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2006 ACF Fall Tossups by Harding A
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In 1927, Isamu Noguchi served as this man's assistant for seven months, and in 2004, one of his works, Danaide, sold for a then record $18.1 million dollars. Sophisticated Young Lady is an alternate name for one of his works, and Princess X consists of only the title feature's neck and head. A portrait of Baroness Renee Frachon inspired one of his most famous works, Sleeping Muse. His most famous achievement was a series of sixteen sculptures in bronze and marble that attempted to capture the essence of flight by eliminating wings and feathers. FTP, name this Romanian-born French sculptor of Sleeping Muse and the Bird in Space series.
Answer: Constantin Brancusi
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From 1814 to 1840 in this nation, marriage incurred a ridiculously high tax and was forbidden among full-blooded Spaniards, a result of the anti-aristocratic rule of Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia. This country was also the site of the Febrerista Revolt, which briefly displaced martial president Eusebio Ayala and chief general Jose Felix Estigarribia, and a pro-democracy coup led by Andres Rodriguez in 1989. Run by Jesuits until 1750, it was later taken over by Francisco Lopez, who got half half its population was killed by starting the War of the Triple Alliance. Seventy-odd years later, this country which is currently led by Nicanor Duarte opposed Bolivia in the Chaco War; more recently, it endured thirty-two years of dictatorship. FTP, name this landlocked South American country which is probably not mourning the August 2006 death of Alfredo Stroessner.
Answer: Republic of Paraguay
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In a play by this man subtitled "The Double Discovery," rumors of a plot to kill King Sancho turn out to be false, which legalizes the marriage between Leonora and Torrismond. A commemorative object made in Poland is the title item of his "Satire Against Sedition," "The Medalll," and he wrote an essay in which Lisideus, Eugenius, and Crites argue over whether classical, French, or contemporary English drama is greater, "Of Dramatic Poesie." His dramas include one in which Rhodophil rivals Palamede for the hand of Melantha and another, Tyrannic Love, which features the bombastic Maximin, who later reappears in his poetic satire of Thomas Shadwell, "Mac Flecknoe." Also known for his "Song for St. Cecilia's day," this is, FTP, what author of the political "The Hind and the Panther" and the long poem "Absalom and Achitophel."
Answer: John Dryden
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This poem's first line is echoed at the beginning of Wilfred Owen's poem "Exposure," and its sixth and seventh stanzas are quoted during Paul Hogan's dirge in Act II of A Moon for the Misbegotten. The author evokes several synesthetic images, such as "Tasting of flora" and his inability to see "what soft incense hangs upon the boughs." He refers to the Biblical Ruth "amid the fields of alien corn" and contrasts "Bacchus and his pards" with "the viewless wings of Poesy." In the sixth stanza, the author says, "many a time / I have been half in love with easeful Death," and that he has "become a sod" to the addressee's "high requiem," while in the first stanza, he says, "My heart aches ? as though of hemlock I had drunk," and wonders at the addressee's ability to sing "with full-throated ease." FTP, name this John Keats poem in which the speaker claims, "Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird!"
Answer: "Ode to a Nightingale"
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During his reign, a group of five men, largely educated in England, formed a movement that rose from an earlier movement meant to "expel the barbarians." Fictional works that framed this ruler's reign are "The Beefeater," which shows the effects of a treaty his people signed in 1854, as well as "The Nose," which was published four years after this ruler's death and focuses on the veneration of "Western" features. His reign also saw the Satsuma rebellion, as a reaction to the reduction of classes in his nation. Also alive for the formulation of his namesake Constitution in 1889, as well as victory in a war that ended with a treaty negotiated by Teddy Roosevelt, FTP name this Emperor of Japan, whose name lends itself to an Era and a Restoration.
Answer: Meiji Tenno Mutsuhito (accept Meiji Era or Restoration or Period.)
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His insistence on rigor in geometry led him to establish axioms of betweenness, congruence, continuity, parallelism, and incidence, discussed in his The Foundations of Geometry. His first major achievement was a proof of the finiteness theorem, and later accomplishments include a proof of Waring's theorem and a description of the infinite dimensional space used in functional analysis that now bears his name. Extending Kronecker's theorem, justifying Schubert's enumerative geometry, determining whether solutions to Lagrangians are always analytic, and the axiomatization of physics are four of the 23 eponymous problems posed by, FTP, which German mathematician in 1900 as the most important of the 20th century?
Answer: David Hilbert
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The people of Nauru believed it was formed from the smaller snail found by Areop Enap, and the Maori named it Marama. In Hawaii, it is represented by Kega and Uri, the two aspects of Hina. It is represented by Ilazki, whose name means "light of the dead", in the Basque pantheon, while Ix Chel and Ix Ch'up are the two aspects of the goddess of this entity in Mayan mythology. Called Mani by the Norse, it is rather mischievous, having stolen the children Hjuki and Bil. The Sumerian Nanna and his Akkadian counterpart Sin, the Shinto Tsuki-Yomi, the Greek Selene, and the Roman Luna are all deities of, FTP, which celestial body?
Answer: moon
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The city of Caen became the seat of a "federalist" organization formed in reaction to this group's downfall, an event resulting from the successful intrigues against them by the Club of Cordeliers. Counting Dumouriez, Condorcet, and Carnot among their members, they formed around a platform of foreign war, succesfully engineering the invasion of Austria. In 1793, the fall from grace of ex-Minister of War Jean-Nicolas Pache destroyed their majority in the Legislative Assembly, and forty of them were guillotined during that year's Halloween. Sometimes known by the name of their leader Jacques Pierre Brissot, they sat to the right of The Plain in the assembly and opposed the Jacboins. FTP, name this moderate French Revolutionary faction.
Answer: Girondins [or Girondists; accept Brissotins before "Brissot" is read] Its Cogge ships helped it gain power in the region, and by 1300 it had established
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One of his attendants was represented by an oxen, and another was the god of water, and represented by a snake. Vohu Manah and Haurvatat, together with Asha, Kshathra, Armaiti, and Ameretat, were called the Amesha Spentas, who opposed the Daevas. His father, Zurvan, was a deity of space, time, and fate, and his son, Atar, battled a dragon, Azhi Dahaka, that cut Zima in half with a saw. Called Ormazdh in the religion's contemporary form, it was Vohu Manah who appeared to a certain prophet near the Daitya River, invited him to come to heaven, and inspired him to compose the Gathas, part of the Avesta. FTP, name this god, the counterpart of Ahriman, the embodiment of good, and the supreme deity in Zoroastrianism.
Answer: Ahura Mazda (accept Ormazdh before mentioned)
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It used such devices as the Tohopesate, a military pact, and the Verhansung, a final exclusion of recalcitrant members, to enforce its interests. Albrecht of Mecklenburg attempted to destroy it by hiring Klaus Stortebeker's pirates, the Vitalienbruder, to war against this organization. Another war, with England, lasted from 1468 to 1474, a century after it signed the Treaty of Straslund which ended its war with Denmark. Founded by Henry the Lion, it declined after expelling Cologne and Brunswick in the fifteenth century, and only Hamburg, Bremen, and Lubeck remained as members by 1669. FTP, name this Baltic trade confederation.
Answer: Hanseatic League [or Hansa]
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His early works included self portraits such as The Wounded Man, The Cellist, and The Man with a Pipe. His works concerning dormancy include The Sleeping Spinner and an erotic work featuring two females entitled The Sleepers. One of his best-known works, which depicts a young and old man performing the titular backbreaking action, was destroyed during the bombing of Dresden, and another depicts the internment of a peasant in the presence of two clergy wearing red. FTP, name this French painter of The Stone-breaker and The Burial at Organs.
Answer: Gustav Courbet
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Works espousing this group's beliefs include "Theory of Taxation" and "Rural Philosophy," along with their namesake work by du Pont, subtitled "The Natural Constitution of the Government Most Advantageous to Humankind." They divided workers into productive, sterile, and proprietor classes, and they attacked mercantilism in their belief that taxes should only be levied on land. They believed that among economic activities, only agriculture yielded a net profit, and they were supporters of the laissez-faire doctrine in part due to their mystical "natural order" theory. Including the likes of La Trosne, Abbe Baudeau, and Marquis de Mirabeau, FTP name this group of French economists led by the author of Tableau Economique, Francois Quesnay.
Answer: Physiocrats
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He writes that "For God, our God is a gallant foe that playeth behind the veil" in a poem in which he also claims, "For I am made as a naked blade." He calls out to "Gods of the Winged Shoe" in another poem, and in a dramatic monologue by this man Bertram de Born calls out "Hell blot black for always the thought `Peace!'" from his castle at Altaforte. In a long poem he describes a character who is "Bent resolutely on wringing lilies from the acorn" and he published a heavily embellished translation of books two and three of the "elegies" of Sextus Propertius. Other notable translations include Sophocles' Women of Trachs and Li Po's "The River-Merchant's Wife," and he was the editor of the vorticist publication Blast. Also the author of Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, this is FTP what expatriate author of The Cantos?
Answer: Ezra Pound
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One youth in this work is notably called "Della-croy" by his comrades Bobby and Harry while playing with some rocks. Clyde Dunbar is missing due to a broken leg, but his son Horace is only 16, so Janey has to take over for him. Mrs. Graves remarks that "Time sure goes fast" and "Seems like we got through with the last one only last week" about the central event. Old Man Warner opposes its abolishment, while Mr. Summers just wants a new box. Mr. Martin and his son Baxter help set it up, after which Adams, Watson, and others come forward to participate. Eventually it is ended when Mr. Hutchison receives a black dot, which leads to his wife's stoning. FTP name this story about a fatal game of chance by Shirley Jackson.
Answer: The Lottery
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In the one-dimensional equation for the radial wave function, the term for this quantity is equivalent to a repulsive potential. None of the individual components of its operator commute with each other, but its operator does commute with the Hamiltonian of it. A consequence of the conservation of this quantity is that a radius vector drawn from the sun to any planet seeps out equal areas in equal time intervals, and Bohr proposed the quantization of it in units of Planck's constant divided by 2 pi. In classical mechanics, the derivative of this quantity with respect to time is the net torque. FTP name this conserved rotational quantity defined as the cross product of position and its corresponding linear quantity, symbolized L.
Answer: angular momentum
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This man based his cantata "Aeolus Propitiated" on a work by Nicholas Harmoncourt, and he wrote only three oratorios, the Easter, Christmas, and Ascension. He later returned to mythological themes with a cantata featuring the son of Alcmene "at the crossroads." String works include six suites for solo cello and the sonatas and partitas for solo violin, but better known are a set of 10 "puzzle canons" on a royal theme, "A Musical Offering," and six concertos written for the margrave of their titular state. FTP name this prolific contrapuntal composer of The Art of Fugue and the Brandenburg Concertos.
Answer: Johann Sebastian Bach
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Their occurrence is partially explained by the Frohlich model, and Matthias noticed that none of them are lanthanides or actinides and related a high transition temperature in them to an odd number of valence electrons. Tuyn's law relates their threshold temperature to the critical strength of their external magnetic field, and a type one material's transition into one of these includes an exclusion of magnetic fields known as the Meissner effect. In one prominent theory, their existence is explained by electrons condensing near the Fermi level into boson-like Cooper pairs. FTP name this class of materials described by the BCS theory, characterized by zero electrical resistance.
Answer: superconductor
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The nations involved in this rhubarb patched things up with the Treaty of Mortefontaine and the new diplomatic team of Murray, Davie, and Ellsworth. It arose from an attempt to reconcile the seizure of 316 ships and the relentless campaigning against Florida and British vessels by Edmond Genet as well as other issues emanating from the Quasi War. Elbridge Gerry remained in the capital after this event, which had caused the negotiations with Hottinguer, Hauterval, and Bellamy to break off, while John Marshall and Charles Pinckney left, the latter muttering "No, no, not a sixpence!" Certainly, the ten million dollar loan and quarter million dollar bribe that Talleyrand demanded was not paid. FTP, name this scandal that takes its name from the pseudonyms used to hide the identities of the French negotiators.
Answer: XYZ affair
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The protagonist of this novel ridicules an engraving of Goethe he sees on the wall of an old colleague's home after they defame an anti-war column he had written. After leaving he meets a girl who mocks his love of Mozart due to his inability to dance and subsequently takes him to a tavern, where he meets then sleeps with Maria. He also meets the saxophonist Pablo, who, in a dream at the novel's end, pockets the shrunken corpse of Hermine. The novel begins with the protagonist in the aunt's boarding house, and after he vacates her stepson finds his memoir. Through it he finds out that the protagonist gave himself the title appellation after patronizing a magic show only for madmen, which awakened in him his animal instincts. FTP name this novel about Harry Haller by Hermann Hesse.
Answer: Steppenwolf
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For a solid, it can be determined using the Knudsen method or thermogravimetry. One can use the Kelvin equation to calculate it for a single drop of liquid, and the Goff-Gratch equation is the meteorological standard for calculating it for water. If the value of this quantity is known at one temperature, the Clausius-Clapeyron equation can be used to find its value at any other temperature, and this value can be calculated as the product of its value for a pure solvent and the solvent's mole fraction in Raoult's Law. Adding solute molecules to a solution lowers this quantity but raises the boiling point, which is defined as the temperature at which this quantity equals the external pressure. FTP name this quantity defined as the pressure of a gas in equilibrium with a confined liquid or solid.
Answer: vapor pressure
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TB. Its late genes, including vpr, vpu, and vif, require Rev to be expressed, while its early gene Nef, or negative factor, is the first protein to be detectable following infection with it. It was originally discovered by a group searching for a common cause behind a cluster of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Two strains are known to infect humans, though one is more virulent and classified into three groups, one of which is further broken down into nine subtypes plus circulating recombinant forms. A member of the lentivirus family, infection with it is typically treated with reverse transcriptase and protease inhibitors. FTP name this virus that infects CD4 positive T cells in over 30 million people worldwide and causes AIDS.
Answer: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
2006 ACF Fall Bonuses by Harding A
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The first of these was discovered by John Goodricke in 1784 and gave them their common name. FTPE:,
[10] Name these stars that have a strong relationship between their luminosity and their brightness oscillation periods of one to fifty days.
Answer: Cepheid variable stars
[10] This woman discovered that the luminosity-period relationship of Cepheid variables could be used as a standard candle to estimate distances to them.
Answer: Henrietta Leavitt
[10] Edwin Hubble discovered Cepheid variables in this closest neighboring galaxy, M31, and used them to prove that it was not in the Milky Way.
Answer: Andromeda galaxy
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Identify the following about British portraiture. FTPE:,
[10] The London artistocracy's favorite portraitist from 1775 to 1790, he executed portraits of George III, Charlotte Sophia, Mrs. Richard Sheridan, Francis Dunscombe, and the Blue Boy.
Answer: Thomas Gainsborough
[10] The first president of the Royal Academy of Arts, he is credited with over 2000 portraits, including Age of Innocence, Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces, and one of Samuel Johnson.
Answer: Sir Joshua Reynolds
[10] Both Gainsborough and Reynolds painted portraits of this actress, known for her roles as Lady Macbeth and as Isabella in Thomas Southerne's The Fatal Marriage; Reynolds' portrait was called The Tragic Muse.
Answer: Sarah Siddons
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Answer the following about Islam, FTPE.,
[10] Compiled between the 9th and 11th centuries, these accounts of things said and done by Muhammad are considered second in authority to the Koran.
Answer: hadith or sunna
[10] The hadith supply a more detailed version than the one found in the Koran of Muhammad's "night journey", or miraj to this city.
Answer: Jerusalem
[10] Muhammad married this nine-year-old daughter of Abu Bakr, who led an unsuccessful revolt against Ali after Muhammad's death.
Answer: Aisha
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Jamaican Asafa Powell set a world record for this in 2005 with a time of 9.77 seconds, and Justin Gatlin accomplished one in 9.76 seconds in May 2006. FTPE:,
[10] Name this athletic event, in which Gail Devers won the women's gold at both the 1992 and 1996 Olympics.
Answer: 100 meters [or 100 meter dash; do not accept 100 meter hurdles or 100 yard anything]
[10] Powell broke this American's record of 9.78 seconds, set in 2002. In 2005, he was banned from the sport for two years because of evidence of steroid use, and he also had a child with fellow sprinter Marion Jones.
Answer: Tim Montgomery
[10] This Canadian ran the 100 in 9.84 seconds en route to a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics, and he also defeated 200-meter champion Michael Johnson in a stunt 150-meter exhibition in 1997.
Answer: Donovan Bailey
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He believed in a "genetic epistemology" whereby nature established a timetable for the development of children's ability to think. FTPE:,
[10] This Swiss psychologist divided children's cognitive development into sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages.
Answer: Jean Piaget
[10] Understanding this concept, the notion that objects retain their physical properties regardless of appearance, generally signals the beginning of a child's concrete operational stage, according to Piaget.
Answer: conservation
[10] In this type of thought, prevalent in children during the preoperational stage, children cannot take other's viewpoints and believe that everyone thinks like they do.
Answer: egocentric
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The successor to the kingdom of Magadha, its capital was Pataliputra, and it was ruled by Bindasura and Brhadratha, after whose death the empire fell in 186 BCE. FTPE:,
[10] Name this first great empire of India, founded by Chandragupta.
Answer: Mauryan Empire
[10] Ruling from 269 to 232 BC, this grandson of Chandragupta substantially enlarged Mauryan holdings before becoming a pacifist and dedicating himself to spreading Buddhism.
Answer: Ashoka
[10] Ashoka became a pacifist after waging war against this coastal kingdom, which roughly corresponds with the present-day Indian state of Orissa. It was ruled by the Gangas and was home to the temple of the Juggernaut.
Answer: Kalinga
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Twentieth-century Poland went through much turbulence. FTPE:,
[10] This former Socialist and editor of the newspaper Robotnik organized the Union of Riflemen to rebel against Russian rule during World War I and ruled newly independent Poland as dictator from 1920 to 1922 and 1926 to 1934.
Answer: Jozef Klemens Pilsudski
[10] This 1983 Nobel Peace Prize laureate worked as an electrician at a Gdansk shipyard and led resistance to Wojciech Jaruzelski's government before becoming president himself in 1990.
Answer: Lech Walesa
[10] This organization led by Walesa and Tadeusz Mazowiecki evolved from the Workers Defense Committee and successfully negotiated with the government as a dissident union.
Answer: Independent Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarity [or Niezalezny Samorzad Zwiazkow Zawodowych Solidarnosc]
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Identify the following about medieval and Renaissance music. FTPE:,
[10] Also known as plainsong, it became codified in the late 6th century and consisted of hundreds of songs for use in the Church.
Answer: Gregorian chant
[10] This type of composition, popular from the 13th to 15th century, was a more complicated polyphonic arrangement of a section of a Gregorian chant; important composers of them include Guillame de Machaut and Josquin Deprez.
Answer: motet
[10] The composer of the Improperia and Missa Papae Marcelli and over 250 motets, the Catholic Encyclopedia hails this 16th century Italian as the greatest composer of liturgical music of all time.
Answer: Giovanni da Palestrina
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Identify the following about an organic molecule FTPE:,
[10] This straight chain hydrocarbon has molecular formula C2H6.
Answer: ethane
[10] This type of projection depicts conformational isomers looking along a carbon-carbon single bond, such as the one in ethane.
Answer: Newman projection.
[10] This highest energy, least stable conformation of ethane has all hydrogen atoms as close together as possible, with a dihedral angle of zero.
Answer: eclipsed conformation
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Identify the authors of the following early American autobiographical narratives. FTPE:,
[10] Also called Gustavus Vassa, this former slave of Michael Pascal recounts his voyage with John Phipps in his attempt to find a passage from India to the North Pole and his own attempt to establish a Christian colony in Nicaragua, among other things, in his Interesting Narrative.
Answer: Oloudah Equiano
[10] Her The Sovereignty and Goodness of God: A Narrative of Captivity and Restoration tells of her capture by some Narragansett Indians during King Philip's War.
Answer: Mary Rowlandson
[10] His simply titled Autobiography was not published until 1868, and it chronicled everything from his work at the New England Courant with his brother James to his time spent as U.S. Commissioner to France from 1777 to 1785.
Answer: Benjamin Franklin
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Identify the following about the geography of Australia. FTPE:,
[10] Located in Australia's central plateau, this 1142 foot-tall, 6 mile wide monolith is located in a namesake national park.
Answer: Uluru or Ayers Rock
[10] The Kent and Furneaux islands are located in this strait, which separates Australia from Tasmania.
Answer: Bass Strait
[10] Having a name meaning "no trees", this arid plain covers over 77,000 square miles along the southern and southwestern coast of Australia.
Answer: Nullarbor Plain
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Identify these people and things that annoyed seventeenth century colonists in Virginia, FTPE:,
[10] In 1644, five hundred settlers were killed in a series of raids led by Opechancanough, a Pamunkey chief who led the confederation named for this father of Pocahantas.
Answer: Powhatan [or Wahunsonacock]
[10] Colonists hated these laws, which stated that only British ships could import or export goods to or from British colonies.
Answer: Navigation Acts [or Acts of Trade and Navigation]
[10] Beginning in 1671, this colonial governor of Virginia stopped calling for elections, a move that culminated in Bacon's Rebellion in 1676.
Answer: William Berkeley
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Identify the following 19th century poets. FTPE:,
[10] This author of Ismaelillo and Versos Sencillos also founded the newspaper La patria libre and was a leader in the fight for Cuban independence.
Answer: Jose Julian Marti
[10] A Jewish convert to Christianity, this member of Young Germany is the author of "Nordsee", Romanzero, and "Die Lorilei".
Answer: Heinrich Heine
[10] Poltava and The Bronze Horseman draw on Russian history, just like this man's best-known work, the verse novel Eugene Onegin.
Answer: Vladimir Pushkin
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Identify the following about fluids FTPE:,
[10] This principle states that a change in pressure applied to a fluid is transmitted equally to every portion of the fluid.
Answer: Pascal's principle
[10] Used to classify fluid flow as laminar or turbulent, this dimensionless number is the ratio of a fluid's inertial forces to viscous forces.
Answer: Reynolds number
[10] These partial differential equations, whose solution was greatly simplified by Prandtl's development of the boundary layer theory, are the fundamental equations governing flow of incompressible fluids.
Answer: Navier-Stokes equations
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Identify the following about an American author FTPE:,
[10] His literary career began with the anonymous publication of Fanshawe in 1828 and concluded with the sketch collection Our Old Home and the unfinished novel Septimus Felton.
Answer: Nathaniel Hawthorne
[10] The protagonist of this short story is Giovanni Guiscanti, who observes the title character's death, caused by experiments performed on her by her father and Baglioni.
Answer: Rappaccinni's Daughter
[10] In this Hawthorne work, narrated by Miles Coverdale, Zenobia drowns herself when Hollandsworth admits his love for Priscilla; it is partially based on Hawthorne's time spent at Brook Farm.
Answer: The Blithedale Romance
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These laws dating from medieval times gave British grain growers a practical monopoly within the country. FTPE:,
[10] Name these restraints on trade which were abolished in the wake of the Irish potato famine.
Answer: Corn Laws
[10] This man was the leading speaker for the Anti Corn Law League led by Richard Cobden and later served six total years in Gladstone's cabinets.
Answer: John Bright
[10] The Corn Laws were doomed by the emergence of middle-class MPs such as Bright, made possible following this act of Charles Grey's administration which eliminated rotten boroughs and expanded the franchise to most property owners.
Answer: Great Reform Bill [or First Reform Bill; or 1832 Reform Bill; prompt on Reform Bill]
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Answer the following about an example of why it wasn't a good idea to get on Artemis' bad side. FTPE:,
[10] After Oeneus, failed to sacrifice to Artemis at the end of the harvest, she sent this type of animal to destroy his city.
Answer: boar
[10] Many heroes soon began hunting the Calydonian boar, including Jason, Theseus, and this swift-footed wife of Milanion who just couldn't resist those apples.
Answer: Atalanta
[10] The Calydonian boar was finally killed by this son of Oeneus, who awarded the boar's hide to Atalanta and was consequently killed by his uncles.
Answer: Meleager
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Identify the following about series FTPE:,
[10] This type of series approximates the values of functions by using polynomials of which the form of the nth one is f n-prime of x-naught times the quantity (x minus x-naught) to the n divided by n factorial.
Answer: Taylor series
[10] This special type of Taylor series is an expansion of the function about zero.
Answer: Maclaurin series
[10] This function of x is defined by its Taylor series expansion of x minus x3 over 3 factorial, plus x5 over 5 factorial, minus x7 over 7 factorial, and so on...
Answer: sin(x)
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It contains conducting cells called tracheary elements, which must undergo programmed cell death before they serve their function. FTPE:,
[10] Name this plant structure that transports water from the roots to the leaves through a transpiration-cohesion-tension mechanism.
Answer: xylem
[10] Xylem is produced by the vascular variety of this lateral meristem tissue. The cork variety of this tissue produces protective cells that make up the periderm.
Answer: cambium
[10] The transpirational pull responsible for water transport begins with water evaporating through these gaps in the epidermis of leaves and stems.
Answer: stomata [accept stoma]

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