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2007 ACF Fall Tossups by Columbia and South Carolina
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In one section of this work, the protagonist is told "everyone in the world is Christ and they are all crucified" by Doctor Parcival. In another, David Hardy uses a sling to attack Jesse Bentley out of terror during the failed sacrifice of a lamb. Along with "The Philosopher" and "Godliness", this collection includes stories about Louise Trunnion, who sleeps with the protagonist in its chapter "Nobody Knows", and Wing Biddlebaum, who moves to the title location after being accused of molesting his students in its second chapter, "Hands". Beginning with "The Book of the Grotesque", FTP, name this collection that ends with the departure of George Willard from the title town, a work by Sherwood Anderson.
Answer: Winesburg, Ohio
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This US state features Mummy Mountain, the Pancake Mountains, the Diamond Mountains, and the Cortez Mountains. A site known as the Three Buddhas is in the town of Gerlach, which sits near the Black Rock Desert between the Calico and Jackson Mountains. One of its national parks contains the Lehman Caves and Wheeler Peak; its western portion features Walker Lake and the towns of Winnemucca andElko sit on its main river, the Humboldt River, in the north. FTP, name this state home to Pyramid Lake, Great Basin National Park, and towns like Paradise, Virginia City, Sparks, Reno, and Las Vegas.
Answer: Nevada
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Adiutori argues that this person underpinned all of modern science with his annunciation of the principle of dimensional homogeneity. This mathematician is the namesake of an n-by-n matrix whose jk entry is e to the two pi i j k over n. The heat diffusion equation assumes a constitutive relation formulated by this scientist in The Analytical Theory of Heat; that relation, which says that the heat flux is proportional to the negative gradient of the temperature, is his namesake law. e to the i k x is the kernel of his namesake transform, which is a continuum limit of his namesake series. FTP, name this French scientist and mathematician in whose namesake series functions are decomposed into sine and cosine components.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste-Joseph, Baron Fourier
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This agreement breached a term of Treaty of San Ildefonso, signed three years before, and a secondary term in it involved the assumption of one side's claims by that side. Important circumstances around this agreement include a yellow fever epidemic in Saint-Domingue and abrogation of the Peace of Amiens when the British kept Malta. Negotiations for it were led by Livingston and Barbe-Marbois, although James Monroe had an active role. Obtained when Napoleon decided to abandon his plans for an American empire, FTP, name this 1803 agreement that greatly expanded the size of the United States.
Answer: the Louisiana Purchase
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A chord consisting of all seven notes of the A-flat harmonic minor scale forms the ostinato at the beginning of this work's second movement. Two tetrachords related by tritone in the fifth movement and four superimposed dominant-seventh chords in the third are two ways in which the composer creates octatonic harmonies and this work opens with a solo bassoon one octave above middle C. Featuring sections such as "Ritual of the Rival Tribes," it is divided into two large parts entitled "The Adoration of the Earth" and "The Sacrifice". FTP, identify this ballet originally choreographed by Nijinsky and composed by Stravinsky, which caused riots at its 1913 premiere.
Answer: The Rite of Spring [or Le sacre du printemps or Vesna svyashchennaya]
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Highly symmetric designs known as Veve are religious symbols used to represent worshiped figures in this religion, and uninitiated members of this religion are known as bossale. Some important entities of this religion are serpents known as Simbi and a forest element known as Grand Bois. Priests for hire in this religion are sometimes known as Bokor, and they can create a talisman known as an ouanga to house spirits. Priests of this faith are known as houngan, and it refers to its god as Bondye. FTP, name this religion whose spirits are known as loa and whose mythos involves zombies, predominantly found in West Africa and Haiti.
Answer: Voodoo or Vodun
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60% of the general population is classified as right-dominant for these, as the right one supplies both the PLA and the PDA. They exhibit exclusive diastolic dependence due to the compression effect, making them more susceptible to injury. If smooth muscle cells infiltrate the tunica intima of these structures, subsequent debris deposition and macrophage recruitment can lead to calcification and eventual occlusion. Some treatment options to reverse occlusion and prevent myocardial infarction are administration of thrombolytic agents, angioplasty and bypass surgery. FTP, name these arteries that supply heart muscle with blood.
Answer: the coronary arteries
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One of the narrators is scolded for interrupting a reading lesson with the song "Fairy Annie's Wedding," while the other narrator takes a trip to the chapel of Gimmerden Sough to hear a sermon by Jabez Branderham in a dream. After her tiny dog is hung on a doorpost, Isabella leaves for London, giving birth there to a son, Linton, by a man who eventually dies after starving himself for four days. That man had been brought to the title location from Liverpool, immediately becoming Hindley's enemy. Narrated by Mr. Lockwood and the housekeeper at Thrushcross Grange, Nelly Dean, this is, FTP, what novel about the love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff by Emily Bronte?
Answer: Wuthering Heights
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One result of this event was the brief popular declaration for Nicholas Canabus, and Fulk of Neuilly aroused popular support for it. Thiabut of Champagne organized it before his death, charging Geoffrey of Villehardouin, whose memoirs are a valuable primary source for it, with arranging transport with Enrico Dandolo. Boniface of Montserrat, Thiabut's successor, made an agreement with Alexius Angelus which earned it further ire from Innocent III, who earlier excommunicated the Venetians, embroiling it in Byzantine dynastic disputes. FTP, name this crusade, which, instead of fighting Muslims, saw Baldwin of Flanders made the "Latin Emperor" in Constantinople.
Answer: the 4th Crusade [prompt on Sack of Constantinople or similar answers until "Fulk of Neuilly"]
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The artist described this work as a metaphor for ideas that were a "solitary paranoiac-critical camembert." Several brick-like shapes adorn a work that features a giant fish and claims to be the "Disintegration" of this painting, and a white figure with a large eyelash can be seen in the center of this work. In the upper left, a broad, flat rectangle rests next to the seashore, while ants swarm a metallic object in the lower left. The cliffs of Cadaques are depicted in the upper right of this work, and three distinctive images appear draped over a tree branch, the side of a rectangle, and on a white object. FTP, name this painting that features three melting clocks, a work of Salvador Dali.
Answer: The Persistence of Memory or La persistencia de memoria
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This author described a woman who became the mistress of her late husband's father in his novel Thirst for Love and he detailed the relationship between Shinji and Hatsue in another novel. Noboru spies on his mother, who makes love to Fusako, in another work by this author, whose most autobiographical novel describes the confusion of Kochan. In addition to The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea and Confessions of a Mask, this author traced the life of Honda in a tetralogy named for a lunar mare (mah-ray). Another of his novels centers on Mizoguchi, a Zen Buddhist who burns down the title religious building. FTP, name this Japanese author of The Sea of Fertility and The Temple of the Golden Pavilion.
Answer: Mishima Yukio
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Quinton decried this person's fixation on the static and the "Methods of Experimental Inquiry" of a later countryman criticized his oversimplification of causes. The forth stage in this thinker's namesake scheme is the "ladder of the intellect," exemplified by his conclusion that heat is a motion of particles, arrived at by inductive "tables." This philosopher's Advancement of Learning was adapted as the first part of his Instauratio Magna, and he described the land of Bensalem in his utopian novel The New Atlantis. FTP, name this seventeenth-century English philosopher who advocated the scientific method in Novum Organum.
Answer: Sir Francis Bacon, Viscount Saint Alban [accept either]
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Due to this phenomenon, the Breit-Wigner formula must be altered in practical use. It contributes a negative temperature coefficient of reactivity to uranium-fueled nuclear reactors, since it increases U-238's absorption cross-section through its namesake broadening; because that same broadening applies to spectral lines, the formula for this effect can be applied to spectra to determine gas temperatures. It can be used for non-invasive flow measurements, as in echocardiograms. An instance of it is redshift. It is exploited in radar technologies utilized by police and meteorologists, though it is perhaps best observed when the frequency of a siren increases and decreases as it passes an observer. FTP, name this effect, a shift discovered in 1842 by its namesake Dutch scientist.
Answer: the Doppler effect [or Doppler shift]
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One party in this conflict was led for part of it by the namesake of a battleship famous in a later conflict, the Duke of Caxias. This clash was precipitated by the ouster of Atanasio Aguirre. Victory at Curupayty forestalled defeat for the eventual losers, whose fate was practically sealed after the naval Battle of Riachuelo. This war's namesake treaty was the brainchild of Bartolome Mitre, who favored the Colorado Party over the Blanco Party in Uruguay. FTP, name this conflict in which Paraguay under Francisco Solano Lopez was eventually defeated by the namesake entity, consisting of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.
Answer: the War of the Triple Alliance [or Guerra de la Triple Alianza or Guerra da Triplice Alianca; accept Paraguayan War before "Paraguay" and prompt on it afterwards]
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In the third section, the speaker states that the title character's "soul transpires / At every pore with instant fires." The poet warns of "Deserts of vast eternity," and states that his "vegetable love should grow / Faster than empires, and more slow." This poem's first section imagines the title character discovering rubies by the Ganges, while in the final section, the poet wishes to roll "all / Our sweetness" into "one ball" in order to "tear our pleasures with rough strife / Thorough the iron gates of life." Opening by asking "Had we but world enough, and time," FTP, name this carpe diem poem by Andrew Marvell which exhorts the title woman to sleep with the speaker.
Answer: "To His Coy Mistress"
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The Chibchas held that this, under the name Bochica, had civilized their people, though his wife tried to destroy them. In Incan myth, Cuzco was founded by this, which then provided eggs of gold, silver, and copper, from which were born kings, priests, and slaves. In Chinese myth, Ban Gu held it in his left hand, while in another story, the divine archer Shen Yi shot nine false ones. In Norse tradition, it will be devoured by the wolf Skoll, who has been pursuing it since his birth, at Ragnarok. In Greek mythology, Zeus killed Phaethon because his inexperience driving its chariot began to scorch the earth. FTP, identify this object, also associated with Ra and Helios.
Answer: Sun
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A recent Mobile, Alabama news report concerning people claiming to have seen one of these figures features one woman theorizing that "it might have been a crack-head who got hold of the wrong stuff." Jennifer Aniston starred in a 1993 movie that sees one of these trapped in a well at the film's end. One tells Ralph Wiggum, "Burn the house down! Burn `em all!," while the second episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force sees three of them suck Carl to the forest. In a recent episode of South Park, Kyle is obligated to suck Cartman's balls after the appearance of one of these creatures, who is asked, "Where's the gold?" The University of Notre Dame's mascot is basically, FTP, what male faerie creature of Irish myth, one of which is featured on the box of Lucky Charms cereal?
Answer: Leprechauns
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An approximate conformation of the state with this energy is given by the Hammond postulate. The value of the energy at a first-order point of inflection on the potential energy surface, it is classically proportional to the logarithm of the frequency factor. It appears in the numerator of the exponent in the Arrhenius equation and is the maximum of the vertical reaction coordinate in general. Catalysis speeds reactions by lowering it, since it is the energy of the most energetic intermediary in a chemical reaction. FTP, name this quantity from chemistry, roughly the amount of energy input required to turn the mechanism of a chemical reaction on.
Answer: the activation energy [prompt on EA or transition-state energy]
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The winning lawyer in Jennings v. Third Avenue Railway Company, this person re-organized his state's militia in his role as state quartermaster during the Civil War, a position which helped get him the patronage of his most famous mentor and a post from which he would be ousted in 1878. That mentor, Roscoe Conkling, got this man a job as head of the New York customhouse and made him a Stalwart running mate in 1880. He assumed his most famous post due to the actions of Charles Guiteau. FTP, name this man who became the 21st President of the United States after succeeding the assassinated James Garfield.
Answer: Chester Alan Arthur
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This man's early operatic career was largely supported by the theater manager J.J. Heidegger, who gave way to John Rich after the close of his opera Oreste. Forest Music is among the sonatas by H. Casadesus incorrectly ascribed to this man, whose operas include one based on Torquato Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, Rinaldo, and others about classical figures like Agrippina, Tamerlane, and Artaxerxes. The aria "See, the conqu'ring hero comes" comes from his Judas Maccabeus, though better-known is an orchestral work featuring the aria "Hornpipe." FTP name this composer, best-known for his Water Music and the "Hallelujah Chorus" of his oratorio Messiah.
Answer: George Frideric Handel
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A work called the Suda claims that this person's parents were Lyxes and Dryo and also that he assisted in the ouster of Lygdamis of Samos. In an article about this thinker "Speculat[ing] About Egypt," T.S. Brown discussed his opposition to Hecataeus' rationalism. The Life of Homer is falsely attributed to this writer. Book 1 of Cicero's On the Laws discusses the veracity of his best-known work, which is traditionally divided into books named for the muses. FTP, name this writer from Halicarnassus who is called the "Father of History" for having written the first narrative history, The History of the Persian War.
Answer: Herodotus of Halicarnassus
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The first one established in common law stemmed from a challenged license to produce playing cards in the 1603 British case Darcy v. Allein. In the majority opinion of Appalachian Coals, Inc. v. U.S., Chief Justice Hughes called one a "charter of freedom," and Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore, Inc. v. National Baseball Clubs established the Major Leagues' exception to them. A recent case centering on this type of law was settled in 2001, U.S. v. Microsoft. FTP, name these laws designed to prevent monopolies.
Answer: antitrust laws or competition law [accept clear equivalents involving monopoly early]
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The protagonist of this work confides to another character that he had hoped to send her to the Conservatory. Oversleeping his alarm by two and a half hours, the protagonist of this work tries to roll out of bed to go to work, but the Manager quickly runs down the stairs after entering his room. While Grete initially tries to help him by providing milk, her father pummels the protagonist with apples, one of which lodges itself in his back and eventually causes his death. Gregor Samsa discovers that he has undergone the title transformation into a giant insect at the beginning of, FTP, which short story by Franz Kafka?
Answer: "The Metamorphosis" or "Die Verwandlung"
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This process can be observed in the population of elephant seals, in which it is caused by selection pressure in the form of overhunting. One instance of it explains the high instance of Huntington's disease in the Dutch Afrikaners and occurs when a small group forms an isolated population of lesser diversity; a phenomenon known as the founder effect. FTP, name this mechanism of evolution that describes changes in the frequencies of alleles in a population that occur by chance, rather than via natural selection.
Answer: genetic drift [prompt on drift]
2007 ACF Fall Bonuses by Columbia and South Carolina
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Symbolized mu, this quantity has units of energy and is equal for components in equilibrium. FTPE:,
[10] Name this quantity.
Answer: chemical potential
[10] The chemical potential is conjugate to this other variable. The chemical potential of a species is equal to the partial derivative of the free energy with respect to this variable.
Answer: the species particle number [accept close equivalents like number of particles, number of molecules, etc.; prompt on N]
[10] This relation named for two chemists provides an upper bound to the degrees of freedom in a chemical system. It uses the Maxwell relations to write the particle number times the derivative of chemical potential summed over species in terms of more intuitive variables like pressure and temperature.
Answer: the Gibbs-Duhem equation
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This conflict pitted a vastly inferior force defending the Transvaal and the Orange Free State against the British Army, which invented the concentration camp. FTPE:,
[10] Name this South African conflict eventually ended by the Peace of Vereeniging in 1902.
Answer: the Second Anglo-Boer War [prompt on South African War]
[10] This president of the Transvaal initiated the Boer War by threatening British garrisons. He appears on some fairly famous coins, his namesake -rands.
Answer: Stephanus Johannes Paulus "Oom" Kruger
[10] Exemplary of reverses in the Boer War was this series of British defeats from December 10-15, 1899. By its end, Mafeking, Ladysmith, and Kimberly were all besieged by the Boers.
Answer: the Black Week
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For Aeschylus, particularly in his The Eumenides, this figure served as the prototypical suppliant seeking absolution for murder. FTPE:,
[10] Name this king of the Lapiths, who is said to have been the first parricide, when he murdered his father-in-law-to-be by digging a fiery pit for him.
Answer: Ixion
[10] Though Zeus brought him to Olympus for purification, Ixion sought to bed Hera. Zeus, foreseeing this, produced an image of Hera out of a cloud, which Ixion mistook and sired this race of half-horse, half-men.
Answer: Centaurs
[10] According to Vergil, this sometime son of Ixion shares his father's punishment of being tempted to feast under a boulder for his attempted abduction of Persephone from the Underworld.
Answer: Perithoos [also accept Pirithous]
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Manley Pointer steals the wooden leg of Hulga Hopewell in this author's short story "Good Country People." FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of The Violent Bear it Away and Wise Blood.
Answer: Flannery O'Connor
[10] In this short story by Flannery O'Connor, a family's car trip to Florida goes awry when the Misfit shoots them all.
Answer: "A Good Man is Hard to Find"
[10] This story, which titles a collection of O'Connor's short stories, ends with Julian berating his mother for her racist behavior on a bus, causing her to collapse.
Answer: "Everything that Rises Must Converge"
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Identify the following past and present football players with something in common FTPE.,
[10] This Hall of Fame coach is the namesake of the Cincinnati Bengals' stadium. He won a combined seven professional football titles in the AAFC and the NFL and invented the middle linebacker position.
Answer: Paul Brown
[10] This fullback from Syracuse was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 1957. Over the next nine years, he won 8 rushing titles and 4 MVPs, and he became the second-youngest player ever inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Answer: Jim Brown [prompt on partial answer]
[10] Drafted ahead of Auburn teammate "Cadillac" Williams, this 2nd overall pick in 2005 was among the league's top running backs in 2007 before injuring his knee and ending his season for the Miami Dolphins.
Answer: Ronnie Brown [prompt on partial answer]
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This artist depicted a bunch of happy pairs of lovers preparing to board a ship while some cherubs fly cavort around in the air. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French artist of The Embarkation to Cythera.
Answer: Jean-Antoine Watteau
[10] Watteau was a proponent of this school of style better known for its ornate principles of interior design. This style arose from the Baroque period and was replaced by the Neoclassical style.
Answer: Rococo
[10] This other French Rococo artist painted The Toilet of Venus and several portraits of Louis XV's mistress Madame de Pompadour.
Answer: Francois Boucher
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Name the following germane to rebellions from Chinese history FTPE.,
[10] This rebellion was led by the Taosit Chang Chueh, who disliked the eunuchs who dominated the Han Dynasty. Suppressed by General Ts'ao Ts'ao and lasting from 184 to 204 CE, its participants wanted to fight the "red" or "fire" element of Han rule.
Answer: the Yellow Turban Rebellion
[10] Resulting in an estimated twenty million deaths, this rebellion was led by Hong Xiuquan. Although unsuccessful, it dealt a mortal blow to the Ch'ing Dynasty.
Answer: Taiping Rebellion [accept equivalents]
[10] The short-lived Jin dynasty was founded by Sima Yan, who staged a coup against this northern state in 265 CE.
Answer: Wei
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Analysis of this process is the best-known case of the so-called "relativistic billiards" problem, and it imparts a cosine-distributed wavelength shift to scattered photons. FTPE:,
[10] Name this form of elastic scattering of a photon by an electron, discovered by its namesake to support relativity and wave-particle duality.
Answer: Compton scattering [or the straight outta Compton effect]
[10] A central quantity in the analysis of Compton scattering is the Compton wavelength, which is given by this constant divided by the product of the speed of light and the rest mass of the electron. That means that this constant must have dimensions of energy times time.
Answer: Planck's constant [prompt on h; do not accept or prompt on Dirac's constant, normalized Planck's constant, or h-bar]
[10] The differential scattering cross-section for Compton scattering is given by this formula, named for two physicists.
Answer: the Klein-Nishin formula
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The title character of this work works as a gardener for the Cape Town Department of Parks and Gardens before Anna, his mother, asks that he accompany her in returning to the farming life she once had. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel whose harelipped protagonist sees his mother die in Stellenbosch before being placed in a settlement camp.
Answer: Life and Times of Michael K
[10]Life and Times of Michael K was written by this South African author, whose other novels include Waiting for the Barbarians, Slow Man, and Disgrace.
Answer: John Maxwell Coetzee
[10]Coetzee's novel The Master of Petersburg fictionalizes the life of this Russian author of The Idiot and Notes From the Underground.
Answer: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky
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This person crushed an attempted coup by the PKI, which he used as an excuse to depose his predecessor. FTPE:,
[10] Name this still-living authoritarian.
Answer: Suharto
[10] Having deposed Sukarno, Suharto ruled this nation from 1967-1998. It is often noted as the world's largest Muslim nation, though Islam is not actually its official religion.
Answer: the Republic of Indonesia [or Republik Indonesia]
[10] Founded in 1964, this dominant political party under Suharto has a name meaning "Party of Functional Groups." It is back in power in Indonesia, having defeated the PDIP.
Answer: Golkar [or Partai Golongan Karya]
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He composed an opera set on Catfish Row, whose songs included "It ain't necessarily so" and "Summertime." FTPE:,
[10] Name this composer of Porgy and Bess.
Answer: George Gershwin
[10] This Gershwin piece premiered at the Experiment in Modern Music concert and was inspired by a train journey to Boston. Paul Whiteman instructed Gershwin to write a "jazz concerto," resulting in this piece.
Answer: Rhapsody in Blue
[10] The Rhapsody in Blue begins with this instrument in piano, but it quickly performs a glissando to mezzo forte.
Answer: clarinet
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These are expansions of functions as polynomials with derivatives at a point as their coefficients. The special case of these about 0 is known for Maclaurin. FTPE:,
[10] Name these important mathematical entities.
Answer: Taylor series
[10] This remainder function gives the maximum error in an n-term Taylor series for f of x about x-naught as quantity x minus x-naught to the n-plus-1, over n plus 1 factorial times the mean value of the n-plus-oneth derivative of f. It is more common than the Cauchy or Schlomilch remainders.
Answer: the Lagrange remainder [prompt on R]
[10] These related series are generalizations of Taylor series to polynomials with negative-power terms and are especially useful for complex functions with poles.
Answer: Laurent serie
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Name these early philosophers or their eponymous concepts, FTPE.,
[10] This man wrote Summa Logicae and postulated the Principle of Parsimmony, better known as his eponymous "Razor."
Answer: William of Ockham
[10] This French author of Quaestiones Physicorum is better known for an animal that he theorized would starve to death between two equally appealing bales of hay, his eponymous "ass."
Answer: Jean Buridan
[10] Both David Hume and John Morton are namesakes of these philosophical bifurcations. Hume's differentiates between statements about ideas and statements about the world, while Morton's is a choice between two equally unpleasant outcomes.
Answer: forks
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His time in Italy influenced his poem The House of Fame. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of A Treatise on the Astrolabe and Troilus and Cressida.
Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer
[10] This work by Chaucer describes a group of pilgrims who tell stories to one another at the Tabard Inn on the way to visit the shrine of Thomas A Becket.
Answer: The Canterbury Tales
[10] This poem by Chaucer opens with the narrator having a dream of Scipio Africanus and describes a gathering on St. Valentine's Day where the title creatures find their mates.
Answer: "The Parliament of Foules" [or "The Parlement of Briddes" or "The Assembly of Foules" or "The Assemble of Foules"]
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Answer the following about the Time of Troubles, FTPE.,
[10] The Time of Troubles followed the autocratic rule of this first Czar of Muscovy. He expanded his empire greatly and gained his sobriquet following his conquest of the Khanate of Kazan.
Answer: Ivan IV, the Terrible, or Russia [or Ivan IV Grozny; prompt on just Ivan Vasiliyevich]
[10] Following election by a zemskii sobor in 1598, this ruler succeeded Ivan IV's incompetent son Feodor I, after the latter died without issue. Accused of murdering Ivan's son Dmitri, he ruled for only 6 years.
Answer: Boris Godunov [prompt on partial answers]
[10] In order to secure peace with Poland, a zemskii sobor elected this son of Zygmunt III of Poland to succeed Vasilii Shuiskii. He never took the throne as his father attempted to claim it himself and fighting broke out.
Answer: Wladyslaw IV Vasa of Poland
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Answer the following about some islands, FTPE.,
[10] These islands include Yell, Fair Isle, Whalsay, and Bressay, and have their administrative center at Lerwick. They're also known as the origin of a certain breed of pony.
Answer: Shetland Islands
[10] The Shetland Islands are to the northeast of these islands which surround a sea basin known as the Scapa Flow. They sit just off the northern coast of Scotland and are centered at the town of Kirkwall.
Answer: Orkney Islands
[10] Deception, Elephant, and King George are part of the South Shetland Islands, which sit just off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula; those islands are disputed by these two nearby nations.
Answer: Chile and Argentina
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Answer the following about skeletal muscle, FTPE.,
[10] This is the basic unit of a skeletal muscle's myofibril, giving it its striated appearance.
Answer: sarcomere
[10] This oxygen-binding molecule consists of a porphyrin ring with an iron center, and is largely responsible for the red color of muscles.
Answer: myoglobin
[10] Skeletal muscles are generally attached by these fibrous connective tissue bands to bone, permitting contraction-induced motility.
Answer: tendons
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After entering the seminary at Besancon, he works for Comte de la Mole before falling in love with the Comte's daughter, Mathilde.,
[10] Name this fictional character whose potential marriage to Mathilde is ruined after a letter sent by Madame de Renal.
Answer: Julien Sorel [accept either]
[10] Julien Sorel is sentenced to death after shooting at Madame de Renal in this novel, whose two title colors represent the revolution and the clergy.
Answer: The Red and the Black or Le rouge et le noir
[10] The Red and the Black, was written by this French author, who also penned Lucien Leuwen, Armance, and The Charterhouse of Parma.
Answer: Stendhal [accept Marie-Henri Beyle]
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Name this stuff about sociological works FTPE.,
[10] This work by Emile Durkheim examined its title phenomenon across several countries and determined that there were four types of it: Egoistic, Altruistic, Anomic, and Fatalistic.
Answer: Suicide
[10] Although Weber repeatedly stressed this work's incompleteness, it provides great insight into why certain members of certain religious denominations are more likely to succeed economically.
Answer: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism [prompt on The Spirit of Capitalism]
[10] Friedrich Engels wrote about the condition of this group in England in 1844, claiming that the condition of this group was the "real basis...of all social movements of the present."
Answer: the working class [accept der arbeitenden klasse]
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Job 10:21 describes it as "the land of gloom and deep darkness" and First Enoch divided it into three tiers. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Hebrew version of hell, characterized as a land of darkness, silence, and dust with a notable absence of fire and brimstone.
Answer: She'ol
[10] Originally the name of a valley where children were sacrificed to Moloch, this name is used in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and James to refer to the fiery pit of contemporary conservative Christian eschatology.
Answer: Gehenna [or Gehinnom]
[10] Not nearly as terrifying as Gehenna, this Catholic-believed-in place is where minor sins are worked off before one is allowed to enter Heaven.
Answer: Purgatory
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In one of his unfinished poems, the daughter of Sir Leoline has a supernatural sexual encounter with Geraldine. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of "Christabel" and "Frost at Midnight", a British poet who also wrote about "a stately pleasure-dome" decreed by a character who hears "ancestral voices prophesying war."
Answer: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
[10] In this Coleridge poem, a Wedding Guest becomes "a sadder and a wiser man" upon hearing the story of the title seafarer, who serves a bunch of penance for shooting an albatross.
Answer: "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
[10] Beginning with an epigraph from the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens, this poem by Coleridge laments "my genial spirits fail," and expresses gloom at the "viper thoughts" that coil around his mind.
Answer: "Dejection: An Ode"
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It began when the arrival of Wehrmacht troops met with ecstatic pro-German crowds in March, 1938, and was followed by Hitler's call for the Sudeten from Czechoslovakia. FTPE:,
[10] Name this union between Austria and Germany which was prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles.
Answer: the Anschluss Austerreichs
[10] Austrian independence was declared "inalienable," except by decisions of the League of Nations, in the 88th Article of this other treaty, which ended World War I between Austria and the Allies.
Answer: the Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye
[10] The Anschluss occurred partly as a result of this leader's policy of obtaining liebensraum.
Answer: Adolf Hitler
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Its best-known form is a sixty-atom molecule with hexagonal faces. Discovered in ash, it can trap atoms at its center to transport them. FTPE:,
[10] Name this interesting spherical allotrope of carbon.
Answer: buckminst fullerene [or buckyball]
[10] Essentially cylindrical forms of fullerene, these conductive molecules are amazingly strong and can be single- or multi-walled.
Answer: carbon nanotubes
[10] Essentially unrolled carbon nanotubes, these carbon allotropes are sheets of s p 2 hybridized carbon.
Answer: graphenes
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Name these statues of Auguste Rodin FTPE: ,
[10]This Rodin work was originally modeled on Dante contemplating another Rodin work, The Gates of Hell.
Answer: The Thinker or Le Penseur
[10]Rodin was accused of casting a living model for this statue, a standing male nude raising its arms to its head.
Answer: The Age of Bronze or L'age d'airain
[10]This piece depicts five noosed figures; it commemorates the willingness of leaders of a French town to surrender themselves for execution to spare the populace.
Answer: The Burghers of Calais or Les Bourgeois de Calais

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