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2007 ACF Fall Tossups by Chicago A and UNC and Drake A
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A tense moment in this novel comes when a band in Piccadilly nervously awaits the arrival of the title character, who tells the protagonist that he wishes to be "among the millions." Minor characters in this novel include the American Quincy Morris and Peter Hawkins, who sends the protagonist to discuss a real estate venture with the title character. Dr. Seward presides over the care of Arthur Holmwood's fiancee, and his insect-eating patient Renfield can conveniently detect the title character's movements. Lucy Westenra dies despite the efforts of Abraham Van Helsing in, FTP, what novel about Jonathan Harker's struggle with the titular blood-sucking count by Bram Stoker?
Answer: Dracula
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One of its member's sons, Montgomery, would later go on to serve as Postmaster-General under Abraham Lincoln. Its name was first made public in an article written by Senator George Poindexter, and members included its leader's adopted son, Andrew Donelson, and the editor of the Washington Globe, Francis Blair. It first came to prominence after a purge in the wake of the Peggy Eaton scandal, and provided a counterpart to such officially titled dissenters as John Calhoun. FTP, name this group of informal advisors to Andrew Jackson.
Answer: "The Bitchin'" Kitchen Cabinet
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This city is situated northeast of its neighboring cities Drammen and Skien and just west of its country's longest river, the Glama. Its sights include Frogner Park, which is home to many works of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland, and the Akhersus Fortress, a medieval castle sitting on this city's Aker River. It's also the site of its nation's parliament, called the Storting, and the hugely underrated Kon-Tiki Museum. FTP, name this city once known as Christiania located on its namesake fjord in the North Sea, which is the capital of Norway.
Answer: Oslo
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Defects in mannose phosphorylation lead to their failure and I-cell disease, characterized by inclusion bodies similar to those seen in Tay-Sachs disease. In excess, Vitamin A can induce hepatotoxicity by weakening the membrane of these organelles in the liver. This break in their membrane releases hydrolytic enzymes, which cause the death of the cell. FTP, name these organelles active during apoptosis, which act as the digestive system of the cell.
Answer: Lysosomes
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This man's last work was a hexagonal structure with a tall central spire, the North Christian Church. He co-designed the ninth Case Study House with Charles Eames, a Streamline Moderne structure for John Entenza. He designed the canoe-shaped Kresge Auditorium and a cylindrical chapel for MIT, and furniture like the metal-framed Womb Chair and molded plastic Tulip Chair. His constructions include the thin-shell projections of the TWA Flight Center and the concave roof of Dulles International, and another of his works was based on Hannskarl Bandel's modification to a catenary. FTP, name this designer of the Gateway Arch, a Finnish-American dude whose father Eliel was also an architect.
Answer: Eero Saarinen
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This author explained his philosophy of writing in The Curtain: An Essay in Seven Parts and wrote about two emigres meeting in a Paris airport in his recent novel Ignorance. He wrote a fictional biography of the poet Jaromil in Life is Elsewhere, while Ludvik, Kostka, and Jaroslav are among the narrators of his first novel, The Joke. He described life in his native country through such characters as Marketa and Mirek in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, while his most famous novel sees the doctor Tomas lose his job for criticizing communists during Prague Spring. FTP, name this Czech author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
Answer: Milan Kundera
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Helmholtz separability depends on one of these due to Stackel. These mathematical objects have a property known as n-linearity. There is a Sylvester identity and Cauchy theorem about them. A version of them is applicable to quadratic forms. The cross product can be generalized to n dimensions if it is treated as one of these operations performed on n minus one n-vectors, a fact often exploited in 3-space. Ratios of these functions can be used solve linear equations by Cramer's Rule. If this vanishes for a matrix, the matrix is called singular. FTP, what is this matrix function that, for a 2-by-2 matrix a b c d, is ad minus bc?
Answer: determinant
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The last ruler of the dynasty named for this man enjoyed successes against the Avars along the Danube and gained concessions from the Sassanids by placing Khurso II on that throne. The third emperor of this namesake dynasty suffered from bouts of insanity after the loss of Dara and named Tiberius II as his co-ruler and successor. In addition to the founder of the exarchate of Ravenna, the emperor Maurice, this dynasty included a namesake founder, who sent such generals as Narses and Belisarius to conquer parts of Italy, North Africa, and Spain and put down the Nika revolt. FTP, name this Byzantine dynasty, whose namesake was the husband of Theodora and the author of a famed legal code.
Answer: Justinian Dynasty
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A "Pezzo Elegiaco" and a massive set of variations are the two movements of his A minor piano trio, and he also wrote a set of Variations on a Rococo Theme for cello and orchestra. He wrote a symphonic poem based on the fifth canto from Dante's Inferno, Francesca da Rimini. The soloist enters with crashing D-flat major chords in his Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor. His third symphony is sometimes known as the "Polish," and his last, whose second movement is a waltz-like piece in 5/4 time, is a B minor work usually referred to as the "Pathetique." FTP, identify this Russian composer also known for the 1812 Overture and ballets like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.
Answer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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Eumelos relates that this figure buried Neleus in a secret location, preventing even Nestor from knowing of it, and that his reign in Ephyra was preceded by that of Medea. According to Probus, he stole the horses of Diomedes from Herakles by pulling them backwards. In some traditions, this man, upon finding the body of Melikertes, initiated the Isthmian games, and in others, because Autolykos found him to be cleverer than himself, he was given a night with Antiklea, fathering Odysseus. He is best known for twice deceiving gods, when he tricked Thanatos into chains and when he charmed Persephone into letting him leave Tartaros. The son of Aeolus, FTP, identify this trickster condemned to eternally roll a boulder uphill, only to see it fall back down.
Answer: Sisyphos
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Mr. Burns informs Smithers that one of these "is going to need most of your skin" after it is injured in a knife fight conducted in international waters. On Futurama, one of these named Gunther decides he wants to be moderately intelligent and wear a suit, so he promptly transfers to business school. One of them reveals Marion's location to the Nazis before performing a Hitler salute in Raiders of the Lost Ark. A character played by Bruce Willis is sent back in time to prevent the release of a deadly virus in a 1995 movie whose title refers to twelve of them. An undersexed one of these named Marcel is adopted then donated to the San Diego Zoo by Ross Geller, and the Rage virus in 28 Days Later is released when activists free infected ones. FTP, name these animals whose ranks include Abu from Aladdin and Curious George.
Answer: monkeys [or chimpanzees or chimps]
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Footage shot by the American missionary John Magee was used in a documentary on this event entitled "The Black Sun," and Magee was part of a group of twenty expatriates who formed the International Safety Zone to intervene in this event. Afterwards, the occupiers distributed opium, heroin, and morphine to the city's population. It was preceded by the "kill one hundred people using a sword contest"; the winner, Toshiaki Mukai, was one of several officers later executed for atrocities committed during this event, which is still omitted from history textbooks in Japan. More than 300,000 Chinese died, and more than 80,000 women were raped, during, FTP, what 1937 massacre of a Chinese city by Japanese forces?
Answer: The Rape of Nanking [or Nanking Massacre; accept versions with "Nanjing"]
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He compared "the struggling tides of life" to "eddies of the mighty stream / that rolls to its appointed end" in "The Crowded Street." He wrote about the replacement of Native American societies with the "advancing multitude" of American settlers in a poem about "the gardens of the desert," "The Prairies." This author of "To Cole, the Painter, Departing for Europe" and "To the Fringed Gentian" published the Federalist satire Embargo in 1804. He first gained fame at seventeen for a poem arguing that deceased souls become part of nature; that poem's title means "meditation upon death." FTP, name this American poet of "To a Waterfowl" and "Thanatopsis."
Answer: William Cullen Bryant
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A differential version of this statement can be obtained by taking the equality in the combined law of thermodynamics. The Born-Haber technique assumes this physical rule to calculate lattice energies; other techniques pertinent to this law include calorimetric determination and determination of standard properties of formation. Also known as the law of constant heat summation, this law is concomitant with the fact that enthalpy is a state function. FTP, identify this law named after a German chemist which states that the enthalpy change in a chemical reaction is the same regardless of its path.
Answer: Hess' law [accept law of constant heat summation before it is mentioned]
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He argued that classical economics focused on artificial equilibriums in "Why is Economics not an Evolutionary Science?" and claimed that Bismarck's autocracy gave Prussia a technical advantage in "Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution." He postulated a tech-savvy class in conflict with the business elite in The Engineers and the Price System and criticized colleges run by businessmen in The Higher Learning in America. This author of The Theory of Business Enterprise cited the potlatch custom in another work as an example of frivolous spending to achieve social status. FTP, name this economist who postulated "conspicuous consumption" in The Theory of the Leisure Class.
Answer: Thorstein Bunde Veblen or Tosten Bunde Veblen
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He first made his mark during his service in Palestine, where he helped conduct a geographic survey of much of the area west of the Jordan River. Eventually killed by a German mine while on board the Hampshire, his mustachioed countenance adorned many a British World War I recruiting poster, part of his successful effort to recruit volunteers as Secretary of State for War. Earlier, he had introduced concentration camps and the "scorched earth" tactic while commanding British forces in the Boer War. FTP, name this Governor of Egypt, who in 1898 defeated the Mahdi at Omdurman.
Answer: Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener
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Raymond Geselbracht contrasts this painting with the artist's bedroom scene Chambered Nautilus, and its central figure appeared seated and scowling in another painting called "Anna." A still-life by the same artist features a central blue door and is named for this painting's central figure and Alvaro. Seven crooked and unevenly spaced posts demarcate a fence that sits in front of a shed and the two-gabled Olson house in this work's upper right corner. A barn is depicted in the upper middle of this painting set in Cushing, Maine that is rife with brownish grass. FTP, name this painting depicting a paralyzed girl in a pink dress looking towards her home, a work of Andrew Wyeth.
Answer: Christina's World
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This novel was written as a response to the idealism of R. M. Ballantyne's The Coral Island. One character in this novel throws stones at Henry, but intentionally misses. A climactic event in this novel occurs at Castle Rock, where one character is killed by a boulder released by Roger. In its eighth chapter, Simon loses consciousness after imagining himself engulfed by the mouth of the title entity. In its last chapter, Sam and Eric reveal the hiding place of the protagonist, who is hunted by Jack after the death of Piggy leaves him as the lone representative of order. A group of boys degenerate into savagery after being shipwrecked on an island in, FTP, what novel by William Golding?
Answer: Lord of the Flies
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Because of its insolubility in blood it can be used to calculate the functional residual capacity of the lungs through the dilution method. Its high thermal conductivity makes it necessary in thermoacoustic refrigerators, and it is also useful in the production of rocket fuel as it condenses oxygen and hydrogen. Rutherford's gold foil experiment made use of this element's nuclei, and it is created constantly by the fusion of hydrogen atoms in stars, making it the 2nd most abundant element in the universe. FTP, name this noble gas with atomic number 2 that one can inhale from party balloons to great amusement.
Answer: Helium
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Believed to be the source for the Cambodian god Preas Prohm, this god once had his beard turned red by the powerful weapon of Jalamdhara and gave qualified immortality to Taraka. He was charmed by an arrow into screwing his daughter immediately after the birth of Kama. The temple at Pushkar is one of the few dedicated to this god, who sprouted a new head to look at Satarupa every time she moved. Born with a thousand thighs, heads, arms, and eyes as the being Purusha, he is attended by the swan Hamsa, and his wife is the goddess of learning Sarasvati. His masculine name is similar to the neuter word for the principle underlying the universe, as well as to the name of the highest caste. FTP, name this often four-headed and four-handed creator-god of Hinduism.
Answer: Brahma
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The naming of Yuan-chan as an Imperial Consort brings great pride to the family in the beginning of this work, and her later death begins the clan's fall from favor. Early versions of the novel, featuring 80 chapters, were hand copied with commentary by Red Inkstone. Compassion Spring, Pervading Fragrance, and Bright Design are serving maids of the protagonist, who is tricked by the Chia family, including Madame Wang and the Lady Dowager, into agreeing to marry Pao-Chai, after which Tai-yu, or Black Jade, dies. Pao-yu is born with a mystical jade piece in his mouth at the beginning of, FTP, which Qing dynasty classic, written by Cao Xueqin?
Answer: Dream of the Red Chamber [or A Dream of Red Mansions or Story of the Stone or Honglou Meng; accept clear knowledge equivalents]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Anger over them led to Culpeper's Rebellion and to the appointment of Edmond Andros as governor of the new Dominion of New England. Repealed officially in 1849, they were accompanied by the Staple Act and targeted items subject to "enumeration." They included the Iron Act and an act making French molasses prohibitively expensive. FTP, name this series of acts, first passed in 1660 and a prime example of British mercantilism, which made the American colonies pay extra for non-British goods.
Answer: Navigation Acts
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This work is often published with prefatory letters between such figures as Guillaume Bude, Thomas Lupset, Jerome Busleiden, and Peter Giles, one of which blames an ill-timed cough for difficulty in locating the title entity. There is a reference to Plato in a verse written by the poet laureate of the title location, whose capital, situated near the river Anider, is called Amaurot. That poet laureate is also the nephew of the Portuguese traveler who happens upon the titular crescent-shaped island, Raphael Hythloday. FTP, identify this philosophical novel by Thomas More that depicts a perfect society.
Answer: Utopia
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Honey and sweeteners should not be fed to infants because they are more vulnerable to this entity, due to a lack of helpful bacteria in their intestines. Like tetanus, its causative agent is a member of the clostridium family; however, unlike tetanus it primarily affects the motor endplate. The toxin underlying this disease cleaves SNARE proteins, preventing acetylcholine release and inducing paralysis. For ten points name this disease which can be acquired both through food and Botox injections gone awry.
Answer: Botulism
2007 ACF Fall Bonuses by Chicago A and UNC and Drake A
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Identify these characters created by Herman Melville, FTPE:,
[10] This monomaniacal captain of the Pequod is obsessed with killing Moby-Dick, who pulls him into the ocean after the rope of his harpoon curls around his neck.
Answer: Ahab
[10] This title character of a "Story of Wall Street" answers his employer's questions about his refusal to work by saying "I would prefer not to." He dies in prison after his employer changes offices to avoid him.
Answer: Bartleby, the Scrivener
[10] This title character of Melville's final novel appears as "suddenly as Manco Capac" on April Fool's Day and boards the steamboat Fidele, which is sailing down the Mississippi River towards New Orleans.
Answer: The Confidence-Man
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After it severed ties with Nyasaland in 1963, Ian Smith led an independence movement in what is now this country. FTPE:,
[10] Name this nation formerly known as Southern Rhodesia, which was renamed in 1979 after the end of white-minority rule.
Answer: Zimbabwe
[10] Democracy in Zimbabwe was promptly squandered by selecting this leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front as prime minister in 1980. As autocratic president since 1987, he has haphazardly redistributed farms, leading to hyperinflation and a food crisis.
Answer: Robert Gabriel Mugabe
[10] Serving as Zimbabwe's president for seven years until 1987, this entertainingly named author of The Gospel According To The Ghetto was later purged from Mugabe's good graces with a series of gay sexual assault charges and a well-publicized trial.
Answer: Canaan Sodindo Banana
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name some famous experiments and experimenters in psychology FTPE:,
[10] On this experiment's second day, one of the participants known as "416" began a hunger strike. Philip Zimbardo conducted this experiment in which half of the 24 participants were guards and the other half were booked for theft by the Palo Alto police department.
Answer: Stanford Prison Experiment [accept knowledge equivalents, but "Stanford" is required since Zimbardo is in the prompt]
[10] In this man's most notable experiment, an authority figure ordered the test subject to administer an electric shock to another person, who was actually an actor; 65% of test subjects cranked it to max voltage. What jerks!
Answer: Stanley Milgram [accept the Milgram conformity experiment]
[10] This guy brought up monkeys to believe their mothers were either pieces of wire or terrycloth, and invented diabolical monkey-testing contraptions like the "rape rack," "iron maiden," and "pit of despair."
Answer: Harry Frederick Harlow
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Friedrich Nietzsche may be a conceited asshole, but he's also a pretty significant philosopher. Name some of his works, FTPE.,
[10] In this work, Nietzsche draws a distinction between the Apollonian and Dionysian impulses in society, and he reissued it in 1886 with the subtitle Hellenism and Pessimism.
Answer: The Birth of Tragedy, Out of the Spirit of Music [or Die Geburt der Tragodie aus dem Geiste der Musik]
[10] Fred penned three treatises for this work, which establishes the origin of punishment as a result of a debtor-creditor relationship and expands his idea of resentment against the "blond beast."
Answer: On the Genealogy of Morals [or On the Genealogy of Morality or Zur Genealogie der Moral]
[10] This work, Nietzsche's last original publication, summarizes and explains his previous works, and contains such sections like "Why I Am So Clever," "Why I Write Such Good Books," and everyone's favorite, "Why I Am a Destiny."
Answer: Ecce Homo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify these model organisms used in biology FTPE.,
[10] Many of the ideas underlying axonal transport were elucidated in these cephalopods with giant axons measuring up to 1mm in diameter.
Answer: Squid
[10] The giant Drosophila genome project relied on these animals to study gene regulation during development.
Answer: Fruit flies
[10] This nematode is useful to scientists studying cellular differentiation for many reasons, including the fact that its genes are susceptible to RNA interference.
Answer: Caenorhabditis elegans
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, answer the following about a monster from Norse mythology.,
[10] This giant sea monster, the second son of Loki and Angrboda, encircles the realm of man with its tail stuck in its mouth.
Answer: Jormungard [or Midgard Serpent]
[10] Jormungand will meet this member of the Aesir at Ragnarok, where they will kill one another in their third meeting. A previous meeting saw this god and the giant Hymir fishing, when he pulled up Jormungand on his line but was unable to kill it.
Answer: Thor
[10] This giant tricked Thor into trying to lift Jormungand in another meeting, when he disguised the monster as a cat. One of the chiefs of Jotunheim, he also set up an eating contest between Loki and Fire and a race between Thialfi and Thought.
Answer: Utgard-Loki [or Utgarth-Loki]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Near the beginning, Dionysus and Heracles debate the quality of various tragedians, before the former asks the way to the Underworld. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play, which sees Dionysus attempt to bring Euripides back from the dead, only to choose Aeschylus when that dramatist bests Euripides in a contest over a flask of oil.
Answer: The Frogs [accept Hoi Batrochoi]
[10] This Greek playwright of The Frogs also satirized Euripides in Thesmophoriazusai and The Acharnians.
Answer: Aristophanes
[10] This slave to Dionysus accompanies his master to the Underworld, after a corpse charges too much to carry the god's gear. Charon later forces him to walk around the lake because his eye infection prevented him from fighting at sea.
Answer: Xanthias
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about stuff that went down around the time of the English Civil War FTPE.,
[10] This king, who opposed Parliament's assertions of supremacy, was deposed and executed during the war.
Answer: Charles I
[10] The New Model Army first flexed its military muscle by annihilating the armies of Charles and Prince Rupert of the Rhine at this 1645 battle which saw Charles lose a ton of troops and his artillery.
Answer: Battle of Naseby
[10] Another key event in the war was when all of the non-Grandee supporters in Parliament were removed in this 1648 event that created the Rump Parliament.
Answer: Pride's Purge
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Its differential form gives the curl of the B-field, but the form in which its namesake derived it is not Lorentz invariant. FTPE:,
[10] Name this member of Maxwell's equations that gives the line integral of the magnetic field in terms of the enclosed current.
Answer: Ampere's law [or Ampere-Maxwell equation]
[10] Maxwell added this quantity proportional to the time partial of the E-field to Ampere's law. Its name is sometimes considered misleading because it does not represent a flow of charge.
Answer: the displacement current [prompt on del D by del t or del epsilon E by del t or other equivalents]
[10] In SI units, one over this constant multiplies the curl of the magnetic field if the current density appears without coefficient.
Answer: the magnetic permeability [prompt on mu]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Opposing FDR was generally a bad idea. Answer the following about some folks who decided to try it anyway FTPE.,
[10] In the 1932 election, FDR beat this incumbent to obtain the presidency.
Answer: Herbert Clark Hoover
[10] Even more impressive than the win over Hoover was FDR's trouncing of this Kansas governor, who won only Maine and Vermont in the 1936 election.
Answer: Alfred Mossman Landon
[10] The one and only North Dakotan ever to run for President, this candidate of Father Coughlin's Union Party polled 900,000 votes in the 1936 election after being drafted as a last-minute replacement for the assassinated Huey Long.
Answer: William Frederick Lemke
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
He gives out defective condoms and sells poorly made rat hats in Battery Park. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Seinfeld character who is a friend of Kramer's, but never appears in any episode.
Answer: Bob Sacamano [prompt on "Bob", since he's always referred to as "Bob Sacamano"]
[10] The "Bob Sacamano story" consists of Kramer going to return his pants, only to slip and ruin the very pants he was about to return. It is among those bought by this owner of a catalog company for his autobiography.
Answer: Jacopo Peterman
[10] This character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus ghostwrites J. Peterman's autobiography. She later finds Peterman in Myanmar after George loses the Russian hat bought on the Peterman account.
Answer: Elaine Benes
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name the following distribution functions FTPE:,
[10] Giving the probability of a number of successes in a number of pass-fail or Bernoulli trials, this distribution involves namesake coefficients, given for n and m by n factorial over quantity m factorial times quantity n minus m, close quantity factorial, close quantity.
Answer: the binomial distribution
[10] Published by William Gosset under the pseudonym "Student," this transform of the z-distribution gives the best sampling distribution of the mean if the population variance is unknown.
Answer: Student's t-distribution
[10] A special case of the gamma distribution with parameters 2 and the number of degrees of freedom over 2, this skewed bell-shaped distribution is used to test independence of a sample and goodness-of-fit.
Answer: the chi-squared distribution
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following works of Pablo Picasso FTPE:,
[10] Depicting a bull's head, a broken sword, and other gruesome images, this grayscale mural depicts the Nazi bombing of the titular Spanish town in Basque Country.
Answer: Guernica
[10] Completed in 1907 during Picasso's "African Period," this painting depicts five titular nudes from Barcelona's red-light district.
Answer: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon [or The Young Ladies of Avignon]
[10] In 1910 Picasso painted a cubist portrait of this patron of Braque, Gauguin, and Picasso. He arranged Paul Cezanne's first show along with representing several of the Fauves.
Answer: Ambroise Vollard
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify these British novelists, FTPE:,
[10] This author wrote about a Scottish folk hero in Rob Roy. His historical novels include Kenilworth, Waverley, and Ivanhoe.
Answer: Sir Walter Scott
[10] This postal surveyor first gained critical attention for writing The Warden. His Chronicles of Barsetshire series begins with the novel Barchester Towers.
Answer: Anthony Trollope
[10] This 18th century author translated Gil Blas into English and wrote such picaresque novels as Peregrine Pickle and Roderick Random.
Answer: Tobias Smollett
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It is said that St. Anselm elected not to join its namesake monastic congregation when he realized how little time would be left for his personal study. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this congregation, named for an abbey, which was founded in 909 when William the Pious gave his Burgundian hunting grounds to the Church and first led by abbot Berno of Baume.
Answer: Cluny Abbey [or Cluniac Congregation]
[10] This former Cluniac prior and follower of Gregory VII succeeded Victor III as pope in 1088. A reformer who followed Gregorian precedent in the Investiture Controversy, he called for the First Crusade at Claremont in 1095.
Answer: Urban II [or Otho of Lagery]
[10] The Cluny Abbey was one of many monastic outposts that followed this "rule" for celibate life laid down by a namesake Nursian saint.
Answer: Benedictine rule
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His Six Little Piano Pieces average about a minute in length, and his opus 25 Suite for Piano is modeled after Bach and features a tone row whose retrograde spells B-A-C-H in German nomenclature. FTPE:,
[10] That suite is one of the first examples of the twelve-tone technique introduced by this composer of Transfigured Night.
Answer: Arnold Schoenberg
[10] Before developing the twelve-tone technique, Schoenberg composed this piece, a setting of 21 poems by Albert Giraud whose movements include "Enthauptung" and which employs the technique of Sprechstimme.
Answer: Pierrot Lunaire
[10] This monodrama for soprano and orchestra, which features a woman who comes across the body of her dead lover, is often considered the most extreme example of musical Expressionism produced by Schoenberg.
Answer: Erwartung [or Expectation]
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Name these rivers of the Midwest, FTPE.,
[10] The White and Tippecanoe Rivers are tributaries of this one, which passes through Lafayette on its course through central Indiana and turns south to empty into the Ohio River.
Answer: Wabash River
[10] This river rises in the Sawatch Range of Colorado and flows east through the Royal Gorge and through Dodge City, Wichita, and Tulsa before joining the Mississippi.
Answer: Arkansas River
[10] Formed by the confluence of the West Fork and Tygart Rivers near Fairmont, West Virginia, this river flows north through McKeesport to meet the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, thus forming the Ohio River.
Answer: Monongahela River
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Identify the following functional groups, FTPE:,
[10] This functional group, which can formed by reacting an alcohol with a nitrile, is best described as a carbonyl group attached via an oxygen atom to an additional hydrocarbon chain.
Answer: ester
[10] This group is formed when hydrogen atoms in ammonia are replaced by carbon groups.
Answer: amine
[10] All ketones technically are in constant equilibrium with these tautomers consisting of an alcohol group attached to a carbon-carbon double bond.
Answer: Enols [or Alkenols]
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After realizing that the title character's lover is engaged to Albert, the title character shoots himself. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1774 novel which ends when Charlotte carries the title character's body and lays it to rest in Walheim.
Answer: The Sorrows of Young Werther [or Die Leiden des jungen Werthers]
[10] The Sorrows of Young Werther was written by this German author, who also wrote Elective Affinities, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, and some play about a guy who sells his soul to Mephistopheles, Faust.
Answer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [GER-tuh]
[10] In this play by Goethe, the title count is sentenced to death by the Duke of Alva after discussing the problems in the Netherlands. As a result, his lover Clarchen commits suicide.
Answer: Egmont
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Name these major building projects of the 19th century FTPE.,
[10] Jefferson once called this grand plan of DeWitt Clinton "a little short of madness," but Clinton had the last laugh when this waterway linking the Great Lakes and Atlantic became profitable.
Answer: Erie Canal
[10] Created in an almost direct response to the Erie Canal was this very old railroad which, despite being named for other places, featured a terminus in Wheeling, West Virginia and would later build track to Washington, DC.
Answer: Baltimore and Ohio railroad
[10] This road, whose alternate name refers to the namesake Maryland city from which it extended to Vandalia, Illinois, was never completed, as it ran out of funding in 1839. Its construction was part of Henry Clay's American System.
Answer: National Road or Cumberland Road
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Some of this man's works include the essay collection The Panda's Thumb and Wonderful Life. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Harvard evolutionary biologist who died in 2002.
Answer: Stephen Jay Gould
[10] Gould and Niles Eldridge proposed this theory that evolution occurs primarily in quick bursts.
Answer: Punctuated Equilibrium
[10] Punctuated equilibrium developed out of this German biologist's theory of allopatric and sympatric speciation.
Answer: Ernst Mayr
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Identify the following about two related authors, FTPE:,
[10] This man won the Booker Prize twice, doing so in 1988 for Oscar and Lucinda and in 2001 for True History of the Kelly Gang. He also wrote such works as Bliss and Illywhacker.
Answer: Peter Philip Carey
[10] This 1973 Nobel Laureate has written such novels as The Eye of the Storm, The Tree of Man, The Vivisector, and a work where Edmund Bonner backs the title German immigrant's cross-continent journey, Voss.
Answer: Patrick Victor Martindale White
[10] Both Patrick White and Peter Carey, along with Nevil Shute and D. B. C. Pierre, hail from this commonwealth, a former British colony whose capital is Canberra.
Answer: Commonwealth of Australia
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The final shot in this film zooms in to a freeze-frame showing the protagonist on a beach. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this film starring Jean-Pierre Leaud whose young protagonist, Antoine Doinel, builds a shrine to Balzac and steals a typewriter.
Answer: The 400 Blows [or Les quatre cents coups]
[10] This man, a leader of the French New Wave, directed The Green Room and Shoot the Piano Player in addition to The 400 Blows.
Answer: Francois Truffaut
[10] This other Truffaut film features a love triangle between Catherine and the two title characters.
Answer: Jules and Jim [or Jules et Jim]

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