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2006 ACF Fall Tossups by Michigan A and Georgia A
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This man's only drama concerns a Greek scientist who comes to Rome bearing the inventions of the steam engine, gun powder, and the printing press and was adapted from the author's short story "Envoy Extraordinairy." The pederast Mr. Sebastian Pedigree spurns the overtures of friendship by the burn victim Matty Windrave in one of his novels, while in another Roger Mason attempts to rebuild the title structure onto Jocelin's cathedral. In addition to Darkness Visible and The Spire, he wrote an epistolary novel about Reverend Colley's relationship to the haughty Edmund Talbot, Rites of Passage. In a better-known novel he writes about the ultimately spurious stranding of a navy officer on a barren rock. Also known for Fire Down Below and The Inheritors, this is, FTP, what author, best known for his tale of depraved schoolboys trapped on an island, Lord of the Flies.
Answer: William Golding
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After helping to overthrow two successive governments, he briefly withdrew from politics and devoted himself to a group of smalltime white collar criminals known as the Green Gang during the mid-1910s. He converted to Christianity in 1930 under the influence of his wife's family, the Soongs, but four years later he began the New Life Movement, a neo-Confucian state cult. He had spent two years in the Japanese army as a youth, and he later could be convinced to resist the Japanese occupation only after being kidnapped in the Xian incident. This Commander-in-Chief of the National Revolutionary Army succeeded Sun Yat Sen as the leader of the Kuomingtang, and he later became the first president of Taiwan. FTP, name this leader of the Nationalist forces which opposed Mao Zedong's Communists in the Chinese civil war.
Answer: Chiang Kai-Shek or Jiang Jieshi
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Their existence for neutral atoms and molecules was demonstrated in 1930 by Stern and Estermann, and the first method for detecting them was proposed in 1925 by Walter Elsasser. Two scientists at Bell Labs were the first to detect them, which happened accidentally while studying electron reflection from a nickel target that had been oxidized. Those two, Davisson and Germer, were unaware of Elsasser's suggestion, Schrodinger's complete theory of them, or the inspiration of the graduate student who proposed their existence and claimed that their frequency was equal to their total energy divided by Planck's constant. FTP name these manifestations of wave-particle duality, matter waves named for the French physicist who proposed them and their eponymous wavelength.
Answer: DeBroglie waves [prompt on 'matter waves' or 'particle waves']
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This man joined the staff of the Burgholzli Asylum under the direction of Eugen Bleuler and had great success with association tests. Samuel Beckett claimed to experience a revelation after hearing a lecture in which this man referred to a patient as having never properly been born. He gained fame in his field after publishing The Psychology of Dementia Praecox, and his publication of Psychology of the Unconscious in 1912 led to his break with Freud. In Psychological Types, he divided people into introverts and extroverts, but he is even more famous for studying the shadow and the anima. FTP name this Swiss founder of analytic psychology who researched the role of archetypes and the collective unconsciousness.
Answer: Carl Jung
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Freeman Cleaves used this battle to title a biography of the victorious commander, and the spot where it took place is now part of the appropriately named town of Battle Ground. The attackers became paranoid about guerilla harrassment and slept in their clothing the night before this battle after leaving Vincennes with a force of a thousand men. This battle led to the flight of Laulewasikau to Canada and the eventual death of that commander's brother at the Battle of the Thames. Fought in 1811, it destroyed the Shawnee alliance which the Prophet and Tecumseh were building. FTP, name this battle used by victorious general William Henry Harrison in a campaign slogan that paired this name with that of Tyler, too.
Answer: Battle of Tippecanoe
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Among the episodes related in this book is the attack of Baasha upon his rival Asa, and the fortification of Rama that prevented anyone from going in or out. Baasha's line would be wiped out by a drunken officer, Zimri, who himself would be killed by the general Omri. Another episode tells about the campaign of Jehoshaphat against the Aramites despite the advice of the prophet Micaiah. The book ends with Ahaziah returning to the worship of Baal and incurring God's displeasure. A more famous episode involves the revolt of Adonijah against his father, an elderly David. Other important episodes discuss the son of Omri, the wicked king Ahab, and the deeds of Elijah against him. FTP, name this book of the Bible, that describes the split between Israel and Judah and the deeds of their earlier rulers.
Answer: I Kings (prompt on Kings, do not prompt on II Kings)
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Setting the partial derivative of this quantity equal to zero will allow one to arrive at the standard form Kohler Equation, and at constant temperature, the partial derivative of this quantity with respect to pressure is simply equal to volume. For a single species in a mixture and all else constant, the partial molar value of this quantity is equivalent to its chemical potential. Its standard change in a voltaic cell is defined as the negative product of moles of charge, Faraday constant, and potential difference, while in a chemical reaction it is the negative product of the ideal gas constant, temperature, and the equilibrium constant. Most generally defined as enthalpy minus the product of temperature and entropy, FTP name this thermodynamic parameter whose change must be less than zero for a reaction to be spontaneous.
Answer: Gibbs Free Energy
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In Act I of this opera, the song "As Someday it May Happen" goes through a "little list" of the singer's many irritations with society, two of which are "the nigger serenader" and "the lady novelist." Following the relative failure of "Princess Ida," Richard d'Oyly Carte gave the composers a six-month deadline in which to produce this opera. The title character of this opera sings "See how the Fates their gifts allot" near the end of Act II, which is set in Ko-Ko's garden. Ko-Ko, the Head Executioner of Titipu, plans to commit suicide upon learning that the title character plans to visit because he has not committed a single execution. The ineffectual Ko-Ko ends up marrying Katisha, but only after being unable to marry Yum-Yum, who has married Nanki-Poo, the son of the title character. FTP, name this pseudo-Japanese Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera, their ninth collaboration.
Answer: The Mikado
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Bryan Cranston's character in this film shares his name with Larry Brandenburg's character in Fargo, Stan Grossman, and another character shares his full name with one of the main characters from Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. That character, Dwayne, has a nervous breakdown in California after recognizing his colorblindness and breaks his month-long vow of silence. Not long before, Dwayne's grandfather, played by Alan Arkin, died in his sleep of a heroin addiction. Dwayne's son, a failed motivational speaker named Richard played by Greg Kinnear, has married Stacey, whose brother Frank, played by Steve Carell, is a suicidal Proust scholar. Those characters and Olive Hoover are all on their way to, FTP, what titular beauty pageant in a VW Bus with no clutch?
Answer: Little Miss Sunshine
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These entities can have an anti-terminator, such as LicT protein for sacPA, which stabilizes a secondary RNA structure. Early termination of their processes, which can occur via an alternate loop structure with excess of a particular amino acid, is known as attenuation. They can be inducible, as by IPTG for a well known example, and they can contain two kinds of repressors: a translational one, and a better understood transcriptional one, which binds to the operator site. All of them must have these operator sites, as well as promoter sites where RNA Polymerase originally binds. FTP, name these prokaryotic strips of DNA that regulate expression of related genes, which include the trp [trip] and lac varieties.
Answer: operons
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In one of his poems this man writes that his shadow "glides in silence over the watercourse" and "moves like a huge violet-colored mosquito." He claims he will "be a free sign of oppressed norms on the neck of the stiff branch" in a poem known only as "sonnet." In a play by this author a woman lusts after the shepherd Victor after strangling her husband, while another work features a woman who sings a lullaby about a horse who "won't drink from the stream" and a young woodcutter who represents the moon. Adela hangs herself after her mother threatens Pepe with a pistol in the third play of his Rural Trilogy, The House of Bernarda Alba. FTP name this Spanish author of Blood Wedding who was shot to death on the orders of Francisco Franco.
Answer: Federico Garcia Lorca
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Examples of these materials include methoxy-benzilidene butylanaline and fluorinated tolans. The Onsager model can be used to explain lyotrophic examples, which undergo phase transitions as a result of concentration changes rather than temperature. Cholesteric varieties, which induce circular dichroism, exhibit chirality and are sometimes known as twisted nematic. In the typical nematic phase, their molecules have a random distribution but preferred orientation, while their smectic phase displays an ordered layered structure. In their most famous application, a thin layer of them is placed between two cross polarizers, and applied electric fields can create order in them to stop the transmission of light. FTP name these substances used in namesake displays in computer monitors and HDTV's.
Answer: liquid crystals
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Arias of this composer include "Cinta di Fiori" and "Qui la Voce Sua Soave," which appears his work based on the literary work Old Mortality. His tombstone contains the line "I did not think to see you extinguished so soon, oh flower," which is a line found in his opera which features characters such as Lisa, Elvino, Amina, and Count Rodolfo. Felice Romani was the librettist for many of his operas, including The Pirate. The title character of another of his operas, the daughter of Oroveso, is a Druid priestess who has two children with a Roman proconsul named Pollione. FTP, name this Italian composer of The Puritans, The Sleepwaker, and Norma.
Answer: Vincenzo Bellini
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The "Dedekind" version of this property states that any bounded, nonempty subset has a least upper bound, while the "Cauchy" version of this property states that if the terms of a sequence are eventually contained in an epsilon-neighborhood for every epsilon, then the sequence is convergent. In the real numbers, this property is equivalent to the Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem, which states that every bounded sequence has a convergent subsequence, as well as the Nested Interval Property. FTP, name this property that is essential to the real number line as constructed from Dedekind cuts of rationals, indicating that nothing is left out.
Answer: Completeness
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It typically occurs at triple junctions, though often one arm becomes a failed rift, as happened with the Red Sea and the Niger River. Debate continues over whether this process is driven by active or passive upwelling, but bands of alternatingly polarized ferromagnetic deposits confirmed its existence. Proposed by Harry Hess in the 1960s, it is now believed to be caused by convection currents in the upper mantle. Notably occurring at the East Pacific Rise and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, FTP name this geological process in which oceanic crust is created, the mechanism that drives plate tectonics.
Answer: Seafloor Spreading
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Along with Rembrandt's Sea of Galilee, this painting is critiqued in Eric Avery's Haitian Interdiction print. This work's artist never visited the site depicted and gleaned most of the details from the engravings of Peter Canot, including its depiction of Morro Castle at the upper right. The title character, a future Lord Mayor of London, lies below two men in white shirts who reach out toward him. Modern theorists make much of the impassive stance of the African-American man in the center of this work, who limply holds a rope, while his white companion furiously thrusts a spear at one of the denizens of Havana harbor. FTP, identify this painting featuring a boat's crew attempting to rescue the title figure from a bloodthirsty animal, the most famous work of John Singleton Copley.
Answer: Watson and the Shark
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Count Greffi is a virile 94-year old who acts as a father figure to the protagonist in this work, and Ralph Simmons is an untalented student of opera. While the hero is recuperating after an operation done by Dr. Valentini, he comes down with jaundice and Miss Van Campen accuses him of malingering. An accident while attempting to reach Udine leads to an altercation with two Italian soldiers, one of whom the protagonist shoots in the back. Eventually he flees from the retreat at Caporetto to Switzerland with his lover, a nurse who dies in childbirth. For ten points, name this novel about the relationship between Catherine Barkley and Frederic Henry, set in Italy during World War I, a work of Ernest Hemingway.
Answer: A Farewell to Arms
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Susanne Wood and Marshall Grossman have written extensively about the relationship of a poem by Amelia Lanyer to one of this man's famous works. A monologue from one of this man's works describes a woman who makes it a point "Still to be neat" and is alternately titled "Simplex Munditiis." That play features the character Sir Amorous La-Foole and concerns Morose's hatred of noise. Plays by this author include The Isle of Dogs and one about the witless goldsmith Touchstone, Eastward, Ho! Better known are a poem about Phillip Sidney's house, "To Penshurst," a song that begins "Drink to me, only, with thine eyes," and a play about a fox. FTP name this author of To Celia, better known for plays like The Alchemist and Volpone.
Answer: Ben Jonson
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It is asserted in this work that the law of God does not permit a better man to be harmed by a worse, and the true champion of justice must shun politics to survive. As proof of his character, the speaker points to distinguished military service at Potidaea and Amphipolis and recalls his refusal to fetch Leon for execution. He begins by claiming that his accusers lied when they implied he was a skillful speaker, unless by skillful they mean truthful, and while interrogating his accuser Meletus he points out that the heretical astronomical beliefs at issue really belong to Anaxagoras. For ten points name this Platonic dialogue in which Socrates unsuccessfully defended himself in the court of Athens against charges of atheism and corruption of the youth.
Answer: Apology or Apologia
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One king of this name abdicated from the throne of Mercia to become abbot of Bardney. Another came to the throne under a cloud of suspicion after the mysterious death of his half-brother Edward the Martyr, and his ordering of the St. Brice's Day Massacre further poisoned relations between the Saxons and the Danes. He was forced to flee to Normandy when the Danish leader Sweyn Forkbeard was accepted by most of the Anglo-Saxon thanes. FTP, name this ineffective Anglo-Saxon ruler who fathered Edmund Ironsides and Edward the Confessor, and who is best known for his epithet "the Unready."
Answer: Aethelred IIs
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TB. After one of his victories, the King of France awarded him a gold-hilted sword, although he had gone to Paris for the purpose of seeking funds for continued raiding. He entered his chosen profession by way of the slave trade in Jamaica, but found his first command by accident, when he was a passanger on a ship that lost both its captain and first mate en route to Scotland. Despite being accused of murdering Mungo Maxwell, he went on to command the Alfred, the Providence and the Ranger, though he would not captain the ship he made famous until 17 When taking a British convoy defended by the Countess of Scarborough and more famously, the Serapis, he delivered a famous line. FTP, name the "father of the American navy" and captain of the Bonhomme Richard, who declared "I have not yet begun to fight."
Answer: John Paul Jones
2006 ACF Fall Bonuses by Michigan A and Georgia A
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Name these entities from the Gallic Wars FTPE.,
[10] The movement of these people, whose name sometimes graces Switzerland, gave Rome the pretext needed to invade the unconquered parts of Gaul.
Answer: Helvetii
[10] This Arverni chief led an uprising, joined by several Gallic groups, against Roman rule in 52 BCE, emerging victorious from the siege of Gergovia.
Answer: Vercingetorix
[10] The climactic confrontation of the war came at this Gallic fortress, where Vercingetorix's eighty thousand man army finally surrendered.
Answer: Alesia
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It marked the interlude between the Rurikid and Romanov dynasties, and was marked by pretenders and a war with Poland. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this appropriately named period of Russian history.
Answer: Time of Troubles [or Smutnoye Vreymya]
[10] This is the name assumed by the various pretenders to the throne, after the half-brother of the last legitimate czar. There were three major "false" ones.
Answer: Dmitry
[10] This son of Ivan the Terrible was the last acknowledged czar of the Rurikid line, and was succeeded under mysterious circumstances by his brother-in-law Boris Godunov.
Answer: Fyodor
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Things about a 20th century Dramatist, FTPE:,
[10] The Tinker's Wedding is his only comedy, and his final play, "Deirdre of the Sorrows," was completed by W. B. Yeats. Name this Irishman who also wrote "Riders to the Sea."
Answer: John Millington Synge
[10] Synge's most famous work is this play about Christy Mahon, a fugitive who believes he has killed his father, and Pegeen Mike, the barmaid that loves him.
Answer: "The Playboy of the Western World"
[10] In the preface to "The Playboy of the Western World" Synge derides this author and Zola for writing about "the reality of life in joyless and pallid worlds". He is the author of The Wild Duck, Hedda Gabler, and .A Doll's House
Answer: Henrik Ibsen
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
[Note to moderator: Please emphasize the word "THIS" in the last bonus part so that it is clear we are looking for the phrase and not the player],
[10] In April 2006, it was reported that this 25-year ESPN vet, frequent coiner of nicknames for athletes, and face of the "Two Minute Drill" NFL preview segment effortlessly attracted a fashionably dressed woman in a bar by pointing at her and saying "you're with me, leather."
Answer: Chris Berman
[10] This bloopers collector and New York Knicks play-by-play man presumably did not shout "YES!" after pleading guilty to assault and battery for biting Vanessa Perhach during a 1997 sexual encounter.
Answer: Marv Albert
[10] A certain Congolese backup to Yao Ming might wish to be known for speaking nine languages, playing 15 NBA seasons, or winning four Defensive Player of the Year awards, but instead has become infamous for entering a Georgetown bar and shouting THIS five-word phrase to no one in particular.
Answer: "Who wants to sex Mutombo?"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these works of Camille Saint-Saens, FTPE.,
[10] This 14-movement musical suite contains 11 pieces about the titular figures as well as "People with Long Ears," "Pianists," and the "Finale."
Answer: Carnival of the Animals or Le Carnaval des Animaux
[10] This symphonic poem, based on a poem by Henri Cazalis, makes particular use of the xylophone to imitate the sound of rattling bones. Death is portrayed by a solo violin with a down-tuned E string.
Answer: Danse Macabre, Op. 40
[10] Saint-Saens wrote this composition in A minor, his Opus 28, for the virtuoso violinist Pablo de Sarasate. It consists of the two title sections, the latter of which could be described as "flighty".
Answer: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso or Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer some things about a phylum of animals, FTPE.,
[10] This phylum is unique in that its members exhibit radial symmetry despite also having a coelom. Examples include crinoids, sea urchins, and starfish.
Answer: Echinodermata [accept Echinoderms]
[10] Echinoderms and chordates are the only types of creatures classified in this superclade. It refers to the nature of their embryological development and literally means "second-mouth," which refers to their ass forming before their mouth.
Answer: deuterostomes
[10] There are approximately 1600 species of starfish in this class of echinoderms.
Answer: Asteroidea
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about surrealist painters, FTPE:,
[10] In his "The Robing of the Bride" a woman wears a feathery red robe with a grotesque cowl that covers her head while a tiny, froglike hermaphrodite crys in the corner, while "Elephant of the Celebes" shows a headless white mannequin in front of an elephant that vaguely resembles a boiler or something.
Answer: Max Ernst
[10] His "Giraffe in Flames" features the titular animal behind a green woman with drawers, and he collaborated with Luis Bunuel on the films "Un Chien Andalou" and "L'Age d'or".
Answer: Salvador Dali
[10] Dali is best-known for this painting featuring some melting clocks.
Answer: The Persistence of Memory
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer questions about a movement in literature, FTPE,
[10] It rejected the conventions of French neoclassicism in favor of a greater focus on character. It took its name from a Friedrich von Klingler play. It was strongly advanced in 18th century Germany by Goethe.
Answer: Sturm und Drang
[10] In this play, Franz Moor turns his father against his brother Karl. After Karl is disowned, he takes up the titular occupation, but discovers that it cannot fix society.
Answer: The Robbers or Die Rauber
[10] This playwright wrote The Robbers, as well as The Bride of Messina, Wilhelm Tell and the Wallenstein trilogy.
Answer: Friedrich von Schiller
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It saw the breaking of Japanese carrier power, the last threat to Pearl Harbor, and the turning point in the war in the Pacific. FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle of June 3 through 6, 1942.
Answer: Midway
[10] This United States carrier, the flagship at Midway, sustained heavy damage from a bombing raid launched from the Japanese carrier Hiryu. It was later sunk by a Japanese submarine on its way to being salvaged.
Answer: Yorktown
[10] The commanding officer at Midway, Rear Admiral Fletcher, never amounted to much, but this second-in-command, whose flagship was the Enterprise, led the Fifth Fleet at the Battle of the Phillipine Sea before taking over the entire Pacific theatre in 1945.
Answer: Raymond Ames Spruance
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about Celtic mythology, FTPE.,
[10] He was born after his father was killed by Goll Mac Morna, and he was raised by his aunt, Bodhmall, before he went on to lead the Fianna.
Answer: Finn McCool (accept derivatives)
[10] Finn McCool changed his name from Demne after he burned his thumb on this legendary creature.
Answer: Salmon of Knowledge (or Salmon of Wisdom or Bradan Feasa)
[10] The tales of Finn McCool are contained in this cycle of Celtic myth, which comes after the Ulster cycle.
Answer: Fenian Cycle
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Lesser known works by him include "Kappa" and "A Fool's Life," FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of "Yam Gruel," also the namesake of a Japanese literary prize.
Answer: Akutagawa Ryunosuke
[10] Akutagawa is probably best known for this story in which an unnamed man sees an old woman tearing hair out of a corpse, which leads him to tear off her clothes and kick her down a stairwell.
Answer: "Rashomon"
[10] A woodcutter discovers the body of a dead samurai in the titular wooded area, after which he and six other characters have to tell a magistrate what they know about the crime. It was the primary basis for Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon.
Answer: "In a Grove" or "Yabu no naka"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It won its namesake discoverers the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. FTSNOP:,
[10] Name this cycloaddition reaction that produces a very useful cyclohexene ring from two reactants using very little energy. It is stereospecific, and only the endo product forms.
Answer: Diels-Alder reaction
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
ANSWERS: conjugated diene AND dienophile,
[10] The Diels-Alder reaction is an example of this type of reaction, defined as taking place in a single, concerted step with a cyclic transition state.
Answer: pericyclic reaction
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about oscillatory motion FTPE.,
[10] In this basic kind of motion, displacement, velocity, and acceleration all vary sinusoidally with time in a constant manner.
Answer: simple harmonic motion
[10] Damping parameters cause a system to deviate from simple harmonic motion. When the square of the damping parameter is equal to the square of the frequency, this kind of damping occurs, where the system does not oscillate and returns to equilibrium.
Answer: Critical Damping
[10] In forced harmonic motion, the maximum amplitude occurs in this situation when the driving force frequency is nearly equal to the natural frequency of the system.
Answer: Resonance
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For ten points each, answer these questions about the works of Philip Roth:,
[10] The title refers to, "A disorder in which strongy-felt ethical and altruistic impulses are perpetually warring with extreme sexual longings, often of a perverse nature." The protagonist is a civil rights attorney who humiliates a woman he calls "The Monkey" by making her have a threeway with a prostitute.
Answer: Portnoy's Complaint
[10] First appearing in "My Life as a Man", this frequent character in Roth's novels is an author who is "unbound" in a namesake work.
Answer: Nathan Zuckerman (accept either)
[10] In this work narrated by Nathan Zuckerman, Coleman Silk is accused of racism, but we gradually learn that he is an African-American passing as a Jew.
Answer: The Human Stain
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these Old Testament prophets, FTPE.,
[10] This court official of Artaxerxes I took over after Ezra and led the Jews during the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity.
Answer: Nehemiah
[10] This prophet warns that King Zedekiah will bring down the wrath of God in the form of an Assyrian invasion
Answer: Ezekiel
[10] He won the Second Battle of Ai and later defeated Jabin, King of Hazor. Just before his death, he gave a speech at Shechem, telling his people to remain loyal to the Torah of Moses.
Answer: Joshua
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There were some pre-instant messaging Republican scandals in American history. FTPE:,
[10] During the Taft administration, the chief of the U.S. Forest Service accused the Secretary of the Interior of favoring corporations over conservation by reopening water-power sites in the west for sale, in a scandal named for those two men.
Answer: Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy
[10] Harding's Secretary of the Interior, Albert B. Fall, secretly leased oil reserves in Wyoming and California to Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny until this scandal was brought to light by Senator Thomas J. Walsh.
Answer: Teapot Dome Scandal
[10] Grant administration revenue officials under John McDonald conspired with distillers in St. Louis to evade taxes in this scheme. Treasury Secretary Benjamin Bristow investigated and indicted Grant's private secretary, Oliver Babcock.
Answer: Whiskey Ring
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Due to arid conditions, not all plants undergo carbon fixation in the same manner. FTPE:,
[10] In use in over 1,000 angiosperms, including the namesake family, this method of plant metabolism allows for carbon dioxide reuptake to occur during the night, when less water is lost. It is common in desert plants like cacti as well as pineapples.
Answer: Crassulacean Acid Metabolism or CAM
[10] In these plants, such as sugarcane and tropical grasses, initial carbon fixation is done in mesophyll cells by PEP carboxylase, and CO2 is then delivered via the namesake kind of molecule to chloroplasts in the bundle sheath cells.
Answer: C4 plants
[10] Both CAM and C4 methods developed to help avoid this process, which occurs in plants because Rubisco also has oxygenase activity. It ends in the production of serine and carbon dioxide.
Answer: photorespiration
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A major American river and its tributaries, FTPE.,
[10] From its headwaters in the Canadian Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, it flows 1,232 miles, and its total volume is second only to the Mississippi among American rivers.
Answer: Columbia River
[10] This tributary of the Columbia forms a namesake valley that contains the largest population centers of Oregon, including Portland. Its lush valley makes the surrounding area extremely fertile, perhaps one of the reasons it was a common destination for travelers of the Oregon Trail.
Answer: Willamette River
[10] This Columbia tributary rises out of Lake Coeur D'Alene and flows through its namesake Washington city, and its lowered water levels have resulted in an ongoing pollution crisis.
Answer: Spokane River
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Answer the following about some IEEE standards FTPE.,
[10] This serial bus interface standard, IEEE 1394, was developed by Apple to replace SCSI for high-speed data transfer. It is used in most video cameras, but is no longer supported by iPods.
Answer: Firewire or iLink
[10] IEEE 754 defines this kind of arithmetic and number representation, in which numbers are approximated by a sign bit, exponent bits, and mantissa bits. It comes in single and double precision.
Answer: floating point
[10] IEEE P1901 is a draft standard for delivering broadband communications through these structures by superimposing an analog signal over their usual signal. Seen as a potential alternative to DSL and cable, various issues, such as interfering with emergency radios, have slowed the development.
Answer: power lines [accept reasonable equivalents]

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