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2007 ACF Fall Tossups by Dartmouth B
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This person's namesake principle demonstrates that a thermodynamic cycle run in reverse acts as a refrigerator. The inventor of the AND gate, this scientist names the putative resonant frequency of the Earth and his namesake effect is the wireless transmission of power. He claimed to have worked out a unified field theory, but it was never published. The winner of the so-called "War of the Currents," he was obsessed late in life with the design of a "death ray." FTP, name this physicist who lends his name to the SI unit of magnetism and a coil of his own invention; a pioneer of alternating current from Croatia.
Answer: Nicola Tesla
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A chess automaton kills its inventor in this author's short story "Moxon's Master," which appears in his collection Can Such Things Be? This author of Fantastic Fables wrote about a deaf child who takes dying soldiers from the title battle to his house in his short story "Chickamauga." Nicknamed "bitter," this author disappeared after traveling to Mexico and possibly joining up with Pancho Villa. Another of his works defines "learning" as "The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious," while one of his stories centers on Peyton Farquhar, who fantasizes about escaping his hanging. FTP, name this cynical American author of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and The Devil's Dictionary.
Answer: Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce
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Nokter the Stammerer claims that one of the rulers of this entity sent as a gift an elephant named Abul-Abbas. Accounts of the sack of its capital claim that two rivers ran black with the ink from ruined books. A crucial figure in the founding of this dynasty was the foreign-born Abu Muslim. Early rulers were advised by the Persian Barmakids and included the aforementioned Harun ar-Rashid. This Caliphate moved its capital to Baghdad in 762 and ended when Hulagu Khan had Al-Mustasim trodden to death by horses. FTP, name this second ruling dynasty of the Muslim Empire, ended by a Mongol invasion.
Answer: the 'Abbasid Dynasty [or 'Abbasid Caliphate; prompt on Muslim Empire or Islamic Empire]
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This person used the pseudonym Sophronius to defend himself from charges of Sabellianism. This thinker used Eusebius to write his own De viribus illustribus, into which he inserted his own biography. His diatribe-like responses on dogma are exemplified by Adversus Jovianum, in which he affirmed that abstinence excels marriage, though he often traveled with Paula. His discipleship under Gregory Nazianzus exposed him to the seminal thought of Origen. However, he is best known for rendering the Septuagint in Latin. FTP, name this patron saint of librarians and translators, who created the Vulgate edition of the Bible.
Answer: St. Jerome [or Eusebius Hieronymus]
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This author argued that the Ring cycle was an allegory about industrial exploitation in The Perfect Wagnerite. Anthony Anderson saves the life of Dick Dudgeon in this author's only play set in America, The Devil's Disciple. He wrote about Ariadne Utterword and Hesione Hushabye, the daughters of Captain Shotover, in Heartbreak House. Raina leaves her fiancee Sergius for the Swiss soldier Bluntschli in one of his Plays Pleasant, Arms and the Man. His other protagonists include the idealistic daughter of Andrew Undershaft, and Henry Higgins, who wins a bet by refining the speech of Eliza Doolittle. FTP, name this British playwright of Major Barbara and Pygmalion.
Answer: George Bernard Shaw
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Charles Pedersen shared the 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery, in which his strategy for their synthesis was to link catechols via hydroxyl groups. The 18-6 type is notably toxic to humans and exemplifies how these compounds are capable of coordinating with a wide variety of alkali metal cations. They are always composed of a number of ethyleneoxy units linked together in a ring, and rings featuring internal oxygens characterize them. For ten points, name these compounds, named for their resemblance to royal headgear.
Answer: crown ethers [or crown compounds]
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A reimagination of this painting depicts a fruit-covered table, a forward-facing nude woman, and the title figure laid out on a sheet, and was done by Edvard Munch. A work depicting the same scene shows a shelf containing three books, a large map on the back wall, and a woman in a black-and-white-striped dress, and was painted by Paul-Jacque-Aime Baudry. In front of a green cloth, this painting depicts a wooden box, which serves as a table for an inkwell. The title figure holds a quill in his right hand and a note in his left, and he lolls to his right while wearing a white sheet like a turban. FTP, name this painting depicting a stabbed French revolutionary in his bathtub, a work by Jacques-Louis David.
Answer: The Death of Marat
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This show's episodes include one about a character having a nightmare with the Muppets after a late-night snack, as well as one where that same character dreams that he, his son, and his son-in-laws Martin and Elvin have become pregnant. Sondra first appeared midway through season 1 of this show, which sees Denise leave Hillman College and marry a Navy man, whose daughter Olivia comes to live with Rudy. This show ended with Theo graduating from NYU despite his dyslexia. FTP, name this late 1980s-early 1990s TV sitcom set in Brooklyn, featuring the family raised by Clair Hanks, played by Phylicia Rashad, and Dr. Healthcliff Huxtable.
Answer: The Cosby Show
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His death, called providential by Charles Sumner, fell on the same day his home state abolished slavery. After both Louis McLane and William Duane refused to pull the government's funds out of the Second Bank of the United States, the duty fell to this man in his role as Jackson's Secretary of the Treasury. He had earlier been Attorney General, and afterwards was appointed to his most famous position, from which he issued opinions in such cases as Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge and Ex parte Merryman. FTP, name this Supreme Court Chief Justice who most famously presided over Dred Scott.
Answer: Roger Brooke Taney
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Just off the coast of this nation lie the Plantain Islands, the Turtle Islands, the Banana Islands, and Sherbro Island. Populated by Mende and Temne peoples, its very few rivers include the Kolente and Kaba and the Loma Mountains lie in the east. Its major port contains King Jimmy Market while its other ports include Pepel and Bonthe and its interior cities include Kenema and Bo. It is covered on the north and east by Guinea and shares its coastal southeastern boundary with Liberia. FTP, name this African nation with a capital founded as a home for liberated slaves, Freetown.
Answer: Sierra Leone
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One section of this work is entitled "Education for Choice" and some of its case studies are Fala, Siva, and Mala. This work explains how the taupou system can be skirted using chicken blood, and implies that the moetotolo practice is widespread. The theory that Tau islanders were playing a practical joke on its author has notably been advanced by the author who described its "Anthropological Myth," Derek Freeman. This work contentiously claimed that adolescents were less stressed while transitioning to adulthood in cultures where teens experienced less sexual inhibition. FTP, name this anthropological work centering on Polynesian culture by Margaret Mead.
Answer: Coming of Age in Samoa
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Experimental evidence for these objects was first obtained by Project Spectre at Savannah River by Cowan and Reines. Proposed because two-body collisions cannot in general conserve both momentum and kinetic energy, one type of these also conserves lepton number in beta decay. Postulated by Pauli in 1930 and named by Fermi, these elementary particles were initially thought to be massless, but this was undermined experimentally in the 1990's, with evidence of oscillation among their flavors. FTP, name these uncharged leptons denoted nu, many of which are emitted by the sun, but very few of which react with matter.
Answer: neutrinos [prompt on nus]
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This author wrote about Franz and Elizabeth's deaths at the Cholula pyramid in his novel A Change of Skin. In another of his novels, Federico Robles loses his wife and wealth in a house fire, while Pollo Phoibee falls into the Seine as the scene changes to the assassination of Tiberius Caesar in his novel Terra Nostra. This author of Christopher Unborn wrote about Felipe Montero's desire for the title girl, who transforms into a 109-year old woman, in his novel Aura. In another of his novels, the title revolutionary tycoon recalls his life while on his deathbed. FTP, name this Mexican author of Where the Air is Clear, The Old Gringo, and The Death of Artemio Cruz.
Answer: Carlos Fuentes
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The one by John Adams contains movements entitled "Manny's Gym" and "Hail Bop," and is known as Century Rolls. The second by Johannes Brahms, in B-flat major, contains a cello solo at the beginning of the third movement. One by Maurice Ravel opens with a whip crack and is "in G." "Jeunehomme" is a nickname commonly given to the ninth by Mozart, who wrote a total of 27, including the "Coronation" and the "Elvira Madigan." The fifth and last by Beethoven is an E-flat major piece usually known as the "Emperor." FTP, identify this genre of musical piece, which features an orchestra and a soloist on a certain keyboard instrument.
Answer: piano concertos
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During a 1568 revolt, this city's garrison allowed Aden Farax's band of 800 to breach a mud wall. That "Revolt of the Alpujarras" resulted in the displacement of up to 100,000 from this city's namesake region. Following his honeymoon with Isabella of Portugal, Charles V had a palace constructed by Diego Machuca within the walls of this city's most famous structure. Under the Nasarids, it was capital of a namesake kingdom, which was eventually conquered by Los Reyes Catolicos. FTP, name this southern Spanish city, renowned as the home of the Alhambra and as the last Moorish outpost in Iberia during the Reconquista.
Answer: Granada
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This artist's interest in ancient Roman busts can be seen in the bronze reliquary he created for the head of St. Rossore. Partners with the goldsmith Michelozzo, he created a statue of St. George holding a narrow, cross-laden shield that is housed today in Orsanmichele, and he carved a wooden statue of a haggard and emaciated Mary Magdalene. He allegedly yelled "Speak, damn you, speak" at the marble while working on his depiction of the prophet Habbakuk, also known as the Zucchone. He also created an equestrian statue of Erasmo da Narni and the first freestanding nude since antiquity. FTP, name this sculptor of Gattamelata and the bronze David.
Answer: Donatello or Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi
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This play opens as Miss Juliana enters her nephew's house, followed by the servant Bertha, who places a bouquet of flowers on the piano. Having returned from her honeymoon, the title character reads the attached card, which reveals that her old friend will later visit. Later on, that friend's husband commits suicide in Madame Diana's boudoir, having been encouraged by the title character, whose jealousy of Thea Elvsted causes her to burn his manuscript. After Judge Brack threatens to reveal the circumstances of Eilert Lovborg's death, the title character commits suicide with one of her father's pistols at the end of, FTP, what play about the wife of George Tesman by Henrik Ibsen?
Answer: Hedda Gabler
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Zenodotos of Troezen credited him with one son, Aollios or Abillios, by Hersilia, who was herself later deified as Hora. In one story, he was born to a maidservant after Tarchetius discovered a great, divine phallus growing out of the ground, although Tarchetius ordered his murder by Taretius. According to another legend, after he was found at the Ruminal Fig Tree, he was suckled by Acca Larentia, the wife of his discoverer, Faestulus. He was identified with the god Quirinus and, with his brother, overthrew the usurper Amulius in favor of his grandfather Numitor. FTP, name this son of Mars and Rhea Silvia, brother of Remus, and founder of Rome.
Answer: Romulus [do not accept Remus]
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One subclass of this organelle features the microsomal P450 oxidase system, which plays a key role in the first-pass effect through the liver. Another variation of this organelle contains the protein calsequestrin, important in regulating skeletal muscle contraction. In neurons this organelle produces many neurotransmitters, stains purple when exposed to aniline, and thus is referred to as Nissl substance. Its most famous functions, however, are either lipid synthesis or protein production. FTP, name this organelle continuous with the nuclear membrane that comes in sarcoplasmic, smooth, and rough varieties.
Answer: endoplasmic reticulum [accept smooth endoplasmic reticulum before "calsequestrin"]
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The article "Where to Begin" served as the basis for one of this person's works. The April Theses laid out several of this leader's political aims while attacking a political rival, whom he characterized as a "social-chauvinist." Both he and that rival had opposed the views of the Economists and worked for the newspaper The Spark, but that rival, Georgi Plekhanov, opposed this man at the Second Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party, so this man led the group against Plekhanov's so-called Mensheviks. FTP, identify this Russian revolutionary, the leader of the Bolsheviks and the first head of the Soviet Union.
Answer: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [or Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov]
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The protagonist of this work dreams about the last time he saw his mother and sister, when he stole their chocolate and ran away. Later on, two characters repeat "We are the dead" before the same words come from a picture of St. Clement's Church, after which the pink coral paperweight that he had bought from Mr. Charrington is smashed. At the end of this novel, the protagonist drinks Victory Gin and traces "2+2 = 5" in the dust after recalling a meeting with the woman whom he had betrayed to O'Brien in Room 101. Julia's relationship with Winston Smith is discovered by the Brotherhood and Big Brother by the end of, FTP, which novel by George Orwell?
Answer: 1984
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In this work's epilogue, its author asserts that no generation learns "that which is genuinely human" from previous generations. Its author uses the analogy of a mother weaning her child in the section entitled "Exordium," which provides four alternative scenarios that would render the central figure more understandable. The story of a man in love with a princess illustrates the difference between a "knight of infinite resignation" and a "knight of faith," and the work also features a discussion of the "teleological suspension of the ethical." FTP, identify this work by Soren Kierkegaard concerning the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham.
Answer: Fear and Trembling [or Frygt og Baeven]
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Discontent among participants in one of these resulted in the Eureka Stockade incident. Ones named for Cayoosh and Tulameen occurred within ten years of one another in British Columbia. Perhaps the first in American history happened in Lumpkin County, Georgia in the 1820's, creating a like-named "belt." One of these caused the abrogation of the Treaty of Laramie, when whites emigrated to the Black Hills of Dakota. Almost certainly the most famous of these events began in 1848 at Sutter's Mill in California. FTP, name these sudden influxes to an area of a large number of miners looking for a certain precious metal.
Answer: gold rushes [accept clear-knowledge equivalents]
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An extraordinarily active filamentary source of these items was discovered by Giovanni Schiaparelli, who called their origin 1862 III. Recorded for millennia, these objects were sometimes called St. Lawrence's tears. Becoming prominent when the earth intersects the orbit of Swift-Tuttle, these objects are easily visible throughout the Northern Hemisphere and climaxed on July 11th this year. FTP, name this meteor shower named for the constellation in which they appear, a depiction of an ancient Greek hero.
Answer: the Perseid meteors [accept just meteors before "1862" and prompt on it afterwards]
2007 ACF Fall Bonuses by Dartmouth B
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Answer each of the following about military strongmen controlling Argentina FTP.,
[10] The administration of Leopoldo Galtieri began this conflict in a futile attempt to prop itself up. It was a decisive failure as the territory at issue was retained by Britain and about 1000 Argentines were killed, almost half of whom in gratuitous sinking of the General Belgrano.
Answer: the Falklands Islands War [or Malvinas War or South Atlantic War or Guerra de las Malvinas]
[10] This army colonel and self-styled representative of the descamisados led Argentina three times in the 1940's, '50's, and '70's. He was assisted by his famous wives, Isabel and Eva.
Answer: Juan Domingo Peron
[10] Following the overthrow of Isabel Peron, Jorge Videla initiated this period of bloody persecution of dissenters, officially known as the Process of National Reorganization. It resulted in the deaths of some 15,000 Argentines from 1976 until 1983.
Answer: the Dirty War [or Guerra Sucia]
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He asked for "new phoenix wings to fly at his desire" in his sonnet "On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again." FTPE:,
[10] Name this poet of Hyperion and "The Eve of St. Agnes."
Answer: John Keats
[10] Keats wrote that "heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard / Are sweeter" in this poem whose last lines state "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, - that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
Answer: "Ode on a Grecian Urn"
[10] In this Keats ballad, "pale kings and princes" warn a "knight-at-arms" that the title character has him "in thrall" after he is enticed to her "elfin grot."
Answer: "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"
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FTPE, answer the following about death in Norse mythology.,
[10] This daughter of Angerboda and Loki is the mistress of her namesake region of Niflheim, where most of the dead are forced to reside until Ragnarok. She is noted for appearing with half of her face blue, the other half as normal flesh.
Answer: Hel or Hela
[10] Lovers who have been separated by death are brought back together in this great hall belonging to Odin's wife Frigg. It is sometimes known as the Hall of the Sea.
Answer: Fensalir
[10] Consisting of Urth, Verthandi, and Skuld, these are the three Fates of Norse myth, who can be found gathered around the well Urtharbrunn, one of many which feeds the roots of Yggdrasill.
Answer: Norns
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Name these hypothetical subatomic particles FTPE.,
[10] This massless spin-2 particle mediates its eponymous fundamental force, which is otherwise explained in terms of space-time curvature by the Standard Model.
Answer: graviton [prompt on g]
[10] A possible form of dark matter, these particles are named after the fact that they interact only through the weak and gravitational forces, making them extremely difficult to detect.
Answer: weakly interacting massive particles
[10] This is the only particle predicted by the Standard Model that has not been experimentally observed. Its namesake field and mechanism impart mass to objects in the Standard Model.
Answer: the Higgs boson [or Higgs particle]
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Among the depressing happenings in this man's presidency was the Princeton incident, in which his second Secretary of State Abel Upshur and first Secretary of the Navy Thomas Gilmer were killed in a cannon explosion. FTPE:,
[10] Name this tenth President of the United States.
Answer: John Tyler
[10] Among the few accomplishments of Tyler's presidency was this treaty of 1842 which officially set the US-Canadian border. Its American namesake was the only Cabinet member not to resign upon Tyler's taking office. After finishing the treaty, he resigned too.
Answer: the Webster-Ashburton Treaty
[10] Tyler had to deal with this insurgency which featured two separate governments battling for supremacy in Rhode Island.
Answer: Dorr's Rebellion
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Grand spends his nights revising the first line of his novel in this work, while Raymond Rambert tries to escape from Oran but decides to stay and help the ill. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1947 novel in which Dr. Bernard Rieux first notices the title affliction in rats before watching it affect characters like Father Paneloux and Madame Rieux.
Answer: The Plague [or La Peste]
[10] The Plague was written by this French existentialist, who also wrote The Rebel, The Myth of Sisyphus, and some novel about a guy named Meursault, The Stranger.
Answer: Albert Camus
[10] This novel by Camus is narrated by Jean-Baptiste Clamence, a lawyer who confesses in a seedy Amsterdam bar that he stole a panel of the Ghent Altarpiece and refused to save a drowning woman.
Answer: The Fall
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This person's pet moose died after getting drunk and falling down some stairs. He also had a metal prosthetic nose bridge. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Danish astronomer, who was assisted late in life by Johannes Kepler.
Answer: Tycho Brahe [accept either underlined part]
[10] Tycho is perhaps best-known for this 1573 monograph, detailing his observations of an event in Cassiopea.
Answer: De nova stella [or On the New Star on On the Nova or On the Nova]
[10] Until 1597, most of Tycho's observations were undertaken at this observatory, devoted to his Muse, on the Isle of Hven. It notably lacked a telescope.
Answer: Uraniborg
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FTPE, answer the following about some musical works all related to the same geographical location.,
[10] Forming a trilogy with Fountains of Rome and Roman Festivals, this Ottorino Respighi work portrays the titular objects in many different places, including the Borghese gardens and the Appian Way.
Answer: Pini di Roma [or Pines of Rome]
[10] This Puccini opera set in Rome depicts differing political viewpoints about Napoleon's entry into Italy. Cavaradossi and Angelotti are supporters of Napoleon, and the opera gets its title from Cavaradossi's love.
Answer: Tosca
[10] The Roman Carnival Overture by this composer of Symphony Fantastique contains thematic material taken from his opera Benvenuto Cellini, set in (you guessed it) Rome.
Answer: Hector Berlioz
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Answer the following about some canals in Asia, FTPE.,
[10] The Garagum Canal has its head at this river and runs through Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. Once known as the Oxus, this river flows north through Uzbekistan to empty into the Aral Sea.
Answer: Amu Darya River
[10] The Kamogawa Canal is connected to this largest lake in Japan to supply waterpower to Kyoto.
Answer: Lake Biwa
[10] The Grand Canal of China connects Hangzhou with Beijing and in the process connects these two longest rivers of China.
Answer: Yangtze River [or Chang Jiang] and Yellow River [or Huang He]
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Known as the "Spring of Nations," this year saw protesters shot at the order of Swedish king Oscar I, the so-called "Monster Ralley" protest in London, and the beginning of the conflict that sprouted into the Prusso-Danish War 16 years later. FTPE:,
[10] Name this tumultuous year in European history.
Answer: 1848 CE
[10] Following the creation of the Second Republic after the February Revolution of 1848, this man was elected President of France. After abolishing the Republic, he created the Second Empire on the strength of his more famous relative.
Answer: Charles Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte [or Napoleon III; prompt on Bonaparte]
[10] This radical took control of the Hungarian diet in 1848, following the Habsburg attack under Josip Jelacic. He directed a program of Magyarization combined with liberal reforms until a Russian army helped the Austrians regain control.
Answer: Lajos Kossuth
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Answer these questions about taxonomy, FTPE.,
[10] This Swedish scientist created the foundations of the modern taxonomic system and first popularized the use of binomial nomenclature for naming species.
Answer: Carolus Linnaeus
[10] Members of this phylum are required to have pharyngeal slits, a dorsal nerve cord, an endostyle, and a namesake notochord at some point during their life cycle.
Answer: chordata [or chordates]
[10] Chordata and its sister phyla, Echinodermata, Xenoturbellida, and Hemichordata, make up this superphylum of animals distinguished by the development of the anus before the mouth; hence the Greek-derived name.
Answer: deuterostomes [or deuterostomata]
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He liked to say "Less is more." FTPE:,
[10] Name this German-American architect of Crown Hall and Farnsworth house.
Answer: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [or Maria Ludwig Michael Mies]
[10] Mies van der Rohe designed this flat-roofed building for the 1929 International Exposition in a namesake Spanish city.
Answer: The Barcelona Pavilion [or the German Pavilion at the Barcelona Exposition]
[10] Mies van der Rohe was the last director of this German school founded by Walter Gropius; Paul Klee and Joost Schmidt were noted lecturers here.
Answer: The Bauhaus [or Staatliches Bauhaus]
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He wrote that "The land was ours before we were the land's" in "The Gift Outright." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this American poet of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" and "The Road Not Taken."
Answer: Robert Frost
[10] The speaker of this Frost poem compares his neighbor to "an old-stone savage armed" while performing the title action. It ends with the line "Good fences make good neighbors".
Answer: "Mending Wall"
[10] Beginning "He saw her from the bottom of the stairs / Before she saw him," this Frost poem focuses on Amy, who threatens to leave her husband after accusing him of not caring about the death of their child.
Answer: "Home Burial"
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It began after Jan Matthijszoon organized a move from Strassburg to a city under the control of the radical preacher Bernd Rothmann and saw John of Leiden declare himself the new King David. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this revolt, fomented by Melchior Hoffman, which is named for the radical Protestant group involved. That group is itself named for their belief in active faith in the sacraments, which they hold infants cannot possess.
Answer: the Anabaptist Revolt [accept Munster Rebellion]
[10] The Anabaptist Revolt took place in Munster, a city then in this German principality. It is the namesake of the peace ending the Thirty Years' War, one of the treaties of which was signed in Munster.
Answer: Westphalia
[10] Thomas Muntzer had earlier attempted to establish a theocracy during this 1524-25 uprising, partly over tax hikes, throughout Germany. It was notably condemned by Luther.
Answer: the Peasants' War
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He was worshipped in the Greco-Roman world in caves and cave-like buildings. FTPE:,
[10] Name this savior-god born from the Cosmic Egg, whose worshipers underwent seven tiers of initiation. His worship was popular with the soldiery and he was often depicted as the sun, representing his omniscience.
Answer: Mithras
[10] Mithra is described in the 10th Yasht of the Avesta, the scripture of this dualistic religion, as a "god of fighters" who wields the thunderbolt against Ahriman and those who bear false witness. This religion is named for the Persian prophet who is held to have written parts of the Avesta.
Answer: Zoroastrianism [or Parsiism]
[10] As a rival of Ahriman, Mithras is an ally of this chief god of Zoroastrianism, the child of Zurvan representing light.
Answer: Ahura Mazda [or Orzmad]
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Worked out by Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga, this theory makes much better prediction for the electron gyromagnetic ratio than the 2 given by Dirac theory. FTPE:,
[10] Name this theory in which the wave function is interpreted as a field operator.
Answer: quantum electrodynamics
[10] According to quantum electrodynamics, the virtual variety of these particles mediate the electromagnetic force. They are the quanta of light.
Answer: photons [prompt on gammas]
[10] Virtual photons are virtual because their energy has this property.
Answer: imaginariness [accept near-equivalent word forms; prompt on complexness or near-equivalent word forms]
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He returns to Hygelac's kingdom after using a sword of the giants to kill a monster in an underwater lair, and his last act is to give Wiglaf a king's collar made of gold after suffering a fatal blow by a dragon. FTPE:,
[10] Name this title character of a sixth century epic, the leader of the Geats, who sets sail for Denmark to defeat the monster Grendel.
Answer: Beowulf
[10] This king of Denmark and builder of the hall Heorot summons Beowulf to help him defeat Grendel.
Answer: Hrothgar
[10] Originally envious of Beowulf, this man predicts that Beowulf will fail in his fight against Grendel. He later has a change of heart and lends Beowulf his sword Hrunting in the fight against Grendel's mother.
Answer: Unferth
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Identify the following American commanders in the Revolutionary War FTPE.,
[10] This victor at Saratoga saw his army completely and utterly demolished at Camden, effectively ending his military career.
Answer: Horatio Gates
[10] This general took over for Gates and managed to weaken the British forces at such engagements as Guilford Court House and Eutaw Springs.
Answer: Nathanael Greene
[10] He fought at both Brandywine and Monmouth, but is probably known best for his role in the siege of Yorktown and for being the most famous French soldier to fight for the Americans.
Answer: Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette [accept either underlined part]
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Her novel Les Mandarins won her the Prix Goncourt. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this woman better known as a feminist philosopher, the lover of Jean-Paul Sartre.
Answer: Simone de Beauvoir
[10] This philosophical work, often considered de Beauvoir's magnum opus, uses the philosophical framework of existentialism to argue that woman "finds herself living in a world where men compel her to assume the status of the Other."
Answer: The Second Sex [or Le deuxieme sexe]
[10] This Bulgarian-born philosopher takes a more psychoanalytic approach to feminism, as demonstrated in works like Revolution in Poetic Language and Desire in Language.
Answer: Julia Kristeva
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Answer the following about an atomic property FTPE.,
[10] This property describes the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons.
Answer: electronegativity
[10] This most-commonly employed dimensionless scale for electronegativity was originally proposed by its Nobel Prize-winning namesake and runs from 0.7 to 4.0.
Answer: the Pauling scale of electronegativity
[10] Under the Pauling Scale this rare element comes in last with the lowest electronegativity at 0.7.
Answer: francium
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Sam and Willie prepare for a dance contest in this work before the entrance of the title character, a seventeen year-old white boy whose crippled father is in the hospital for his drinking problems. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play which sees Hally, the title character, begin to order Sam around to cover his feelings of inadequacy by being comforted by a black man.
Answer: Master Harold… and the Boys
[10] Master Harold and the Boys is an autobiographical work by this South African playwright, whose other works include The Road to Mecca, The Captain's Tiger, and Hello and Goodbye.
Answer: Athol Fugard
[10] This work forms the Port Elizabeth trilogy along with Hello and Goodbye and Boesman and Lena. Its two characters, Morris and Zachariah, live in the "colored" section of town, saving money to someday buy a farm.
Answer: Blood Knot
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Andre Derain was one of their most famous members. FTPE:,
[10] Name this group that takes their name from the French for "wild beast" and often used brightly colored paint straight from the tube.
Answer: Fauvism [or Les Fauves]
[10] This most famous Fauve painted The Dessert: Harmony in Red and a portrait of his wife that contains a colored stripe down the middle of her face, The Green Line.
Answer: Henri Matisse
[10] Matisse's masterpiece, this work depicts five red figures linking arms to form a circle and engage in the title activity.
Answer: La Danse or [The Dance]
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Before ending his pro career at St. Andrews in 2005, he had claimed six Masters titles, the most of any player, and as well as a 1971 victory at the PGA Championship, completing his second career Grand Slam. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American golfer, nicknamed "The Golden Bear," who currently holds the record of 18 professional majors on the PGA Tour.
Answer: Jack William Nicklaus
[10] Nicklaus's 1972 U.S. Open victory was his 13th major victory, tying him with this Georgia native, whose name graces the sport's sportsmanship award. He is the only player to win the Grand Slam in the same year.
Answer: Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr.
[10] Nicklaus's attempt to win the Grand Slam in 1972 was derailed by this humorous Mexican golfer, who repeated at British Open en route to his 4th of 6 majors. He captained the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 1985.
Answer: Lee Buck Trevino [prompt on Supermex]

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