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2007 ACF Fall Tossups by Rutgers New Brunswick
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Once believed to be caused by a lack of inhibin, this disease causes individuals to have a very high risk of germ cell tumors, diabetes, and vascular disease. However, the same people are protected from recessive sex-linked syndromes by the presence of an extra Barr body. Symptoms include a lack of facial hair, a rounded body type, breast enlargement, and sterility, due to the acquisition of an extra sex chromosome during meiosis. FTP, name this syndrome exclusive to males that results in an XXY chromosome arrangement.
Answer: Klinefelter's Syndrome
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This island's two main rivers are the Tym and the Poranay, which flows into the Gulf of Patience, while its south features the Gulf of Aniva. It is traversed by two parallel ranges with peaks at Mount Lopatin and Mount Ichara. It's separated from the island to its south by the La Perouse Strait, named for a French Explorer, and from the large mainland to its west by the Mamiya Strait, also known as the Tatar Strait. Its southern half was once known as Karafuto and inhabited by Ainu peoples, but today this island in the Sea of Okhotsk is part of its namesake oblast. FTP, name this large Russian island north of Hokkaido.
Answer: Sakhalin
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Near its end, neighbors invaded Thebes, and for a while, the high priest Herihor, also a viceroy of Kush, became leader of that area. Earlier in this timeframe, Horemheb was part of a dynastic transition, and a temple at Abydos was constructed in honor of Seti I, who had used the military rule tactics of previous rulers during this period, including Thutmose III. Numerous Ramses, Akhenaton, and Tutenkhamen ruled during, FTP, what period of ancient Egyptian history encompassing the 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties, which followed the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate period?
Answer: New Kingdom [accept Twentieth Dynasty on a buzz off the first sentence]
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Richard Cassels and Edward Lovett Pearce were two proponents of his namesake style during its popularity in Ireland, and his systematic approach to his discipline resulted in parametric formulas whereby dimensions of frames and details were based on the size of other components. The bell tower of one of his works fell in 1774, and that church houses Tintoretto's Fall of Manna. In addition to the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, this man designed a building with a central dome that Vincenzo Scamozzi lowered upon his death. FTP, name this Renaissance architect of the Villa Capra "La Rotonda" who wrote the treatise Four Books of Architecture.
Answer: Andrea Palladio or Andrea di Pietro della Gondola
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After three days of plague, Gad instructed him to build an altar on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite to repent for commanding Joab to take a census of Israel, and Sheba was one of many who tried to overthrow him. A story of a rich man who stole a poor man's ewe lamb was used by Nathan to rebuke him for sending Uriah the Hittite into battle in order to obtain his wife Bathsheba, who bore his son Solomon. FTP, name this Israelite king whose best friend Jonathan was the son of his rival Saul, who wrote numerous Psalms and killed Goliath.
Answer: David
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Smith and Price called it "Hawk-Dove" in the 1973 Nature article "The logic of animal conflict." Bertrand Russell likened U.S. foreign policy under John Foster Dulles to this "sport?practiced by some youthful degenerates." It has multiple Nash equilibria because there is no dominant strategy, and it is similar to the Prisoner's Dilemma in that a smaller-payoff compromise solution is threatened by a tantalizing larger reward. The worst possible outcome occurs when neither side defects from this game, the most famous example of which involves two cars, either rushing towards each other or a cliff. FTP, name this game theory scenario in which the first to swerve loses.
Answer: chicken [accept Hawk-Dove really early]
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Thomas Mann's work The Transposed Heads is subtitled "A Legend of" this country, a journey to which was the subject of a poem that asks the reader, "seest thou not God's purpose from the first"? In Shusaku Endo's Silence, Kichigiro is taken from this country to help Sebastian Rodrigues enter Japan, and the authors of The Middleman and Other Stories, Clear Light of Day, and The Guide hail from this country. The title gem in Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone was stolen by John Herncastle in this country, where Gibreel Farishta is a film star in another novel. FTP, name this country, to which Adela Quested and Mrs. Moore make "A Passage To" in an E.M. Forster novel.
Answer: India
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This man's government was pestered by the Foreign Office undersecretary's doctrine of "vansittartism," and his half-brother of the same name was the foreign secretary who brought Britain into the Locarno Pact. His doom as leader was presaged when L.S. Amery shouted "in the name of God, go!" at him on the floor of Parliament, months after he had reappointed as lord of the Admiralty his intra-party rival, Winston Churchill. FTP, name this Brit who succeeded Stanley Baldwin as Prime Minister, in which role he ceded the Sudetenland and secured "peace for our time" through appeasement at Munich.
Answer: (Arthur) Neville Chamberlain
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This work's protagonist associates a piece of music called "Solitude" with a naked man abandoned by a fleeing bird. After Raoul comes down with a fever, the protagonist is rebuked for her "habitual neglect of the children." Opening with a parrot repeating, "Allez vouz-en! Allez vouz-en! Sapristi!," this novel's protagonist is offered help by Doctor Mandelet and is inspired by her piano teacher, Mademoiselle Reisz. The protagonist has an affair with Alcee Arobin and loves Robert Lebrun, even though she is married to Leonce. Ending with the protagonist returning to Grand Isle and committing suicide by wading into the sea, FTP, name this novel about Edna Pontellier, by Kate Chopin.
Answer: The Awakening
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John McMakin's efforts stopped Phil Villapiano from preventing the occurrence of this event, which was preceded by a 30-yard score by Kenny Stabler. Initially a 66 Circle Option intended for Barry Pearson, Tony Cline applied pressure on this 25-yard completion on fourth-and-10. Fred Swearingen claimed the ball had hit Oakland safety Jack Tatum, but John Fuqua insists that he'll never tell what truly happened on this play. Franco Harris's shoestring catch of a Terry Bradshaw-thrown pass, which gave the Pittsburgh Steelers the lead in a 1972 Divisional Playoff game, is known as, FTP, which football play whose name is similar to that of a Roman Catholic dogma?
Answer: the Immaculate Reception
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The act at the center of this event was later ruled invalid in Myers v United States. One of the figures at its center was acquitted of criminal charges by David Carter and later proved to be a rather unexciting witness when questioned by Benjamin Butler. That man, Lorenzo Thomas, was an Adjutant General appointed to a position declined by William Sherman. Edmond Ross's vote alone prevented this process from succeeding, and the resolution calling for this event was introduced by Thaddeus Stevens. Sparked by the removal of Edwin Stanton in violation of the Tenure of Office Act, for 10 points, name this event which almost saw the removal from office of Abraham Lincoln's successor.
Answer: the impeachment of Andrew Johnson [accept equivalents; I guess you can accept "the firing of Edwin Stanton" before "Thaddeus Stevens" is read; and you can also accept "removing Andrew Johnson from office" or things like that since there are hypothetical clues]
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In one of this author's short stories, Tina Sarti's betrayal by Anthony Wybrow causes her to rekindle her love of music with the title vicar. One of this author's title characters competes with Harold Transome for the hand of Esther Lyon, and is arrested after an election day riot in Treby Magna. In addition to "Mr. Gilfil's Love Story" and Felix Holt, the Radical, this author's other title characters include a carpenter who marries Dinah Morris after Hetty Sorrel is sentenced to death and a weaver who cares for Eppie after his gold is stolen by Duncan Cass. FTP, identify this British author of Adam Bede, Silas Marner, and Middlemarch.
Answer: George Eliot [accept Mary Ann Evans]
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The Treaty of Tongsberg secured concessions for it from the Norwegian king Eric II Priest-hater, while the relocation of a Kontor to Dordrecht induced Philip the Bold to renew its privileges. Piracy by the Victualler Brethren was long a threat to it, especially during the slow break up of the Union of Calmar. The Treaty of Straslund with Waldemar IV of Denmark marked its apex. Before that pact, Waldemar had sacked one member, Visby in Gotland, though by the time of its demise 300 years later, only Bremen, Hamburg, and Lubeck remained as major centers. FTP, name this medieval trade organization, which dominated commerce throughout most of Northern Europe.
Answer: Hanseatic League or Hansa
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In a story from Peru, this event is responsible for the blackening of the fox's tail and saw a llama urge his master to seek shelter at Villacoto. According to the Incas, it was followed by the Purunpacha, or "Time Without Kings", and saw the rise of Huathiacuri, whose father, Paricaca, was born from an egg located on a high mountaintop. In a disputed Nahuatl story, Nata and Nena were transformed into dogs for building fires, after Titlachahuan forewarned them of this event. In Greek myth, Deukalion was warned by his father Prometheus about one of these, while Utnapishtim a man made immortal after surviving one in Sumerian myth. FTP, name this common mythological motif, the most famous survivor of which is Noah.
Answer: Flood or Deluge [accept equivalents]
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A turning point in the execution of this work is marked by a lack of painted a secco detailing. This work features a section in which a small-headed blonde figure winds his way up a tree, expending his hand to a seated woman. To the right of that scene, a figure in red uses a stick to send away a distraught man with his hands raised and a hunched woman. An adjacent work by the same artist features a self-portrait of the artist in flayed skin and a bunch of souls getting cast down into heaven, The Last Judgment. FTP, name this large fresco that features panels like The Creation of Eve and one in which God is almost touching Adam's finger, The Creation of Adam.
Answer: The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (accept equivalents; prompt on partial answers)
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The spherical helix is the tangent indicatrix of a curve of constant this. A relativistic form of it occurs for bound electrons due to their being in non-inertial frames and is named for Thomas. Vector quantities generally undergo this phenomenon when orthogonal to their time derivatives. A second-order type of this motion is called nutation. Analysis of the best-known type of it requires the understanding that the torque due to gravity is the time derivative of the angular velocity. FTP, name this physical phenomenon, a periodic change axial direction of a rotating object, exhibited by gyroscopes and spinning tops.
Answer: precession
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In 1911, Hugo von Hofmannsthal adapted this work for the Salzburg Festival, and according to E. R. Tigg, it is largely a translation of the Dutch play Elckerlijc. One character uses the excuse of having a cramp in his toe to avoid journeying with the protagonist. The protagonist makes a confession after renouncing his Goods, and is later forsaken by Five-Wits, Discretion, Strength, and Beauty, although Good-Deeds accompanies him to the grave. Ending with a doctor interpreting this play's religious message, this play begins with God asking Death to take the title character to his reckoning. FTP, name this fifteenth century morality play about the judgment of the allegorical title character.
Answer: Everyman
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His opus 113 is a collection of four pieces for viola and piano entitled Marchenbilder. More famous is a song cycle in which the singer's final word falls on a half-diminished ii6/5 [two six five] chord, giving way to an extended piano postlude in the parallel major of the main key of the final song, "Die alten, bosen Lieder." "Ich grolle nicht" is another movement of that cycle, Dichterliebe. This composer also wrote a piano piece whose first movement alludes to Beethoven's An die ferne Geliebte and a collection whose most famous piece is "Traumerei." FTP, identify this composer who, in addition to Fantasy in C and Scenes from Childhood, wrote the "Rhenish" and "Spring" symphonies.
Answer: Robert Schumann
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He attacked "vicious intellectualism" and praised Bergson and Fechner in a series of lectures collected as A Pluralistic Universe. Another lecture collection, subtitled A Study in Human Nature, often uses the work of Edwin Starbuck to illustrate his points about experiences of being, like "healthy-mindedness," the "sick soul," and the "divided self." These were given during his Gifford Lectures at Edinburgh, Scotland and entitled The Varieties of Religious Experience. For 10 points, name this American philosopher whose lectures were also published with the title Pragmatism, a concept he advanced.
Answer: William James
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This character avoids capture by the Oreillons when he proves that he is not a Jesuit. A slave-owner steals a jewel-encrusted sheep from him, but he recovers it when that slave-owner's ship is sunk, and he later loses some of his wealth to Parisians. He was befriended by James the Anabaptist after deserting the Bulgarian army, which occurred after he was booted out of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh's castle. Cacambo leads him to Paraguay sometime after leaving Portugal, where he witnesses the hanging of his philosophical teacher, Dr. Pangloss. FTP, name this lover of Cunegonde, the optimistic title character of a work by Voltaire.
Answer: Candide
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The composition of this group can generally be expressed in terms percentage albite, anorthite, and K- endmembers. Molecules of all members of this family contain eight oxygens and are aluminosillicates with traces of potassium, calcium, or sodium. Members of this mineral family include labradorite, perthite, sanidine, and microcline. The last mineral family before the branch fork in Bowen's reaction series, they have orthoclase and plagioclase forms. FTP, name these minerals that make up the majority of the Earth's crust.
Answer: feldspars
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Among its participants were a Captain O'Connor, who tried to plunder for himself, George Hewes, an area shoemaker who was commanded by Leonard Pitt, and David Kinnison, a farmer from Lebanon, Maine who lived to be 115 years old. It was preceded by such events as the seizure of the Liberty and the inflammatory Hutchinson letters, and resulted in the Intolerable Acts. Featuring the Sons of Liberty dressed as Native Americans, for 10 points, name this 1773 event in which a commodity was dumped into a Massachusetts harbor.
Answer: Boston Tea Party
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DNA bar coding has concluded that the most commonly marketed species of these organisms has been misidentified and is in fact verbena. Protease inhibitors derived from the saliva of these creatures are used in surgical reattachment of limbs. They are also used in preventing gangrene and restoring circulation to areas in which blood has pooled. Some types include the Algerian dragon and members of the genera Haementaria and Philaemon. For ten points, name these members of class Hirudinea that commonly feed on the blood of mammals, and were widely used to let out humans' bad blood.
Answer: leeches
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Anomalous ones may occur in compounds with atoms of an ns2 configuration, as in triple bonds between atoms of lead or germanium. Chelation results from ligands that may bind to multiple sites of a metal ion because of their presence, and hydrogen atoms attract those in highly electronegative atoms via intermolecular hydrogen bonding. Responsible for water's bent geometry, molecular angles predicted by VSEPR theory take into account, FTP, what couples of valence electrons that do not take part in bonding or sharing with other atoms?
Answer: lone pairs
2007 ACF Fall Bonuses by Rutgers New Brunswick
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He designed the Casa Battlo and the Casa Mila. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Catalonian architect famous for his eccentric designs.
Answer: Antoni Gaudi y Cornet or Antonio Gaudi
[10] This ambitious Gaudi basilica is still under construction; currently completed are four tall spires.
Answer: Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia (accept the "Sacred Family" or "Holy Family")
[10] Like La Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi-designed Park Guell is a landmark in this Spanish city, the capital of Catalonia.
Answer: Barcelona, Spain
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The ballet-loving Shimamura is the protagonist of this work, and one of its characters is nursing the dying Yukio. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which Komako and Yukio vie for Shimamura's affections, a work that begins with the protagonist riding a train to the titular region of Japan.
Answer: Snow Country or Yukiguni
[10] This author of The Master of Go and The Sound of the Mountain wrote Snow Country.
Answer: Yasunari Kawabata
[10] Kawabata's Thousand Cranes centers on this traditional practice. Chikako Kurimoto is a teacher of this tradition, and the novel opens with this ritual being performed at Engakuji Temple.
Answer: traditional Japanese tea ceremony (accept equivalents containing "tea")
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Answer the following about a ruling house of France, FTPE:,
[10] This dynasty ruled from the early death of Louis V, the last Carolingian, in 987, until the election of Philip of Valois in 1328. This dynasty's end was challenged by Edward III, pressing his claim in the Hundred Years' War.
Answer: Direct Capetian Dynasty or House of Capet
[10] This Duke of Ile-de-France succeeded Louis V and founded the Direct Capetian dynasty and immediately co-crowned his son, Robert the Pious. His reign saw a battle with Pope John XV over the deposition of Arnulf, Archbiship of Reims.
Answer: Hugh Capet or Hugues Capet
[10] This brother of Louis X served as regent for the five days of the life of Jean the Posthumous, before ruling himself for five years. When he too died without issue, he was succeeded by his brother, Charles the Fair, the last of the Capetians.
Answer: Philip V
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Name these works by James Joyce, FTPE.,
[10] Joyce reworked Stephen Hero into this novel about Stephen Dedalus, who decides to enter the priesthood after listening to Father Arnall's sermon about hell. In its fourth section, Stephen devotes himself to art after seeing a girl wading into the ocean.
Answer: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
[10] Originally titled Work in Progress, this novel was influenced by Vico's cyclical theory of history. Focusing on Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker and his wife Anna Livia Plurabelle, it begins and ends with the line "riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay."
Answer: Finnegans Wake
[10] In this short story from Dubliners, Farrington is fired from his job as a copy clerk, pawns his watch to buy drinks, and loses an arm-wrestling contest to an acrobat, causing him to go home and beat his son Tom.
Answer: "Counterparts"
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Identify these mathematical theorems FTPE.,
[10] For a continuous function f on a closed interval, this states that the integral of f on the interval is equal to the difference between the antiderivatives of f at the interval's endpoints.
Answer: the fundamental theorem of calculus
[10] A special case of the intermediate value theorem, this theorem named for a German monk says that that a continuous function cannot change sign without being somewhere zero.
Answer: Bolzano's theorem [or the Cauchy-Bolzano theorem]
[10] This theorem that, under certain hypotheses, the order on integration is unimportant in multi-dimensional integrals.
Answer: Fubini's theorem
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This offshoot of the Tendai school is split into the Soto and Rinzai schools, which differ on the nature of the onset of enlightenment. FTPE:,
[10] Name this school of Buddhism founded by one Bodhidharma that is especially popular in Japan.
Answer: Zen Buddhism
[10] Zen utilizes these answerless riddles, such as "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" and "How crooked is straight?" to aid followers in realizing the limits of analytical thinking.
Answer: koans
[10] This is the Zen term for enlightenment; more specifically, the moment at which one comes to terms with simply taking reality as reality, in contrast with the temporary kensho.
Answer: satori
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In this play's final act, "The Exorcism," one character reveals that his child is imaginary. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1963 play in which George and Martha attack each other through games like "Humiliate the Host" and "Get the Guests," much to the discomfort of Nick and Honey.
Answer: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
[10] This playwright of Three Tall Women, Tiny Alice, and The American Dream wrote Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Answer: Edward Albee
[10] Set in Central Park, this one-act Albee play begins with Jerry announcing to Peter that he's been to the title institution. After both characters fight over the possession of a park bench, Jerry hands a knife to Peter and impales himself on it.
Answer: The Zoo Story
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these sorting algorithms FTPE.,
[10] This algorithm selects a pivot element from an array, places elements into less and greater subarrays, and then does the same on each subarray. For an array of n elements, it takes n-log-n time for an array in the average case when a pivot is chosen at random.
Answer: quicksort [or Hoare's algorithm]
[10] If quicksort is used on an already-sorted array, it performs only as well as this quadratic algorithm, which finds the minimum of an unsorted array, swaps that value with the first position, and repeats on the remaining unsorted elements.
Answer: selection sort [accept minsort]
[10] Sometimes erroneously credited to Metzner, this is essentially a variant of insertion sort in which elements several positions apart are compared and swapped, rather than just adjacent ones. It is in big O of n log squared n.
Answer: Shell sort
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Its rise in support was prompted by an increase in meat prices and it was successfully modeled on the Workers Defense Committees. FTPE:,
[10] Name this free trade union which was formed following a successful stoppage at the Lenin Shipyards and which was named to show unity with the workers martyred in the strikes of 1970 under Wladyslaw Gromulka's regime.
Answer: Independent Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarity or Niezalezny Samorzad Zwiazkow Zawodowych Solidarnost
[10] This Polish electrician became the head of Solidarity, leading it to victory in Poland's first free elections in 1990. He was twice defeated in re-election bids in 1995 and 2000 and now tours as a lecturer on Central European history.
Answer: Lech Walesa
[10] This man was made First Secretary of Poland's Communist Party in 1981 with instructions to crush Solidarity, which he nearly did, though his befuddlement at Poland's economic stagnation throughout the 1980s opened the door to liberalization.
Answer: Wojciech Witold Jaruzelski
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Name these forces from fluid dynamics FTPE.,
[10] This is the term for a collection of frictional forces of acting on an object moving through a fluid. D'Alambert's paradox notes that it seems to vanish for inviscid fluids.
Answer: drag
[10] This force, generated by airfoils among other objects, is perpendicular to the drag and explains the flight of airplanes.
Answer: lift
[10] Also known as spin drift, this is the creation of a small whirlpool of fluid around a moving object, which is used to explain why a curveball curves or a golf ball slices.
Answer: the Magnus effect [or Robin's effect]
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His reign began with the murder of four powerful senators, an event known as the "affair of the four consulars". FTPE:,
[10] Name this Roman emperor, known as Graeculus, who succeeded Trajan as the third of the "Five Good Emperors" and who is especially known for a namesake structure he built to keep the Picts out of Roman Britain.
Answer: Hadrian or Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus or Publius Aelius Hadrianus
[10] After having befriended Trajan, Hadrian was named commander of the First Legion "Minervia" during Trajan's second war in this Transdanubian province roughly coextensive with modern Romania.
Answer: Dacia
[10] Roman territory extended another hundred miles into Scotland past Hadrian's wall with the 142 construction, under Lollius Urbicus, of this new wall named for a notably "pious" emperor.
Answer: Antonine Wall
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Answer the following about the Persian Gulf, FTPE.,
[10] This strait, which contains Qeshm Island, separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea to the east.
Answer: Strait of Hormuz
[10] This country composed of 33 islands with its capital at Manama sits in the Persian Gulf and more specifically in its namesake gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Answer: Bahrain
[10] These mountains which contain Mt. Dena extend down the Persian Gulf up to the Strait of Hormuz and are the largest mountains in Iraq and Iran.
Answer: Zagros Mountains
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The second and tenth of these works were not titled by their composer and are commonly known by their tempo markings of "Molto vivace" and "Allegro agitato," and the last is entitled "Chasse-neige." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this collection of twelve piano pieces harmonically organized by the descending circle of fifths, including the notoriously difficult "Feux Follets" and "Mazeppa".
Answer: Transcendental Etudes [or Etudes d'execution transcendante]
[10] In addition to the Mephisto Waltz and Annees de pelerinage, this composer wrote the Transcendental Etudes.
Answer: Franz Liszt
[10] Among the most famous of these Liszt works are the sixth in D-flat major and the fifteenth in A minor, commonly known as the "Rakoczy March." They attempt to imitate gypsy music from the title country.
Answer: Hungarian Rhapsodies
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Answer the following about a psychologist and his works FTPE:,
[10] This Austrian Jew advanced theories about the unconscious mind centering on the ego, super-ego, and id.
Answer: Sigmund Freud or Sigismund Schlomo Freud
[10] This Freud work introduced the ego and outlined what he would later call the Oedipus complex; he wrote of the Wolf Man and Irma's injection and postulated that the title phenomena were "wish-fulfillment."
Answer: The Interpretation of Dreams [or Die Traumdeutung]
[10] In this work, Freud stated that the first title entity inhibits instinctual desires, creating the second title entity; the work combines his theory on culture from Totem and Taboo with his death instinct posited in Beyond the Pleasure Principle.
Answer: Civilization and its Discontents [or The Uneasiness in Culture or Das Unbehagen in der Kultur]
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Identify these Italian authors FTPE.,
[10] This author told the story of Palamon and Arcite in Teseide. He also penned a collection of one hundred stories told by seven men and three women escaping the Black Plague.
Answer: Giovanni Boccaccio
[10] This author wrote an epic about Scipio Africanus, Africa, as well as the Latin biography collection On Illustrious Men and lots of poems written to Laura.
Answer: Petrarch [or Francesco Petrarca]
[10] This author of La Vita Nuova was described as a "poet of the secular world" in a critical work by Erich Auerbach.
Answer: Dante Alighieri
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Name the following art movements, FTPE:,
[10] This movement was named after a French town near Fontainebleau Forest. Most of its proponents were landscape artists, but Jean-Francoise Millet's The Gleaners extended this school's ideals to figure-painting.
Answer: The Barbizon School/Movement
[10] This German expressionist group included artists such as August Macke, Albert Bloch, Paul Klee, and co-founder Franz Marc. It took its name from Wassily Kandinsky's painting of a man on horseback wearing its namesake color.
Answer: Der Blaue Reiter (accept The Blue Rider)
[10] Ernst Kirchner and Erich Heckel were two founders of this other German expressionist movement. This movement was inspired by traditional woodcuts and invented the linocut technique.
Answer: The Bridge or Die Brucke
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Before starring alongside Jon Heder in Moving McAllister, she had appeared in Santa with Muscles, which also featured a future co-star of hers, Don Stark. FTPE:,
[10] Name this actress, more recently in tabloid news because of rumors that she is engaged to Macaulay Culkin.
Answer: Mila (Markovna) Kunis
[10] Mila Kunis starred as self-centered cheerleader Jackie Burkhardt opposite Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, and Stark among others on this FOX television series.
Answer: That '70s Show
[10] Kunis stepped in for Lacey Chabert as the voice of this character, once called "Miss Always-Wears-A-Hat," who is often considered the member of the Griffin family who sucks.
Answer: Meg Griffin
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Its organization was based on a suggestion in Augustine's On Christian Teaching. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this theological work whose final section deals with eschatology and sacraments, first used as a theological textbook by Alexander of Hales.
Answer: Four Books of Sentences [or Sententiae or Sententiarum libri quatuor]
[10] This scholastic theologian wrote the Sentences.
Answer: Peter Lombard
[10] Infinity scholastic thinkers wrote commentaries on Lombard's Sentences, including this guy also known for Summa Theologica.
Answer: Saint Thomas Aquinas
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In 1990, it was defeated by a coalition of parties known as the National Opposition Union, and Violetta Chamorro became president. FTPE:,
[10] Name this revolutionary group that came to power in 1979 under Daniel Ortega.
Answer: Sandinista National Liberation Front (or Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional or Sandinistas)
[10] Before 1979, the Sandinistas sought to organize a revolution in this nation, of which Ortega is again the president as of 2007.
Answer: Nicaragua
[10] The Sandinistas took over Nicaragua from the last dictator of this longtime ruling family, the younger Anastasio, who had placed Nicaragua under martial law and was reportedly in possession of half of the nation's lands.
Answer: Somoza
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FTPE, answer the following questions related to the Twelve Labors of Hercules.,
[10] Hercules's first labor was to kill this monster, a child of Echidna, whose hide was impenetrable to weapons. Hercules eventually strangled it to death and skinned it, wearing its hide as armor.
Answer: Nemean Lion
[10] Hercules's fifth labor was to clean the stables of this man, the king of Elis, in a single day. He accomplished this feat by rerouting the Alpheus and Peneus rivers.
Answer: Augeas
[10] While returning with the cattle of Geryon, his tenth labor, some of those cattle were taken by this giant and son of Vulcan, who pulled them backwards into his cave. Though he was deceived, Hercules eventually slew this monster.
Answer: Cacus
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Answer the following questions related to the uterus, FTPE.,
[10] Most methods of hormonal contraception work by thickening the mucus of this lower portion of the uterus. Cylindrical or conical in shape, it joins the top of the vagina.
Answer: cervix
[10] This inner membrane functions as a lining for the uterus and thickens during the menstrual cycle in preparation for implantation.
Answer: endometrium
[10] This hormone produced by the corpus luteum causes the thickening of the endometrium. Decreasing levels of this hormone after ovulation leads to menstruation.
Answer: progesterone
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Identify the following people connected with a certain strike, FTPE.,
[10] This man collaborated with Ben Field to design the first railroad sleeping cars and lent his name to a very successful company which manufactured those conveyances, but unrest in his company town in Illinois became a big crisis in 1894.
Answer: George Mortimer Pullman
[10] The strike got ugly when the National Guard was called out under this general, who would later distinguish himself by leading the invasion of Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American War and capturing Geronimo.
Answer: Nelson Appleton Miles
[10] This Illinois governor would gain notoriety for pardoning the strikers. It would cost him the 1896 gubernatorial election.
Answer: John Peter Altgeld
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Name each of the following benzene derivatives FTPE.,
[10] Noted for its use in creating dyes and producing polyurethane, this compound is the simplest aromatic amine, consisting of an amide group bonded to an aromatic ring.
Answer: aniline [or phenylamine or aminobenzene]
[10] Produced when two of the hydrogens are substituted for saturated carbons, this highly flammable benzene derivative has ortho-, para-, and meta- configurations.
Answer: xylene
[10] Asperin can by hydrolyzed to create this beta hydroxyacid in which neighboring benzene hydrogens are replaced by hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. It is notable for its use in topical medications.
Answer: salacylic acid

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