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2007 ACF Fall Tossups by FSU A
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An approximate screened potential is named for Thomas and this person. In superconductors, this scientist's namesake level is found in the band gap. His namesake paradox notes the high probability of the existence of but the lack of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. The Pauli exclusion principle is obeyed by his namesake particles, which have half-integer spins, unlike bosons. Together with Szilard at the University of Chicago, he built the world's first nuclear reactor. Rutherford congratulated him for "escaping theoretical physics" when he discovered the transuranics. FTP, name this Italian physicist.
Answer: Enrico Fermi
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Reggie Geary holds the career record for steals for this school's basketball program, which plays in the McKale Center. It has made the Big Dance for a record 23 consecutive years, but it lost to the #15 seed Santa Clara in the first round in 1993. Jason Gardner and Gilbert Arenas were part of the 2001 squad that fell to Duke in the NCAA Championship game. Ten years ago, they became the first team ever to defeat three No. 1 seeds en route to winning the 1997 national championship, thanks in part to the efforts of Michael Dickerson and Mike Bibby. FTP, name this Pac-10 basketball program nicknamed the Wildcats and coached by Lute Olsen.
Answer: the University of Arizona Wildcats [prompt on Wildcats]
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Aedon, when attempting to slay one of her sons, accidentally murdered her own daughter, Itylus. In some accounts, this woman was the grandmother of Pero, Periclymenus, and Nestor through her daughter Meliboia, who took the name Chloris, meaning pale. Her husband was the twin brother of Zethus, Aedon's husband, and was capable of moving rocks by playing his lyre, while she herself was born to around Mount Sipylus, where the Achelous river was formed from her tears. She is best known for the revenge that the Letoides carried out against her. FTP, name this woman, the wife of Amphion, whose children were killed by Artemis and Apollo when she declared herself greater than their mother, Leto.
Answer: Niobe
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Johannes Fabricius was the first to publish a book on these entities, which are caused by strong radial vortical fields. Rudolf Wolf is the namesake of a quantity that measures the number of these objects. The periodic variation of their positions is given by Sporer's law, according to which they follow an 11-year cycle. There was a low number of them between 1645 and 1715, which is referred to as the Maunder Minimum. Associated with strong magnetic fields, they are 1500 Kelvin cooler than the surrounding photosphere. FTP, name these dark patches that appear on the surface of the sun.
Answer: sunspots
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Doe versus this entity struck down its speech code, partly enacted in reaction to a flier claiming "open season" on blacks. The ruling of another case involving this entity cited the precedent of NE Florida Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America v. Jacksonville in granting the plaintiffs standing to bring suit. In that case, Patrick Hamacher was a co-petitioner against its president, James Duderstadt. Gratz versus its later president struck down its points-based system and Grutter versus that president, Lee Bollinger, affirmed the constitutionality of affirmative action in its law school's admissions policy. FTP, name this educational institution located in Ann Arbor.
Answer: The University of Michigan [prompt on Michigan; do not accept with "Law School"]
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One version of this quantity represents the sum of the predicted values of data. Other versions are given by the Bekenstein-Hawking formula and Sackur-Tetrode equation, which give this state variable for black holes and ideal gasses. It is proportional to a constant times the natural log of the number of microstates, the constant of proportionality being Boltzmann's; that formula appears on his grave. Introduced by Clausius, it is at a minimum when a system approaches absolute zero. FTP, name this measure of disorder, that, for an isolated system, does not decrease with time according to the second law of thermodynamics.
Answer: the entropy (prompt on S)
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One of this man's paintings depicts a girl wearing a blue dress and red hat who enigmatically glances to the right, and is titled The Terrace. One of his paintings depicts a basket-toting red-haired woman in front of a crowd toting the title Umbrellas. Portraits like Jeanne Samary and Madame Charpentier and Her Children provided his later income. A child wearing a red bow is the subject of his Girl With a Watering Can, while another work depicts some bare-armed dudes in straw hats, women in fancy dresses, and men in top hats eating and commiserating under an awning. FTP, name this French painter of Le Moulin de la Galette and Luncheon of the Boating Party.
Answer: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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This person was attacked in a "Letter? to a Friend," in which Giovanni Caroli questioned his claims. The Piagnoni formed to preserve the memory of this thinker, who wrote Infelix ego, a meditation on Pslam 51, shortly before his death. His Compendium of Revelations contains his dichotomy of prophecies and images of a black cross above Rome and a gold cross above Jerusalem. He supported the invasion of Florence by Charles VIII, but was excommunicated for defying Pope Alexander VI. FTP, name this Dominican friar and reformer, who led the 1497 "Bonfire of the Vanities."
Answer: Girolamo Savonarola
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The inhabitants of Balanjar attempted to resist this group's rule by circling three thousand wagons around a key fortress. Its first branch was the Sufyanids and it reached its largest territorial extent under Walid I. It lost over 8,000 men fighting a force of 72 at the Battle of Karbala. Its last ruler was Marwan II, who lost at the Battle of the Zab. Its European conquests were halted at the Battle of Tours by Charles Martel. This dynasty had its capital at Damascus. FTP, name this Islamic caliphate that ruled from 661-750; the very first Islamic dynasty.
Answer: the Umayyad Dynasty [or Umayyad Caliphate; prompt on Islamic Caliphate, Muslim Caliphate, Islamic Empire, or Muslim Empire]
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This poem's speaker compares his praise of the "glories of [his] King" with the singing of "committed linnets." Its speaker lies tangled in the hair of the title character, who is based on Lucy Sacheverell, and contrasts "Fishes that tipple in the deep" with "Angels alone, that soar above." The speaker argues that "When Love with unconfined wings / Hovers within [his] gates," the "birds that wanton in the air / Know no such liberty." FTP, identify this poem that declares "Stone walls do not a prison make / Nor iron bars a cage," by Richard Lovelace.
Answer: "To Althea, From Prison"
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A well-known method for their production utitlizes a cyanide nucleophile. They react with reducing sugars in the Maillard reaction, and their phi-psi torsion angles are shown on a Ramachandran plot. One of these is the namesake of a zipper that forms an alpha-helix conformation, and accumulation of one example of this group causes phenylketonuria. These compounds are created in the Strecker synthesis and a carboxyl and their namesake group are found in the twenty most common ones, which are linked by peptide bonds. FTP, name this type of compound that makes up proteins.
Answer: amino acids
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The rise of nationalism in this country can be seen in operas like The Dog Heads and The Devil and Kate. The string quartet Intimate Letters was written for a quartet named for this country, which included the composer Josef Suk. The Israeli national anthem shares its melody with a symphonic poem about a river that runs through the capital of this country. A well-known opera set in this country features Kostelnicka drowning the titular girl's baby in a river, while the "dance of the comedians" appears in an opera from this country about Jenik's desire to marry the otherwise engaged Marenka, The Bartered Bride. FTP name this Central European nation, the home of Leon Janacek and Bedrich Smetana.
Answer: The Czech Republic [or Czechoslovakia or Cesko or Ceska Republica]
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One character in this work describes jazz as "Chinese music," and compares a furniture salesman to the devil. In its opening scene, two characters discuss a co-worker named Brownie, who got caught trying to steal a watermelon. The protagonist often sings about a dog named Blue, and cheats on his wife with Alberta, resulting in the birth of Raynell. Gabriel is unable to blow a trumpet at the end of this play, whose protagonist refuses to let his son Cory play football because the color barrier prevented the protagonist from playing baseball in the Major Leagues. Set in the 1950's and part of the Pittsburgh Cycle, FTP, name this play about garbage truck driver Troy Maxson, by August Wilson.
Answer: Fences
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A Judge magazine cartoon shows a snake with this statesman's head swallowing a donkey. Architect of a scheme of 31 agreements promoting a one-year "cooling-off period," this politician's debating so impressed Charles Crisp that he was placed on the Ways and Means Committee as a freshman Representative. He later led a national campaign to pass the Eighteenth Amendment. He served as Secretary of State from 1913-15, though he is for prosecuting the Scopes Monkey Trial. FTP, name this "Boy Orator of the Platte" who won the first of many Presidential nominations in 1896 by delivering the "Cross of Gold" speech.
Answer: William Jennings Bryan
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This author's protagonists include a boy traveling to Jersey who discovers his Uncle Jules opening oysters, and a country farmer who is accused of stealing a pocketbook. He wrote about the amoral editor George Duroy, who manipulates his way to the top of French society, in his novel Bel Ami. This author of "La Horla" also wrote a short story about the prostitute Elizabeth Rousset, who is forced to sleep with a Prussian officer after being trapped in Totes. Best known for a short story about Mathilde Loisel, who discovers that the title piece of jewelry is fake after losing it at a party, FTP, name this French author of "Ball of Fat" and "The Necklace."
Answer: Guy de Maupassant
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A testo narrates a work by this composer that features a Christian knight who kills a Saracen maiden, The Fight Between Tancredi and Clorinda. A piece sometimes known as "Lasciatemi morire" and later arranged by the composer for five voices is the only extant part of his opera Arianna. The text of his first opera was provided by Alessandro Striggio, and it begins with a recitation by La Musica of her powers. Another opera by this composer features Ottone, who dresses in female clothes in an attempt to kill the title character, who is having an affair with Nero. FTP, name this Italian composer of the early operas The Coronation of Poppaea and Orfeo.
Answer: Claudio Monteverdi
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This waterway is invaded in the north by Wilsons Promontory National Park; it also includes Deal Island in the northeast, which is part of the Kent Group and home to a lighthouse. About 300 kilometers wide on average, it is bounded on the east by the Furneaux group of islands and, because it was the site of the Valentich Disappearance, it gives its name to a "triangle" similar to the Bermuda triangle. It basically extends from Christmas Island in the west to Flinders Island in the east. Named for a British explorer, FTP, name this strait which connects the Tasman Sea to the Indian Ocean and sounds like a type of fish.
Answer: the Bass Strait
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Heinrich Abeken served as the go-between for two of the major figures associated with this object. It resulted from Spanish overtures offering their throne to Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern and followed after Count Vincent Benedetti sought reassurances for the French government. Named for a bathing resort on the Lahn River, it presents the details of a conversation between the French ambassador and Kaiser Wilhelm I. FTP, what is this 1870 communique altered by Otto van Bismarck to precipitate the Franco-Prussian War?
Answer: the Ems Dispatch [accept similar terms for Dispatch]
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One character in this novel is initially uninterested in Riemann surface tennis and obstacle golf, and loses social standing when the protagonist refuses to appear before the Arch-Community Songster. Beginning with an explanation of the Bokanovsky Technique, this novel focuses on dissatisfied characters like Helmholtz Watson, who is exiled by World Controller Mustapha Mond. Its protagonist commits suicide after being seen whipping himself by Lenina and had earlier caused a riot among Deltas by throwing away their soma. Named for a line from The Tempest, FTP, name this novel in which Bernard Marx brings John the Savage to the World State, a dystopia by Aldous Huxley.
Answer: Brave New World
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Chapter 16 of this work mentions sending a goat into the wilderness to Azazel while discussing Yom Kippur. This book of the Bible ends with a discourse on religious vows and describes an incident in which Nadab and Abihu burned some incense with illicit fire. Named for the group that remained loyal to Moses during the Golden Calf incident, this work begins by describing types of sacrifices and includes laws concerning what is clean and unclean. FTP, name this third book of the Old Testament, which centers on the priestly code.
Answer: Leviticus [or Vayikra]
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In the Nathanael West novel The Dream Life of Balso Snell, a flea named Saint Puce spent his entire life in the armpit of this person. The title character of Flannery O'Connor's short story "Parker's Back" gets a tattoo of this man, who, in a poem by Alexander Blok, leads twelve Red Army soldiers. Jose Saramago wrote a novel about The Gospel According to this religious figure, who was posed the titular question by Paul in the Henryk Sienkiewicz novel Quo Vadis?. FTP, name this prophet who dies at the beginning of Par Lagerkvist's novel Barabbas and whose "last temptation" was chronicled by Nikos Kazantzakis.
Answer: Jesus Christ (accept either name)
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Late in life, this thinker gave a series of lectures dealing with the ancient concept of parrhesia. Another work contains an examination of what he calls the "analytic of finitude" and discusses how "cogito ergo sum" fails to hold within the modern episteme. That work begins with a discussion of Velazquez's Las Meninas and is entitled The Order of Things. He developed the concept of the "medical gaze" in The Birth of the Clinic, and other works include a planned six-volume work whose first part is The Will to Knowledge, as well as a work discussing Bentham's Panopticon. FTP, identify this French thinker, author of The History of Sexuality and Discipline and Punish.
Answer: Michel Foucault
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One of the casualties from this conflict, Robert MacDonald, was given a massive funeral procession of up to 4000 mourners at Market Square. One of the antagonists pursued the other from Lynnhaven Roads. The impetus for this incident involved four men from the Melampus and Halifax. This incident also featured Stephen Decatur's assailant, James Barron, as one of the commanding officers. Prompting the ill-fated Embargo Act, this is, FTP, what 1807 incident in which a British ship fired on and boarded an American one in search of deserted sailors?
Answer: the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
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Myrmecophiles participate in the Wasmannian type of this phenomenon, which is termed Vavilovian in certain cases involving weeds. The Bakerian form is exemplified by the Caricaceae species, whose members do not produce nectar yet still attract pollinators. One version is best demonstrated in monarch and viceroy butterflies, and is often confused with another type that involves unrelated species that are distasteful. FTP, name this ecological term that describes how one organism resembles another for concealment or protection, with Mullerian and Batesian varieties.
Answer: mimicry
2007 ACF Fall Bonuses by FSU A
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Examples of these are named for Grassmann, Whitehead, and Steifel. They can be understood as mathematical objects for which a chart exists. FTPE:,
[10] Name these connected and locally Euclidean topological spaces.
Answer: manifolds
[10] A manifold with a metric is named for this German mathematician, a student of Gauss. His namesake sums can be used to define his namesake version of the integral.
Answer: Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
[10] According to this conjecture, any simply connected, closed manifold is homeomorphic to the sphere. Its elusive 3-dimensional case was apparently proven by Grigori Perelman in 2003.
Answer: the Poincare conjecture
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Answer the following about the Ukraine FTPE.,
[10] This peninsula connected to the mainland by the Isthmus of Perekop extends into the Black Sea and contains Sevastopol.
Answer: Crimean Peninsula
[10] Mount Hoverla in the far west is Ukraine's highest peak and is part of this major mountain range of eastern Europe which stretches from Bratislava to the Iron Gate in Romania.
Answer: Carpathian Mountains
[10] This river, once known as the Tyras, rises in the Carpathians of western Ukraine and flows through Moldova and then back into Ukraine where it empties into the Black Sea south of Odessa.
Answer: Dniester River [Dnestr River]
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It occurred on March 25, 1911 in New York City's Asch Building. FTPE:,
[10] Name this industrial disaster in which hideous design flaws and an utter lack of a safety codes led to the deaths of 146 workers, some of whom were forced to jump from ninth-floor windows.
Answer: the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
[10] Among those who were charged with investigating the fire was this future Secretary of Labor under FDR.
Answer: Frances Coralie Perkins
[10] Another investigator was this future New York Senator and namesake of a National Labor Relations Act.
Answer: Robert Ferdinand Wagner
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One type of this device is named for Mach and Zehnder, while a second type, named for Sagnac, can be used to measure angular velocities very precisely. FTPE:,
[10] Name these devices that exploit a namesake wave property of light.
Answer: interferometers
[10] Perhaps the most famous use of an interferometer in physics was this experiment, named for its conductors, the null result of which is evidence against a luminiferous ether.
Answer: the Michelson-Morley experiment
[10] This Dutch physicist proposed length contraction along with George FitzGerald and coined the term local time to explain the result of the Michelson-Morley experiment.
Answer: Hendrik Antoon Lorentz
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Writers like to write about painters. FTPE:,
[10] He features prominently in Mario Vargas Llosa's The Way to Paradise and W. Somerset Maugham's character Charles Strickland in Moon and Sixpence is based on this man. He painted The Yellow Christ before going to Tahiti to paint Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?
Answer: Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin
[10] The novel Tiepolo's Hound by Derek Walcott fictionalized the life of this painter of The Chestnut Trees at Osny. This Saint Thomas native displayed paintings in all eight Impressionist exhibitions.
Answer: Camille Pissarro
[10] This artist of Madonna of the Harpies was labeled a "faultless painter" in a Robert Browning poem.
Answer: Andrea Del Sarto
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Answer the following about works of Chinese literature FTPE.,
[10] Ezra Pound translated one of this man's poems into "The River Merchant's Wife." This drunken idiot may have died while trying to embrace the reflection of the moon, or from plain ole liver cirrhosis.
Answer: Li Po [accept Li Tai-po or Li Bai]
[10] This Luo Guanzhong novel sees Liu Bei take the Oath of the Peach Garden and the forces of Cao Cao defeated at the Battle of Red Cliffs.
Answer: Romance of the Three Kingdoms [also accept San Kuo]
[10] Farting buses are found in this man's most famous work, Soul Mountain, which helped win this Chinese author of the short story collection Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather the 2000 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Answer: Gao Xingjian
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According to most sources, he proposed the idea of eternal recurrence and prohibited eating beans. FTPE:,
[10] Name this pre-Socratic philosopher, who is best remembered today for a namesake mathematical theorem which equates the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with the squares of the remaining sides.
Answer: Pythagoras
[10] One member of Pythagoras's crew, Hippasos, discovered these numerical entities that cannot be represented as a fraction whose numerator and denominator are integers. Legend has it that Hippasos was executed for discovering them, and the Pythagoreans split over their existence.
Answer: irrational numbers
[10] Pythagoras is said to have prohibited eating beans and meat because of this theory, which he is credited with introducing to Greece from Egypt. It is a form of reincarnation in which the soul passes among numerous creatures.
Answer: metempsychosis or transmigration of souls
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The wife of Karl Ulrich, duke of Holstein-Gottorp, she issued a namesake Instruction that went unheeded in her nation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Enlightened Empress of Russia during the mid-18th century.
Answer: Catherine II, the Great, of Russia (or Yekaterina II Alekseyevna, Velikaya; or Sophie Friederike Auguste, Prinzessin von Anhalt-Zerbst; accept any two underlined parts in combination; prompt on just Catherine or Yekaterina or Sophie or Anhalt-Zerbst)
[10] Precedent for Catherine's rule was set by this Empress, her mother-in-law and aunt, who had seized power from Anna Leopoldovna in 1741.
Answer: Elizabeth of Russia (or Yelizaveta Petrovna)
[10] A founder of the Free Economic Society, this military officer, adviser, and lover of Catherine's planned the coup that brought her to power. He went insane after having lost favor for botching a diplomatic mission to Turkey.
Answer: Grigory Grigoryevich, Count Orlov
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Members are rod-shaped bacilli which usually inhabit the GI tract of animals. FTPE:,
[10] Name this bacterial genus or its most famous member that has a notable O157:H7 strain and caused a national scare in September 2006.
Answer: Escherichia or Escherichia coli
[10] Most members of the Escherichia genus are Gram negative, meaning they do not rely much on this polymer, whose formation is prevented by the beta-lactam antibiotics.
Answer: peptidoglycan
[10] The original beta-lactam, it earned its discoverer Alexander Fleming a Nobel Prize in 1928 and subsequently saved thousands of lives in World War II.
Answer: Penicillin
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Name the following plays written by European authors FTPE.,
[10] Set in a room with Second Empire furniture, this Jean-Paul Sartre play includes the characters Estelle, who drowned her illegitimate child, and Garcin, who exclaims, "Hell is other people."
Answer: No Exit
[10] Annabella becomes pregnant after having sex with her brother Giovanni, who kills her, cuts out her heart, and kills her suitor Soranzo before bleeding to death in this play by John Ford.
Answer: 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
[10] The title character of this Ibsen play loves Solveig so much that he impregnates a troll just by thinking of her. Other characters include the Stranger Passenger, the Button Moulder, and the Mountain King.
Answer: Peer Gynt
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It was visited by al-Bakri and had its capital at Kumbi Saleh. FTPE:,
[10] Name this sub-Saharan empire centered in southern Mali and Mauritania, which is the namesake of another modern African nation.
Answer: Ghana
[10] The decline of Ghana was caused by an invasion of this Muslim dynasty of Berber warriors, commonly called "the hermits", who were led by the commander Abu Bakr.
Answer: Almoravids
[10] The Almoravid invasion of Ghana occurred in this century, as did a defeat of the Byzantine Empire under Romanus Diogenes by the Seljuk Turks led by Alp Arslan.
Answer: the 11th century CE
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Nagarjuna was the founder of its most famous philosophical school. Members seek to become bodhisattvas, who postpone nirvana to help others achieve enlightenment. FTPE:,
[10] Name this branch of a major Asian religion.
Answer: Mahayana
[10] Mahayana, along with Theravada, Pure Land and Zen, are branches of this religion.
Answer: Buddhism
[10] Nagarjuna founded this Mahayana Buddhist philosophical school, which is named for its adherence to the "middle path." It is based on the teaching of emptiness, or sunyata.
Answer: Madhyamika
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Answer these questions about Antarctica and Jewish gay literature FTPE.,
[10] A travel agent named Mr. Lies takes Harper Pitt to Antarctica in this play by Tony Kushner, which includes a Jew named Louis Ironson and a gay dude named Roy Cohn who dies of AIDS.
Answer: Angels in America
[10] This Jew illustrator created by Michael Chabon joins the American Navy and is sent to Antarctica. Upon his return home, he finds that his former love interest Rosa Saks is together with his cousin, Sam Clay, who used to be gay.
Answer: Joe Kavalier [accept either underlined part]
[10] Along with writing a story set on an Antarctic expedition entitled A Victim of the Aurora, Thomas Keneally wrote a novel about this businessman, who saved a bunch of Jews, at least one of whom was probably gay, from the Nazis.
Answer: Oskar Schindler
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FTPE, answer the following about phallo-centric mythology.,
[10] This well-endowed Greek deity often served as a scarecrow in ancient gardens and was seen as a protector of property from thieves. He was a son of Aphrodite, though the father is identified as any number of gods.
Answer: Priapus
[10] This deity of the American Southwest and Pueblo peoples is often depicted with a prominent penis and as a hunchbacked figure playing a flute. Some associate him with the god Locust, which continues to copulate when caught.
Answer: Kokopelli
[10] This people, who assimilated the mythology of the Hurrians, believed that Tarhun killed a serpent named Illuyanka, and that Kumarbi bit off the penis of Anu and spat out three new gods, a tale which is found in "The Song of Ullikummi."
Answer: Hittites
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Myasthenia gravis is caused by the autoimmune destruction of its nicotinic receptors. FTPE:,
[10] Name this most abundant neurotransmitter in the peripheral nervous system.
Answer: acetylcholine
[10] Cholinergic receptors are usually either nicotinic or this type, which uses G proteins and is stimulated by some mushroom derivatives.
Answer: muscarinic
[10] Myasthenia gravis is sometimes linked with tumors in this organ which produces immature T cells. Found at the base of the neck, it decreases in size after puberty.
Answer: thymus
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His poems based on the paintings of Brueghel include "Landscape With the Fall of Icarus." FTPE:,
[10] Name this doctor-turned-poet of Kora in Hell and Asphodel, that Greeny Flower.
Answer: William Carlos Williams
[10] William Carlos Williams wrote that "so much depends / upon" the title object, which is "glazed with rain / water" and "beside the white / chickens," in this Imagist poem.
Answer: "The Red Wheelbarrow"
[10] Williams also wrote this epic poem in five books, which repeats the line "no ideas but in things." Its structure "follows the course of the Passaic River," which flows past the title city.
Answer: Paterson
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This man was considered a foremost opponent of child pornography before the release of naughty instant messages with underage male Congressional pages. FTPE:,
[10] Name this US House member from Florida's 16th District who resigned in 2006 amidst investigations by the FBI and House Ethics Committee.
Answer: Mark Foley [accept MaF54]
[10] This then-Idaho senator tapped his toes several times, touched an undercover cop's foot, and swiped his hand under a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport, leading to his arrest and resignation.
Answer: Larry Craig
[10] This member of Florida's House of Representatives was arrested in July of 2007 for offering to pay $20 to perform oral sex on a pretty stocky black guy... but only out of fear, as he later claimed.
Answer: Bob Allen
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Commissioned by Emile Biasini, this seventy-foot structure is surrounded by seven triangular fountains and pools. FTPE:,
[10] Name this structure that serves as the entrance to a major art museum in Paris.
Answer: Louvre Pyramid [also accept Pyramid de Louvre or Glass Pyramid, but prompt on less specific answers]
[10] This Chinese American architect designed Boston's John Hancock Tower and the Bank of China Tower in addition to the Louvre Pyramid.
Answer: Ieoh Ming "I.M." Pei
[10] I. M. Pei also designed this pyramid-inspired Cleveland building whose rear facade features a rectangular tower and a cylindrical room supported by a single column.
Answer: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
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It was rescinded by Ferdinand VII in the Pragmatic Sanction of 1830. FTPE:,
[10] Name this body of law originally intended for the governance of a specific group of Franks. Today, it is most associated with its prohibition on female succession to the throne.
Answer: Salic Law (or Lex Salica)
[10] Isabella was named heir to the throne of this country under the regency of her mother, Maria Christina. Isabella's ascension to the throne of this country was supported by the "Liberals," who hoped to weaken the monarchy while strengthening central government.
Answer: Spain (or Espana)
[10] Early in Isabella's reign, this 1833-1839 rocked Spain. It saw the Basque general Tomas de Zumalacarregui die in a siege of Bilbao and it ended with an agreement between Baldomero Espartero and Rafael Maroto.
Answer: First Carlist War [prompt on Carlist War]
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The first movement in this collection mocks the piano works of Muzio Clementi. FTPE:,
[10] Name this piano suite written for the composer's daughter Chou-Chou in 1908, which includes the movements "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum" and "Golliwogg's Cakewalk."
Answer: the Children's Corner suite
[10] The Children's Corner suite is by this French Impressionist composer, whose other works include the piano piece Clair de lune and the orchestral La mer.
Answer: Claude Debussy
[10] Golliwogg's Cakewalk jokingly quotes the opening of this Richard Wagner opera, though it does not actually use the chord named after the opera's male title character. The female title character of this opera sings a famous Liebestod.
Answer: Tristan and Isolde [also accept Tristan und Isolde]
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The Night of Joy is a strip club in this work, whose protagonist eventually leaves with Myrna Minkoff after Angelo Mancuso arrests Lana Lee for running a pornography ring. FTPE:,
[10] Name this John Kennedy Toole novel that centers on the adventures of Ignatius J. Reilly while working for Levy Pants and as a hot dog vendor for Paradise Vendors in New Orleans.
Answer: A Confederacy of Dunces
[10] A Confederacy of Dunces takes its title from an epigraph of this Irish satirical author, who wrote The Battle of the Books and A Modest Proposal.
Answer: Jonathan Swift
[10] Thanks to the efforts of Toole's mother, this author of The Thanatos Syndrome wrote the foreword for A Confederacy of Dunces. This American author also wrote The Moviegoer and The Last Gentleman.
Answer: Walker Percy
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The one named for Roger Adams is platinum dioxide and results in hydrogenation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this type of substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed.
Answer: a catalyst
[10] A strong Lewis acid such as aluminum tri-chloride catalyzes this reaction, in which aromatic compounds can undergo alkylation or acylation.
Answer: the Friedel-Crafts reaction
[10] Consisting of titanium chloride and alkyl-aluminum, this doubly eponymous catalyst is used on alkenes to synthesize polymers.
Answer: a Ziegler-Natta catalyst
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Name these Nobel Prize-winning economists FTPE.,
[10] Selten and Harsanyi shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics with this man, the namesake of a game theory equilibrium. Leo Wolpert thinks he has a beautiful mind.
Answer: John Forbes Nash, Jr.
[10] This 1970 winner published an influential basic economics textbook titled Economics, later editions of which are co-authored by William Nordhaus.
Answer: Paul Anthony Samuelson
[10] This Nobel winner worked on Arrow's Impossibility Theorem before writing that food shortage stems from inequalities in food distribution in Poverty and Famines.
Answer: Amartya Kumar Sen

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