was initiated when a certain god mocked Eros, claiming that he was too tiny to be effective. In revenge, Eros shot a gold-tipped and a lead-tipped arrow, the latter of which struck this figure. In the end, this figure's father, Peneus, saved her from being captured by her pursuer by transforming her into a tree. FTP, name this nymph from Greek myth, who was turned into a laurel tree after being chased by Apollo.
Answer: Daphne
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During his years at the commoners' Stadtkonvikt school, he composed an unfinished operetta, The Looking-Glass Knight. He remained poor, partly due to the continued failure of such operas as The Devil's Palace of Desire and Fernando. His orchestral works include the so-called "Little C Major" symphony and a C minor work known as the "Tragic" symphony, as well as incidental music written for the play Rosamunde. All those works are catalogued according to a system devised by Otto Deutsch, which is why they have "D" numbers. FTP, name this composer of the early 19th century who also wrote a "Great" C major symphony and an "Unfinished" symphony.
Answer: Franz Schubert
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A major piece of evidence in support of this mechanism is the deuterium isotope effect, whereby one example of this kind of reaction occurs seven times slower with a deuterium bromide involved compared with a hydrogen bromide. As pointed out by Derek Barton, this mechanism can only occur in cyclohexane if two particular atoms are trans diaxial. It occurs with anti periplanar geometry because that allows for the greatest overlap as sigma orbitals become pi orbitals in the new compound, the formation of which is governed by Zaitsev's rule. FTP name this mechanism in which a strong base reacts with an alkyl halide in a single step to remove a hydrogen and the halogen opposite it, resulting in a carbon-carbon double bond.
Answer: E2 [accept bimolecular elimination (either order)]
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The title character is disappointed with his former psychiatrist, Dr. Edvig, because he suspects that Edvig allowed himself to be dominated by the title character's wife. Among the title character's lovers are a Japanese student of design named Sono, with whom he only speaks French, and a fashionable woman from Buenos Aires named Ramona whom he met while she was pursuing an MA in art history at Columbia. Throughout the novel he is obsessed with his second wife, Madeleine, who left him for Valentine Gersbach. FTP, name this 1964 novel about a professor who spends most of his time composing letters to people, a work by Saul Bellow.
Answer: Herzog
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In one of this man's stories, Ivan Vasilyevich describes how he fell out of love with a woman named Varenka after he saw her father, a colonel, ordering his troops to beat a Tartar who had deserted. In another of his stories, the fraudulent title object is created by a friend of the son of Fyodor Mikhailovich Smokovnikov, and leads Ivan Mironov to become a horse thief before he is murdered by Stepan Pelageyushkin. In addition to "After the Ball" and "The Forged Coupon," he wrote the suicide of Yevgeny Irtenev in "The Devil" and about a man named Pozdnyshev who murdered his wife in "The Kreutzer Sonata." FTP, name this Russian writer who also wrote such novels as Resurrection, Anna Karenina, and War and Peace.
Answer: Leo Tolstoy
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Evidence for recent volcanic activity on this planet is found near both Paragon Chasma and in the Sif Mons region. It possesses two "continents," large regions several kilometers above the average elevation, that are named for a Babylonian deity and its Roman equivalent. It takes 243 days to turn about its axis, making its day longer than its year, and its rotation is retrograde. Sulfuric acid droplets, rather than water, form clouds that obscure features like Maxwell Montes and insure a runaway "greenhouse" effect. The second brightest object in the night sky is, FTP, what "sister planet" of earth and second planet from the Sun?
Answer: Venus
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In this city, the David Walker pamphlet Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World was written, and the Charles Chauncy sermon "Enthusiasm Described and Cautioned Against" was first given. Mary Dyer was hanged for being a Quaker in this city, where John Phillips and Harrison Gray Otis served as mayor. William Blackstone was its first European settler, and a bridge between this city and Charleston was the topic of the Supreme Court case Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge. A protest here in 1773 involved the Sons of Liberty being dressed as Mohawks. FTP, name this New England city home to a famous tea party.
Answer: Boston
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Laboratory techniques for detecting this process include trypan blue exclusion and the TUNEL assay. It can be induced by binding of the FAS ligand, which activates proteins like Bax and Bid of the Bcl-2 family, and another important inducer of it is SMAC. Its effector enzymes can be known as Ced's, reflecting the elucidation of this process in C. elegans, but in humans, release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria activates the caspases, which are powerful proteases. When damage is detected, p53 normally triggers this process, which includes chromatin condensation and blebbing before the cell is phagocytized. FTP name this process of programmed cell death.
Answer: apoptosis [prompt on 'programmed cell death' before it is read]
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Adherents of this religion believe there are two kinds of energy in the universe: Jada for matter, and Chetana for life. Punya is acquired through good deeds, while pap results from bad deeds. It teaches that time is infinite but divided into cycles called Kalchakras, each with ascending and descending halves. During each half-cycle, 24 humans will achieve liberation, or moksha, and become Tirthankaras. The two principal sects, Digamabara and Svetambara, disagree on whether monks should wear clothes, but all adherents follow five guidelines, including not stealing, not lying, and extreme non-violence, or ahimsa, which sometimes leads to monks starving themselves to death. FTP name this ascetic religion whose community was founded by Mahavira.
Answer: Jainism
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His sister Anna wrote The Tale of a Great Sham, which emerged from her discontent with the League of which he had been the president. He was released from prison in return for help in suppressing violence through the Kilmainham Treaty, which brought an end to the Land War. He also gained status due to the deaths of T.H. Burke and Frederick Cavendish in Phoenix Park, which allowed him to displace the National League with his own Home Rule Party. His downfall began in 1889 when his alliance with Gladstone unravelled, and his fate was sealed in 1891 when the Freeman's Journal abandoned him, after he was named in a divorce petition involving William and Kitty O'Sheaa. FTP, name this leading Irish nationalist of the 1880s.
Answer: Charles Stuart Parnell
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TB. This 1948 painting is set in Cushing, Maine, where the artist spent his summers. Near the top right of this painting, two ruts are in the ground, formed by an abandoned cart. Located at the Museum of Modern Art, this work depicts a woman picking flowers from a garden. That woman has a paralyzed lower body and is wearing a pink dress. FTP, name this Andrew Wyeth painting.
Answer: Christina's World
2006 ACF Fall Bonuses by Yale A and Florida Metro
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Name these Italian poets, FTPE:,
[10] This 16th-century author wrote his epic about the First Crusade, Jerusalem Delivered, while living at the Este court in Ferrara.
Answer: Torquato Tasso
[10] This earlier epic poet also lived in Ferrara, and is best known for his continuation of a poem by Matteo Boiardo, Orlando Furioso.
Answer: Lodovico Ariosto
[10] Unlike Tasso and Ariosto, who took their epics seriously, this 15th-century Florentine poet wrote a burlesque versionof the story of Orlando in his The Great Morgante.
Answer: Luigi Pulci
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Name these English religious figures of the 16th century FTPE.,
[10] This man put together the Book of Common Prayer and served as the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury before being burned at the stake under Queen Mary in 1556.
Answer: Thomas Cranmer
[10] This cardinal was a major player in the court of Henry VIII until his failure to obtain a papal annulment for Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon led to his fall from power, and he died in 1530 after having been arrested on charges of treason.
Answer: Thomas Wolsey
[10] He was one of the leading Protestant preachers during the reign of Edward VI, which is why he was arrested when Mary took power and was burned, along with Nicholas Ridley, at Oxford in 1555.
Answer: Hugh Latimer
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They generally consist of solutions with a weak acid and weak conjugate base. FTPE:,
[10] Name this kind of solution that is designed to maintain a mostly constant pH in the face of additions of small amounts of acid or base.
Answer: buffer solutions
[10] This equation, which relates pH to the pKa of an acid and the log of the ratio of the acid to its conjugate base, is fundamental to the design of buffers.
Answer: Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
[10] A major buffer system in the blood revolves around bicarbonate and its interconversion with carbonic acid, which is formed by this enzyme from carbon dioxide and water.
Answer: carbonic anhydrase
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Its epilogue concludes with a discussion of the "urge to go further," which mentions a disciple of Heraclitus who added that one cannot walk through the same river even once. FTPE,,
[10] Name this philosophical work, a so-called "dialectical lyric," written under the pseudonym Johannes de Silentio.
Answer: Fear and Trembling
[10] This Danish thinker actually penned Fear and Trembling, along with Either/Or.
Answer: Soren Kierkegaard
[10] In The Gift of Death, this philosopher makes many references to Fear and Trembling.
Answer: Jacques Derrida
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The title character is discovered "huddled against the barn-door fast asleep" by Warren when he comes up from Rowe's. FTPE:,
[10] Name this poem, whose title character came to "ditch the meadow," as Mary reveals to her husband.
Answer: "The Death of the Hired Man"
[10] This American poet wrote "The Death of the Hired Man."
Answer: Robert Frost
[10] The title figure of this other Robert Frost poem is a creature who "says the highway dust is over all" and frames, "in all but words," the question of "what to make of a diminished thing."
Answer: "The Oven Bird"
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This anthropologist's early work included The Concept of the Guardian Spirit in North America. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author whose studies of Japan during World War II led to the book The Chrysanthemum and the Sword.
Answer: Ruth Fulton Benedict
[10] Benedict may be best known for this 1934 work, a relativist classic which studies such peoples as the Dobu and Kwakiutl.
Answer: Patterns of Culture
[10] Like many famous anthropologists, Benedict studied under this Columbia professor and author of The Mind of Primitive Man.
Answer: Franz Boas
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It centers on a police inspector who accepts a loan from a man named Yusef even though he suspects Yusef of being complicit in the death of another inspector named Pemberton. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel set in Africa, whose protagonist is Major Henry Scobie.
Answer: The Heart of the Matter
[10] This prolific 20th-century British novelist wrote The Heart of the Matter, as well as Brighton Rock and The End of the Affair.
Answer: Graham Greene
[10] This other Graham Greene novel is set in Vietnam, and features the cynical journalist Thomas Fowler, who brings about the death of Alden Pyle.
Answer: The Quiet American
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Answer these related geology questions FTPE,
[10] All igneous rocks are formed by the cooling of this substance, molten rock beneath the earth's surface that is sometimes ejected as lava.
Answer: magma
[10] This Y-shaped diagram describes the different minerals that are formed at different temperatures as magma cools. It has both a continuous and a discontinuous branch.
Answer: Bowen's Reaction Series
[10] This term denotes igneous rocks with a large amount of dark-colored iron and magnesium, which are found at the top of Bowen's Reaction series. They are contrasted with felsic varieties.
Answer: mafic
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Name these related Supreme Court decisions FTPE. [Note to moderator: accept the party names in reverse order for any answer below],
[10] In this 1965 decision, the Court ruled that there is a constitutional right to privacy in a case involving a state law prohibiting contraceptives.
Answer: Griswold v. Connecticut
[10] The ACLU had been searching for the "perfect case" to challenge anti-sodomy laws when a Georgia man was arrested for sodomy; in this 1986 decision, the court upheld the constitutionality of the Georgia law
Answer: Bowers v. Hardwick [accept Hardwick]
[10] This 2003 decision overturned Bowers v. Hardwick and contained humorous dissents by Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, who declared that discussing sex in a courtroom is silly.
Answer: Lawrence v. Texas
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Answer these related physics questions FTSNOP.,
[10] This hypothetical field that permeates space and time is thought to impart masses to all of the particles of the Standard Model via its namesake boson.
Answer: Higgs field
[10] The Higgs field is theorized to be responsible for this phenomenon, whereby the electroweak force split into the electromagnetic and weak forces as the universe cooled.
Answer: spontaneous symmetry breaking [5,5] Part of the evidence for spontaneous symmetry breaking is that these two bosons, mediators of the weak force, have mass, but the photon does not. One has plus and minus varieties.
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He may have been a member of the court of Demetrius Phaleros, the Macedonian ruler of Athens at the end of the 4th century BC. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of over 100 comic plays, including The Arbitration and The Shield, most of which are lost.
Answer: Menander
[10] Menander is best known for this classic of the New Comedy, which is the only one of his works to have survived in its entirety; its title character is an unpleasant farmer named Knemon.
Answer: Dyskolos or The Bad-Tempered Man or The Grouch (accept English-language equivalents)
[10] Among Menander's other plays is one about a girl from this island in the Aegean, whose less fictional natives included Aesop and Pythagoras.
Answer: Samos
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these Romans related to people named Vitellius, FTPE.,
[10] The Vitellius who was briefly emperor in 69 CE was succeeded by this man, who founded the Flavian dynasty.
Answer: Titus Flavius Vespasianus
[10] Lucius Vitellius, who was the father of the emperor, was made a consul by this stammering successor of Caligula after persuading the Senate to approve his marriage to Agrippina the Younger.
Answer: Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus
[10] Publius Vitellius, the emperor's uncle, commanded two legions during the campaign led in 15 CE by this man; Vitellius blamed Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso for this man's mysterious death in 19. He was believed to be Augustus's preferred candidate to succeed Tiberius.
Answer: Germanicus Julius Caesar
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Name these members of the 2004 Detroit Pistons championship team, FTPE:,
[10] This point guard from Duquesne signed a free agent contract with Minnesota in the summer of 2006 after having a superb season for Toronto in 2004-2005.
Answer: Mike James
[10] This four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year joined the Chicago Bulls in the offseason.
Answer: Ben Wallace
[10] He was taken by Sacramento in the first round of the 1995 draft, and played a pivotal role off the bench for the Pistons before being traded to Philadelphia the next season.
Answer: Corliss Williamson
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He depicted the father of one of his patrons in John B. Turner, Pioneer, while we see the back of a naked male figure holding a staff in his 1924 painting The Spotted Man. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American artist, who painted his mother holding a potted plant in the imaginatively-titled Woman with Plants.
Answer: Grant Wood
[10] This 1932 Grant Wood painting shows three grim-faced women standing in front of a painting; the woman in the middle holds a cup of tea.
Answer: Daughters of Revolution or Daughters of the Revolution
[10] Grant Wood is best known for this 1930 painting, which shows Wood's dentist and his sister Nan.
Answer: American Gothic
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They include the island of Redonda, whose throne may have passed to Spanish novelist Javier Marias in the 1990s. FTPE:,
[10] Name this island group in the Caribbean, which also includes Dominica and Bonaire and which is divided into "Leeward" and "Windward" sections.
Answer: Lesser Antilles (prompt on "Antilles")
[10] St. Johns is the capital of this island in the Lesser Antilles, which is part of a nation along with another island whose capital is Codrington.
Answer: Barbuda
[10] The chain also includes this French island, which is home to the volcano of Mount Pelee.
Answer: Martinique
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Answer the following about basic concepts in image processing FTPE.,
[10] The two dimensional discrete version of this transform, which for 1-D functions converts them to a series of sinusoids, is generally used to transfer an image to the frequency domain for rapid filtering.
Answer: Fourier transform
[10] This common statistical structure details the distribution of pixels having given intensity levels, and is often used in namesake matching or equalization procedures.
Answer: histogram
[10] This kind of processing, based on set theory, utilizes operations like dilation, erosion, opening, and closing to garner information about the forms of an image like region shapes and boundaries.
Answer: morphological
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It was fought at a pass between Lake Biwa and Nagoya in the autumn of 1600. FTPE:,
[10] Name this key battle of Japanese history, at which an army led by Ishida Mitsunari was wiped out.
Answer: Sekigahara
[10] This man's victory at Sekigahara enabled him to establish a namesake shogunate which ruled Japan for the next two and a half centuries.
Answer: Tokugawa Ieyasu [accept either name or both in any order]
[10] Tokugawa Ieyasu only acted to take power after the death in 1598 of this warlord.
Answer: Toyotomi Hideyoshi
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Name these operas by Richard Wagner, FTPE.,
[10] The first of the operas in the Ring of the Nibelungen, its title comes from the treasure seized by Alberich the dwarf to forge a magic ring.
Answer: Das Rheingold or The Rhinegold
[10] Wagner's last opera was about Parsifal, the father of this title character of an 1850 Wagner opera. He first appears in a boat drawn by a swan, while this work is perhaps best known for its "Bridal Chorus."
Answer: Lohengrin
[10] The title character of this 1842 opera was known as the "Last of the Tribunes." Set in Rome in the 14th century, it depicts Adriano, who is in love with Irene, the title character's sister. All of them die in a riot at the end which sets the Capitol on fire, causing it to collapse.
Answer: Rienzi
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Answer this stuff about an organ FTPE.,
[10] This nice-to-have but not-required organ is found in the upper left part of the abdomen, and one of its functions is as a storehouse of blood cells in case of emergency.
Answer: Spleen
[10] After about 120 days, these cells, also known as red blood cells, go to the spleen or liver to be destroyed.
Answer: Erythrocytes
[10] After your erythrocytes die, the hemoglobin is broken down into this waste product whose yellow color is seen around bruises and in jaundiced individuals. It also aids in making excrement brown.
Answer: Bilirubin

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