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2006 ACF Fall Tossups by Rutgers and New Brunswick A
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In 1986, he was featured in a role associated with his current job, alongside Jerry Orbach in The Imagemaker. In 1999, he enjoyed a brief foray into archaeology when the network commissioned him to host the live, two-hour television special Opening the Lost Tombs: Live in Egypt. This former host of FOX's A Current Affair returned to a fixed primetime slot on NBC as host of the new Twenty One, and in 2006 MSNBC brought him on to host a weekend show with his wife. FTP, name this husband of Connie Chung, best known as a daytime mogul who might inform a given male guest that he is NOT the father.
Answer: Maury Povich
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A Fisher-Yates shuffle can be considered the reverse of this algorithm. Bingo sort combines it with counting sort, as it finds all instances of the key to be moved. Use of a binary tree or a heap rather than an array improves the algorithm's performance to order n log n for n elements. Like bubble sort, a bidirectional version exists that is sometimes called shaker sort, and though it is generally outperformed by insertion sort, it is sometimes preferred, as it requires fewer data movements. FTP, name this intuitive sorting algorithm, in which successive minimums of an unsorted list are moved to the front in order.
Answer: selection sort
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His first opera was about a 13th century German knight who loves the wife of the antagonist Duke Robert, the lady Freihild. His last opera or "conversation piece" on the contrary, is a debate among musicians, poets, and artists about whether words or music is more important in opera, set in a 18th century Countess's house in a single act entitled Capriccio. His final work uses Joseph Eichendorff's poem Im Abendrot and three Herman Hesse settings related to death for Vier letzte lieder. FTP, name this composer of Tod und Verkalung, Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks, and Ein Heldenleben, which were among his tone poems, the most famous being Don Juan.
Answer: Richard Strauss
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The Athlit ram, recovered near Haifa, is considered to be a relic of the losing side's fleet at this battle, whose victory was commemorated by the founding of Nicopolis. One side had hoped to gain a defensive position by blocading the Gulf of Ambracia with quinqueremes, but was forced to action after attacks by the other side on the Peloponnesian coastline. While attempting to stop a flanking maneuver by the opposing Liburnian vessels, Lucius Policola's wing became separated from the rest of his army in this battle. By the end, Agrippa burned over 300 ships while the losers fled to Egypt. FTP, what is this 31 BCE battle in which Octavian defeated Antony?
Answer: Battle of Actium
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One work by this man is a monologue in which Mrs. Rowland yells at her husband repeatedly to get up and out of bed. One of his one-act plays discusses an indiscretion between Evelyn Sands and Jack Townsend, while another features a gentleman, a dancer, and a West Indian mulatto sailor stranded on a life raft. His only comedy concerns the coming-of-age of Richard Miller. More serious works include a play in which a man resurrected by Jesus "laughed" and one about the stoker Yank's identification with the title animal. Some of his best-known characters include an American black man who rules a West Indian Island, an old sailor named Chris Christopherson, and the Mannon and Tyrone families. FTP name this playwright, the author of Mourning Becomes Electra and Long Day's Journey into Night.
Answer: Eugene Gladstone O'Neill
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The first precursor to this amendment was passed in 1861, but rescinded in 1872, though the Supreme Court found that anticipatory law valid in Springer v. U.S. A committee under Louisiana Congressman Arsene Pujo supported its creation, and its provisions were broadly interpreted in Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, reasoning that Article I of the constitution had already empowered Congress to take the action in question. It was introduced by Sereno Payne in order to fulfill a debate promise, and when it unexpectedly passed the Senate, Payne began lobbying against its ratification. This amendment was required because of the Supreme Court's ruling in Pollock v. Farmers' Loan and Trust. FTP, name this constitutional amendment, which authorized Congress to levy income taxes without regard to apportionment.
Answer: Sixteenth Amendment
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This man invented a ceramic-filament light bulb, as well as a namesake "glower" used in IR spectroscopy. His namesake effect describes the production of a mutually perpendicular electromotive force when heat flows across a magnetic field. He won the Nobel Prize for his heat theorem, which says that a crystalline substance at absolute zero has zero entropy, now known as the third law of thermodynamics. Perhaps his most famous work was modified by Goldman to govern electrical properties of cell membranes, and it came from his theory of a "pressure of dissolution" that forced ions into a solution and off of electrodes. FTP name this man whose eponymous equation provides the potential of an electrolytic cell.
Answer: Walther Nernst
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At one point in this work the protagonist meets Rosa Dartle, who bears the scar given her by a man who, along with Tommy Traddles, was the protagonist's best friend at Salem House. He goes to work for his stepfather and his partner, Grinby, after which he runs away to his only relative, who takes him in on the advice of Mr. Dick. He is eventually apprenticed to Mr. Spenlow, whose daughter he marries and calls his "chld-wife." He frequently visits Yarmouth, where his old nurse lives with her family in an old ship. On one of these visits Little Em'ly falls in love with Steerforth, and on another Ham drowns. Eventually he goes back to Canterbury, where Mr. Micawber outs Uriah Heep for stealing from Mr. Wickfield. As a result he is able to marry Agnes. FTP name this novel about a man who wonders "whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life" by Charles Dickens.
Answer: David Copperfield
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He uses the example of Cato the Younger in illustrating the concept of a man fighting on his knees in the face of adversity in his De Providentia. Asthma and the treatment of one's own slaves are among the subjects of his letters dealing with morality that were written to Lucilius, while he argues that any length of life is sufficient to be lived, and whatever its length that life ought to be spent studying philosophy in De Brevitae Vitae. Also known for a satire detailing the shortcomings of the emperor Claudius, the Apocolocyntosis, FTP, name this Roman philosopher, who was also noted for being instructed by Nero to commit suicide.
Answer: Lucius Aennaeus Seneca
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On the bottom left of this painting a black-haired man holds his hands up in fright while turned away from the scene in the center. Two shadowy figures watch the title character from a large threshold on the right, while a man on the left looks down at a piece of paper on which he is writing. A man with large sideburns works to the right of the painting's central focus while on the left the grey-haired title character stands in a black waistcoat holding a scalpel. FTP name this painting in which medical students view a surgical demonstration by the titular Philadelphia doctor, a work of Thomas Eakins.
Answer: "The Gross Clinic"
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This event occurred once townspeople assembled at Joseph Sabin's tavern, after Captain Lindsey of the Hannah arrived at Namquid Point. Ephraim Bowen, the last survivor of it, wrote of the ordeal in 1839, naming a Mr. John Brown among those responsible. Restaurant owner Joseph Bucklin shot Captain William Dudingston and Abraham Whipple led a party of arsonists after being warned to stay away from a grounded schooner. FTP, name this incident in which Rhode Islanders burned a vessel sent to enforce the Stamp Act.
Answer: Gaspee Affair [or Gaspee incident, burning of the Gaspee, etc]
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In a novel by Pia Pera the title character of this work is given a notebook so that she can communicate with her dead father Gerald. Two characters are referenced respectively as "Schlegel" and "Hegel" in comparison to a woman in whose "natty little coupe" the protagonist travels for two years. A problem is solved for the protagonist when one character gets hit by Frederick Beale's car, after which he travels with the title character to the Enchanted Hunters. After finding out the title character had sex with the son of the director of Camp Q, the protagonist begins an affair with her. Eventually he finds her married to Richard Schiller, having earlier been abducted by Clare Quilty. Told in the form of a confession edited by John Ray, Jr., this is, FTP, what novel about Humbert Humbert's obsession with Dolores Haze by Vladimir Nabokov?
Answer: Lolita (or Dolores Haze) (The update refers to Pia Pera's Lo's Diary.)
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Section 8 states that the best of men is like water, and it opens by noting that only when one is free from desire can one understand the mystery. Its author mentions that when a country's relationship to the titular concept is good, the city economy will be focused on producing agriculture and transportation but not on weapons in the 46th part. A more famous comparison is that its subject is the center of a wheel that connects 30 spokes for it to function. Written during the 6th century BC, it focuses on mastering action through inaction, a concept known as wu wei. FTP, name this collection of 81 adages, which expresses the idea of the Taoist way, written by Lao Tzu.
Answer: Tao Te Ching (accept equivalents such as The Way of Life, The Book of the Way, etc.)
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One of this man's theories was supported by the discovery that Hittite contained forms in which distinct reflexes of the laryngeals are recorded, and he explained how the vowel alternations of a came about in his first work, Memoir on the Original System of Vowels in the Indo-European Languages. He is noted for his terms langue, or regularities and patterns in speech, and parole, or actual acts of speech. The work he is most famous for is often considered the foundation for structural linguistics, though Charles Bally and Albert Sechehaye actually published it. FTP name this Swiss linguist whose lecture notes and other materials were posthumously turned into the seminal Course in General Linguistics.
Answer: Ferdinand de Saussure
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In his letter to this work's addressee the author advises her to consult the book Le Comte de Gabalis. The main plot in this work is partially precipitated by the discovery of a letter sitting next to "puffs, powders," and "bibles." One of the protagonist's friends asks for help from her brother, Sir Plume, who goes to the villain. In section three the protagonist engages in an activity in which participants "raise/The silver lamp" on "Altars of Japan," ombre. She ultimately undoes her enemy with a bit of snuff, which causes him to sneeze violently, while Thalestris attacks Clarissa, who had earlier provided Lord Petre with the tools to commit the titular crime. FTP name this poem in which the Lord cuts off a piece of Belinda's hair, a work by Alexander Pope.
Answer: The Rape of the Lock
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Although not the most economical synthesis, this molecule can be produced by introducing dichromate crystals and sulfuric acid into a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Its enol form is exceedingly rare under typical conditions, but its six alpha hydrogen atoms are some 30 orders of magnitude more acidic than those of typical alkanes, permitting intermolecular aldol condensation reactions to proceed in the presence of a moderate base. Often used as a cleanser of nonpolar compounds in organic chemistry labs, it is typically formed by the oxidation of 2-propanol. FTP name this simplest ketone, the major component of nail polish remover.
Answer: acetone [accept dimethyl ketone or 2-propanone]
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Though he completed etchings including Abduction of Proserpina on a Unicorn and Agony in the Garden during his period of maturity, he was better known for a form he learned while serving as an apprentice under Michael Wolgemut. Among his work in that form is a 1515 work derived from written description and brief sketch of a rhinoceros, and a depiction of an angel in sad thought with a magic square in the background, Melancholia I. For ten points, name this artist, famous for woodcuts like Knight, Death, and the Devil, and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Answer: Albrecht Durer
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A 2005 article in Nature suggests an amended version of this, noting that if it were to hold as originally stated, molecules present would need to fall into a small range of interaction energies in order to be randomly distributed. It contrasts with the earlier Davson-Danielli model, and it is supported by freeze-fracture electron microscopy. Since flip-flopping is rare, it allows for distinctly different inner and outer halves, though embedded molecules are able to diffuse laterally, partially dependent on the amount of cholesterol present. FTP name this currently accepted model of the cell membrane, in which proteins and other molecules are embedded in a freely moving phospholipid bilayer.
Answer: fluid mosaic model
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The Sloop Clearwater runs trips along this river with the aim of preserving its waters and tributaries such as Esopus Creek. While the river proper begins at Henderson Lake, Lake Tear of the Clouds, which feeds Feldspar Brook, is consider its official source. After receiving the Opalescent River near the town of Tahawus, it receives the Mohawk before passing by West Point and the Palisades. Ending near the Battery and proceeding into the Narrows. FTP, name this major river of New York, which separates Manhattan Island from New Jersey.
Answer: Hudson River
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He overruled his military advisors in deciding to trek through the Arunah Pass before one of his most noted victories. His accession may have been accelerated by the disappearance of the architect Senemut. Among projects undertaken during his reign was the reconstruction of a canal built by Sensuret III to ease movement of returning armies. He was perhaps better known for his acts of destruction, such as those directed at monuments to his predecessor at Dier-al-Bahri, though he may only have erased his predecessor's name from records. FTP, name this pharaoh, nicknamed the "Napoleon of Egypt," who fought at Megiddo and reigned following his stepmother, Hatshsepsut.
Answer: Menkheperre Thutmose III [accept Tuthmosis III or Thothmes III; prompt on partial answer]
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TB. This equation applies approximately for small perturbations of any system in stable equilibrium, as can be seen by a second order Taylor expansion of the energies involved. Cauchy expanded its anisotropic form to three dimensional bodies, making use of a compliance matrix and its inverse. It asserts that locally, stress and strain have the same linear relationship as they would have in a perfect simple harmonic oscillator, but it breaks down beyond the elastic limit. With a minus sign showing how the system tends to return to equilibrium, FTP what is this law commonly applied to springs that relates force to displacement?
Answer: Hooke's Law
2006 ACF Fall Bonuses by Rutgers and New Brunswick A
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Name these works of French philosophy FTPE:,
[10] In this 1637 work, Descartes tried to prove the existence of God with the fallible ontological argument and introduced the Cartesian plane.
Answer: Discourse on Method or Discours de la methode
[10] This Rousseau book talks about the titular, fictional boy's education as he grows. In between birth and his marriage to Sophie, he is taught to make inferences and gets a hands-on experience as an apprentice.
Answer: Emile: Or on Education (or Emile, ou De l'education)
[10] This 1907 work by Henri Bergson distinguishes between the orderly progression of matter and that of the unpredictable elan vital's effect on the material world.
Answer: Creative Evolution or Evolution creatrice
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Name these works of Jane Austen from plot details FTPE.,
[10] Elinor Dashwood has feelings for Edward Ferrars, who is revealed to have a secret engagement with Lucy Steele. Marianne is deceived by John Willoughby and eventually marries Colonel Brandon.
Answer: Sense and Sensibility
[10] Catherine develops a relationship with Henry Tilney, while her brother James breaks off his engagement with Isabella Thorpe.
Answer: Northanger Abbey
[10] Fanny Price loves her cousin Edmund, who loves Miss Crawford. Mr. Crawford plays with the affections of Maria and Julia Bertram.
Answer: Mansfield Park
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Just like Mark Foley and his priest, it proceeds by backside attack. FTPE:,
[10] Name this reaction mechanism in which an incoming molecule displaces a leaving group with an accompanying inversion of chirality. It proceeds in a single step with a planar transition state.
Answer: SN2 [or bimolecular nucleophilic substitution (accept in any order)]
[10] The most reactive substrates for SN2 reactions are the primary types of these compounds with an element from a certain family bound to a saturated hydrocarbon. Methyl bromide and ethyl iodide are two examples.
Answer: alkyl halide
[10] One method of producing the primary version of this class of compounds involves an SN2 displacement of an alkyl halide with cyanide, followed by reduction.
Answer: amines
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A famous legend inspired numerous classical pieces FTPE.,
[10] That legend inspired Hector Berlioz to write this legende dramatique, where one of the characters sings the famous "Song of the flea."
Answer: The Damnation of Faust or La damnation de Faust
[10] He wrote the Two Episodes based on Lenau's Faust and a Faust symphony, which is divided into three movements based on the three main characters, Faust, Gretchen, and Mephistopheles.
Answer: Franz Liszt
[10] This work by John Adams is loosely based on Faust where Robert Oppenheimer leads the Manhattan Project in this opera, with a libretto by Peter Sellars.
Answer: Doctor Atomic
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Answer these questions about voting FTPE.,
[10] Often used to elect legislatures in multi-party systems, a system with a single transferable vote is an example of this sort of system in which the percentage of seats a party wins is roughly equal to the percentage of votes that party received.
Answer: proportional representation
[10] The US and UK are among the nations that use this type of plurality voting system, named for an analogy in horse racing and common in two-party systems, in which the winner is elected regardless of whether or not he has an absolute majority.
Answer: first past the post
[10] This 1962 Supreme Court case ruled that each vote should carry equal weight regardless of the voter's location, forcing the Tennessee legislature to reapportion itself based on population rather than geographical area.
Answer: Baker v. Carr
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FTPE, name these French possessions.,
[10] Formerly called Bourbon island, this overseas department and part of the Mascarene Islands has its capital at Saint-Denis.
Answer: Ile de la Reunion
[10] A 2003 push led by Nicolas Sarkozy for the granting of limited autonomy on this island, home to the cities of Bastia and Ajaccio, failed, as voters narrowly rejected a referendum in favor of the status quo.
Answer: Corsica
[10] Wallis and Futuna established itself as a territory separate from this island and its dependencies in 1959. Including the Loyalty Islands Province, its main isle, Grande-Terre, is home to the only significant city, its capital.
Answer: New Caledonia
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Ever wonder what the cast of Full House has been up to? FTPE:,
[10] Jane Ryan is a candidate for an overseas scholarship. Twin sister Roxy wants to get a closeup look at the taping of a new Simple Plan music video. The Olsen twins' characters venture to the title locale, and this bad movie ensues.
Answer: New York Minute
[10] Currently recovering from hip surgery, this Los Angeles Kings right wing, who spent a season and a half as his brother's teammate on the Florida Panthers, is married to Candace Cameron.
Answer: Valeri Bure [prompt on Bure]
[10] Jodie Sweetin's role as Stephanie Tanner has gotten some play during this Fuse network show, which she now hosts, in which contestants strip to music videos.
Answer: Pants-Off Dance Off
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Ah, the stupid things sick young men do for love, none of which include soliciting sex from Leo Wolpert online. FTPE…,
[10] The title young man of this work desperately loves Lotte, but she rejects him for her fiance Albert. Eventually he attempts to embrace her after reading aloud from Ossian, but she locks herself away in her room, and he shoots himself.
Answer: The Sorrows of Young Werther or Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers.
[10] In this novel, after he is forbidden by his grandfather to marry Cosette, Marius Pontmercy instead goes to the barricades, takes fever from a wound received there, and nearly dies.
Answer: Les Miserables
[10] In this story of The Dubliners, Michael Furey, the first childhood love of Gretta Conroy, succumbs to pneumonia after coming to her window one rainy night.
Answer: "The Dead"
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Identify the following concerning applications of interferometry FTPE.,
[10] This scientist's examination of the interference patterns formed by light shown through a double-slit helped provide evidence for the wave theory of light.
Answer: Thomas Young
[10] This 1887 experiment used interferometers in an attempt to measure Earth's speed relative to the aether. It was later used as evidence that the aether did not exist at all.
Answer: Michelson-Morley experiment [accept either order, prompt on only one name]
[10] The Berkeley Infrared Spatial Interferometer was used with a spectrometer to measure emission lines of ammonia following the collision of this comet with Jupiter in 1994.
Answer: Shoemaker-Levy 9
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Name these formulators of medieval law FTPE.,
[10] The Glossa Ordinaria by Bolognese scholar Accursius is a commentary on the Corpus Juris Civilis promulgated by this "Great" Byzantine emperor.
Answer: Justinian I
[10] Although lacking Christian components, the Pactus Legis Salicae, issued by this first Merovingian leader, was based on Visigothic law and was the oldest-known barbarian-written code.
Answer: Clovis I [or Chlodowech; or Chlodwig]
[10] This founder of the Macedonian dynasty, called the second Justinian, began the manuals Prochiron and Eisagoge, which were completed by Leo VI, and a collection of sixty books of his laws, which is named for him.
Answer: Basil I, the Macedonian [prompt on Basil; do not accept Basil the Bulgar Slayer or any other names for Basil II]
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Answer these related questions FTPE.,
[10] The Well of Wisdom, Well of Fate, and Hvergelmir lie at the base of this ash tree, whose roots are gnawed at by Nidhogg.
Answer: Yggdrasil
[10] At Ragnarok, he will wield a sword that blazes like the sun, slay Frey, set Yggdrasil on fire, and burn up the nine worlds.
Answer: Surt
[10] Surt rules over this realm of fire giants, whose heat melted the ice of Ginnungap, and whose sparks created stars and comets.
Answer: Muspellheim
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FTSNOP, name these people who made important discoveries concerning DNA: [5,5] These two men used the X-ray crystallographs prepared by Rosalind Franklin and others to elucidate the double helical structure of DNA.,
[10] This biophysicist, who was among the first to produce high quality crystallographs of DNA, was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine along with Watson and Crick.
[10] This man, working at Rockefeller University, determined that DNA, not proteins, was the carrier of genes through his experiments with pneumonia strains and laboratory mice.
Answer: James D. Watson and Francis Crick Maurice Wilkins
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His oeuvre includes the trilogy of novels Molloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnamable, FTPE:,
[10] Name this author, better known for plays like Happy Days and Endgame.
Answer: Samuel Beckett
[10] This Beckett character is addicted to bananas, which he eats as he listens to the annual tape recordings he's made throughout his life.
Answer: Krapp
[10] Beckett is perhaps best-known for this play, in which Vladimir and Estragon are occupied with the titular futile inaction.
Answer: Waiting for Godot or En attendant Godot
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For a given n by n matrix with real values, it can have the interpretation as the oriented volume of the parallelepiped formed by the rows or columns of the matrix in n-dimensional space. FTPE:,
[10] Name this function that is equal to zero whenever a matrix is singular, calculated for a 2 by 2 matrix by subtracting the product of the lower left and upper right elements from the product of the upper left and lower right elements.
Answer: determinant
[10] This man's namesake "elimination" process modifies a matrix by adding and subtracting multiples of one row from another. It can be used to find the determinant of a matrix fairly rapidly.
Answer: Carl Friedrich Gauss
[10] Another method of finding the determinant is expansion by these, which for a given element of a matrix, is defined as the product of its associated minor and negative one raised to the power of the sum of the row and column number.
Answer: cofactors
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Name these things related to John Brown, FTPE.,
[10] Brown killed five proslavery settlers with broadswords at this location in Franklin County, Kansas.
Answer: Pottawatomie Creek
[10] Missouri bushwhackers headed towards this town, where Brown made his home in Kansas. to destroy Free State settlements. Brown was able to inflict heavy casualties on the company before being forced to retreat, and this town became part of his nickname.
Answer: Osawatomie
[10] After his martyrdom, Brown was featured in Julia Ward Howe's version of this patriotic anthem, which begins "mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord."
Answer: The Battle Hymn of the Republic
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During his ministry, the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 was passed, allowing Daniel O'Connell to be seated as an MP. FTPE.,
[10] Name this prime minister, who resided at Apsley House before arriving at #10 Downing Street and was known before entering politics for his military exploits against Napoleon.
Answer: Arthur Wellesley [or the Duke of Wellington]
[10] Wellington's employment of the reverse slope defense was utilized often in this 1815 victory in Belgium.
Answer: Battle of Waterloo
[10] Two French armies under the Marquis de Grouchy were occupied by Prussians under Johan von Thielmann at this battle, a meaningless victory for Grouchy which prevented his forces from getting to Waterloo before the fighting had ended.
Answer: Battle of Wavre
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Name these Shakespeare plays, FTPE.,
[10] A ward of the countess of Rousillon cures the King of France of fistula, and as a reward, is allowed to choose any man to marry her. She chooses Count Bertram, and through a plot involving her ring, manages to convince him to be a faithful husband. Everything concludes pleasantly.
Answer: "All's Well That Ends Well"
[10] In Act III of this tragedy, a performance of The Murder of Gonzago js staged, though the title character refers to it as "The Mousetrap," hoping that the events are similar enough to Claudius's poisoning of his predecessor to try his conscience.
Answer: "Hamlet"
[10] Geoffrey Chaucer's "Knight's Tale" is the primary source upon which this drama is based. Shakespeare wrote the first and last acts of this collaboration with John Fletcher.
Answer: "Two Noble Kinsmen"
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Identify these figures from the history of Cuba, FTPE.,
[10] He became Cuba's first president upon its independence from the United States in 1901. Although he won a second term in 1905, he resigned the next year when rebellions broke out.
Answer: Tomas Estrada Palma
[10] This Secretary of War and future president helped negotiate an end to the 1906 revolt and served a short stint as civil governor of Cuba that year, making him the only man to be both governor of Cuba and Supreme Court Chief Justice.
Answer: William Howard Taft
[10] Overseer of the construction of the Plaza de la Revolucion, he staged a coup in 1952 to regain leadership from Carlos Prio Socarras, only to be overthrown in 1959 by Castro.
Answer: Fulgencio Batista y Zalvidar
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An 1899 depiction includes a bridge and the artist's Japanese-style garden near Giverny, while a similar scene of was depicted with a reflection of clouds in 1903. FTPE,,
[10] Name this subject of many a pondscape, including a 1906 painting which can be found in the Art Institute of Chicago.
Answer: Water Lilies
[10] Name the painter of The Artist's House at Argentuil, Water Lilies and Impression: Sunrise.
Answer: Claude Monet
[10] Besides painting lots of haystacks and water lilies, Monet is noted for his painting of the facade of this cathedral, first constructed by Bishop Mellon, at various times of day during different weather conditions.
Answer: Cathedral Notre-Dame de Rouen (or Rouen Cathedral)

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