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2006 ACF Fall Tossups by Kentucky B and South Carolina A and Dartmouth B
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Pieces on his Grammy-nominated comedy album include "Monica Lewinsky and the Three Bears," "Phone Call From a Cranky Terrorist," and "Abortion Doctor From Hell." He provided the voice of Zero in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and he has appeared several times on Adult Swim: as intrusive documentarian Todd on Tom goes to the Mayor and on Aqua Teen Hunger Force as Happy Time Harry. This actor has an ongoing feud with Larry the Cable Guy and might still be best known for partnering with Bob Odenkirk on Mr. Show. FTP, name this comedian who starred as Tobias Funke on Arrested Development.
Answer: David Cross
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In one of this author's novels a reunion of the Beechams and the Renfros is interrupted by the return of Jack, the great-grandson of Granny Vaughan. In one of this author's short works a teenage girl is horrified by a fat, ugly family on the beach, while Fate Rainey tells an unnamed listener of King's mistreatment of his albino wife Snowdie in the first story of this author's collection set in the town of Morgana. The itinerant title character is taken in for a night by Sonny and his pregnant wife after a car crash in "Death of a Traveling Salesman," but better known is a story in which Leota urges Mr. and Mrs. Pike to reveal the identity of Mr. Petrie, a rapist posing as the title freak show member. Also known for a story told by "sister" about how Stella-Rondo forced her to come dwell in the title location, she wrote both stories collected in Golden Apples and A Curtain of Green and novels such as The Optimist's Daughter. FTP name this Mississippian author of Delta Wedding and "Why I Live at the P.O."
Answer: Eudora Welty
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His brief studies with Abbe Vogler led to his Variations on the Ballet Air of Vogler's Castor and Pollux as well as his Eight Variations on Vogler's Samori, studies which themselves had begun almost from the moment he showed any musical aptitude in the attempt of his father to turn him into another Mozart, who had actually married this man's cousin Constanze. Though his voice was permanently damaged when he accidentally drank a glass of acid he was using while lithographing his own compositions, his ability to conduct and play guitar were undamaged, as was his ability to play piano, for which instrument he wrote his Invitation to the Dance and Polacca Brilliante, though he was better known for operas like Peter Schmoll and his Neighbors, The one-act Abu Hassan, and Euryanthe. FTP name this composer best known for The Free-Shooter.
Answer: Carl Maria von Weber
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One work by this author moves backward in time to chronicle the cuckoldry of Robert by Emma with Roger and Jerry. The friendship between Pete, Mark, and Len is disrupted by Virginia in one of his works, while Dr. Hornby wakes a woman with sleeping sickness who subsequently thinks she's an adolescent in his one-act play A Kind of Alaska. In another play Aston rescues a shiftless bigot from a bar-fight and brings him to a junk-filled room, where Mick performs electroshock therapy on him. A delivery girl ends up spread-eagled on a table in front of an out-of-work pianist at Meg Boles' boarding house in one of his better-known plays, while another features Ben and Gus arguing next to the title device. FTP name this British playwright known for The Birthday Party and The Dumbwaiter.
Answer: Harold Pinter
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A debate exists as to whether the parasitic Myxozoa belong to this phylum, of which one of the classes is differentiated from the other three by their body type never leaving the polyp stage. Members of that class, the Anthozoa, do contain the defense mechanism common to the phylum, but apparently lack the delivery mechanism capable of making it harmful to humans, and many of them are dependent on a symbiotic relationship with dinoflagellates. Two other classes, Scyphozoans and Hydrozoans, are far more dangerous to humans due to their deployment of nematocytes during their medusoid stages. FTP identify this phylum formerly known as Coelenterata but now named for an alternate term for their stinging cells, which includes sea fans, corals, anemones, and jellyfish.
Answer: Cnidaria [prompt on "Coelenterata" before that is read]
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During it, stolen mail was stored at Blackhorse Tavern. It began after a meeting at Redstone Fort, included an attack on the slaves of John Neville, and continued after a failed attempt at mediation by Hugh Henry Brackenridge. Its halfhearted leader fled to Louisiana after it was put down by the Watermelon Army, and David Bradford was not convincted for his essentially coerced role in this event. Meriwether Lewis fought in the Virginia militia led by Daniel Morgan which helped end it. FTP, name this uprising put down by Lighthorse Harry Lee and sitting president George Washington, a 1794 protest against Alexander Hamilton's excise tax on spirits.
Answer: the Whiskey Rebellion
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Early Methodists including John Wesley founded Bethesda orphanage in this city, which is home to the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. It is the seat of Chatham county and was both the namesake and point of departure for the first steamboat that crossed the Atlantic. The hometown of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low, its harbor is guarded by Cockspur Island, while the river which shares this city's name begins at Hartwell Dam where the Seneca meets the Tugaloo. Founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe, it was the capital of Georgia until 1786. Name this city on the Atlantic coast, known for its profuse Regency and Victorian architecture.
Answer: Savannah, Georgia
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Problems with these devices historically included the high incidence of bremsstrahlung created by the current it employs, though these devices are now used to produce that very braking radiation in the form of low-frequency x-rays. They consist of a vacuum chamber in a narrow gap between the two poles of a large, constant strength magnet in which two dee electrodes are housed. A relativistic correction by one over gamma explained why larger values of its namesake, fixed frequency of electric field reversal between the dees could not indefinitely increase acceleration. Improved by Veksler and McMillan's synchrotron, FTP name this device invented by M. Stanley Livingston and Ernest Lawrence, named for the circular path taken by accelerated particles.
Answer: cyclotron
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He bites his arm and draws blood into his mouth in order to announce a sight which seems to put ribs over the sun. Soon after, he is cursed by all two hundred of his companions and forced to spend a week with their dead bodies. and he encounters the Polar Spirit and the Hermit of the Wood. He is won in a dice game by Life-in-Death and, as part of his penance, he "stoppeth one of three" out of a party of wedding guests to tell his tale, which starts when he is blamed for causing the wind to stop blowing by using his crossbow to shoot an albatross. FTP, name this penitent title character of a Samuel Taylor Coleridge "Rime."
Answer: the Ancient Mariner
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According to legend she was given in marriage to the man who could yoke a wild boar and a lion to his chariot and drive them around the race-course, which her future husband was able to do with the help of two gods he had befriended. It was apparently in between her betrothal and marriage that she refused to join her sisters Evadne and Amphinome dismember and boil her father Pelias despite being told by Medea that it would restore his youth, refusing to shed his blood even in such a cause and demonstrating the same sort of piety that she would later display towards her husband. FTP name this woman, who later would be returned to the Upper Air either by Persephone or Heracles when she took Artemis's bargain that if she voluntarily died for her husband Admetus he would be allowed to live.
Answer: Alcestis
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One man by this surname endorsed Richard Wagner's racial theories in the book Foundations of the Nineteenth Century and became a German citizen during World War I. Another urged England to "think imperially" as Colonial Secretary during the Boer Wars, while another was the Tory leader in between Andrew Bonar Law's two stints and shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Charles Dawes for bringing about the Locarno Pact. The brother of that man created the first municipal savings bank in England and later extended recognition to the Italian occupation of Ethopia after becaming Prime Minister in 1937. He was supplanted by his intraparty rival Winston Churchill two years after declaring that he had delivered "Peace in Our Time" via the Munich Pact. FTP name this family of British politicians, including father Joseph and sons Austen and Neville.
Answer: Chamberlain
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This term actually refers to a group of thirty-four phyllosilicate minerals with similar chemical compositions, usually in di- or tri-octahedral forms. They often occur as irregular masses or as thin flakes in igneous rocks like pegmatites, but glauconite is found in sedimentary rocks on the ocean floor, and biotite is common in metamorphic rocks like schists. Consisting of cross-linked, double layers of silica tetrahedrons, almost all of them have a monoclinic crystal structure, explaining their best known property. FTP what is the common name for these minerals, including muscovite, that exhibit perfect cleavage?
Answer: Micas
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Wiener Werkstatte was the primary source of this and the first building in this style, which is in Helskinki, features four giant figures holding a globe of light each. The Barclay-Vesey Building was the first skyscraper to be created in this style and it was eventually overtaken by the Streamline Moderne style. John and Donald B. Parkinson and William Van Alen were architects who designed in this style, whose name came from a 1925 Exposition in Paris. FTP, name this architectural style of the 1920s and 1930s that often featured a zigzag motif and is most famous for being the style in which the Chrysler Building was designed.
Answer: Art Deco
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It was originally known as the dinat mi?arim and discusses pay rates in gurs of corn. It prohibits the adopted sons of prostitutes from questioning their paternity, and another section orders that innocent women accused of adultery should throw themselves into a river. Most of its contents have separate provisions for the awilum, mu?kenum, and wardum classes, but it is united by the principle of lex talionis. Jean-Vincent Scheil discovered most of it at Susa in 1901, on a stela which also depicts its namesake on the Shamash throne and is written in cuneiform. Noting that striking one's father is punishable by the loss of a hand, and that eyes and teeth are to be exchanged on an equal basis, it replaced the Laws of Eshunna and the Code of Lipit-Ishtar. FTP, name this document first promulgated around 1750 BCE by the fifth Amorite king of Babylon.
Answer: Hammurabi's Code [accept clear equivalents; accept the literal translation of "dinat mi?arim, Verdicts of the Just Order]
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This man gives his name, along with that of Francis Sears, to a process in ultrasonic imaging for which the acoustic wavefronts act as optical gratings to diffract the light on either side of the central spot. The distance over which charge carriers in plasmas exclude electric fields via his namesake shielding is also known as his namesake length. With an assistant later famous in his own right for his rule for determining whether ring molecules would show aromatic properties, he developed a mathematical expression to explain characteristics of electrolytic solutions, the famous equation named for him and Erich Huckel. FTP name this man who also gives his name to the SI unit defined as about 3.3 x 10-30 Coulomb meters, which measures the molecular dipole moment.
Answer: Peter Debye
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The "Higher Law" speech was issued against this by William Seward, and Henry Foote almost shot Thomas Hart Benton during the debate over it. It set the eastern boundary of New Mexico and awarded ten million dollars for debt payment to Texas. James Mason had to deliver the speech written by the ailing John Calhoun against this bill, whose passage was clinched by the support of Daniel Webster and Stephen Douglas. Henry Clay introduced its five component bills that, among other things, organized four Western territories as neutral to slavery and ended the slave trade in the District of Columbia. FTP, name this unsuccessful attempt to settle sectional disputes, which included the Fugitive Slave Act.
Answer: Compromise of 1850 [or the Omnibus Bill; don't accept or prompt on Fugitive Slave Law or any other components since the first sentence applies only to the whole thing]
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The father of this man is said to have entertained Xerxes, who left a garrison of Magi and Chaldeans in his hometown, from whom he learned cosmology. Diogenes Laertius reported that this man's perception was so keen that he could describe the appearance of a goat based on the milk it produced, and that he once noted the exact night a girl he saw everyday had lost her virginity just by looking at her. However, he might have once blinded himself with burning grass, and suggested that vision could not always be trusted, since what men saw were "eidola" or dreams caused by the image of ejected particles hitting the eyes. His well known moral philosophy states that man should pursue the "enthumie" or "good-naturedness," which led to his nickname, the Laughing Philosopher. FTP name this man famous for his atomic theories.
Answer: Democritus
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A special case of this problem was solved using DNA oligonucleotides by Leonard Adelman. Other methods have included the Christofides algorithm and k-opt heuristic, but the first mathematical exposition of this problem was by Karl Menger, who knew that the naive "nearest neighbor" heuristic solution was only optimal when the triangle inequality was satisfied. It can be solved exactly in some cases with the cutting plane method, and a specific instance based on 24,798 cities in Sweden has been solved, though an efficient general algorithm remains elusive. The bottleneck version is NP-hard, but the decision version of this problem can be shown to be NP-complete by a reduction to a Hamiltonian Path. FTP, identify this important problem in optimization, in which a hypothetical merchant must travel to each city once and then return home.
Answer: Traveling Salesman problem
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He was influenced by the Utrecht School and Carel Fabritius, of whose works he owned several and under whom he may also have studied. Among his less famous works are Woman with a Balance, whose wide interpretations include the soul's peril before worldly temptation, female virtue or grace, or the divine truth of revealed religion, while he is also known for several paintings featuring women reading letters such as Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, and for his allegory The Art of Painting sometimes known as The Artist in His Studio. Only recently firmly believed to be the actual painter of one of the works best associated with him, FTP name this artist of Girl with a Pearl Earring.
Answer: Jan Vermeer
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Denise falls in love with the decadent department store owner Octave in his The Delight of the Ladies, while speculation and land hunger feature prominently in his works The Prey and The Earth. The evil effects of alcoholism is the subject of his The Drunkard, also translated as The Dram Shop, and in three of his novels Claude, Jacques, and Etienne all come to sticky ends due to their descent from the madwoman Adelaide Fouque and the scoundrel Macquart, who forms with the family "Rougon" the title of the series of which The Masterpiece, The Downfall, and Therese Raquin are part. FTP name this author of Nana and Germinal who also castigated the French armed forces for their anti-Semitism in J'Accuse.
Answer: Emile Zola
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This term was first used by the French philosopher Jean-Marie Guyau in The Non-Religion of the Future. It was borrowed for the development of "strain theory," which emphasized the pressure that underprivileged minorities face to take advantage of any opportunity for income, even if illegal. That theory was developed by Robert Merton, who also paired this word with "Social Structure" in a famous work. It was explained as coming from the lessening role of religion in society and the economic changes associated with the Industrial Revolution in The Division of Labor in Society by the man most associated with it. FTP name this sociological term for a state of alienation and purposelessness stemming from a lack of societal norms, espoused as a cause of suicide by Emile Durkheim.
Answer: Anomie
2006 ACF Fall Bonuses by Kentucky B and South Carolina A and Dartmouth B
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After the notable failure of his first play, The Ermine, he would rebound with such works as Theves's Garden, Traveller without Baggage, and Waltz of the Toreodors before hitting his stride with plays about historical figures such as Joan of Arc, the subject of his The Lark. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French playwright.
Answer: Jean Anouilh (pronounced "On-wee")
[10] One of Anouilh's better-known plays is this one subtitlted "Or the Honor of God" which is also based on and named for a historical figure, in this case an Archbishop of Canterbury who turned out to be a "turbulent priest" until dispatched by a suggestion made by Henry II.
Answer: Becket
[10] Anouilh is perhaps best known for this modern adaptation of a Sophocles play about the daughter of Oedipus who duly buries one of her rebellious brothers.
Answer: Antigone
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Name these religious symbols, FTPE.,
[10] In Hindu, this symbol represents the evolution of the universe when facing right, and the involution of the universe when facing left. It also features a dot in each quadrant.
Answer: swastika
[10] The Egyptian Cross is sometimes called this hieroglyph, which means "life."
Answer: ankh
[10] This symbol, which represents the Manifestation of God, is a five-pointed star often seen in the Baha'i Faith. Its name comes from the Arabic for "temple.",
Answer: haykal
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He got into trouble for his condemnation of peasantry in his first work, the collection A Sportsman's Sketches. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author, also famous for plays like A Month in the Country as well as novels like Smoke, On the Eve, The Virgin Soil, and Rudin.
Answer: Ivan Turgenev
[10] Almost certainly Turgenev's best-known work, its characters include the nihilist Bazarov and his friend and pupil Arkady.
Answer: Fathers and Sons
[10] Turgenev may be credited with naming, if not creating, this type of character who is usually an aristocrat, intelligent, well-educated, and possessed of good will and idealism but essentially incapable in engaging in effective action. Examples include Goncharov's Oblomov and the title character of a "Diary" of one.
Answer: superfluous man
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Many comics fans believe that this man went off the deep end in 2006 when he announced plans to have the Caped Crusader take on Osama Bin Laden in a comic called Holy Terror, Batman! FTPE:,
[10] Name this creator of Sin City and The 300 who did nothing for his reputation by scripting Bruce Wayne to call twelve-year-old Dick Grayson a retard and declare "I'm the goddamn Batman" in the 2006 limited series All-Star Batman and Robin
Answer: Frank Miller
[10] Before losing his mind, Miller created many memorable characters, including this escapee from a futuristic housing project who overthrows the U.S. government in the series Give Me Liberty and Goes to War.
Answer: Martha Washington [accept either or both names]
[10]Regardless of what further damage he does to the character, Miller will always be the writer and artist of the definitive Batman story: this 1986 series which shows an aged Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement to take on the Mutants and train Carrie Kelly as the new Robin.
Answer: The Dark Knight Returns
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Name these events in South African history, FTPE.,
[10] This occurred in 1835, when ten thousand Boers left the Cape Colony in a migration prompted by economic hardship and conflict with the Xhosa and British.
Answer: Great Trek [or Groot Trek]
[10] This battle occurred on the waterway also known as the Ncome in 1838. 464 Boers commanded by Andries Pretorius defeated more than ten thousand Zulus.
Answer: Battle of Blood River
[10] The British were defeated by a ten times larger force of Zulus in this January 1879 battle prompted by Bartlre Frere's attempts to undercut Cetshwayo's power. It was followed by the British victory at the Battle of Ulundi.
Answer: Battle of Isandlwana
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Name these Roman emperors, FTPE.,
[10] This emperor retired to his palace in Croatia in 305. He is best known for creating the tetrarchy and for a persecution of Christians.
Answer: Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus
[10] This emperor faced a revolt led by a retired military commander named Procopius and died at the Battle of Adrianople in 378.
Answer: Flavius Julius Valens
[10] This man, who succeeded Hadrian and bequeathed the empire to Marcus Aurelius, was the fourth of the Five Good Emperors and built a wall in Scotland a hundred miles north of Hadrian's.
Answer: Antoninus Pius [or Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius; or Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Arrius Antoninus]
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Answer the following about a concept in fluid mechanics, FTPE.,
[10] This internal property of a fluid is the generally defined as its resistance to flow. It comes in kinematic and dynamic varieties.
Answer: Viscosity
[10] In this kind of fluid, exemplified by water, shear stress is linearly proportional to the velocity gradient, as related by viscosity.
Answer: Newtonian
[10] The CGS units for viscosity are taken from the name of this man, a French physician whose namesake law describes the laminar flow of a Newtonian fluid through a cylindrical tube with a constant circular cross-section.
Answer: Jean-Louis-Marie Poiseuille [pwah-SAY...I think]
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The protagonist falls in love with his cousin, Sue Bridehead, FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel about a stone mason who wants to become a priest.
Answer: Jude the Obscure
[10] This author of The Mayor of Casterbridge and Return of the Native wrote Jude the Obscure.
Answer: Thomas Hardy
[10] Jude is tricked into marrying this woman, although she eventually moves to Australia.
Answer: Arabella Donn (either is acceptable)
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Between 1957 and 1963 Miles Davis collaborated with Gil Evans on several remarkable albums, many of which bearing strong classical influences. Identify the following things about those albums FTPE.,
[10] In 1958 Evans and Davis selected various pieces such as "Summertime" and "It Ain't Necessarily So" from a Gershwin opera whose name also provided the title of the album.
Answer: Porgy and Bess
[10] The previous year Davis nd Evans collaborated on Miles Ahead, among the pieces of which included a jazz rendering of "The Maids of Cadiz", written by this French composer also known for Lakme.
Answer: Leo Delibes
[10] In 1960 Davis and Evans selected the pieces for an album entitled "Sketches of" this country, due to the style of the original compositions as well as for its renderings of pieces from Joaquin Rodrigo.
Answer: Spain
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It includes such well-known dead languages as Tocharian, Sanskrit, and Hittite. FTPE:,
[10] Name this large family of languages that also includes better known examples spoken today like Italian, German, Albanian, and English.
Answer: Indo-European
[10] This law describes the correspondences in many Indo-European languages. Formulated by a German linguist and author, it describes two consonant shifts involving nine consonants, and was later modified by Verner's Law.
Answer: Grimm's Law
[10] Throughout the 15th century, English underwent this major change in pronunciation, with an increase in tongue height and greater level of diphthongs. Its conclusion marked the division between Middle and Modern English.
Answer: Great Vowel Shift
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Substances high in these compounds include tea, while the word itself is Celtic for "oak," the source which yields the variety employed in its most common use. FTPE:,
[10] Name these compounds used as hemostatics to treat internal bleeding, in dyes, and in the conversion of raw cowhide into leather, a process from which these chemicals derive their name.
Answer: tannins
[10] In lower doses tannins are antioxidants, meaning they are often hostile to these chemicals, molecules with unpaired electrons on an otherwise open shell configuration
Answer: free radicals
[10] This molecule, O2- [O 2 minus], is one of the most potent free radicals and is notably combated by a namesake dismutase.
Answer: superoxide
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Answer the following questions about Saturn FTPE:,
[10] This largest moon of Saturn is the only one in the solar system with a significant atmosphere.
Answer: Titan
[10] This famous gap between Saturn's A and B rings is about 4800 kilometers wide, but it has recently been discovered to not be as empty as previously thought.
Answer: Cassini Division or Gap
[10] This innermost moon of Saturn sits inside of the Encke Gap within the A ring, so named because it acts as a "shepherd" to keep the gap open.
Answer: Pan
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The son of a Sephardic Jew, he was a friend of Gauguin and longtime intimate of Monet and briefly abandoned impressionism in favor of a new style which was currently popular but later returned to it. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Impressionist whose works include View of Louveciennes Apple-Picking at Erigny.
Answer: Camille Pissaro
[10] Pissaro briefly experimented with this style most famously associated with Seurat which involved painting pictures with dots of color.
Answer: Poinctillism or Divisionism
[10] Pisarro studied under this figure associated with the Barbizon school whose works include Papigno, Avignon from the West, Forest of Fontainebleau, and Woman with Pearl.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
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Usually depicted as having red skin and wearing a white robe, he can often be seen with a water pot, a string of pearls, a spoon, a staff, and an alms dish, each carried in one of his four arms. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Creator god of Hindu myth who was also depicted as having four heads before one of them was destroyed by Siva.
Answer: Brahma
[10] The scrap with Siva came about when Brahma created this goddess so beautiful that he fell in love with her and sprouted his three additional heads so he could look at her from any direction.
Answer: Sarasvati (or Savitri)
[10] Each of Brahma's mouths at one point constantly recited one of these four sacred Hindu texts, also said to be one of his creations.
Answer: Vedas
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Discovered by Albrecht Kossel, who named it and its derivatives for the mast cells which release it, it is an essential amino acid in humans. FTPE:,
[10] Name this amino acid with an imidazole side chain, whose decarboxylation results in a similarly named compound associated with allergies.
Answer: histidine
[10] The strain of Salmonella in the culture used for this test is auxotrophic for histidine. If the compound being tested is mutagenic, mutated strains of bacteria will be able to grow on media with minimal histidine.
Answer: Ames test
[10] Histidine features prominently in a DNA binding motif known as this element's "finger."
Answer: zinc
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He was a State Department expert on Soviet affairs in the late 1940s and developed the idea of containment. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of an article in Foreign Affairs which set American policy for the Cold War, "The Sources of Soviet Conduct."
Answer: George Frost Kennan
[10] The article is also known under the name of this pseudonym originally used by Kennan in the magazine.
Answer: "X" article
[10] This document, sent from Kennan to Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, became the basis for the Truman Doctrine and outlined the "neurotic" orientation of the Soviet government.
Answer: the Long Telegram
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American crime novels FTPE.,
[10] Sam Spade doesn't actually find the title bejeweled avian ornament at the end of this novel by Dashiell Hammett.
Answer: The Maltese Falcon
[10] This book chronicles the murder of four members of the Clutter family by Richard Hickock and Perry Smith.
Answer: In Cold Blood
[10] Philip Marlowe investigates who is blackmailing Carmen Sternwood in this novel by Raymond Chandler.
Answer: The Big Sleep
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They contain the nodes of Ranvier and terminate in a synaptic button. FTPE:,
[10] Name these parts of a neuron that relay an action potential away from the cell body to another neuron or other target like a muscle.
Answer: axon
[10] The nodes of Ranvier are present between segments of this protein, which improves conduction along the axon by reducing loss of current.
Answer: myelin
[10] In the central nervous system, these cell bodies are responsible for myelinating the axons of CNS neurons.
Answer: oligodendrocytes
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He seized the throne in 1100 upon the death of his brother, William II. FTPE:,
[10] Name this king whose rule was marked by warfare with his brother Robert Curthose and nephew William Clito.
Answer: Henry I [or Henry Beauclerc; or Henry the Good Scholar; prompt on Henry]
[10] Henry inherited from William II a dispute with this churchman over investiture which was finally resolved in 1107. This man also developed the "ontological argument."
Answer: Anselm of Canterbury
[10] After the so-called "White Ship" incident, Henry lost his only legitimate son and named his daughter Matilda as successor. Instead, this nephew usurped the throne and ruled until 1154.
Answer: Stephen of Blois

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