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2007 ACF Fall Tossups by Harvard A
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The Tebbe reaction uses a metal carbenoid to create molecules of this functional class, while the Peterson reaction allows chemists synthesizing them to favor a specific stereoisomer. Only one stereoisomer can be generated by the Julia reaction because its last step requires that R-chains be anti- to one another. They can also be created fromcarbonyls using an ylide in the Wittig reaction, but the easiest way to produce them is through a bimolecular E2 reaction. FTP, identify these molecules, such as ethene or propene, characterized by a carbon-carbon double bond.
Answer: alkenes [accept olefins]
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Angel of Help and Figure of Wisdom are two works in this form by American John La Farge. Firms like Clayton and Bell and Hardman and Co. were major corporate producers of this medium that Thomas Willement revived in 19th century Britain. Famous classical examples of it include the Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere and the Becket cycle, and modern examples of this medium include a work at Hassadah Ein Kerem hospital depicting the twelve tribes of Israel by Marc Chagall. FTP, identify this medium, enabled on a large scale by the development of flying buttress, which is the constitutive element of rose windows.
Answer: stained glass [prompt on glass]
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The Portland and Gower types of this molecule are only seen in utero, and the A1C version is useful in monitoring the long-term blood sugar status of diabetics. At high altitudes its activity is inhibited by an increase in the concentration of 2,3-biphosphoglycerate, and fMRI takes advantage of its magnetic properties. Consisting of two alpha and two beta subunits of roughly 17,000 daltons each, it becomes nonfunctional if its central iron atom is oxidized to a +3 state. Thalassemia and porphyria also compromise the function of, FTP, what metalloprotein found in red blood cells, which binds oxygen?
Answer: hemoglobin
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This author wrote that love "makes one little room [of] everywhere" in "The Good-Morrow." This poet argued that "Here upon earth, we're kings, and none but we / Can be such kings, nor of such subjects be" in "The Anniversary" and wrote of people worshiping a "bracelet of bright hair about the bone" in "The Relic". An attack of "relapsing fever" inspired his Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, whose seventeenth meditation states "No man is an island." He asserted "death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die" in one of his Holy Sonnets, which begins "Death, be not proud." FTP, name this metaphysical poet of "The Flea" and "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning."
Answer: John Donne
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This man was replaced by Steve Whitmire after his death from pneumonia, and, in a tribute to him, his creations asked who he was and then sang "Just One Person." His funeral featured a jazz band and spontaneous singing, but his most famous character sat on his casket with a sign saying "I lost my voice." He had actually been the voice of two characters: one was famous for singing "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" and "Rubber Duckie," while the other sang "Rainbow Connection" and "It's Not Easy Being Green." FTP, identify this children's television pioneer who created Ernie for Sesame Street and Kermit the Frog for The Muppet Show.
Answer: Jim Henson
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These posses large circumfrential currents, which differentiates them from stellerators, and are closed, which differentiates them from mirrors or pinches. They were developed at Kurchatov Institute by Artsimovich and there are roughly 25 of these in operation in the world, the Alcator C-Mod and JET being the most powerful. None can operate without significant energy input, but ITER, scheduled to go operational in 2016, is an international collaboration to build one of these machines which may be able to sustain its own temperature. The Lorentz effect is used to confine plasma using a toroidal magnetic field in, FTP, what machines important to research on nuclear fusion?
Answer: tokamaks
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This Minister of Health under Pedro Aguirre Cerda was successively defeated by Jorge Alessandri and Eduardo Frei but finally won an election by enticing dissident Christian Democrats into his Popular Unity coalition. This leader's government was the first in America to recognize Communist China and he created one of the first instances of stagflation when he financed his nationalization of mining and industry by printing money. His official cause of death is listed as suicide, even though evidence exists that he died of multiple gunshot wounds to the back. FTP, name this man who died during a September 11, 1973 coup and was succeeded by Augusto Pinochet as president of Chile.
Answer: Salvador Allende Gossens
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In a Celtic myth, one of these creatures was sucked whole into the mouth of Conall Cernach, despite the fact that it took 60 oxen to drag its carcass. According to Culwch and Olwen, King Arthur pursued one of these creatures, which had once been a knight. In Norse myth, one of these which glowed in the dark, was one of these constructed of gold by the sons of Ivaldi and was named Gillenbursti. Prominent examples from Greek myth include ones that terrorized Erymanthia and gored Adonis. FTP, what is this type of creature, the most famous mythic example of which was hunted by Peleus, Meleager, and Atalanta in Caledonia?
Answer: boars [prompt on pigs or the like]
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William Cushing and Alfred Moore did not hear the oral arguments or factor in this case's decision. The majority opinion hinged on the court's lack of legitimate original jurisdiction over writs of mandamus, and the unanimous majority opinion invalidated Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789. The conflict in this case arose from the defendant's failure to deliver the appointment of one of the "Midnight Judges." FTP, name this case in which John Marshall denied the plaintiff's right to become a Justice of the Peace, establishing Judicial Review in the process.
Answer: William Marbury v. James Madison [accept in either order]
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She ate winter fruit during the summer because the mihrab of this daughter of `Imran was divinely provisioned, as Zechariah found out when he went to check on her. Along with Fatima, Khadija, and Asya, she rules over the women in Heaven, which is fitting since she is the only woman mentioned in the Qur'an. Her mother Anna had consecrated her to God, who purified her, allowing her prophet son, who once denounced her detractors from the cradle, to avoid "the pricking of the devil" at birth - though Muslims obviously disagree with the Orthodox Christian conception of her as "Theotoktos," or "God-bearer." FTP, identify this woman who bore a son in Bethlehem without having known the touch of a man.
Answer: the Virgin Mary [accept Mariyam al-`Athra]
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Ernest Chesneau said that this figure's left hand "in the form of a toad, provokes hilarity," and T.J. Clark noted that her hand "enraged and exalted the critics as nothing else did." Dark green curtains hang in the right background and are drawn above and behind the main figure. Victorine Meurent posed for this painting, whose main figure wears a black ribbon around her neck, tan shoes, a bracelet, and a flower behind her ear. The main figure reclines upon rumpled bedclothes, and a black cat stands at right. To the left of the cat, a black servant brings flowers, presumably from the central figure's next client. FTP, name this 1863 painting of a reclining nude by Edouard Manet.
Answer: Olympia
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Because the mother of the protagonist of this work believes some names are too poor and others unheard of, her son is thus named after his father, whereupon the protagonist cries and makes a grimace. Despite being mocked by his co-workers, the protagonist is later invited to tea with an official, after which he is accosted in a square after midnight. Later on, the protagonist is advised to go to a prominent personage, whose disgust with the protagonist's low rank prevents him from finding out that the title item, made by Petrovich, has been stolen. Akaky Akakievitch haunts St. Petersburg to recover the titular lost garment at the end of, FTP, which short story by Nikolai Gogol?
Answer: "The Overcoat" or "The Cloak"
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Largely carved-out from Abenaki land, this entity was first ruled by Pierre Dugua. Later, it supplied most of Champlain's followers. A major event in this region's history occurred shortly after the fall of Fort Beausejour and is colloquially known as the Great Upheaval. At its greatest extent, it reached as far south as Philadelphia. About 40 years after its conquest in Queen Anne's war, about 10,000 residents were expelled, as memorialized in Evangeline, and mostly transplanted to Louisiana. FTP, name this French colony of northeastern America named for a Greek land of plenty.
Answer: Acadia [or l'Acadie]
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He adopted the persona of Henry St. John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke in the satirical work A Vindication of Natural Society. In another work, he defines one of the title concepts as the quality that causes one to feel a passion like love, and the other as that which "excite[s] the ideas of pain and danger," a distinction further examined in Kant's Critique of Judgment. In addition to A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, he wrote a work that was criticized by Thomas Paine in Rights of Man and that prophesied the chaos that would follow a certain insurrection. FTP, identify this thinker who wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France.
Answer: Edmund Burke
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Thirteen years before this battle, a crusade intended to prevent its outcome led by Laszlo I was destroyed at Varna. It earned its victor, who succeeded where his father had failed, the sobriquet Fatih. Factors helping decide it include construction of the Rumeli Hisari and circumvention of a previously infallible blockade chain by the hauling of a fleet overland into the Golden Horn. Probably spurious accounts of this 1451 event have Constantine XI Palaeologus dying on foot at a gate and Mehmed II astride a pile of corpses in the Hagia Sophia. FTP, name this siege that ended the Byzantine Empire; the ultimate capture of its capital city.
Answer: the Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople [accept pretty much anything with Ottoman or Turkish; Constantinople, Byzantium or Istanbul; and a word that means conquest or siege in it; prompt on things like the Sack of Constantinople]
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In this novel's third section, Mrs. Skiffins marries Wemmick, and the protagonist is nearly killed by Orlick. One character in this novel marries the abusive nobleman Bentley Drummle after continually warning the protagonist that she has no heart. At the end of this novel, the protagonist begins working for the firm of Herbert Pocket, the "pale young gentleman" he had earlier fought at Satis House, whose clocks are all stopped at twenty minutes to nine. Throughout this novel, Mr. Jaggers gives the narrator money sent by an unknown benefactor, which turns out to be the ex-convict Abel Magwich instead of the wealthy Mrs. Havisham, who raises Estella to break men's hearts after being left at the altar on her wedding day. FTP, name this novel narrated by Pip, by Charles Dickens.
Answer: Great Expectations
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Act IV of this opera opens with the cavatina "L'ho perduta," expressing distress over a lost pin, which causes the title character to become suspicious and sing the recitative and aria "Tutto e disposto?Aprite un po' quegl'occhi." A more famous aria sung by the title character addresses a page as an "amorous butterfly" and is called "Non piu andrai." The aria "Voi che sapete" is sung by that page, Cherubino, who is in love with most of the women in the opera, including the Countess Almaviva and the title character's betrothed, Susanna. FTP, identify this Mozart opera based on a play by Beaumarchais, whose title character was formerly the barber of Seville.
Answer: Le nozze di Figaro [or The Marriage of Figaro]
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Impetus for this event was provided by an extension of state property tax passed just months before and a slight eight years prior at the World Anti-Slavery Convention. It was planned in nearby Waterloo and was held in the home of Jane Hunt. Its most famous product was only signed by a third of the delegates and famously borrowed language of the Declaration of Independence; that was the Declaration of Sentiments. Organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, FTP, name this meeting in upstate New York, a major germinal event in the American women's rights movement.
Answer: the Seneca Falls Convention
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If two variates obey this, their difference obeys a Skellam distribution. It has moment-generating function e to the quantity lambda times quantity e to the t minus one, where lambda is the only parameter on which this distribution depends. Bortkiewicz called it the "law of small numbers" after noting that it models rates of rare events like radioactive decays or horse-kick deaths. This function gives as lambda to the n times e to the minus lambda over n factorial as the probability of n successes from a large number of the trials named for its French namesake. FTP, name this distribution usually symbolized P.
Answer: the Poisson distribution [prompt on P-sub-lambda]
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This author described the title food as "the staff of life" made from "wood, cow dung, packed brown moss, the bodies of dead animals" in the poem "All Bread." Anna's best friend returns to her home in the wilderness to accept her father's death in Surfacing, while this author wrote about Simon Jordan's investigation of Grace Mark's innocence in Alias Grace. Snowman is the last human being on Earth in this author's Oryx and Crake, while Marian Macalpin creates the title entity in her novel The Edible Woman. Another of her novels is set in the Republic of Gilead and centers on Offred. FTP, name this Canadian author of The Handmaid's Tale.
Answer: Margaret Atwood
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Particular kinds of this substance include the Angolan cacimbo; the Chilean garua; the pogonip, which comes from a Shoshone word for "white death;" and the Californian tule. The upslope kind of this is caused by orthographic uplift and adiabatic cooling, while the radiation kind of this phenomenon is formed as land cools after sunset. Theadvection kind, often associated with currents such as the Peru and the Benguela , arises when warm air passes over cold water. FTP, identify this meteorological phenomenon that reduces visibility in places like London and San Francisco.
Answer: fog [accept on common-sense equivalents]
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One member of this family became the patron saint of earthquakes after he renounced his position as Duke of Gandia and became the third leader of the Jesuits. An apocryphal story suggests that during the Siege of Belgrade another member, PopeCallixtus III, excommunicated Halley's Comet. Another member of this family was famously found dead in the Tiber, while his brother, suspected of the murder, fled after the ascension of Julius II and died during a siege in Valencia. Noted during their day for poisoning enemies, this is, FTP, what Renaissance family of Spain and Italy, which included Rodrigo, also known as Pope Alexander VI, and his children, Giovanni, Cesare, andLucrezia?
Answer: Borgia
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One of minor character in this play is Filipote, a servant to Madame Pernelle, who criticizes all members of the household except for the title character. While Madame Pernelle's son also shares her admiration, the wise servant Dorine can see the truth. At her suggestion, Damis hides in a closet to spy on the title character, who is announced as the future husband of the already-engaged Mariane. Only after overhearing advances made towards his wife Elmire does the gullible Orgon avoid losing all his property to the devious title character, who is eventually arrested. FTP, name this 1664 comedy about the schemes of the titular religious hypocrite, written by Moliere.
Answer: Tartuffe
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This island group is home to the Double Coconut or Coco de Mer, a large palm tree sometimes known as its namesake nut. Its longtime socialist president known as "Ti France," Albert Rene, was born in its Farquhar Group; another group under its sovereignty are the Admiral's Islands or the Amirante Islands. Other important islands in this archipelago include Coetivy in the south, Aldabra, and the central group featuring Silhouette, La Digue, Praslin, and the largest of them, Mahe Island. FTP, name this island group east of Kenya and northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, with its biggest city at Victoria.
Answer: Seychelles
2007 ACF Fall Bonuses by Harvard A
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The first of the Three Great Unifiers of this nation were Oda Nobubaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who successively seized power after the Onin War. FTPE:,
[10] Name this island nation of Asia.
Answer: Japan
[10] The Third Great Unifier, this shogun was an ally of Hideyoshi, but defeated Hideyoshi's son Hideyori at Osaka. The period of Japanese history from 1603 to 1867 is named for him.
Answer: Tokugawa Ieyasu
[10] This city, now called Tokyo, was Japan's capital during the Tokugawa Period.
Answer: Edo
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Name the phyla to which these "fish" belong FTPE:,
[10] Crayfish actually are crustacean members of this phyla.
Answer: arthropoda
[10] Starfish exhibit radial symmetry, making them typical members of this phyla with name coming from the Greek for "spiny skin".
Answer: echinodermata
[10] Cuttlefish belong to this phyla and are considered to be very intelligent like their fellow cephalopod the octopus.
Answer: mollusca
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Minor characters in this play include Spiegelberger and Amalia von Edelreich, who are the enemy and lover of one of the title characters. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play, which focuses on the fight between the brothers Karl and Franz Moor over inheritance. It may have been based on a real pair of brothers, the Kasebiers.
Answer: The Robbers [accept Die Rauber]
[10] The Robbers was written by this German author of the plays Don Carlos, Maid of Orleans, Wallenstein, and William Tell.
Answer: Friedrich Schiller
[10] Along with Goethe [ger-te], Schiller was a member of this eighteenth-century German literary movement that spanned music, literature, and art and was characterized by extreme emotion and emphasis on the individual.
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Usually symbolized by a blackboard-bold Q, this is the set of numbers expressible as the ratio of two integers. FTPE:,
[10] Name this important set that can be used to construct the reals with Dedekind cuts.
Answer: the rational numbers [or rationals]
[10] Unlike the integers, the rational numbers over multiplication form an example of these commutative rings in which all nonzero elements have inverses.
Answer: fields
[10] This theory relates the intermediate fields between two fields to subgroups of a namesake group.
Answer: Galois theory
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America's love for freedom has been enshrined in song. Identify these songs with the word "freedom" in them, FTPE:,
[10] This Chris Kristofferson song famous in a Janis Joplin cover contains the lyric "freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."
Answer: "Me and Bobby McGee"
[10] After commanding the listener several times to perform the title action, and to "let yourself be free," Aretha Franklin and her backup singers each sing the word "freedom" eight times in this song's first refrain.
Answer: "Think"
[10] The "majestic bells of bolts [striking] shadows in the sounds" appear to be the title objects, which are "flashing" in this Bob Dylan song.
Answer: "Chimes of Freedom"
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The protagonist of this work eventually takes the professor Bernard Chabalier as her lover, but after she leaves him, she returns home and is eventually arrested with her friend Marisa Kgosana after the Soweto uprising. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1979 novel whose title character, Rosa, grapples with the effects of her father Lionel's work with a left-wing, anti-apartheid movement while growing up.
Answer: Burger's Daughter
[10] This 1991 Nobel Laureate for literature wrote Burger's Daughter, as well as July's People and a novel about the South African industrial executive Mehring, The Conservationist.
Answer: Nadine Gordimer
[10] Gordimer also wrote a novel about the companions of this man, the first Westerner to see Victoria Falls, who had a famous encounter in the town of Ujiji with Henry Morton Stanley.
Answer: David Livingstone
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This British Foreign Secretary from 1812 bested his rival George Canning in a famous duel. FTPE:,
[10] Name this major organizer of the second Grand Alliance
Answer: Robert Stewart, Viscount of Castlereagh, 2nd Marquess of Londonderry [accept any underlined part]
[10] Castlereagh was the initial British delegate to this 1815 conference organized by Clemens von Metternich, which redrew the map of Europe after the Napoleonic wars.
Answer: the Congress of Vienna
[10] Castlereagh was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1798 by this British Viceroy of India and Ireland and Revolutionary War general.
Answer: Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess and 2nd Earl Cornwallis
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His best-known name is a pseudonym referring to his broad shoulders. FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosopher, the foremost student of Socrates, whose real name was Aristocles.
Answer: Plato
[10] This third-century Roman philosopher believed in a single, overarching, transcendent One and founded Neoplatonism.
Answer: Plotinus
[10] This is Plotinus's most famous work, which consists of fifty-four treatises divided into six books. It was later edited by Porphyry.
Answer: The Six Enneads
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, name these American poets.,
[10] He wrote "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, / The saddest are these: `It might have been!'" in his poem "Maud Muller." His other poems include "Skipper Ireson's Ride" and "Snow-Bound."
Answer: John Greenleaf Whittier
[10] This author of an ode to William Henry Channing wrote "the self-same power that brought me there brought you" in his poem "The Rhodora." He also wrote an essay on "The Over-Soul."
Answer: Ralph Waldo Emerson
[10] This poet wrote an adaptation of the Golden Legend, as well as The Song of Hiawatha.
Answer: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Name these laws of optics FTPE.,
[10] This law states that each point on a wavefront is the source of wavelets and that the advancing wave can be viewed as a sum of these wavelets.
Answer: Huygens' principle [or the Huygens-Fresnel principle]
[10] Equivalent to Huygens' principle, this principle posits that the path taken between two points by a ray of light is that which minimizes time.
Answer: Fermat's principle
[10] This law describes the absorption of light passing through a solution. It is commonly stated A=alpha times l times c, where A is the absorbence, alpha is an absorption coefficient, l is the path length, and c is the concentration of the absorbing species.
Answer: the Bouguer-Beer-Lambert law [accept any underlined part]
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Identify the following Indian authors, FTPE:,
[10] This author wrote about Saleem Sinai's life after the independence of India in Midnight's Children. He also wrote such works as Grimus, The Moor's Last Sigh, and The Satanic Verses.
Answer: Salman Rushdie
[10] This author discussed her opinions of India's policies in her collection The Cost of Living, but she may be better known for writing about the twins Rahel and Estha in The God of Small Things.
Answer: Arundati Roy
[10] This author of the recent Two Lives also wrote An Equal Music and a massive tome about the Mehra family set in the fictional town of Brahmpur, A Suitable Boy.
Answer: Vikram Seth
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You know you want to name the following terms from linguistics FTPE.,
[10] This is the smallest unit of sound within a language, a distinction that Roman Jakobson sought to destroy by breaking them down into features.
Answer: phonemes
[10] Often contrasted with phonemes, these are the smallest units of semantic meaning; the word unflappable has three, "un," "flapp," and "able."
Answer: morphemes
[10] This kind of morpheme can only appear with other morphemes, such as the "re" in "reboot;" a specially case of these are known as "cranberry" ones, after the "cran" in that word.
Answer: bound morphemes
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Its three central figures are the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, and some dude in a three-layered crown who may represent Jesus or God. FTPE:,
[10] Name this piece whose other scenes show martyrs, the Knights of Christ, the hermits, and the central Adoration of the Lamb.
Answer: The Ghent Altarpiece
[10] The Ghent Altarpiece was painted by Hubert and his younger brother, this painter of The Annunciation.
Answer: Jan Van Eyck
[10] Van Eyck's seminal work is this super-dooper famous painting that shows the artist in a small mirror between the two central figures, one of whom wears a green dress.
Answer: The Arnolfini Marriage [accept anything involving Arnolfini and portraits or nuptials]
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Identify the following pieces of legislation from the Progressive Era FTPE.,
[10] This 1906 act required labeling of ingredients in food, drink, and medicine. Its passage was helped by publication of The Jungle.
Answer: Pure Food and Drug Act
[10] This other 1906 act is often paired with the Elkins Act and gave the generally weak Interstate Commerce Commission power of railroad rates.
Answer: Hepburn Act
[10] Ratified in 1913, this Constitutional amendment required that U.S. Senators be directly elected.
Answer: Seventeenth Amendment
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Answer some questions about the dangers of bleach FTPE.,
[10] The active ingredient in bleach is this sodium salt with formula NaClO.
Answer: sodium-hypochlorite
[10] Sodium-hypochlorite combines with this other basic compound via the Olin-Raschig process to form hydrazine, a component of rocket fuel.
Answer: ammonia [accept NH3]
[10] The highly exothermic reaction of sodium hypochlorite with hydrogen peroxide produces sodium-chloride, water, and this gas.
Answer: oxygen gas [accept O2]
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The first movement of the fifth one in D major contains a lengthy harpsichord cadenza, and the second features solo trumpet, recorder, oboe, and violin. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this group of six works often named after their dedicatee, a Margrave.
Answer: the Brandenburg Concertos
[10] The Brandenburg Concertos are among the most celebrated orchestral works by this German Baroque composer.
Answer: Johann Sebastian Bach
[10] The Brandenburg Concertos often employ ritornello form, a scheme made popular in part by this Italian composer's concerti grossi, including the so-called Christmas Concerto. He's also noted for his trio sonatas.
Answer: Arcangelo Corelli
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In 1225, after being banished from Transylvania, they were summoned north by Duke Conrad of Mazovia. FTPE:,
[10] Name this German crusading order which settled in northern Europe after being granted charters to the territory there by Frederick II and Pope Gregory XI.
Answer: Teutonic Knights [or Teutonic Order or Knights Hospitalers or House of the Hospitalers of Saint Mary of the Teutons in Jerusalem]
[10] An alternative name for the Teutonic Knights comes from the fact that they operated a number of structures of this kind. Their formal name notes that they were founded to operate one devoted to the Virgin Mary in Jerusalem that served wounded Crusaders.
Answer: hospitals [accept anything reasonably close]
[10] Conrad summoned the Teutonic Knights to deal with these Baltic people, who lent their name to the region of Germany east of the Vistula that they occupied. This region eventually came under the rule of the Hohenzollerns and was the nucleus of the modern German state.
Answer: Old Prussians
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This character quips that he is "too much i' the sun" and arranges the deaths of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. FTPE:,
[10] Name this prince of Denmark, the protagonist of a Shakespeare tragedy.
Answer: Hamlet
[10] After fighting Hamlet inside a grave, this son of Polonius and brother of Ophelia kills him with a poisoned rapier.
Answer: Laertes
[10] Hamlet's fight with Laertes in a grave is an example of an "objective correlative," a term coined by this author in his critical essay "Hamlet and His Problems," which appears in his collection The Sacred Wood.
Answer: Thomas Stearns Eliot
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They were the daughters of Mnemosyne and represented the arts and sciences. FTPE:,
[10] Name these 9 daughters of Zeus, whose number includes Clio and Calliope.
Answer: Muses
[10] The Muses were often said to be headed by this deity, who earned the epithet Mousagetes as a result. They also judged the contest between this deity and Marsyas, who was flayed alive after his defeat.
Answer: Apollo
[10] The Muses were once challenged to a contest by this Thracian bard, who, upon his defeat, was blinded for his insolence.
Answer: Thamyris
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The Secretary of the Interior is more than just a Cabinet official. He's your bud. Answer the following about some dudes who held that position FTPE.,
[10] The most, ahem, notorious Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, caused this scandal under Harding when he leased certain naval oil reserves in exchange for bribes.
Answer: the Teapot Dome scandal
[10] He ran the Public Works Administration, was a general New Deal bigwig, and served as Secretary of the Interior for 13 years under FDR and Truman.
Answer: Harold LeClair Ickes
[10] In addition to serving as Hayes' Secretary of the Interior and starting the United States' first kindergarten, Carl Schurz was also a prominent leader of this group of Republicans who defected to Democrat Grover Cleveland in 1884 as a protest of corruption. What a guy.
Answer: Mugwumps
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In this series of reactions, carbon dioxide is converted to PGAL. FTPE:,
[10] Name this cycle that constitutes the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis.
Answer: Calvin cycle
[10] The combination of carbon dioxide and ribulose biphosphate in the Calvin cycle is catalyzed by this common enzyme.
Answer: rubisco (accept RuBP carboxylase)
[10] In the C4 pathway, carbon dioxide combines instead with this molecule to form oxaloacetate.
Answer: PEP (accept phosphoenolpyruvate)
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Name these twentieth century sculptors FTPE:,
[10] He sculpted Endless Column, the granite Kiss, and the Bird in Space series.
Answer: Constantin Brancusi
[10] His Flamingo is in Chicago's Federal Plaza and his Red Mobile is in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
Answer: Alexander "Sandy" Calder
[10] This British sculptor's rounded and elongated forms are exemplified by Nuclear Energy and his Reclining Figure series.
Answer: Sir Henry Spenser Moore
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Answer the following about Papua New Guinea, FTPE.,
[10] Papua New Guinea shares the island of New Guinea with this easternmost Indonesian province north of the Arafura Sea.
Answer: Irian Jaya
[10] The capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea is this one on Paga Point between Fairfax Harbor and Walter Bay.
Answer: Port Moresby
[10] This island in eastern Papua New Guinea is the largest of the Solomon Islands and is considered part of the North Solomons along with Buka Island.
Answer: Bougainville

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